Three Kinds of Compassion 

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i think i said something this morning or are like if we're
if we try to help other beings with a sense
however separation between
helping and helping helping and helped or helper and helped
nine on that leads to
getting really tired i might have said
or leads to give rise to were outflows
and i thought well
maybe tired isn't the right word maybe i'm
maybe discouragement is better word

in there might be some ah
need to rest because ah ha
of the work of
the work of benefiting bags might include resting
and up
the story of the stories i've heard about the buddha the shock of the buddha shakyamuni you said there was rescuers in the evening he rested
on that the body that was made available to give teachers
in the process of moving around and eating and so on and talking
that included raspberries often in in the evening time for even while resting the buddha still was doing
the buddha work
hmm susteren head is it and although the border was interacting with other living games avoid it did not believe that there was a separation between living beings or between the teacher and student
and some of the students understood that
and then became peters
so ah
although the buddhist body needed to rest and eat
ah because of not believing in a separation between for example self another student and teacher and put them there was no outflows the buddha the buddha is understanding
the buddha's wisdom has no outflows
so the body needs to be rescue for outflows flows are actually on disturbed the wisdom process
and could even lead to for example thinking well actually i don't want to practice anymore or
i don't want to help people there fix it's or it's killing me
that's like that could arise due the outflows
due to believing in the appearance of separation
so the the the beings who have handed out flowers
they still my name rushed to had a body
and they would have a body if if it was helpful to have a body for people to look at and relate to
that's one of the kind of bodies buddhists habitat is a body that people can see
and touch can i can touch people
and speak
in a way that people can make into words
after the liberation from that
believe in separation and duality turns outlaws and handing out flaws one never becomes discouraged
in the work
benefiting base but without flows some beings who are trying to help beings because of the outflows
might become so disoriented that they think we're not always hard and challenging the benefit days but i'm i don't want to do it anymore or or something like for i'm i'm not suited for it and i should give up
practicing so that's i find and plot point out the difference so i don't think protest or in other words i think it's possible to rest
as part of helping people
martha show people how to rest
some people actually has me to teach them how to rest
our little girl i take care of ha
when frankie laine dot com
she actually doesn't say to me what you teach me how to rest but in fact
i do some time to take your higher rest and the way i teach her
is by putting her in a pack in front of me and then
we take a walk and by walking with me she
find a way to rescue a quickly usually
look tired but particular averages started to get kind of
uncomfortable wiggly coming
struggling for comfort it's often wishes
fatigue and and wrestling with the good
she however her outflows are not disturbing her
her about and benefit all beings because her vow to benefit all beings is not yet
it's i can tell isn't i don't see that the he was manifested in of consciousness yet it may paid to some day by i was out here the he by giving up benefiting means for committing to benefiting things but that may happen some
day but she does seem to be struggling for rest
ha frequently so i sure how
and so far it's
it's i've been hundred percent of success of her catching on and gain the rushing in and after she rest for half an hour forty minutes our she wakes up and
she's ready to
an ai feedback on today's teachings or today's meditation i should say the meditation i gave you
have you been contemplating it
have you been enjoying contemplating these teachings

oh yes it
are you a heavenly be
the vessel was just
moral state human deserves their war two
as my understanding that gun
as as being start started discriminate objects it looks it appears as though they're out there separate from themselves and of the children there are here today are fifteen months old and frankie laine dot com is my twelve months old and she now is able to
you know i hold onto a piece of banana she reaches up and takes in takes an entire mouth and then just last time make last time i held him in she wanted to take the banana and as you're holding it and i reached it take off a piece for her and she pulled it away from me
like none hunting careless banana i here
this isn't this is gonna be over here i'm kind of like got it and so it looks like she's like she thinks i'm separate from her like your over there and sometimes you help me eat bananas but sometimes i have them and i i don't need your help and i'm not talking to myself he had worked for he thinks
however i also think that little babies often think
but the thing they're looking at which they think is separate from them that they own it
so although they they have a sense of separation and also think that lot of things are separate from them own select for some people i think say that they think the baby
yeah identifies with the roman i would say more like to think they own it
special certain parts of at life their caregivers so i think it's when it manifests i'm not sure
i'm but like ghana show at what point
it's they start discriminating objects but i think more or less by time they're born they just i do it but the thing to objects or
are so far year them or diffuse that hard to like
it's hard to say that the few snus is separate from me
it's hard to see how articulated that is for them
and i've often told the story here of zen master grayson on t to his younger brother and student
cheyenne young you have to say something from before you were born from before you can distinguish objects and i think one translation says before you can distinguish east and west
so i'm not sure at what point this ability comes up for it the abilities and need i think and
pre verbal i would say
ah ha there is a kind of
i think sentimental view of children at their perfectly enlightened buddhas
cause they're so beautiful when my think that in a decent don't act like buddhas
but also buddhists act like children
so ah
if if somebody says hello when you say hello you've detected like a buddha probably would have usually would answer the question
so i think killed him and they look like buddha's but right after a look like buddhists than than the moment later they act like somebody who is really frightened
ha of somebody and
really unable to cope with their with their processing really possessive and things like that
so i don't really think that children even shakyamuni buddha wasn't born a buddha
he had to do a little bit more work before becoming a buddha but
you know not much just about destroying our years of work
and then particular he served as buddha for the next forty five
no a twenty had a thirty five is when he had ever do work for thirty five years to enter brotherhood to finish his evolution
and before that he he manifested some of the characteristics of sentient beings in his life in the same lifetime
he he did things which showed some separation like he felt some
killer instinct some uneasiness with all sick people he said i can assure was not lifetime but maybe it was a he there was some sense of separation from gangs which he recognized as silly but it was still that illusion was still there
much absolutely sure that he was referring to his present my five seems like he was
we are talking in you you're talking about
cultivating energy
i didn't ask your house
yes and as from africa desk canal sure on so ah
among a basic six basic types of bodhisattva practice
while the fourth one is called
energy or effort
her enthusiasm and effort but it so
it's gonna like
it's it isn't it an effort in and and it's enclosure cultivation of the energy it's an effort to cultivate energy for effort
and the root of that the root of the energy and the root of the cultivation and generation or or ha
growing up the energy
is to cut his aspiration
if you aspire to something awesome for the respire to resemble the upright or com or generous
that aspiration if you if you look aspiration and think about their aspiration over and over
energy starts to develop
despite thinking money i i i flew would like to do that
and think about it in a way that's possible because you have just practice generosity ethics and patients with your life situation so you think about that but not in not like in a generous way and i yeah i'm not pricing myself to
to do this i actually aspire to at him think about i think about an aspiration gets stronger and energy starts to develop and you get more and more enthusiastic the more i think about doing good things and you start to feel more and more good about how good of good things would be
an energy can become quite intense and you can and you can also think about
the in the aspiration to now after practicing his first for now the practice concentration
and you can concentrate on
many meditations like when one basic meditation is meditating on
benefiting others
in other words developing a concentrated mindfulness and steadiness and flexibility with them meditation topic
since our mind
is a comic consciousness even though researchers have come a consciousness to comic consciousness is one of its characteristics is to be as you may have heard me say giddy
consciousness is very alive and but it's allied to such a point that it's giddy that it it tends to be excited to the point of disorientation
so you have the aspiration to benefit beings and you also have heard that are you even this aspiration to benefit being occurs in karmic consciousness so the aspiration occurs in a situation where being disoriented from that aspiration is quite possible
so then you might say well
ah is or something that do that
to protect against the disorienting power of this consciousness and the answer is
after practicing generosity
the ethical discipline and patience now you can generate the aspiration and if you have the aspiration to to develop something that will protected further the thing that will protected further is to be concentrated to be focused and also a focus that's flexible because our rigid focus
get pushed around by the giddiness but are open flexible focus
you can get spun around
by the turbulence a comic consciousness and still stay upright get flipped around and whine and your feet again so i often use the image of surfing you can get so that you could is more can be rapidly changing and moving and things are flying all around you but you can be and you can be
opened all that information in it and relating to it and still because you open flexible and still be upright
and we energy to we have really wanna do that because
it's very challenging to be
tranquil focused flexible open in the midst of
the turbulence of our mind
and now
that would be he might think i really aspire that and has inspired to if i get really weird the credit didn't feel better better bought it in then you give yourself to that that cultivation
but then again after you have been doing for example the previous three practices another if you're doing concentration
he die energy doesn't go on forever you actually have to
come on a daily basis or almost like a period of meditation basis
yeah sort if not have to but it helps to say
the bell rang from meditational cause my inspiration again
cause some year you'd set last period but then maybe
you forgot your aspiration if you forget aspiration
maybe your aunt your enthusiasm for practicing and maybe not so strong he said
why i'd i i just a few is couple hours ago i really found the good idea to sit in meditation for some of humanity come to nobody's think it'd be nice to going on board and sit quietly and then sometimes you you know about you is that this is actually good i actually like this
hum this is great and to get that does russia this period actually and if if there's another one i think i'd be up for it and then it ends in a gallery he wanted walk images oh yeah and also like to practice meditation while i'm walking
but if you don't remind yourself sometimes you can because of common courtesy can hundred sometimes you forget a these meditation reduces it how did i get here right you know
and some young some young people say well what am i gonna lie so what am i doing you're just sitting here and say more people say
i remember signing of what am i doing sitting here in people the camera consciousness can kind of like question any kind of good bye basically reorienting the whole setup
and i've often thought you know who are now looking back i thought it's amazing that a twenty-year a man in his early twenties would want to spend his time sitting with all the other things so young man can do or young woman
it's just amazing but i would do it and how did that happen to my one really forcing myself
most are the time and i sit in an often that are sitting us that or that happened while not a period
i actually kind of wanted to another one but sometimes i when the bell rang i kind of thought well i don't know
i kind of didn't i wasn't like working on my exploration when the bell rang when the bell rang i can get well maybe later maybe not to i have other things to do
but if you're working an aspiration dari to say oh yeah it's time to do what i wanna do not have a chance to do this
like i i recently took retold the story of of going swimming at ocean beach and nineteen sixty eight i went swimming and then i had trouble getting back and
i tried to give back and i try to get back and finally i realized that trying to get back was just gonna kill me how it is no
how go
probably drown if i kept fighting to try to get him i wasn't making i wasn't getting and so i kind of gave up somehow i don't know how that happened but i think that's what happened and i and i got moved down the beach and brought in
and then at some point my i felt my body hit the sand under the water has getting to your on until i wasn't drinking water much i guess some guys doing that without inhaling water
but i was but i was getting put under the water and hitting some somebody intelligence protected me from swallowing salt writer an alien
so enlightened when my body hit the sand under water i kind of woke up
oh sam now and then i thought if that happens again if i hit the sand yeah i do think i didn't go immediately from san i bought it at the sand or i'm gonna try to get back to sure i didn't think that i just thought well
that was gonna get some sand and
where i was before there was no sand that i knew about them just as the ocean as if if my body has to send again i'm in a push with my legs i didn't yeah forgot about swimming he's gonna push with my legs
and then i didn't descend again and i pushed i did it several times a desperation arose i lost it and it was in some ways good that i lost the aspiration to swim but then i've got the aspiration to push with my legs and i kept doing it and got in shallow water and crawl under the water
my aspiration was rediscovered but in the turbulence of life we sometimes forget our aspirations
and then first and then some sudden we get a gift a little touch and go
where am i oh yeah right i'm in a water and i remember that before i before i went into this kind of not exactly unconscious been very relaxed kind of surrender to the ocean before i went into it i had the thought of course
david i'm gonna die and i can't really do anything about it
but i have a feeling like probably maybe i have something more to do in this life so when i hit the sound of that oil will maybe
and they'll make the effort
so i didn't cut so that every i rediscovered my interest to try to live to do something which i remember what it was but i felt that there was something i didn't think
i actually i did think about my funeral ceremony i thought you know already going to say about me and my funeral ceremony as i thought
probably i should live along and after the half them to have something to say that right now there wouldn't be much point in has a ceremony
and i still feel like that son to pushing on the sand
one is available
so i i actually i actually do with i actually do go back and check my aspiration and when i do i always feel like the answer it has a good idea and then i felt and who might like to make some effort in that regard
and sometimes i do quite a bit and it really worked up
hence almost as worked up as kind of consciousness have worked up
and then you can make a clinical practice and the future
you need to do it over and over its need a refresher or in to recreate it
way it created as by contemplating your aspiration like you who your aspiration than you do what i see what i do you thing where i had an aspiration once
i remember heaven but outnumber what it was
and then think it means just cheek no vacation with that and say
yeah probably a good if i remembered it
what be good about it all that i would have an interview to and also remember what i wanted my energy for and if i don't remember probably on be kind of dysuria on be disoriented and a proper when be so good so actually i think what i'd like to i aspire to is to find some orientation and is disorienting mind
high alert is i wish to i wish to be present in upright i do have actually would like oh yeah i mean that such her for a while ago i thought that many times and every time i purchased stairway i really felt good about it and never regretted it i'm i'm back on board
the being upgrade to being upright ship the happy ship of concentration and focus on the aspiration to be upright and present with all these and then forget it again
how was it an maybe sometimes remember really quickly
who use really strong at that point you don't forget so easily
when is we lose it but you can reach you can read discover it and replenish it so it's a pizza ongoing practice in the bodhisattva repertoire we shouldn't expect that we're going to be enthusiastic without green
reigniting that flame doesn't mean when all we are just a little bit of its kind of flickering in the wind almost gone out sometimes get the money to a quite a while find it again
but when it gets really strong sometimes or
just use my circumstances make a key flaring up
so for some situations like
very challenging situations of people calling for help you know sometimes that makes it really easy to be present
like people sometimes say any situations where somebody's
like i just read that
which has been walt whitman when he was in a hospital in in in the civil war with all these suffering guys he said it was he was never so present us as that i said it was it was really easy to really be totally present with all suffering around it
the safe he said
and the poems he wrote about when he was working in the hospital
i heard were the only poems he didn't revise
there were so bright and clear that he couldn't after he got out of the hospital he couldn't do any better than me so i think he was in a state of
really great concentration so that a poetry he wrote from this caregiving the caregiving was calling so strongly that he didn't get distracted
but sometimes we we don't hear the caregiving clearing up and we get kind of disoriented again
trump has been comic conscious doesn't say what would you please please please be upright when used usually do this but he can imagine if people standing around your all the time st please be upright and i've seen if you know if the okay
and then again people say
when i'm in this place where everybody's sitting around your saying please be uprights are silently st louis the upright by them trying to sit upright i can remember to bring up upright and then when people go away i sometimes have trouble remembering
but i think what he was in a hospital
a really the call was very clear he was very concentrated and when women are giving birth to children also that the case where if they don't take any or don't take much pain medication they are you don't get real distracted
especially during nobody caught with it call them tell me tricycle transition have during that time particularly the not daydream into march usually i am and so the what info the had during her time
they some of them experience the clearest most concentrated time of their life and very painful but the pain is also not letting them get distracted so that they really are concentrated and also there you could say they're flexible there are some part of them has been extremely flexible
and that's why it's so painful because their store reggie
hundred and a stretch of bringing our attention to that soy it's it's a great moment and and birth and death are right there
so the like really pay attention to come in consciousness and that's a great woman
have your life you know it's very difficult and sometimes
afterwards they don't really feel like can we do that again
but then i guess after a certain period of time
they think i'm a baby so cute when another one
so we have to work on energy cultivation is a very important aspect of the past the border
thank you for a question thank you all for taken care of this practice place and for using it to contemplate
various meditations
mary may we meet again
on the path
to freedom and peace
may or
the play extensions or any better place way
the as ray beams are around us
hi sam
the service or any faster
however even learned
no date or arenas
how to answer them
as is unsurpassable
how to be comment
i feel so fortunate to be able to thank you
somehow being gosh i don't feel like i gotta work meeting and say thank you everybody
i probably assured but people are busy want to go to work and when hear me taking them more time but it's nice to be a situation where you're allowed to say thank you very much for taking care of this place but to save evening god thank you very much almost people take care of minerals but it's not set up
are easiest to thank everybody because people busy working
but thank you and i'll try to think people beg your pardon