The Sitting Meditation of this School 

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has is often said
in this school
how are sitting meditation practice
it's not just concentration
is totally culminated supreme enlightenment
sony school one of the ways to speak about enlightenment as is that enlightenment is helping others
and in helping helping others
ah involves
understanding that others are herself
among worldly activities
one may say that concentration is
the best the most sublime among worldly activities
among early activities yeah concentration is really excellent
but the concentration in the school
he's not a worldly concentration
it is a concentration
on the happiness and welfare of others
it's a could involve being mindful
although welfare and happiness of all other beings
and when one have settled in that when one is absorbed in that than we have a concentration a concentrated awareness on the welfare of others
but in addition to that
which makes this a spiritual concentration
the spiritual concentration is united with wisdom
in the school this concentration is a concentration which is united with wisdom which would united with understanding that the others
whose welfare and happiness we are concentrated upon these others are herself

these others are not separate from us we are nothing in addition to the others
whose welfare and happiness we are concentrated on
in order to do the practice of enlightenment this practice is concentrated awareness of the welfare of others
who are who we who are who we really are
in order to do that
we also have to do other practices which wishes are included
in this practice namely we have to a practice as giving ethical discipline patience and enthusiasm
in order can be concentrated
on the welfare and happiness
of others
so most of us occasionally
get distracted
from that
meditation on the welfare
and happiness of others
particular call others
we sometimes get distracted with or we just forget
this meditation
and the distraction and forms of distraction of course are potentially
we can actually be distracted from the practice of give the have been devoted to the welfare of others by every single other
so we sometimes become distractions as those beings are distractions but really the beings are either had the concentration practice they are worth their while we're concentrating on but then we sometimes get distracted from that and when we put
distraction onto the being that we've forgotten to be devoted to or a hurry
fish from being devoted to
it's so sometimes there aren't many distractions are just things that we should be taken care of that we're not taking care of and new wyckoff and would feel like they're the problem why we're not concentrated
some beans are really a challenging
inwardly we have
fear and confusion
lack of discipline and so on
it's made challenging sometimes to be really gracious and generous towards those feelings and be very active be very ethical and careful
and gentle with those feelings and patient with them but we need to be that way with all of our feelings all of our ideas all of our opinions
all of our judgments
all of our fear all of our feelings of pain pleasure and neutral all of our fears and anxieties we need to practice compassion towards them in order to have the energy
and enthusiasm to focus
on their welfare
and an outwardly the same many beings are challenging their suffering greatly
their pain is so
painful to see and hear and witness
and then if the if they are not if they're not skillful with their pain than than their on skillfulness is also challenging to be kind to
because it can take the form of in only hurting themselves and as hard for us to be kind to that or them being cruel to others it's hard for us to be kind to people who are being cruel to themselves or others
was hard for us
and there is a state called do the hood
where it's actually easy to be kind to all unskillful beings and on skillful states
not or hall the skillful beings all unskillful states there's a state where is not any longer difficult to love them all
to be kind to them all but
now we occasionally have difficulty being kind
two beings who are being cruel
how to beings who are really confused and think they're not confused beings who are really confused and think they're right and that everybody else is wrong especially for having us
for insulting us
and they need to
and in some cases are insult insulting as can i don't mean to
hawkins of varieties of challenging bangs are being given to us inwardly and outwardly and
the practice of this school is to be kind to them all
and also
mine for and focused on each one's welfare
the welfare of cruelty of course is a relief of cruelty
is to liberating cruelty is is well done is done well

so i've heard from inwardly and outwardly that we're having a hard time
that were uncomfortable
with the her inner
experience and our experience of others suffering
so how can we practice with these things
how can we be compassionate to this phenomenon

well simply i suggest bike
been gracious to them
and through this graciousness
ah i said be gracious to them and also i would say receive the grace of them
see them as grace to us see them as gifts to us to remind us of our work and to the great gracious towards them and by entering into this gracious relationship with his
to settle into an intimate relationship with them and then once we start settling into an intimate relationship with them to be ethical to be careful to be vigilant
of the bags
sort of when week when they offer us her hand we carefully receive their hand
we sense the appropriate level of firmness to to embrace
their hand
i don't either certain i don't get around all groups of people of course but i remember ah before i can design center and i don't know this is still going on
but it since i've been as and center is also on
occasionally i meet someone but before i used to be a frequently when i miss them especially a man that when they shake your hand they was squeeze really hard almost all that like a little bit of a athletic contest
lily people have not been squeezing my hand like that maybe because i'm getting so old
they didn't want to break my hand but he used to be that man would really squeeze hard and sometimes i would be right therefore it
cause i i i can squeeze back to and i was initially trying to beat them but i felt like yeah i can i can squeeze back
dr moments eluding us was a real hard
there are not as hard nice hard is lightning other
check with the younger people see if that's the case is that this had happened in you think customer service
he was freezing hard
so we have to go to the somewhere to find out if people are squeezing hard
yeah we should do some research on is to find out the snake
the recent members yeah so anyway
so the people are willing to embrace our hand were angered the the path of enlightenment is to be willing to embrace beings to embrace their hands to embrace their
elbows to embrace their whole body and mind but you know carefully
it's sometimes careful can be from if somebody is like falling off the vm
a second story there i would want to embrace them mice to know protect their for protected from getting hurt i would like to receive their body weight firmly
and carefully
so sometimes a from cash
is appropriate and as you know like in baseball it's only throws your ball and you'll catch it is often good to after gets into your glove or in your hand to give with a little bit not to hold your hand a movably but once the ball's in your hand in your mid it helps if you give a little bit with it
once contact is made and then you can like if you move away from it with it it takes the sting out of it for you and the mall
so we can we confirm late
carefully embrace things
and gently and yet gently and firmly
i think i remember a phrase from can personally given describing roman legions he said they were
i don't know if he said docile and from reform and docile i think it was docile and from
and docile is kind of someone yielding and docile is related to the word
dossier i think which means to learn so we're dosent
and docile come from to learn the docent is teaching docile is the ability to learn so these roman legions think of receive the enemy attack in a docile way
but from so they could learn the improper eight way to dominate the world
and hopefully for peaceful ends
but of course real peace doesn't fire
doesn't really dominate
care and vigilance and gentleness and patience
these patients who has all this pain
being in the present being in the present
with the pain
that we have
graciously welcomed and gently related to now we're really in a present with it with these practices we can then develop the aspiration
enlightenment the aspiration for helping others
an understanding
who they really are
an understanding who they really are is to understand that they ourselves and misunderstanding is what is really helpful in this world because the suffering of the world comes from not understanding that others are self
we don't understand the others ourself we may slip into beef
concerned with our own welfare primarily and this is a source of suffering
if we understand we will be concerned for the welfare of others because they are us
but an order to be focused on that and understand that we must be kind to all beings in order to be
focused on enlightenment
now if you're focused on enlightenment
if you felt done
the welfare of others he focused on helping others
when you gonna check to see if there's any sense that others are not us
if there's any sense that were separate from other beings
cool kind of like they're out there
and if there's any sense of separation than that's another thing to be kind to and to attend to him be careful of
if we can be careful of that sense that were separate from each other
that's that
sense of separation can be
and we can be released from it

they're in
there is a bomb in there
there is a bomb in there and where there is a bomb in
been kind to the sense of separation
the heels
the makes
the spirit whole all
there is a bomb
the heels
the sin sick soul
the sensex soul is the sole
that sick from separation
he's related to the etymology of sin i've heard that in etymology of sin is sonder to sunder
to separate
heart our spirit
he's a wounded by separating ourselves from others
i often mention that when i early taught by security i heard him say when you see a flower and you say it's beautiful that's a sin
i thought
very strict
what i thought it meant was when you see a flower
can you think it's beautiful
he separating yourself from it
he would be probably less sense of you see a flower and say i'm beautiful
r c a flower and say i mean and how lovely i am
how lovely i am are these
bearded irises
i live from the garden outside here
outside it was broken
i feel sad that these bearded irises are
puffing themselves a here's sometimes and nobody's here to see them
it's kind of sad fifty
boom and witnessed
by humans
into my garden and like the roses to see
fortunately norbert normal comes off and looks on quite frequently thank ann arbor
are there any more booming now
if you please god give a hand
i have gift for you it's a sitter