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In this summer series, teachings will be offered for those who aspire to embrace and sustain the great earth and all living beings in order to realize peace and freedom in our troubled world.

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so themes that we've been discussing one is that
constructed stillness and unconstructive jonas

particular stillness
and universal stillness
upright stillness
and inclined stillness
the same was silence unconstructive violence and constructed silence
absolute silence relative silence
the principle of silence and the phenomenon of silence
and these things are
interpenetrating each other

an illuminating each other
so they are so
the particular
is in the universal and the universal is in the particular

last week tyler says something about
more sort of pointing out that the there's great virtue in constructed silence are constructed stillness
because not because and taking care of construct a stillness
is taking care of
a stillness in which there is unconstructive stillness so taking care of construct a stillness
here they're taking care of it at that particular place for the revelation for the disclosure and discovery of unconstructive illness
a stillness which is not at a particular place but is contained in a particular place
and vice versa
burnham here if you take care of
the construct the stillness
which you can't see it's not a phenomenon if you'd take care of the principle of stillness right in the principle of stillness is the phenomenon stillness
so the principal can illuminate the phenomena and the phenomena get in can eliminate the principal
at the i think the last person to ask a question last week was elizabeth and you remember your question
would you bring it up again please
doesn't have to be the same because that i was referring to the phenomenal question that you're asked which was only for that time but still we can we can bring up another phenomenal one in relationship to that on his
yeah to me thanks

it doesn't mean that


so again they truly transcendent compassion
he's invisible
but it contains
visible compassion
and if one realize his transcendent compassion
the proof to you realized it is the way you deal with
mile on transcendent are situational a pure are phenomenon of compassion

yeah most most of us would have trouble practicing compassion in all situations

i can say until or until we realize
the transcendent compassion
so i can maybe you can be patient with this person and this person this person but
not this person
that's quite familiar right
the realization of the transcended compassion will make it so that that you can handle all the particulars and natalie handle them means you you're willing to work with them all and not only can you work with all you work with them appropriately when you realize the compassion which you can't see
the other way around as when you do realize the transcendent yeah then the way you work with a particular is illuminated by the transcendent
but we can work on constructed compassion constructed stillness
constructed good we can do that
and if we do it skillfully
then we have a chance to take care of something
that's not particular that universal
and then taking care of that it's not that that's better we should take care of that basically the same way we take care of particular thanks
if we take care of that
then that also is illuminated even more
just think if we'd take care of that that makes it possible for us to get better better care of the particular take ticker in a particular that helps us take better care of the universal universal wholesomeness is to be cared for
their interests to interviews they're reciprocal
so right in the universal is the particular and right in the particular is the universal
but by meditating on the universal and particular
you start to see that the particulars not really particular and meditating on the universal
meditating on the particular and the universal you see the universal is not really universal neither one of them are really stuck in their position
but people are often stuck in particular
and fully accepting being stuck in a particular is being stuck in the particulars another particular been fully
fully skillful and being stuck you realize
that tourism on particular being stuck there's a universal big stuck in the bank stock

which is not really being stuck and it's not really universal
and your discretion your face or it
yeah not
yeah so there's
the well there's
there's a sentimental compassion and there's and middle one which is called
regarding relations or elements and then there's great compassion which is because it's some
it's or non door compassion
universal unconditioned
doesn't really have objects
the first two types of compassion have objects
one type of object is the usual object
of a suffering being
particular compassion particularly care for particular pain of a particular person there's that kind
and is kind of constructed compassion in the sense that this person
yeah this person suffering and then i might say oh i'm on a practice compassion tourism and i remember the practices of compassion and engage in them and i wasn't engaging them before i met the person and i wasn't engaging before i remembered the practices and now i am reminded me to practice and now i feel
like that remembering and call it together created this
on the on constructed compassion the universal compassion is not constructed
it's our actual relationship
if that were you know we're not separate from each other
we don't we don't make things that way that's the way we are that's the way things are
in the middle compassion called compassion which has relationships are elements as objects and in a way that that middle kind of compassion is when you start being somewhat critical of you pro your compassion he started in to be open to looking at
a somewhat differently
instead of seeing people as beings you can see them as
composed of various elements in your own consciousness you can see them as forms
rather than people or people are rather than forms where you can see people as feelings or ideas and perceptions so another word we use last week is as perceptual compassion and imperceptible compassion
and in a way starting to be somewhat critical or
experimental are questioning
an open to being questioned about your compassion towards beings that opens a new kind of compassion
and that openness is also part of constructed compassion but that openness is also in the own constructed so the constructed as in the and constructed and in a way that it's or the you particular compassion is the universal compassion and one of the ways is there is that
there is a question about or what is
this compassion
the universal compassion helps us like one be be enough state of wonder and awe about the objects of compassion to people and the compassion itself rather than at the beginning you think you know who that person is you think you know it they're suffering is you think you know
what you're suffering is you think you know who you are that's fine let's practice compassion with the situation
but you may not be open to being to have your assumptions about who you are or who they are called into account
you may not be open to being questioned about your compassion practice that's that makes things even more sentimental
but to be compassionate even sentimentally towards someone and be open to being questioned about your compassion now you move into a kind of transition compassion
and it also that route in some sense that transition compassion is in a way even more present than the previous one was because you're attending to the compassion but a more intensely
like you're looking at the your compassion that you're looking at who your compassion towards but you also like or what am i doing here where am i who is this that make you more intimate
and the more intimate you are with the practice the more you're there for the revelation of what's already there intimately but not perceptually
so again as we
shrek away from or hesitate to be with our perceptions the
to the extent that were not able to be with our perceptions
fully compassionately
we're stuck in them
and to some extent we're stuck in them if we don't question them
question them helps us not be stuck in now
and the for the full liberation from our perceptions comes with the revelation
of the imperceptible then we become completely free of our perception of how good we are or how skillful we are or how unskillful yard so we still think that was unskillful what i did was unskilled
what i did with skillful he could still have those thoughts those perceptions
but the when you don't believe them anymore than the universal is in individual is the particular see got the particular compassion you're practicing
but the universal's they're all the time the more you're with your particular compassion the more huge have a chance to see the universal's there
and that your particular compassion isn't really particular
and you thought it was he thought it was this way and not that way that's the way it looked like well there's just kind of compassion but that wasn't the kind i was doing i was doing this kind of compassion
but there's infinite particular types of compassion an infinite beings
and we can relate to we can work on room with play down the list of infinite beings and infinite forms but really it's like among the infinite we deal with a large number and each one if we're completely therefore it
we get to see
that it's not that way it's otherwise
yes him
would you stop
last pass hashtable
dr worse self consciousness
it wouldn't we seek once you had this realization of the universal in the particular that realization will eliminate the particulars which you been doing
and you realize that the the universal was in the particulars on one then you realize that the particulars containing the the universal so you know you continue to do the particulars but with innocence a little bit more enjoyment because you realize
you're not just doing this particular you doing this particular in this particular
on all the other forms of compassion are contained might be because the door now
like gum
so a particular example is
towards the end of cigarettes his life since center started growing particularly after tassajara
if he has also as book was published shortly before he died
and his book on of what after is published so quite a few copies and so a lot more people knew about him
but just from the last year so it's etc started growing and
the city centre had a lot of people in the city center song or was growing sense every was becoming more well known and he and he before that he wasn't so he wasn't he didn't have so many students so he says now denser growing so now people have to make appointments with me
but in the early days of zen center you know you didn't really have to make appointment with them contributors to you kind of could just go
you could say can i talk to you and you'd be there yeah sure let's talk
but when many people want to talk to them ah he started have to make appointments
but he said one time
but you should know that when i'm talking to that person
i'm doing it for you
so i may never get to talk to you
he didn't say that part but he didn't rush through this person to get to the next person because he was talking to this person for all these people
so you still have to talk to individual not have to but you still talk into individual people
but you're here not in a rush to get to the next person because even for you get to the next person you're talking to this person for these people
and take and they understood has transmitted to them that are there waiting to talk to you the person you're talking to is being talked to for you
and when you get to talk to him he'll talk to you for them which means he's not rushing through this person to get to the next person because he's doing the next this person for the next person and when it gets to the next person you won't rush to that person tickets to the next person
and if you do have quite a few people to talk to
and you and when you're talking to this particular person
and you care about the next person in the next person but you rush through this person to get to the next person that means you don't think the all the other people are contained in this person so you don't take care of this person
and this person feels it
although the although they are getting your attention they feel that it split between them and the other people
and when and then poem that thing when you get to the next person the next person also gets you could say short shrift
each person doesn't get your full attention because you're thinking about the other people
if you realize that in this person or all people than you give each person yourself fully so the the practice is not so that we don't have to deal with individual people it's so that we can do to deal with each individual person fully
you still can't see all the people anyway
unless you want to have two people to see in your life or even one
even have two people the same problem would occur
so you you'd it isn't that after you have this revelation you don't take care of particulars it just actually had this revelation your more fully convinced that when you're talking to this person
everybody's included so you don't rush through talking to this person
now there's another aspect of this which is that if you rush through this person to get to the next person because you don't realize the next person is included in this person if you're rush through it then you also don't take care yourself
so you will crush
why because you trying to take care of everybody individually rather than take care of each person individually
you take care of each person individually rather than everybody individually you take care of each person individually
then you realize you're taking care of everybody
and then you don't crash
and you're not rushing onto the next person and you're not feeling like i can't talk to this question in a lager because so many people waiting but i can tell you from my experiences this thing about thinking of the next people
i can't just you you will do you burn up or burn out
but if you give yourself completely to each person you don't burn out
and everybody gets taken care of and also the picture talking to learn this from you
they know other people are waiting and they're kind of thinking hmm
she knows other people are waiting but she's not rushing through me which is fine with me but maybe they'll get angry but still this she's not rushing
it's like she's going to stay with me forever and the more you feel like the person's going to stay with you forever the more you feel like
you know thanks a lot and you get what you need and move on
and if you don't feel like you're getting what you that the person will stay with you forever you kind of want to talk to a more until you feel like that
did you follow that
when will this person stop thinking of the next person and just think of me because they're talking to me and if and if i'm and then also when will i when i'm waiting
want them to talk to the other person without thinking me
so that when they get to me they'll talk to me without thinking of the next person and and teach me how to do that but it's little it's a little difficult
but the more i concentrate on this person
the more i realize this is for everybody
it's for me
and in order to continue the work i need to deal with people that way
same with activities yes
if you open a door
you know thinking about opening the door you know it's okay but really that murray the point open the doors to get into the room
so you don't really like give yourself fully to opening the door because you're not that interesting and door opening what you're interested in is what's gonna happen when you get in the room
don't you get in the room he do the same thing
you take care of things
so to get through them to the next thing
or like i also use example if you sit down and a chair assuming it's gonna hold you
then you don't really take care of sitting down the chair
and also not just open the door to get in but opening the door without sort of wondering if to doors going to actually if if the knobs gonna turn and at the door is gonna open
it's kind of like i'm a busy person i don't have time to like wonder where their doors are going to open
and which is again like door opening is not
the be all and end all of my life even though it's what you're doing right now
and you knew the next thing that way to
i mean you might do the next thing that went to
like again here's a room and i don't have to wonder what is this room
so in a sense to fully take care of each particular thing you need to question every particular thing sorry
but as possible to
put your foot down questioning lee and put your next put down questioning the you can walk that way
it in my slow you down for a while i don't know
it's possible
you might not get as far if you walk that way i don't know
and this way will not prevent the floor from falling through fire under your feet either
this way doesn't make the world a solid permanent
it makes you however be more and more there
makes you that it allows you to be more and more there and less and less someplace else which of course you're not you're just thinking about some place else
so activities like opening doors and sitting on chairs and also talking to people
have his every movement every thought it's plaque same applies
stop like a
it's not only the way
it's not so much feeling burned out it's actually being burned out the problem because you can feel been burned out and can find jack go burned out but i'm full of energy and enthusiastic about my work and i just feel i feel burned out but i'd take care of the burned out like talking to somebody and i don't assume i know it burned out is because the out doesn't bother me but when
you like again i think this story which i might have told you about this is a japanese buddhist priest i think and he
i don't know i'm thinking got into like taking care of a lot of people some face to face but also he got into telephone calls and internet
and i think he got into like i gotta see the next person and the next person was like knocking at the door saying you gotta see me i need you and he's kind of like okay i'll be right there would have normal right
but he wasn't taking care of this person
because he was worried about the next person and he thought he should be taken care of the next person and the next person so he was even know no matter who is talking to he felt like i'm not yet i'm not taking care of the people who need me and i should try
and the people who he was trying to help they were calling to him and saying you're too slow you should speed up i need you you're not available and he is going like oh i'm sorry i'll try to go faster
is he is a young priest
and he had a hard check
and he went to the hospital
and in the hospital they got little rest
he wasn't a telephone all the time people were coming to the room he also wasn't going to to you know where they were calling to be and it wasn't online to all these people
and but when it least one of his patients are one of his students got through to him and was really angry at him for not being available
and he said a cause at all i get it
he realized that this the conclusion is that if you have a heart attack your students basically they think should be taken care of them better when you have have a heart attack from proud to take care of my better
so then he basically changed his style of practice and he went to some kind of pretty remote temples or an order to see him you had to walk a long way
and yes and he legion and helps a very many people but also he didn't have a heart attack and the people came to see him we're not asking him you know to see it out
to be perfect
when they made that long when they made a big effort to see him than he didn't have to be perfect alia to do is bitter
interesting was the
is also
he had a practice
you're rushed for him you should rush for me
in other words you're rushed for him you should rush for me in other words you didn't take care of him so you should take her me
you're rushed through him
so but don't rush through me
wait a minute
so urgency and needs to be hundred know what to wear it is
ah respected and if you're expected to urgency can be held and cared for without speeding up
it's actually an urgency to be here it's urgent that you'd be here that's what everybody needs to to learn to eat you to do so somebody could set the example and show in his possible it is urgent that we are here
that we take her this person
and that we'd also accept that were limited
yeah so people say you can yeah go ahead and accept your limited
but not a my case
but if you if you pretend to be unlimited with this person the next person want you to
have no limits with them but people who are actually pretty good when you if you start off right away saying i'm limited i'm sorry they can go okay
thanks i i am too and by the way
i got emily dickinson bottom comes to mind i'm nobody who are you are you nobody to
one or two of us yes
why relates to it i
bringing benefits bringing benefit to them this problematic world young
he is pretty
some comfort

urgent yes urgent yes yes urgent yes
it's urgent that we be present it's urgent that we don't rush with this person and this person and this person it's urgent that we don't speed up
and it's urgent that we also don't like try to stop ourselves from speeding up
because if you're trying to speed up it's urgent that you'd take care of the person who's trying to speed up it's urgent that we take care of our sense that we're not doing enough or it's urgent that we take care of our sense that we are doing enough like i'm doing enough leave me alone
it's not to argue with that it's be present with that like some people come to see the teacher and they say i'm doing enough aren't i
i'm not doing enough am i i don't know if i'm doing enough this is a big issue all of these things are urgently calling for full attention
and this particular am i doing enough
in that particular am i doing enough is the universal
and if you're totally with this particular am i doing enough the universal's really really revealed and that revelation you have more energy to deal with the next am i doing enough
is whatever it is am i doing enough and by doing too much
am i doing too little
are they doing enough all these things are calling for complete unconditional absolute universal compassion
but the way it starts is like being fully there for this limited thing
we're not ready for the
one of the matter which is right there of course
and the unlimited then infuses us with resources to again and again be completely there for each individual and the again and the individuals are not going to stop saying and you're not going to stop thinking in my doing enough it
you're not going to get away from that
people are going to keep wondering that and they're gonna come to meet you and they're going to come to meet you wondering a date if they're doing enough and they can also be wondering are you doing enough and are you doing enough for them and to meet that
it's an urgent matter and if you rush you won't meet it
if you rush you go after the side or jump ahead rushing
undermines complete meeting but as urgent that we meet completely
and if people spit up it's urgent that we like
are there for their speeding up
doesn't mean so we speed up but were there with are speeding up we can just get on with just jump on their on their train ride with them
like surfing
say again at work
she said
if this war correctly
e m t now
i mean anything
he was like
yeah yeah
it's because basically is what i'm saying yeah
if you practice zen the word correctly if you practice and correctly you'll burn out practice exam
you you will burn out if you practice and correctly i think it's is prickly is like in quotation marks if you practice zen according to your idea of correctly and you finally make it there you will burn out quite quickly most people are
since i haven't quite arrived there could get correctly there but they're approaching it they they're not they're not quite as much trouble is that they're actually would arrive at finally i'm doing it correctly
that's like russia
you're rushed to correctly rather than i'd like to i'd like to do it correctly but and i aspire to do it correctly but i don't actually know what correctly is
however if i'd like to do it correctly and i do know it correctly is then i might be able to do it correctly potential per note
but to want to its appeal to wanna be a body sought for anybody heard about that to aspire to be a bodhisattva
if you miss out that you don't know what it is i mean if you don't our underwear that you don't really know for sure what it is you're missing out on what it is what it is enclosed wondering what it is
and doing it right or correctly includes
wondering what correctly is
again as i said if you miss wondering what you're doing what if you wonder what you're doing what is
you're missing key ingredient of ethical practice
so you're doing good or you're doing this correctly but your your your ethics are undermined by not wondering what you're doing and also by not being asked by other people
and they don't ask you because you're doing it correctly they stay away from you and everybody stays away from you you will burn out
share new i don't have the aids
a just i just so this is in china right and that's it gets are commonplace for sen
china or chinese an same word yeah so there is so this is not a temple and i was a teacher and student students to go off passed over because our well
our planet
teacher says
i called now will you answer me and my students says well are going
and then the teacher says iconic you
you don't understand
yeah right and so bad for some that
i don't know why
our illustrious
the no
what comes to my mind is when i was in japan one time me and this japanese phrase came to my mind which was nodal collider
and i thought i new i'm new at japanese but i thought why did the dot com
and i thought what does that actually meaning in england when it reported that know required of me you oh it means no-go the throat has become dry
so with the expression that came from my mind in japanese was the throat has become
first away way it came up i did i don't know how that came up and then when i came up i wondered why that what was it and then i translated it on oprah was and i still don't know why it came and then i realized i was thirsty
sometimes you're thirsty and you don't think i'm thirsty sometimes you're thirsty and you do think you're thirsty i don't know why that expression comes up you could say was because you think you're thirsty would
but sometimes you don't think that when you're thirsty
but this time than the japanese expression came i didn't even know his japanese are i didn't know what it meant but it was the perfect thing for my condition
and that story came because it's the perfect story for talking about
you can go yeah you wanna go be alone find that sounds like a good idea
and then pop up blah blah
and then the students and blah blah and the teachers as oh no no you can go be alone but you can't go be alone according to your idea of being alone you can go off and like just attached to what you think being alone is that's not what we mean by being alone and being alone isn't also what i do
it is either being alone is like everything else it's a conversation
and if you're if you're alone and you're not open to people questioned or year being alone you're not being alone you just be isolated
so when students that i want to be alone a teacher thought he meant or you mean you gonna go explore with that mystery is and student and mean that he was gonna go do what he thought it was and then when a teacher said some things to me realize oh oh my god no no no no don't do that
that would not be a good idea for you to go and spend time doing what you think it's going on is true
you stay here a little longer could here we can question you
like when you go to the bathroom you sam i'm going to the bathroom where do you think that is
was an urgent matter whether you think it's something you should rush to do and so on we can have a conversation here so that
sotos then is
not about going off in practicing by yourself according to your idea of practically by yourself once you're free of your ideas about what practicing by yourself is needed engine go practice by yourself but how you going to become free of that idea except by having conversations with people who help you
notice if you're attached to your idea of what being with people is and what not being with people
most people need quite a bit of interrogation
somebody i heard somebody on the radio just yesterday
i go i know should lift as woman who is very interesting how going to call it a critic and particular she's a tv critic
the art of to have horrible men the art of horrible men
and she started thinking about this because stanley weinstein is very powerful hardest part of you know horrible to people
do not to mention what did to the men
until he him into point it's not about putting blinders on it's about interrogating and so when when you find out that some artist
is it always terrible to people read present putting blinders on in relationship to to his or her art
don't put blinders on don't look like it's a lot of people do once they find out somebody's corrupted they stopped they stop reading the person's books or stop looking at their movies or whatever she said don't put blinders on interrogated
interrogate dart don't don't look away from it and a deny it
because there's something in there
and been and before you start you before you found this thing out about the person you should have been interrogating are too
and if you were you might find out you might have found out on crop they were
even before you knew if you interrogated their artwork you might have described found out the problems in their in their personal life
but once you find out
he should you know you should start and or continue your interrogation of the art
that's part of being compassionate to the horrible person
is to interrogate to hurt
all separate
i think that they will they just fished the the causes and conditions for that thought and i don't know how that works by people do think it some other people think you can't separate the people who think you can't separated they might be inclined to sort look away from it so if
the if the person's cruel and abusive than you might think for their art is too
i'm not saying i'm not saying you can or cannot separate
i would just say that cruel people to art is include the quote each other but also we are included in their art and we are included in their cruelty
so taking care of when you look at art taken care of it is another example something to be completely present with this particularity
be open to being questioned about how you are when you when you are like an art school when the students look at the heart the teachers interrogate them about what they're saying
they have intense conversations about heart in art school
i we should do that with our to we should do it with art and we should do it with the artists because all these things are calling their particulars each one's a particular and every particular is an equal opportunity to discover the universal
and discover how the universal is turning with the particular
so what people think hardest and heart can be separated
that's something during test investigate if they think they cannot be separated that to the same has to be investigated
and this is like science right it isn't like we're done the investigation never ends
and we should be opened to be interrogated about whether we're discontinuing our interrogation
so part of again part of zen training is
your teachers and your cohort question you about whether you've stopped questioning
your your friends question you about whether you stopped questioning
they should
that would be a whole a relationship that they would question you because you might be quite questioning and then
and then you might stop it's possible
and that's where you need friends who might say have you stopped questioning you sound like you're done questioning he's only give finish the question and course you on your was like you're retired from practice yes



yes ma'am
that theory
and it just the the minor have

well you can you could have that view
you can have that view i'm going to hold my ground you could have the view i'm going to hold my ground but are you is it being questioned
and so
like you could have the view you could have the view i'm going to stay on the road i'm not going to drive off the road that's the contention that unwholesome the had that thought
the economy i'm going to stand the road
that seems like a kind of a wholesome thought however for to be
move towards revelation should be interrogating yourself with the thing i'm going to stay on the road
and i'm i'm gonna go ahead of this person or i'm a this person go ahead of me but that doesn't mean when you let the person go ahead of you that you don't target
and also you could have someone with you
who sang you know who who questions you lead in the other person go or questions you not been in the other person go like this person might say it was nice of you let all those people go but what about the people behind you
so that's part of the dynamic process of questioning i'm willing to let this person go but what about the people behind me out of the you know i wonder if this is really so yeah so i i'm going to let him go or i'm going to like kind of like giving up
going to have a conversation with some kind of like saying what would happen if i go the you know keep going a little bit don't stop then what will you do
an investigation in an interrogation between you and the other cars but not for the sake of
getting to like do the right thing but again for the sake of the conversation
and we usually don't think or come and get the car and drive from here to there and between here and they're basically it's about conversation with the other cars
but and when i say to myself right now i think that's where it out from my life
that would be really good if i was out there conversing with the other drivers rather than i have this agenda of you know like humming to let everybody go before me
and with no questioning myself because that's obviously really generous
it seems generous financial generous to let everybody who wants to go ahead of you go ahead of you seems generous but i'm saying if you no question that it may be generous but has got to ethical flaw on namely you know question yourself but like i could let people go at
at me i could also but i could i think we're really at his have a conversation and also that can be questioned
and when i'm driving with other people and they have different patterns and letting people go ahead of them then also i can
i can question them in my mind but i can also question when i think would be better than what they're doing
well you can be quite open minded about another tip not
i got
i'm someone picked me up i met somebody and golden gate park one time and it was the middle of the park
yeah pretty much the middle of the park and she lived out in the ocean and she picked me up at the park and she drove almost downtown before she turned around and went west he followed me when the middle of park she goes east for a really long time and i'm kind of going wow
because i knew she lived in out near the beach this is just an amazing way to go to the beach
have you are you interested she went a long way is east
and i just kind of like how far is she gonna go east
and if he finally turned around and went west and one of the places she went i she's going west was to place you pick me up
the an iphone pick me up she was going to go west and she could have but she did well she could have she might have to turn a car around but there was hooked and i notify the idea i went with their and i did that whole time and i was really it were just amazing
like people are different however
if my wife did that
how would i be able to go like to oakland
we're going over the bridge new
obviously this world is here to help me become free of my ideas
it really is
so when you get into car the world's there to help the country of your ideas so you can question year away
foot by foot has you're driving what's the appropriate thing to do here
how do i take care of this position i've been right now these cars
i can see i used to say that you and i'm provide huh
my experience is actually it is energizing
it is invigorating it is wonder releasing you know i'm in what it did take long i think it actually didn't take longer to get home when i when i practice my way home but when i came home i was just full of joy
the other way is quite exhausting where you're fighting the other people and now want to fight in them for you know going where you want to do but also all every step of the way have a your idea about what's appropriate and not questioning what you're doing that's very tiring
even though it's and weighs less energetic it's like more like
you know doesn't seem doesn't seem like it takes up much energy is just kind of going with your habits of me first me asking that so i should be
questioning why yes
not sure yeah right yeah yeah and i don't find it that's tiring
and the other way you don't necessarily feel it's tiring but you later find out on tiring you didn't even realize that you're leaking energy
and then suddenly you like there's no energy the other ways like he thought you were doing making a big effort and your work
and yet you're not tired why did that happen
the actually stay safe
h in the
you so
you're not you made by
this year
and you're being you're being as usual
as always you're being system universally sustained
but now you're like accepting the universal support when you when you try to do things by yourself
you're still universally supported and trying to do by yourself but you kind of close to do door on the universal even though it's still there you kind of close the door when you open your door to you get all this energy like i was talking to some people over a restauranteur couple hours ago and they said
what it did you celebrate your birthday and i said well
i it kind of celebrated me
you know i i went i gotta been dead meditation and then i had
two meetings in the morning
and after the meetings role of russia i thought quite perky
i wasn't trying to have a birthday celebration but my birthday just kind of came and like gave me all this energy and it just i was vitalize somehow by my birthday
so my gift was i just got this big i don't know how it happened but it wasn't like i was looking for a birthday celebration i was just going to meetings and it was my birthday and the first meeting the people knew as my birthday but they didn't mention it the second meeting they mentioned it and sang happy birthday
but doesn't know cake or ice cream or anything but there was happy birthday to you and i was i was fine but then after those meetings for i just filling whoa what what what is this
where does this come from i don't know i felt like my birthday
was celebrating me
he has never happened to have a party which are basically me feeling energetic
so it's like that it's like that's the way we always are is this incredible support coming to us but if we don't take care of the limited version of it which doesn't always look like support which looks like people budding in front of you on the highway or whatever that's actually
a particular example of this universal support
and if you take good care of that you realize oh my god this person who was butting in front of me was was the occasion at which to i realized that revelation of the whole universe porting us not just me but them to
again again i don't know why is very stories about it but you know it seems like there's some there has been somebody call it
survival value and not noticing that everybody supporting us
so i've gotten into that and we do our arts have some survival value in a consciousness which sees things in a limited way and believes that that's actual reality are some survival value and
and also that there's energetic issues or to that something some ways of thinking about things take less energy than other ways so the way i'm talking about might seem like it takes more energy and it it does take more energy than the other way but it may be a way of making more energy expenditure to open up to a huge energy
a resource
so maybe putting more energy into this thing here and your gift is to get that the whole you realize whole the universe is is having a celebration through me
but i have to make the effort of noticing me and what i'm into which maybe a lot of work
but it is a lot of work but i don't realize the full extent of it and if i accept the amount that i can see i get revelation of incredible amount of work in is which is you know tremendous vitality and openness and peacefulness
and gentleness also is part of
the whole hearted presence with the particular in which there's the universal but if we're not wholeheartedly taking care of that particular
twas extent that were not is to the extent that we don't get our full support which is already there
i wish we don't create
so how it happened that i had this thing you know and again this person said to do you celebrate your birthday ever
no i didn't celebrate it but i didn't think it before i mean i noticed there was no party or anything but i didn't notice that before i was oh yeah but my birthday the universe celebrated me and i gave me lots of gifts it was a great day i don't know how it happened though
but i think i think it hard part happened i was there for those meetings
and i wasn't like was my birthday party going to be these people are not really celebrating my birthday very much
that i was into the meetings and it was not that difficult to be into the media because they were up there were calling me music to be there and i was like okay i'm not going to be here less because it's my birthday or more because it's my birthday however if i am able to be there more that's partly a gift
our dog after

i when sure
you still are in it
ah first question
results we saw ourselves
say again we saw herself is
he did and fogging the travel com
oh hey
yeah or set sentimental compassion from there were a means to it so it get to you
point values for free just yesterday so early because the more responsive and i need a longer
the second part maybe this isn't really
we asked ourselves how my scenes when seeing this person is other is why if so why why don't understand why stop or of are seeing my summers why
that came down
the great sounds like a buddhist peace fellowship
so i'm really looking forward to driving home
that i got a nice lie and you to a geo next one drive to john
so we have a great opportunity to like interrogate are driving
no wonder about are driving wonder about what is really compassionate driving we want to be compassionate of course but what is it
what's the point to compassionate speed
what's the compassionate leave

an exact
exactly so now you can ask that question every moment of the way
what what is
what is this a what's going on here
and what's you know what's the true way i mean we are the true way we are the teaching is were on the path and the teaching is asking what is the path while you're honest is appropriate we are on it but when your aunt you wonder you wonder what it is and if you're not wondering what
it is you're still on it
but you just not open to any
if you don't wonder what this wonderful path is your closing the door little better you're still on it though you can be on it we're closing doors and hold this i'm not on the palate i don't wanna be on the path this is this is the path has not to pack and you're still on the path but you're kind of missing out on letting yourself be celebre
rated by the path
which is what's going on but how about accepting that path to celebrating you
should we go be celebrated