Teachings for the Welfare of the World

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In this summer series, teachings will be offered for those who aspire to embrace and sustain the great earth and all living beings in order to realize peace and freedom in our troubled world.

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i want to reviewer a doctrine
a doctrine

which is a teaching but also doctrines are in some sense like
theories which can be tested
and then there's practice their teachings of doctrines and has also teachings of practice
so the doc one of the doctrines that has been offered during this series is the doctrine that

essence and function
ah mutually include each other

that the principal
of phenomena is is included in the phenomena and the phenomena are included in the principal
a principal is like essence and phenomena is like function
so essence and function interpenetrate each other and principal and phenomenon

essence is it is some sense the way things basically are
so sometimes essence is referred to as also ultimate truth
the way things
really are beyond the way they appear to us the way things appear to us
ah is is front is phenomenon
so each of each of you
appear to the rest of us we see you we perceive you as phenomenon
but you're not just phenomenon
you're also essence
and we can't perceive your essence i can't perceive your essence your essence is not a perception perception is applied to phenomena
we can perceive a color
but called the color has an essence
which we cannot perceive
and our feelings
can be perceived but our feelings also
ah heart i actually have an r r y could say they also have an essence so our feelings are both in essence
and a phenomena
so i wouldn't really say that our feelings power phenomena
or there are feelings are essence our feelings are both
essence and phenomena
i should say principal and phenomenon our feelings are both essence and function
and this teaching that the interpenetrate each other one of the virtues of the teaching is that
the wonder of
is that they're not just phenomenon
they also have essence
and the wonder of essences as not just essence is not just
a principle which we can't see it includes what we can see in what we can smell and feel
so again
essence and function
all day long were functioning
mumbai by moment we function
but the the full vitality and actually the freedom and peace of are functioning
what do i say is due to
our essence having function our function having essence
everything you do
every action you make every thought every feeling every perception
includes essence and in that way everything you think everything you feel everything you do in that way
it accords with everything
and it's wonderful beyond the perception
and that's true anyway whether you realize it or not all your daily activities all your daily functions
and are wondrous
that's not gonna stop however if we don't practice
what remembering that teaching and making our function a celebration of that teaching we will miss out on the wonder of our function
and the function of our wonder

but we don't make all of our phenomenal existences have a principle we don't make all our functions have essence they already do
i was thinking just beef i think before after the bell rung earlier that in some country and christian traditions they talk about celebrating
the eucharist are celebrating communion
and i'm not i'm not a christian doctor
a doctor somebody who knows the doctrine right
i'm not a christian doctor i'm not a doctor of the church but maybe
maybe the doctors would agree with me when i say the communion is always going on
and once in a while
the the bullwhip the people who believe in the communion celebrate it
so the communion
between essence and function is always going on but sometimes we in this class celebrated
by sitting still
by making our function sitting still in that way we celebrate
the stillness which has a function of illumination
so stillness his essence an illumination is function
and the stillness includes the elimination and the illumination and closed the stillness
the illumination is a function which illuminates beatings and the illumination
his illuminating because it has this essence
this silence and stillness
which is going on all the time
but we need to celebrate it
in order to integrate are phenomenal existence
with the principle which i just told you about
so when you're sitting you can remember stillness and remembering stillness is something you can perceive you can perceive oh i'm i'm remembering stillness i'm remembering silence and also maybe the room
so i talked earlier about there's like it that's like a constructed perceptible silence
but it's also a celebration at the same time it's a celebration of an unconstructive silence and stillness
an on constructed illumination
our mindfulness of of stillness is an illumination of stillness are constructed illumination
a perceptible illumination
we are aware that were functioning
without moving and without talking
that's and dad and then at the same time we're remembering
that were perceptibly function that were acting
have added silence and stillness that celebration
communes with
the stillness and silence which were remembering
which we can perceive

and maybe
this talking that's been going on recently here
is a function
seems like it's a function and maybe it's a function of an essence
maybe it's an action which is a function of silence
and i would propose to one another action of speaking is i propose that when the speaking
the silence the speaking is more on is more alive and is liberating and is illuminating
and again there is a function which is illuminate which is illumination and that function which is illumination
includes the essence of silence and stillness
so we we have a function which isn't moving
it seemed to saved me movement but it actually includes not movement and we have speaking which includes silence all the time
and will remember that we start to realize that unconstructive silence and stillness

by the way the word the word from the sanskrit and pali words
smitty and thirty four mindfulness basically they mean remembering her memory
so remembering stillness
is also mindfulness of stillness
and so again when we're sitting here and not moving
we are being mindful of phenomenal stillness
but we're also can remember
the principle of stillness the invisible stillness which doesn't ever camargo go and then we can also practice a stillness which comes and goes which starts
at seven thirty and ends at about eight
and the silence which starts around seven thirty and ends at eight
but when i speak i can also remember silence

and even if i don't remember it i can accept that there is silence always
there's a silence which doesn't come and go which doesn't start or stop when i'm talking and when i stop talking
my talking actually is actually a function
of silence my movement is actually a function of the principle of movement
and i can train had remembering that doctrine and then apply it to my actions which makes it which applies the teaching applies the principal and makes my action the practice of that principle
can i can also notice that i seem to have forgotten
to apply the teaching to my present activity
and then i can say home and try again
without moving
or remembering that i can practice without moving
that i can practice not moving to realize the principle of not moving

and oh one more thing which i'm just start to introduce tonight
maybe i'll do more than or juice is that this inter fusion
ah is a teaching to counteract our sense that stillness
and the activity of illumination
are two different things
we naturally think that like somebody's sitting still
like so-called the buddhas are sitting still
but they're also illuminating
they're silent and they're also illuminating
they can illuminate without speaking
are moving
it's their silence and stillness which is illuminating
and when they move
are still silent and still it's the stillness and silence which is illuminating
and we can perceive movement
but in the stillness of the movement is where the illumination is where the education is where the enlightenment
is living it's living and stillness the illumination is living in silence
but we've sent tend to think there are two different things because they're two different words and their two different parts of one reality
essence and function principal and phenomenon imperceptible
and perceptible
these things are always turning on each other
the imperceptible silence and elimination are turning on each other and including each other and the perceptible silence and illumination are also turning on each other and the perceptible imperceptible are turning on each other it's all
all everything's reciprocal

yeah so i think the next big step would be just to suggest that the
consequence of this is that
the illumination
the awakening
cannot be other
then our present function

part is
check and one more time
shane our perception
well aren't we can ever percent we can perceive an illumination
sometimes we think we can perceive an elimination like we feel oh i just got illuminated
or that person seem to get illuminated like they they seem to understand something that didn't understand before i can perceive that
but the the
the illumination which
which is actually the same as liberation
with in the midst of our perceptions that illumination doesn't change
it's always basically
yeah it's because it's is include stillness and silence so it doesn't really change but the what gets liberated is changing all the time so this this story gets liberated now this story gets liberated this person or the story of this
a person becomes liberated and then it becomes and is and as and realizes piece however the the liberation is not necessarily something i perceive and the piece is not necessarily something i picked a by i i perceive
we don't necessarily like we often say when people are really awake they don't necessarily think that they're awake
but they are
and awake and like when buddha as good as a weakness when buddhas are truly buddhist they don't necessarily think i'm buddha but they are
we can perceive and awakening but the perceptible awakening is not the actual awakening

and the imperceptible awakening liberates the perceptible awakening and the perceptible not awakening
so if you feel not awake if you feel deluded
awakening will free you from your debt illusion awakening understands that delusion
awakening as the stillness of that the stillness of that delusion and the stillness of that illusion is the is the awakening of of except awakening of
or enlightenment of the delusion or it also could say the awakening about the delusion
but it's really like not really about like right in the middle of the delusion there's an awakening right in the midst of delusion so again we say buddha sometimes we say buddha buddha as are those who are greatly awakened in the middle of delusion
but another way to say it is
being greatly awakened in the midst of delusion is buddha that what buddha is is being awake in the middle of delusion
they got a delusion going to get rid of it
and and a matter of fact enlightening cannot be at this moment lightning can enlightenment cannot be other than this delusion
it can't be something on ebay or something else is just another delusion
enlightenment must be what's going on right now really
and we kind of thing know
i just can't accept that were already at enlightenment
but being an enlightenment doesn't mean that does not about if not delusion here
it means accepting accepting silence
and stillness
an illumination it means accepting
that ill that enlightenment is in the midst of our delusion enlightenment is in the midst of our delusion anybody got any delusion enlightenment is written the midst of it
but enlightenment doesn't make the decision go away so it can we think we're how could it must be some other place than here because this is a delusion will
but if it is some other place i'd just another delusion or another idea
we're already there now it's kind of like time to get over thinking that does much that you know not accepting that and that's an ongoing challenge because our mind keep prop putting up it must be a little different from this
the subjects
set up for practices as i already
for senior not so
yes yes well as already enlightened souls or watch
canada seats or assets
and is souls who knew him
ideas are changing all the time
but the illuminations and are changing the fact that you notice all i'm trying to do this i'm trying to do that oh i think this oh i think that that all that stuff is changing
and by being compassionate to all that
we wake up to an unchanging presence with whatever
which is already there

surprise me
questioning his part of ethics and essex's part of compassion
questioning is a perceptive in some questioning it's a perceptible
aspect of the illumination
so sometimes you notice yourself questioning or you feel you're being questioned you can perceive that and then who the petition which says that what's going on there by this question i this is the perception of a process which is imperceptible
we're imperceptibly always questioning and were imperceptibly always been questioned
and sometimes were perceptibly questioning and worse perceptibly being questioned
but and being open to being person being called into question is a celebration of always been called into question the universe is always calling us into question
and we are always calling the universe into question like you know what can i do for you this morning universe
and universe as listening to us and says that was good question
you can actually perceive that just just now did you presume that
i just asked to universe if there's something i could do for the new universe talked back to me
list you can hear that i said that
that's a celebration of what's actually going on
one of the way is the universe supports us is by as as by questioning us and one of the ways we support the universe is by questioning
that's one of the happy kind of aspects of being an astrophysicist
do run me
most people are gonna happy a lot of the time because because are caught their perceptibly questioning the universe they're sending messages all the time where are your what are you what are you doing and the universe is answering them and and day to some extent know that the
no vs is asking them questions too
yes easier
she said is
yeah well it's a it's an essential part of him as and as an essential part of ethical practice is questioning and being questioned
i'm gonna get that's
very broad his assistant
it is those are specific perceptible versions of questioning right and other people say are you killing ha you know or use are you did did you take something that wasn't given to you did you tell the truth
just know
did use did you put yourself above somebody else somebody might ask you to those questions right now if you're doing the practice
he would say thank you to them because they're they're supporting your practice so them asking the questions is actually your practice to so they're doing the prompts the question to you but as your practice to because you need you can't you can't practice essex of nobody asked you any questions and also if people
oh hey hear a rumor that you're not interested in practice they might stop they might stop question to you they said don't ask him any questions he's a he's not practicing ethics he doesn't want me he does want to be questioned
what when you're that way you're basically saying i don't want to pat practice ethics at this moment you think forget ethics just i'll just just let just haven't be that what i think is right is right and just leave it at that
that's the way i want to practice sx but when to practice ethics that way is not practicing ethics that is being self-righteous that just breaking the precept are putting yourself above above others
but when people actually asked me question me that that's that's my practice that they're questioning me
and then if i remember that can i say thank you
i need i need you a question me like if we sometimes say that somebody does something which we have this expression thanks i needed that you know that when it's not so common anymore
but used to bake more common that people would give you a hard time say thanks i needed that
i need you to call in or call me to account call me on that i need that
so it is not like my practice is just receiving the questions it's also the being questioned is my practice and then
it when you if you really understand
then you know than you would welcome that because in fact we're all day long we are being question and weight are accepting the questions that without that we wouldn't be alive
the unit they'd like everything's like testing us to say is this is just the right amount of support for you to live
everything is like in that way very tender to us and very careful of us because it isn't just to hear i got something to give you it's like may i give you something
in the final year to acidic or issues life he encouraged me to start studying japanese and he even has a sense in her
to pay a japanese teacher for me
and he also taught me japanese
for free
he didn't asked me to pay him for a japanese lessons and one of the main things he taught me was
when i would speak japanese for example there's an expression could a assign which means please so
this or a german i think it's a gerund
don't know where there's any way to verb swap day which means sit so if you if you want to say to somebody please sit you a swap the good aside
please sir
ah or
now that's good enough swap their good i and i would say that to him and then he would say swap they criticize my sinker
which may he said he would encourage me to say swap they could as am i think of which as you can see is a longer expression
so a very kind of an implant impolite way of speaking to somebody is to say swap day
which means set like we say a dogs sit
non you know if suzuki roshi was teaching teaching dogs he would say when you please sit
zip please swag swag they could assign so kind of a command is just a swipe day
and i didn't say swap day
i said sweat they could aside and then he said quants what they could as i my sinker so generally the longer the more you save more polite it is
so what they could assign my second means
please sit
won't you
won't you place it so it's not just sit is not place it won't you just said
so cute always whenever i would say something he would always up the ante on the politeness
and and again it makes it a question to prevalence what they could a sigh which means please it's the the a card and museum i'm wondering i'm wondering if maybe you would please sit down it makes it into an inquiry so you're inviting the pro
isn't to sit but an inquiring questioning way which makes it more gentle
please give me the salt
when would you please give me the song
so the inquiry
is celebrating
this mutuality

tyler and green
how can think of silence and stillness as the absence of soda sounds be absence sound or be asked me to do
how or anyone way
what is what happens one euro
let's go to what you usually think it is a case are usually we might think of silence as the absence
i'm talking or or good
so that's a then then then yeah dennis there's an absence of talking you can perceive the silence i so the perceptible absent the perceptible silence seemed to exclude a function of speech
now we're talking about another silence in which there is tremendous activity a silence which can include a function usually the the silence we can perceive we don't see much of a function of it
the stillness we don't see the function
but there is right with the silence that we can perceive there's another silence in which there's a great function
and right in the stillness we can perceive there's another stillness in which there's a great function
and part of the function is i would say that when we perceive silence there is the function of thinking that there's no sound
that's one of the functions that can occur in a the perception of silence and in the perception of stillness there's the thought there no movement
so as an example of even in the perception of stillness there's activity and even in the perception of silence there's activity
that's a warm up to a stillness in which which doesn't hamper
symphonic activity
so great at the greatest symphony is going on in silence and the greatest dance is going on and stillness and even at the perceptual level we if we if you if you are very careful and compassionate and questioning
of the perceptual stillness
and questioning of the perceptual silent you start to notice all this revelation as more going on here than you thought before you questioned
and questioning the silence but also questioning my understanding of silence questioning why i thought there was no talking and silence and nine discovered
there's a tremendous amount of chatter going on
a matter of fact in silence now i see because i've been kind to my idea my perception of silence
because i was compassion with my perception of silence
i discovered a function in it
so again silent illumination right but when first think of silence we don't so i think there's this thing illumination going on at it but if your compassionate with the silence he will discover an elimination what's the illumination

there's a conversation going on
right in the middle of the silence
and what is that conversation
it's the conversation between me and all universe is going on in stillness
but my first take on stillness and my first take on silence is there's no conversation it's absence of conversation
and that makes it easier to perceive the silence because it's like a little tiny silence so i didn't get a hold of it if you're kind to the little tiny silence gradually you owe the kindness opens up the silence and you and you discover that there is a great symphony of conversation
going on in silence
but you can't skip over and push away
the silence that you've put that your mind is constructed which is a little one a perceptible one so our mind and body construct little tiny sciences which seemed to exclude
the great conversation of the universe
but if you're kind to the little and not afraid of the little one and also kind also been kind to it means question had like quinn this little tiny version of silence be questioned
and could i question that even without saying anything
i just did
and how do you know and and and might this questioning process
open up this constructed silence
again that's another question is this construction site that silence open to being questioned
as another question and there might be an answer yes hello i'm construct the silence and you can question me
where i was constructed silence and i'm talking to you and telling you you can keep questioning me and you can discover who i really am
i'm real silence and in real silence there is the conversation between all beings which liberates all beings we are conversation it's in the conversation is going on in silence and the and the silence or this converse
station is going on there's also illumination of the conversation
that's right there too
and if we look someplace else other than what were the the constructed silence or someplace else other than they construct a conversation will miss the and constructed conversation where it doesn't come or go and is always the same the illumination which is always the
for h changing perception of sound and silence
so we have change of changing silence and changing stillness and changing movement and changing speaking and compassion to all that
along with the teaching
which tells us you know that actually there's a possibility of discovering amazing things beyond our perception by taking care of our perception compassion towards perception reveals the imperceptible
which was going on before we started practicing compassion towards your life when we were little children we didn't know how to practice compassion so we just
we're kind of rude to her life and said to our life you know your what i think you are
and our life said okay sweetheart you can keep talking like that as long as you need to
like my grandchildren
you know
my grandson said what's your favorite animal and i said humans and he said humans are not animals
and then he was and i could tell he was not open to being questioned
but still even though i wasn't opened i stole my question i'm i'm very carefully and then he was succeeded by his little sister who i'm told you before you know i mentioned to his little sister that her mother was my daughter
she's my mother
that's it
not open and i and greg as you some questions about that
what a weirdo can ask me questions about when i just told your butler reality is don't quit when i tell you what's really there's no need to question there's nothing well you know that's
that's the way people usually are until we know that when they're uneducated
some children actually don't think like that but most children need education they need to be questioned and we need to show them that they can question us
and then again questioning our idea of stillness which seems to exclude movement and idea of silence receives to exclude sound
questioning and compassionately
being compassionate and inquiring
will reveal what cannot be seen
and then we got also get to see how this under same thing is doing all this good work and liberating everybody
and making peace
but we don't see it with our perceptions we see it with
being willing to practice to the proof of that we've seen it is that we're willing to be questioned
if you see if you've seen it and say i've seen it and thus but don't ask many questions and sounds like you didn't really see it if you see it for like finally and and finally i'm not setting a limit on questions people were going to going to ask me
any questions you want to ask me
not to say that i think i have contain realization purchased let's see if i did shall we

yes not the
our silence
yeah so sorry
if we can't mecca
what we can't capture the essence with our perceptions
but illuminate but the but the essence illuminates an illumination is in very close relationship is a close friend of the essence but when we perceive something we've just made it our end we we've made it into something that is not good
illumination you can't perceive you know i can't see light you can only see a light bouncing off sex you can't see the illumination
but you can be illuminated and have a new life i don't know what happened but you know everything's different well maybe an elimination occurred
but that thought is another concept which you can perceive and is fine be kind to it and then again you discover the essence and the elimination but the illumination cannot be capture with perception
and also it can not be hindered by the company by the perception either it then as function is not hindered right now it's illuminating everything right now but we have to be kind to our perceptions we had been a bit more kind to our perception in order to receive the benefits of what already been given to us that's why i say i pray
that the great assembly
well remember and receive the stillness which means remember and receive illumination
and so in so please receive it and then also be kind to any thoughts that you're having so it you can realize that those thoughts i'm bringing you along nation to

another one yes
yes us
except as and function are not a duality they mutually include each other so as to teaching that the interviews and you never have the you never had the essence without a function
so that's part of the problem is some people times people think there could be stillness without
a function but the function isn't movement necessarily it could be a function is illumination
so they're not a duality this illumination is what frees us from seeing them as a duality
so miles
yeah holes yeah so first of all you can remember this you can remember one you can member of the stillness
remember never the essence and also you can remember the teaching about the essence is that this essence has a function and part of the function of the essence is one will remember the essence one of the ways essence functions as by mindfulness of the essence
the essence has functioned by transmitting the instruction to be mindful of the essence and when we join that we are the we are part of the function of the essence where were celebrating it
and also another aspect of this is i just started i mentioned that be somebody who practices zen
a few a couple months ago said that he has started practicing mindfulness
and he said oh what's the difference between mindfulness and like zen meditation the way you teach it and i said well i don't i don't really feel like it go on talking about the difference right now what i want to say is when you're practicing mindfulness but you're not trying to get
anything that's zen meditation
so if you're mindful of your posture without trying to get anything you just have celebrated stillness a stillness isn't trying to get anything
so nice that you're doing mindfulness
yes but not to get anything you're doing mindfulness and not to get anything major doing mindfulness
and then there's this wonderful function which will be discovered right there without doing some other kind of mindfulness without doing mindfulness to get an illumination
so if people practice mindfulness to get i don't know what you can make a list right illumination freedom peace whatever if you're doing look mindfulness to get anything
then he basically
not honoring the mindfulness you're not honoring the stillness in not honoring the essence if your honor the essence you get this gift from the function
which is there any way but you can't receive it because you're not they're honoring or lives

actually reminds me of
he said classic years
words and a stylish immortals squirm i remember he says i'm back right
the worst thing is not the word
the word
is not the thing but the word gives it gives us meaning in relationship to the thing
so you can say that the word tree gives meaning to the tree which is not the word
so are you can use an example of helen keller and and solomon is it
so and sullivan said to her i think in the movie anyway
or them in a play the water
is water the water is this really water is the meaning of this thing
and then she reverse it and said
is the water no hundred and waters this this is water of this this is not the what is not the water but the word water is this
word is unknowable thing and similar ways
the essence essences are no new function is come out indicator are pointing in the direction of than it is
yeah and she ah helen keller had to learn
perception before she could receive this teaching because she didn't know how to proceed because part of perception for humans is to use words
so the way i'm so we get this thing called meeting which was hurt of need
and so we would go along with that but then once we do that for a while we can
experiment with and on not getting meaning
or even getting it but not attaching to the meaning as the not confusing the meaning with the thing that the at the word gave us by which the word gave us meaning that the thing is not the word
but the word gives us some some meeting with the thing so we got the thing whatever it is and now we have meaning and we used to word but it's not reversible the meaning of the word is not the thing demanding a word is other words as words give meaning so words committing to work
and where it's convenient to water
but the other words are not there were other words that give meaning to this word or not this or not this word which we kind of plant erected the smart but we need other words to get meaning to words and we didn't work to meaning out of things that aren't words
and and were quite successful at it and were generally speaking in a process of recovery from the addiction
being in the addictions of demeaning or or in recover enough
where were
we're letting her addiction be questioned
you are my granddaughter's not at least not by me
but she didn't ginger grew up someone and she and her mother did question or about that and she accepts being questioned by her mother which is
compassionate of her along your mother to combat to ask your questions as compassionate of the child
the children can be compassionate by letting people questioned them and have some people are really compassionate to them they will let the person can question them
i'm like really question rather than just
we mean to them
so her mother's very kind so she so eventually or that they had a conversation where her mother told her yes i hear that man is my father
doesn't mean i'm not your mother anymore it just that i'm also his daughter and she can she could she could accept that
so we can accept that the word is not the thing even though the the word gives gives us meaning in relationship to it so then we have start questioning
questioning the phenomenon
i'm questioning the word
an open to the stillness and the illumination
which are right there in the perception of the water and the word there's a stillness right there
which is functioning as the water or the word
but for not but the way it's functioning as the stillness we can't see
but if for kind to this function we can say we opened to the function we can't see which is illumination
and part and the path to realizing that is to be kind to all of our perceptions
get can be generous and careful and questioning and be questioned
which is so you know it's a very intense ongoing process which were in the middle of it
i'm over in the middle weren't or anywhere we're in it were in the midst of it were at the center of it but not the middle like you know halfway through
when the middle like in the center of it all the time this this process of recovery
from our delusions
and it's it's it's the buddha's work it's like were interested in know it's not like this is a second when i got a second rate assignment this is the work of buddha's
this sun this question i his compassion to all this of this perception certain

what about gut feeling

i a gut feeling doesn't have perception what it mean
i perceived gut feelings
and i also knew how i perceive gut feelings
don't you


well it is possible i think to you know let's say you can have a sensation and nowhere is associated with it which would i guess i think we probably would be a sensation that didn't have any meaning
when knock and you maybe can flip say i can i can be like swimming is is possible to be swimming in sensation and i have no meaning in it some people can tolerate that that's fine
and and that and you can be kind to something in that jacket that that's not really meaningful to you it can be kind to meaninglessness
but if if it's as if it's a sensation that you kind of like
if you you'd understand it then you can be kind to that one and that then you brought a word and like gut feeling i have a gut feeling that that practice compassion with that and you can practice compassion before he had the word gut feeling
like i think that i use the word in order cook dinner use the japanese a special note of a wider last week
remember the noto kovida the homewood ak moscow remember it
kimber know required that
yeah gonna talk about drive through last week
guess that's an example where i had a sensation
i guess the sensation want i think the sensation probably voice that i was thirsty
but i didn't know it consciously
and then this but then but then my sensation of of thirst in us to put up into my consciousness and then once it got up there in order for damn meaning some words went to it and the words it went to were japanese words
and i'm not that familiar with japanese so i didn't know what those words meant to be here for that example
and then but then i discovered or you a nautical why demands i'm thirsty means the throat is dry
had not realized consciously that i was thirsty so we can be unconsciously aware of things
we are unconsciously where of things a lot you know like
the things we're unconsciously where of vastly outnumbered that things were consciously aware of every moment
i can think it's like eleven million to forty one
that's one estimate i heard recently
got eleven million things going on down here and forty up here and forty a lot and a moment you know that's forty like that forty forty forty
and so this stuff is going on and we know it and then sometimes it gets chucked up into consciousness and
and correctly but we don't understand it yet and then we do oh it happened that means on thursday and then wish them to i realized oh i'm thirsty so we will hear the word i'm thirsty like somebody else could say to say to you i'm thirsty and you go on thursday to
are you could say i'm thirsty it's like when i am thirsty
but sometimes you we say thursday before we checked to see if it's true
so this is that these are different opportunities but the all basically an excuse me for saying so again they're all calling for compassion for all calling for for example
who are you got feeling mattia question would may i may i may i address you as gut feeling would that be would that be polite
and the gut feeling says
yeah i took game or know that wasn't polite and i guess you'd say here honor your honor gut feeling may i have your question
now i've i've had decades of big treated disrespectfully and if you want to have a relationship with me you have to be much more kind to me that everybody and people will usually are or that you used to be so yeah play you can talk to me you can ask me questions but he should have any questions before about whether you can ask me questions
and i'll tell you whether you didn't respectfully enough and the a kind of go okay i'm up for this really challenging relationship between
practice and gut feeling
and i also want to be as kind to my non gut feeling or whatever they are my my head feelings i neck feelings my shoulder feelings i want to be compassionate to all him because they're all our the function
of the essence
and and they're all demonstrating this
interferes one
and and that intra fusion is the teaching which liberates people
or the teaching yeah the reality which liberates us from the function or the essence
to get stuck into function as they use and usual situation where usually stuck in functions
like perceptions
we have suffer as perceptions going on we're we're having trouble not going to start in and right
and some people get stuck and function which is more dangerous but we don't get stuck in either
being stuck big being over into the essence and the virtue of that if you're free of your temporarily free of being stuck in the function
you're liberated from being stuck in a function because you see the essence of the function but if it gets stuck it end up in the essence he can't relate to the world which is where your function so this teaching us to keep us from getting stuck on either side
give all the budget
so so that the the essence liberation from from the function the stillness liberates you from the illumination
yes is a john doe jackhammers a better squad would say so
coastal recover mean
like secret
we wait a second you say addiction to what
i don't know if he were covering know it's a recovering from addiction to meaning meanings not a problem is the addiction to it words are not the promise the addiction to use them in order to get meaning because we have evolved to a point where we're kind of uncomfortable with our mean
helen keller was really uncomfortable not having meaning she was alive and she was loved but there was no meaning in love where she would she could perceived the love it was coming to her but she didn't mean anything and she and and she can perceive that that that the other people
we're at it meant something but that you couldn't figure out how to get the meaning and then once we got the meaning waiting and then when they would become addicted to having meaning because it makes all kinds of things possible
but we actually can be liberated from being addicted to meaning so that we can tolerate a little bit not having meaning now and then which is similar to we can tolerate turn the world's upside down which will take away the meaning temporarily or
having our words you know having the word mother
you know how different mating from
that she's just yours
and if for kind to the to the to the words and meanings then illumination can occur
xrefer the missing
a really good cause so he went to target vs yeah really really good poets
i think our
able to tolerate a little space in the meeting
don't let to let the word like ts eliot said let the word slip and slide a little bit or notice that the words don't hold
and not not noticing and seeing how they don't hold than some yours can come some new words can
the crack through the pavement or you can or you can crack through the pavement under the words but we have to be kind
kind to the to the pavement or pint kind to the words in order to penetrate them or let them penetrate us and penetrating us to free us from holding onto 'em because usually were holding them really tightly because we think we'll lose meaning so she she's got this word mother through the important as got
lot of meaning and the now it's going to get expanded to mother his daughter wait a minute i'm daughter she's not daughter she's but you know if for kind we can tolerate
letting mother and father move a little bit and we need help to tolerate the change which also temporarily endangers the meaning
and so i can tell people well can be temporarily take away all your meaning just you know for a couple minutes
and i myself okay this slot has given a try and then that happens in this here doesn't it dont dont dont dominican taken away and on and presentable for a little while and then you get a new perspective right if we hold onto the meaning we are addicted but we can also
big that our addictions be questioned and then they start to slip and slide and open up
so i'm thank you again very much for coming
this meeting