Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi, Part 10

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about one hundred ladybugs came to dogs on this morning

he now we have
devoted about a year
two studying the song of the precious mirror samadi

and spent about a year

devoting ourselves to practicing this samadi

this awareness
have the precious mirror
hi going out we just finished
practice period of by two months and we also finished a seven day session

during the session
i mentioned that
around green gulch that and other than sanders to they sometimes posts schedules of events
and i saw under schedule at maybe says
daily schedule or something like that and then it says
five o'clock zazen
and as that says maybe
five forty keen he

and i mentioned that done
i mentioned the recession
zazi is kind of a a nickname
that we we use
even if you're translated into english which would literally be maybe be sitting meditation or sitting concentration
studying zen
it's it's kind of a nickname
it's a nickname for
the precious mere samadhi
so we don't ride on the on the schedule precious mirror samadi at five o'clock
and then also at five forty where says katie in which we often say that's walking meditation we don't say five forty precious mere samadi
an actor
at five fifty we have another period where he says is this usually says zazen we don't write again precious mere somebody and then we have service
we write service which is a nickname for precious mere samadi and during service we sing the song of the precious mere samadi
and then we have breakfast you know it's a nickname for precious mere samadi everything on the schedule
is a nickname for precious mere samadi
it's a nickname for the
i'll say it for unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment five o'clock unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment five forty unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment says it can be nickname is much more convenient
you can also condense it to za
you want to

somebody told me about
his feeling for the bodhisattva vow
which we
whereas do we just recited a bodhisattva vow now
a course so what's a on is
the bodhisattva vow that
of a particular ancestor named a castle
dog is angie
that's example his buddies up of all
and as many other ways to express it as sentient beings are numberless i vowed to save them
the buddha or way is unsurpassable i vowed to become it for the welfare of all bags
so someone just told me
did he really wants to practice
those bodhisattva vows that goes on his aspirations
and he's not gonna spin
he kept he doesn't want to spend more any time talking about the things he's not gonna do
he just going to turn a focus on the things you'd like to do
like he'd like to practice as smile

i said here that that that involves a full job
these vows are full time jobs
where vowing to do something which is a full time job
makes sense doesn't it
beings are numberless beings are without limit i vowed to save them doesn't that sound like a full time job
if you in order to live to live that vow we don't have time for much else
we really can't afford really to
we can't we can't it doesn't work to be distracted from it it's enough isn't it enough isn't saving all sentient beings a big enough job
now we don't have to add anything to that
in other words we don't have to get distracted from it and it's a full time job is not like
beings are numberless and i vow to save them on a part-time basis
this is a full time job
this is a job is done on all occasions no exceptions that's what i aspire to
our moments or people or beings
if i get distracted
that distraction is part of the full time job in other words that distraction is another being
embrace and sustain
the bodhisattva job
he is to embrace and sustain all beings right
which means all moments of experience which means
abby's every moment
full time i aspired to be a bodyside for full time
i aspire to and i aspired to practice
the precious mere somebody
piero walk see this watch this full time
pretty rabanne again
full time i don't like okay i'm practicing the samadi said particular breakdown and just my robe
sometimes a priest fall into that they say i'm trying to practice the buddha away and now i have to fix my robe is falling down job you right back
no adjusting every little adjustment we make in our clothing
every little adjustment of the fabric each one of these
is part of the full time job full time job full time job every gesture
every meeting of
the opposable thumb
full time job
full time job
mind mudra everything with every gesture

for the welfare of all bags

so in in this full time work of the body sought for
in that in that work
practice is enlightenment
the job
the job or buddha's his enlightenment
the job a boy sofas his enlightenment for the welfare of all bags

the job is to put the practices the job
our responsibility is the practice

the enlightenment is is transmitted to us
now our job is to practice it

full time
in full time is again not just
like say was it's a big job and don't stop
understand that every moment
is an opportunity
is a responsibility
her daily life
our daily actions all day long
where active
all day long there's activities
there's never a moment of consciousness that inactive
to cite there's never a moment
where buddhas are inactive they're always doing
the practice of a buddha which is enlightenment
the bodhisattvas aspire to the same
activity the same
on the buddha's
the practice must be the enlightenment and the enlightenment must be practice
buddha's enlightenment
is an activity
i'm a buddha
they're not too
different things
and yet they're in a way
although not separate and not to there's a difference because the practices
that were involved in
or sometimes perceptible
for example you can see that can be an awareness of a hand gesture there can be awareness of a thought
a perceptible thought a perceptible gesture
a perceptible vocalization

the his jaws not so much to make gestures or to talk
but to make that gesture

the practice
have enlightenment

listening to motorcycles
go by the temple
that's not
the practice is making the listening practice
of enlightenment

so earnest
he usually i've been say clean the temple and then sit
clean the temple and then
precious mere samadi
clean the temple and then practice enlightenment
today i start with
practice enlightenment
precious mere samadi and now i mentioned
the action which is offered which is devoted to
enlightenment the pract this the action which is offered as enlightenment
it lives with
cleaning the action
have any abiding
this actions in the temple
in the temple there's gestures and thoughts and words all day long
temple cleaning is clean each action of any abiding
clean the action of any self
in the action
or self and that action
we're not getting rid of the self
we're just not locating the self in relationship to what's going on in the temple
already there is no abiding
but if we don't practice not abiding we don't realize it
already the everything in the temple is clean
everything is already clean but if we don't
clean it we don't realize is clean every action is already cleaned and nobody's of vi abiding in them
but if we don't practice not abiding we don't realize a non-binding
and then the action
somehow magically seems to be different from enlightenment
which it's not
some was sitting in front of me and as a t-shirt on and ice sheet on the t shirt looks like a tree
and also says just sitting on the t shirt is a t-shirt would you call that a t-shirt and says just sitting did you find that in goodwill
did you find it in a boutique
he finally green gosh was it in the he was in a bookshop so we sell t-shirts at gringotts which said just sitting on them
so today i would say
him and i say i say but this saying nobody's in that saying ah which is
he's sitting
with no abiding in the ceiling
it just sitting is not i'm sitting
i'm in the city on my side this hitting the settings over the is just sitting
it's not like i'm there are not there
when i'm talking about there right now we're talking about
the city which is the practice which is the enlightenment the city
the sitting his enlightenment
but again if i say this sitting the sitting his enlightenment i say this sitting without saying
without putting in like the enlightenment in the city
it's sitting aside from in the city

i just sitting also could be called
no more than sitting islam
just sitting is no more than sitting
also course no less than sitting just setting is no less than sitting islam

when a corso you know him right you heard about him hey so he wrote the a gunman
when he was just thirty one years old i hear he wrote something called which we call
ah negotiating the way
are endeavoring in the buddha away
and in that
in what he wrote
there are some questions and some responses

today there's like
looks like
for people who are ordained as priests are in here in this room in his temple the rest
are not paris or you can say our lay people
so at one of the questions in this text about endeavoring in the way
the book endeavoring and the buddha away one of the questions is
shoot zazen
should the
precious mirror somebody
be practiced by lay women
and layman
why should it be practiced by home leavers only by monks and nuns online
judge down the question
and the answer given his
in understanding
buddha dharma
an understanding bodhidharma men and women
noble and common
brackets lay and monks are not distinguished

here's another question
right after the for this other one
monks or nuns
home leavers
our free
from various involvements and do not have hindrances to practicing the precious mirror samadhi

they do not have hindrances in taking care of
the teaching of such lists which is transmitted to all beings
how can the laity
who are various the occupied how can the laity who are variously occupied
practice single mindedly and accord with the buddha dharma
which is
i'm constructed ness and stillness
answer buddha ancestors out of their kindness and opened wide
the gates of compassion
in order to let all living beings enter realization
who among all living beings cannot enter
and practice
the precious mere samadi
what the question at the end of the answer
and now i'll answer that question at the end of the answer i'll take the answer is a question who cannot enter
enter what the buddha dharma
the teaching of such as who cannot endure
no one cannot enter
all living beings fully possess the wisdom and virtue of the buddha's
how can yet
because of attachments
and false ideas they don't realize it
so there's work to be done there's a job to be done
and as a full-time job
there's a monk bodhisattva none body sought for
and lay and women body sought for
now i had transgender bodhisattvas
this as an and other possibilities are bodhisattvas are there to inconceivable unlimited possibilities of beaten of sentient beings
all sentient beings
kik can enter
and all sentient beings are actually on this path
how practicing
what can be nicknamed zaza
all sentient beings must practice in order to realize that they fully possess the wisdom and
virtues of the buddha's

it's not quite the same as say all sentient beings
our buddhists
not quite saying that will say all sentient beings are body suffers
and then after you say all sentient beings are body surface then you can say and there's no difference between the bodies such as who are on the path to buddhahood and the buddha's
so we can cancer
and we are on the path and we have a full time job opportunity
and we don't have to wait wait to sign a contract however
which we sometimes practice we have special ceremonies where people sign contracts is sometimes helpful
but between contract signing meetings we have all other possible activities and each of them
in order for the buddha way to be realized each of them
is the only opportunity for the boot away
if one were me one can continue talking
without end
and also one could stop talking
i don't know about without end but when constructing

some people often ask me
something like how are you and i usually say kind of boring but i usually say great
and great could also be rephrased as great kind of a nickname for never been worse
and it's also a nickname for never been better
great means
i have a full time job
i'm like fully employed it's so great my employment is so great it like doesn't have any limits
and it's really a good job it's a job of taking care of this intimate transmission
i'm so it's so great
it's so wonderful to have this job or practicing and precious mere awareness
with everybody
with everything how wonderful
to remember stillness

somebody said to me what should i do or what do you do when people seem to be trying to control you control me
what are doing when people seem to be trying to control me i said remember stillness
what have they keep dry practice stillness what if they keep trying transmit skills stillness what if they keep trying transmit stillness
if you keep transmitting it from your practice and from your mindfulness of it
they will melt into stillness and inner stillness they will give up trying to control you
yeah but part of stillness is not to be measuring how long is taking for everybody else to join

what should i do when people are trying to control me and i'm thinking about how much longer are they gonna do this
be still with they seem to be are you trying to control me in how much longer you can go on in
stillness with everything
we got the activity
the activity just needs to be cleaned or any abiding have any self confusion than all the activities
our enlightenment
but if they're not cleaned
we kind of miss that even though it's right there
ah so probably that enough if anybody wants to say anything
there is two seconds before lunch
actually i just kidding there's two seconds before noon lunch doesn't have to be at noon it can be an afternoon we can have afternoon lunch

ha ha ha
thank you

were you sitting upstairs earlier
who was a was it great
super great
i wouldn't dare say that
but think i'm gonna get some friends who do system for great

my daughter
when i'm talking on telephone says how are you daddy i say great
she says no
he's a little bit bored of me saying the same thing over and over occasionally just to entertain or i say semi great
i'm a try super great next time
i'm if i'm maybe i will identify what to see
so i've told you that done
some time to go out there was came to my attention that strong females
in in this neighborhood anyway
this part of the universe round here strong meals are strong females strong human females
are often called bossy

i just heard somebody say that reason is there there was a meeting and there were women and men at the meeting and somebody said how many of you women have been called bossy
most of them raised their hands and is how many of the men had been caused by called bossy and not too many of them have been called bossy
so when i heard about this bossy thing for strong women and also for strong little women call girls
i took it to heart
and i'm
and i think i also a kinda my attention that we could call strong women
leaders instead of bossy
so i refer to my strong tiny granddaughter as my leader
now i find out that as an organization in the bay area called bossy girls
you know
and you know i'm a full-time job
so i'm not going like argue with that
this is a a women's organization where they're trying to like
you know use the word bossy for what has got what is worth
anyways the era so we'll see what the latest is but for but i still i still going to i still refer to this little female as my leader

anything onto any other questions you don't want to ask yes
he said about
the aspiration
the wanting is an action
a perceptible action there's a want
and i will n n that want that action could be used as it has occurred opportunity for
this which is the realization
i don't know if i will was annexed mansion
didn't help when there's another thought so there was wanting to what what did you want
so she you want to practice enlightenment sorry
then you had a thought that's not helpful

so that was that that god okay so we can start with that and more over to the other one so thought arose not
quite understanding that's an action
an action that occurred in consciousness not quite understanding that's an action those are words that an activity at a vital activity called not quite understand understanding
who is a thought it's but it's an activity it's a living activity all thoughts are activities of life is a here's an activity it there was energy and not quite understand it there's an energy a vital energy and not quite understanding that
an activity k now
if i haven't i thought like that and activity like that i am full time jobs so all my activities whatever they are
my full-time job comes in
uses that
my full time job have to use if it's full time it has to use every activity including not quite understanding now there are also sometimes occurs
perfect understanding
i perfectly understand she perfectly instance those are activities those those thoughts or activities each one of those are opportunities for the full time job a practice which is enlightening practice with as one each
each gesture
like this one this gesture
this gesture
this gesture
this thought that thought each thought each word
if it's a full time job then
each action needs to be for the job which is practicing enlightenment
including the the activity of i do not understand what he's talking about
can you use the opportunity
that that perfectly good opportunity i do not understand
can you use that activity as the practice of enlightenment
i would say yes you can
like right now i can think i don't understand anything i just did that
as my current offering of practice in practicing enlightenment i didn't i didn't believe that are not believe that i just said it
but i didn't just say it
i offered it to the practice of enlightenment because that's what i that's my job
for the welfare of all beings
and now you might have thought like oh i completely understand

yes maybe
testimonials okay then please shouted out shot that testimonial to the this stories it took place they can you hear her hannah
loud okay i have a story that took place in escaping that's giving you
and and it has to do with activity and stillness and stillness and activity
and that
was very beneficial so we were out to dinner may has been my child myself and my mom and dad and my dad has been in sobriety for five years and he was having a difficult evening
when the waiter came to take trains he ordered an alcoholic beverage
it my mother seem seemed passive about it and i felt a lot of energy and activity in my body
and yeah i was still and when the waiter walked away i have asked dad
if he would maybe want to think about his choice of beverage and that i realized he was a feeling of frustration about being seated later and yet mikey think about that
but you think about it is this cause for him to drink
and possibly also think of and he said yes it is it is and i said okay and i said well maybe maybe think about if about everything that we have been through you know and
he he didn't say anything and then the beverages came to the table and he chose the non alcoholic beverage and
it was
seems beneficial
to stay to have to i i don't know if it's distasteful but that the stillness was there yeah i felt
at the situation was very dynamic there was a lot of
energy and
but it was vital
old moment
final moments yeah
when you're talking as you started to talk i felt like does this is layers you know electors very dynamic situation stress
stress frustration seeking some way to quell the frustration the pain of the frustration
the some way you
nom the frustration
all that's going on here that someone will choose something to numb the frustration while that's going on very dynamic activity and in the middle of that activity there was somebody remembered stillness there was a remembering of stillness
and then maybe there was some practice of stillness
and then maybe there was some transmission of stillness
and in the stillness in the remembering the stillness
in practicing the stillness and transmitting the stillness in the stillness
there's an activity so as activity in the middle of the activity stillness and in the middle of the stillness activity
the activity in the stillness
is to transmit itself
the reproduce itself and deliberate be from suffering
and then the next moment
here we go again
another whirlwind vital living whirlwind may remember stillness in this turbulent dynamic challenging moment and practice illness and remember that in
stillness there's a living
liberating enlightenment living in there it will do the job if we give ourselves to its practice but it's hard to remember stillness
in of consciousness with loved ones about to
tech poisons
or not important just take something that might distract them from our precious life that might intoxicate them
so that they are
forget the precepts

the buddha has his five five mindfulness is that he talked about and i don't know if i remember correctly but
it's mindfulness
i think he said the danger or the threat
of losing
our life
the threat of losing
the threat of losing health
and i don't think he said in this particular
meditation but i would just put in there in brackets the threat of losing our mind
and i think he said one more like everything is
depending on causes and conditions
he says
if we don't remember for example that youth
is impermanent
then it we we can become intoxicated with it
youth isn't usually considered
an intoxicant but if we if we're not careful of i remember that this this youth is temporary
it can be income intoxicated so we have list in this country tremendous intoxication with youth
and that intoxication leads to our and wholesomeness
if we don't remember that life is impermanent we're not mindful of that life can be an intoxicant
healthcare is not a had is not intoxicant but if we lose track of its impermanence would become intoxicated with the health
and then intoxicated with health
we we get distracted from the precepts
what precepts well being still
so part of clean the temple is to remember that all these things are impermanent which helps us be still and so on
thank you for the testimonial

i cannot be still make something
you cannot be still when you make something of the stillness
well making something of the stillness is seems to be an activity
yeah so then you have to clean the activity
so you can be still with it
allowing the allowing
along the thing to be made out of how yeah allowing that and also allowing the thought i cannot be still when i do make something argument that another activity
to relate to in such a way that it can be still with
that thought
so when you're like
there was two phases one is somebody was messing with the stillness trying to make it something out of it like this nothing would come let's monetize stillness
let's let's sir
let's find a way to sell it and people are actually doing that now they're like finding ways to sell stillness maybe i'm even doing it
and when you try to monetize stillness make something out of it at that moment it might be quite difficult to bestow with that but then when you say i can't be still when i'm messing with stillness maybe you can be still with that thought because i thought wasn't trying to mess with the donors stably just
dick a judgment about how messing with stillness is not so good
yeah so then now let's not as looks clean we got in a temple we have i'm feeling sick
now this is getting closer to something you can work with cause your job is to work with sickness isn't it
yeah so now i'm feeling sick okay now i know how to be kind to that
i know how to and i know how to be still with sickness okay so let's go to work there and then expand the work with the sickness back to the
to the cause of the sickness or that conditions for the sickness so if we can't work with something okay what can you work with
well i can work with it i can't work with the sickness
i can't work with that while i can work key work that here
let's find something we can practice with and then expand you know in other words this is like part-time work right i can't work with this but i can work with this so do part-time work and then expand the full time work
and right now i recognize him i'm not working full time as the body sought for rather i can't see it but i'm going to work with where i can't see it and then just try to extended so in fact we find times will we are able to practice and then we want this extended
an extended an extended into
full time and also full space through our time and raw space and as we
as we are as we aren't going
moment by moment time by time through the practice
this wonderful thing happens is that we realize that all the time till we weren't practicing we actually were
when we start being full time from now forward we realized that all the times which we said we couldn't in the past actually
they are saved
i'm listening to marcel proust
he wrote his book called remembrance of time last that's an endless books remembering of remembrance of last time
an enzyme we might say remembrance of wasted time we all say time is fleeting don't waste time
don't waste time
this is a precious opportunity don't waste time his book is remembrance of times wasted what his book about his book about him remembering all the time he wasted when he he all the times he didn't practice stillness and he didn't practice
the precious mere samadi
now he's remembering those times
when he was that he wasted but now he's here
doing his art
and now he's realizing
remembering and writing down all the time he wasted that the time was never wasted
but we have to remember all the wasted time in order to realize there's no wasted time
remembering wasted time is promoted by remembering now not to waste done and as we remember more and more not to waste time
the sentient beings from the so-called past come and say
save me
who are you i'm wasted time
when you got behind the
i'm the ghost of christmas past
i'm telling you all the time you wasted trying to get rich listen to me listen to me
don't waste the time of listening to me
and then the ghosts are released
so this is christmas present and christmas future yes what about
bad deeds
that deeds are or what we call wasted time wasted time is wasted moments for great art
for proved his i wasted moments art so he tells all these stories about when he will do it the books over of talk but he's not going to work is not going to work is not going to work and then suddenly he sees he sees the moment is it now's the time to start writing
there's i didn't punish
it's so great to see the person he doesn't stop writing so wasted time means
basically bad deeds it's a bad deed to waste this moment to practice compassion that leads to other people
that's a waste of time right
the other person it was probably more than a waste of time yeah i mean you could say it was time wasted in doing good thing okay so ah
doing things which other people think is more than a waste of time that was more than waste of time that just that is really that really killed me
well killing people is a waste of time
are you want to up the ante and says worse than a waste of time
you can you want to is you're welcome to say so but from the bodhisattva point of view it not practicing compassion is a waste of time our job is to practice compassion when you're cruel you're not brett you're wasting your compassion time
we just we got compassion time a lot we gotta we we have time for compassion that's what our life's about compassion time
and when we don't practice if we waste our compassion time for proof day was our time
preapproved art was salvation
for schopenhauer art is trans is is is liberation from suffering
our art is the art of compassion the art of enlightenment
when we don't practice enlightenment
more or less terrible things happen when we don't practice compassion
more or less cruel things happen so it's a waste of time to
to it's a waste of time to not practice ethics not practice patience not be generous
does your wastes of time
of opportunity there wish their wasted opportunities to realize
peace and freedom in this world there are wasted opportunities
and and you can also call them the things we do and we're wasting our operatives you can call bad wrong and cetera that's okay
just don't forget that that that things a missed opportunity and part of the practices remembering the wasted opportunities
then they're not wasted opportunities because when you remember them
you can remember them in a knock wasting way like you can say i'm sorry i don't i want to do something different i don't want a western so this way the wasted time is liberated it loses its power when will remember it and bring compassion to it so we're read
mm i remember that i wasn't compassionate
and i bring come but i don't remember in a compassionate and and be mean to me or it
or not to mention blame somebody else i wasn't compassionate but that was because some not remember that i wasn't compassionate don't get distracted from that and bring compassion to it then they not compassion is liberated and loses it
destructive influence
you're welcome
the assembly seems to be quiet is that right
struggling said

but i was barely
they must slow destruction is people
tell me about meeting
some other
contact with each other that we don't have nearly we follow the rules here
the intersection
stick by our schedules and
one of my best to weeks of practice
supposed to be pressure
i couldn't get it
you're you're kind of supported to remember impermanence
i was very afraid of the traffic
when someone told me that when they were here
verizon that really expecting
from the intersections
i try
especially your
and says a
that we have this intoxication that
in a way lots
some activity there different for me
he said



full time job
full time hopper tip full time job eric
clear that
you need a extend to every the and place
the true marriage the way the
the to say
illusions are inexhaustible
join them
a cyber less
actually ran to them the a surpass surpassed hello
to be comment