Training for the Selfless Heart 

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i think this

three fps

i think we'll be okay
this is number four
so we're talking by training is selfless harder and you gotta say
training in selfless compassion
and we talk about this sub this body sought for mind
the bodies soft mind is
his mind guts
pink debts
full of compassion developing compassion and selflessness together
and we talked about to giving
kind to be mindful of practising giving
learning to make every action
throughout the day
an act of giving
and then
at some week later and and how many weeks after that time we started to talk about
being careful and vigilant
a bot our actions so to be mindful them to offer our action to make our action gifts are giving and then be careful about this giving and be vigilant about what's going on
in our mind
even while we're giving
when often saw the most important thing
to be vigilant about his
what we're thinking about doing what we're thinking by saying and what we're thinking about thinking
how is it for the welfare
of all beings
i don't know if i mentioned in this class but butter
at gringotts were kind of towards the end of a bot a two months practice period
and a towards the beginning of the practice period there was kind of a request from the participants to consider the issue the reality of intimacy
so the first part of the taxpayer period were kind of looking at intimacy and i
also someone asked me
at the towards the beginning i practice
someone did you hear about intimacy
the first part of the practice period
people requests that i talk about intimacy
and and also someone asked me there was a text for the practice period at towards the beginning and i so i don't really have a textile kind of waiting to see what people
why you know what one thing appropriate for the group of people in the practice brain can you hear me
so i thought of it i thought of a text of an intimacy
and the text that came to mind was
story about hit one of the ancestors of our lineage chinese ancestor's name is a
leon sean
ah your on guan and his teacher's name is tone on tone on so
your on one was tongue and attendant
and one and we haven't we have a expression for attendant in hands and that we often use in japanese is pronounced g shock
does the word for attendant and g means holding are carrying and shaw means person so the per the attendant is somebody who the person who carries stuff
for the teacher
just in case to teach it to old carry anything he attended carry stuff
saw this this the student named your own guan was carrying the ticket robes and they were going to that
to the teaching hall
when the time came for a teacher to put on the robe to teach the attendant handed in the robe and teacher said what is it
what's the business under this robe the roads called a petrol because the rob the to buddhist road made a patches
what is a business under the petrol the teacher asked a student
to make a long story short the student in say anything
just stood there
hello i'm a teacher said
to wear this robe
and not reach this realm
the realm of this business under the robe is the most painful thing
and i think students as what is the business under the patch rome
doesn't right the teacher said
now you ask me
in the students asked the teacher
the same question what is the business under the patch robe and the teacher said
and then the story arc is often says and the student had a great awakening
but the i think it's more like there was a great awakening rather than the student had it
that the that the intimacy of a student and teacher was realized
when the teacher said when the students said the same question what is the business under the road and the teacher said intimacy that relationship was great awakening i would say rather than this the outset a student was greatly awakened
but of course this doesn't make any sense to the student would be greatly awakened in a teacher not that wouldn't be a very great awakening
for the student to leave the teacher out right
can hear that
as am way the students kind of was tears came to the student and he bowed to the teacher and the teacher says while now that you understand are now that there's understanding
can you can you express it in a kicked and students said yeah asked me the question again the teacher asked him again and he said intimacy in the teacher said intimacy intimacy
another this training in
in selflessness the straining of celsius compassion is also training and intimacy and any an intimacy
there is giving
and receiving
does not taking
there's just giving and receiving
and there's carefulness in intimacy and there's vigilance
when we're intimately who watched to see you know what's going on with us and what our intentions are
now there was i'm saying we are intimate but in order to realize the intimacy we have to become a careful with each other
when i was a teenager
i was with up young girl one time who was also a teenager and we're on a date and i asked her if i could kiss her and she said no one ever asked me before
huh forgot where i forgot what she said but she did say no one ever asked me before
she might said no one ever asked me for no you cannot
no way but thanks for asking
how was that was good i'm gonna mood but i'm glad you asked
now the next part of intimacy or the next part of the training and selflessness is like that the next practice or the next dimension of the practice of selfless compassion is called patients
when patients in some sense the object and patients is usually
well this two men objects of patients one is suffering or pain in the other one is kind of like
the the fact that nothing's happening of
be patient with but before you get to that problem you have another from
which is to be patient with pain
in order to be in order to realize
a selfless hard or soft sofas compassion we must have patience
in order to be a buddha
you need patience
and an orca patients she needs him suffering
he can't be a buddha without some suffering
he don't have to have like super terrible intense suffering
that's gotta have some in order to develop patience and in order to fully develop a guess occasionally after british intense just a test to make sure that your patience is fully developed
the human realm is
it's called this one is this planet
in the usual kind of planet earth you know with and like berkeley and san francisco chicago
baghdad that that earth is earth of humans fish do not really know by san francisco
they come around the bay but they don't know they don't know if the san francisco bay
they think it's the san jose bay
now there are no such thing as san jose berkeley
water is a different thing that them news for us
the human world is the world where there's san francisco in baghdad
and in that world that world is called the sohar world and buddha dharma the how world means you can practice patients there
some divine beings and sunfish actually fishkin can practice patience to that some divine being don't have any pain
there are such beings they really started into practice patients
you know it can be a buddha you have to come into the world
could you need patience
so you know about that world right the world would have some pain in it
how to practice patience
that's where we practice the compassion compassionate virtue of patience
i was just talking to my mind that i was going to yoga room class many twenty years ago many more
and the teacher in the class was judith lasater
i think i was in what's called a corpse pose and i was pretty comfortable
how the week
and she was talking and she said
if you stay in any posture
yoga pose long enough that you can say
he'll retain
supreme bliss
but didn't he said he will
notice that you're uncomfortable
and i thought
give the kitchen
if you say him
if you stay in any yoga posture short enough you might not notice if you're uncomfortable if you move arrive he moved the you if you move in your posture enough might possibly miss out on discomfort your wonder if you run around fast enough you might be able to
distract yourself from
but if you sit still or standstill for lie still
triangle pose still her head standstill if you stay long enough you will notice in your stones
the some discomfort and then you can practice
training this time in the form of patients

pain isn't exactly fun necessarily
it's another of funny but it's it has good
qualities it's useful for developing food us
before he started
passion is useful for reducing arrogance
it used for for manifesting compassion even the world of son
it is that tends to inspire the practice the can time
in particular
immediately movie patients but also you can inspire the practice
i'm giving of welcoming
how wonderful it is if you welcome pain
not like pain

tonight i'd like to mention two basic ways of practicing patience with
two basic ways of practicing intentions
this company
the first way is when you have when you're when you have this country is suffering due to
heat or cold

think it by insects
put into bondage

when you have discomfort around those kinds of things are sitting still
first point is
not fret
about company

physically friend
it increases
even a minor
fairly minor discomfort if you read about it enough it can be unbearable

but it keeps if you don't fret about even in very intense thing
we can bear it
and threatening
one way to fret one of the main way to fret about pain is to think about how long has been going on
rather than that's right now he said it hurt i now and it's been burning for quite a while or
you may need to me and you're always mean to me
that which means we may be made me with you giving me to the media
you always mean to me you do that and the old can even do an episode you can get really rough stuff about this is keeping about how long the first call coffin and how they're totally all that way this is like
for if you think
i'm in pain and this might ask them
it's my go on for hours
minor pain multiplied by minor pain in the moment multiplied by
millions of moments in the next five minutes
the next two hours that fought can just blow your
oh yeah
hey it's really bad in the moment
provided me the cat scan it with this pet shop

have you know we have a limit
we had somehow we don't have a limit
of the pain the when we threatened
worry about
the first aspect
patience is to be grounded in
experienced in the present
springs right where it happened
and give up
anything else but feel you can be grounded
the page katie
it pulsates sometimes it gets strong sometimes the pain you say sometimes the pain gets stronger than really is the pain rock capitalizes and ceases sometimes is followed by another thing that's more intense in the past and that season and by nothing in prison more intense kingdom in
but you can have many moments in a row with some pain
the most moments in a row do have the usually there's some discomfort and it's matter of when you're still you notice

the best place to deal with it is not the best in here in the best time to deal with is now past and future i'm not a good time to do the thing
give up the caspian
you've got a pleasant thing to give give up the future don't get into gear with the president it's enough we have enough karma
you don't need to follow them into huge proportions like the magnifying as the future
we don't need to do it for we don't think it's not necessary
the region or if you don't have to in order to be ability don't have to magnify the guy just need to deal with doing
and you will be rewarded
with bigger piece
and then if you don't prefer with though you'll be rewarded with vigor
they don't prefer though you'd be awarded a bigger place but you'll be fine
you'll be grounded you'd be like buddha
patients will get
your compassion from the patients with you
more and more useful
you're making more and more a

and the more you can tell suffering and the more the more
the less likely it will be

the other kind of the other way of dealing with
hey especially came that comes from
other living beings and beans that you browse special humans humans
want to try to hurt us and salt as physical abuse it
the same thing applies try to experience in the present feel that try to feel the pain in the present
try to reason
not reason for painting of reason yourself the pain
how we can be reasoning
basically the basic i'm really i'm talking about his reasoning about
some lessons
the softest
the agent selflessness on the source
the most people do not hate
most people understand
that a disease did not play
because his name

nowadays you've have been fighting cancer
still most people don't pick the disease
they know they don't think the disease is intentionally
but they think that people
yeah i hate everything
that i propose to you that people do not get speaking think i now want to become angry this
and the angered also doesn't think i want to rise

does not like an agent
person's not like an agent that going on i'm planning to get angry
they think that they're living people are doing things differently
a painful and then because this is with them anger arises
some people were like a bowl
electromagnetic radiation and a certain wavelength
so i i like and sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and they see dream
and that green experienced a dream is because of they're sensitive tissue call their high and the light bouncing off the light of a certain wavelength nonsynonymous grass for example
going to their i stimulated and they have a previous moment of consciousness and was come together you have the ball see green
and then different wavelength
light bounces off something else comes back
an anger arises
charges towards the end
i guess

see a recovery charges

but the anger in the ball doesn't
didn't think i can harm your
this myself
causes and conditions come together
he's enraged attacks
the ball can control yourself
the read from the whole wave board as gifts
because up
such reading feels uncomfortable start spreading it becomes enraged
in most polls cannot not avoid that the cows don't compare guess if you way to read to the cause just don't have same reaction because different conditions different hormones
they can't get like the khaki them even if they want wanted
for my in order to mark be that get enraged in the balls on the book cannot help it
so they are governed not not governed by the matador piccadilly
everybody is governed by causes and conditions nobody is in control of himself
people insult us cruelty
it's not like they're in control being the way the
they're responsible
but they do
talking about this before
but you're not in control of responsible
we are responsible for things we do with when i'm in control responsible for other things that happened to us
there were not sure you're not in control the rain we've been having
wonderful weather we've been having control
i'm not in control of it but i'm responsible for the way i'm responding to to say thank you
i am responsible i have the ability to respond to whether so the you
have you have been responding in response

people do cruel things to us they're responsible that they're not in control they're not
deciding to be
they cannot you can i can we cannot decide how to

where do we can aspire to be some
not by and not by controlling yourself
tonight aspiration
patients part of patients to get around it
rounded in the district
heat cold rounded
like illness
treated disrespectfully humans
for disease
had been grounded in it also reason
can also you don't blame yourself don't blame like the agency
leaf played me don't put it over there said that thing over there
conditions are
none of the conditions that are patrolling none of them are individually none of them
hey think i want her to have been
the color
the ball ceo dumb
electromagnetic the electromagnetic radiation doesn't think i wanting to go mad the thing that the bounces author doesn't think i want to make a bit mad bull's eye doesn't think i want to make the ball mad the ball doesn't think i want to be mad
what about america
a manager can't control himself
causes and conditions make her try to control the ball
deluded them

so patients not only rounds us in the world so we can
no grounds us
and by be grounded applications developed some patients reason reasoning is the beginning is one of the exercises to do
so to just sit around and meditate
people are
produced by causes and conditions that's a good meditation this is a meditation where you're meditating on somebody who you're about to hit
if you don't do this meditation so this is meditation on cause and effect which is one of the in greetings of buddha's wisdom
it has to to other aspect to remember one who can do this meditation you might instead of eighteen this person was doing something that you find pain
and actually
even happy that your
then haiti members
you can have compassion
so by practicing patience you can have a passion for some eighty four she was started to wisdom
a lot along with his compassion
the wisdom help you be compassionate towards
punish them back
but again this type of analysis which is part of patients he's being done
in the middle of pain it's not done you know in ivory tower
people who hurt people
every everything
it's like europe
do it then
then then you can really see
necessary it is and to use the unnecessary he won't just doing your spare time to be wise you'll do it as enlightened democrat
more deeply

in some ways that the cast of wisdom
patience is more tests of wisdom
do you understand cause and effect well
so that you can be patient
is your analysis of cause and effect in the case of someone being your enemy
sufficient that you actually have compassion
rather theoretically i know you're not of under control
but i want

i just can't be compassionate and say your wisdom is astronomy also your wisdom of is your patience as the wisdom and patience
support us to be compassionate even hundred
and in paypal situations of practice patience is wearing
suffers wisdom
when you're in pain if you bring wisdom this wisdom analysis into their relationship with the pain source
this patient going to
can make the wisdom real

and i guess sometimes you might think well i've actually rather have the theoretical if i have to pay to get the real stuff

the when the pain can just might say well sustains your anyway
i might go back in patients
and then i have real western buddhism buddhism
patients patients

next we'll see how patience is necessary
some of the difficult work

for now

loud talking because i was asking
is it too loud for you people in the front
one time i was at tassajara
and i was giving it has given clocks
middle of the winter
a stream were roaring
raining windy
so i had yelled for people to hear me
after the opposite
are you angry with us
that was really shouting
but i'm not angry at your john
i love you john

comments are welcome

i heard about them

so is man i heard that this man was written writing a book
i also heard that he said if he loses his abilities
is now
if you can express yourself in this place sharing
and see them
your presence with yourself


in what sense do you found yourself by getting
as summer

i know that i know that about
hanging on to things
giving usually what what i mean by giving is actually i let go

and so when i actually let go
i don't
when a real ago i don't get me but if i give someone something they pass something that
i don't really want my goal
some way more pain
been holding on
but does not give him
that's that's like in the center stack losing something or haven't had been robbed
them and i'm proud we can even feel like people who want me to to give this past the fingers other person something to do it but i really don't want you to their kind of cursing man to give him such thing
remember i may even be more painful than just keeping

like about control
i think that
again if if we aspire to practice patience
to be president of p
doesn't can control
i guess you could say that i guess
but again i don't i'm not in control of training
when i'm in control of wanting to practice patience
he wished to practice it i i don't control myself into having average
that is true if i do have the wish to practice patients that usually has it's usually one of the conditions i didn't make the condition condition is in me
practice patience and usually is one of the conditions
like when i think i am keen side
in in the for rises in mind i was like to be as moment because i remember and past experiences of present moment is the best place to be with him
learn from experience
but i i don't make myself into the person who learn from experience i experienced
i everything that i do influences what happens i'm not in control
what i do something doesn't contribute

you can like my daughter system my grandson often make good choices and
i think i think part of our life situation is pretty much choosing all the time
however we are not i don't think we can choose choose
we can control job
i didn't say i chose to love this
how did you choose to
in some place you will see i didn't shoot them
the job
but they may say i didn't use this to say this
but some people did not notice the juices
so i think choice is something that we should
be aware of this thing we call a choice does occur but like all things look at it carefully pretty hard to find the transaction
but i'm not saying doesn't exist i just say it said
pretty hard
am i say i choose
to leave his room
to stay
nine so do i guess i thought
but also
a few minutes ago i didn't really think i was choosing the state you say well you did just in you did stay
sometimes we choose to do things we don't do
some people can we can project on ourselves and others to choose my civic duty by choosing stage
the this moment choosing state
or you may be a fucking you did you choose to agree with me or navigating
some of your
you choose
so we immediately

will be awkward to say
and yet you are able to

awkwardness actually
there's another past say

that awkwardness i think is a quality of enlightenment
awkwardness is a
awkwardness is a character is a quality and freshness these are really fresh kind of odd
kind of like you're not an expert at noon
the new person you are
it's kind of awkward being fresh peppers
even if you're an old freshers this kind of on them
enlightenment isn't like you know what it used to be yesterday i was enlightened them today i'm enlightened the same way know there's a new enlightenment and i kind of like a time when we had him i read on know how to do it
kind of awkward with and light
the second this is my second year

there's a moment of know them

got can you say that for new you even said
there's a moment with no agenda than you said but you need something happens now
according to some analysis of buddhist psychic
when you say something happened
someone would say where you chose to see that rather than something else
in a sense innocent and everything you see happening is your preference you prefer to see this rather than that
like somebody sees
he knows somebody see something happening if somebody else see something else
since and sometimes they make two different decision because you're paying attention maybe two different things so again to up the same when you see something happening you make a choice
but you know
not a what
it is a mind choice to mind chooses to pay attention to one thing rather than another but you're under control what your mind just to pay attention to your past experience like some women just you know they pay attention to to while some women pay attention a man
you know whenever you choose they choose to but they're not in control of choosing to and i just can't help themselves and pay attention met some men they just pay attention the women your pretension a man some men pay attention to men and not women
so they they do kind of choose to pay attention to this person either members
but they're not a controller would have what they choose so did they really choose surrounded control the one they choose to pay attention to
well yesterday
again when you if you start to diffuse if we study this process you will find out that there's nobody in addition to the process was making these decisions
the ego thing is like something in addition
that's that's that's kind of an independent something independent of the process this process of illusion
there there really isn't however there is the imagination and you could say there is the choice to think that the is something addition to this process of decision-making
the more the more vigilant you are to these workings of your mind the more you realize
that the conditions are conspiring to create things and none of the conditions are planning to create once completed
yeah this increasing itself but the soft doesn't make the same condition means
but once the self has made them himself is he is the imagination of the self to make things
reading herself is sometimes the resulting conspiring of conditions
which leads to the and then becomes a condition for other things
so when it comes to like having a problem with somebody and there being mean to you this is a good time to do this analysis of cause and effect you can actually see how the cause and a work but you can reason because you know that
things come together to make certain things you have been even though you don't quite see
have you noticed that when we having problems with somebody
that if you do not do this analysis you probably will blame them because you will project on them that doesn't an independent agent who's doing this thing
so if you don't do analysis
try to hurt the person back
are you
you will be cruel rather than compassionate you need wisdom when people being mean to you
need needed to not be back
and sometimes people aren't really be mean to you
and sometimes the person's actually really been kind to you like it out again you know
mama grants are getting older but when he was younger you know and extra time if you didn't get him fed and his pajamas on and his teeth brushed by certain hour
then after that point you tried to get to bed he was like
he thought these people who are trying to help go sleep where monster kind of catchy destroy him
because he he got into the state were like as his whole world was falling apart and everybody was like
ripping them to shreds
he was like completely who a that you're losing it is losing his sense of reality he should have been asleep ten minutes ago but he's awake in this in this nightmare
of his mother and grandparents trying to help them go to sleep
lashing out violently against them until my need is collapse but without getting his pajamas on his kid
because we waited too long
we didn't have under control
careful and vigilant and now try to present with pain and again
an obvious to be the find sufficient to watch
pain is no one even even when you move sometime people not happy you catch you so even movie doesn't get away from
the animals
finally we're ducking the corner and we have to practice patience
practice wisdom
verdict to be patient
while back

people are doing the things are also not in control
and would give her the good things well that's not apply to usually then we don't like just patiently of other practices they're like rejoicing in a good they did
but also take you know
in that case you didn't take the necessary to
the reason
with the situation so that you don't think that this person when control of the good data because if you don't do it if you don't do the analysis when it was a good team he won't be some likely to lash out of them however we do something else which is kind of bad but not add that you might catch them
but attachment is closer to compassion and hatred
catch it more difficult
give up because it's very closely related to take it to compassion
hackers not going to compassion
what we should do the same thing when people do good things we should rejoice in the good leader was also not imagine that the person did it
by independent pack
sometimes people why do we say to me
they say to me i feel grateful and they sometimes if i don't know to who or what but i feel great
scientists out and been the one who gets the gratitude
but i think this is quite biased if you've been grateful that it's enough to me who did the thief by myself person's grateful
to what happened when we were together is also contributing to what they're grateful
yes bill
what is hatred
i don't know but it's it's a kind of energy
and it's a kind of energy which when it comes
we should be very careful of
and we would be hatred guns we should practice compassion towards it
however we also
try to be that try to live in such a way that we do not become possessed by it
and we're not in control
of when we have when hatred arises in us but we're in in his training were trying to train ourselves so that hatred does not arise in us
however if it does then we should go back and start over in practice
well generosity towards the hatred that arises in us
and practice generosity towards hatred the energy of hatred when it rises and others
they make that's what i'm saying right to see you heard this before right
so i'm actually trying to practice such a way that i do not become possessed by hatred that it does not arise in me and i'm not trying to get rid of it
but i'm kind of trying to not have it arise
and one of the main ways i tried to have it not arise is by welcoming and trying to welcome everything and also watching my own mind and also be patient with pain when people do something painful towards me or in my neighborhood i try to be patient with it
so these practices help me
not be possessed by hatred i i i i'm not
you know it's happening and i'm not in control myself but i i'm fortunately not possessed by hatred much at all
which is you know i'm really grateful for that
i don't know how it happened
i think it has something to do with practices but
i'm not in control of it and i can try and i'm not to control the practice but the practice seems to be making less hatred in my heart a lot less almost none ever
so i'm very happy about that but when i see hatred
i kind of say
this is a job for
this is a job for study myself this is a job for patients this is a great opportunity i've been waiting for this thank you for coming
i don't like hatred i don't like it but i am happy very happy to have a practice which is just
to be kind to it
yes was empty cartridges practice of issues just as shift
in some sense empathy is like a
what the one of them as you would come up here is that you would when you see an angry person or pushing full of hate you kind of can understand how they would get to be that way
you can kind of see that causes the you can kind of understand that you might have to ask some questions but even without asking questions you might be able to kind of feel how they came to feel this hatred
like like with my grandson i kind of see in most situations how i kind of empathize with it my body and mind were totally disorganized and falling apart and everything all my different body rhythms were disorganized i think i might be really scared and worried
even though i'm with my parents and grandparents you know
and it's just a normal
thursday night and is denise been at bedtime i don't know what's going on and i'm terrified
so i can kind of understand that if i was if that would happen to me or when it when i wanted when i was young and and happen to me i would be really terrified and not people to see the people around me were trying to help me so i can kind of understand that he's he's not in control of being that way

just like the you know when chick when my blood sugar level gets low some people like you know
you gotta watch it you know
if they're bunch of or level gets law they can't even decide they can't even they can't even figure out how what to eat to to to tino you say you can see a whole is going down you starting to lose it what he wanted to eat i don't know i don't want it in the no no not that now that you know
he gotta you gotta feed and before it gets too low because they can't figure out what to eat and want to get through low they don't want to eat anything and they want to eat everything and

it's good to empathize with that and even if you don't have the same
level of fragility it's good to like learn to remember that they have this and
in to that extent be be empathic
when you were talking about hatred before i was remembering that teaching last week ago be like block of wood
yeah it wasn't he talked a lot about sort of perceive external threats but
my stats also as that this practice especially his moral discipline last week
but having my hatred of rise
to see watching your mind like is a source of pain itself
yeah or the
the source of pain is is it is the is the hatred you notice in yourself well there's that hatred but also not acting
that might be painful to this for one hundred like it this is self expression was yeah and by being like the block of wood
okay so there too you know
that might be painful and also
then when the pain when that pain comes or even before the pain comes being like a block of wood
makes an opportunity in in that situation where you're not
distracting yourself from the situation of the his hatred to bring compassion to it
sorry we need to be vigilant and notice some things that need some some kindness
so we're practicing welcoming and then but still some hatred can come up doesn't mean your proxy welcoming that the next moment hatred can come up
then when it comes up and we need to be vigilant about it and not
not act upon it
without careful consideration but i've been careful and aware that then we can bring again giving to it and patients drew
as see as heard in that moment there's so much
it's hard to cultivate a sense that these are causes
myself there
in myself
yeah it's hard that's why said that's why it should be like a block of wood that may be simpler
and then once you've got yourself still
then you might be aware of the pain which you may be skipped over
influence the hatred he didn't give the keyword practicing patience enough
so he slipped into the hatred
so in this case that the patients wasn't presented before the vigilance the videos was presented first because
i don't know why but anyway
fits the vigilance comes after the giving and then the patients comes next so the patients together with the visual is in a giving could be a drip could be brought to the pain
but probably the part again par the reason why we feel hatred is that we didn't give the pain and of patients
he's a pain of our physical
condition or the way people are relating to us we didn't we weren't able to practice patience for that
so we need to be vigilant of this condition there's a reason now now bring giving and patients to that to that
hatred and then hopefully the patients now the tissues awakened it can be applied to the pain
the that pain and future pain
so all these ancient teachings are virtues the giving the carefulness in the vigilance and the
in some sense it could say the control almost like not acting it's almost like control but not really just like don't act on it he might go ahead and act on it but you know where you're still a words you're acting on it and you see how that goes and other times you don't act on it which you're not in control of and you see how that goes
usually i think usually people would feel like when when i didn't act on the hatred it i'm glad i didn't when i did act on the a pure hatred i'm glad i'm not glad i idea to mere fact
that was like the worst thing ever did in my life i'm really sidebar for dinner we sometimes say one moment of hatred thirty five years of sorrow
and ten years and years of that one moment
and we're not under control but but the vigilance
of that one moment and thirty five years a sour that vigilance maybe means that the than after that there wasn't so much hatred anymore we for thirty five years we repented
how devastating that hatred was when we
totally destroyed that person with words or
our actions
yes marilyn

as much


i will amplify on this this kind of issue next week but tonight i would just say
ah number one sometimes when you interact with someone your adrenalin gets up
when they attack you
sometimes your adrenalin comes up and you handle a situation really well with your adrenalin up and then after ty after things over you have what you have what he called what they call the galactic shock or something what was it hot
yeah anyway you if you if you if you want if you almost get it in a fight
if someone attacks you and and your adrenalin comes up and you don't get in a fight the adrenaline stays in your system and you something you feel shaken for hours afterwards even if you handle the situation without hurting them and and and take care of very well and the and and had make friendship needed the the hormones in your body or
our our i'm still disturbed me you and then when they pass through you sometimes you're really tired that's one of the things that happens when or month when when a dremel is released into your system and and not and not used by you know a lot of activity
another aspect of this is that in the process of helping people sometimes you get hurt
also sometimes in the process of not helping people sometimes you get hurt
we've all we've all been heard many times in the past
but now if you get hurt in the process of helping people
you developing compassion
whereas if you're if you're getting hurt but you're not getting hurt with the thought of of how can i help this person like you were
it's kind of just a painful situation
so this i think was painful and cost you something to to perform a service for this person but i think you did perform a service but it it cost you something and now or no era by now but now or then he would be good if you were actually be way
willing to give
to pay the price of that the cost you something disturb you somewhat to perform this service which sounds like you did really well
and part of what
part of what was necessary i think was that your body reacted the way it did
i've actually feeling you know
an adrenalin a adrenalin response to this to this aggressiveness
and la times we feel that but we we don't some where we don't manage to keep thinking what can i do to help this person
so those situations are kind of missed opportunities and we have a long history of those missed opportunities so then all those disturbances kind of like
they didn't really do much good but now he they things still happen to us and starts to happen to you people still will continue to attack you but now when they attack you if you can practice with them it's still disturbed you the still painful stood disorient
but you may be of not to bring these practices to these situations but it doesn't mean that doesn't no pain or no disturbance
good is developing in situations that used to be kind of just
well thank you very much sorry to keep your late