Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi, Part 10

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is is a recording was then you turn it off and now recording again
someone said to me
this morning did you say that all living beings are body surface
i said yes
and i think the person said
does that mean that that the body mind the thought of enlightenment
is in everybody
and i think i said no

not every not all sentient beings have the thought of enlightenment in our consciousness
the thought of enlightenment is actually a thought
in your consciousness which is sometimes there is sometimes not it's the thought
i wish to become perfectly enlightened in order to benefit all bags
but i thought isn't in the minds of all living bags
and for the and those who have the thought in their mind
i'm suggesting to you such a thought
they're bodhisattvas and those who don't have that thought in their mind their body surface
the bodhisattvas in the form of bodhisattvas as who don't have the thought of enlightenment
some point in their evolution that thought will arise
in in consciousness he will arise
and then
it seems like month arises it is easy to lose it
so wanted arises has to be cared for
you know like up
like a baby
and you care for it with all the bodhisattva practices
before it arises you don't have to take care of it
because it has an arisen but once it arises now you have a fragile very precious seed of buddhahood
and when not seen gets planted in essential being who is actually on the bodhisattva path now things start developing in a new way
and again that seed can sprout and it's not cared for a world
sometimes it's say images use that when when our body mind when i thought of enlightenment first arises is like a candle flame
which can be blown up by a gentle wind
but it can grow into a more and more
now more than a candle flame can grow into like a huge fire
and then when winds blowing it in strong winds are just get stronger
just you know it's kind of like
the thought of the front of living my life for the welfare of all beings and in particular for each of you arises and i'm very happy about it and then one of you sauce me i think i think i've changed my mind
and i'm not can live for this person who is treating me this way
but when it gets stronger and then people are not kind to you it just a stronger
when it gets as you say when it gets a strong enough than all people on the body sought from path who are coming to you and saying i'm not on the bodhisattva path it just makes this body to get stronger how wonderful
there's it
as a chaplain the lotus sutra called never disparaging bodhisattva
and he everybody saw i said you know
you're going to become buddha

and you know that they can set the
who are you to tell me what i'm gonna become and and if they the him a hard time and it is
i ain't gonna i can have disparaged even though you're being mean to me you are going to become buddha or yeah
yeah i you are not going dispersion or matter how mean your to make oh yeah
and he never did
but he added
what a fierce
fire of for each attempt
but whether we bought it yet or not are all on the same path the same practice the same enlightenment but where you
we're in different stages of
a fire
and am yeah watch the fire gets going it's like everything feels it but before that we have to give a generosity have to be ethical and patient and diligent and com with
otherwise we can get distracted from it even other thoughts they are we can get distracted

that's what i wanted videotaped
the rest of ad or know will say anything you you want to bring up today and our last meeting of two thousand and fifteen
and it says just being
did you get that in a bookshop to
hello i just
in stillness and
they can have a horror my questions you have to say something about that just being
just sitting seems more

well similar to what i said earlier if there's being
and the being is allowed to just be

if if the being is
treated with justice
that would be good

whatever kind of being it is even a unjust being
is it just being are just be yeah
so to try to learn to let things be themselves
being the bank lot
big be itself
there could be and way i understand the expression just being

well i just a moment ago whatever it is
whatever it is
what is not beneficial that's another being caught it's not beneficial
let that be
whatever it is
three hit with justice
be just with it
be just to it in other words be ethical with it
if you see ethical appears as if ethics the ethical with them
you can see appearances of injustice and unethical behavior be ethical with them
if you see hate in your heart
don't hate it

stubborn stubborn ness or that's a good thing to be just with
like for example
don't slander stubbornness
are you can say or that stubbornness but do you say it in such a way that everybody comes to support and and be compassionate with this stubbornness or do you say it in such a way that everybody says okay let's let's abandon this stuff
less was maroon it from all compassion not
hey folks we've got some stubbornness here for us all to be kind to
so that imbue your you are recognizing a but you're not putting it down you're not a smirking at you're noticing stubborn news inflexibility
and also we don't like say well i'm not stubborn
and you are
we don't praise ourself at his expense
we also don't try to possess it
and we don't hate it we don't hate stubbornness
like some people who are trying to teach dharma meet students who are stubbornly
refusing to accept day ticking this is an opportunity for the teacher not to hate the stubborn student
not hate this beverage student
who's asking for compassion not hate
if i stubbornly refused to practice these teachings if i stubbornly refused to listen to you will love keep coming i wonder
who try again there was actually kind of loving but i'm do it again to see if i get another one
i know i know you i i think you'll love me if i do just what you want me to do
if i'm like if i'm your idea of a present to intaglio a particular were like me but what if i'm not going along with the teachers idea of a good sense to and for the teacher still be compassionate to me let's find out

what ever
we give it compassion no matter how terrible it is

yeah yeah
the way consciousness is is that it is actually all inclusive and one of the things and includes his explosiveness so within consciousness we have inclusion and exclusion
inclusion i exclusion high consciousness doesn't consciousness is like the sky
it actually accept everything however it also in accepting everything it's got some pretty tough customers living inside of it like exclusion abandonment disrespect fear stubbornness
strongly adhering to and hearing strongly to one's beliefs
and know hating those who don't agree with you all that stuff can arise and consciousness consciousness is a place for all this seems to arise which we can then learn how to deal with in compassionate ways
in this way the entire universe gets purified if we learn how to be compassionate with whatever appears in consciousness and whatever appears there
or and much of what a piercer challenges our compassion
and sometimes when our challenges compassion it hesitate for a moment and then
another thing arises which again challenges our compassion
so like we say
something comes up turning away isn't right
and grasping his return to control it isn't right either
and this is instructions from hotter learned this intimate communication and consciousness which includes all these challenging
all the challenges are welcome in consciousness at least
the ones that are here now and then they'll go away and other ones come
but it's hard to meet all the challenges and when we fail to meet the challenge than we have enough that
our failure to be compassionate to what consciousness is actually allowing to appear than we have that challenge

does that address what you brought up
yes really great
i p a seconda robin have had a little ahead of you

i think down trump is asking for compassion yes
i think all living beings
our on the bodhisattva path and they're all asking for compassion
and when they get it it will be good
have you been may hard to see it right away but if he did if if they keep using it they will eventually
they will eventually have this thought arising in their mind which is i want to devote my life to the welfare of all people
i want to not be
a bigot
i don't know big bigger means but i get the feeling had a big is somebody who wants to help some people but not all people
and so we have many stories in our tradition and not just in our tradition other traditions have stories are people who really seem to be stubbornly
not wanting to be kind to some people
and then
their requests for compassion was heard by somebody in a yacht compassion and i got it again and again and again
finally this and okay i give up
i cannot hate anymore
there's a story like that is being upright about this leader of the of the clan
who hated everybody who has taught to hate everybody and some people
some jewish people decided to just keep giving him love and he he finally couldn't resist it anymore
and he melted his his hatred melted away and i love
but they had to plat over and over
for him to stop resisting it
and so we're asking for love and when it comes with sometimes may not seem to say thank you right away
but we we wanted we want another chance
even though he slammed the door
we want somebody not could i talk to you know
please all right
i'm afraid there are two kinds of people
divide those who divide 'em he a groups and those who don't
doesn't that can be took her to tokyo which one are you
i'm the i'm the one i'm in a group of people of of dividing people into groups

and and i see figure two groups i say nobody in one ear groups
and a lot of people in the other
somebody surface are those who want to help people who are dividing people into groups be compassionate to the the stress of a categorical consciousness which groups
in own compares that's part of consciousness is to make discriminations and by being kind to this discriminating consciousness
we realize the singing of the wooden man and the dancing in the stone woman which is not within reach of discrimination but if we are kind to discrimination
the miracle of or of our bodies are for path is is know is somewhat
it's a maturity is is stressed stresses is can is compromised
african kind to all discriminations we realize non discriminating wisdom but as secure as she said discrimination does not mean not discriminating
it means to study everything
the study the discriminant issues no matter what they are
excellent below average honest to study every one and and not not make exceptions about what we started we study everything in this way
we don't discriminate about always study and this not discriminating wisdom comes and then not discriminating compassion
some place where no discriminations or are made
i don't know about it but most people don't need help
i know you know
if they want to come to visit when you know you're welcome to come

how do we build it
he mean if it's already there how to strengthen it
we do it by practicing generosity with whatever comes whatever arises here inside the consciousness and also whatever arises inside the consciousness which looks like it's outside the consciousness
so like right now inside my consciousness does a woman with your name
and so i want to practice compassion towards you and towards me who's talking to you
i want to be equally compassionate to you and veronica and romi and i want to do that and if i think i'm being more compassionate to you in houma i want to be compassionate to my
god my partiality which i don't really want to be partial i want to give everybody my for compassion but if i notice and give me some people more than others i want to be compassionate to my unfairness to my injustice
so i practiced generosity towards that i accept
everybody i welcome everybody that's my that's what i want to train at when i train at
can i want to be generous tours and a imbalance in my generosity
next again practice ethics which is justice but just justice with every being inwardly and every being which appears to be outwardly but really isn't
the careful of every action
and then be patient with was suffering with my suffering and other people suffering but particularly with mine
maybe other people's suffering i can be a little impatient with like i don't want them to suffering on mine i have to kind of okay i'm i'm not gonna get into longer or shorter and you can be present with it
and then be diligent
and keep in touch with my wish to be compassionate and then develop samadi develop concentration
this or compassion practices
people don't put
god hope somebody and the compassion part but i i think some straddles the compassion practices and the western practices
and want to be one of the com with our compassionate practices and com with our western practices
so in a sense peppermint and protect the somebody over to the the concentration over to the wisdom a little bit because of wisdom the wisdom we're talking about all has compassion always has somebody with it
but the other practices don't always have somebody
so we can be practicing generosity or ethics but not yet be in samadhi but we can also be in samadhi and practice generosity and ethics which of course then the ethics minister marty blum more fully when we're like undistracted and
flexible with our ethics
how wonderful that would be
be an ethics samadhi
they never get distracted and also be not uptight about what it was some people can say you know you're really unethical and to say thank you for your gift
yeah your your comment has really welcome
rather than
i'm better than you but ethics how dare you

well thank you for yes

harder to practice
the massive injustice
and expressive

yeah somebody said
i heard on the radio yesterday somebody said
this person who we call trump
see new healy is addicted to attention
he's calling for attention and i think he wants compassion and attention so he can wake up from his his dream we all want to wake up from our dream and he's asking
you know and sometimes more strongly for attention and most of us do
and he's he's getting it
now at this flood of attention could we send the kind of attention that will wake him up from his dream
when that be wonderful if suddenly he woke up
in on national television
and as and finally saw that all these people that he wants to get rid of our is
dear family and he wants to help those people that he's trying to push away when debbie great from to wake up and everybody witness that
meantime at dunmore at that same moment he might seem to be a possible candidate for the presidency but still it would be a wonderful thing for us for the for the world to see that this man has done this man he woke up
this american who had these views
woke up from the delusion of that and for the whole world to see oh yeah that was a delusion and he woke up oh how about us
what when delusions do we have about america and who's gonna who's can help us wake up from our ideas of america
if they can wake up from their delusions about us maybe we can wake up from our divisions about this is what we need for peace we need to wake up from our ideas about each other
don't need to get rid of the ideas
we just need to wake up to that if they are there are realities

three by three
he did yes absolutely three he said for
now for town
i don't really like to give him the gift of the parking spots rings
all right let's go
who won't even chapter doesn't go