Teachings for the Welfare of the World

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In this summer series, teachings will be offered for those who aspire to embrace and sustain the great earth and all living beings in order to realize peace and freedom in our troubled world.

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and respectfully yes
the way
you know i probably didn't say that
i maybe what i said was the way to be completely with it is to practice compassion with it
you know in a full way
let's say don't you don't really stay there because the thing you're big compassionate where it doesn't stay either so you can just there you just there for as long as it's visiting you and then if your compassionate you accepted it just went away and it's gonna successor which is calling for the same treatment of great company
so in order to wake up with something you have to be completely with it
in are to liberal and wake up and liberate things
you have to be completely with them
and a quarter for you to be completely liberated and you have to media completely
but yourself
and being completely with things his compassion
the empire
the is that your my neighbor

did you hear what she said she said if you if something comes up if somebody visit you or something arises in your consciousness
and you're not able to be respond compassionately she said a good something was to confess and repent
your inability to be compassionate hurt you said
a good next step
and you can take away next step and just say it would just get to you can do right now you're underweight for next
so if you can be compassionate it's good to confess that children feeling like you can't be compassionate right right now not later it possible
hey wait a second before we go to the third part i wanted to mention that when you notice that year
not being diligent in practicing compassion with something
with some phenomena
if you know just say you're kind of like i can't do it or and i want to do it or whatever and you notice it and you say i i confess that i'm i'm i'm not up can be compassionate right now and i'm sorry
k that's compassionate
when you confess and and say you're sorry for not being compassionate that's compassion
it's a very important part of compassion is noting when you're not doing your job
and that's compassion and that will make it so that you
there won't won't be a hair's breadth deviation between what you're doing and compassion
so sometimes it feels like or there's compassion in the what i'm doing a new learn a bit different
you know like that's compassion were years and what i'm doing different yard but but even though that compassion what you're doing a different there's not there's not as slightest bit of separation compassion is not a little bit away from what you're doing
no matter what i'm doing the matter what you're doing all day long compassion is right there and abuse separate them that that if your business it's not true
it's not true that they're separate but you somehow you think you did and then it's almost like you're successful budget you know you're really not your unsuccessful
and it hurts to be unsuccessful
and you can be successful by just not separating yourself from the compassion which is all for with you
but still when you feel like you did miss
at that moment it you can be with that and then there's not there's no difference and sort of compassion is now not split into
a part of the question oh i sit
this experience
i am so
sometimes you end up saying what
so high how do you practice with ugh
now accepting on than you're practicing compassion with ugh
the circle
yeah the circle your content it just goes on and on you aspire to practice compassion
you noticed that you slipped or you kind of like a little bit
i'm not ready to do it whatever and then oh i i i confess i kind of like shrunk back from my inspiration and i'm sorry
and now i want to try again
when you buy by noticing that you're not doing quite what you gonna do and say you're sorry than the next thing is you sign up again for the job
save around him around like that
that's that's the and that's the dharma wheels turning
the down was turning that way
a bullet in older and on early teachings
there's a wonderful long story which if you begged me i'll tell you again and again i've already told you many times but just tell you that sort of it towards the end of the story which walk which is a person was with the buddha and
the person didn't know that they were with the buddha
and then they realized that they were with the buddha the they thought there was kind of like some kind of kind of cool yogi
and they were also kind of cool yogi so it's kind of like him and a yogi how you doing so they were hanging out together this yogi and buddha but the yogi didn't know that the buddha was the buddha and the yogi tea treated buddha kind of not with the kind of respect
that would probably appropriate
for the world honor and that he realized that this person was the buddha and nanny
bit later he said i
i've been i've been looking for you have no i've found you and i'm so happy and i'm so sorry that i kind of said hey man hey man what's up you know i'm kind of sorry that i talked to you that way
and the buddha didn't say no you didn't do anything what is a yeah yeah you kind of numbers but and is product as you didn't know you're talking to but anyway he said but you have said your you did it and your said you're sorry and when you notice a to slip off the appropriate activity
and you say you're sorry the dharma wheel turns
and the buddha
in their in their evolution
they made a lot of slips to and they made a lot of i slipped and i'm sorry and the donna will turned and turned and turned and turned them into buddha
so if you keep doing that you are turn the dharma turmoil you are practicing compassion
you are
making buddha you're turning the wheel
thank you for a three-part investigation
what you wish
what do i wish for you what why wish for you
i wish that you well
practice compassion with every phenomena
i wish that you will remember that the teaching
how has been transmitted to you
that you have it
and i wish that you want to take care of what's been given to you
and taken care of was given to you goes right along with being compassionate to everything
if you're not compassion to things that you don't take care of what's been given to you if you don't practice generosity with everything that's given to you then you don't realize what's given to you
blessings all the time but if you don't practice generosity towards everything you don't see how everything's doing that with you
actually really that's what's going on and if your practice compassion with everything that comes to you you'll wake up to that that's what i wish for you is great awakening
and the practice of compassion is part of the process of great awakening
which probably makes sense to her own
hmm now and the practicing compassion with some things may not see that hard
which is fine it's okay if if practicing compassion is occasionally easy or even frequently easy that's fine
but to practice it
with everything that she really hard for us and we're training to be able to do that were aspiring to be compassionate really frequently because if there's a lot of frequent ways
there's frequently frequently and we want to practice compassion with more and more not miss opportunities right
because again when we miss opportunities the door
to the teacher kind of likes discolored closed for the moment not forever just for the moment and you can recover by saying up
i was not compassionate to him or her
and i closed the door on one was on the dharma that's been given to me i'm sorry
when it opens again
net and then he never really lost it you just close the door on
like kids who go know
gonna room and close the door on their parents
can we lose their parents they just close the door
and they pray that parents will find him really brilliant way to get them to open the door again

right now
the chow gotten the room and they would like the current to do something so cool that they want to open the door
you know
like or and also other people also there were somebody else would do something cool to they can get out of their rooms some day
but you know they're not going to open the door if somebody like comes says you know be different than you are
they're been opened the door with somebody like says hey i know where you're at man

i got something really cool for you and i'm not kidding what is it
and then and they're open to you're gonna say something that they'll really cool turn him around and if you do their very happy

you know it's not that bad in her room usually it's just as kind of a little and you know they really want to open to the whole universe
and so they're going to room to see who can get me to open to the whole universe
my parents can do it made my uncles or aunts can do it might maybe it wasn't my friends can do it maybe my dog can do it maybe an earthquake can do it
you know an earthquake this is totally cool i get up my room now
and not lose face
you know something cool like that like
and something sincere you know like not faking that you have a heart attack
a real heart attack that would get him up
hello your your dad just had heartache all you really oh cool i'm coming

and also hello i'm outside and i'm sincerely requesting that you open the door and i'm not saying that to you to get you to open the door i'm just telling you what's going on out here and it's really intense and i know it's intense in there
and this is what i want and i'm not trying to get you to give it to me what do you want
and can you tell me that without trying to get me to give it to you
just tell me what's going on with you
and you keep him quiet of course i'm just telling you want you to talk to me
because i do
and you you know sometimes i like it or not talk
right now i want you to talk
and i really you know and it makes a difference to me whether you are you do or don't but if you don't i'm totally here for you not talking to make
i don't love you anymore if you do it i ask you to do than if you don't
and that's really great you should try it with me

yes prowess compassion and one below see
we action
well practicing compassion is already appropriate action
when you practice compassion that's appropriate
and then
from that appropriate action another one will come
pray and this can be so passionate about house
justice age yeah so
if you yeah so that's a nice little snippet
you practice compassion with something whatever and then when you practice compassion and a fear arises and one of the fear of she's telling you about his i'm afraid i'm afraid i'm gonna lose my justice edge
what do you do with that
yeah so the thought is i'm afraid of losing my justice edge practice compassion with that that doesn't get that fear away but there's no there's no justice edge with occasionally at least a fear of losing it
or if not a fear of losing it a fear of not using it properly or a fear of of abusing it you can abuse your your justice edge by being self righteous are being lazy
so if you've got any concerns for justice as i said last week justice has a slippery slope all around him what you can slip into self righteousness or laziness or denial or complacency
cause a slippery slopes all around the practice of justice
and those aren't gonna go away it's not going to it's not going to be like you're practicing justice and there's going to be no chance of being a i'm going to call complacent and there's going to be no chance of
of no anxiety about it
so if you're practicing compassion with
justice they're still possibility that there be some anxiety
the to move practice it and then your practice compassion with the anxiety that you won't practice compassion that you won't pay remember it that you drift off and lose your commitment aren't get out and touch with your commitment for justice that that that's a possibility that's not going to go away
the possibility that you forget what you're working on will not go away and the fear that you'll forget it also isn't really gonna go away i mean
it is gonna go away if you know in the next moment but it's it's it's gonna be coming back and also complacency know i do enough for the world give me a break
or even before give me a break i do enough for the world i'm a successful justice worker
oh again that but it isn't like to say no get outta here practice compassion towards the people who are think they're doing enough
complaisant people are one compassion to they don't wanna get stuck in complacency
anxious people don't wanna get stuck and anxiety they compassion for them so it's unclear it's quite clear a very difficult miss
not sure i understand where you're saying
trees were smashed doesn't does any further action from the field
what's not so much further action is compassion with your actions so she's like she's a professional
a social worker professional justice worker so she's doing justice work that's the work and along with that work in practice compassion so then if you practice if you don't if your practice compassion with your justice work then and when she when she does that than she then this fear comes up a long so
side the a justice work which is
i think this compassion my might make me lose the sharpness and clarity and my justice work
that's thought is not necessarily true
that you will but the anxiety is kind of true in the sense that you are worried about that and that's calling for compassion
so you're doing justice work your pack and you're practicing compassion at the same time
and then this slot comes up which kind of challenges your work
at least a challenges the compassion is because she says
maybe your compassion will make your would take away the rigor of your justice works and it might is possible or but it probably will be that the compassion takes it away it just that when you're doing any kind of work you you you're always at risk of losing the rigor of it
there's always the risk that you'll be on rigorous in your work
dissolve the risk if whatever job you're doing that you're going to lose your job
you know not everybody does lose your job but every there's always a risk your orders as risk of losing your livelihood
and people are afraid of that
and not just because they don't they're not just because they are you know don't are worried that they're not going to get them you know their bread and and cheese they're worried that they will be able to do the work which is really important to they don't want their work taken away from because they don't to devoted to the word but there's a possibility
your work will be taken away
it's your livelihood want to be taken away from you that your health will be taken away from you and your life were taken away from you
that your reputation for taken away from you that your mind will be taken away from you that everything you think it's a dirty oop of always a risk
it doesn't happen every moment that this stuff goes away necessarily but there's a risk and remembering that risk and taking care of any fear you have or on that
is recommended by the buddhas and if you forget to remember this about these things then you can become intoxicated with them
there's nothing wrong with you let's say you're doing wholesome more livelihood and let's say you're healthy let's say you're young that's nothing wrong with those things
but if you get intoxicated about them then you start doing on wholesome activities in your intoxication but if you remember that your health and your job in your mind and your reputation
that they're all subject to change and then you're sober
and then you can act
because you're not you're you're taking care of things and a sober way
which again
it's sober it's not it's not intoxicating it's not really exciting
i'm take care of my health which never going to which is going to be here forever i'm taking care of my youth or her youth which is going to be here forever use is fine but we need to be mindful that it's something to change its subject to being lost then we can enjoy
it and be sober
our enjoy it and a sovereign state and act skillfully with it

so how often mentioned the country western lyric when i drink a six pack of beer i think i'm ten feet tall and bulletproof
another way to said when i drink a six pack of beer i think that i'll be young forever
and our love will never change and i'll never lose my mind and i'll always be strong and healthy and i'll never lose my job and etc
when you're intoxicated you think that way and if you think that way you become intoxicated
but if you realized everything is everything all compounded things all phenomena are fragile
remember that and that they're calling for tenderness
remember that
and again if here if your tender you tend to be sober and if you're sober you tend to be tender
i tend to be it promotes being tender if you're sober you you don't mind being careful of people and gentle
but if you're intoxicated sometimes you think it's okay just to slap somebody in the back
what a man paul seems fine right
but maybe they don't think so
maybe the that was really hard
like when my granddaughter slap me in the face a year or so ago
you know if you of things ah there's my grandad east like permanent and then she gets really high on my on having a permanent granddad give him a whack
in partly she wants to see is it true that he's indestructible
and she didn't really destroy me but she did i did give her the feedback that that was really hard
and i remember her mother when she was a little girl her mother's pope my wife her mother spoke chinese to her and i mean where she said many times changing the which means gentle
and mama dutcher which means it slowly

so i wish i wish that you will be tender
beings and everybody is fragile so i wish you would be tender with everybody
i wish that i wish i will be too
and i wish you'd be tender to me but that doesn't mean you don't tell me if you disagree with me or asked me questions or or or call me into question you can call me into question tenderly
and you do
thank you
yes sinus is your car
i don't thinking matter
some of the top
the yet or

i was just wondering
i don't i don't know why
but there are
so there's principal and phenomenon
there's ultimate and home
there's real and provision their same or sameness and difference
there is dark and light
there's upright and inclined
you know is universal and particular
so emptiness emptiness is universal it applies to all phenomena
and all phenomena are different from other phenomena
so there's a universal truth that applies to all particularities and the universal truths which is not not particular
interpenetrate the particular and a particular interpenetrates they're not separate
but you can distinct you can you can talk we can talk about them and it's and there's a teaching which talks about them
which have been hearing about and this is to help us get ready to discover the truth of that teaching which is right here right now
so we have to be compassionate to are particularly in order to discover
the universal that's always present in a particular
had not just that but then discover that them particulars always present in the universal
nick wake up to the universal and particular and then wake up to the particular and the universal

the tory story of a bit so it doesn't really know about the bet
the it's a check off play called bet
why does it check our story and has called the bet
and it's about a bit and then there's also a twilight zone
the story based on enough check off story which is called silence
testing was
snoring unit
was it
young man
games are hoping that he
the early as a
and and not just investigated but
i don't know which happened first weather but i think he was compassionate with the situation of him being in this this room which i remember it as like a library when in what he was in a can make an enclosed space
which about was you can't stay in an enclosed space for five years has gift to at impossible
and but i think either the enclosed space was a library that had books in it or he he was asked for books books are brought into the space but he had a hard time actually doing what what he was trying to do he didn't think it would be i don't think he thought it was gonna be easy to stand that room for five years
and by the way he he changed the bed to fifteen he upped the ante and he said fifteen years so i thought i think he thought it would be somewhat challenge but i think you've thought i can do this i can do this it's going to be hard and it was hard but he practice compassion with all the suffering of being trapped in a room and now
being able to you know
machine to not be able to but seeing that it really was a waste of time to run away from the discomfort
so he more and more face to discomfort of being in prison
he was more more compassion with being trapped in this confined space which is like our mind our conscious mind is is an enclosure and we have problems with that
can we want to get out like people often say i'm sick of this is this selfless mine where there's a self i want to get outta here that's the same thing
but here they gradually became more my settled and at peace being in a room
and then and then i think he realized
you know that the money which he was going to win he didn't really care about that that wasn't the point of life after all and winning the bet wasn't really he he saw that and then he also saw all or he didn't know though he didn't know
he didn't know that the that he really couldn't get the money because the person didn't have the money anymore
and he didn't know that the person was gonna kill him if he didn't even know about that however he made a response which saved the a person and himself from not terrible violence which is another thing that when you are compassionate with your situation you understand it and you
understand and you see the proper response but you only you don't know how good it is
i didn't know it was gonna like keep that guy from killing him
so it's you make a proper response but you don't see it know how good it is when it comes from this place even though you think it's appropriate you don't know how great the great is the great function of it
so he realized that he was free of caring about getting the money and wedding the bed and he didn't realize that he was saving his life and the other person's life too
which it does
that's my understanding of the story
which is not terribly different from what i understood what i was a kid

but i guess one as a kid i didn't think of it so much in terms of
oh fun
have you know helping that man not kill him
i got i thought more about how he just simply became an ease and at peace being in prison
and then i guess i did also as think that that would that would really cool if you're an easy as if you're an ease and at peace with being in prison that you will leave a day be a day before the m
that was going to be so you he would your piece wouldn't then
in any way harm somebody else
and another version the story would be said okay i left early gonna go back in for another fifteen years now
yes i think that that story about how i met i've met this very to be talked about it and how he was completed on sunday he was never about hear your voice so he did all of the
this a in isolation
but he read a lot of people so he's listening to i don't know socrates and plato and and shakespeare and push canon tolstoy and dostoevsky listening to all these great voices
so he was actually in conversation but he didn't have a what we like it
he didn't have a certain kind of voices
the keep that put it back
ten things that are asked to him
yeah solitary confinement solitary confinement is very advanced but he he he did it he did find
because you always have your conversation in your head going on
that doesn't stop in solitary confinement
it's just that most people benefit from having somebody question the the inner dialogue and asked in a call that into question usually helps people but it is possible to climb to quash you to have the dialogue in your head question you and question your dialogue
and also i think you've read books which said you should be questioning the dialogue in your head
and then i think he did so he didn't become i don't know what's some weren't mentally ill
from his own inner dialogue his inner dialogue voice
was questioned by what he's reading
he means is why type sand
is that
he perished jess yes it's realistic now you can go into the forest and question the forest and be questioned by the forest
especially if you're if you if your been trained and questioning and being questioned
did you say nature like and has he didn't have access to nature human touch sensory experience he did have since her experience and in the room he just didn't have trees and flowers
as and birds and animals and people interacting with that when
you know i think not i didn't get my picture of my picture of the removes it it was had no windows
ah i think it didn't have any windows
i think it couldn't really get out of the rumors have to the door and the door was locked and sorry i
we really
in a cell
if you if you haven't developed person i think you can put him in a cell and they the dialogue goes on very nicely but they usually are to be trained
but at we know with other people for a while before they can get a feeling for that
if you put most people in solitary confinement who have been trained of how to work with their mind it's like torture terrible torture from lot of people
but if a person's well trained they can deal with that that situation and caught in and the situation can call what they think's going on into question and they can call what's going on into question because are trained to do that
so they talked to somebody and somebody calls them into question they talked to somebody and they call the person in a question and you take the person away the dialogue go on
and as part of zen training is you
like you sit quietly
and maybe when you first sit you don't notice that you're being called into question you think it's quiet it is you're not talking nobody's talking to you write the beginning of the class after i talk to a little bit sorry
and sometimes they ask your questions when you're sitting
but still lot of people when they're meditating they don't really think that there are dialogue that they're in a conversation
that make sense
so then you got can you go to the clash and go to the teacher and you have a dialogue
and then the dialogue help you understand that the dialogue didn't start when you came to talk to the teacher it was going on before you came
and then you go back and sit in said and the dialogue goes on however
huh maybe you don't notice certain aspects of the dialogue
that's going on in silence see go back to the teacher and the teacher asked you how how your city was going and an a teacher maybe notices at you that you thought something
but then you didn't question why you thought but he thought you understood something but you didn't question whether that was so
and then you come to see the teacher and utama tissue which has student the teachers and teacher questions you and then maybe you realize oh i didn't say i didn't i didn't question that or sometimes even you feel really insulted that the teacher question you
and then that shows you
oh yeah i've not used to be in question
and then you go back and seven you notice that the question is going on in silence

and again another residence is the statement
you know if there's we say if there's the slightest discrepancy it's a big difference but another were to if there's a play the slightest discrepancy or the slightest
preference you failed to accord with the proper attunement
so i told the story of somebody that teaching which says that way is not difficult except for picked picking and choosing
and yet if there's a slight discrepancy it's a big difference
and then so and then one monk questions another one saying
if there's a slightest discrepancy is like the distance between heaven and earth
how'd you
how do you realize that how do you understand that and the monk says if there's a slight discrepancy it's like the distance between heaven and earth
so when he when he said the same thing again was there any discrepancy
maybe know
if you said the same thing right
they're talking about you know if there is a discrepancy there's a big problem
so how do you understand that there isn't a big problem if there's no discrepancy on just say the same thing again
but then a teacher called that understanding into question think so said how do you understand and he said how i understood but then the other the they're both teachers second fritz the first teacher asks the second teacher how do you understand the sled as discrepancy
and the one says the slightest discrepancy
that's how i understood it and he says and he questioned so i questioned him the guy responded question again
and then the second question is
how can you
how can you comprehend it when you say the same thing
so actually if somebody actually i understand that if there's a slight discrepancy is like to dispute heaven and earth if you say it in a different way enough of census easier maybe to get a hold of something that but he said exactly the same way if you're successful there's nothing to get older so
and then his and the other one after being questioned said again i'm just like this how about you and then he said the same thing if there's the slightest discrepancy
so it's ongoing attunement ongoing attunement and the attunement involves no discrepancy
no discrepancy between the different parts of your mind no discrepancy between your center yourself in a sense of others no discrepancy attunement
and it's a it's an ongoing process
can a revolt questioning and being questioned
because again you might think i'm attuned
what you might be right because in fact you are attuned and then
the in order to realize that and in life in a in a to say but maybe i'm not
and the story which i said i'll i'll tell you if your beg me
the that story starts out with a person who kind of like did understand
but then a question arose in its own mind
which was i mean you had a good understanding but a question arose roses mine i wonder if my understand he's really authentic
so let's lay in his own mind the dialogue happened i have a good understanding but i wonder if it's really authentic and then or in response to that question a he got a visitation from a deity
in the deity said no you don't
however there is somebody who does understand his name shocking any buddha and he lives in such a such a town and if you go visit him
you can have a conversation
and he'll help you
and that's that's the thing and the and he went off to be questioned to question the buddha and be questioned by the border and then that was led into the story of the meeting and him not now of him meeting the buddha but not knowing it was the border he met and them hanging out together and him not knowing who is worth even though he
was looking for the very person who was with
and then and then he woke up to who is with and that who it was where was who he wanted to be with and really that's always so
who are with us who we really wanna be with
and when we wake up to that sometimes we feel who sorry i didn't respect your sufficient wish i didn't realize that you are really wanted to be worth and i kind of taught you a little bit disrespectful the i'm sorry
and that's that's flying know you're cooking
by the way that scripture which i'm telling your part of is called discourse on elements and it's it's in the middling sayings of the buddha
the middle length sayings of the buddha was called discourse on elements it's da to nish dab tuner dacia discourse on elements so in the middle of the and the middle of the sutra the border gives us this this monk a discourse on headlines
and while he given this discourse are elements the monk realizes it was talking to me
when he started talking you think so this is
know quite a guy i'll listen to him talk
can you realize is always this is the person i wanted to meet all along
and he aimed he was looking for the board and know that he didn't say hey i'm looking for know he didn't say that the device know he didn't say that
want us to anchorage is that this guy lived a long way from the buddha and he set out towards the buddha
and the buddha
far away
hum said to his monks i'm gonna go for a walk as all go by myself i don't want you all to come with me
so so it was walking by himself you know
and if you see the border with large group of people use toward like all
the he he wasn't you know
he took off his glamour
the buddha can put on glamour and take it off
and one of the ways that buddha push on glamour is to have several hundred people surrounding her
like you know
with that person and middle of those people who are listening to her
that's the killer true the glamorous they're all like really paying attention to her
she must be something
it's been a way he probably by himself he went on this long walk and he went from where he was to a city intermediate
between with that guy was and and where he was headed guy was headed to where the buddha was but the buddha head and him off he knew he was coming and they arrived at the same place at the same time the boot arrived a little bit before him on the same day
in a city and and a place to booted decided to stay this guy went to the same place so i can you believe this story
we have stories like this in the old in a reputation the buddha walks long distance to a town goes and stays and a potter shed this guy also walks long distance to a town and goes to the potter's house
most and ask if he has a place to stay and the guy says yeah you can stay in my shirt red and the buddhas in the shed

and so where do you think so
he cites the medical aspect or whatever is what else is that story
what else is it to say well i think what lv that story saying that say
what you're looking for is right where i think i think i think the story is saying
the person you're looking to meet the companion you want to meet
it's already here
what you're looking for what you're searching for as always with you
i've playing them and also when you made it you won't necessarily know it however you will eventually wake up to it and he he even though he did speak kind of informally with the buddha when the buddhist art talking he listened to him
like one time i was driving home to green gulch in the night
and i used to listen to am radio station that had like plays on it and old old like radio shows
like you know
star kang and amos and andy and
a shadow and
and anyway so i used to listen to that station with driving from the city centre back to green gulch and one nine i'd turn it on it sounded like a play with going on or something with some conversation was going on
and i just couldn't quite figure out what the story was
but i can tell they're having a conversation
and then when i was listening
it struck me that
this the way they're talking to each other is really beautiful
i didn't know what they were talking about couldn't i didn't i didn't on the plot
but i just struck by the beauty of their conversation and i thought oh it must be shakespeare
who coils can what other what other english can be so beautiful were probably there is some that i don't know about happening anyway
the main for me she experienced really beautiful and i thought must be shakespeare and it was so again if you that i was listening you know if you listened to people
if you listen to you realize that you're with buddha
no matter who you're with
and that's what we boy realizes but it's not as that food has always been a order right no matter who is talking to now
as one meeting of it another meaning of it is
which relates to this thing about or trolley brought up last time bought monk who said is that so when confronted with praise and blame
when you hear stories like this
about like this personally wondering if they understand and
and the deity saying no you don't but there's a buddha living in a town if you go see him your your he'll help you and he sets off and then simultaneously or shortly after in a in a place where boot is buddha tells his community that he's gonna go on a walk he doesn't tell him what for but he's heading to meet this guy
and they do meet in the same room as spend the night together and the border to give them a talk and the guy wakes up
it's like is that so or could that happen
is it possible that the such mysterious things happen such miracles happen in the world that's not a meeting and the other men in which one i brought up is the at the end of the search after this monk woke up
by listening to the buddha's teaching he woke up while listening to teaching them that this is the buddha they also woke up to that he hadn't been respectful and then he confessed and that's another meaning of this thing is that
after you wake up and you notice that you weren't viewed as a few slip ups when you mention the or slip ups and say you're sorry you're done you're participating in the dharma wheel turning as another message and etc
because it's quite quite bit going on to it plus in the middle of the searchers is teaching which is discourse on openness and which and didn't get into
you're not going to give us the discord watch too long so its i gave you the setup of their meeting and i gave you a conclusion
the conclusion of the discourses that the monk woke up and he woke up to the teaching and also woke up to the teacher and you know and he was so happy said
i've been looking for the teacher i've found the teacher and he's he said to himself while the border was still teaching but he didn't they didn't stop the buddha and say i found your teacher he led the boot of finish and that have to put a fetish he said he's he said he didn't ever tell the buddha how happy
it was an internal thing up
i've been searching for my do target on my teacher he said it himself while there is listening and we finished he apologized to his newly discovered teacher for not being respectful at the beginning
and the boy said the word but and someone
so it's
and even now he was happy he didn't become intoxicated
still a little yeah exactly exactly he was very happy it was he was ecstatic that he had it
can you imagine that some way parameter i was looking for this person and they and we met here and without either without me but knowing that we're meeting our wonderful however he didn't lose track but i wasn't very respectful to him and i'm sorry now and when he's done talking as he's kind of target of i have
i won't apologize and he did
the maybe is question that he had
yeah because he was what he was he wasn't he was a record
he was a a well respected yogi he had lots of students and he again he was a well respected yogi and it looks like he deserved his the respect because he questioned himself
he wasn't a well respected your you said
i heard there's a buddha living over and sarnoff but i don't need him because i'm totally sure that my understanding is complete and perfect he didn't think that
which is a good even doesn't well a board member but anyway
but the book doesn't think that for no reason to put as i'm a reason whole set of reasons why he knows that it's not just he thinks it is a way of testing and wish he followed but anyway he was he was a well respected teacher who had some humility
and so that question arose and in response to his huge humble question a deity came and said yes they hurt your you do need help and there's alper
head over there so the guy did
yeah so he wasn't intoxicated
when you ask when you ask yourself you know could i possibly learn more about the reality that's not that's that's a sign that you're somewhat song
this somewhat sober when you wonder if your understanding is complete them
or if if you wonder if perhaps you could do with a little further study
that's like a sober thought or even a sobering thought like some people do sometimes in meditation him like great meditation to areas they feel really happy or that's fine
but if you remember that that wonderful meditation experience is subject to change than you might not get high it get to intoxicated by it even noise really lofty wonderful and full of light and joy that might happen
but he might also say who a wonderful age
wouldn't forget ask a question about down
and you can enter consider if you're sober
i'm i'm in a great state but i'm not i wouldn't or even the question could be i wonder if i'm getting i wonder how getting intoxicated by all this joy
if you to question whether you're intoxicated as is a sign of salt sovereign us but sometimes you could possibly in just a lot of intoxicants and still question you know and that question would be sober even though you still intoxicated
next excellent

yeah it's it's time to stop
the time has come