Sitting in the Big, Invisible World

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hey i made an appointment
to have a massage
on august ninth
august ninth yeah
and when i'm and then i wrote it down and a calendar and i thought oh august ninth that reminds me of something what what you think it reminded me of
this is kind of esoteric i know but
it reminded me that formed that and that would be the forty third anniversary
when i became ordained as a zen priest
and i was born in nineteen forty three
and the person who day me
who is sometimes called suzuki roshi
hum he said one time hundred he said it
in public or to be privately but he said and some context he said the job of a zen priest is to encourage people to practice zazen
when i just popped in my head that one time when i was the
you know the director of the formal practice in the zendo at the city center
after a says she he said to me good job
he used the word job
and and five sounds happy if when he said that and now i'm thinking
what he say good job had encouraging people to practice zazen i didn't ask him good job at what i thought he met good job as you know but if the was a priest is a good job when the a know encourages people to practice zazen
nowadays and it's been the case for quite awhile now that the word zazen is used by me
has a word which refers to another word and the other word refers to his enlightenment
so the zazen that i'm talking about
his enlightenment
it's a a practice
i'm enlightenment and a realization of enlightenment
it's not just a realization it's also a practice
of enlightenment
so i asked asked myself do i
do i aspire
go to aspire
the practice enlightenment
i wish i feel a little bit
yeah seems a little bit it's almost done
intrusive that i would aspire to inspire people
but she's she said that that's a job as and pieces to is to inspire our encourage people
the practice enlightenment court and to practice enlightenment would seem to to practices him that we seem to follow from aspiring to zazen aspiring to practice enlightenment
so maybe i should be more polite and say
if you want somebody
to inspire you to aspire to enlightenment you came to the right place it
i be i would be happy to i aspire to inspire those who would like to be inspired to become in in a buddha
some day
when the time's right

and i don't know exactly the context where this comes up but i hear i hear is the giver she sang
ha ha visible world
i'm anywhere to attach up to visible world
visible world is not so big but big enough to be a problem for us is perfect
we live in an invisible world
in a big invisible world
which are i would say we live in it infinite immeasurable imperceptible world
that's a proposal to you
from me and from
suzuki roshi and we live in up
immense imperceptible world and we also kind of live in a not such immense pretty big but not as big
perceptible world or invisible world and we tend to be attached to the visible world
the imperceptible one of the things nice about the imperceptible invisible world is that it's pretty difficult to get attached to it
but we lived there
so you're thinking i don't know when i was thinking it but i seem to be washing my face or something when i was thinking it what's the relationship between the we live in an invisible world where we tend to be a little bit attached to the visible things but we also live in simultaneously
in this really limitless imperceptible world how do they relate and i got the image of mm
a cloud chamber
the visible world is like a cloud chamber
i thought oh yeah in order to have this visible well we have to have sort of we have to have this curtis cloudiness we have to have this dust
and then when we have this cloudiness we we get some sense of the invisible world the things we can't see when they when they pass through the visible world the nicole tracks like we can't see gamma rays but they're going through us all the time right i've heard
i think experts you're going through us to set right
not listed some around but when they're around when there's around the go hiking go through us yeah
for pupils health it's not be have i'm not saying we should
the thing we should i'm just saying but when x rays are going through a you don't usually notice them right away gamma rays are going through you radio waves did they go through us
his path they partially go through us and partially bounce off
ah anyway lots of stuff is happening that we don't know what's happening we live in it
we also are having a lot of effect on each other right now like were exchanging
you know i'm i'm inhaling year carbon dioxide i guess that you gave me
i'm inhaling it along with some oxygen which you didn't give me but with the plants gave me so we're breathing with each other we're breathing with the plants were given them carbon dioxide and each other carbon dioxide were giving or receiving mostly receiving
oxygen and soreness finish shepherd
and we're helping each other or assisting each other were given were giving each other life were guiding each other to enlightenment but that's not necessarily perceptible
ha so again i hear is a career she sang
zazen is to sit in the big invisible world
zazen is to sit in the big invisible world the big
this is me talking a big the immeasurable imperceptible world charging susceptor
but also doesn't mean that the visible world is
you know if it becomes invisible we can still see a visible world and we sit there too so actually zazen is to sit in the visible world
in the invisible world
so we sit in this temple here which is visible to us we set which has other living human beings in it which are visible we sit in is visible world
with is visible posture
we sit with are visible attempt to to be upright and this visible world that we're sitting in a simultaneously in an invisible world and an invisible world
the buddhas are teaching us were learning
we're practicing enlightenment were helping each other do that and but this is not perceptible were assisting our saw each other and imperceptible process
of creating the life of enlightenment of the borders
but we must and but we still we will not we already in that world but we will not be able to realize that we're in that world unless we take care of the visible world
so we take care of
the visible posture and the visible people in the visible temple
as a way to realize that we're sitting
in this in perceptible world of unimpeded reality being realized
so this path of zazen this path of enlightenment
this path of practice enlightenment
is possible the bodhisattva path
and this
visible body at this visible place in this visible assembly a beings
is the temple
the visible temple
it's called the the bodhi manda which means the place of enlightenment
enlightenment doesn't have a place
actually doesn't have a place on the
enlightenment is actually
yeah it's beyond place or not place
but we must
find a place to realize it because we live in places
so this place
this place
the realize
the boot away
and we must use this time
this moment
this say this way of talking is quite familiar in the same school to use this body in this place in this time in this temple in this community
and i'm just say we use this to realize
the realm we're actually living
suzanne is they sit in this place and zazen is to sit in in an imperceptible place at the same time and by taking care of this place with diligence we will realize the place of the borders


you're welcome to do so
we have the great practice a window opening now
the visible practice of opening windows

also i hear says as she sang
ah before you enter this invisible world you might be afraid to enter because you don't know exactly what it is or what it will be
you enter the visible world
yeah before you enter the big invisible world you might be afraid people are often afraid it's like being afraid of death
we might be afraid of death because we don't know exactly where it is
however oh
once once we enter
once we have entered when we re-emerge into the visible world we will no longer be afraid

salsa i'm i say someone might say and i might be one of the people who was saying that the
here we are in this place
and the place is called no bone
this here we are in his abode right
which has gotten know about
so this place
is named in honor of the in his ability of where this of where this is
so here we are in is no abode
we're gonna practice enlightenment in this place
which is in no place
and we're in a practice at this time which is in no time
how do we practice with as visible body invisible place invisible people
well the in order to enter and realize the place where enlightenment is practiced i should say realized the practice of enlightenment
which occurs and this in this big world where we we practice
enlightenment we practice the six perfections we practice zazen with the visible world
practicing these
six virtues with the visible world we realize the practice in the imperceptible world
we realized the reality of where we already are
and how we already are

we train
practice generosity
as every action
a body speech and mind we train so that when we're talking
when when were involved in the action of talking it's an action of it's a practice of giving
we trained to be to remember that
to remember that every word
every action of
verbal karma is a gift
it seems to me
now i'm giving and i want to give you a gift now by sang it seems to me
that it's hard to remember
that every word he is offered as a gift
however it also seems to me that i can sometimes remember that what i'm saying is offered as a gift that i wish my words to be gifts
but i i seem to notice that i sometimes forget that what i'm saying is a gift
this meant as a gift i wanted to be a gift
and also when i'm listening that is also
karma it's the karma of listening
i wish my listening to be a gift so if i'm listening to you are listening to the wind i want my listening i wish my listening to be the practice of giving

i wish my speech to be compassionate to be compassion
which means i wish it to be generous i wish my seem to be generous i wish my tasting to be generous
i want a train so that all my actions of all my senses
our gifts
and are
the practice of giving which means they're also receiving gifts
like the i see the colors of the buddhist flag coming through the crack in the
behind david
and now the colors of the player gone and i see the colors of a tree
i think i need to train myself so that when i'm seeing colors and hearing sounds
i can remember to practice generosity
i think so because i noticed i sometimes forget do you ever forget the practice of giving
do you ever forget that was someone saying to you is a gift maybe you do i do
but i really do wish i see no problem and remembering that
every moment i i think it's gonna be fine if that ever happens
i think could be just fine
and sometimes has been quite a while word you know there and it has gone on for a while
you know like moment after moment for five minutes ten minutes i haven't noticed a problem
and i haven't heard that it is a problem for anybody else
and then we move on to ethics i would like all my speech to be ethical
to be careful careful speech i would like all my speech to be true and gentle and not disparaging others
and putting myself up and not putting anybody down and not saying anything about anybody that would make people care for them less and so on i wish to be careful of my speech of my physical postures and my thought i wish to practice that way and
that i wish to be patient with any hardship i have i have sometimes i have a little hardship
sometimes i have a little more
i wish to be patient with it
sometimes i sometimes people
seem to be insulting me
i wish to be patient with that sometimes people seem to wanna hurt me i wish to be patient with that
and sometimes i hear teachings which are just really shocking like for example
that things aren't happening
things fail to happen i wish to be patient with that
and i wish to practice concentration i wish to a mere fact i wish to be enthusiastic about practicing
concentration of developing a mind that is focused undistracted open
com flexible
i wish to develop such a mind
for the sake of enlightenment
i wish to develop such a mind to deal with the visible world of visible banks invisible places i was to develop that kind of state of mind
and i wish to develop
true understanding of the nature of the visible world which is the same nature as the nature of the invisible world which will be realized if i apply these practices to the visible world
so the visible world is a constant opportunity
to be practiced with in such a way as to realize the place of enlightenment where we must already be
and if we don't respect the place we are
the time that is the way we are in his place if we don't respect that with these training practices we will not realize enlightenment
even though that's where we already are
huh so when zucker as she says za
as and is to sit in this big invisible world i agree with them that really is was as it is but an on other occasions though he might have said in order to sit in this big invisible world we have to sit in this little
visible world that we tend to be attached to
the price of sitting zazen in the big invisible world is to sit zazen and sometimes very cramped
uncomfortable visible world
and not just to sit there but to sit there with
great joy at this wonderful opportunity of being so little
so constricted
but these are the opportunities of compassion the big invisible world doesn't really call for compassion it is the world of compassion the little world is calling for compassion
if you want i'm happy to inspire and i aspire if us to help you aspire to practice compassion in the visible world
and this is a on the verge of me talking to you about something
i wanted to talk to you about
practicing concentration in the limited world
living beings in places at times
i'd like to talk to you about the
three times three aspects of concentration i also would like to talk to you about
the practice of wisdom
how the practice of wisdom turns out to be not just practiced in the visible world so that that discussion will also be discussing the practice in the invisible world but before i launch into this potentially distracting discussion
hi he invite any feedback or questions you have
and here they come yes
stand your charlie
so i agree
if you say that's also
the job
so he feels that the job of musicians is to encourage the practice of enlightenment
okay i'm glad to hear this
so does does that follow than that it
the job of a musician is to encourage people to practice
generosity towards
mechanical waves
call sound
i think so
does that mean that the job and musician is too
encourage people to practice compassion towards tactile sensations
ah musicians don't usually talk about smell so much do
small says it's mostly tactile and auditory
invisible and visible
how did they do to the dual dance yeah they they show people their body as is doing that they started removing their hands on the keys are on the strings or throwing your hands up in the air and dropping their guitar in the floor they show people so it's his visual mosier emphasizing on three so the people who work
on visible auditory and tactile
harris that involved in music they doing that in order to encourage people to practice enlightenment
that's good that's how you feel her
and when they're touching that you feel inspired by some of them to practice enlightenment right now so some people feel inspired to practice in life one when they hear mozart or bach or beethoven
lead belly
harry m
you too
yeah okay anything else any other feedback yes
for me

something like
here you're stuck on something right
oh no results to prove that practicing with in these practices with the visible world well
show you the world of of reality
allow you to enter it
the you'd like some results to encourage you
yeah so again that's what that's what does a girl she said is the job of is and priest and trolley same as the job of musician to show some results
to encourage people so suzuki roshi was appearing in in a little world dairy was in the little visible world very was
show me some results
he was demonstrating results he was saying he wasn't just say our zazen is too
to be a good person
in the visible world doesn't is to enlightenment is is to on
be a good person in the visible world he was also saying we need to access a realm beyond the visible in order to fully demonstrate enlightenment indivisible
because before you enter the invisible
you still trying to practice maybe kindness and you may get some results but he sang in order to fully encourage people to practice enlightenment he started need to let go of the visible world and entered the invisible and then because before you enter
you might be afraid a little bit and if you're afraid you're not showing the results of living in the invisible world the results of living in the invisible world as you can show people fearlessness
which is
a result
of having entered even though you're somewhat afraid of giving up
what you know
so he was somebody theory was he was somewhat showing the results of his practice
so you've become as a priest for you become a musician to train so he can show people results of entering the world the invisible world so you can inspire them to do the practices so they can enter the imperceptible round of
hobbies helping each other on the path of enlightenment
so you may be stuck because sometimes you don't see some results you don't see so that's that's sometimes he he said don't see any results
but one of the result you can see wonder if i see that i think you do see is we see some of the results are these teachings these teachings like
the teachings of the buddha's that are somehow appearing in the world
the teachings of the buddha's our results of the practice of enlightenment
and these teachings when they touch human beings human beings think they hear something and then sometimes write down what they heard so these teachings are also results of
the realization
of the imperceptible world of reality
and sometimes you look at these teachings in the it looks like this is like results like i sometimes
the picture i had a picture of a sanga
up an altar but i got moved because of other alter activities and knowledge and the changing room but as sanga has a
he the wrote down her teachings which he heard from maitreya
bodhisattva or he thought of him from his own meditation or both
and the stuff he wrote down i feel like that's results to be able to write that shutdown down where does it come from that has a result to be able to write these teachings as a result
and i look at the results and i feel encouraged by those results there's also results from not practice right
there's results from living in the visible world and treating it with cruelty we somehow those results we can see to but they don't encourage us to practice what they maybe they do actually maybe say well since that's what happens when you behave like that
so those results also maybe teachers must not go that way
can we're not gonna go that way but what way are we going to go be nice if somebody showed us that way so we had this
teacher who showed some results and he told us how to practice in the visible world and he also said but also zazen isn't just practicing in the world you see it's also practicing in a world that's all around the world you see it's practicing in both and we sort of need to
enter the world that we can't see and and sit there in order to be really not afraid anymore of the world we can see so the horrors can appear in our face and they are horrible but we can say
you know like i heard that when ah
that when gandhi was shot
he continued his blessing practice he was doing a blessing practice than somebody came up to him and shot him and he just kept doing the practice before he died
so you're practicing but i bless you i bless you may all beings be happy
i'm here to serve you i wanna get my life to you and if somebody slaps your innovation but the bullet your body and you say i've i still want to
thank you very much for one more opportunity to practice generosity to be careful to not say you're a bad boy
or i'll say you're bad boy but it's really just a kind of affection
for that was a good shot
which reminds me of this chinese stories that not as in-store in way
but really it is it's a tiny story but this
this guy was going to be beheaded
and he said he said them
if you will make sure that the execution has a really sharp blade i will tell you
extremely valuable piece of information
and so that the
the official the boss who was having an executed said okay if you'd tell me this great thing allah
no i don't think so i think you're talking to the executioner
he says the executioner if you will use a really sharp blade on me i'll tell you are really valuable
and the executions or what is it he said he gave us he came a recipe for peanut sauce
and the execution of got really angry and chopped his head off
really fast and his head fell off and roll down the street and then out of his mouth came a piece of paper the peace paper said the blade was sharp thank you
that kind of welcoming is has to do with enlightenment that you're not afraid when this blade is hanging over you you say oh i've been waiting for you sweetheart you're here i am and i also remember
cicero was a really smart guy roman roman statesman and writer and poet really smart but i'm
you know like all of us he had some shortcomings and one of the shortcomings was he was really afraid of any physical on discomfort
you know
we all have disappeared local discomfort horrible physical discomfort sometimes but the body sought this this path as it's aspire to not be afraid of it anymore it's coming how about welcoming at if you can walk and physical discomfort
then you can be careful with it and if you can be careful with it than you can be patient with it if it can be patient with it then you can be diligent with and if you can be diligent with it you can be concentrated and relax with it and then you can realize the real the reality of physical discomfort and become a buddha
anyway he was afraid of physical discomfort he couldn't welcome it
yeah that's gonna guy was but at the end they say
when mark antony's centurion came to visit him to cut his head off
he offered his head
he gave his neck to be

and he's sticking boys left oh no i'm just kidding oh yes ah yes somebody was stuck what is it
more work
why to try then he said it's a job he does his job he musician
a musician you feel like it's all of us
i think switches a girl she's saying is that
my idea of a zen priest did i say prisoners and priest
sorry if i neglected the words then the job of a zen priest
his to encourage people to practice in to practice zazen
i think a zen priest and zucker his mind is a body bodhisattva so if you are a bodhisattva if you aspire to be a boy sofa than your job is to encourage people to practice enlightenment dash is awesome dashed the buddha way
so he say then priests are supposed to be bodhisattvas or not he sang i'm i'm saying he sang the zen pits aren't just people who sit in nice temples with beautiful gardens and enjoy serenity
they do that to encourage other people to sit in beautiful places and enjoy serenity
and sometimes and priests of temples are falling down on their heads
because of lack of maintenance and their job is to sit there and be calm and relaxed and generous but not just be that way but to encourage others to be that way and there
situation where things are falling down on them
so this is jarvis and priest
but it's also a job of a bodhisattva whether their priests turner
better better
ha a buddhist priest named ceo who lived in the twelfth century
he might have made it into thirteenth i'm not sure anyway
he said this wiki tumbledown grass hut
some familiar
a little bit
are you living in a leaky tumble down grass ah yes
me too
leaky tumble down grass had some teenagers don't notice that
my little granddaughter i think quite frequently notices that she's living
in a leaky tumbledown grad half grass hut and she turned to and is just totally horrified by the situation it just seems like i have to move this this podium here
she sometimes feels like this
she feels totally
what does the besides herself beside herself she's like beside herself phyllis i've herself she's like this is a
there could not be a worse situation in his world she's able to do that
this leaky tumbledown grass hut
left opening for the moon or leaves an opening for the moon
now i gaze at it
all the while it was reflected in the teardrops fallen on my sleeves
yes some of here yes
i think this weekend as a very special
ah special moon great
yes so you're talking about
not just being there he sitting there sitting upright there isn't just like you're sitting there
you're sitting upright in a week in
the huge invisible world yes
exalted feel like i'm
varying proportions from moment to moment
doing that for
time invisible
what i would say the blend that both of the the both both both sides of the both they both in the visible world
the big world is not is not perceptible the two-word the tools you told me about are perceptible world but if you're kind to those two worlds
the perceptible little world and a perceptible big world if you're kind of both of them you will realize
the really big one
like a number this is my memory this is not misused a memory okay it's a memory of what is named st thomas aquinas
of course up he didn't speak english right so what i'm telling you is not what he said
but he said something like this cute he was called a doctor of the church he wrote into quite a bit he's like perhaps the major scholar of the catholic church you are all these huge treatises on theology
and then when he was quite old
i don't know what happened but he woke up
in this day world and he said everything i've done up till now
he's like a piece of straw cast into an infinite space
and he didn't write anymore
but if he'd been talking to breakfast
and with the monks he still picky many then he was like a walking
of the practice which he finally realized and he took he had become the st before you know this this this scholars st before he could wake up
and then all that stuff is like but still he couldn't get reading it just didn't
and some people don't write in and they start writing them but he kept coming to be two meals and he was so fat that they carved out them
the table in the refractory so you could get you know somewhere near the table with the other monks otherwise he had been another room

but with backed by making this is a carving out the table he could be in mind the same hall with the other monks
so you know
i appreciate st thomas aquinas for
his great work and his great realization that have you know
all of our stories are
but then we should take care of this we have to take care of the straw in order to realize
the you know what is where it is and what a wonderful where it is really is at the really take care of the straw and of course we have plenty of straw right
which reminds me of the other story called rumpelstiltskin
you know the story of rumpelstiltskin yeah because you grew up in germany rumpelstiltskin lived in germany i think or poland or something
or maybe lived in checks anyway i lived in the central part of europe and you know the story right so the there's a miller ha who says you know
i think i go to town so it goes to town and there's this big announcement and the king
says ah
if anybody has
ah a suitable daughter
you know an above average daughter and suitable to be my wife well then i'll marry her and then guess what she'll be the queen and then guess what her father will be rich
so this miller
he thought maybe i could convince the king to marry my daughter
in the hobby rich
and it is it's a kings kings as anybody have any daughters they wished to recommend sky raises hand says yeah i got a daughter and she's quite special he can sprint spin straw into gold
these are some cases that sounds good to me bringer
and by the way if you're not telling the truth will be good for you something bad will happen to you i won't get into the details right now because this is a buddhist temple but
so the guys has all my god
no i'm in trouble
he's gonna tester
and if if he can't do it i'm in big trouble said goes home and tells his daughter and she says ah daddy the ahead i wasn't good
he said well he's gonna kill me if you don't if you don't go and give it a try says and okay daddy so she goes and the king says welcome i'll show you to the straw area
so he brings it to a lot large room full of straw because i guess he wants a lot of gold so it guess are a lot of straw
well we've got a lot stronger right
so we can have lot of gold if we know how to deal with straw properly
same as she's sitting there and she doesn't know to to do it and she starts crying and this present comes to her
and then
this is what's the matter dear and she says well she'd explains the situation is at all
well i guess match i guess spin straw into gold
do it for you which she's you will lose you he does he spends a straw and gold and the king comes next morning he says my god the roof for gold
so that i practice right to spin straw into gold to save our daddy
we've got to straw you know like we've got you know the ability to write great theological treatises we got the ability to cook we've got the ability to make music with got the ability to have a body
that has all kinds of troubles and a mind that else cats so we can practice we can convert all this stuff into gold
in to enlighten
but the part the reason i brought the story of is twofold one is because of the straw
the hall all this stuff is just straw
everything in the visible world is just straw is sister it is the smoky straw version of the goal of our life right that's why i brought the story up
because of st thomas aquinas
but if you're not kind to the to the straw is not gonna turn into gold
it just going to get mildewed
and then what happens that doesn't that can mold is not good for you
but if you're kind of this straw it will become gold
and the cannon it's a job of as a priest to spin straw into gold and it's a job of body sanford to spin straw into gold
by treating the on a certain way which is called training in these virtues of how to take care of straw
but the next part of the story i was is usually the reason why bring it up is because after she's after she her assistant spins a straw into gold the king says that was great but actually
i i got another room that has much more stride and i want you to spend that run in that room of straw into gold
and so now she's in the same difficult situation but even more so and that's the characteristic of the bodhisattva path
set when you are able to be kind to your straw and converted into gold your reward is to get more straw
or as a friend of mine said no good deed will go unpunished
this person that they said that she really is she astounds me this person how many good deeds she does she's amazingly
she's amazing
and she does get punished for her goodies on a regular basis

i'm stuck while you're doing that for that person amazing and then night and she come to tell me the punishment
i think the i wouldn't do the first place so i wouldn't have a punishment
i wouldn't have the you i've never occurred to me to do that watched amazing it's amazing the good deeds people think of and that it's amazing the punishment that yet
so she does as good deed with her assistant she nurses to do this good deed and then the reward is twice as much to do so she cries again and he comes again and that longest turn and go to but then as you know
the second time he says well i do it again but this time you've gotta give me something
that part of the story i've not been able to integrate into the bodhisattva path
the main thing is if you practice your reward will will be that more bigger challenges will come
to your presence your generosity your ethics
your patience your concentration and your wisdom that will be that's how you grow
so you'll be rewarded with greater challenges if your practices and that's how you grow
isn't like
the results will be that doesn't know more things to work on it rather the results will be
more difficult things to work on not not always sometimes a the results are less difficult just to sort of set you up with the oldest trick when they get more the think or yard the results is that it gets easier
easier is not the same as joyful
he's not the same as wonderful easier is not the same as yeah
could be
you could be wonderful but not exactly the same sometimes harder is wonderful

yeah ah the the the ticket the practices were using to deal with the straw to realized actually to realize that is gold
both practices are coming from those who have learned how to treat the straw and such a way that they realize as golden how they transmitted these practices to us and we do a straw version of these practices but still it does it does show us the truth eventually so these teachings are key
coming from
the realm of liberation
the teachers are coming from the realm of reality but we convert them into straw and if and but the still does destroy teachings are telling us how to deal with the straw
and the answer to stand in your feedback

equity i think it's important to remember otherwise i find is important member because when i don't remember i sometimes forget
have some people practice generosity and it's hardly even notice that they remember just like it's it's like it just like almost it has become instincts that they they have a generous response and hardly even notice it their remember but ah
well i wouldn't say it's better it's just that
i think that way when has become an instinct it's it becomes more continuous yeah
so after actually after you the theory is that after you enter the realm of reality then the same practices you remembered you now do spontaneously you don't have to it don't had to have any additional effort over the effort of doing them
the year
continuous in these practices remembering does seem to be helpful or necessary

i want i don't think it's necessary
if i remember to if i'm if i remember practicing generosity i don't think is necessary to notice that i remembered that's a but i think a be okay to say all i remembered
like somebody slaps me in the face and i and i know i remember
what it means we have jesus rate slap usage give the other cheek redd somebody who has been the face i say thank you may suddenly my other cheek and as a thank you
but i can also as i can also get slapped the face and say there's something i'm trying to get before you hit me again if there's something i'm trying to remember i'd like i'd never something i kinda would have an iraq
i remember what it is now thank you oh yeah thank you
saatchi but if somebody if something comes from horrible thing comes in i say thank you i have remembered but sometimes i might not be able to remember i might be on the verge of a watch saying you know
doing something on grateful for this horrible thing and then i might say i have there's something i'm trying to remember now just a sec oh yeah
like i off often tell the story
three got used to wake up in the morning and he would say master i don't know what point he was say that right out of getting up awake or when he's washing his face way you would say master and then he would say yes
or maybe yes sir
are you awake
guess now sunday says you're awake you might have silly check
but don't have to check my surroundings did you say yes but you can also check to to second yes and then he said all day long don't let anything distract you i won't
all day long don't let anything distract your hand generosity from ethics patients so on
i bought
so you get better he did he half he doesn't say good morning and maybe they've got into the day but maybe did it at noon to who knows
does that story about to
i heard a story about moses
he wasn't most as it was
it was mohammad he had slow horse he rode his horse up up to the sky and at a meeting with god
how many ways with
maybe it was with her
maybe maybe it was with god relatively had a meeting with god
and and he asked i mean what do we need to do in order to be you know
i don't know what
in accord with you and he said what i tell the people he says tom to pray a million times a day or whatever
don't remember
reality or god
a million times a day
oh yeah no them think he went down had a conversation with moses and moses said
where'd you find out he said voice told me that people should practice the know prayer or whatever
a million times a day moses moses said no way they're not gonna do that
too much
say went that it had an talk to god again and i got sitting on reduced it
somewhat i forgot what away went after any we went back down on his way back down to the people he saw moses again he said while he said he one hundred thousand
and most one is too many they won't do it
we went back garden and they didn't negotiate from quantico quite a while and finally he got got down to five i think
and then he's kind kinda down and i he said why gone round five moses's let's go with that
so now did you five times a day but in zan we just do it once
when do we do it
we do it now we only here once we do it once we only do at once we only do at once we only do at once there's only one time
the practice enlightenment and we only do at once and we only do at once we don't do it five we don't do a million we do at once though when we do at once we also
welcome doing an infinite times in this once so we don't ignore infinite
time infinite space we just do it once was once
and we totally welcome people were doing and five and one hundred thousand they're all welcome right now
but five is nice because then you know you remember that joke that you do it weiss five times a day you remembered do at once
and you could put bunch of other people who are doing it five times a day do at same time rights and get together time
so like go and you're reminded so here we have no about sitting says time here we are remembering remembering i was it again oh yeah it was a
enlightenment practice realization of enlightenment yeah that's it we're dying moment by moment
in the midst of of the straw in our face
any other feedback now before we move onto the next event
one question the relationship of the two worlds can it be said that every event in
the small world originates in the big world
originates yeah but you can say or is occurring in the big
yeah so that's the story of me is incurring in a world where for example there's other stories of me
fact that's where i do live that i don't keep track of all the other stories of meter it's inconceivable all the stories of me that i have myself in that you have of me so we live in an inconceivable world and all of our small stories are just like little in perception is just to make a little package
in the midst of this thing so you can get a hold of it
but thought she was that a way to be patient if someone says something mean spirited to us we realize that it's not personal
if if seeing yourself as not personal will help you say thank you and feel grateful to them and be careful of them you know and not put yourself above them
below them and be patient with that if if that statement would help you
it's good

well maybe this afternoon i'll talk about that
the nine aspects of concentration and the nine aspects of wisdom and relate them to the three aspects of boys out for ethics
if you want me to
anyway thank you very much for
your wonderful presence
he will stand
the place
the way the numberless ah to say them
the hands are exhausted all high end them
the sun loungers i am
a is unsurpassable ah to become it