Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi, Part 9

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i probably shouldn't tell you this funny image that has come up but it often comes up
so now we have all these wires into me
his kind of again like being an intensive care
and i just thought
i wonder if when i'm intensive care fella also in addition to all the wires
you know the
the wires at the medical people i put it on me i wonder if they're also be like video cameras on me and rick perry kinds of recording devices to see how i
in on to record how i deal with being an intensive care i've ever been in intensive care in the hospital but i wonder if i am
if there will be if there if it will be recorded
in various ways for people to observe
my practice of stillness
an intensive care unit
our practise it's a law practice systems
an image of practice which i often bring up
is the practice or what practice the practice of
the boot away one image of it is
clean the temple
and then sit

and then
another image is that
zen practice which is a form of
the border way is also cleaned the temple and said
her another way shocked about as and practice is psycho analysis
and ritual

so today i offered the
the resonance between
cleaning the temple and
perhaps i could say psychophysical analysis
sitting as ritual
without doing some psycho analysis
without on
taking care of our
psycho physical processes
we may not be able
to perform the ritual
without cleaning the temple we may not be able to sit wholeheartedly
but let's just say that we have done enough psycho analysis
enough psychophysical
so that we can now
sit in meditation
and perform
the ritual
of sitting meditation
i don't know if if we have cleaned the temple enough to look at the actual ritual
so i ask you do feel ready to look at the ritual you feel tidy and clean up clean enough to look at the ritual where do you want to do some more cleaning
ready to look at the ritual
dirty and way you spend all your time literally clean
he never said so sometimes when i mean i'm taking it very literally like cleaning that i know it we're speaking of it and metaphor but sometimes
yes i'm asking you are you ready to are you clean enough to look at the ritual which means not cleaning completely but yes are you cleaned enough to feel cleaned up enough that you've cleaned the temple enough to wholeheartedly look at the original
do you if you don't then
i don't know if we'll go ahead and look at to rachel if you're not ready to let me know when you're ready we'll just wait for you okay here you're really asking me i'm asking you if you're ready to look at the ritual or do you want to do some cleaning if you want to more cleaning move will cook will do some are cleaning up to you
you're holding up the whole group
there there already and
i think we should look it the ritual you do because i think i only wish that all our time cleaning so it must have to move on to the rich
say he said the conditions of he's holding
wait a second you should say that
don't get her to talk for you
he is holding up
when i was confused about whether you were being rhetorical are really asking i was really asking and up and i want and in really asking when i really ask
my question does not exclude rhetoric
my wholehearted requests and inquiries our rhetorical an ironic paradoxical
humorous playful
the whole universe is an all my questions
are you ready to look at the ritual
have you done enough cleaning to look at the ritual
she said yes that is a ritual
and if you say no
there will be consequences
may you ask a question he or she may
what do i mean by clean the temple
i mean dealing with your consciousness
in a compassionate way
sorry you feel
that you're ready to look at
what's sitting is
but some people may feel like i can't even i can't look at sitting when sitting is i i have to do more our work at the deals other things right now
i can't look at what
buddha ritual is
i i i'm not ready to say yes
of what thing know that probably won't go ahead if you're not ready to you say no
so we have some certain ceremonies and i say to people are you ready to are you ready to receive such as such a precept and they say yes i am or yes i will now we receive such as such a snap and they say yes i will
if they say no i don't i can we stopped at consequence they don't very often say no but if they do it as that term when he stops and got my beer you know people might say that was a great that was i never saw that before that was great
the whole ceremony stopped the person said no i i will not i came to a precept ceremony and i said i said no i will not so
yeah reduce we do ceremonies where the person says says or physically gestures by offering incense and bowing they say would you please give me the precepts
are they say would you please give me such a such precise bodhisattva precepts buddha precepts will you give me the buddhist precepts
and then i say okay yes now are you ready to now we receive them the person says yes if they say no we will not probably proceed at that time say well then maybe later i'll check with you later

what we just went through could be seen as temple cleaning
maybe we get enough temple grandin to proceed
how are we ready
you don't the difference different is sitting in temple cleaning cleaning while
i'm saying the outcome that him yeah so ah so i asked if there's enough clean and going on and now looks like a little bit more cleaning is kind of been called for
when we're actually when we're like innocent and meditation hall like this is and we sit down
ah many times one after we sit down we realized we have to do some cleaning at our seat when you first come in at it to this temple to sit you may not have done the cleaning necessary to do the ritual so the first not the first but you may have to do cleaning for quite awhile be
for you can actually perform the ceremony performed the ritual
you may have to
for example you might feel we can i don't know what you might come into the room is sit down and and feel like
you know i'm really sorry i came here today
or it was really it was it was really difficult traffic on the way here or
somebody told me that they were gonna come here today and i was to have looking forward to meeting them and they're not here and i'm sorry about that i'm kind of disturbed that they're not here
that might come up while you're sitting and you might have to clean that up
before you can actually deal with the issue of performing the ceremony of sitting
like being compassionate towards it
for example you can think you could come here to sit
and again you sit down and
feelings of disappointment might arise in you
feelings of resentment feelings of sadness feelings of fear might arise when you sit down
can you imagine that
yeah oftentimes people come
to the temple they sit down and they start crying
in the track when in the winter driving here driving a car
i don't know exactly but
i imagine that people driving here they're kind of like concentrating on the driving and maybe also
having various other emotional things going on while they're driving but they're not so often cry
so a lot of people walk in here not trying they sit down and they start crying
great sadness comes up to maybe when you sit still
he entered the temple and you notice
things you didn't notice before like this place is pretty clean and you noticed we arrived pretty clean does not like
i don't know what
tin cans on the floor and
drop clean accent socks and stuff around the floor it's pretty tidy
but if you sit down here for the well i you may notice some subtle machinists that you didn't notice before
little and like somebody came to see me just a minute ago and they put the cushion down and i saw bunch of dust come up
so i thought or during the during this work period he might be good to shake out
the pounded his things a little bit outside and to shake the things because they're quite dusty
and when you first walk into that room and look at get anybody who came in there notice how dusty that the the christians were
did you know how dusty they were
yeah they don't look dusty to look black
which is one reason we use black
that's why we're dawson may hide the does anyway
the room look tidy and then but when they put the cushion i saw this dust come up
and so i thought let's clean it up
but i wouldn't have noticed it if that if i hadn't been sitting there and the light been coming in a certain way and they dropped the cushion
so all this has come up when you sit that you don't notice when you're driving or walking or talking have you noticed that
how many people know is that
when you're hot in the hustle and bustle of daily life there's lots of subtle things
that you don't notice anyone use sit in the temple you notice all this stuff so how do you clean it up with compassion
how do you clean the temple
in in accordance with the buddha way
how he the temple with compassion
now if for your clean the temple you think this is a filthy temple and the people here are really
not very careful of taken care of his temple this is a below average hygiene situation here if you think that's like that
then cleaning those thoughts up is to be compassionate towards them
honey more questions about that for now
that when i'm sitting actually solutions come up that i don't normally have the direct just the right things clear up in a way that you wouldn't happen if i didn't see us so that's another example of something
that arises
in the temple and then now be another thing to clean up
the solution the solution or the insight you know
sometimes the things that need to be cleaned up are like
beautiful flower arrangements
the thought to him the sign of a beautiful flower yes but also the beautiful flower arrangement those flowers have to be cleaned up at some point have to be taken care of and as the some point is right now
be compassionate to those flowers
which includes being compassionate to all the people in the room
so we're we're we're still kind of not still but we're working on cleaning the temple right now to clarify all the things that come up in our life
what we need to do is we need to tidy up
so all these things
do not hinder us
the ritual so that our psychological and physiological processes that all the perceptions or arising are cared for in such a way that we can work on something somewhat different from
insights and emotions and perceptions

is it essentially not leaning towards her away
are you could say that
is everyone can also say is is being compassionate essentially not planning entered fading away
cleaning up is to be compassionate to the temple
compassionate enough so that you can now perform the ritual
of the buddha way
i'm not in a hurry to to talk about i just wondered if you're when you're ready
here all i can say rich yeah
it sounds like
you could save compassion is rich ritual here you can seek cleaning the temple as a ritual
what is the original sitting
ten original of compassion
it's not
the ritual is not different
from compassion and compassion is not different from the ritual of the boot away

that isn't the cleaning just an endless process
isn't declining an analyst process yes
how about the ritual
the i guess they go hand in hand you have to divert they go hand in hand so the rituals and endless process to
isn't the boot away an endless process
trusted to hear what you have to say about the ritual city
the ritual is setting
or the ritual of the boot away
so i
i am
for example i could sit
i right now i'm sitting and the sitting could be
the performance

listening depression all day long it could be the performance of listening to private all day long
it could be the performance of the buddha way it could be the performance
of the practice
which is the practice of all of us
there is a perception of of sitting
and this is sitting which
which can be perceived is offered
as a performance
have something which is not a perception
the way we are practicing together right now is not a perception
the way we are supporting each other right now is not a perception
the way we are in harmony right now is not a perception
the way each of us who is who the way each of us is living with perceptions moment by moment
the way each of his is living with perceptions moment by moment in harmony with everybody else that is not a perception
the way we are living together in peace and harmony right now is
many things one i think it's called is the buddha way
now the thing is called is
the intimate
transmission a buddha mind
the buddha mind
is the activity
have our true life
the transmission of the buddha my seal is the actual is our actual life
and it's not a perception
the way we are living in peace and harmony
is a transmission of an intimate
harmony and peace which we with no one can perceive which is not an appearance or a disappearance
all the different living beings in the universe
who have consciousness
in consciousness there is the appeared there are appearances
in consciousness there are appearances or the other
of appearing and disappearing arising and ceasing
and all these different consciousnesses
are living in perfect peace and harmony with each other
and that is not an appearance and that does not
arise or cease
this posture
he's not an appearance
the sitting posture hair is not an appearance
human minds can make this posture into an appearance
clean the temple means be compassionate with this appearance so you're ready to let disappearance
be used
as a performance of a reality that's not an appearance
the ritual is
to use this appearance
as the performance of reality which is not an appearance
to use this appearance this body and this mind to use this
to affirm
the inconceivable
deliberating intimacy of our life
when i was talking with you about cleaning the temple at that time i could have been do performing i could have been using that conversation
to perform the ritual
i could have been using my perception of the kind of the conversation about cleaning
to perform the ritual
of our life together which is not a perception
but i can also just say this posture and these words are offered as the after me as an affirmation a ritual affirmation
these words and these postures
are offered as
an active service
to all beings
but also an active service to the actual relationship of this
perceptible body
and the peace and harmony of all bodies
and i mentioned that there may need to be some cleaning in order to realize
that the cleaning it can also be
the cleaning can also be the performance
of the boot away
and that the cleaning
and the sitting
or a psycho analysis in the ritual
i'm not actually separate
and this performance is perceptible performance and the boot away are not separate
the buddha away is a non separation
of our life and and all life that's the board away
but if we don't perform that
we will not realize it
if we do perform it
it's not that we will realize it
it's that's how we do realize it
that is the realization of it and there's not another realization
and sang this when i'm just saying to you could be seen as cleaning the temple
to clear away any distraction
from this has been the performance of peace and harmony
and this performance is the realization and there's no other realization of peace and harmony
but in consciousness
there may be a thought like know there's another there's another realization of reality than this
but the teaching is that there's not another reality than this perception
but if you don't make this perception
a performance than you miss that there's not another reality from this perception
from this performance
without survey reality
when don't realize it even though we can't get away from it we can't make it happen
reality is already the case
am i making a distinction
i don't know if i'm making the distinction but the distinction can be made
part of cleaning house is generous tip is to clean up the confusion between a distinction being made and i make the distinction
it made without cleaning the house
if if if you say there is a distinction being made and then you say i make a distinction you may notice that when when the statement i make it a sink thinking occurs that there's some confusion
about distinctions
as part of cleaning house
and then once a in and being compassion with with a distinction is being made
and i make a distinction being compassion with that allows the making of the distinction and opportunity then making a distinction an opportunity to serve make that distinction the service of
the peace and harmony
which is not a distinction
and which makes no distinctions
and which is not the least bit distinct from making distinctions
no matter what distinction you're making you can never really ever be separate from peace and harmony
if you think if you make the distinction arises this is peace and harmony
how great
how distinguished this peace and harmony is if such an addiction rises
that doesn't disturb the peace and harmony nothing can disturb it
but if i miss the opportunity when i say this is peace and harmony if i miss the opportunity of making that statement the performance
of the buddha way then i don't realize that this is the away and this is not the foot away
neither one of those are the least bit separate from the buddha way
but sometimes when people think oh this is this this is this they make the district the sinking rises this is the boat way they've made me feel good
which is fine and if they think this is not the boot away they may feel all too bad
if the temples clean you can use both of those not to hold on to either one because when you clean the temple you don't hold onto the dirt and you don't push it away you use the dirt or the broom as an opportunity to perform
the buddha way you you use it as an opportunity to perform reality
and if you do if i do not use the broom these words any distinction these feelings by don't use them to perform the ritual
it's not realized
even though it is the case
this is strange thing about our life is that if we don't
perform our life we miss our life
if we don't serve our life if we don't affirm our life if we don't pay homage to our life we miss it even though of course we cannot
and if you're not ready
for what's going on right now
to be the performance of reality then we should clean the temple until you until we realize that cleaning the temple is the performance
of what we were ready to do before
i cannot yet say that these words are the performance
our peace and harmony i think there's some other peace and harmony
then me performing peace and harmony
so we have to have some more cleaning until i say oh no wait a minute i'm going to use this life has the opportunity right now to perform reality
i understand that's a strange situation i have to serve reality otherwise i'll miss it
i have to pay my respects i have to pay homage to reality if i miss i have to make offerings to it even though it's already was happening
yesterday i was talking to a group of people about the transmission of the buddha mind seal
which is the same as the transmission of reality
the buddhist reality is not an unhappy reality it is a happy reality it is a peaceful reality
the buddhist reality is peace and harmony
the buddha didn't discover that there's war
the buddha discovered that there's peace
and that this piece should not be held on to

every moment
something comes up and in a way there needs to be temple cleaning what is the temple cleaning his kind of like what cathy said listening to welcome to say say listening to prajna all day long not a way to say it is listening to prize winner every minute
every second
so if something arises is temple cleaning time which is to clean away any distraction
from listening to what's happening as an performance of wisdom

if you're ready for this listening that happening right now to be the performance of reality can pool cleaning has been successful
because you are now ready and you are going to make this listening
your service of reality
and make this looking
and this touching
the current example
i'm performing
performing listening to the dharma
so again temple cleaning could be called whatever at whatever you need to do whatever kindness you need to do in order to let go of distraction from performing your real life
and if you honestly feel you know i'm not yet ready
to have this
a the performance of reality
then i would say will tell me what you need to be ready let's let's do whatever you need to be ready
and later when you're ready and you do perform you will realize the way and you might also realize that when you weren't ready and you said so you were actually performing your life at that time to you never are not performing your life you always
like we say this this intimate transmission
now you have it so take care of at how to take care of it clean and temple
wash away any doubt that you have it
and even though you have it you have to take care of it how do you take care of it you perform what you already have

just just just a second she said she made a face and he said is another one now
yeah i think you're ready get before we go on to another one we need to clean the temple because when i sit you know the first time she said is there another word beside perform i said okay now give her another one but dinner she wasn't satisfied you need to clean the temple
you need to clean the temple before i'm gonna give you another word once you clean the temple than are given in other words you might be able to use that one to
you can use the first went to we go back to the first one the first one was given to you and you said no i'm not going to use perform
to realize my to life not can use that word give me another one so i gave another one i wasn't good to we can continue but i think to two is enough
now it's time to clean the temple
which means that you'll be ready to use whatever i say what and went in therefore whatever you hear
you be you use that and you will use that
as the performance of your life
and if you're not ready to use whatever you're given
as the performance of your life has the performance of the buddha way that we need to clean the temple and i'm happy to clean a couple with you because when i'm cleaned in a temple with you my dear
that for me is performing the boot away
when i asked about that and these questions came up for me that was performing the buddha away
and i need to make whatever conversation i'm having with you i need that to be the performance of the border way otherwise the buddha away will not be realized during our conversation
the possibility here is to realize it in every on every occasion and is teaching is is saying you can realize it on every occasion not layer
i am saying that this is offered as a service to reality and if i'm not a servant of reality
reality's doesn't have a servant
and i'm just gonna say that
when i spoke of the buhler mind seal that word is a translation of the word mudra
and merger means a seal like can a document
with a seal
the proof somebody said the word ceo can also mean
what does it she said
think she said it means
like the same
so the words steel
yeah like a replica this is this is the same he said the same see over and over the same seal as one of the one of the things about a seal it's the same seal over and over so it has a sameness quality to it it also has a
a sense of authenticity or the mark of authenticity
has that quality it also has the meaning of a circle
the word would also be circle or ring and it also has a meeting of joining things so the word seal has all those meanings of it's the same thing over and over it's it's the it's the mark of truth or reality
it's a it's it and it's all inclusive
so the buddha mind seal
always the same
and it is the mark of authenticity
and it is all inclusive
and that's what the buddha way is