Ten Vows, Ten Practices, and Ten Cakes

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it's one of those days when
ah i have the burden of riches
there's so much i'd be interested to
express to you
sobbing can try to be careful because there's so much

perhaps i'll start with
and what i was just going to start with i'm not going to start with
i'll start with something else which is

and i'm not going to start with down and start with something else which is
over them over the hill and through the woods to green gulch were having a practice period and the theme of the practice period is
a plow flowers bloom in the withered tree

and i interpret the withered tree
as the weathering of are grasping
our discriminations
and in the non grasping of our discrimination of flower blooms is the flower of great wisdom
and that's that's the images in context of letting go of our discriminations
wisdom blooms
and letting go does not mean eliminating discriminations letting go does not mean a lobotomy
it means actually a thorough compassionate relationship
are discriminating
human consciousness
for example the discrimination between in consciousness between self and others
after discrimination which we might be have some attachment to or might be somewhat stuck in a discrimination
it's quite common that we might notice that we're stuck in the discrimination between self and other
have been have you ever seen such as sticking to that discrimination
so we're not
the trade that that discrimination doesn't wither if we're not kind to it
being unkind to the discrimination between self and other the tree gets thicker and stronger and postpones the blooming

so again the same as practice compassion with discriminations and the attachment to have them drops away and wisdom blooms and to a theme
a poetic image for the process of awakening

there's another image just like it which is the dragon howls
in the withered tree as another expression
for them okay so then this in the process of examining are discriminating thought with compassion i got visited by an old friend
that's been visiting me
for thirty or forty years
and the old friend is
i guess i'll say
the great bodhisattva samanta hydra
back on not alter in that room there's
two body sought but one is manjushri the body sought for a great
wisdom on the other side is the month of hydra the bodhisattva of great practice and great vows
jackie gave that those statues to us thank you jackie
it has so there's some under pedro high sitting on the elephant holding a big flower
so i smoked of hydra has come to me i wasn't expecting her arrival but here she is in my life again after a while she's been how long but she's made a big appearance recently
in the middle of that practice period or at the beginning of the practice period she came to visit

and she comes with ten vows
and so i i brought those ten vows up
at a sunday talk at green gulch a couple of weeks ago was it
ten vows and act and also brought up ten practices and ten cakes as to name of the talk

and forever and co-ceo hair told me he listened to the talk did for some reason is he listened to it and
the the whole thing wow
you've got the ten cakes to right
so sir madame hydra
means universal goodness
are universally good
in english that that's a translation of someone typography universal goodness
and this bodhisattva is
the main bodhisattva of the great
sutra called have a tom soccer sutra
which is translated as flower adornment scripture
the main body sorry for this is samantha hydra from the beginning to the end samanta hydras their universal goodness spread throughout the grade scripture
and towards the end of the had of this in the last chapter of the last book of the sutra

some on your pardon tells us about her vows
she's full of hours

and they tell us what their vows are
so that came up to me and i just felt as i have felt over like i i first heard about these valves about forty years ago and every now and then they come to me and just inspire me
and then they came again why we're practicing compassion with our discriminations these vows came to me
and i'm just so grateful that they came
you know some somebody asked me how can we brought them up will they just came in a blessing that that they came for two years ago they came thousands of years ago to this planet
and they they came just at the right time when i'm working on withering this tree
they come right at the time when i'm trying to practice compassion
with my and other people's attachment to their discriminations
and i think i i haven't told you it with the vows are but just a sort of give you a preview
i was on the preview is in the midst of these vows and again their vows
to practice practices saw ten vows to practice ten practices in the midst of these vows and then the practices which the vows support
their vows and they support practice practices come from our are carried by the vows in the midst of these practices and vows
the attachment to r discriminations just drops away not eliminated just drops away or dances into the sky and comes back to play now it's like the discriminations are the playmates of all living beings the
no longer interfering with realization of reality

are you ready to hear about the ten vows
okay well number one and again in the sutra or
they some launch of hydra are saying i think in the first person i will i vow
i i will i vow number one to pay homage
to all buddhas

and paying homage means you know
to acknowledge the worth to acknowledged the great worth of all buddhas
of great wisdom and compassion of great awakening
that's the first one

and when samaj party talks about this vow to practice homage to all buddhas
they go on to say moment
after moment
without cease and without end

again before i gone to the next one just want to emphasize
oh moment after moment without cease and also
regardless of without sees me as ring regardless of time other words every time all time every moment but also regardless of place so wherever and you are wherever i am some podres says wherever i am
whenever i am i pay homage
so for example if you practice sitting
if you were walking you would do when you're walking if you're eating if you're driving if you're going to the toilet
and of course after you go to the toilet what do you do wash your hands
with water
and so and while washing my hands with water and soap this hand washing is paying homage to all buddhas because i whatever i'm doing i'm paying homage to all buddhas
this is the samanta hundred bodhi sought for way
washing hand is not a waste of time because when i'm washing hands i'm paying homage to buddhas
when i'm washing hands some launch of hydra is washing her hands

and in this hat it in paying homage no matter what i'm doing or when i'm doing it in that homage bang
clinging to discriminations drops away i say
so is a vow to do that and is the practice of it

and by the way i say
that as
i'm practicing
as we're practicing
paying homage to all buddhas while we're washing our hands or eating our lunch or opening a door
or sitting
while are sitting is paying homage were paying homage by sitting
our hand watching is paying homage we pay homage by washing our hands
through washing our hands for washing our hands we pay homage to borders
is also pay homage to us at the same moment
and as we become more thoroughly
engaged with paying homage
in each moment
we opened to the fact that buddhists are right there with us face to face
we see the buddhist practicing with us and
reciprocating are homage
we need border police us there's no buddha with us there's no us without buddha's this is the first practice of some to bodrum

the first ball then the next one
vowing and practicing praising buddhas

in transmission of the practice from asia to america the praising a buddhist practice has not really a been highlighted because a lot of
western of the eastern people noticed when they brought up praising buddha's at the western people kind of were not very receptive to that so they backed off
but an asia in the is particularly when lay people come into the monasteries to join every day they do a lot of praising of buddha's
it's a part of the standard liturgy to praise buddha as nam extensive praising scriptures
the difference between praise and
well like up to
there's like for example one of the difference between like for example homage one of the ways to practice homage as you say i a lie i align myself with this thing and i'm gonna and i'm going to i'm gonna join in the practice of this thing
and also ah the the formal way to pay homage is to do prostration is to offer incense and new prostration as to formal way to express homage whereas praise you actually like usually say it
but you can also see the prostration as praise but you can praise things that you don't pay homage to like you could praise on
an athlete or a ballet dancer but you're not saying i'm going to be a ballet dancer or i'm gonna be a football player or i'm gonna be a piano player or i'm gonna be a high school teacher you can praise people without
sort of aligning yourself with them and joining their program so first he joined the program then you praise the programmer the programmers
then you make offerings then in a third bars and again the praise is
at each moment
no matter what your age moment means no matter what you're doing so then you see again
whatever you're doing you if your some onto powdery you make what you're doing an act of praise

i serve beings as an act of praise of the buddha's
i cleaned the temple as an act of tray praise i clean my own house as an actor praise of buddha's dooney you ever clean your house
you have a cookie heavier of of cleaner papa bruce you have a cleaner who clean your house for you
do you clean your house ever
yeah well so if when when you're cleaning your house if you're ever cleaning your house when you're cleaning it
it actually is it is quite convenient you can also praise the buddha's while you're cleaning you can make your cleaning communists or cleaning now but this isn't just cleaning i'm trying to get anything here this is an act of praise
unicode cleanliness is next to godliness right
i clean the house as an act of praise of buddha's
i serve a meal i eat a meal as in praise of buddha's you can do this practice while you're doing anything and then making offerings
and so on all these practice can be done all the time whatever you're doing that's they can be done and some launch of bodrum violence to do them and we can join we can praise all buddhas but we also praise buddhas bodhisattvas like we praise some on
ponder by adopting his practices

so i'm wearing this
a colorful robe today which i think has one hundred and fifteen embroidered buddhists anak
an embroidered
images of buddha one hundred and fifteen on a red background
this rob was entrusted to me by reverend co-ceo and charlie bravo and charlie
corny and galen so three priests when i was in china with them found this robe and saved it from
pablo from oblivion
and and gave it to me to take care of
and so i just thought today's a good to it day to wear it
the where this role of buddha's a buddha and borders to wear this robe on the day when i talk about paying homage to all buddhas to one hundred and fifteen but also to infinite buddhas
play wear a robe in honor of buddha as part of my homage and i wear it as a praise buddha as nowhere and as an offering to buddhas and you can also wear your
don jacket as an offering to buddha and some of you have your own buddhist robe and you were that is an homage to border
as an homage to buddha's teaching when you put the robe on your head you say great rob of liberation field of virtue far beyond foreign him an emptiness wearing that target is teaching i'm wearing this target is teaching now saving all beings by were and

and another reason i'm wearing it is because
thursday night and yesterday morning friday morning we did some very lovely ceremony is a green gulch
paying homage to shock him money buddha
i can sell their homage to shock him when money buddha on these are on this pen pendants ah mr sharkey money buddha
we paid homage to shakyamuni buddha celebrating the last night of his life
and the day the disputed died the traditional day to do that is february fourteenth and fifteenth but we couldn't get it together to do the ceremony at that time because the ceremony is a little bit complicated to do all the homages
and to do all the offerings and all the praises we couldn't train the sanga
ah i took us two weeks to train the saga more than two weeks finally and on thursday and friday were able to do it and we did this
the ceremonies
lovely ceremonies to pay homage to praise and to make offerings extensive offerings to buddha

to celebrate
and to maybe shed some tears
about this lovely
thing called buddha entering
pari nirvana the buddha achieve nirvana
about thirty five years
or was a forty five years thirty about forty years before the buddha entered par nirvana the buddha more than forty five years before the border entered par nirvana according to some stories the buddha attained nirvana part ivana refers to this the special near
nirvana that the boarded demonstrated
for beings at the end of his
it was nirvana for forty five years being demonstrated but then it a special nirvana was demonstrated
and we were and we celebrated that time when the buddha was appear to be sick
but still teaching still the buddha teaching
and we recited some of his teachings
and again we we bowed to buddha we paid homage we praise the buddha and we made offerings
we got all dressed up
in our
i are buddha best
and did the ceremony

after the ceremony
at lunch following the ceremony someone said to me at the table and dining room at green gulch what is the meaning of par nirvana
they asked me at the table nice and
i paused and i said the meaning of par nirvana is you might say rather large
it has a vast meaning
but maybe i could say on in the person said
or maybe with yeah maybe she said does it mean that that the buddha is like gone is that what it means
and i said
the meaning is
like that the meaning is

this is it the dining-room to this is that the the in a diner and right and i'm saying the meaning is and people are like

in the dining-room the meaning is
so to make a long story short somebody said it's vast

a part of the reason for that long pause was because it's vast but another part of the reason was i forgot what the meaning was

or i forgot even what part of the meeting was
but then i remembered
the person said to send me in the buddhist gone
and i said
part of the meaning of this part nirvana part of the meaning of the buddha dying
is that buddha die
is a teaching
it's not just dying it's dying as a teaching
okay i'm gonna give you a teacher not now year ago as watch this and so following the buddha then it became a tradition for the buddha's mature disciples as there are about to die to make their dying a teaching get know better how you however
ready or ever go watch this watch
okay okay okay anyway later i will demonstrate
while i'm dying i will demonstrate dying as a teaching teaching is dying
so the buddha was teaching during all those years the buddha was to teach teach teacher to teach the meaning of part of nirvana is the buddha was teaching for forty five years that's the meaning of it and now the buddha teaches
by dying
does is the meaning of pioneer nirvana that has gone i'm not saying no
i'm just saying the meaning apart nirvana his death as a teaching death as a blessing buddha gave us the blessing of dying this was for us we needed the buddha to die
the buddha needed to do that for us
so the buddha did
and then i also sad at the lunch table
during the forty five years of teaching the of one of the buddha's teaching was
nothing is annihilated
oh when the person says as the buddha gone as is nothing or maybe is as nothing laughter nothing remains nothing is annihilated the buddha taught
so the and but also nothing is lasting
some things are always here
like the buddha is always here
but that doesn't mean the buddha last and of course it doesn't mean a bot is an eyelid is so part of the dump part of the part nirvana is to demonstrate that nothing is annihilated and nothing last
put a showed that
at that time
so i wear this robe
to pay homage to buddha to praise buddha to hold up buddha to and make offering to buddha of this robe
which was offered to me to offer to you
and to offer this wearing of this room to buddha and buddha's teaching
the meaning of part nirvana is vast i say a little bit about it now
there's no end to my offerings
to part nirvana there's no end to my homage to party nirvana there's no end to my praise a part of on
says and i join them you can join it too
so those first three i thought were quite relevant to a wearing this robe and his robe the relevant to were in those three
and to the ceremony celebrating the great teacher
can you hear me well up there upstairs who now great

and i also mentioned that some day talk
i'm still with the first three
one of the missouri i don't either i didn't and i want to say great too many times but anyway one of the most wonderful the san ancestors is a person we call long bow
he's the master of lin g who is the founder of the lindzey or rinzai school of zen which was became the most prolific of all the sense cause in china as five schools wrens i was the foot of them
most popular in terms of the most populous so rinzai is the founder of that school and his teachers won bow and one of won both main teachings is
non seeking

not trying to get anything
which could be rephrased as generosity but he emphasized not non seeking are not seeking anything in the practice
and as a story about him
in the blue cliff record
i think maybe it
kiss thirteen
and it's a story about him when he was a head monk in
a monastery he wasn't the abbot he was the head monk
and but i i have the feeling like he was making his teaching them known in that monastery and what was his teaching is teaching was not seeking anything
for example
when paying homage to the buddha not seeking anything from buddha
paying homage not to get something from buddha
but as to give something to border give you give your own homage give your pay your respects give you respect to buddha not try to get boot into respect you of course but already does respect you
but you know trying to get that and trying to get it you kind of in some sense contradict the fact that boot is already giving it to you so don't try to get as respect
but good buddha your respect pay your respect pay homage to buddha without seeking anything pay homage to pay homage and not even that
so anyway
i just can't believe how good are and stories are sometimes
so here we have this head monk this wonderful historical figure one bow he's living in a monastery he's telling people about not seeking anything and zen practice
and one of the people in the monastery is
a kind of an amazing guy who is actually he's the uncle of the current emperor
of china and he's living in a zen monastery
and part of their isn't is living there is is kind of hiding from his nephew who might want to kill him
his nephew hates him and know and thinks he might be date you know might be dangerous his uncle might try to get rid of my whatever anyway so this monk whose in a monastery is also the brother of a former emperor and the uncle of three emperors who didn't live
a long
so this uncle outlived his three nephews and became
an emperor
in his name is shrek and phone
he was the last ah the last they say the less strong emperor of the tang dynasty
strong in the sense of what you'll see
it's kind of strong guy
so here's the monster he's not had monkeys just an ordinary monk who is also going to be emperor and i don't know of one both knew he was gonna be that he was like the former employers brother and uncle of the current emperor i don't know if one bone know that but i could imagine him
pardon would you say
he might have known less the bless let's just imagine he didn't know that this guy is an uncle of the emperor who's hiding out in a monastery
so one bow is and on a certain location guess what he's doing you can probably guess right
he was paying homage
to a statue of the buddha
now of course not of course maybe one will paid homage to boot all day long like some onto hydra he probably heard about some random hydra so he might have been paying homage when he was sitting in meditation
like some chowder does dumps smudge about a in meditation or sit or rise the elephant see the munch his own elephant there is ride an elephant and the same time is right in the elephant like whoa whoa whoa whoa boy he's paying homage to buddha right get the picture
so one more might have been doing that to all day long paying homage to buddha by this particular case he was doing it in a formal way
offering incense and prostrating before the buddhist statue formulation revealing his ongoing practice
okay to get the picture any questions
no everybody got it okay so the emperor former future emperor by the way just happens to be nearby watching wong bow
isn't this amazing watching one body prostrations to the buddha
having heard one boasts teaching
so he says to one bowl if you don't seek anything from buddha and you don't seek anything from dharma and you don't seek anything from sanga why are you prostrating yourself to the buddha statue
and one boy said
i don't seek anything from buddha
i don't seek anything from dharma i don't seek anything from sanga
in this way
i pay homage to buddha dharma and sangha the way to pay homage to boot and our dharma sangha is by not seeking anything or to do it as a service not a seeking that's the way on voted it that's the way some two hundred
does it that's the way we can learn to do it with pay homage to the borders without trying to get anything that's the that's the way that ancestors paid homage
but the story just said
in this way of not seeking is how i pay homage
and then the future emperor says
shredded song says with his name not sure on yet he beat his name's friends on when it becomes emperor
anyway the future emperor says what's the point of paying homage than if you don't see anything
and you probably can guess what happened next right
one bush slap the future emperor

and then there's future emperor says don't be so don't be so course
and then guess what happened
he slapped him again
and then one boy said this is no time to talk about course are are subtle and slapped him again
as called
least three slabs of the emperor one both and then later when it when he became emperor he gave them the the emperor gave a kind of this teacher a name which is course action a course action monk
that you should change the name
to vast action
you know are vast wisdom
so i wear this road in homage to one boat and in homage of love in homage of homage without seeking anything in praise of praise without sick than anything in praise of making offerings
without seeking anything
i think you know when we made offerings
the other day to the buddha i think i don't think i think most people were just making offers that were trying to get anything from buddha by making the offer him and that made some people make sure that wasn't very interesting we didn't get anything actually afterwards i got to eat some other offers
there were quite tasty
vegetarian feast for the border
so there's the first three
wanna hear the next seven
it's getting late but vf time
wait how are you gay
anybody else everybody else okay with here in the next seven
scott okay i feel
you can lie down if you want your grab make yourself comfortable it's going to is gonna beat several hours
gay the budget the context is were doing this stuff with are seeking read
this is a service which the body sofa does the next one is
revealing and disclosing
the shortcomings in our practice
for example if you if you try to practice homage praise and offerings and you'll notice that trying to get something now you have something to confess okay i was practicing i was dragged i was paying my respects to buddha buddha so i'm trying to get the to like give me some approval sorry
sorry buddha i didn't just not offer my homage i was trying to get you to you know pat me on the head which i heard you do too sometimes
an actor you did pat me on the head and i appreciated but i'm sorry that i was trying to get you to do it
i'm sorry as confess that confession and being embarrassed that i'm trying to get something from buddha rather than i'm here to serve buddha if you look at the stories of the zen ancestors sometimes they say so so studied with so and so but they also say study and so on so served so
so and so
you served a teacher that's the way you study the teach with a teacher is study was a teacher by serving the teacher not studying try to get something from the teacher
he study to give yourself to the teaching
but you might notice that you're not practicing that way so then you confessed and repented and maybe some other shortcomings to besides that
there's quite a few of possible to shortcomings
so some laundry powder of vows to do that practice unceasingly
and without end
and then following that one is the practice of rejoicing in the merits of others
rejoicing and the merit of the buddha's yeah
and rejoicing in the merit of
of our for our friends practice if he's when is and when you and when i confess and repent my shortcomings it opened my papers
to see the virtues of others
if i don't notice my own shortcomings that's because my eyes are somewhat shot

and also again i pay homage to buddhist or as will open my nine nine nine supposed to touch my eyes but let's pretend i opened my eyes
but i pay homage to buddha and request buddha to open my eyes so i can see the merit of others and when i see the merit of others i vow to rejoice in it
moment after moment
again in she noticing and apologizing for my own shortcomings opens my eyes to the wonderful vision of the merit of others and i vowed to do that practice that's number five number six which also i wear this
robe in honor of number six is to request the buddha's to turn the wheel of the dharma
the buddhist usually wait to be invited
they just don't they don't bring their dime will roll over people
they've got their dharma whale it's available but upon request
and usually three times is a tradition and we have stories like that where people request the buddha to turn the wheel and the buddha says actually this isn't a good time i'm having lunch or whatever
but then when asked three times the bullish says okay
request awarded to teach the dharma

got to have no thank you
thank you
thank you for the service

at number six requesting the buddha's to teach
and keep and requested every moment so again in daily life
moment after moment brushing your teeth washing your hands
paying your respects to buddha
rejoicing in the merit of others k at that same time request the buddha to turn the wheel of dharma right now
why you're rejoicing and how wonderful other people's marriages that same moment okay but is turn the wheel of dharma rejoicing and the marriage of others is really a good time from buddha to turn the wheel or another way to put it is when we're
rejoicing in the merit of others
that's a time when we can see the buddha turning the wheel of dharma
when we don't see the merit of others or he can you imagine seeing the merit of others and not rejoicing people that does happen in this world like some people see somebody else do really well and they don't rejoice in it because they feel jealous or envious i should say
they did that really well on
i wish i could do that rather than that was great
and then they say you're really good at rejoicing in my merit
they you
rejoicing and the merit of others is a great moment to also say okay buddha please right now
turn the wheel not just for me but for all bags and not just for me but for these people this is wonderful practitioners please turn it for them
as number
there was no seven or oh here at davis six turn the wheel number seven
don't go somebody people are coming to me more modern saying don't go
the same that don't go don't leave so number seven is i vow
to request what is to not leave to not leave this world to stay in the world and teach
because they're teaching the dharma but then they might go and then
we're we're in trouble
so don't go please take as numbers seven right
our summers cemetery number eight
i vow to do all the practices which the buddha's have practiced and are practicing so all the body sought for practices which borders have practiced
generosity ethics patients enthusiasm concentration and wisdom i vow to do all those practices
right view
right speech right action right livelihood right effort right concentration
i vowed to do them all
right mindfulness i vowed to do all those practices
generosity kind speech
beneficial action
identity action all the practices but as high bar to do them
i bought a copy the borders
of course void to do the practices of buddha's is another way of paying homage
i pay homage his partner that i am i will do i will practice all the practices of buddha's
and the next one is i vowed to harmonize and accommodate with an accord with all living beings
they'll do these practices but also i do these practices to accommodate an assist and support all living beings
i bought to do that practice and number ten is
all the merit from all these nine practices i then turn over
to the support the awakening and piece of all beings those are the ten bows and ten practices

there are so maybe that's enough
maybe it was too much
there is more but i think i'm gonna stop now and i just mentioned that maybe this afternoon i'll tell you about the ten cakes
and thirteen cookies
and the one grain of rice
although it's late if there's anything you want to say before
hum you pay homage by having lunch or you pay homage while you're having lunch
if there's anything you'd like to bring up maybe yes
i would love to see change

here to see that takes to see
yeah okay thank you for you you you would like are you bowing or just like
yeah so you vow to
see the teaching in the fear or yeah so that's so if you want to see the teaching and the fear then when there's fear
do those ten practices of course the the the immediate one is to go you can just go to skip over the first seven it just go right to do what buddha does so buddha's living in the middle of off of in of an ocean of fear of her buddha live
vw's at the center of the ocean of fear at the center of the ocean of delusion that's where buddha lives
i've mentioned that before haven't i
where does buddha live in the center of the ocean of suffering at the center of the ocean of fear that's where buddha lives now have i also mentioned are asked you where do you live
where do you live
same place
of course a year your version of it but you also at the center of the ocean of fear
and what has buddha do at the center of the any of the ocean of fear buddha
a regards the fear with eyes of compassion
and listened to the cries of frightening beings
with compassion
yeah so that's how buddha relates to all the fear around her
by regarding with eyes and ears of compassion listening to it observing it
now some onto powder also did those seven balls before that
and the seven dollars before that will help and thus in the practices which are supported by those vows those practices will help us
relate to the ocean of fear the way buddhists do because buddhas in the middle of all the fear
they're able to open to all that fear and be compassionate with it because they've done the previous depending on the previous seven practices
because i pay homage to buddhas
buy all my actions i am lifted up with spiritual life to support me to do this amazing practice or to enter this amazing practice
being compassionate to the ocean of fear i don't do it by my own power
i do it by enlightenment power by buddha power
and the buddha power comes to me
because i pay homage to buddha i'm not trying to get buddha power
but when you pay homage that is buddha power
see you get your boot up are working you get your mojo working by paying homage to buddhas and you're paying homage you're lining up with the presence
which is compassionate to the ocean of fear not buy your own like like going to stand all ordered know
i align myself with december this ability to sit in the middle and open to it all and i praise that ability it's not mine
and it's not even buddha's it is it is not doesn't belong to buddha it is buddhas
and i make offerings to buddha all this uplifts the practice of compassion in the middle of the ocean of fear
where i live all the time anyway
but i'm not always open to it because it's so is so immense
but there is an opening to it and the opening into it is what i want to align myself with the opening to it is all buddhas and i praise that openness and praising that openness promotes that openness
an openness to it
help me accommodate with all beings and then i give this wonderful accommodation in the middle of it to our bags
and back to
back to homage the first one we have a we have averse to do while would pay homage
and this verse is a zen people say this verse a my his own people sometimes of
sometimes amazon people
wait sometimes amazon people and and when i do prostrations i do it
in my body sought for verse i do prostration so i'm paying homage to the buddha's
to serve the buddhas and to serve the buddha's work of sitting in the middle of all fear
and practicing compassion i'm doing this service and while you the service i also can recite verse which is
boeing ba two or one one boeing one bout you
okay that homage thing
their nature
and mast
the same nature
this body
the selves body the body of this self and the body of the other
when paying homage to their not to these bodies are not so by paying homage would become the one we realize where the one who can sit in the middle
have observed with compassion ceaselessly
and then

do more light
tomorrow for you
replies variation that yeah
oh yeah
arousing the unsurpassable vow
so here i am practicing some onto vows practicing homage
the person buying person bowed to they have the same nature which is
empty and vast
this body other bodies not to arousing the inexhaustible wow
liberating are beings something i have ultimate truth
oh realizing ultimate truth yeah
arousing a unsurpassed volvo realizing ultimate truth
we realize ultimate truth sitting in the middle of the world of suffering of the world of fear that's how where we do it
and we sit there
with these practices and that's how it happens
not by my power not by buddhist power but our relationship
okay so thank you very much for listening to too much
sorry to talk so much and i'm glad i was able to stop
before we fainted and also i ah
we have copies here of the ten
great bows of the bodhisattva universally good you'd like to have it little copying case you haven't memorized it