Transforming the Mind of Delusion 

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as i just said a moment ago
the the ancient teacher says
to the extent that were involved in self clinging we live within this container consciousness
and turning it around living within this container consciousness we take it to be a self
or ourselves
further i mentioned that towards the end of the first chapter he a song or teaches that this container consciousness has
two characteristics common characteristic in a general characteristic of a common characteristic and an uncommon characteristic
the common characteristic of this consciousness is what we know is what we who live within it
no as the physical world
so if we live within a container consciousness it has a common characteristic
which is the physical world
it has uncommon characteristic which is our individual
i central organs including mind organ
so if we live within this world which is which is this consciousness the world appears to be a self and other words the world appears to be substantial
we live in a world because we believe in substantially and then the world we live in look substantial
but the substantial world is our
common cognitive version of reality
which is an enclosing which is a which are mine makes into an enclosing reality a world
it's the the physical world is common in that sense it it isn't just my karma all my karma which makes it all of our karma all of all of our karma makes it
still each one of us makes all every moment makes another contribution to the formation of the world we live in together
and we all have been we all have made tremendous contributions but of course there's many other being so our own contribution is small compared to the totality but still it's enormous if you look at it by itself
after last week's class i
i was kind of
contemplating this world
this physical world
i was contemplating the many kinds of affliction
in this physical world
ah and the
the social afflictions the wars they're going on now and not only the wars but the people who are making lots of money
in these wars
he didn't just let keep the children are fighting each other but some people are getting rich and famous on this
and war is now not only other hurting eat human beings and animals but their devastating the planet
we have economic crises
some of which comes from
again some people getting very rich
now we have a dish a new wave of economic problems coming from politicians fighting each other all over the world
non-governmental deadlock deadlocks or gridlocks aren't also undermining and destabilizing
people's sense of
our attempt to get energy in this world you know from gas from from oil and also not natural gas
the the the drilling to get natural gas in some ways is more poisonous
to the land than the drilling for oil because in order to get this gas they have to put
five hundred and seventy additives that go in with the drilling equipment in order to make a drawing from the couldn't work properly and all these additives besides the oilers besides the gas itself or poisoning a land so people who live around with ease
these natural gas wells are some some of them if they can they can ignite their water the drinking water
because the the drilling has on
cause the natural gas to go into their drinking water
so we have all these afflictions in this world and i and i think well what does this what does meditating on this little book do in relationship to all these ills
how can
my meditation
how my mind is contributing to the world transformed this world
and so part of my responses that is that my mind has been not contributing to the formation of this world that i'm talking about this world of eels i have been contributing to this all along
long how can now
with aid of this teaching hawking my contribution be
ah a transformative in a healing
and in a way that heals that can contribute to the healing of this world which my karma is making
so i check it out and go right to work
how well i look at my version of the world the way it looks to me because my uncommon
storehouse consciousness if the way the world looks to me
and then the way i relate to the way the world looks to me
is where i can make a contribution to the transformation of the world which we all make together
what what do i do i look at the world in my particular from my particular angle now we maybe we all agree
maybe we're buying this room agrees that as a financial crisis but some people may say god is a federal for crisis that i'm making a lot of money on it
i love this financial crisis i mean i'm i'm getting richer and richer some other people when they hear about the war use them for war i'm getting rich i'm some other people
i saw these two guys
there were human beings and they were so happy that they got to be in the stealth bombers
they drop the first bombed in baghdad
can like well you know i don't know why this can like i know hi was so lucky as to be able till i drop that bomb and but i'm back baghdad and they didn't get any the bad guys
they didn't get the people they were trying to assassinate saddam hussein and so on
they killed civilians
they killed a few soldiers to but these guys and they thought it was cool
did they gotta drop these bombs
and we make this great contribution to the history of the world
that's their individual take on it but they see the same where we do they see the bombs dropping on baghdad and the fire
and they they see to eventually they see the and the children that are maimed and killed they see it too but they say all
i'm so lucky
so we we have a different take each of us on this world even though it's kind of shared
so how can i look at this
and i refer back to the beginning on class where i asked you something about do you want to be artists
so now i'm saying
do you want to be artists in the sense of not just doing yeah i do you want to do the artists and do you want your artworks to be the transformation of the world
of course if you make a statue the world has been transformed if you do a painting if you make it if you make a garden if you have a dance party the world has just been transformed by your karma
how can we look at this world of affliction in such a way
as to
as to bring ah
understanding and liberation to it even before the physical shape even changes
how can we bring peace and freedom
two inflicted world
and that's sort of where the personal part comes because
it's one thing to look at the
bombing of baghdad and think it's cool
it's another thing to look at it and think is terrible but it's another thing to look at it and plunge into
the creative process
of the arising of this world
what i came to since the last class is again
working with my own sense
our this of this world of affliction and trying to meet that
and in that loving meeting in that relaxed playful meeting
to enter into the creative process by which this world of affliction arises
which it looks to me like that was what the buddha did the buddha entered into ignorance karmic formations ignorance and the afflictions of ignorance how that leads to karmic formation which gives rise to this consciousness which makes a world and lead
to further affliction and further karma and further world he entered that
he understood he he entered that and entered the creative center of it and then understood it and then talk has been teaching us about this for two thousand and five hundred years
so i need i need to meet the things of this world which is mean the things of this mind that we share and made it in my own individual way
lovingly and without attaching to it and playing with it to enter the creation of it
and understanding of it and in acting the liberation of it in a sense even before anything changes
and that way of being with it i think is is the best way
to be with it
and i think this teaching is teaching us
not just how i can be free of this world
but how i can join the way this world really is happening and encourage more beings to join the actual way this world is arising
and this is the best thing we can do
everybody's contributing to this
so it isn't like again
it isn't like the afflictions are going to evaporate suddenly if we enter into the
into the
creative process of their arising
but rather that that is what the buddhists have done they entered that place and they've spoken to the other living beings who are creating the world from that place and invited them to enter that place
and help others enter that place and help others enter that place
and again that that place having entered that place and active from that place the action from the place changes the world in the future the entering the place in the present doesn't really change the world is entering the world as it's happening and understanding the process
an innocent curing it on the spot before it's even changed but then it also gets changed
because it's always changing and the all beings are contribute to its good contributing to the constant change in the world
the constant change of the physical world we live in together are all contributing to it
and right now if we can enter into the creative process by which all our past action has made the present and whole our past action will make the future if we enter that place
that seemed to me
the point of this teaching
and this said this is this this makes me feel not futile in the face of this
in conceivably immense world of affliction
another way to put it is if we can realize that this world of affliction is not substantial we can spread liberation in it
and again
living in it and believing is substantial doesn't exactly make it worse it just it just doesn't liberate anybody from it and it contributes to its maintenance
it keeps it going and doesn't liberate anybody
entering into the plunging into the creative process of this world of affliction
liberates beings and does not maintain it however it also doesn't destroy it
because the reason that was keeping it going is not even what just what people are doing now but what they have done in the past this so it has to keep rolling for a while
it's gonna keep happening
but there can be freedom going along with it every step of the way there can be compassion and wisdom and freedom every step of the way or not
lotus flowers can be planted in this world of affliction every moment
or not
we can plant seeds of compassion
and wisdom each moment or not
i think many of us do not have too much trouble being shocked
by the afflictions
that parts
now we need to do is be committed to meet all this affliction with love
not like not liking that is true that is a natural gas
the drillings are ruining the land not liking it loving it what is loving it mean it means be kind to it it means wish it to not cause harm
even while it's causing harm you wish it to not
even while beings may be in danger or com you wish them to not be harmed you meet all things with love and then you start and you're committed to continue and then you start playing with it
excuse me and then you relax with it
how can we relax with affliction
i don't know
maybe if we realized that it is necessary to relax with it
in order for it to transform if afflictions there and i tense up with it it seems to thrive
it seems to get more solid
if i relax with it then i realized there's room to play
and then i can put and it can play with me and that play can be lost by tensing up again
and if i can relax and play
with what i'm committed to love
i or this meditation will plunge into creation and then there will be understanding and then there will be freedom
and then the next moment
the next ah
affliction arising as a result of this mind which carries all of our past com and contains us all the next moment and then i'm committed to love whatever comes
so now i can relax with whatever comes
i'm committed to relax and let go of likes and dislikes
and if i don't let go of likes and dislikes and committed to be kind to my not letting go and be kind to my not relaxing
and try again
if we just relax without this commitment to love this all the aspects of this world inflection
that night not be responsible
maybe we would be carrying too little
so we have to care a lot and then relax
and then play
and then plunge
into creation
and then keep playing there
and keep meeting what comes with love and relaxation
with committed compassion and relaxation
huh so that's what i've been thinking about since the last
and then
i'm not feeling discouraged
even though there's so much suffering i see something good to do in this world of suffering the practice these teachings and to study it them and think about them and discuss them more and more
and to become great artists of compassion
not i'm the artist making art but we enter into this process is creative process of compassion
yes he said
say again with you but instead
how it changes to our consciousness
hit up
in in the in the moment you practice it in that moment
the active consciousness transformed the storehouse consciousness
ha well the actual way you're thinking and relaxing and being playful that transforms the storehouse consciousness but it doesn't like the store has constant doesn't just have one seed in it
it's got all the seeds
from everybody's past karma now
innocent a new seat has been planted
it's a small change in a way
hey that's how it changes the storehouse consciousness but that's see that's planet when you practice this way if you're practicing not just you not just doing certain another good thing
in karmic consciousness but you're entering into the creative process of karmic consciousness and understanding karmic consciousness
that transforms the store has contests system in a different way than just doing something outside of creation
i'm not surprised
every moment of active consciousness to is teaching is supported by oliver past karma
all of our past karma
is represented by this unconscious support container consciousness so now we've got an active consciousness if i were to think that now i would like to do something kind to someone that will transform the elia
in a positive way
but it will be planting another karmic seed
because i'm outside of the creative process of that wholesome intention
i'm not that he might be helpful to say as i said earlier
to the extent that i'm involved in self clinging i'm contained in this consciousness
i didn't say but now i will to the extent that i've entered into the creative process or the process of creating this sense of self this this the
to the extent that i plunged into the dependent core rising of this illusion of a self
i i i understand it as an illusion and i'm liberated from it so then i'm not involved itself clean and then i'm not in the storehouse consciousness
where am i
i'm in the world of truth for a moment in the present
and that the the affliction and the delusions are right there they haven't been changed it's just that the meditation has thrown me into the process by which are created so now i'm not outside this wholesome thought me doing it
i'm lost
in it there's no self who does the wholesome act
this is southerners and then not then i'm not in the storehouse consciousness anymore
and from outside of it in a sense
from the wisdom of understanding it a seed is planted which is different from all the seeds that were planted within it
says help a question
if i'm inside the storehouse consciousness i take it to be yourself and then i i do things and i can do wholesome things and they transform it positively and they make the world they make a positive contribution to the world
if i treat the storehouse consciousness
with compassion and relaxation play creation and understanding then i'm not in it anymore
i never really was is just that the mind created this enclosure the closure drops away and now that liberated way of being with this mind it transforms it in a different way than another wholesome active of would and of course different from an order wholesome have than on
wholesome state would
and these contributions transform a lion not to can not to continue to be a container world a container consciousness but to be the buddha
body the true body of buddha
which is not in the container consciousness it is the completely transformed container consciousness
in the meantime there will be positive contributions to the container consciousness too
affliction will be will be
there will be benefits coming all the time to this of these afflictions
this this compassionate encounter with all the afflictions does benefit them before they are completely understood
but if we're outside the process which we usually are because outside the process means
you know i'm doing it
again that's still can be beneficial and you can be outside the process and still be compassionate it's just that the compassion of me being compassionate to the affliction rather than me being totally immersed in the creative process of the affliction
that did two different kinds of compassion
but you need the one you had to have that kind of a dualistic one first
the dualistic one we used to gradually wade into
you know that
in sometimes the dark
not disordered but uncontrolled is better
unordered unorganized
like processes


we all have what
yeah we have security concerns
right right we aren't we do

people find where there's come the
as opposed to hard separate

so if i may like to relay what you said to what i was saying i'd like to relate what you said to what i was saying

so in your example i would say
first let's be committed to be very kind to the security concerns
step one commit committed love to security concerns
to relax with the security concerns
but it isn't it's hard to
i know what
i guess
it's it's hard to appropriately relax with security concerns if you don't love them in the first place
so firstly love these security concerns ours and other people's and let's relax with ours and other people's security concerns then start playing with the security concerns
hey another way to put it if we got divergent security concerns let's
love the diversions let's love the difference
and then let's relax with the difference up security concerns not eliminate them
just like not eliminate the security concerns also don't eliminate the different perspectives on it love those and then when really love them than relax with them play with them and then liberate beings from security concerns
but with this ongoing commitment to being compassionate to them in the many dimensions of compassion
not just that we also need wisdom and wisdom needs us to relax with our compassion
the other thing i just wanted to say was that this is like swimming but it's like swimming in a very crowded swimming pool
if you go swimming you know i i i usually not from a liberal i usually swim like in large bodies of water and is something touches me out there i often and quite shocked
usually it's a piece of driftwood but if it's a seal
or a shark it's really quite a shock or another person even
because i kind of i get this feeling i'm swimming but but there's nobody on swimming right next to me so when someone touches me it's interesting to i respond with compassion are like how to war what are you doing in my swim area
so what we're working up toward is actually to be swimming but with people crowding
so that all of our strokes are are you know affecting everybody and everybody's strokes are affecting us and we
we're compassionate all that touching
and relax with all that touching and playful with all that touching but this is something to work up to
and for example you have to be relaxed with not being able to some very fast when subscribe private swimming pool
this is this is a swimming pool for liberating all beings not for like moving quickly through the through the water
and when when it gets as it gets more and more crowded we get less and less shocked by each touch the for when you're out there all by yourself the first touches quite a shock but as it gets more and more dense
another touch you it's not that big a deal
but we have to work you have to train ourselves to be able to do this
and the full transformation of it is this buddha which is being touched by everybody and there's no problem
there's nobody who can't touch it
but yet we have to work a long time before all the touches
are welcome and on
you know relaxed with and playful with and so on

process from outside
i don't see that


was a people
just the to some extent you this this compassion is opera is appearing in the common in the common characteristic of a lion people can see you're practicing it
so other people can learn this dualistic compassion from you
so if it helped you and they can learn from you will help them

yeah be king but but you you can be self-righteous even before he started being compassionate you already you already knew how to do that so since you know how to do that anything you do you could apply that to
that's one of the best things to be self righteous about
you can be proud of something that's
it's a good thing we brought him

yes yes i think
we're loving them dualistic lee would warm you up to loving them non dualistic way
but you're not going to be able to like relax with them really i mean you could say or come and relax with them and i'm going to you know like just hit him with a baseball bat fun
who is it is a wacko
your head and a fun i enjoyed it well that kind of playfulness you you are relaxed enough to hit him with a baseball bat and it was playful but you didn't really you are really feeling generous towards them and you weren't really being really careful and you know and checking to see if there's any kind of
violence in there and you weren't patient with the discomfort you feel seeing that although the you love them
like it there were your boys if they were your own young your own sons you know
you probably would feel a lot of pain to see them kind of being happy to bomb people
so you you'd have to you have to really practice compassion with them so that then you can be playful with them
and creative with them and realize creation and understand
that there's reality right there in the midst of their
they're dualistic version of reality
and if you're being self righteous at some phase in the process
you should do the same with your self righteousness
before you start relaxing with your self righteousness because self righteousness unattended self righteousness is can be devastating can really harm beings
so first of all i'm committed to like be very vigilant
of self righteousness in in myself and and others
not hopefully no more vigilant of other people's stuff items as than my own or vice versa
because anybody self righteousness is you a potential source of our violence
so i really good part of compassion is ethical training and ethical training means to really be careful vigilant and conscientious about all these afflictions one of them being one very powerful one being self righteousness and i've been careful with it and also have been generous with it i really am
it's like it is as an act of generosity
i joyfully let this self items will be that way without putting it down at the slightest bit of puffing at all
and i'm patient with it because it can be quite uncomfortable for me to see in myself or another's
the i'm ready to come down with it and relaxed with
and if i can relax with it and become with it now i can start playing than the wisdom starts
but if i if i'm trying to be kind as someone who is doing something really violent and destructive
if there's any separation
my book where were you were in trouble
and usually there is separation and we are in trump okay now we're in trouble and their separation which is supporting that trouble and they're their violent acts are based on the sense of separation and i in philly suffer from them however i am
going to nine committing to be compassionate to them
i'm going to be compassionate to these boys
and part of you know one of our bodhisattva vows is not to look down on people when they're doing stupid things
people can do stupid things without being below us
because we do stupid things do so we can see somebody looking stupid and were maremma same level with them or not real maybe even looking up to them like they're stupid but not as stupid as me and i'm not even that stupid
i'm just sort of mediocre stupid and they're like slightly above average strippers
so i don't look down on them
but i also feel
pain that they're hurting themselves and hurting many others maybe
so i'm i'm committed to practice compassion with them and when i really clear about that than i can relax with them and many play
carefully like how did you guys feel when
when you drop the bombs or did you hear about did what was their research on were on on whether civilians were hurt
did you get saddam the same actually
you know what you do this not sort like by to catch him you'd do it out of love and out of trying to enter into a creative relationship with them so that all beings can be saved
and so that you are not separate from the process you're trying to get yourself into the creative aspect of your relationship this afflicted relationship
and then we find
an understanding in that creative process that they're not indigenous separation and there's there's compassion but does not me compassionate towards you or vice versa
we're just here we're in this together
and we do care for each other
and we have no separate life from each other
and the swimming pools really packed and were completely free
and it's completely joyful and then the next challenge comes
the next month
and let's try it again

yeah or or been quiet listening
like when they say yeah that was really something to drop that bomb
to to really be quiet and listen to that
and be still
it's possible and maybe be amazed
that that they could say that
and then of course when you see the people that were around the bomb
the same practice
for the same practice
not a know better or worse practice the same practice for for the so-called
victims of the bomb
they need the same love and flexibility and playfulness they need also to be taught how to enter into the creative process of of their affliction which multiple say their afflictions greater than the affliction of these pilots
we don't know that
we don't know if we hear about what happens to these people when they go back to america you on
have these are thinking all the time about
in like somebody says do you think about you know that that stuff very often the guy says no no just all the time at all i think about i can't think of anything but
so you know that they seem to be silliness okay but maybe they're maybe they're in hell
and and i you say i'm okay
when i don't know who's suffering most seems like everybody is
and yeah
this teaching is is about art but it's the art of you know of world
it's the art of the world
it's the art of this consciousness
and every aspect of this world
isn't appropriate opportunity to transform the world
poetry dancing
painting cooking sitting
all of the things we do every one of those things transforms the world but this teaching is for not just to do those things in themselves but how those things transform the whole world because they do
and the more
yeah the more were plunged in non duly into the creative process
i think the better
the more alive
huh yes

he wondered what the role of permeation okay didn't need any more you want to say about that
hmm no for permeation that sort of what ah
tracy brought up
when every time every moment of active consciousness
like right now i'm talking this talking
permeates this storehouse consciousness
transforms it
every every active
consciousness transforms the storehouse consciousness
in the present
and then the next moment arises
and that the permeation of the last moment is there along with all the other permeation from all the other past karmas are supporting the arising of this state
and in this day permeates that present permeates that fresh past me the latest brat past so the past is transformed in the present
and then that new past
becomes a condition for the rising of the next
past which supports the next active consciousness so that's all karma consciousness operates that way if we enter into the if we if we enter into the creative process here
of the of this away this supports it in the way they the way they support each other and the way they support and permeate each other
in the immersion in that process a new kind of permeation happens in a sense a permeation which transforms the storehouse consciousness away from being something that supports the arising of afflicted states based on belief itself
so there's two kinds of permeation one coming from an outside the process
in a sense or that's coming from understanding the process and one coming from doing your best within the
well nothing weeks they do your best and sometimes the best we can do is really unskillful
and sometimes the best we can do is really skillful we can do really skillful things within this container while we still believe in itself and we can do really unskillful things within this container
make the world worse
make the contain your world more afflicted but even all the good things there's still a containment
and as long as there's containment the some people are making bad contributions saw that the world is still gonna be
kind of a problem so we need to do this other kind of contribution in order for there to be freedom because it's going to be a long time before people are not making bad contributions
and even if everybody was just doing good karma that wouldn't be enough
everybody just if you'd come for a long time that would not be enough in addition to that
we need to relate to this good karma because you can do good karma without much compassion
but you can carefully pour water into hot water into a cup quite skillfully
but not necessarily wishing the welfare of all beings while you're doing it
and also not necessarily wanting to enter into the creative process
so skilful karma is not sufficient deliberate beings we also must enter into the creation of the skillful karma the skillful karma is still defiled by self clinging usually
so we need to enter into the creative process of skillful karma
to stop believing himself
and that the new kind of permeation
so it's a permeation which is moving this
moving towards a time when the container consciousness is not containing anymore
completely non containing
yes yes
is it is a free of good and bad yes three of good and bad

he mean others could think that the person was exhibiting self clinging so to say
well what you could say it was bad action to you could say you could says that was a skillful self i solved this action or those was unskillful selfish action people could say yes

in terms of realizing freedom the important thing is selflessness but in order to realize freedom
we have to be practice compassion towards whatever is appearing
through the support of the storehouse consciousness so if self is selflessness does not come without
i mean accurate correct authentic selflessness does not come unless we can kind to the things which have arisen from action based on self for a long time
so you said if there's if there's action based coming from selflessness is free of good and bad yes but that action which was free of selfishness and free of good and bad to and free of the south of good and bad too
that actually emerged from being compassionate towards all phenomena
if we're not compassionate
then our relaxation and are playfulness and our creativity is not gonna give rise to authentic understanding
the still be some self in it i would say
some clinging

say again one of the things that hinders relaxation is what

you mean the thought that if there wasn't self control simon might do bad things
might stop simon from relaxing

that's right you don't know that's why you have to commit
de great compassion before you try the fancy thing of relaxing
i i first started talking to people about relaxing and i notice that some people didn't want to relax and one of the main reasons was the reason you said they thought well if i relax i might go on slap everybody
where i might lie to everybody are you know i might do all kinds of terrible things of i relax
and in fact that you might but also people who aren't relax do all kinds of terrible things to
but it's made those people who aren't relaxed were doing terrible things think if i relaxed or i'd even be worse so that's why i'm uptight because i don't want to be any worse than our to am
but some some people might say you know i'm pretty bad but if i relaxed i probably wouldn't be as bad
we were you don't know the relaxation itself doesn't immediately make you a better person
it just opens the door to creation
not immediately you have to act you have to exercise relaxation by being playful you have to play with what you love
but if you try to relax with something you don't love
if my grand my grandson does this
i i i grabbed when as he goes from side to side
don't relax with things before you love them
first love them
then relaxed then play then liberate
we have to love things before we before we liberate them
so if you really love which includes really being generous
you know really exercise and generosity towards for example someone a person
really be careful and ethical make sure you don't think you're better or worse than them
you know
no dishonesty and so on really look at those ethical guidelines be patient with the situation well
if there's no discomfort you're not really being compassionate
if there's no discomfort and you're not being paid if there is discomfort than you can practice patients there needs to big patience
because there is some suffering for beings beings are suffering so we need to be patient with that because it hurts us to see it so if really be compassionate and then we are really com with them then we can start well actually as we start to com we start to relax
then we start to open to the to the wisdom in the situation to his selflessness with the person so it's true i think to a great extent them we are i mean it's kind of wise to be careful not to relax
with this simon until simon is really committed to compassion and then we can then we can we can relax him
and if you should hurt anybody in his relaxation
or if you should hurt anyone as he starts to play from that relaxation we can point out to him maybe that he didn't he hasn't been practicing essex very well because he didn't notice that he was me know
not really honest or not really careful or kind of put himself above someone or kind of was possessive for
so those aspects of compassion what is committed to him he would be able to be reminded of them if he forgot them as he was trying to practice relaxing with beings
because you already committed he said i'm up for this which means i'm up for everybody helping me do these practices of compassion but i don't just want to do them i also want to do them in this relaxed playful creative way
so i realize that these beings and these compassion practices are not substantial
are not something that i'm outside of
i want to plunge into
these relationships but i have to commit the compassion before i can plunge
and i wouldn't say plunge safely in the sense that nothing will ever go wrong
iran i'm open to feedback that the compassion was overlooked that was too rough that was too strong
you didn't you know that wasn't quite true did you really mean that
as were playing together
when i was a kid there was this thing called uncle
when when i was playing with the other boys you'd say i would say uncle and they would like they would you know lighten up on me if there are sitting on top of me
i could say uncle
so you should put your hand over my mouth and i think and i think in wrestling to you you'd you tap the person i think in judo tree he tapped a person which means okay i give up to let me up
so sometimes we need to say i'm an entrance to this playful relationship with you now are you ready you wanna do that with me
and as someone say yes but if you get to to wilder or too energetic or even if you get violent too violent how can i give you feedback and you can maybe discussed it beforehand and so this cats too much i need to break like i sometimes say to people you can go like this with me
i'm saying do you do go to submit
if you relax what
right exactly

well i don't want to be strict about that like you have to love before you can before he can relax but i'm just saying if you don't love and you relaxed even get in trouble with that like i again i often tell it got pamina by by yeats of the mermaid uniform
once there was a mermaid
who was very relaxed and she found herself a sailor boy and took him for her own she pressed her body to his body
and her joy she cruelly laughed and plunged down
she forgot that even lover she forgotten her cruel happiness that even lovers can drown
so her heart opened but she wasn't committed to be careful with her boyfriend
so first
i'm saying this you know before you open you know and start going on kissing everybody and hugging everybody and showing everybody your tattoos
as it as an act of generosity and hey i do
you're open hearted but they may not be ready for you
so the first rock i'm committed to be careful with you and now i want it
open my heart to you
but are you ready for this
no no i'm not gonna do it anyway no
yeah i see you might think you're being relaxed but not be relaxed that's why you need to i didn't commit to ethics
before and also been committing to generosity before you relax means you're not attached to your version of what relaxation readers like you say okay i'm in a relax you know and somebody so that's not relaxed and you say really oh
we'll tell me about it
like we used to say we used to say mac in the sixties in san francisco in the days of the hippies you know people used to say
whatever man there's not as a new month does a new whatever which is an insult right
then the new whatever is like your stupid and luck and argue with you anymore
the other one was like anything's okay
number that when what whatever it took
yeah but if you if you tried to mess with that whatever some of those people would get very violent with you
it had to be whatever there was there was no way around that
did you say whatever man could we haven't can we could like could you drop that whatever and say may be switched to some things are okay somethings are not know
everything's ok not just some things
everything's ok except i'm not going to give up everything's okay that's the one thing that's not going to be dropped
because that's the coolest this is self righteousness self righteous hippies and that was the end
there was the end of the hippies is when they became self righteous
at first they didn't even did the conflict with whatever really wow is that true amazing

or turn it around the other way if you have a book this is this is about turning around the big belief the best the basic affliction
we gotta relax with the afflictions that come from this basic delusion if we can relax with it and play with it
like i'm separate from you are you i'm good in your batter your bad and i'm good
these basic afflictions we have to we have to some point realized with them but we shouldn't irresponsibly on ethically relax
so then we start relaxing and playing with them than we become three of these views
well again again it it says in the in the early part of this of this teaching that the buddha was careful to teach this container consciousness because it's very easy to take it as a self because he said when you're in this consciousness you take
you know you you to you you have self clinging when you're in this consciously when you have self cleaning your in this consciousness so then when you hear if you're in this consciousness and you hear about this consciousness which is being taught to us to help us get free of it were in this prison and we've been taught about the prison
but this prison is the prison for people who are is have self clean when they hear about the prison i think the prisons substantial
the they tend to do that so that's why we have to warn ourselves and we have this were studying this text with a group of priests in one of the priests keep saying over and over again it seems like a self that seems like herself and this this this teaching of this to the store health consciousness came into disfavor after a few hundred years
because people felt like it's just too much like a self we gotta get rid of it

but even people who who work who didn't who didn't believe in anymore
they thought other people will see it that way so we don't want to give my teaching were given such a good chance to misconstrue buddhist teaching as a self
but now i'm bringing up again about a thousand years later to you hoping at this time we won't have that problem or rather we had that problem will notice it and help each other
cause you know after all this is berkeley

the container is describing one an ideas

yeah it's this teaching of the repent container consciousness is describing how it can come to be that ideas in prison people yes this this container consciousness is talking is is giving us some help to understand the creative process of delusion
and then the the explanation of the process of creating delusion can turn into an you can make a self out of the explanation to
so he should be careful of that and kind of like yeah
if you can dig of any mistake going to that can be made we can make it
if you if you find any mistakes being made please let us know we welcome notification of any mistakes because we armed state makers
we're not like a we make some mistakes but there's a limit on our mistakes so don't tell us that we make on endless mistakes now we could make this mistake so if you see any mistakes please let us know we welcome them in this
william this is a study of mistaken views
that's what we're doing here we're studying mistake can views which lead to other mistakes based on not mistaken views
mistake and philosophy
but we're also trying to be compassionate in this process so we don't get discouraged and stopped studying
our delusions because we have in order to understand them and be booed as we have to understand delusion because buddha's study delusion yes jenny


yes yeah yeah so you know we we have that we had this amazing story of buddha meeting a super violent person named a goalie mala so he meet the guy and he tells the guy me i'm your i'm your friend
you know and the guy doesn't believe him and they talked for quite a while in one of that there's various versions of it but to talk for quite awhile and africa guys is no i don't believe you're my friend i'm gonna kill you so then he tries to kill the boredom but
is unsuccessful and he saw a i'm successful he says
how can i can't actually the he he says i'm gonna kill you the buddha walk starts walking away and started running after the buddha to kill him and he can't catch him
and he yells at a monk why can i catch you and he said because in buddha says because i stopped and the guy snaps out of his insane
lol in mind wakes up and become do
a non-violent disciple of the buddha
in real life it takes a while to become a buddha
in real life it takes a while when a when a murderer conduct to you to say hey friend i'm here for you
and then when he says oh yeah well thank you i'm gonna kill you it takes a while to be able to walk away from him in such a way that he can't catch you
to get that skillful took the buddha or quite a while
and so protect the buddha quite a while maybe it'll take us quite a while
what know i'm guessing it yeah or there's there's also a cases where the buddha
sometimes print people try to hurt buddha but the buddha could not snap the person out of and like that he's in some cases he can immediately smith he case he he instantly snapped him on one know first of all he warmed up by talking to him about friendship for a while then but when the guy started running after him he snapped amount of right away but he also knew that he could see it this guy
i was ripe for transformation but there's another other cases where the buddha try to help people and they didn't they didn't snap out of their violence
he wasn't always successful
his cousin actually one of his cousins trip was violent towards him and he couldn't he couldn't snap his cousin amount of it
so even the border couldn't
couldn't a snap everybody on the insanity but he he was successful with a lot of people and so we have this tradition of studying ourselves so that we can free ourselves from our own delusions and thereby
become able to teach others how to study themselves so they can become free of their delusions
so in a sense
we we are learning to be martial artists so that when people approach is violently when violence comes we can we are committed to meet it with love
and you know which means gracious careful patient and calm
and then we're ready to enter into a wisdom relationship with it
but it takes
takes a lot to be that committed that so that when somebody says something that
he's rude or insulting or violent that we immediately come back with
kindness and stillness and listening
immediately takes a lot of training to do that but that's
that's we're talking about
and as proposes we can get better at it
and that the people who apparently got really good at it train a long time that they said i didn't instantly becomes go home i trained a long time and i did become skillful after long training
and it was hard
but i'm glad i did it
please carry on the work they say
thank you very much