Study of delusion is the Buddha Way 

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now we have chanted the
the bodhisattva vows
a person who referred to himself as a student of the dharma
zingy to be translated as zen master for this service is a zen master named tory
and he was one make disciples of
haku in
how coins nj
hawkins and stories about hockey is angie
i wanted the conditions that lead media
two or wanna be then to send students
one story was about him exemplify treating insult even on false accusations
the same way as treating on great praise
his ability to meet both of those kinds of situations with equanimity and compassion really made me want to learn how to do that
so this law we just chan is written by his
wonderful disciple
at the end of
if you remind me at the end of this little talk will chant the for universal vows for the for great bodhisattva vows
which we often chat
our the first one is
sentient beings are numberless i vow to save them
so i have comment on that
which will be sentient beings are numberless
i vow to embrace them
love them
and thereby save them
so yes we've our to save them but it before we saved them we have to london
we have three
what he called they're called collective pure presets in this tradition and of in most mahayana tradition they have these three first one is to embrace of sustain the forms of ceremonies of practice next is to embrace to sustain all wholesome action next is too
embrace and sustain all beings
so a third of the three collected your precepts is like the first
actually all three i like the first
what is a bodhisattva vow
i vowed to embrace a sustain all beings and through that intimate embrace and sustaining liberate them
next one is
delusions are inexhaustible hiva to end them is where we say it for another way to say it is
i how to embrace them
and thereby understand them
and realized liberation with them
are like realized liberation through them
the chinese character in that a vow ashley is charter which means cut
or cut through
so we say and them
but it's more like
embrace him so thoroughly week we come to the amazon we exhaust them
delusions are inexhaustible i vow to understand them
and the next one is the dharma
the gates to the truth or innings are boundless i allowed to enter them rival to learn them
so it applies again to the previous one and the previous one
since gates to the truth are boundless everybody we need is a gate to the truth
everything we meet is a gate to the truth
and especially most important among the many things we meet
ah in a rockstar important but suffering these are particularly important to meet
to embrace his sustain
to love and liberate in this way can be being we meet is
the revelation of the buddhist teaching everything we need as an opportunity to realize the body self of all
which leads to the last fall the motorway is unsurpassable five after to become it this is how you become it
by embracing all living beings
by saving all living beings by embracing all delusions
understanding all delusions liberating our divisions using every situation for dharma this is how we become the buddha away
so in studying
ah in studying ignorance and delusion we may notice that we wish to get rid of ignorance and delusion but wishing to get rid of ignorance and illusion again is another being to embrace
the wish to not have delusion is another delusion

even though i'm pretty pleasant wish to be free of delusion and wished and an end
and wish to save all beings is a kind of delusion
but no problem
we list embrace the delusion of saving all beings we understand that and were free of that

the fourth a third collected pure precept is embrace and sustain all beings
embrace and sustain all the eggs
braces to stand
all republicans
all democrats
all already caught them bankers
who are extremely rich
and who have made lots of money during this financial catastrophe and have gotten a lot of bonuses while people have
had all this difficulty embrace and sustain
now most of you so i have no problem embracing sustain in the poor people
good embrace the stain or the poor people
who wished that they were rich bankers
and wishing and embracing sustain all the for people with get better than the rich bankers
and embraces than all the poor people who are buddhists
embrace the sustain all delusion
and we an endless goes with embrace sustainable forms and ceremonies so today we practice forms and ceremonies
with the traditional chance but we do these chance are active consciousness engages this language
of these vows of dog is angie's vows
of tories and his vows with our mind engage as these vows and as we engaged these vows a mind is transformed
every time we do these vows or mind is transformed again and again or minus is transformed is shaped towards these vows and shaping these vows
verbally shaping these vows doing the karma of making his vows has consequence and the consequence is the container consciousness
the container consciousness has transformed as we say these vows
and then that transformed conscious of supports us down another mind a vow arising
over over again
making allows transforming the mind making the vows transforming the mind
until we more and more thoroughly embraced sustain our active consciousness and by a thoroughly embracing our active consciousness or active defiled consciousness we embrace the results of our active defiled consciousness which is
the world
and we transform the world by the way we relate to our active consciousness because that's how we transform the mind which is the world which is are worth
which is are comically created world
so we so you support me to think about these vows all the time
thank you
simon tassajara wednesday night i'm in berkley thursday night i'm here saturday tomorrow i'll be a green gulch every day he support me
to say these valves with you and remember these vows
he support the activities which transform this consciousness to support for the transformation of this consciousness
and i support you to remember these vows say these vows think of these vows embody these fouls and this way transform the mind
which contains
us until we become
until we've completely transformed a mine and then it doesn't contain us anymore
it doesn't enclose a sin world anymore
is the buddha body when it's completely transformed
in the meantime it can support more and more practice in for practice more

so you support me to support you to support me to support you
you support each other
to support you
and others support you so you can support them
and move to think of this though because if you don't think of dish you're going to think something else and if you think something else that will transform your mind
if you don't think these vows you're going to think some other vows first if you don't think these intentions you can think some other changes and those intentions will have consequences they will transform your karma cut the year they are karmic consciousness and they will transform your storehouse consciousness
whatever we think transforms the world
if we think i wish that these thoughts when transform this mind which is the world in a positive way
that might transform it in a positive way if you think it's gonna if you wish to transform into a negative way
then i think you're more likely to be successful
almost for sure i think if you wish to make your mind worse you'll be successful and you'll make the world worse to
if you wish to discourage yourself
much lesson so silly that my not work
i wish to make myself unhappy
that a minor for for that one
how about i wish to make others have got to more like if i wish to make those people unhappy they deserved to be unhappy
that would work really well that's one of the best ways to make yourself unhappy wish other people to be unhappy
but if you wish others to be happy and wish others to be happy and wish others to be at ease in a piece that transform your mind
and that mind again
think if you also embrace it
and are compassionate to the mind which it feels from which which which wishes what people will embrace that mine too
when it was whole heartedly think i wish the welfare of all beings and if you do kind of wish you a little bit less than welfare for somebody or a lot if you wish ill for somebody
then i would say don't wish go for you who are thinking ill of others i say embrace
lovingly embrace the mind which wishes ill
the mine which would wish is he still has effect
but you can develop compassion simultaneously with the mind that wishes ill
if ever i'm a mind of ill arises i wish to embrace it with great compassion and relax with it and play with it and understand it
relax was it play with it be creative with it understand it and liberated
if no minds of ill arise i wish to embrace
whatever mind does arise i wish to be compassionate to what ever mine arises
and be playful with it
and relax with it and play with it and be creative with it and be creative with it and be creative with it and be creative with it be created with the mind
that i feel compassion for
this mine which seems to be really close
and the mind and and seems to be a mind which i know about
and you might not know about unless i tell you
i don't want to call it my mind but it's a mind that i'm aware of right now
and i wish to be kind to this mind and to be playful with this mind and relax with this mind and be playful with his mind
even notice mind is sometimes silly and thus silly things those things which even made me seem to be stupid i and i met my my call them stupid just quickly stupid but i then i say okay let's let's be kind to this to put thing i just did
let's be stupid does a fraud right that i did it
and let's start relaxing with this and although that didn't seem stupid and i'm kind of embarrassed about it
i feel a lot better now that i've been kind to it
yeah i do
and i feel now i'm ready to relax with
and still really embarrassing that i had such a stupid thought but i i feel better now and i'm relaxing with it and over and then i have compassion for it and i'm ready to play with it
hey this is things are getting good i'm i'm feeling back on the path again ready for the next stupid thing
and i hope ideal as well with the next of the thing that arises here as i did with the last of the thing i noticed

i want everything i'd like to do is apologize to you for i would like to change the schedule of the timing of the next one day sitting had know about it is now scheduled i think for september seventeen
and i think it would be very playful and creative if we didn't do it on two september seventeenth
and i hope you can be playful and creative and relax with that changing the date please
to it on the seventeenth right
i want to change it to the eleventh
can i change it to eleventh where you come on the eleventh
we come in the seventies
definitely on the seventies and the unless eleven
i hope to come on the eleventh
why do i need to do to get you to come in
smo girls snarky supported session
please try
maybe the seventeenth
he's got a free day now
it's a saturday right
if if it if to lemon saturday the next saturday will be sense
oh so september tenant how to change it to the of
it sounds unagi on the eleventh saturday sunday
yeah i like to change it to salary the tenth
the first saturday is like what
hi third
thing i like i like to change it to the have to change it to the tenth
and i'd like to also add
how one day sitting on the for the first of october
he's october first a saturday
i'd like to have to one day settings in october
one on one on the first and one on the twenty nine twenty nine twenty ninth
i think the gulch one day sitting is the twenty four
the on of goulash is a twenty ninth of october
here at gringotts as the twenty ninth of october so here would be like
the twenties the twenty second semi to have a first in twenty second
check your scheduling a fifteenth prevail in the first isn't it better to heaven in the twenty second farther apart

it's and twenty nice is on monday
i really hope we can leave it leave october on the fifteenth is on the fifties could leave it on the fifteenth and then have another one on the first
no way sessions
what's a she may suffer
the fall session
the process shoes in in december december
well there's all kinds there's a practice period in october the hassles
the practice spring october and i think
i think the sitting is in the twenty ninth of october at greenock so here is scary on a fifteen so i like to do september tenth here and then to october first and october fifteenth after it has better

yeah the first and the fifteenth
totally this october fifteenth already scheduled had october first kelley had october first and move september
from the seventies to the tenth
and i'm sorry for inconvenience but
what are putting their responsibility anywhere else just let me tell you i think i'd better do this
this way
is there anything that you like to say
this afternoon before we
do our vows

he fly and i are available
we talked about all things but we actually talk about we're talking about ourselves if humans in space is human centric changing
well i don't mean it to be human centric i think i'm talking about them
it's human centric in the sense that we live we have we humans have similar karma
so we had similar karmic effects so we have similar prisons we live in similar presence here mr other animals have different karma so they live in different presence
fish live in philp fish presence and dogs live in dog prisons because because you live in a world according to your karma
but we contribute to the animals
world and they contribute to hours but the way there's is for them even though it's in the same physical world no since the way it is for them is different from them from us so we're all holding based human and non-human are creating the physical world
but this
listen this teaching is human centric innocence that is delivered linguistically

whole cosmos
this is the
i didn't quite hear the cosmos is work the cosmos itself that yes
is it has everything
i think it's the awakened
it's a product
the physicality
that is quite substantial
yeah right
but the cosmos

the cosmos as the result of the like mind is not a world it's not a it's not an enclosure
whereas the world's the world's that result from karma r enclosures
yeah com or common makes enclosed world
if you understand the enclosed world you're not really you realize your clothes role is an illusion
so you're liberated from the enclosed world three study through compassionately studying enclosed world you're no longer an enclosed world so for example it isn't when i say that that the world the physical world we live in i mean the physical world that we x
xperience the actual physical world isn't the physical world the actual physical world is a physical situation this model that's not an enclosure
the actual physicality is beyond a in an enclosure and when we become free of the world that encloses us described storehouse consciousness
we we open to live into the world of physicality before physicality is made into a world or another way to put it is
you know as physics shows now when you look at certain things they really are probability distributions
looking at them precipitates them into a particle
whereas they can worth whereas they can be some something can be in various places when you look at it and it can only be in one
for you know if of so limited number but before you look at it the basketball could be all over the over the place if you know maybe more likely to be here but doesn't mean because it's more likely to be here that it's here just more likely to be here than there but it's still somewhat likely to be there even if a zero i still it's
still there as in a zero probability
so the way the world is
is actually actually beyond our ideas and that's called emptiness or that's also called the true body of buddha
and the true body of buddha is this confining world or this confining consciousness when is completely transformed is no longer confining so the beginning of the text
embracing the great vehicle
a song says that to the extent that we that we have other were involved in something we live in this confinement this container with consciousness and to the extent we live in his curve container consciousness we see the container consciousness as a sa
solid substantial world
so the world looks solid to us because we live in a world the result of thinking that things are solid
and some and so the world looks like a solid self to us which is a result of our past imagination of solidity
but if we weren't if we didn't have any self clinging we wouldn't be in this world number one in this world the world wouldn't look solid it would look not solid it will look real not solid it wouldn't do that it was nothing it just wouldn't be a solid nothing and it wouldn't be a solid anything they wouldn't be sauce anyone i wouldn't really be nothing
and we wouldn't be something would be kind of in between the two which we call the middle way the world would be the middle way because the way the world is he says is that it is in a middle way
and now in the middle way isn't confined him
it's fun confined
i'm constructed
and that's what we realized that that unconstructive reality when we work with this constricting consciousness compassionately for a long time we transform it into an unconstructive reality
which can be which you know which can be constructed by just by imagining some buddhist can imagine a constricted world and they can go in there and helped people to who are living in a constructive world and speak english and stuff
and what
besides speaking english are they can also speak romanian an inch and czech and slovak and
polish and russian
to the people live in those worlds as linguistic world

well it's system but perfect time to stop
please forgive me for
for my responsibility and the schedule training changing please share the responsibility with me don't blame it all on me
i won't blame it all on you
and i hope you can adjust your schedule so you can come
on september tenth
in the meantime
me our intention equally exciting to a place where
spray the
to say the region
when them die a sign was
the manage them the survey is unsurpassable
as a comment
so when i can't that second rye i kind of think to myself
delusions are inexhaustible i vowed to understand them
delusions are inexhaustible have ought to embrace them and play with them and understand them
and thereby be at peace with them
may you be at peace with every delusion you encounter
bye bye