Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi, Part 7

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the song of the precious mirror samadi the word samadi
has different meanings and
one one possible understanding of the word in this case is that somebody is a type of awareness
where on
wherein the subject and object are
one point
not separate
so that the precious mirror
on a song about his his song about in in the song but also the awareness of it the awareness of the precious mere is also sung about
so that there is a teaching of such as
there's an intimate transmission
and this intimate transmission is called buddhas
an ancestors
so the song is celebrating an awareness of buddha's where the awareness of the buddha in the buddha
i'm not separate
so we practitioners
when contemplating the buddhas in samadhi
in that type of awareness
the awareness of the boys
and the buddha's or one point
for the awareness of the intimate communication
and the intimate communication or one point
it's not like hi
i'm aware of a intimate communication separate from myself the awareness i have in samadhi is an awareness where subject and object or one point
it's an awareness of this intimate communion
which is a precious mirror but again
it's not that i'm focused on the practice precious mirror but that i'm aware of it in a non away
but when i'm aware of it or not to away i'm also not distracted
when we're aware of were aware of things to realistically
then we can be distracted from them it can also be concentrated on them in the sense that we can be paying attention to them
but if we're paying attention and we are separate from our paying attention to
that type of awareness being dualistic is also unstable
if i try to focus on something
i can only do it for very short period of time
because i and it are changing all the time in duality
but the one pointed awareness
doesn't really change
if stable
but it's not me trying to focus on that it's me and that being an in-focus has one point being a non door focus
when the subject is aware of object
an object is understood as separate from the subject
that's unstable that's somewhat agitated or very agitated
dualistic awareness is unstable
non do awareness is stable if not disturbed by duality
any appearance of separation between knowledge or knowing and known
so this is the kind of awareness
of this very precious thing
what is the precious thing the teaching of such this which relieves all suffering
but again when the awareness of this teaching is such the teaching is not separate
from the subject than that's the recommended mode for receiving
observing and you know being mindful of this teaching
so when we first hear this teacher we might
just listen to it
and we might listen to it
and distractedly without it can try
to listen to it were just listening to it

and that might realize one point in us

non dual or concentration
which it again turns out to be
in accord with the intimate communion
it's like the epistemological
of the teacher petitioners is sang
there is this intimate communion
certain it's an epistemological state that is very
kind of literally
in accord with non-duality

would you say it louder

while the teaching of such an says for example
that we
in our limited human condition or not the slightest bit different
from perfect enlightenment
as to teach you
saying that
our the teaching saying you have this teaching whether you think so or not
and he duality that you have about having are not having this teaching
doesn't apply to this teacher
and in terms of awareness and to terms of describing awareness
one point and awareness is like the one point in us of living beings and buddhist
living beings and borders are actually like a one point
because there's no buddha's separate from living beings that's the teaching of such this
and the awareness that appropriate to have with that would be a one point and awareness where where the listeners and the speaker or the listener and the words are also one point so the sydney awareness is describing kind of like the psychological
or epistemological condition for
for what for the reality of our life
which we don't we already know that
but the way we know what we don't really know his samadi
we had the way we know things is subject knowing object that's somewhere way we know
a certain types of knowing caught somebody or a special type of knowledge where subject and object are still operating as a normal
but their one point
in fat and when subject knows objects
and they don't seem to be one point than the subjects feels some agitation
or a lot of agitation
so the somebody's describing the quality of awareness and the teaching he's describing the quality of our relationship
intimate communion again it's so intimate no drowsy you don't know who's communicating to whom are who is receiving a transmission who is giving the transmission so the intimate communion is another teaching so the way to be aware of the intimate communion
is with us is with an awareness
that intimate not an awareness of split so the a non-slip awareness is appropriate to a non-slip relationship which is appropriate to the teaching of the way things are

and then there's other kinds of awareness which we don't call somebody
which are basically distractions from samadi
where like we think we're separate from what we are aware of
we think we're separate from the people that we see or hear
well that's a that's not called somebody
the somebody's there in reality but we we don't we're distracted from it were caught up in the appearance of separation
so in samadhi it's not like you have to destroy the appearance of separation
in miso look like that my still look like she's over there
and i'm over here you might look like that
the way but that way it looks is not separate
from the one whom is aware of that appearance did you get that

a false impression of false appearance like that your separate from other people that are left an appearance that's an object
the object is separation the object is i'm not him that appears
cake i'm not here my peers and i'm aware of i'm not here but the awareness of i'm not him is
in a separate from i'm not him
the on the object
which is it appears of separation is also not separate from the awareness of that appearance
a false appearances
there's still a subject optic there
for whatever they are and one type of spouse parents wiki very common is the appearance that objects are separate from subjects that's one of the most common
so in consciousness there's the appearance of a world
and the world is perceived as separate from the one who's aware of it
that's and that's the way it looks and sends a false appearance appearances are deceptive
actually there's somebody there
in other words actually i am not separate from the world disappearing and consciousness get this self the subject is not separate from the appearances like trees and animals but also the appearance that they are separate from me i'm not separate from the appearance of separateness the appeared all the ups
lawrence's all the objects are actually
inseparable from the awareness of them the all one point
people often fall for the appearance and think that the parents is not as separate which means they don't believe in samadi so they feel somewhat agitated
not believing and mental one point in this is is believing that you're not to one point
did you get that
not believing and mental one point in this

i don't i don't i don't know about other kinds are
right know i'm just saying that the technical term is
one point in this of mind
not believing in one point in of mind in sanskrit chika
mind a gotta one point in
not believing in one point in his mind
it's like not believing of samadi
even if you say i believe in samadi if you say you don't believe he meant to one one point in us in sometimes you're contradicting yourself because that's a that's the definition of samadhi is the one point of is a mind so again it is our nature to
i have a mind as one pointed but usually we have to train to realize our nature
and when we realize our our nature is that we have a is that we have somebody
when we feel calm and concentrated because we're not arguing with our nature anymore
that cultivation
goes well that's the samadi that goes with the teacher
if you are here you're teaching
and you feel separate from him
can you believe the separation than you have not really realized the teacher unless the teaching his life is instability and pain
then that teaching if you felt separate from it would be confirmed by the sense of separation

consciousness itself is one point in
in the consciousness
regular consciousness where there's a self there's a sense of subject and a sense of object as normal and consciousness
we have other cognitive processes where there's not a self aware of objects their cognitive processes we don't have a self which we often call unconscious processes but unconscious process
where we work to develop and appreciate somebody there is a sense of self and a since of other or object
and it often looks like they're separate
so but it actually there one pointed because they're both content and in the world is consciousness and the sense of self is part of consciousness
and they're not separate if there were separate consciousness would collapse
but they're not separate their one happy mind
but it's a one happy mind which says this mine is split and the world it's appearing in his mind is not the mind if the world that's not the mind and at and this is really true when i'm just going not kidding about this can also that sales pitch is subliminal so it worse all the more powerfully
so now i'm trying to put her word of god would have had to offer all the have or the called super
supertitles and kind of put a super title of everything namely
the appearance of separation is an illusion
to balance the subliminal message underneath the appearance that this isn't just an appears of separation this is really true the world isn't just an appearance of something that's not you
the world that appears to be not your mind really isn't much as subliminal so we don't notice that were be sold a bill of goods as i say
and that's not going to become he can't get out of there it's it's hidden in there very nicely to make things look really not the way they are
the way to make things appear really true that aren't so we had to put teachings on top of the things that are deceptive to say this is mind and the factory appears as separate
is not true and
contradictory to its nature its nigeria is actually that is one point and but that doesn't mean when you realize that that the subject object
our structure disappears are still subject and object they're just not separate the more you appreciate that the more your and samadhi the more calm you are and the more your state of mind is realized and realizing your state of mind you also realize to teach them because the teachings are saying your
mind he is actually your true nature kitchen sink your mind your true nature and then developing samadi
help you enter that and realize that yes
is something that for example when a woman has a man with dark son
knowing that
she's also connected
how's this is data some i'm more than ten
chris that work were talking about or on the another while of somebody was driving it just a second disease eg and i think it's use a choose our example i will say that
when the mother is giving birth
i just because she's conscious and she's like not resisting the pain anymore like i'm here
and here's the pain which is connected to this baby opening my body of
so i would say sometimes i think apparently that for whatever reasons you can say that the mother becomes enters the realizes somebody at the certain phases of the delivery process where were the subject
and what is known the pain or like not separate
henna jig the story might tell us that she entered into this process like an ordinary woman named thinking i'm here and pains over there
ordinary women have the when they see pain there's a subliminal message which says this pain is separate from you
can they believe it and men do the same thing they have pain and they think there's the pain i'm aware of the pain and i'm not the pain the pay's not me therefore i could get away from the pain etc
both men and women and whatever else you want to talk about have this false appearance
but in childbirth i think some what i understand what happens sometimes is that the mother is trying to get away
from this pain is out there separate from her and she more and more senses this is counter counter indicated to her wellbeing
cause pains that are outside of us are much more painful than pain for one point in with
so by the and what's the word the
our the
the harmful
the harmfulness of believing that we are separate from her pain sometimes when the pain is really strong we realized i think i should give up this idea that is separate
i think i should stop trying to get away from it
and the more you give up trying to get away from the more you realize you never were away from it you never can be away from your pain so i think sometimes in childbirth
the mother realizes samadhi
she realizes that she and the pain are not to
i could see that she also realized she and a baby or not to and actually want to get on the not to wagon a lot of things come along with it
so once you but it's not so much and mother isn't like feeling more and more pain because she's feeling more and more step from her baby
she hasn't been trying to get away from most mothers are not trying to get away from the baby in the stomach
but she has a paying get stronger she might be by habit
wanna get away from the pain some
but even if you take medication still are some pain and again you still might try to get away from it but when you don't try to get away from it
you more and more open to the fact that you never could get away from it and in that you realize the mahdi
so still mice you got my people have saved me and the pain but you've realized that me and the pain or not to their one point
and then although year in considerable pain
your com
tranquil and
even though you don't think it he might he might feel
intuitively that this is the greatest moment of your life because you're nowhere near some modicum and in that samadhi he get to also realize that you and the baby or not to
but again most people are not password there's no pressure on getting over the sense of separation from the baby the pressure is on getting over here separation from the pain which some women get over in childbirth
of course someone get over it when they're sitting zazen and to
they obtain in their body
i've heard this and some women feel pain in your body to me and my body me and my pain and they are not only them pain but they are suffering because it's me and the pain and me and a painter separate and then somehow they hit this group
move where there's me and the pain and they're not separate and then the pain doesn't seems like a disappears during the pain doesn't disappear what disappears is the misery
have the pan
so yeah pain and tranquility and peace
i think when the mothers looking at the baby and the babies looking at the mother
i for most stories i hear it's actually learning scares me is learning the self it's learning how to separate
and they learn how separate by somebody looking at you and saying
somebody looking at you and say you are the greatest that there is and i'm so happy to see you and your so happy to see me
you know it's like this thing between mother and child is part of what gives birth to the census to to to really initiate and establish the sense of separation by this tremendous mutual joyful appreciation like you are the greatest and you're just like me
and i don't know who you are but you really like me and it's a big comfort i'm having a really good time looking at his smile at me and i can see through your eyes your brain which is really getting excited and now minus two and i mind needs to from much certain cognitive processes to be initiated this is just the greatest and i've had enough
of it
but this is one theory of how the self develops
through this help this this interaction which is necessary to become neurologically well equipped to suffer and so on
so that's that's the face to face transmission of of the illusion of separation
which is later will be overcome by the face to face transmission of non separation and if so when you're somebody your your awareness is ready to receive that teaching and be like the teaching so your mind and body become like the teaching which is say you're not separate
from your mother
you already learn how to think your separate from your mother that jobs done
now we're going to overcome that
with the teaching which says you're not separate from your mother
and she's not separate from you and there's no mother without child and you're not suffer from buddha and there's no buddha without you got that teaching now it won't make our mind like that
that's the samadi part the a skirt

just as days
have to have that says self
my sense of them that they're just folded
i think again i'm proposing that actually our nature is that we are
in samadhi
but we are we get distracted by imperatives that were not and i think the newborn baby does is not yet so distracted but they still don't understand that there and samadhi
and some i think more than others
do understand their samadhi so summer quite calm
but then you hawk and something happens and they lose it
and they lose it for a long time
and then actually their loss of samadhi is enhanced by socialization process
but this they never really lose a samadi they never really lose the intimate transmission that the cab with their mother and father brothers and sisters and buddhas
it is innate experienced and it never goes away we always have it it is our true nature
that we are in the midst around life experience he is actually an intimate communion that are actual life experience
but we don't realize it without teaching and then without and training ourselves with the teacher so the baby has it the teaching of such as much as you do
and the baby is somewhat give her the baby delusion processes if somewhat different but there will soon be like lot like ours
the differences are just talking some about earlier it between babies and adults is people find it quite easy to adore these little deluded bangs
who are you know totally believe their stories
i totally believed in separation you know totally upset about it or totally ecstatic about it
but if an adult was the same way and lot of people would have trouble adoring them
we had adopt or gee i wish you know and so a lot of people think is that since i don't since i don't find adults who are really delighted to be adorable i'll just sell and i find children adorable ominous not notice the children are deluded
but i feel the confidence that it is really possible to adore deluded people
and i understand that buddha's a door deluded people they are totally devoted to beings who did not understand what they would like them to understand and from the buddhist perspective everybody who's not
up on this is a child
and this loving devotion to them brings them to the place of facing their delusion practicing kindness towards it listen to the teaching and developing samadi
and if they haven't got it before they should get it now if they haven't got this kindness before giving given to them now
i am
described as said
sense of subject objects almost always appears separation almost separation or is that sense of separation just

yeah yeah that's right that's right i'm laughing because i'm looking for my family
an and crisis has no
i'll go back in fan later of explaining was laughing so he the last thing he said was is just the nature of appearance that its shares that it that your separation yeah so appearance
mrs appear separate appearances are just appearances
they appear separate and they also appear to be true even though we call them appearances we act like they're true rather than disappearances for example you
and lee
an angela are not appearances you're not appearances you like living people
but but when you turn when you're covered it into an appearance by one of your friends
then you look separate but you're not an appearance you're not separate you are not separate from your friends but your friends minds make you into appearances and then than your friends mind see with separate
even or not but appearances naturally appear to be separate and are doing pure separate but again they have this subliminal
statement which is this is really true this appearance is what the person really is and their appearance of separation is religion
it is that it that's the way appears is normally occur is that it
that's it necessary rise
or something to a sort of trend it's something that will never change it just i not say why haven't you going laws going to have fathers they had never change it's always changing
gotta say it's an ever-changing is going to bit far but it is necessary because it's again for for child as we get that they won't they won't believe they will try it and will grow up they have to get some of that otherwise the brain will develop properly so we kind of need it we need this face to face them with
other humans to become a normal human and some people don't get it it
it hinders their development of normal human problems
they get other human problems then so is normal that had happened we do kind of need it
we need kind of need to go through this process of developing a sense of separation but it's there will were born it needs to be enhanced though
and it does in most cases get enhanced otherwise the baby will die you often even as adults a man if i mean and from what your san francisco we're all kind of children basically but even as adults you know for me to say because the oh there's right hi rob i mean appearance yeah i mean now
not that rabbi just say hello to as an appearance yeah no i'm not no i'm not an appearance i'm not an appearance but if you want to say hello to a parent you can take a load any apparent you want to
in quarterly including an appearance of me but i am not an appearance of me i do not agree to that market and forth any appearance you may gotten me i'm not going as and unless just to be fun i'm not going to say the yeah that's actually me that appearance as you say you appear to be out like a below average teacher
i say that's not what i am you appear to be above every teacher destiny what i am no matter what you say i am based on your the parents of me that are appearing in your mind i do agree that appearances are probably appearing in your mind of me but i'm not those appearance i got a life
and if you have appears to me it doesn't hinder my life and if you have no appearances in me it doesn't hinder my life if you look away and have an appearance of tracy and forget about me i'm fine i'm still like
you know alive
and you can make appearances out of me all you want and smart going kill me
it's not
yeah even if the apparent is very complimentary and you say you really are above average
it's not gonna kill me especially if i know he's talking about is how i'm appearing in his mind i might have my it was more sticky note that using as a sense of convention it wasn't leaving not that percentages and appearance or recognizing not we're using appearances as convention
we're using appearances convention okay and can say that but really
we're using a can were using conventions to make arc appearances
conventional reality is misleading and it's a bunch of paresis and they have word a convention it's a bunch of appearances conventional realities of a wonderful world of appearances the wonderful world of appearances conventional reality it's all words
it's not the reality of of the things of our life but we do that
so i try explain about the fan i was looking for the fan because i wanted to use it to make the like go up
but the fan i was looking for was this week
i couldn't find this one because i had this one
this might be relevant yes
this is relativity theory also right
is this the fan or is this the fan
what is the fan is not this the thing is appearing to you it's not it's disappearing to you it's a living breathing fan it's not the wind that you that appearing to you
it's not the wind is blowing the heart sutra
it's a vast inconceivable mystery this banners
we needed to appear so we can know it and then when we know it it looks like the appearance of separate from the nor and now you are being told
that's an illusion but don't be mean to i try to get rid of it it's not like his if the is not a disease is system
his temptation
the appearance isn't a disease it's a temptation do not yield to the temptation of appearances where they tempt you to do they are tempting you they're attempting to get you to say this appearance is not an appearance
it's reality
this appearance of a friend is not just an appearance of a friend it's really a friend
if were tempted it looks like a real wonderful friend were tempted to like yeah that's true
rather than wow
this is a great show
which i'm not trying to get rid of the show i just don't want to fall for that if i fall for it is gonna be harmful
sometimes just a little
but that little sometimes can turn into a big
when homer is your name
but does not where you are
so what i heard was
there was the belief that you believe in the state of samadhi and you believe in the state of to out
you mentioned something about believing
the i said something about if you believe in duality
then in a sense you don't believe in samadi
if you think that things are really separate in a way you don't believe in samadhi samadi is that things are not separate
you know mind and object or not separate that's samadi
so you may not feel like you've realized samadi yet but you might real you might say well i believe actually that if somebody and i would like to develop it
but when you actually look at things and feel that their separate at that moment it's like you believe it to separate and so you don't and have moment you don't realize the mod even though it's right there
so not realizing it is similar to you don't believe in it or not realizing it is similar to not believing but it's not that you believe it
because of your believe he experienced somebody it's not
had actually if you believe got strong enough that that subject and object worse separate your belief might make you realize that state
okay because i always i i never thought of it as a belief i see the state but then i never thought that this is something i believe
yeah worried about this do you ever see the thing seems separate just things are pure separate you ever
yes if your separate but i don't think that's the precious because i believe it separate just appear separate yeah exactly it appear separate and it looks so real that you believe it most people
it'll really looks like it's separate it looks if so convincing that i actually believe that your separate from me and he didn't try to believe it it is such a good trick that you said okay it's like a card trick he believed that hit that actually happened
i didn't mean to but in fact i'd actually did think that that person did the trick
it was a magical
a magical illusion and i believed it so when i believe in separation i'm believing an illusion and that moment i don't really believe in smart in other words i don't really believe
that you're not suffer from me
been a widower executor talk ourselves into it
we try to not be distracted from from and by the appearance of separation
to give up distraction that the so here i am
state of separation the believing a duality and then buying into it yeah that's normal okay situation than state of samadhi
and the leading into it gives me an experience here and experience here so i don't see any separation they're not the not separate however when you believe when you actually do believe in separation in that belief you don't realize samadi even know it's not separate from you
said when you believe in the sense of separation
when you buy into it
k at that moment you don't realize the tomato even though the samadi is not separate from you it's right there with you but because you believe this you don't realize that when you're in samadhi you don't believe in samadhi realize he just realize it and when you realize that you don't believe separation he can still see it though when you're
somebody you can still walk up and down the stairs
you can see the stairs and put your feet down to fight that but in the stairs are not separate from your feet anymore
they never were
a mere fact that the stairs or for their thinking not to be separate from except when you're moving into the next step
he put you put on one step he took you for off than the last one to move to the next one there's a sense of separation there but you don't believe it and that helps you walk through really nice
and when you really if you realize the samadi of walking up and downstairs you can still walk up and down
but it's not a but you peacefully
you have your near and you're in a tranquil concentrated
process of walking
so we don't get rid of the appearance of separation we just see it as a magical creation we've respected just like the chair we did
we were nice to are you know where what nice to are the people who are most cruel to us are kind to them
we treat them like buddhists in this way we develop a sense of non separation

you may

in nine separation under their differences
yes there's nine separation with all the differences so there is karen is different from robin is different from linda is different from laurie is different for millennia see the differences that they are when there's the mahdi is the same what a difference between them
marty enough samadhi
all these differences are one pointed with the discrimination of the differences
not in somebody there's discrimination to reader and differences being discriminated and are separate
that's not samadi and that's not really our nature that's the name that's what creates a turbulent disoriented state
and that are normal
statistically speaking that's the normal state for the bellcore bell curve of samadhi
in a most people are like believing it believing all the differences but it isn't that we eliminate the differences or eliminate the separation he said we're engaging in such a way as to not believe the separation or all the differences
when we're studying the are summary of the mahayana that's the summary of the great vehicle there's a part of it which talks about what's it like when you enter into understanding when you had insight into conscious construction only
which is another technical term for the purchase medicine precious mirror
what's it like when you realize that everything appears is actually up in appearance is just conscious construction and said his three phone number one
when you enter into understanding that everything's just an appearance whole that exist or just an appearance them were one is at its one point it's a unity number two it's a duality number three it's a multiplicity
a multiplicity so when you enter into understanding this precious mirror number one is a community that what you look at the mere and the mirror is you
but also the mirror is not you
it's a unity but also it's not and particular subject and object subject me mirror object there's a duality and then there's no duality there's a it's it's to and it's multiple so the the enlightenment about the nature of mind includes you
the duality and multiplicity
so we spent a long time studying at teaching about conscious construct normally this teaching about about to the precious mirror is a chinese zen
reworking of the same teacher
which i'm sorry that some of you who are new to this situation don't know what i'm referring to but if you stay here twenty years or so you know everything

the precious mighty way it talks about the archer in the arrow and when the to is what you're talking about right now seems like that's exactly what an split into two points actually me and that makes me think of the position that this is also the arrow in the two planets me
yeah and in in the later part of the song he says
when arrow tips meet what does it have to do with the power of skill
and that refers to a story i told you straight at night
germany who can offer you are to you he remembers story yeah well it's getting late brought tried tell quickly
once upon a time there was an archer
and his name was mr lee mr yee and he had a student and a student got very skillful
and the student thought one day i'm the best archer in all of china except for one person
my teacher
mr ye
if i killed my teacher that i would be the best archer in india in china
so he proposed an artery match with his teacher where they would shoot at each other
now i don't think his tissue was intending on killing his leading students so because you've already the best archer in china and he didn't politically want to kill the second best one
but he agreed to the match even though he didn't want to kill his students but the student actually want to kill the teacher so they got breaking each other student shot the arrow which would have killed his teacher and has teacher shot the arrow which wouldn't have killed her student because he wasn't trying to kill a student
he was
practicing intimate communion
and so the arrows went up and they met in mid air
and it didn't even it was they really meant it wasn't like one pushed the other went over that way little bit
or vice versa they met in perfect agreement and they brought together to the ground and when they hit the ground
there was no dust
and the comment is in a situation like this what does it have to do with the power of skill
at that time we dropped this burden of i shot the arrow
our i shot the sheriff
we realize we're not doing this by ourselves
but sometimes there has to be this kind of meeting pushed to realize it's time to let go of i'm doing things over here separate from you over there
that the meeting is
is the teaching of such as that meeting is somebody and you i don't i don't get to somebody by my own power i do have some power but this real
enlightened concentrated
mirror is not by my power it's by our intimate communion
it's my be it's an intimate communion means
that i'm aware of non intimacy
the you know where the appearance of separation
nine intimacy appears
and it but not intimacy is just an appearance okay don't worry non intimacy is just an appearance
an intimacy is not another appearance
so not intimacy it's just an apparent is not real and intimacy that an apparent is not real intimacy
the real intimacy is not an appearance the real intimacy is your life
your life is real intimacy and that's not an appearance
but part of being human as we'd like to see the real intimacy
but as soon as you see it is an appearance
that's not it
i like somebody said to me today
my talking to you now could be an expression of such this
i said that's right he said
and it it actually could be such as i said no
what you're doing now is an expression of fleshiness is a frock expression and teaching what i'm doing now is an expression of teaching of sessions you can see this expression for this functioning of the teaching of such as this is it you're seeing right now
and i'm seeing your expression of but what you're seeing is not it
and that's
another appearance of the teaching of sessions
anyway he laughed more than you're laughing
and now he's not laughing at all
but we aren't we are expressing at all day long
it's not what appears to be it is not how we appear to be expressing it's not the appear to my expression that is the expression but nothing can stop the expression
and also we're not trying to stop the
interpretation of the expression as appearance we have to learn to be kind of the appearances
and when we can be one point or with the appearances we can open to the actuality
that their parents are based on
thank you very much for another great saturday
may we meet again
on the great way
may i
he registered to and the days
the to say man