The Sitting Meditation of this School 

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I would like to repeat more or less what I said this morning, something like the sitting meditation of this school is totally culminated supreme awakening, which is also to be concentrated on the welfare and happiness of others, all others, together with the understanding that others are who we really are. So this is a concentration on compassion for all beings,


wishing for their happiness and welfare, together with the wisdom understanding that the beings whose happiness and welfare we're focusing on are not separate from us, in fact they are really who we are. Now as we come to the end of the day of sitting together, I want to remember as I leave here, to concentrate on the welfare and happiness of others, and remember that any sense of separation is something to care for until it's dropped. And any distraction


from this concentration on the welfare of others is something also which I wish to be kind to, and let go of, and return to concentrating on the welfare of all beings, and on realizing this enlightenment in order to realize this welfare. If you wish to remember this tonight and tomorrow, I'm happy that you do.


If there's anything else, any other feedback you care to offer, before we conclude our day together, you're welcome to do so. Q. When you speak of being concentrated on the welfare of others, is this loving kindness? A. It is loving kindness, yes. It is concentrating on loving kindness and compassion. Q. I grasp at a formula or a way to do this, and in the grasping I think, OK, may all beings be well, may they be...


In other words, saying the word or trying to evoke a few, yet that seems to me a separation, and so I don't know the kind of concentration. A. That's OK. You can say a formula to help you concentrate on loving kindness, and then as you just said, when you say the formula, you may notice that there's some sense of separation in your heart or mind as you say it. So then you move to take care of that sense of separation, which you've discovered in your loving kindness meditation. So you can have this loving kindness, but it still can be tainted by a sense of separation from those to whom you wish to give loving kindness.


So then you practice awareness of that sense of separation and be kind to that, become fully engaged in that sense of separation until you have authentic separation. And if you have authentic separation, you will be free of separation, because authentic separation is the emptiness, is empty separation, is insubstantial separation. Authentic separation is insubstantial. Superficial, not thoroughly engaged separation, you might think is substantial. It may seem that way. But if you compassionately, fully engage it, you'll realize that all separation is insubstantial.


And then your loving kindness will be free of this duality of loving kindness and those towards whom it is directed. This loving heart and other beings will no longer be separate. They never were, you'll realize it then. And then again, and maybe again you'll notice some separation coming up, so then it has to be cared for again, and in a sense emptied. And again, loving kindness liberated from the delusion of separation, the delusion of I do the loving kindness to you. Isn't that wonderful, there's loving kindness here, and you're here and I'm here too.


When loving kindness comes, we don't have to go, and when we come, it doesn't have to go, and neither one of us own it. It lives between us, in our ungraspable relationship. Sometimes when I'm sitting, I'm able to notice that there's stillness, or there is stillness.


And I think I would like to also experience this when I'm not sitting anymore, and I wonder if there's any way I can think about that, and I hope that happens. Yeah, there's many ways you can think about it, like you can think, hello, stillness, where are you, are you here? You can turn the light around and shine it back on the stillness. See if you can remember to constantly stay in touch with stillness. While you're thinking, think of stillness.


While you're talking, think of stillness and silence. And remember the teaching that the realm of the Buddha's occurs in stillness. The great activity of Buddha's wisdom and compassion occurs in stillness, so try to remember the stillness no matter what. And if you forget, then remember. I have a comment. Yes. I very much appreciate both the question and the answer. Thank you.


Thank you all very much. You now have the practice of enlightenment. Please take care of it. Thank you. I vow to save them. Illusions are impossible. I vow to end them. Harmonics are boundless. I vow to enter them.


Buddha's ways unsurpassable. I vow to become it.