Stories of Enlightenment

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In our class this fall we will contemplate and converse about several stories of Zen practice and enlightenment. Our contemplation and conversations will naturally bring up questions and concerns about our daily life and how to meet the great and small challenges of our wonderful and troubled world in beneficial and liberating ways.

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i wanna thank you people who have told me
that you might be missing a class and the people who aren't here tonight a number of them told me that there are work and a beer tonight so i appreciate your letting me know thank you

and i also appreciated hear your response to the invitation
to write poems appreciate your many poems that have come and i wonder if anybody wants to read any here tonight
i had
hell sits silently not heat
let me i days many years your pets let me out hit has that other two vs henry spas share all the way his desk hours to
together they headed toward the room
join would you close the don't know north

and the other bombs to be recited

that they are
i'm gonna you asked to help me at our show is heels are here how did i guess so
i've got a please my teacher i just right time and he just like way this companies in path certainly is i shall i say china
i should have anticipated this nothing posted here
i think on my gear he had show listen to to loving or when he goes we helped make a show on actually i think they help me and my teacher to in the i didn't hear that will embrace in here we've been here for you greek growing like
so pack or not it does
yes of course i'll pet of out maybe i just read this seems a fine place that i think that you're making sure it's going around out there all races and he's singing and breathing gets

i'm a little bit hollow oh
do you know rates starting tomorrow or the lotus roots

working hard she yearns for someone to show her how to dance she doesn't see her partner waving hand outstretched

a yoga class i wonder what is the kind of yoga
seventeen years is reach and


here's the story
ah about enlightenment and is about
peggy and tapping

but i i just want to mention
that before this story occurred
enlightenment was living
then during this story
enlightenment was living
and after this story
enlightenment is is living even though during the story they say so and so had had an awakening there was there was awakening before that awakening
but still they say
which you're here
and they don't mention that the teacher
his awakening they said they mentioned the student had a having awakening
so there was a teacher named non
you're on in china and he said to his group
you grasp the idea of simultaneous
packing and tapping
but you lack the function of simultaneous packing and tapping
you grasped the idea of simultaneous pecking and tapping but you lack
the function of simultaneous packing and lacking and tapping
and a monk came forward and said what is the function of simultaneous packing and tapping
and non your said a true adapt
has no need a pecking and tapping
the moment there's pepe packing and tapping the function is lost
the monk said i am still in doubt
nine year and said what are you in doubt about
and then the monk said literally lost
but some
then people say
he meant the teacher was lost
so they translated as
you lost it
and this teachers in the rinse the lindzey school so
he's struck the monk with his stick

he struck the monk with his stick and it says
the monk did not concur
and so nine yarn
drove him out drove him away
and the monk went to another
important temple which was founded by the teacher young man and it doesn't it doesn't say in the story was a young man was alive at that time
but in weight this monk who went to young man's temple and he was talking with another monk non-eu and man
and he told him about the conversation that you just heard
and the monk said to him did nine year on break his stick
i wonder did he break his stick
which is a zen phrase for did he give
his compassion completely
hearing these words the monk had a clear profound understanding

and then he went back to not your eyes temple however by the time he arrived nine year on had passed away
specs turn on your own successor
fung srei
and after paying his respects puncture is said to the monk
aren't you the monk cool was here while ago and asked are laid teacher about simultaneous pecking and tapping
and the monk said
and fung srei said had that time
what was your understanding
and the monk said it was as if
i was walking in dim light of a lamp
a puncture a said
you understand
the complicated story maybe didn't get it all
but i'll go over it again
the teacher says
you you all you understand the idea or you grasp the idea of packing and tapping but you lack
the function of it
the function of simultaneous packing and

so intense that maybe you can understand that is different to grasp the idea of some teaching
and to actually have the function of that teaching

so he sent you you see you understand the idea but you lack the actual function
so then among ask what is the function
now ah
at the moment of asking what the function is
might that be the function
it could be tapping
and there could also be
simultaneous with that tapping no no i think the monk is packing we usually say a monk is packing so he can be packing
and the teacher could be tapping or the a teacher could be packing
when he's made that statement
but more i think
the teacher was tapping the the assembly
so how are you guys tap
and then the monk comes forward and packs with question
what is the function
teacher not yet
say no
the teachers
in a
to me
could with the teacher tap before there was any packing
well that's possible but but i would suggested
but i guess to tip to tapping is really really gentle
that maybe it be alright but you gotta be careful if you tap you might break the egg shall be you might weaken it it might weaken the eggshell by tapping if you don't tap very gently and this statement
saunders not so gentle
saying you understand the idea but you don't understand you don't have the function it's kind of little bit
the kind of its kind of strong
kind of here critical
so the monks may have done something that made the teacher feel invited to tap in that form then yeah the monk seems to be all right this one particular monk seems to be doing okay he's able to come back and
what's the function
and then the teacher says again and kind of its kind of another kind of produce intense pet her passion her tap he said he'd his team brings this thing up a bud pegging and tapping and then he says so a true adept
has no use for packing and tapping
as soon as there's packing in tapping
the functions last

backer started on muscles
yeah well
we haven't lost where we started but
yeah where we started if they was included in that the teacher bring up this think of packing and tapping and acting like can know you guys got it but and the function and he saying
as soon as packing and tapping you lose the function so it's kind of an enhancement of the earlier situation that he said what we got the pecking and tapping but as soon as you picking and tapping you lose the function of it

who dat
that's if you're adept you if if you hit on you you don't need it however if if you that dude if you do have pecking in tapping
so maybe the adept don't have packing and happen
they don't need it and they don't have it
or maybe they don't need it
but even though they don't need it they use it and when they use it they lose the function and maybe the adepts who don't need to packing and tapping
use the pecking and tapping and lose to function and they do that
because they're going into the weeds

and then the monk says after he says they don't need it and if as soon as as soon as they haven't as soon as they as there is this they lose the function
and a monk says i don't understand
use and adapt

how they will they might you
yeah so they might they might lose to function to help the other person the to help check
and also know that they lost to function for the sake of helping that person not made it not need the pecking but then they also reduce the backing of the tapping their response to the pecking
and out

being being adept is the function of packing and tapping and when you're adept at it you don't need it
however when you're adept at had the thing and you don't need it is still my use it
such one of the hell one of them
patterns and buddhism is that the buddha uses something like packing and tapping
realizes to function doesn't have packing and tapping anymore
doesn't need it anymore
however for the sake of the next generation picks up packing and tapping
and also the boy likes to do packing and tapping even though the it doesn't need it he likes it so it does it even though it doesn't need it
because so it wouldn't be appropriate for the buddha to be have tackling and tapping and be stuck in it shouldn't be attached to it but
the butter used it
to give it up
and become adept
and by the way the story goes on but we we can wait for a while yes
in that

start using it son
it doesn't actually stopping peggy and tapping it just loses its function
it still might be picking and tapping and the in the sense of the idea of packing and tapping i'm packing your tapping were doing that okay
the i would say that students and teachers are always packing intact pumping however
this picking and tapping is not their idea of packing and tapping even though they do have ideas of pecking and to happen and sometimes according to their idea of picking and tapping they're not backing and tapping or i'm picking but you're not you're not tapping i'm tapping but
but you know but you don't think you picked so you tell me to stop tapping

yeah there are type of conversation and we and we can have ideas of conversations
which is fine
but if we then attached your idea of conversation we lose we we and interfere with or we lose the function of conversation
we also nodded to adept when we hold onto it that's takes us back to the discussion of relaxing and playing
and being creative with the pecking and tapping
i was just thinking about
earrings gold water then
that kind of the difference
whereas the packing
no idea
that's part of him
and then and then but again did the teacher didn't bring this up
in the previous case to student broke up says i'm an impact and want you to tap what i want to pick from inside i want you to pack from them to pick from outside this one the teachers bringing it up saying here's this thing that people talk about
and new guys got that but he lacked the actual function which is also yeah it's it's an invitation and it to it looks in wave it looks like he's asking a monk to in a demonstrable perceptible way to pack
and he does he says
what's the function
and then the teacher tells him about the function which is
the people who have the function don't need the packing and tapping and also as soon as you have the backing going to happen you'll lose to function so then he got that is tab back and student says i don't understand
but then the teacher parted
pardon for you just before the students said i don't understand he said as soon as there's packing and tapping you lose the function
are already the moment there's packing and tapping it lives the function
and again at the moment of pecking and happy you could say at the moment you think oh there's pegging in there is tapping
at the moment you think that he lives the function in the adepts don't fall into that then there's packing interrupting but they don't fall into there's the pecking in they may be think regulator know it's kind of ambiguous for them
but still
yes it's an object
was it about yeah well to it's a bodhisattva this adapt somebody's up to just one meaning our body surfer is doesn't necessarily mean they're an attempt
the distinction yeah there's there's bodies start because who there's a bit their beings who aspire to realize
authentic awakening in order to hadn't help all beings a person has if i like that is a bodhisattva and according to one understanding and other as danny will be somebody who is
realize that
that awakening
but i think we can use it both ways that people had that bow and some people had that wow
the realization of that awakening is inferior to some other people who do not have that vow
who have quite a bit of awakening but they don't have the bow so they're not bodhisattvas even though they're in sometimes wiser than
a baby bodhisattva
the get
yeah this person could be an adept
so this them could be adept but not a bodhisattva as possibly and a bodhisattva could be a real body sought for
on the bodhisattva path harvard's this person who
this prisoners and adept who doesn't have the vow actually is not that a because they they don't understand that they do out the wow
which the beginning body sought for who's not very adept at least they understand that have the wow in the right
but this person's really quite you know
very adept doesn't doesn't get trapped in the process but they still don't understand that they're doing this
with all beings
and they and that they want to even though that's really what's going on so that's another dimension of picking and tapping
we don't realize that we're listening to all sentient beings and were calling to all sentient beings
this winner
after the monk said was the function it was at the moment when eating with this new he says watch the function
and the teacher says
what don't you know he's not nice as watch the function and then the teacher tells him a don't need this stuff and also as at the moment you have this stuff you lose the function so adept have the function and they don't need these elements that are need to have many more
they just have the function which is the the way these two things don't exist separate from each other
they've got that so they don't have either
so they don't lose the function they are the function and
part of the with part of the function as they they can magically bring up questions about about this packing and tapping
that can emerge from this place where they don't have a picnic and tapping they are needed and so they can use it and then a monk says
i don't understand after he explains so what is the function he tells them tells him about it and he says i don't understand then the teacher says what don't you understand
still hasn't hit him then the monk says you lost it
one system the teacher he lasted well that's that's that's when it hits
well you
exceed again he he he did in the original just as lost
but in the understanding is the monks confronting the teacher packing back hard
and say you lost it he you just told us what losing the function is
and i and i told you i didn't understand then use when you said what don't you understand at that moment he lost it at that moment you lost it
yeah and then and then the teacher hits him hard for the monk doesn't quite harmonize with that said teach basically says get out
then he goes and see if somebody else this is a cookery this is a common thing and tells the another person but the conversation and the person says did he did he give you her great compassion and then he's ten he understood
well it i think in that school that they use that particular form
to expect in no express their compassion
his part of the
yeah it's it's his expression as part of the dna of that school which relates back to
sort of the awakening of the founder of that school
which is a story called lindsay's great awakening
so he was a he was a very minimal peaceful
a peaceful
monk in a monastery
and that monastery had a teacher and the teacher's name was
one bow
so lynch's you know he's he's he's a buddhist monk is peaceful and respectful and you know he's a good student and his piece quite at ease and relaxed
so then the head monk who isn't it
is very important
teacher also in the tradition the head monk and his monastery
ask this lindsay
if he had ever gone to talk to the teacher and he said know how long have you been here i think is it two or three years said you ever gone to talk to the teacher know
now i'm i'm fine i'm i'm need to talk to the teacher
i don't need to pack or tab or anything i'm i'm cool
southern is this other monk and his mojo
he he
what you really should it would really be good to go ask him a question and then lindzey said
what should i ask him to ask him basically the same question which the monk asked shinier on which the essential
quintessential deepest meaning of buddha dharma
member that question so that teacher said what's the price of rice and losing
hum but then she slapped them

if you yeah so
then je da say lindsay swept i'm sorry one bullet slap g
so clingy had however i would guess there's no slapping and lindsay's history before this moment
teacher slapped him
teacher being the head student know the hedgehog student mojo recommended he go as the teacher what's buddhism about
and he did in the teacher slapped me
so then
then he he lindzey runs into mojo later the head monk lit more job and more joe says
how did it go he said well i asked him the question you told me to ask and he slapped me
kind of hard
and when joe said own
well you should ask him again
he did he went back and asked him again
and he slapped him second time
this is history and then mood your runs into lindzey again and says what happened and you're meeting with the teacher he said he slapped me again he said oh
what ask him another one more time raja
so he does and want was slapped on or through third time
and major said or what happened that time you say slap me again and now i if you tell me to go back i'm not gonna do it
i'm not going to ask him any anymore i'm not going to ask my question anymore

so clingy distant get the slapping thing
didn't seem it didn't i mean he was fine before he met the teacher and now met a teacher he gets he slaps which it doesn't really see much point to

so again he tells mojo and rejoices
well okay okay fine don't you don't have to go ask him any more questions but at least if you say goodbye to him
at least say goodbye don't just walk out you know be respect for i'm than lindsay was a respectable person
now questions was one bow respectful slapping him three times and there's another story but one are your to if you want but anyway that one he goes back to to see longbow a four-time and this time i think he stands for pretty far away
idi assume and he says basically you know
ah the head monk are you
suggested i come and say goodbye before i leave
and one boy says oh okay well
oh no oh i think there's another interaction between the two before before lindzey goes back to say goodbye to one bowl module goes to one boys says this guy is really in a very sincere students so
can i please take care of and one was as i know
so he comes as i'm leaving bye bye and one bush as well it's okay to leave but actually i i think maybe i would be good for you to go visit a friend of mine
and he lives not too far just on the other side of this mountain range so he actually follows one both instruction and go see the seizes other teacher

and it tells us this trilogy teacher's name as die you die you
and he tells us as a teacher about what happened
and he says after telling the story so i don't know if what i did was right or wrong

and i you says
one bar
was so kind to you
he gave his he gave his whole heart to
just such grandmother in love he gave to you
and you ask
i don't know if i right or wrong
like that on maybe i'm right maybe i'm wrong
maybe i'm we can maybe armstrong
all i know is i'm in love with you
anyway he says
so w
says you know
baba he was so kind to you
he was so kind to hear he was shown yeah he was so kind to you he gave us all for you and you're concerned about with and you and your into whether you're dead right or wrong
and lindsay had great awakening

and then he said
ha there's not much to one both teaching
it went to it
whatever you know not much to it
this slaps me three times you know
when but you know but it in brackets but that simple teaching a flat major time to he did wake me out
after you pointed out to me how kind of was i didn't get it anyway and then die uses a minute ago you were
well he's i think he said you you bet and bed wetting baby a minute ago you were whining about right and wrong and now you say one does not much to one bosch teaching
punched him
and then he grabbed ah you and through to the ground and punched him three times
he got when he got what the program
and and ah you said you said okay okay okay fine
the okay
u s that's fine
but one boys your teacher a in other words even though you woke up with me he's really your teacher
i'm just punchline
he's the up
i wouldn't he's really religious history teacher so he goes back to one bow and one bossism coming and says oh not this guy again
two lindsay lindsay goes back to see one both
oh like yeah he says it to his attendant said oh look who's coming
so and then
lindsay is pretty at lng was pretty happy before this whole thing started now he is like
now he's really he's an adept he understood he understands things he did not understand before
by this style of interacting of flapping and punching
as a form of
a kindness beyond people's idea of kindness it was in china that time still is
and that set up the score this lindzey school
there's lots of stories about long bow
but not too many of them maybe or oil know i only know to where he slapped people
but lindzey almost every time he slammed to be
the start and finish the story so one lindzey comes back and tells one was as happy story of his great awakening and wong boy says that die you is too talkative

i used to target one boy doesn't slap and say that was really great compassion he doesn't he doesn't tell him i love you so much one or wack i love you so much can you see it but value spills the beans and and one boy says
he talks too much if i see him i'm gonna give him to punches
and lindsay said you have to wait we can do that now and it goes on slap from humboldt and one boy says get this guy at a year
so that's kind of like the beginning of the style of teaching
which is characterized by the that school
so then then said the people did it for several generations they did it and this this guy
non non iran was the fourth generation of that school so he used this slapping and using a stick as part of the conversation
but he they don't use it every time they use it a particular points like he says you people understand the idea of this pecking in tapping but you don't understand the principle and they go on for a while before the student kind of would give the teacher a whack
you lost a teacher and then teacher hits and but then he then he lost it
he didn't he couldn't quite harmonize with that's so he again once goes off tells the story gets a little perspective and wakes up and and comes back
have all works out
but it may be that at this time in history
that the the given the environment we have here that the sticks and the slapping i just started out of style at this point in the enzyme history and they may become back in the styles some later time when everybody is really
gentle and sweet and respectful and there's no guns and stuff like that then maybe we'll start slapping again
and maybe it would be really totally sweet and tender
so that's the point is that these slabs for it
tenderness par excellence
and in are brutal society
man who again it's not it's not appropriate anymore to be doing them but if you want to know that's that's part of the history of picking and tapping
and also because the simultaneous when is simultaneous
you can't really see it
i can i say hello
could you see the answer charges it's hard to see the response to hello
but it's right there at the same time

they come up together it's not like question or request and then answer they come up together it's not like
peck peck tap damn it's picked up his it's like this but then you can it's it you can't see it but the ideas tap
when you lose it in the actual function you don't have it does the their interviews
but and they're going on all the time

one man i'm onto the stories run on the other
it's a little confusing that somebody who's in enlightened would say that teachers not operate well in a tool that's one way to put it another way to put it is it is that he he's he just you know if you consider all the teachings that to are buddhist that there wasn't buddhism at the time this teachings this teachers
teaching was what buddhism that's kind of numbers doing so in some sense you could say not much to it but again this kind of ironic that not much to it is so much to the point it's so simple
and that he can convey all of buddhism in a slap
so that but at the same time he said it the woods feels like he said it kind of lightheartedly like i am not much to it not much to all of buddhism in this little simple thing
and him
but it still is playing on that to like kind of light heartedly so that's why the other guy said now you say there's not much to it
even though it
even though i woke you up
he is another word for function
i work activity know i think i think it's it's their actual activity
worth an actual working so there's the idea of peck henry's and tab then there's the actual working of it and so the teacher saying well here's here's this teaching you guys got the idea let's let's work at now let's see if we can work at and a wish and i'll start by saying you don't
have the function let's see if we can do the function here and and among did come forward that was the getting into it they're trying it out
and then the teacher gave another not give him more information about dysfunction that they they're going to try to in embody and enact
and then student says i don't understand that it's also can be part of the function
and then the teacher says
in the student and like the teacher saying why don't you understand
so then he said lost it
and then the t so they're they're they're enacting it
the stories about the the function of this of this picking and tapping the expression or low expression young
it with your with body speech and mind expression yeah yes
i did cover they serve a backward glance when use it in our age where to brutal so we wouldn't do it that way after the super time to be able to do it that way
before that but i'm still not so obsessed by because i was thinking
well these stories when somebody slaps he slaps slaps him and he goes to another teacher then he says or that was like a grandmother just give you a kiss their hundred each other it just seemed to culturally very
a real to me when i get up could prove relevant to our culture yeah yeah right i would say is oh there's not much to the teaching meaning if i will review you you might do something very very simple wouldn't be
so all i get out that story as holder not much to teach you know well that's kind of a key point it as kind of a key point
stories about slapping punching him
yes believe it
well tires it's still a bit tiresome meal and also but as but it's also a commute interesting because
it wasn't there and in basically in the history of buddhism before that it wasn't there the boot hundred never slapped anybody
then i heard that i heard him he was a little bit terse occasionally
or brusque or emphatic like he says
my disciples do not hate living beings
if you hate people you're not my just say both kind of
kind of intense and strict he was kind of strict no-no
not always but
but i never heard of him slapping anybody in mere effect
i asked people do some research to even find out the buddha touched anybody
because it's not he didn't he didn't seem to have anybody
techno on does this mind for hugs but the buddha there's almost no examples of hugging people so i so let's find some example were put actually touched
the historical buddha touch people and a difference some examples
but not too many so slapping people
nothing like that and then again for thousand eight thousand year as after that are fifteen hundred years almost no examples very few examples in den school it became very prevalent to do this kind of thing so is it may be irrelevant now but it's still
to me kind of a surprising thing that ever happened
so the fact that had happened and it was kind of unusual than to it was like this very if if you see as depression of very creative thing that has happened never seen before and a very easy to get caught by it and get off track by it and
but still
i when i was average and sunrise stop using the stick
i thought this team like there would be good to do now
i am experience across mississippi
this flat just crazy
why and the search of ago
that lasted for hours because of as i expected slap are really was
the so maybe like percent
the overgenerous generous as latches yeah
let's try to graze on
to bridge
yes no please excuse me
a statement
i'd like to me
is something out
activity slapping that
this is the passion

he trash
is way
as a way
teacher says a trap
tap is laid out his students waiting out and
the teacher is responding and
to function as a teacher the signing team
the students need for
to get caught something
i order to
realize what an adept house
i'm down
the function
ciao luciano

hey hey
and yeah
it's terrible who is it that
the spider

that number was so
yeah doug wilson one boy was so compassionate to you and you're talking about right and wrong
compassion dollars compassion
not for work of a student too
what com says a word chat
saying it isn't not to work of student in the is making that anymore
yeah i said itself
well in this story i could see it that the student was work in the trap he brought he brought the trapped to show a desperate person said here's the trap here's the conversation that i'm trapped in and dot we said oh my god
he's so kind to you and your concern with
you know you're discriminating consciousness of right and wrong at that point
damn who has
in some sense been a surrogate teacher and he at that point he his compassion for did work for him that he woke up
and and the they both the job student gave this and teacher says oh look at what you do gave me it's so compassion and he thought
and then now and now he starts his career of making various continents like wow there's not much
in the end there's not much do that the teachers teaching now he's now that's his compassion
as lynch's compassion and he he was again he was a fierce and compassionate and bodhisattva
but the style is nice become perhaps apparently irrelevant to our our time
but compassion isn't irrelevant but that style
it's just
you know it just like him
that i'm sorry but the your pants are too tight around the ankle yes
the and he'll say is that a story that they get is like that it's like hey through the site now not happy not tackle hell yeah we may i we can get it
the story is about you know the story and the story is again and then historic and the story you say the story is like this
but can the story be not this for this
can you find it is the that there's no packing and tapping in the story
yes already know
that's right we we don't really know what has happened next
so i prefer
hey no idea how here
this illustration
mr riccardo
have him
and also
if you heard that the the day before the story happened if they told you the date that that happened and then they also could produce some documents showing that that was the date the day before this it wouldn't be very important
to you
but the story which may never have happened
is very important
are the more untrue it is
the more important it is
the were untrue it is the more important more important it is
because it's it we're talking about a creative process of liberation
to free us from our ideas of history
yes but i also think that he
the gallery is
hey it is where he has like to eat alone right now is often a physical somebody you know yes sir
after you're right there right there for her supplies and taste process will happen whereas if you're picking happening
winder a
yeah so whereas if you just hit hit someone there them taken
michigan if you to hit someone what seven reading room and right away yeah
well then they might be
cz in this story in this story it didn't work
in this story the when he hit em the student did not concur it didn't work the hit and the stitch the hitting with stick didn't work in the story the hitting didn't work the hitting didn't work it didn't work what worked was when the guy
said i wonder if he broke his stick on you thought that question about the stick is what worked
that's what that's what had him then he concurred
so you can speak soft gentle words to someone in a way that they concur
and you can speak
you're not very intensely and they don't concur the thing is to concur
and they the great met zen master couldn't
interact with the students such a way that they can concur the pecking and tapping wasn't was was such that they were not realizing the function and they used speech and then he used a stick and he used confirming the teacher they weren't concurring and then and the simple telling the story to the other month
there was concurrence than he came back and he concurred with the successor
and the concurrence is for naught weren't the typical slapping and shouting is kind of gentle respectful speech like word choose a monk was here before this now britain's is this is can yes i was or how was it free then while it was like this oh you know you understand
the thing is it that these stories sometimes these hits did concur and sometimes they didn't when one most slapped him three times it didn't concur
when dot you slap would die you didn't slap die you just said that and a did concur then lin g
said this and that concurred and then die you
grabbed him and i did conquer and then lynch so it's it's the function
which nobody owens and were in the middle of all the time
there's the others turning concurring is like concur com conquering and were doing it together it's not one side of the other this simultaneous packing into its simultaneous call and response it's mm
merging of hold the stuff's merging and turning on each other
bill in friend
where the stories about it and stories about
shoes their so heirs so what
or to dance students who are so dense yes
power through home and right
why functional okay
well there are stories like that yes however those stories in buddhism our stories on the path to getting it
so in this industry
the story this that's the main think these stories are not these stories are open ended but part of this open ended process were in his stories which comes a conclusion
like this
like the one we said before disguise in the weeds
he didn't get it you remember the weed story
remember the wheat story
yeah so that's like disguise disguise stuck in the weeds it seems like he's didn't get it even though it wasn't as dramatic and violin a huge hole but there are violent stories
like what is it
yeah miller rip up in heard that name for his his teeth he was a very here are very violent background and his teacher told him to build a tower and then it home to take it down
you know
he had a build and take down build and take down that's what desperate took in that case to have to to deal with his situation
but does this is basically there's no end to this process
but doesn't but within the process or like these little vignettes start and finish
so we have these little births and deaths in a process that word everything is including everything and then birth is including everything and then deaths including everything and everything includes the birth and birth includes everything and death includes but we do have these things
this it it's an ongoing conversation does no end to it and we should take we should
we should understand that even though it seems like he drove the monk out he told to leave
why because he didn't concur but they this isn't the process where he drove months so that it could concur
and one go to who on buddhism dr lin g out lindsay said i've had it
but then he tried it again and came back so we send away so we can come back we come back so we can send away
two second friend
so i was wondering
many described as a
it has a teacher
as is no i had a friend he said
we've never want her to
in slapping some hey
the teachers why a himself
two men so
get the students are okay

teachers handy
why am i get so fat
hi i'm a developer
ah last words
is a friend pointed out that just pointing out
bill i'm saying that no read this story and even worse a feminine principle
our anymore
is what is it
you know

maher mar prison marper bill saying the marble gave him these assignments to and to do these things over and over and then he sang that marked his wife told him to give miller and or breakages suggested to get the break
yes while
it does she compare are answered the someplace like summer child surgery
there are cars they haven't you heard of ashes
less of the heroes on the she says you jam
well the i guess it could you tell the story that somebody hit a child and then someone told the child that that some some other person told the child that that was kindness and the child had a great awakening
yeah would it i just said it happened so if that happened and what going to do if it happened when he gives the charles taylor present i'm fine
i know i'm awake and there's not much to that person's sen
we have some experience in the world that we live in which he said if child being it and somebody says doing for for your own good and kindness in and that i'm not talking that's not just does not destroy though it's not that
right but
i'm all i'm to say if if a child is hit and the child says i don't want i'm done with this i don't want to be hit anymore
okay i don't want to do this anymore i'm outta here
and then they and then somebody else tells them that they're hitting was kindness and they wake up than it would be a parallel thing and just what you know i have a child
they've been a child to sing i don't want i don't this hitting isn't working for me
story isn't working

so i'm minutes on
he says
yeah yeah
tap dancing
that's to stick is get it hurts it is a way
i see it
master and he knows that it's like something
student and i know i'm pulling in law
that house
thinking outside
well it's time to stop
is kind of like time to end an open ended conversation and i appreciate your
you saying the story doesn't work for you and you say the story doesn't work for you that's
and then
and then you can become free of that view that you have at some point whenever you're still at work school when he says there's not much to that teachers teaching because he gets how simple it is him
also does work for you that cooking
thank you very much
oh this story i'm sorry this story does not have a
when you call it an ancient
the poem written in response to it
so this this this put this case is not in those more accessible
god's collections this is case one eighty five
have a book called
tangled vines
and in japanese
k a t t o s h you which means the record of tangled minds
that's this case number eighty five one eighty five
i'm asking us
but right but i i'm just saying it doesn't come it doesn't come with a poem like the other ones dear
so you'll be you'll be leaping you will be leaping into the realm of poetry without an example
so this is a long story
they you can find an online store i don't know
it's it's a
you if you want to like hear it again it'll be available online to listen to
for this class
so if it's too i i'm i didn't think of that you wouldn't be able to read it
i'll see if i can find a long line
i don't think so because it's it's not such a well known