Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi, Part 3

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for the from for the last two
when day sitting here we started to meditate on this song of the precious mirror samadi

and am
whenever i
myself meditating this palmer i are almost always start with the beginning
that's a kind of up
challenge for me
here's how to move through the text if every time i started the beginning
but the beginning is
what can i say it's the beginning
hearts is the source
i started to is morning that
buddhism ancestors or buddha ancestors
are intimately interesting
the truth of such this
that's a very basic message
of the buddhist borders are sending the message that they are intimately interesting the teaching of such this
and i i reviewed the last two talks and during those last two talks i was talking about
the intimate entrustment
i think people spend more discussion of intimate and trusted
which the buddhas are up to
somebody can wow
and what are they interesting that's interesting this the teaching of such this the truth of such lists
this is their business this is their livelihood is this intimate entrustment and
i said it before and today i say it again that the teaching of such us and the intimate and trust me this might sound like two things like there's an intimate entrustment of the teaching of such as but i feel like now that
the teaching of such as is intimate entrustment
an intimate entrustment is the teaching of such as

that what buddhists are doing is the teaching the teaching is what buddhists are doing
the activity of buddha's
is the buddha's teaching
the buddha's teaching as the activity of buddha's
this is our song and this song written by a chinese ancestor who his name don't sean liang j our toes on rio okay this ancestor we say that this ancestor is the founder
of this particular school and china
and one might wonder why do we say that that she's the founder because how come the public the person before her for the person after her i don't know why she gets to be called the founder
and even though i don't know why i still have a possible story
one story is that she wrote a song
that the song or
is a couple generations after another founder
but that founder had it different layers is coming from her
the founder was named
second dog he said are sure toe and he wrote a text called the relationship between
sameness and difference
are we say sometimes the harmony of difference in unity
he wrote that but he had more than one lineage comes from him and one of the lineages comes is downturn
ah soggy doggy isn't than his disciple the ah cusine again than his disciple
ah on gun danger
and then posts on real guy
so his great grandson is this person and this person kind of received that teaching and
who makes his own pod poetic version of it which would which is the song about up concentration is by the state of mind it's about a mind as mind our mind
the way our mind and buddhist mine are the same mine to be concentrated in this way
on this precious mirror
the precious mirror and precious mere is the intimate entrustment the precious mirror is the intimate transmission the precious mirror
is the teaching of such this so maybe that's a story about wives he's called the founder of this lineage in china
and then in japan we say a hey dogan is the founder of this lineage in japan and then we say show gawker shinrykio is the founder of this tradition this lineage in america
but it's love it
more of a question of wide in in in china when you have this lineage going down it didn't get transmitted to another country so how can he got chosen maybe because of the teaching here
and the other teachings he gave he said a particular flavor
that we are taken care of
the other thing the next line after the one i just told you which again i talked to buy quite a bit he said after he says that this is the business of buddha's what's the business of buddha's intimate contrast meant
what of intimate entrustment what is that the intimate entrustment is the teaching of such lists
then the ancestor says now you have it
he said it back in the tang dynasty
and today we say it now you have it
you can say that to everybody and then you'll begin then you'll be included now you have it so take care of it skillfully
in this school sometimes they speak of the practice as a ten thousand mile iron road
just recently i i found a place in the writings of a hey dog and where he said the path is a ten thousand mile iron road

and the person who walks this ten thousand mile on iron road rolls down this
ten thousand mile iron road is called an iron person
it's a person who in the midst of all the swirling and twirling
of life and death doesn't forget
the intimate entrustment
and if by chance she does forget
when she notices she's forgotten she confesses and repents that she forgot
before the in the face of
in the presence on the intimate entrustment she says i'm forgot i got distracted from the intimate entrustment i'm sorry
now you have it

on another note i turn off it's lighter or heavier
send me an email
the person such as reb aware of this and what if she was wondering if i was aware of his all these youtube on things
with my picture him and i was aware of it
oscar arranged for a workshop that are curtain sacramento couple of years he arranged with people for the workshop to be videotaped
so a person sent me these youtube things and i i looked at them and i was quite a few because it's broken up into parts given the whole weekend broke up into like hour and a half parts or something
there's a big line of
of these pictures of me and down under the pictures
is groucho marx
anybody not know groucho marx's
okay his famous i guess
and as it's groucho marx and under i think underneath the picture it says you bet your life
thousand name of a tv show
but that's also sometimes a way i talk about faith
faith is what you bet your life on
so in this goal we sing this song
because this is what many ancestors bet their life on they bet their life on the teaching of such this they bet their life
on the precious mere samadi and bet their life on intimate entrustment
as the precious mirror as the teacher as the truth
the truth which is a guide for all beings and removes all pain
an intimate entrustment that a guide for all beings and removes all pan

this teaching says now you have it
however even though that's the case some beings do not bet on that yet
buddha's i've heard appear in the world because of a wish
they wish
to intimately interest this perfect mirror samadhi
so they appear in the world
to open beings to open living beings to this
intimate entrustment
in other words
some beings are not open to it even if you've heard that this is the work of buddha's and even if you've heard that now you have it you may not be open to what you just heard i may not be open to it so buddhas
wish to open beings to it so they appear in the world and one of the ways they appear is by a song like this which says it and which and were says this is a song and
it's recommended that you say it over and over until your mouth becomes this song until your arms and legs become this song
we just said to me
i know that being peaceful
i'm not trying to get anything out of life is the way to go but then i think oh i gotta i gotta do this i gotta do that
i don't understand why i keep thinking and to do so so much there's so many things i need to accomplish
so i said what this one story is you do understand this but your understanding has not yet got into your cells and into your bones so we have to go over this again and again until oh go over with our body reduce our mouth to say these
teachings until the see teachings
you become our body
and then our body doesn't keep telling us that we have to be ah
something more then intimate entrustment
something more than the truth that's already been
given to us

so this is a repeat excuse me now the next so we did the first few lines here another next line is filling a silver bowl with snow hiding inherent in moonlight we discuss that
and then
taken is similar like if you take the silver bowl and the snow was similar
take them as similar
they're not the same
when you mix them this new the so remote
he still know where they are
down the words it's not that you mix the snow and the silver ball and then they become on record
it said
they're intimately related because the snow isn't this overboard and the silver bullet holiness know they're intimately related there are similar
and yet they're not the same
you mix them intimately together but it isn't that you lose
the discrimination
these two are
what are these two
well i could be for us on difference and unity they could be buddhas and living beings
any of the different elements in our intimate life could be this do
but we're not gonna we're not eliminating difference to realize harmony
when not obscuring difference to realize
no difference
we're trying to develop this intimate
entrustment and this is an instruction about what the intimate entrustment isn't like is not that similar things you can't tell the difference or when you mix things you don't know where they are it's not like that
intimacy doesn't destroy the elements of relationship
then i think we also talked about the meaning is not in the word yet response to the inquiring impulse but i'm not sure did we
i think we did the meaning is not in the words what words well it could be the words of the song
it could be the words of the teaching of the borders the borders
give words
the buddha dharma is not
but the buddha's give the opportunity to turn the teaching of such as
in two words the teaching of socialists has been intimately a communicated to us and we have word consciousness
when the teaching of such as appears in consciousness it appears as words
teaching not birds but it appears as words and these words are telling us that the words are not the meaning is not in the words

and if we bring the right kind of energy the kite right kind of effort to meet the words
the teaching which is not in the words will respond to our
gift of our life energy
right now we have the opportunity to respond to these words
in a way that the words will respond to us and in that response relationship we have the intimate entrustment again
so the meaning is not in the words
yet it response to the inquiring impulse
he responds to the impulse
to meet
to serve
and then the next to lies carry it on further
this translation says move and you're trapped
the intimate entrustment which you have now
move and you're trapped
you're not trapped by the intimate entrustment he trapped by the movement the a trap by the understanding that chapter move
to get the meaning or move
to take care of this intimate entrustment
now the translation as if you're excited it becomes a pitfall
so if i hear of this intimate entrustment
and i get excited and move
the excitement and the movement turn into a pit for me
the intimate trust me does not trump
but if i try to get it i fall into a trap
if i get excited about it if i moved to get it i'm trapped
it doesn't say so but i thought i might mention had points that maybe the instruction is the teaching of such as has been intimately interested
now you have it take care of it well by not moving
every moment
you have it every moment don't move
this is forecasting later in the text but this is becoming a stone woman this is becoming a wooden man
when you don't move you become the stone woman
when you don't move you become the wooden man and when you become the wooden man
you start singing
and when you start singing the wood and woman
the stone woman
the one who didn't move from her intimate communication
starts dancing with your song
but you don't start singing and order to get the transmission
got like sing for your breakfast is it with the same are sacred thing for your supper he don't sing for your supper your supper has already been given to you this is a different teaching from sing for your supper the teaching of such as has already been given to you already received your supper
don't move and from that non-moving you'll start singing but you'll be singing for to get the teaching transmitted you will saying not just from the transmission
which is good but from the taken care of it
now you have it keep it well
and then he'll know who will all know
when you don't move because you turn into a wooden man
and then your show us a wooden man can say i didn't know a wooden man could say wow
a zen student
who doesn't move can sing
and not just any singing but a singing which will intimately communicate with
the stone woman
the next line
miss and you fall into doubt and vacillation so one way is
you don't move
hey i i received it i'm not excited about it i'm just grateful and i'm like a cool cool
com flexible relaxed gratitude
i'm not uptight about this not moving because i'm uptight than i might hesitate
i might hesitate to move i might have to take to think i might hesitate
or i might
again try to think of what it is
and then i'll be
what who was that strange transmission than just went by
i should have said something
i didn't say them because i thought i should do something
and i heard i wasn't supposed to move so i hesitated
this is the iron person
totally there
totally responsive
not trying to get anything because you've already received it


backing up again snow in a silver bowl
intimate entrustment
buddhism ancestors and you
snow is silver ball
a still a silver snow cone
don't eliminate the difference don't confuse the difference
this is a picture of this intimate entrustment now once again
the meanings is not in the anything
but we have it had as our practice we have to
go to meet it
go to meet it without trying to get it
going to meet it without trying to get it
so first of all snow silver ball taking similar that's showing us of the relationship it's a picture of the intimacy then comes
instruction about how to relate
the next one is turning away and touching are both wrong for it is like a massive fire all day long turning away and touching are both wrong
all day long
all these offerings that people give us
turning away and touching
i wrong
because everything is this massive fire because this is the teaching of everything this is the teaching of the way everything is thus everything is such

so that's actually kind of a review of where we were last time
maybe a little bit further maybe we took the next step of turning away and touching are both wrong
i see it i hear
i see and hear lots of examples of where people wanna turn away from something
or want to touch something
an la times when we want to turn away from something
if we here it's a massive fire which i will have good to turn away from master fire but the other side of it is the massive fire is the source of your life it's a source of all your energy
so turning away from it we will die
from turning away from my life
and i see lots of opportunities to turn away from my life
as manifest
in me being a certain way or me see myself a certain way i i want to turn away from me
being a certain way i'm tired i feel tired i appear to myself as tired
i want to turn away
being tired is not a massive fire i don't have i can turn away from it
or someone asked me for something
and i don't wanna i don't want to deal with it
this is not the massive fire i on to deal with this
the day i don't think that's true today i think that everything that comes to us is this massive fire
and it's hard for us to not want to reach out there and control it and change it or get away from it
this is what we're good at
trying to control
or running away
or and one way to destroy things have been one way to control things as destroy them
then they won't need any further control
so it's hard for us so
that's the next line
turning away and touching you're both wrong
boards it's like a mass of fire

in some sense we haven't made much progress in the text today
our lack of progress is a great opportunity
for me
in this position of offering a teaching witches
not going forward any place for you
can be patient with the same old thing over and over
certainly you wish to bring up in regard to anything in the universe
i just thought i would mention that today a sitting here is my dream
the first time in but thirty years it occurred to me that this song is being sung by the jewel nurse somebody snuck some about the to or somebody
now it's the voice of the jewelers that's right
congratulations you very much
so ah
tarzan real guy had a teacher
who was named oh ojo or union don't shine and union they had a relationship and the author of this text was told by his teacher
i now
interest to you
the precious mere somebody
and then later he said you have become you are the precious mirror somebody
and then the precious mere somebody
sang this song this is a song from the precious mere somebody
celebrating the precious mere somebody
so we may wish to also be the precious mere somebody singing the song
always for the first time and i'm not gonna press the point by never going any further incriminate needed money

would you say that louder please
are you setting a greater
very good when you're singing be careful not to move
otherwise you wouldn't be seeing this song anymore
and again this not moving is not moving which doesn't hesitate
it's like right there for agent h h sound is like right there totally completely present
like someone said to me said a girl she said
don't leave a trace
so to sing the song word my word long by moment without leaving a trace not moving
not get excited and not hesitating because we've heard the teaching about not getting excited
perplexed about not
i can understand don't turn away but then don't i can understand it
then we work with the perplexed here perplexed okay so then we don't get excited about being perplexed
and we don't turn away from me
this being perplexed is the massive fire to
i maybe the perplexed arose along with
ah i'm trying to get can get try to get something about this teaching maybe you tried to get something about the teaching maybe you tried to
touch it
have you tried to touch it you might get a gift here have some perplexity
now this is the opportunity to not turn away from the perplexity or hesitate said perplexity i'm here with your perplexity
we've got perplexity here and we're not trying to trade this in for non perplexity
but if we do try to turn it for non-public city now we have that and that's the massive fire
now that's the teaching of such this there's no the teaching of socialist is uninterrupted in our life
but we can argue with it
it's not as teaching such as says no argument with the teaching of such this obviously it allows considerable argument and resistance
we feel that sometimes
yeah and then you might say i might just have just flat out resistance or you might be perplexed also hire i feel resistance and i'm perplexed why i've and perplexed about my resistance to this wonderful teaching
or i'm a somebody else might say i'm perplexed about why we didn't care by such as to petition the obviously ridiculous
why does it was even bother me that i don't know what he's talking about
hebei he being who
it's also in this text who's talking who is he who is she
she's not you in truth she is you
we don't even know was singing the song
and the precious mere salado doesn't know who he who he is or what he is either the precious mere somebody is
let me tell you what let me tell you something about the precious mere somatic i don't know anything about it
well i know a little but not much or not ever
and i'm full of that quebec
they weren't as island the teachings
how do they know
in a way that wrestling
yeah that's a next line
yeah about
to do to depicted in literary form
one translation isn't it distress as you said just to depict some translations just it to depict so
if you if you put it in literary form and you think that now meaning as in those words than in your mind you have a sense to filed it
but it may be that when this precious mirrors singing
as it sings it knows it understands that
on each one of these words
offers no basis for apprehending them
so that their story comes to mind in our distribution
which i think you might have heard already the six ancestor got visited by one of his new students who came to visit him and the sixth ancestry says where do you come from and the new student whose name was why ron said
i come from monsoon
where do you come from i come from monsoon than the six senses just says what is it that thus comes what is
what is thus coming
what is this coming which is an epithet for buddha what is buddha what is this coming what is the teaching of such this who are you
but he just said what is thus coming
and the news to and says to say it's this
to depicted in words to point do it
misses the point
what is the teaching to say
to say it's this misses the point and the teacher says the ancestry says well then is there
is there no teaching
is there no enlightenment is there no practice and new student says i don't say there's no teaching i don't say there's no practice or enlightenment i just say it cannot be defiled
you can't defile it you can try you can say it's this
but they never will defile it and since it will never have the fall it i'm not gonna say much more about it of event
to say something would miss the point and then the answer she says just this non defilement is what all buddhas
have been taken care of intimately
now you're like this and i'm like this to how are we
we're not indicating what it is and again this is a characteristic of the school is we don't directly indicate what it is
are we do indicate what it is and we say i did it
but that was not the point
so we don't not talk just because talking would relegated to defilement but we talk in a way that we get to look in my trying to get something from that talk
am i turning away by this talk am i trying to control by this talk
maybe so so i'm sorry
but i don't think this talk is going to
depict this teaching this talk is not going to to pick this intimate communication
but i want to talk
whenever it's appropriate
whenever the talk is being recruited requested please talk to me and i'm not even say i'm going to talk every time i'm requested because sometimes people invite me to talk but they don't really want me to
so maybe i won't
sometimes they are requesting and i will talk
sitting we're having today you did not formally request me to give a talk
and yet i gave a talk
how many of you know that this often happens at this time so you could have left
and i could have asked him before to wish me to give a talk but i didn't
will be next time i want i'll ask
i'm pervert
perfect perfect me happy to sit with you in silence
home was perfectly happy to separate your gods and i'm almost but i'm not quite perfectly sure if that's true
does that give you something like of
who is that enough for this morning yes peter i'm still busy with at fire
it'll get it's okay so you're busy with the fire yeah yeah like it because it mean that whatever i experience a each moment
it's fine and always will be fine don't touch it don't turn away from it isn't like that
he has got like that or nowhere put it as if you don't turn away and touch it whatever it is you will realize
that it you will realize how the thing you're dealing with in that way
is the precious mirror samadhi you will realize how this thing whenever it is
if you're that way with it it it is a guide for all beings and and she and you're using it in a way that will relieve are suffering
so it's not so much that everything's okay because you if you
touch it then it would be kind like everything's burning you and if you run away from it
you're not going to be able to realize that everything's okay so this fire sang you relate to this fire appropriately you will realize that everything is giving us life
a walk

and i imagine i just imagine you know some people torturing me
a just to to the point where they said you still think everything is something to not turn away from are touching just don't want to practice that way
until i get the point where i said i don't want brexit but i just want to die i want to i wonder i'm gonna get away from this pain
so that does happen that the pink is so strong as you say
i'm like little break from the practice i just want to get away from this pen
so that's why we develop patience
and the buddha said if you practice it and you will eventually be able to
practice patients with anything and in order to be buddha you have to be able to be patient with what's happening
an art to open to this jewel mirror we have to be patient but some pains right now are so strong that we do tend to wanna like
get rid of them or get him under control and so in that we say okay that's where i'm at this is this isn't the this is the limit of my patients practice right now hikes and i wanna be kind to them
but the teaching as they we need to learn to do that gradually with more and more of our life
it's sort of to meet it also sounds like can as the approach to rebuilding trauma
and the when trauma happens the psyche splits
the split is avoiding distracting dissociating and so this process with the or this method where you say says sounds to me like the way to slowly heal the deep pain syndrome
we all have
yeah and even if we're if even if we don't feel that way when we meet someone else who does then can we not
turn away from there's or tuckered control there's private controllers can we just really
listen to the crime
of their trauma or listen to the cry of our drum can we really just observe it and again this is instruction about how to listen
and then we can also look to reflect
i wish to listen in his whole hearted way that leaves no trace
but i'm flinching a little bit and i want to be kind to my inability to listen wholeheartedly to this cry from this this cry of trauma
here's another up little
massive fire for you
i offer you the opportunity to not have a word period today i hope you can not turn away or touch that
i will also be
trying to practice that with no work
but we worked but we will have lunch
and lunch will come soon
so not for this morning
thank you very much
may our intention