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there's one thing that the one percent after what
no problem with

i think this is the guy is that's impossible for the same now
what by no i don't want to do not fail
they don't want to shoot
combining one hundred words for their best and ah another translating notice with me into same thing
a non existant arises
but these conditions why does not arise from because
see if only non-existent attacks arrives from this condition
why is not possible that the effects arising your condition

if that affect a know existed
in immigration
work proceed from the foundation
why does not why is not receive ninety

he does fact the existence information
a practicing physician
where perceived of condition
why does not proceed not
the good thing
the a corrected out
the condition that it

former lieutenant hundred
don't get the what is your right in the times
the not real with yourself opens with those conditions those traditional qualities
why then would not a product proceed from a town called
then you can even though my existing inland
that affect the scenes from those conditions
why does the effect not receive the unconditional to
not a vision
please come from condition for have
so you think if a nonexistent
yeah in hundred bag a nonexistent
tradition where it received the condition
then why did not receive from nine conditions
that get
i'm people are i africa date villages in a kind of thing
been a
isn't something you tell you something done something
this doesn't exist
he said from ammunition
and why do you notice the not
now after all back to my fun feel more comfortable here in germany france what happened
why then here
he not include arises from envision relational condition why is not possible at the effect and not arise
the word not possible because that's exactly right
so i'm looking so i don't think remember this crash out on this symmetry cards
i think us with that same thing as well
when even today a trip
i rephrase it why to be possible that these are computerized navigation to
as were reason that i have you like
get all the other ones just saying them that isn't bad he the fact that doesn't really exist
and i'm from some condition
and why was the what would you call them non english
i don't find the best friend you could say a good point you have a competitive
and is the point creation
complacency approved fantasy
i am of of making background she's pregnant
on are you were there are coming for on it as a different kind of interpretation on this project review your case you encounter
it's interpretations or isn't these different
it seems to be different to me when you super honest and so far most of the arguments were directed against self realization
and essential resistance of the threat
the condition if you're right here
the present presenters he is interact with the reputation of the few that effect is different from the conditions
that is the basic premise of the theory of eternal father
have you five but not you know
that a context and ambition was me
or if the car in effect which and fingers
one i couldn't think that anything and company
in fact i'm trying to change would be
i'm not have nothing
this intensive you know
nothing about it
or woodrow wanted a young dream of the i well it seems to me or you're saying is from on the you're interpreting it as on there is the assumption that cause which produces the effect
it seems to since he's started about the rich coupon is talking about something different that
by the way he translated the sense that of fact being nonexistent in the condition
fanatics that
be nonexistent teacher translates a little different
it seems to me that there's no else on sunscreen transferred between the cars from effect why do you think is really mad
that effect
the not presently not just the right to the to her condition then i can say in had attacked with the deal with or something where there's nothing how your thing nothing how they affect human condition friend so so likely not
yeah but then have the first or second part and eleven
the have an objection to another
if we ever islam
the condition for his and not if there's a mixture of nagarjuna anticipated of bringing up contractions and also empty
you know the thing is knew i was reading from from that standpoint were to have somebody trying to create unit and i think well there's something you're saying the that conditions with this and will help them into something really interesting come out of non-physician
you know following that line that it was the one and we want to break
the that it was an opponent giving you don't get him a hard time with a lot of
more or less

have you verified
how can that be day
which repeat
why do not possible that the on
your interesting effects alive

have you fly by another good contact current condition
the car current effect was fucking be one thing
with you
the contrary to the substantial do nothing nothing
neither party where the cinema
warning time do with it
the community
now one

and traffic of is happening
i'm going to her
some sense of a climax
a fundamental
one father since it mahayana
he said

the first or customers correctly it was a traffic

on his criticism
what is understanding

he pointed not italian six grocery auction understanding

if anything it empty
there will be either production or destruction
the five-year assertion of follow
a powerful connection i'm not interested
practice and combination will not be possible because of the non-existence of the korean war all a church

as there are not as the non-existent the i incorporate trees
hi offered or full proof that is spiritual things
are also money system as a briefing on you
no one enjoys
why the provisions
intimate exploration
when you know
there will be no sondra
the practices on the i fluids
done also have the nicest

our dharma and sangha
consequently what you said of choice
in junior topic
you will destroy the reality of the
what him
the proper and improper that and all of every day pakistan wrote that he didn't take goal

i to spend my job
now acknowledged
the right to say nothing intelligent
what is imperfect here
the national you can point out that you do not know that your purpose
the core
there are only getting on the frustration and

this credit is a liberal ah the was shooting a factor three times
yeah defend his understanding of yours
emptiness of the purpose of employees and the significance of my views
in fact is your handbag
he stated he did not comprehend purpose identity
said right
he was funded by for me
you can produce things between junior and senior
the junior and senior prom

travel and
and she retired buy into this
the referred to

and you can be permanent
australia and is something that you can actually experience

the impermanence hundred
the permanent to be
the states and from us
at the outset you
because types of them
one after another as tag

he can experience the
experience absolutely
that can be helpful
hey look real answer some
when he considered most important primary the shenyang sugar
the a half time
at some time ago

she have to
will be free from three we can be
a variety of functions
should have died down to the virtue
he had had an hour

would you first the actual experience
the lacking system
it's based on the game
let's get back

now come to next
major step group criticized me for a listing will be will be rejected worth the convention
he can be getting on or near the flow
in the and he's just a camera and
the heating of on by various quoted is based on t shirt
what a shame
intentional percent
the ultimate is absolutely
one another translation
the convention
and the

leave behind it that

where are the convention and to in

and that can sort of material here you know sometimes release him that like the sanskrit by in the first catholic
we the my type-a
for that
the thing that are really simple item so i can also be kind of proof

the car market functions of the ultimate
arthur of

yes got here
the intention

to can sustain you know

consumption concentrated translation
the act like at method
is one way think


what it was s a m p r i
am i
in some effect
one every
this isn't the word industry the business work and containers conventional on thing

the older want to both that your for which and contact with conventional
the region work
i would be hard
whenever we are

some great
and the earnings for early
so i wonder why reading the word some lipstick on one
the convention are conventionally hours
the other room
the manufacturer year

then served for months and you can take ago
can here
that you can make more
on the
our the convention and he's actually an appearance for an understatement
manifesting in fact that to
and in some ways can be mentioned one wonderful trip
cuno effectiveness right
that's good actually like to read with a better sense of humor
two thousands of coffee
but it also

the ultimate reality and the united in that world
the the world and conventionality are going for stories
are subject to financially support
are distinguished as conventional war
this suffering
and there is them
how you something
the cruiser
whose path

it worked
he's one
in fact

a story you tell about the ethnic
a stuff
and the stories we tell and just snorted to tell
he's dead
does it get for it
if you say the oil and worry can we thought this will be introduced as this
looking to say well can provide
he realizes to improvise it is one thing
right has been used to describe what happened

and it was through the convention
so funny be a good one
the ultimate sure everything was as don't make something out of and
basis of this
i realizing the gravity than one
is no problem
on the wheel
beginning you're empathetic that right
the find car and become work and verbal and have hoped to live
hoping to i i skipped the next
what's going to cardiff can only hope you to
convention actually aren't you have a stronger
there's a reliance that with the chemistry
international children
based on our and reliance on a conventional truth you can teach
the the opportunity
because not a denial of conventional
often enough for conventional thrilled to save you
it was up
there's no fog is my favorite

to say there is no
yeah he found so far better isn't it to send off and meaning of the
you have the difference is that
that the pruitt has to be based not on the checking consistent and then started to be getting rejected system
is here
some feel was revealed your me
geography and
when you think of her with the buddha all children and your being a parent that fear she was unable a to blankets to that found a way as to avoid on the difficulty
no i don't think so some people want the child with development will develop herself
help each other
we developed a simple shock
and get a good up the of incoherent incoherently child
the child would work on the phone rang room
like this field empty to
maybe they wouldn't be able to make up your online we disagree with your morning coffee
because some people some here to grow up i got no work with something when you know somebody can be loving fathers
you feel like their credit counseling from the blog
you don't talk to them
i would actually got to you without verbal simulation song to some coherent way
simon from what a child without any emotion come up in the country reminders but can we do have to me to try not to touch them so
basically if the have thought an ordinary way to her car we did it child with project style on the what you say
rated take that is a sense of self that the
there's a sense of self that outside of language
for the you turn the language you know get if we can plant on
you content
how about five hundred
be bird a business
yeah i'm fat i'm sending them to research the camp if you lack of canada happens to the contact her should can contact us
true i think the ancient world is a combination of make them into a choking hazard
however two children out of the camp for mickelson and the parents and elder if you anthony know they'll make a film planning
i know i mean i think that like me you
influential see the consumption
but that also learn the hard layer from a time
you know we make me to pay them to the time to time
like you stimulator child
taxi comfortable bringing them
kill range chicken and children even if you have children with our children and travelers and you see that actually try sir
the they can give a third time
if they had to buy into try very sensitive a perfect other like think
if you ever casting it various very very interesting operation which
they have a bad time
a while
be reactivated long off
for all areas and has been waiting all these other want to be reactivated name
five has been going online
you can buy
back and includes that you're impacting on tv
you like another party afraid my on to lake in will exercise their carry it around the other way
bourbon yeah that's awesome tv
i understand
think the basic thing here for
wounded get home
the same story in
it will
he said
what he did
i think that that to the transition between the attributes and keeping the of is to do that
college classes
hasn't been
and when he intended to cetera
his credit
they could be thing
the right now
it up
the to be here
well we are
i'm using
why we got the

hey hey
yeah we just let think that can we say that you will be prescription
a fiction thought the world
booking online rejection you know if one fiction
by step back at will
because you remain
the sequence
a and at the same time and
yeah because they have been here for a certain he deserves a second can you tell us
the whole lot of child
i think that
the language back
the language you guys
start to appear at the same time the
but may not be a language that you ready
he got sent home
car lights and hardwired
well as a wedding
we're hardwired to come up with extent
the beginning words may not be is like the south and we also not yourself and the company
the the board can come up with you know recognizable
major countries
i think be the case with insects itself as the some of the feeling herself
is a lots of ways to do that you know in ourselves that companies and of life
be them into something of a part of the
you get to sense
like and will get a true and itself alive
you can set yourself again is something which is
just another concept
when you have all asked the contact with them
in that that
grace and
i won't say
the learn a language without what i wanted going to have a boy
i again
before you earn like if it didn't have a product you would already have some kind of a word
the defense that we start falling valid feel get some high density
you'd already like have a word
there was a special
the those person but that was this trip their opposed to know
how can we say that it's entirety
who have different personalities a think of identity the fence about the sense of separate of a the etc
from the one hundred percent of find something over here
which is aware of something over there
was some and the coordination of this awareness of contact colonel for coordination of best that they have minded recognizing that were can coordinate this separation is reflection the separation
the office of this separate identity is harmless ability
that's definite increase and shows to make the workers better
and the best kind of happens if you take care of you present yourself doesn't arise
but if you put that if that's the first one was put in the sense of to split
i think my reflections at the moment of reflection the campaign
to the beach was in itself
and soon as does arise
the for fishing for that
said that
the and stuffing
see for themselves and project sell them all things you here you just stop on it
i get yourself a nice trouble for
have you think i believe me brilliant launch names i've know this conversations and the seventies
a human development
now do you have that developed you have that ability
to create itself before you have the in right
i think that the word
the word
neutral on expression
kitten that sound and working for them
awful local attorney does not work for urban or boys and can get into packets
that yourself going to fix them they a order a word seneca good
according to since originally same time
the little the word
the man himself it's just myself and were pregnant
can't be why before to pick it up have a word for self you see each other's cell
where does the word that because source of ability to illimitable entity in the fall
the pretty funny to the on earth from you heard that not only be referring to be appropriate for even more like humans are not fully independent and great of
some similar to for everyone knows new situations and eventually he developed a longer than the
two thousand and one
the word from night at the very funny from there
that's a fairly via by a sympathetic than the recruits
a group i don't think the word realizing that sort of blue petition
you can either of stuff is performed or not
neophyte to to have these kind of selfish enough reputation
go to sell understand
the word
if you've got to some regular
free speech but sent himself in his work
never speaking be a habit
i don't want
i had completely bother especially celtic reception
here you
twenty dog on the ground with the of

if that of
that the third

i remember to for hundred and constructing that the prepared to work
new tires can never go on thirty thirty with renovation goes to consider getting ignorance to furniture maker
after contact with a protective and it's their decision to go to drive
you were young and have made before the right
the crazy
got a contact
there's a craving the contract
dealing with framing
countries open attitude
movie coming steps to satisfaction satisfaction pm
the i think that becoming
coming through that the and the word and
never feeling like to help
at the were infected self and an and
and the object that group
my i can't i come from
he arrived here
you have
go that far
can have feeling
there's crazy
he comes all familiar with you
don't know if you need a child and on
who have not yet
i think that to soon if you have the training center
i can say that i soon that this book you have your content that can decrease until just after the in a contact
then you have first
completing a good at that point
have you seen from the thousand and three
right when you first you must admit to making that easy
you will get an there for the of i'm not sure about that and i think that in another child guy that you can have a sense of of one he knows out how you know and have gravy you added sense of separation between there's another
a want one church because i'm very physically but ensures that the psychological world with the and ninety to and a separate line list thanks whatever reason timely process and not just think of what matters to go i understand like find that perfect that when you're ever to provides a network as soon as you make whatever the is eternal
right as going to soft porn right by my mindset about that it's not like he's going to cure disease reflected in that sense and ethically questionable not like what coins as a child when providing knowledge that movie i want to shoot me he doesn't sell the normal group of in the from nuclear and the name and and getting doesn't and five it if they're over
the different boasting a normal family
he so
when father
when it interferes with user
nano it's for standards and the them
in writing by some form of seven together than forty dogs norm self-concept for on concessional for the festival
somebody sent me to start over again
after never learned to make yourself and we startled at there
when my i haven't seen it analysis with at one point in that process and surprised
i'm very very latest that's what you can create
people and twelve nice an investments and stuff like that
what i would apply the same tool
the point out which think stock prices in reception
come on reflection consumption is this sophomore
i can get hundred and thirteen

he see the path
i'm like bird
what has happened
have you thought you feel like it was for it was coming any problems accommodation in a later episode of country and what is a national shoes
you're feeling right now dynamic you're working with his basic things to levels of to perspective from the situation
and just you just increase the unit is saying that if you see the antithesis
games taking the
outside of
i just
and later in one
the new concept which is that for that be synonymous with
and pure convention
i know you're from your concept is when when we realized thumbs concept is
i'm much professional interest
welcome to see how he said and that is the ultimate and and possible and he said he knew
to make that optimist international concepts of
well the their contributions which is fun for them
brooklyn's of as they couldn't find a psychological basis
since term convention center and five social basis
i'm not that it was fault lines like
the mere content has worked for clearly cycle
is it more because it's also like
the psychological you
but also was involved in a war we can you don't think that also comes concept is not something that you could psychological the context of nonsense can optimistic
in is something we can talk about computers in a concert together as how as
i'll just of improvement because
movie although its psychological work
find them for one year you all right it for yourself
unless you're getting started can
what we can't discuss with our application of reality concepts
have you discussed that stuff
we just
inject yourself on the discretion of
you can discuss concepts defaulted of under discussion
we can all thousand to start from this
seventy seven
they have the same things and thirty
we can alter that and drew we can also convention
now he's to world of and then also on the world of ultimate it was something to a
september twenty second time
you know
the said

here's a decent rope i am i
is not to do not
without a lie
be can understand what the getting hot
w two worlds exist
in college risk include simultaneously and least conceivable
and they are you can be people seem to work
beyonce to on saying
a bit of the i am
but again
course from the industry and this one to bring together and also been used an the faces
that they're integrated environment recent and one integrated
he can say is that is that

he started to
within itself the yeah
i know that i have sufficient another death
what can i know that that is happening
and learning the librarian and previous reopened that that you enjoy
but your be my mom
it was good she was that
this last not a different sentence explicitly
because their wealth and cities and in truth really a to be
this that's true
there a taxi every moment you have a baby was born
he added that is a constant of i
to point that's happening on the planet
what you see map
has been accessed
constantly like my religion does exist
so i'm going to say that
they're perfect there used to come from appearance
the way things are done says that of this is your vision and it's true that that is think this thing
it's the and also that vision
they was also true
the badger vision research
rapid the in person is also true for the future
the truth that what doesn't really exist appearance is true and suffering a kids your video affairs
the cause of something new for your billion
oriented doesn't exist for the kids and that and that's one to function is discovered one
maybe i'm not sure you've been sounded like to say that construed as isn't
the confirming the existence of them but rather than the saying that their appearance when he lifted up
i'm saying is true that is the appearance of is
so a things to do have the
but you know who have an asian you have an occasion ion beam their vision to exist
are the arguments can be if you're patient that he are you if he the meetings as communities like it's a vision of a great nieces like you say the business is swollen
yeah that's pretty good things to say that what it's obvious escape but it can happen like that really exist then
i guess can you give into such as like art or june five hundred and ten captain and it exist would i have a pretty clean it up and and non-existent days
gonna be or something i've really exist
also was yes and exist in vision of something that from the back in the fall
actually it doesn't make sense
because you can't have a exist division of something which more consistent
what they're saying anyways at you
there is the a character is on time and passengers in the reality that's a conventional oil and was a david
not that with the referral center
and random
that's the world we asked and you need to rely on that yeah
be talking about the answer my question that has to do with
and seven
contact a real soon have that
i wondered what's that
when after three
that's the waterfront and of it is
that's the ultimate purpose of law set up
the average looking in our immigration faced
additionally patient as kind of anything
read the way we are and i to to america
step back to settle with the way we are and
the liberation from the yeah
can of liberation means you can really be yourself
the dramatically
fresh yourself because you
and that
fairfax county nc
large deep trouble
but you're really good for herself a special
to pay your satisfaction
an average

the not want
paramedic trouble for it
i don't know a fair dealing with for know that was that until five o'clock growth as a whole was intentional
i had to deal with that
here's internet
but like the in involvement looking often mean there's no reflection
find the article
so why are
changing he actually somehow that was far from perfect and in particular the time
who has been like a professional of
on the purpose of reflection is referring that is the biological it seems like they're from course the biological situation for call
we can reflect and where if by coincidence
and are you cannot go you talk is connected to was very think back to say and sailors boss connection these reflections
the reflection
he's saying is what makes possible words without reflection eight that would be know if we are all words with infants on but even for short
from pervades a can reflective words words are different know and they don't need to hear from down
they're just you know their the basis
they are gonna say i go where he said more where this follow anything
what is going to reflect you can have a sense of this will be here in that of defense
how does he need to know when when they have learned that they don't have something obvious awareness where the obviously seen as seventy or something
where they want to do that and therefore we young and because we accept himself a word in a fight back in time
not that is reflection rather than making comfort back from have on the grammar grammar arises us thought of versions up in question grammar is families the usage
the temperature of the things that are reflected separate things
as a result
that's why boy shot him happy to come say us
going south africa requires but works i'm the science of gf minutes
the makes collective learn all kinds of scientists and artists family have already get to learn about the structure of the members who the universe what part of as part of the conventional world and you get along working
that you're sitting that a person doesn't learn these things like that the migrant farmworker and up the of them
and ah i say migrant farmworker excellent news from okay so if you've done doing is working
you have to go to have the search and converting they spent the best man for some fun
no objection like seven
cooper about african development component all bodies not going to have to have to learn how we are all hard to quit
my from the
if you want to be avoided stop
because i've learned
dani games are harmless five market including gonna get me to relocate you know goes against the universities
how it's wonderful wonderful the university have to going to all our universe and ten of the border of course but i bet
yeah those still get a correspondence course you're an entrepreneur you have to different all the computers and can learn how do you have to become computer literate
you'd have to make you don't have to do it for you want
he waited till they have cd rom and your favorite thing now
okay l uses me and i mean i can find a how of your face and that the president putin
in terms of ways on different way to turn the people
able to
eventually we eventually get out of your side of your loving the world you will enter the retirement
hi guys i'm working on that linguistics and it comes out there might be before i'm it now for studying the origins of languages and they're all coming out with
this utterance that they believed was hired initially i don't know exactly how you doing and the adoration is a
that hard all think that this were sweet looking for one that if he is i was gripped from you want for her to
two hundred
and conditioner
right now so they can trade and economic threat to the you know somebody's gotta a those with name from guys that only various arms to of ours around them are pretty quickly
but given our wiki previously at some point before
i'm i'm sending you your limit of the sound next week as the sound of there is no limit
where for
this like something
have no insurance
one identity all that sort of them aren't hard this
biology has caused this to happen
algae alive by clinton foundation state and very wasn't inevitable if you have to be that it was inevitable that he likes them
see it said written in the
trimmed up for it
other bees or

oof they avoided got a in
kodak moment
getting off the works
combined with a missionary care for his mfa programs at
resnick snack for a help defender it was staggering
oh no
mit and girl
wait a second
i'm going on
a when we don't go to africa thermal transfers what
that all the stuff he spent six fifteen years studying studying the printing after he became a print you can walk my dog that precepts of like that
doesn't mean that you have to
learn sciences or the buddha you are excluded the earth to save all be
a realize your really if you got the one very seems so quaint on where you we learned about dynasty
was given device private snoop rice and last of the apartment with anyone in business terms of
that jar transformation as a late and strip without lot of opening a few later learn what they do it
so it's quite the story demonstrates
no teachers who had great insight teaches at mount in college
now go to the university now go through that definitely need a go
i'm awake for like to go to school
still in my house
and then has the skills that will find useful
arts and sciences which people who knew that if you use to other people can be circumcised to the
he started for the currently have
learn you can become good at making references to of this movie
otherwise when things are you can keep using them in proper way
have you could get those things to drop that stuff and come in come studies and chairman of the also be funny and then you know when the usually north talkative people you speak their language
and basically you have to overcome all the vs and boundless ever thought unless you a few and learn all of that your body doesn't mean that like
has like of come over the linguistics the park will open a book and privilege and a
and i'm using car to get my vote some foreign language you haven't i pretty much
police office creative ways to get a
but also you'd be part of massive run games pc to give up the one can't recommend
for just like i might be given up on you can bet
two five hundred and germany
if i provide our i a public in one month old but anyway i've given a pilot for to know variables and i made one in that i've given up them
it's unrealistic to time
of mean that don't want
for to have
in order to help
you know people if you know wearing men's sorts of learn you know german to study just i'm so like learning italian study dumping this is not professional
college some of them watch and example
the people get a chemical they want to learn from one surface
learn all on the staff at the hospital
what the part of the politicians if you want but also the seven pm practice even you have to like put certainly decides like
notice instead was under the sort of now that sort solid content campaign
he studied
i think so i think her me to great extent that you
and then sometimes
heard by by somebody do something and then that to a lot relationship you start definitely but i didn't come up with i'm gonna get there
both teams are large recommended a kind of work
now but not enough water
i should try to study nine times in my life my name is not therefore so i stopped and instead again a difference
but then again you can find one thing
wait a sec i tried to be the only any point
you and your across a harvard graduate school i thought about tonight
you know
i bet you didn't have a hollywood movie and now
insofar as we were be a good
all right across the sky
he didn't feel
i was wondering is kinda life you'd like to time
and i couldn't quit down
and i could read all the list of all instructable your shoes
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