Teachings and Meditations On Our True Nature

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Our true nature is that we fully possess the wisdom and virtues of the buddhas. But because of misconceptions and attachments we do not realize our buddha nature. Therefore, teachings are given to listen to, accept, and understand so that such misconceptions and attachments drop away and thus our true buddha nature may be realized. Each class will begin with quiet sitting and walking meditation followed by teachings and group discussions.

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so there were some word or words offered
the to describe this session does sessions these seven sessions and then there was some words offered last week
so i think that the title was something like meditation on our true nature sorry some we that
and so true nature
so our true nature is
the i guess you could say for starters it's the way we really are
and at this stage the way we really are
is that we have that we have our nature is
fundamentally and originally pure
so our nature is fundamentally pure when we are
we are the way things are
in association with
the way things aren't
or in association with some kind of like pollution
and the way we we fundamentally are which is pure is in conversation with our
a state
of realization
of our nature
which is sometimes called enlightenment or buddhahood
and that is the way things are
but not in association with pollution

and the
the way we are now is to be
purified of certain temporary conditions like attachments and misunderstandings
but we don't we aren't just attachments and misunderstandings we are also
reality we are also such this
and the such notice which we are is non dual
so it's not in a dualistic relationship with our attachments
and are misconceptions
it's not in a dualistic relationship
what do my moving that way about six inches
take your time
no perfect
are you comfortable
you could move here you can move here urine
blanket also
so this a description of our situation one of the places it's is found
is a text i referred to an indian buddhist text which has a long name as two parts in a way one part is the great vehicle
on the highest continuity
and then the other part of the title which is sometimes mentioned is
the analysis
of them
i'm them
lineage of the jewel or jewels
and the jewels are the buddha
the dharma and the song
so there i often remember suzuka girl saying everything's impermanent everything changes
and so he said that
and this
this teaching is is talking about
a very high highest continuity that although all things that are all compounded things are impermanent there is for example a continuity of their impermanence
there is a continuity of the reality of
things that are impermanent
like human beings are impermanent but there is a continuity to human beings also namely that were always
dependable core arising
every moment we're dependent and colorizing there's a continuity in that way we are always
the universe
dependently cauterizing arising as us in a particular moment

and that way that were
arising entered into a particular form and a particular moment that way is fundamentally pure
everything's included nothing's left out it's pure
however there also is for us some
tendencies from to project or superimposed on this pure creative process which for manifesting
in this moment to superimpose some idea upon it
and grasp that idea
to take that idea as what we are and to hold onto him
but even so that projection doesn't actually
fundamentally reach our dependently court rising basic existence
which is pure and and there's a continuity of this purity
but there's also a longstanding tradition of moment by moment projection upon this creative process and and grasping that projection has real which causes which creates stress
we dress

and so
and so we have this
fundamental pure nature we also have a temporary
i've kind of fantasy or
impure it way of relating to this fundamental purity which you know is kind to get a hold of it by projecting something on it by which you can get a hold of it
those projections never do reach they always don't reach our fundamental nature
and that's another part of us
that's that you know it said
we're always that way that no idea of us reaches to where we are and
was there's always projection of ideas of what we are upon ourselves
but we can learn to relate to our ideas and our attachments in a way to lit to
not adhere to them as real not attached to them we can learn to do that
and in that way that are fundamental nature because purified of these projections even though the projections may still be arising there are no longer really an association
or it there are no longer adhering to our basic nature
and in this process
it helps to sometimes see that these projections are actually absent in our basic nature
and our best to get our basic nature is non dual so it also allows for the dependent core arising of these projections
we are fundamentally pure in our in our
the or arising and the
the projections upon are dependent arising are also dependent or arises that are fundamentally pure
so they're not in a dualistic relationship to our basic nature
they also have a basic nature that their independently corps and to
but our basic dependent origination is not a projection
but it doesn't and it also doesn't fight projections and projections also their fundamental nature is also
not reached by any projection and there's an absence of this projection all the time in the way we've basically are
ah the the buddha is
and they're teaching and the sanga that community that studies the buddha's teaching arise from this fundamental situation of
having this basic nature which sometimes it's called buddha nature
sometimes it's called the womb of the buddha or the woman that togheter sometimes called the buddha element various names for it
and there there's a relationship between
this fundamental quality of our life which is that we have this buddha nature and this put in nature is the way things really are associated with these attachments
and misconceptions that way we are now
need to be purified and that way we are now has a relationship with
the purification
of that nature or you could say the realization of that nature so realizing the buddha nature is to realize this is the fundamental pure nature and this is the projection and attachment
so that there is a relationship between our basic nature which has this such this or reality in association with pollution it has a relationship with such as on associated with pollution and then when we have a relationship
with perfect enlightenment
and our basic nature is not dualistic and perfect enlightenment is not dualistic so perfect enlightenment realizes that it's not the slightest bit different from are immature stage
and are immature estate is the fact that there's no duality between are immature state
and the mature state we have that already that nature that there's no duality between the way we are now and the way we will be
however that fact that we're no different from the way we will be right now we are buddha where are the buddha will we will become we are that buddha right now in this way
which is that we have problems that we will someday won't have
but the way we will be is not duel with the way we are now and that's the way we are now
but we also have this like we had these illusions of past present and future and so on to deal with
which we project on our
fundamental nature and believe
and this realization i mentioned last week comes with qualities
and these qualities made possible activities and these activities as the activities which are relating to living beings too immature living beings
so they will mature
being the realized buddha is not just to be a realize buddha it's so that you have these qualities and these activities which helped the unrealized beings become realized so we need the realized we need to work for the realization
one of our nature because the realization of our nature helps other beings
realized their nature we need and in that realization
we've understand that cyclic misery and peace or not do
but but we realize
in addition to
this just seems to be plenty of realization are plenty of manifestation of cyclic misery were working for is more realization of peace
and that comes with the understanding the non-duality of peace and suffering
the three jewels
and these four things i just mentioned which are our basic nature are buddha nature the realization of it enlightenment the qualities of enlightenment and the activities of enlightenment these four plus the buddha dharma and sangha make up five vydra points of this treat
and the first three buddha dharma and sangha arise from the interaction of the last four

the bodhidharma sanga arise from the conversation between in mature beings whose nature is pure fundamentally
between immature beings who have buddha-nature interacting with the realization of buddha nature and all these qualities and activities that all that gives rise to the three jewels
yes yes linda
a foreigner
the for the whore to though you said or yeah
so there's seven points
we start with three jewels
which are sublime and rare and they they arise from
buddha nature are buddha element
in interacting with the conditions of enlightenment
the qualities of enlightenment and the activities of enlightenment so because enlightenment has certain qualities
it can enhance certain activities and the activities it has are to bring living beings whose nature is fundamentally pure to bring them to boot ahmed
to teach them how to deal how to honor their put a nature and deal with the pollution
so that they will mature into
this realizing this fundamental purity and letting go of the impurities without getting rid of them because they're not dual
go ahead go ahead
somehow the not to laugh at me and i have trouble
unless you to say he
this charity idea and yeah so
so pollution is non dual west
that's one kind of non-duality pollution and non pollution

they're both we thought
you could say that resolved in non-duality but they also could also say they dependently current rise you can't have purity without impurity
and also there is non duality between
cyclic misery and a piece of peace and ease of nirvana they're also non-dual and is also non duality between the buddha's who have realized the buddha nature and sentient beings who have to put a nature but haven't realized there's non-duality there too

so the the purity is in could save the purity of
being free of the pollution the purity is being free of
misconceptions and attachments

it's our buddha nature are based aren't even more basic nature is is is pure but our nature is we have a basic nature that's pure
that tennis and we have a basic nations which is such this which is reality everybody's equally has real has reality on their side there's a reality to everything
and nothing is more real than another
but inc say well attachments
and misconceptions can say well they're less real than non attachment you can say that
but again the less real is not do if there's anything more real was put in some more unreal
last week i skipped over the three jewels and i'm not gonna get into him too much tonight probably but i did want to mention that
and this treatise doesn't mention it that when we
when we have a ceremony of receiving the three treasures
we often there's a tradition of before receiving the buddha dharma soccer before going for refuge or before returning to buddha dharma and sangha
we practice repentance
and this treatise i'm telling my doesn't mention the repentance borrow but i just wanted to mention that and then after i mentioned it i want to sit more about it but
glenn has a comment yeah

she said i could shut her up
precision did you say i could shut you up or not can i show you up or not okay
dehumanization of the more
but with the first thing was really good
i appreciate that that i gotta shut up license

love i don't believe in and never use the word
talking into go no
more and more of a sense of is that are having he went up to lake
the my buddy and i was having this conversation with window and western
today and it wasn't a rescission alone
oh in in me as i was speaking
we has the wrong with that
emily talk about dinosaurs mainly i've
so have never done anything like that
yeah should continue
go to talk about it lasted one under the table there was sell them they were many longtime levels one of the and lows the third trade
to go through with say anything i would say so nothing i did even at a oh
i did not just believed in anything but i wanted to have this conversation
so basically
it was so
into another thing you know god you will listen
how a very freshly that president in this is
so we have to know it was done to lindemann it was not an intimate
well thank you for telling me about this conversation thank you for telling me about the conversation in the conversation is
again that's that's the main thing is a conversation you don't have to believe
who you're talking to
because still have a conversation
thought he's having a conversation
as who would hurt
so otherwise to it yeah
may be so maybe it may be so that i'm having a conversation

and may you also
have a conversation
maybe so i believe
i believe in conversation
i believe i am a conversation
and i i believe it would be good if i remember going i'm a conversation
and i believe is good to perform conversation in order to help me remember that i'm conversation
have you met some advice
are we learning to said
you know thank you
hmm i'd rather not give advice but i am saying that i support and value conversation i think that's what i'm saying is that the conversation is what
gives rise to the buddha
but as do not make themselves in the buddhist but is in conversation with borders make border
an hour buddha nature and conversation with other buddha nature's
who are in conversation with buddhas and buddha qualities give rise to buddha
and come and along with buddha comes
dharma and sangha
buddha is this highest continuity
but there's also like up
i'm a lineage or open source of this highest continuity which is that
living beings who have problems
already fully possessed the buddhist wisdom and by conversation with buddha's wisdom
wish you can come by many names
the butter is born for you could say we realize
put on by that conversation
two universes
nature in association
it's not so much that buddha agers and attack and association buddha nature is the association of the attachments and misconceptions with the with reality that's our nature we've all got reality
and at this point in our development we also have some kind of like
temporary close association with misconceptions and attachments
that's how buddha nature
me there
now there's just too just not particularly associated so guy i think i mentioned the sanskrit for for our buddha nature of one to one of the sanskrit expressions is i believe is called
saw marla
dr tom
which means saw saw like with marla pollution and then tata dyes such as it's sessions with not mixed but with
pollution or imperfections okinawa attachments
there's a conversation their do and if we would realize that conversation the association wouldn't be very strong
then buddha the the realization of the situation is today's top also but now it's ah mala tucker time without its such as without pollution
so by having a if if we can see the conversation between attachment
and misconceptions with her wisdom
that would also that would be the same as that will be that wouldn't be the wisdom is to wisdom
which would realize this is the wisdom and this is a diversion and the delusions or version and they're not do because wisdom is understanding the delusion
so they're in conversation and but we also somehow need and we have realization all around us which is teaching us how to have conversations with our delusions
so it's finished teaching us your conversations we have conversations with realization to help us develop realization in other ways to help us of conversation which things that with things that we don't really think we're conversing with we think that they're like fixtures rather than conversation pieces like my view
who is not just a conversation piece is like the way things are rather than the way i think things are is something to talk about
something to get feedback on yes
hi mom
through conversation he
the says he was preceded germans yeah
see who's in
major so you so rc the time of oxygen
been well as to
yeah hops a
describe in us through the conversation
retractions emerge senior project
him and we could end we could converse further and we could converse further about this
through conversation you there is a revelation that certain things which we thought were true were really projections third and things which without were true about something we're actually ideas about that thing and we might also know through notice through conversation that we're kind of stuck
on some of our ideas about things conversation might help us realize oh i actually not so flexible about this someone who actually some other human being might say to me you seem to be kind of stuck on that point and if i don't just stop there but i
say what tell me more about that than they might and i might see or i think you're going i think i am kind of stuck so the conversation might help you see clearly more clearly these attachments and misconceptions but also you said hickey that there could be a conversation with beings also
and through conversation we can realize that these projections and misconceptions are beings
and part of the conversation is also with projections and with the attachments
and to have a conversation with them have so they were beings and and to develop compassion towards the things that are causing suffering
because they're calling for compassion just like our original nature is calling for compassion to like would you please realize me
so we converse with the original nature partly by remembering it and partly by bowing down to it occasionally and saluting to it and on singing praises of it but also we can be respectful to the things which are put our the pollutions which hang around it so conversation
with the pollutions conversation with the pure nature and conversations with the wisdom that has realized
the fully realize this situation
in the realization of buddhahood which is the realization of our of our nature
of our
original nature and polluted need polluted associations
the realization of that
oh is is up is it accepts that all the suffering that come from pollution is omnipresent
so the buddhas are not like okay had no i don't accept that this all this pollution and suffering is here all the time know they do they they're they're willing to have conversations with no end with all the beings who are suffering because of pollution
yes other racism
you say
is just like aware
the study a plays of rejections road schemes like started study either safe or purely
well it that
or logo on this
i suppose
go with your hand gestures were for the for the studying the realization you stretch your hands on farther
that girl and then when you talked about studying the stuff you had your hands closer
so this this idea that the that the realizations out there that's another idea which is in say she'll realize that idea of this realization that idea is actually right here so so so good place to start
yeah that's
no that's why i sort of said earlier that before we received the call for refuge in the buddha
we practice repentance
we admit that you know i tend to put buddha out there and forget that when i put buddha out there that's actually an idea in here
so i confess i had an idea about what boot is and i actually thought that was buddha and i'm sorry type buda side buddha i mean i'm not so sorry that i had an idea of you i'm sorry that i thought that the idea of he was you
having an idea but it is not a misconception as long as your realize is just an idea a buddha
can have whatever idea you want about buddha
that's okay but if you hold onto it than it's like than he does a misconception or if think buddhist short that would in you believe had got a misconception but just the idea buddha's tall or short no problem
and then once you think it's true you and you attached to it than a bit more of a problem mean and that way is not conversational
you're missing the you're missing the chance of having our conversation yes
is your is your name betty
gayle who is betsy
wish me was which one is gutsy
becky becky and gail okay gail
i was suffering

and i know

is and
is normal
i ever since
i am
i i
well but
getting rid life
experience yeah my senses years username name
history is your senses correct
and this original gift it came to you i took from your story and and even if you don't tab this story from your story i think you got this gift not because you were trying to get rid of all that trouble
you didn't you didn't mention you're having all this trouble and you were kind to it and then you saw what and then you had this insight he didn't say that but i think that's what happened i think you had all this trouble and you're and you're you responded to it with compassion
and then you got to see what it was the wisdom came because you weren't trying to get rid of those delusions which are some which were causing suffering
if we try to get rid of the delusions that caused suffering
rather than listening to them with compassion they just
they just keep working until they get the compassion that they need to say wanna be free and you felt free of them but also they got fried not from you but from being tricked from the situation of not being allowed to be
and yeah so a big part of this teaching is to not try to get rid of evil
but to rather to realize good realizing good comes from not trying to get rid of evil so can we come back to repentance so going for refuge and buddha is good
but the way you go for refuge in buddha is by admitting your shortcomings
by admitting that you did something on unskillful or unkind admitting confessing that your own kind and feeling sorry for it is wholesome
the beginning of being wholesome is to confess on wholesomeness
so before going for refuge in these jewels which i've described how they come to be
where they there they come from this conversation
and so we go for refuge in number before we go for refuge in a ceremony we
sit we say in a formal way we say all my ancient twisted karma other words we admit that we are ancient we are we are the in a lineage of ancient karmic activity and this comic activities born of greed hate and delusion we've been involved in greed hate and delusion
and we've been acting it out through body speech and mind we admit this and were somewhat regret it
with we admit being human and some of the things we've done we regret we don't regret everything we've done as humans but we are human we admit it and we admit that we've done a lot of stuff from beginning last time
that is the beginning of wholesomeness and then the next step and wholesomeness is returning to the buddha
and then we start to contemplate not just returning to border but realizing it
and again part of realizing it is to confess our attachments and misconceptions
which is not trying to get rid of them if you try to get rid of them you haven't really confess them
when you confess them got it you don't confessed and then
in a way you confess them and and your kind of recycle them and the way you recycle them is by going for refuge not by pushing them away
pushing them away is not kind confession is kind you give them their do you give your shortcomings you give your own wholesomeness had to do what what what it's unwholesome this do
what to do
no know what to do what to do to it
it causes suffering things that caused suffering what is due to them what are they calling for they're calling for compassion and to say okay that was skillful on skillfulness would like some recognition but kind recognition so we need to i need to learn how to say that was unskillful
in a kind way and then also see that being kind towards it helps me maybe feel sorry about it and then be kind to my sorry in my sorrow
that's a compress can fit repentance is a conversation with on wholesomeness
it's a hot it's a it's a compassionate com confession and repentance arc and compassionate conversation with unwholesome this which is the beginning of wholesomeness a conversation with unwholesome this is the beginning of wholesomeness and then a conversation with the boot
is for atheism is the middle
the middle of wholesomeness and then practicing
the teachings is an unending process of realization of wholesomeness
so we are into wholesomeness but the path the wholesomeness starts with admitting on wholesomeness don't go for the wholesome and tell you done your homework
a okay
her yes but as what's it like to what about it
also have and i was one on top as
court on tuesday nights and last lobby
to get here and i was getting over here
for miranda
the slow pace and i'm like
sweet as as a or gas analysis
even worried about five
and so on
and i listen to us thinking
farmers and that way or whoever does all the stuff of fire
just in
well fire ah is not i'm going to caught fire is calling for compassion with fire is not
of fear fear fear fear is not fear is fear is not on wholesomeness
here's house i don't think so i think fear comes because of unwholesome wholesomeness

for example mindfulness is usually part of wholesomeness
for example mindfulness
of awakening or mindfulness of the teaching mindfulness of the buddha mindfulness of the teaching this is wholesome this is the middle of wholesomeness to remember that the buddha and the teacher and the song is that's that's a wholesome it's the middle levels but the beginning of wholesomeness would be
confess what confessed that i'm not being mindful
like i was i wasn't mindful and and not being mindful firoz
ah often yeah
right there
did you see why would the fire
well i'm not saying it definitely would be but i i kind of feel like if i'm really mindful i might not get afraid of the fire
i might just be a good fire
i might enter into a really good conversation with the fire
so with were dangerous things like fires and tigers
yeah with things like that if you are in conversation with them thorough conversation fear may not arise
i'm not saying it absolutely definitely won't but people who interact with fire on a mindfully and also notice when they're not mindful and confessed when they're not find fault they get more and more mindful with the fire and there in the middle of the fire maybe i would say
perhaps with less fear
for mindfulness does go with awakening to
if you are afraid to notice it and to notice maybe that that increase mindfulness
which also goes with increase patients an increased generosity and carefulness and weren't we can be less afraid of dangerous things when we're really mindful so i might confess
for example i was not mindful and when and then i got really afraid because i wasn't mine for
i was involved in something and i and i i lost my mindfulness i lost the that practice and lot of fear came up but i think it but even at the fear didn't come i might still feel like like i i'm driving a bus i'm not paying attention
have gotten it's full of kids and i'm driving along and it didn't have an accident
but i realized i was driving and i wasn't paying attention for a while there i was opened my head you know distracted from being mindful of driving and i'm really sorry and i feel really bad
i know and i'm done i might yeah does i'll just stop there that i might feel really sorrowful that i wasn't more skillful and wholesome so i confess that i wasn't skillful i wasn't wholesome in driving the car full of kids
and i'm really sorry and that's the beginning of wholesomeness but i could also then become if i did if i then didn't start practicing wholesomeness than i could instead of like suddenly not okay not going to really pay attention my driving i could slip away from be mindful that driving and not think what have i do with
that again and my job is not to sit that people are say would you please get in a car and think about what if you get in an accident
they're asked me to drive the car not worry about getting in an accident
generally speaking people who are worried about driving
and skillfully aren't has skillful as people who are mindful of driving skillfully
somebody can drive or really skillfully really mindfully
and not be afraid
and if they really doing that they might be able to report to you that if they got into fear that would be a distraction from mindfulness of
driving skillfully if somebody's skating and goes up to do a triple axel and they worry about whether it's going to happen they they almost for sure will fall there's no room for being worried when you're spinning through the air and coming down on the tip of your skate there's no room for that that skilled requires
i'm not worrying it requires tremendous mindfulness however to get to that place requires many cases of repentance of confessing that you weren't mindful and had been in conversation with your coach who points out to you that you weren't mindful
and you accepting that feedback and being sorry that you weren't mindful and being motivated to try again with more mindfulness until finally you can fly off the ground spin on the air and come down on the edge of a piece of metal or nice because you are so
skillful but that skillfulness comes
from lots of confession and repentance
and the skillfulness i would say at the core of it when they now some people get many people do fly been there worry and fall that happens course but then you then you will say that your coach would say yeah well that that's not where we're doing here we're not we're not skating in order to be a
afraid but it for afraid we should confess that heaters to the cauchy same were you afraid just now when you did that
let's do something else than that you can do fearlessly until you can do something fearlessly and then you'll try something which okay ready not can try this to do this in a relaxed present way
but we're not trying to get rid of the fear because that would also be unskillful
but if there's fear we want to confess it and also the fear is coming from of one and so what are we afraid of were freight or afraid that we won't be compassionate
we're afraid that we won't be attentive to each other were afraid it would would listen carefully were afraid that we will respect people gay those are fears we have
but you could also just say i'm sorry i wasn't i wasn't compassion and i'm sorry you don't have to get him to be afraid that you can not be compassionate but you could and if you're afraid you can being compassionate you could say i'm i i honor being afraid again if not
however the uncompassionate
burning here you're afraid of burning
yeah but
so if you're free yeah so if you're afraid of being if you're afraid of getting burned okay then what's your practice that you want to do
yeah right
okay there it is to stop right there your this fire you notice you're afraid and what your practices to have a conversation with it which is perhaps to say i'm afraid and
so i want to have a conversation with another which i want to be compassionate towards the sphere
so the next time
and i don't know maybe i wasn't compassionate and that moment with my fear
i wasn't and that i'm sorry about i'm sorry but the fear i'm sorry that the fear came my fear came up at me and i wasn't compassionate to us or somebody fair came up in a friend and i wasn't compassionate to it i'm sorry about that
i'm not sorry my friend is afraid
buddha's not sorry that people are afraid buddha is in conversation with all frightened beatings put it is accepting that there's no end to frightening be frightened beatings but but a buddha forgets but it doesn't a bodhisattvas forget
to be compassionate towards frightened beings than they might notice that and confess it and say they're sorry because they're trying to be in a compassionate conversation with everybody which means with fear confusion with hatred without
doubt is not
you know that doubt something that's calling for compassion and if i don't give it if somebody tells me that doubt and i don't observe them with compassion than i and i noticed that and i wouldn't say who i might not say to them because it might not be good but i might say to my teacher you know somebody was really down
they were doubting the teaching and i i wasn't kind to them and i'm really sorry
somebody was afraid of fire
this friend of mine was afraid of fire and she was calling for compassion and i didn't give it to her i'm sorry i was afraid and i missed the opportunity right in the middle of my fear of the fire i missed the opportunity to practice i'm sorry i'm not sorry that i was afraid i'm sorry that
i missed a beat compassion beat oh
i'm afraid but i have this appropriate opportunity
thank you for your excellent question yes

pretty much anything that comes up in your mind mindful of your body and your consciousness it's hard to be mindful of your unconsciousness because you're not conscious of it time to play but you can apply mindfulness to everything in your conscious mind which includes your conscious awareness of your body which
you know is your conscious version of your body so you would practice mindfulness of the body right which means you're aware that you're sitting right now you're aware of your posture you're aware of your breathing you're aware of your
feelings here where the sound you're hearing your aware of the smell of you're smelling your what where and sound the sh years your were well that you're aware of your feelings you're aware of your percent if you're aware of your attitudes your opinions you're aware of fear you're aware of discouraging
you're aware of greed hate and delusion you're aware of all those things as mindfulness and if you're really into that whatever you know i just think of sending a ping-pong balls of all this stuff is to wear of each one
well then you have not much to confess you're doing your job
and fear can come from what at some place
you know but your mind for your pardon
being aware of fear is well in if you're aware of fear and also you are aware that you're aware of here that's mindfulness
enjoy your question and after to live

does it lessen it
being just just you
well you it were being being aware of the fear
being aware of the fear being not really fully aware of the fear
really letting the fear be is not concerned with lessening the fear
so there's this thing called fear whom
so there could be there's there's fear and there is trying to reduced to fear which goes very well with intensifying the fear so some people are afraid and they try to reduce the fear and then that often makes the fair flare up
but if you're afraid you're aware of the fear and your practice patients with it let you come down to feel the fear right now in this tiny moment not thinking about it than going on for five minutes or ten years not worrying about whether it's going to go on not trying to make it stop you totally there
share your present
and you're ready to have a conversation with it
and in a conversation you're going to realize your buddha-nature
which is there which is there all the time
but if we practice with the stuff we don't have a conversation with it we we don't realize it
was there somebody else over there yes


except as


not necessarily but it could go that way you could be practicing mindfulness prior to being welcoming and accepting like you could be mindful is possible that you can be mined for or i can be mindful i am not accepting i'm like i'm totally don't accept this but you know that's that's what's going on
here and i'm mindful big non-acceptance
but you can also be accepting and not be mindful of it but you tube you know like i throw your ball you can catch it without really being mindful and then you can be talking to tyler i throw the ball you catch it and i said did you know you caught a ball and honestly what
so you can be in conversation and not be mindful however if you're in conversation you are mindful i would say the conversation is more wholehearted
it works better you can also be mindful that you're not up for conversation however if you are mindful that you're not up for conversation that will be compatible with an evolutionary process where you will want to be in conversation because if you're aware that
you're not wanting to be in conversation you'll see how stressful that is and your gradually see actually i do want to be in conversation i actually did not want to a few minutes ago but then i really was there for that and i saw that that was really not what i want i was you know
like you know you could say to me read you want to have a conversation i'd say no when you could say you should do like michael you're right
but i might not be able to do that if i wasn't like listening to you
and listening to me when he said to one another conversation and i say knowledge and my said no you say yes you tuition yeah actually yeah
so there's lot of possibilities here but mindfulness is part of the conversation being maturing
and if you're not if you have image your conversational skills immature enthusiasm for having conversations than being aware of that and confessing at you're not very skillful with conversations that universe cope because you don't want to get skillful and you know it and you can see that does not
skillful and you confess it and you're sorry that was the beginning of becoming skillful at conversations
can you give me and teaching
they feel
dr though
ah are teaching us teaching i would give you is
say i'm so grateful that i had a conversation
i'm so grateful that i have a conversation and i want to have and i want to have more who say that
i'm so grateful that i have
as i'm so grateful that organization and i love to know many more
yeah thank you that that's a teaching which i recommend to all of us
to remember that that if you'd have that conversations and you appreciate them to note that and that's not that's a confession but you you might not feel repentance you might feel more like that's what i want to do and if i don't do that i hope i notice i want to notice and confess it because i want to
do it
okay thank you very much for another amazing tuesday night
at the temple of