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If you’re a Buddha, do you know it?

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this is it somebody asked me about like you know
didn't really say there's where with this system to like if you're enlightened you know it
or how do you know if you are
if you're if you're in for it if you're in the process of liberating all beings how do you know that you're in the process of liberating all beings they didn't really say those things but something like that people often ask how do i know

one of art
things that we chose to send center has a lions have been like when buddhas are truly buddha's they don't necessarily think their bridges but they are buddhists
one translation says when buddhas are truly as they do not think that their borders
i like the kind of i kind of go with not necessarily in other words i think a border couldn't i think i'm a buddha just like you can avoid i can do it too
glad think you're a buddha head
how to go

but at the same time they don't necessarily think they're buddha nor fact they don't necessarily ever think they're buddha but if you go up to him in you say hello my name's rob who are you are you buddha and am i say haha
as matter of fact to him i have never thought of it before but now that you mentioned it yeah
okay now what i might be doing what sounds like yelling it my yelling now
okay i right

so the same goes for bodhisattvas
they don't necessarily think i'm a bodhisattva
do they wanna be a bodhisattva yes
it gives it he said you do you aspire to be a bodhisattva and they might say well it's kind of personal
but yes i do aspire to be a bodhisattva
are you and they might go boy i don't know
and they might say yes
but an actual somebody who is i wouldn't say an actual body so somebody who is so much into it that people think that other people think their body surface
what does happen sometimes people say well there's a bodhisattva living over there
those kind of people who a lot of people think all they're so inspiring their bodies out for practices so great
i think they rarely think i'm a bawdy sondra
even though they're doing bodhisattva work
in in a really inspiring way and they they themselves are inspired to do it and they're so inspired when they do it's just great
but they don't they're busy you know they're busy listening to people cry they're listening the cries of the world are busy listening to all of the cries it's nice i could they have no time to think i'm i'm already sad fuck but anyway they're very fully engaged and taking care of a lot of so
duff and so you know they don't necessarily go i'm i'm already sad the or something
but maybe they do once in awhile
i myself to tell the truth almost never think i'm a bodhisattva but i often think i wanna be one i often think i wanna be one i really do and i feel good about that by will i am i don't think that very often but i could
i just said it i could think it i did you know it's not that big a deal now he's also want to mention is another parallel example which i just gave
when people do a triple triple axel you know triple axel is it's a figure skating thing
when they do it if you ask them afterwards not during don't talk to him when during
but after they fly in the air and do this thing and then land on their one skate with you know
you asked later what were you thinking about when you are spinning through
the universe but we were thinking when the universe was spinning around you there are actually still and everything in the universe was going around them and we were enjoying the ride watching
but the whole universe was pivoting on them while they're doing this thing
the what i've heard as they say i don't have a they don't even need the can even say i wasn't thinking of anything they just say i
i don't know
before they went into it they think okay i'm going to do it here we go let's good luck kid
in a skating fast getting going fast when i nailed an i leave the world of thinking about being a bodhisattva and they just do it
one hundred percent and there's no space lab probably for i'm going up to plaque whole this is a pretty good one i think i might get a ten on this one they don't have time for that unless there's really really good so good at they can like and have conversation hi mom when they're spinning
it but i never seen that or heard about that but they're so good that they can wave in the me the then
all this there is a triple axel that's what's there
and all there isn't a body sought for really is a sought for there's not like somebody out there watching the body sound fun
except the whole universe is watching the bodyshop for dads out there the whole universe is spinning around the bodhisattva so i just saw him i mentioned that different case you want to ever be a body cipher
i would like to do a ceremony now
kind of an unusual ceremony isn't it's a usual ceremony but i'd like to do it a different way it's called a well-being ceremony
and i'd like to undo the chant as usual
and then after the chat we dedicate the merit of our chat
some people
for their well being
okay but innis said this this time of doing it i'm gonna say a couple of names

the by a proximal you know a couple like approximately two
and then i invite you to do a triple axel
and say somebody else's name if you want to
and but be careful when you do it so you don't interrupt somebody else
gay and just say one name it for okay just one name and then if you want to see another one it can see another one after giving somebody else a chance
okay so that's the age that the unusual way of doing it that i'd like to do today
what do you think of that are you i have great idea any other comments
okay all right so now i'm in a introduced a chat
it's called a made coup canon yo ma means
extending and protecting life
dooku means ten verse kannan means
listening to the cries of the world and go in scripture
k them
oh yeah that
not all of you have memorized this chance i guess so i'll pass it out to you and you can read it while you're thinking of people's names
are you ready for the ceremony

a canon yaw on the on
no good or with the
missouri was no
man day on board and gardens no and generation gay man
shame cause
which they are do
also enjoy right
giorgio joe man
born a common day i am jewish and gay men
no but the on which the and
know guy
is she


she can
the so

may all awake beings manifest through the three treasures their luminaires mirror with
having chanted the and major coup on go for protecting lie the
we dedicate this married and virtue to the complete healing well being and equanimity of our dear friend kathleen jacoby
patty brad for the road


francis brewster




and to all those who are lacking shelter food and safety
ah are suffering from physical or emotional distress
or who are exposed to violence of any kind
may they be supported deeply in the dharma
the peaceful and free from suffering and together with all beings real as buddha activity ie ah
and direction
the times
body he sought by maha sabha
with die
the ah
and ways
maha her eyes now by mika

thank you for another great day i know abode

when i was a little pronounce a boy i want our watch t v
because we had a tv
and one of the show as i watched was called i think called the jackie gleason show
i think it was called glut jackie gleason show and then they had one part of the show it had a certain point became a section called the honeymooners which i think became it's own show later but anyway he used to come out and and he was a big kind of a big guy kind of heavy set and he used to actually do like
kind of like a flip at the end of his monologue at the beginning of flip and and go on to kind of like a splits on the floor and then in one time he did it and didn't get up
then he retired from that anyway keep he did this
monologue to begin and kind like johnny carson used to do or whatever
and then when he finished or at some point you would say to the dead orchestrates a an old traveling music please and then they would do this music and even move off the stage
we go ah
and away we go yeah and so that was that was that and so now we'll have a little traveling music or are you ready
okay ready one do three oh
oh no we may be ragged and ah ye may notice could be charged over no way god a bear olive
my may be were ragged and ah the by will travel a long saying and i song side by side
i don't know as come into my rao may be a struggle and saw by will travel the road share and alone sigh and by as
through all kinds of weather what if there were skies to thaw just as long as we're together let's be compassionate to all we don't say it doesn't matter at all anymore
we don't say that we say what if the sky should fall
let's be compassionate to all
when they've finished their quarrels and departed will be the same as we started just a traveler a long saying and i song sky
hi sign
now that was worth recording