The Unique Breeze of Reality and the Wondrous Function of Non-Dual Wisdom 

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like some other schools
and in the school we often speak of
the one
a great causal situation
awakening v awakened beings fully enlightened beings to appear in the world
the world of
illusion and suffering that way
all know so well
glory would you like something under your foot that be helpful
and i saw the the one great causal
situation is
the desire
a kind of for full desire desire to open living beings
two buddha's wisdom and knowledge
and to demonstrate to living beings buddha's wisdom and knowledge and to awaken
living beings the buddha's wisdom and knowledge and to
support them to enter buddha's wisdom and knowledge

this desire
the day
the great condition for the appearance of buddha's according to the school
how today that there can be some opening among the sentient beings present
some opening to buddha's wisdom and knowledge
and maybe some demonstration maybe some demonstration of buddha's wisdom and knowledge
and maybe some awakening
and entering
he also in the school we say that
that the
the realization of this wisdom
what happens
in the meeting of a buddha with a buddha
it's a social is a social situation
how the wisdom of the is is a wisdom
it's a funny wisdom
it's a wisdom which factual ises
another kind of wisdom
it's a wisdom which actual actualized non dual
which so it's surprising how parameter it's a perfect wisdom which actualized is non dual knowledge
it's a wisdom which is
an emptiness
it was it's a wisdom which is an emptiness or it's a wisdom which is emptiness
and this emptiness of this wisdom is filled with compassion
or has compassion as its essence so the compassionate buddhas are wise and they wish to
awaken sent banks to this wisdom which
is full of compassion

the wisdom of the buddha's
realizes emptiness
it understands emptiness but in a non do away
such that the wisdom which understand emptiness is emptiness
it's it's an insubstantial city
it's an absence of any kind of independent existence
it is ultimate truth it is an ultimate truth
whose essence is
compassion is an ultimate truth which is actually a pattern of consciousness

and it's but it's not ordinary consciousness it's a special consciousness it's a consciousness
that actualized is in substantial eight actualized is
ah the absence of any independent existence of anything

it's an emptiness this wisdom is an emptiness
which is the non-duality of itself
with appearances
it's an ultimate truth
that is also the union
an ultimate truth
and conventional truth
it is an ultimate truth
which is not separate from conventional truth and conventional truth is defined as
a deluded mind
so most of us although we don't usually think of it that way have deluded minds available moment by moment
and if diluted minds have objects and the diluted minds
that are given to sentient beings and as sentient beings have opportunity to give to other sentient beings these diluted minds have objects the deluded minds and their objects or conventional truths
ultimate truth is inseparable from conventional truth
and the unity of conventional truth and ultimate truth is ultimate truth to
conventional truth does not is not the unity
of the to
so again we say in the heart sutra
form is emptiness appearances are emptiness emptiness his appearances
delusions are enlightenment but deluded delusions are
emptiness emptiness his delusions

it's in order to open to the emptiness of delusion we have to open to doing
that's the hard part hoping and emptiness after that is also little bit hard but
the real not the real the basic work is opening to conventional truth opening to diluted minds
opening to are deluded mind taking care of our diluted mind so i hope that you are taking care of your deluded mind because now i'm telling you about
the ultimate truth the ultimate truth is not your deluded mind
the ultimate truth is not a deluded mind the ultimate truth is not reached by a deluded mind
and yet it is a pattern of consciousness
it is the pattern of consciousness which is the way things really are
the way things really are
is a pattern of consciousness
and the way things really are
you could you could done
you can
you could appreciate that i mean you could say something good about that if you want or you could say the way things really are is really good because the waiting for really are is what actually liberates suffering beings from suffering
the way things really are
when realized his arm
the is a ease and joy and what kind of ease enjoys it it's the ease and joy of serving all living beings
it's ease enjoy a buddhist compassion
so buddha's wisdom is the realization of the ultimate truth
which is filled with compassion and filled with joy of compassion
this morning
i think we're all sitting pretty much right and then we do some walking i didn't do much walking myself i was sitting on my new up don't know
and you are sitting and walking right
so we have a practice of sitting and sitting we do in the school is
sometimes called the true gate to ease and bliss or joy
and i would add it's the true gate
to ease and joy in the service or in the service
of all beings ease and joy in serving all living beings the status that's what the sitting as as for the practice of the school is it's the entrance into the joyful service of all bags
and what is and then another way to say it is it the this practice is an emptiness
or it is a mind which realize as emptiness and that mind joyfully turns
constantly and joyfully turns to the wonderful work of serving every living being
when the mine realize his ultimate truth it current a realized it it realizes and ultimate truth which is full of compassion and the mind turns to the service of all live
he brings this is the joy of the buddha
but again i warned me and you that this
the mind realizing
ah the mind realizing emptiness the mind realizing ultimate truth has to be grounded and taken care of conventional shirts has to be grounded in taking care of
hand paid and affliction
the causes of suffering and the suffering caused by the causes we need to be very compassionate with the conventional truth in order to
safely and successfully opened to the ultimate truth which then again
in realizing it the mind joyfully an easily turns
to benefiting others
so our practice is yeah
our practice is are sitting practice when we set our sitting practice is the mind realizing ultimate truth
are sitting practice is realizing the on
and come on
ms ultimate truth
and realizing ultimate truth
is the activity of buddha's and again the ultimate truth the wisdom realizing it is a wisdom which is full of compassion for all bags

so i i i would surface that i i myself
a struggle the balancing act between a which is to to
the balancing act
have something that know something
but that is really knowing itself
so this this kind of wisdom this buddha's wisdom is a wisdom which knows itself because it's a wisdom which it knows emptiness
but the emptiness is itself it knows
what it is it knows that it's emptiness so it knows but not as an object so with this wisdom is focused on the object of purification the object which when you look at it purifies
the mind but it's not separate from the object which purifies mind
meditating on this emptiness
removes the hindrance of afflictions and removes a hindrance
to to complete knowledge
but again it's a meditation on this object
which is not dual from the objects is meditating on
i'm in one time i read a teacher's saying that some people
kind of think that emptiness that the ultimate truth is wholly are precious
but this person said it's not that emptiness is precious but the wisdom and knows it is precious
the prisoner par me to the perfection of wisdom which knows emptiness that's what's precious but today i'm suggesting that is not that the emptiness is one thing and the knowing of it is another so in that sense emptiness his precious ultimate truth is precious
because ultimate truth is wisdom rather than ultimate truth is one thing and wisdom is another
now an essential said no no no ultimate truth and wisdom are not the same okay
but what the wisdom does is an actualized is another kind of wisdom which is the same as the ultimate truth
such a little bit as a little bit of a bouncing actor and an episode so it's a wisdom which actualized is a wisdom it's a wisdom which actualized non dual wisdom
the non do wisdom is not one thing and ultimate truth another
the not the non dual knowledge is emptiness and wisdom activites the non dual knowledge so pregnant by meta
is both
non dual with and also seems to be like the cause of the non dual wisdom

tomorrow i'm gonna have happen no discussion with from show hacker okamura who has ah
i just published a book of his commentaries on them
tax called gang your colon
so this text is attacks with translated into english as
manifesting the koran
jango like manifesting right now
the koran and the colon his ultimate truth manifesting ultimate truth or realizing ultimate truth that's a text
by our ancestor dogan
and now we have this he has this lovely book of commenting on
on this text
and so in my mind i thought they asked me to talk for a little bit at this meeting and i thought someone might say what's the most important part of get your and text
and i thought
come on
is the most important part
the ultimate truth is the most important part
and unhappy about that because ultimate truth includes
the mind realizing it
in and then the texas saying the present manifestation of the ultimate truth
for that's that's what's going on here right now this this must be the present manifestation of the ultimate truth
we need the ultimate truth in its present manifestation not it's past not as future
i should say not
but just forgetting about definite for moment and just the present manifestation of ultimate truth
so our practice
is the present manifestation of ultimate truth

it did occur to me in my happiness at this prospect that i got a little bit too happy

i haven't i have another perspective on this but before i bring up the other perspective
which i might do this afternoon
ah well i'll tell you the other perspective the early perspective is
ultimate truth
and precepts
bodhisattva precepts that's another perspective which
i was going to bring up with you but before i do that in detail i welcome your feedback on what has been given so far
in other words i welcome the present manifestation of ultimate truth
in other words i recommend thank you for that and that other words iraqi i welcome
the present manifestation of the dharma gate of repose and bliss

oh i didn't mean i was getting so much happy about the prospect
happy about
ah call on being the most important thing i would very happy about the ultimate truth being the most important part of
but i got so happy by i thought maybe a little bit too happy so maybe i should go back to the conventional dress a little bit
i'm back
here we are commercial to i'm still happy but i know not
am i feel a bit too happy still yes
it proved to me

a substantial
it occurred to me that when relationship between presets
is that
the application of the presets house three energy
for that right yeah you're anticipating the next topic that's right
also a part of the existential these existential
two instruction or direction i didn't say instruction he said existential something i know what direction he said existential direction perhaps or focus well even if you are even if you don't want to say existential direction
there is a there are existential directions
ah for opening to this truth it's essential action
well you're going to that next but existential directions are also an action when i'm going to give some accidental directions now i'm an act
actions i'm gonna talk i'm gonna give you as uk existential directions by mentioning that this wisdom
of the buddha
which makes our mind joyfully joyfully and easily turn constantly to the welfare of others
that this wisdom is free of all existential categories
so the direction is
just check out the balancing act where you don't go into any existential
categories where they're sitting there as possibilities but your
kind of poised between them between
existence and non-existence and both existence and non-existence and neither existence nor non-existence you're poised between these categories
does your for and there's more you could think of but any kind of in a good ear ear a mind it's free of eggs all kinds of existential categories about everything you meet said that consciousness is not existential who that consciousness is a countries it is existence it is existential it
is it is the true existential it's the truth which the true way things are is that they aren't leaning into existence or nonexistence that's the way things that's the way you really are the way i really am that's the way everybody really is all conventional beings are inseparable
from the true way that they are all diluted with all diluted ways of thinking about ourselves
which i think most of us have seen some of that
all those ways
with which other people agree with sometimes and sometimes they don't etc and we have some problems with them about this
all the diluted ways we think about ourselves are inseparable from the way we really are the way we really are is always
manifesting right now and it is free of any categories of its existence the way we really exist is free of any categories of existence the way we really the exist as we exist in a middle way
the and the middle way is free of any categorical
any category any categories of existence that's the way we really are and taken care of the way we aren't
taking care of the diluted way we appear to be his required reading
for opening to the true for the true way we are the through way that we are being
and so what i just gave his a some instruction is a preceptor
about about how to be that way
do be mindful of the middle way you are
the middle way everybody is
for example another middle way that everybody is
is that everybody is myself
and also everybody's not me
and i'm actually nothing but everybody that's not me that's why everybody is myself
this is a balancing act in the middle way
everywhere i go
i meet him
he is not me
in truth i am him
this is a balancing act

i have some idea that
it's possible
i know some other people have to think like that
but it's not possible me i have that hammer bliss
he's not possible so that it's not possible not to me
i think it's not possible for you not to be you
and it's not possible for me not to be me right i agree with that
so there's some kind of like judgment that some expressions are more authentic than others
say it again there's some kind of judgment that some expressions and more authentic than other yeah there can be such judgments system expressions are more authentic than others
yeah what's it what should we do about them
we should practice
the bodhisattva precepts
would that phenomena of judgment
we should be kind of that conventional truth or judgment is a conventional truth
and we can be kind of that conventional truth we should be truly open our hard to the conventional truth of judgment that that's more the she's more authentic than him
sorry plan
but he's more authentic than her he sat larger
that i've got a hammer and you don't have
these are conventional things which
the buddha's appear in the world to teach the wisdom about them
because people are caught by conventional truth i think it's the they don't see what they don't see that it's actually inseparable from the ultimate truth beyond all judgments
i have the request yes i want wanna play with the hammer

my sound
suddenly therapy
you're welcome
yes so i had a thought
the ngo colin that
image of the boat in the shore the boat and the shore
whether we are really swimming in the ocean
between the the shore
he hadn't thought about that
it's like

that is a conventional truth
which we should be kind to
which we should love but not like
or if you like
we should be kind to the liking
but i wish to practice compassion towards that conventional truth which you're just offered
that story about
bank swimming between the boat and shore someone else one tell a story about being on the boat somebody else will tell a story about being on the shore these are all conventional truths that we should be kind to
these are all delusions

hi judge here on a good place yes skylar
conventional how is our his ultimate truth conventional truth
because conventional truth
by the is is diluted and ultimate truth is not deluded
the ultimate truth is inseparable from conventional truth
an ultimate truth since is not deluded realizes that non separation but conventional truth because it's diluted does not realize non separation
it has to deal with things being separate and know appearing separate
that's that's conventional truth
and know that's and know and we have a length we have language which tossing those terms that's conventional truth to
commercial truth is that as a separation between
view and make him between right and wrong
an ultimate truth there is no separation including that there's no separation from no separation and separation
that makes them sense

ultimate truth is not separate from them
conventional truth is not separate from that but conventional truth is thinking that there is separation
in other words conventional truth is thinking of something that doesn't exist
like separate entities that convention that's that's the basic conventional delusion that the separate beings
that there's a separate consciousness from what it's objects of knowledge that's those are some basic our conventional truths
that's a basic way things appear to be
and there's all kinds of wonderful reasons why we are diluted that way so these are deluded beings who have good reasons to be diluted that we are devoted to and for whom we wish to realize and transmit the wisdom which it does not see any separate
ocean between the wisdom endless and the delusion which seized to separation
ultimate truth and the wisdom which is ultimate truth realizes that there's no separation between delusion and enlightenment between buddhists sentient beings between you and me between life and death
but that teaching that there's no separation we really shouldn't been
working with that unless we're really sincerely grew he knows best we can for now devoted to all conventional truths or diluted minds all suffering beings with who have deluded minds
and actually i just said
something about being really devoted to them but the full devotion to living beings comes with realization
before joy of being devoted to living beings comes with the realization of ultimate truth
that's why we need ultimate truth is to facilitate our devotion so first were devoted to conventional truth first were devoted to delusion which means diluted minds and beings and then we opened to the ultimate truth and then we can really be
and that's when we get really happy that now i can really do the thing which i've always wanted to do i always wanted to be a service to other all beings know i can really do it how wonderful and you gotta be careful not to get a little bit too happy then
oh now what now this work of being devoted to everybody which sometimes i think it's kind of hard sometimes i think oh my god how going to be devoted to everybody when we realize the ultimate truth if you're like i think i'm i'm i'm ready for it
because they're not separate from me so i can't get away from anyway i'm on it i manage will be a service to him
now how are you doing skyler
i just a second homer i think karen was next or some mica

described the process of discrimination
have to happy
whoa i just have a little too happy center
i think it maybe it maybe got it gets set off you know when they're maybe was too much too much happiness around my head
and maybe not much maybe not enough happiness around some some of the people in
other cars around me
so then i tried to make the happiness can have come down into my lower abdomen and spread to the other people in the other cars
yeah and then i didn't fail to happy anymore i just felt
it was more of up
you know shared encouragement of all beings
i felt better
but more yeah like i wasn't hogging all the happiness
i got i got a little bunny a little a little bunny
little bunny that beeps
when that when the joys and bank's shares satisfactorily something's wrong here
this is happy but to some not laugh too much
i think of this a yeats poem now once there was us
when there was
a mermaid
who found herself a sailor boy
she pressed her body
hers to is and took him down with her
but she forgot in her joy
that even
sailor lovers
can drown
some my tap
so you gotta be careful with your joy of serving people that you don't
that you share it with him
otherwise he might take him some place that's not good for them
it's not that so
in yeah
not getting not attaching it

to go

yes we do we need to face the crying in the violence
the ultimate
yeah not lose it or another way do it as if we face the crying we listened to the crying that is also the gate to the ultimate truth
which helps us listen even better but we still she should not hope we still must not hold onto ultimate truth because that would not be ultimate truth
ultimate truth does not hold on the ultimate to with ultimate truth can't find ultimate truth and that realize his ultimate truths so there's no clean the ultimate truth and ultimate truth wisdom does not cling to the wonderful
way things really are
and that further realizes the way things really are
and further realizes listening to the cries of all beings
and helps us listened to the cries with are getting exhausted but if we get exhausted listen to the cries than we practice kindness towards the conventional truth the conventional phenomena of being exhausted we accept it were exhausted
we access we accept our limits
we surrender
joyfully as a gift and then we get up off the floor and start moving back towards the ultimate truth
round and round

in market when you are struggling between
the struggle and down yes said the one that knows if they know something he asked
and wondered if that struggle and can pay balance between actually knowing something in you stop relating to the history i lost you ever second
he's here like a balance between knowing and not knowing okay something you start questioning as
he i saw a were looking for a kind of knowing that is simultaneously questioning
grassley who
yeah no grit and we're talking for about a knowing with are grasping a wisdom which nose with are grasping
that's that's the wisdom
which which is ultimate truth ultimate truth
conagra isn't it is not and cannot grasp anything
that's why think it the way things really are is that there's no grasping
it's not existence or nonexistence because it's because it's always changing now and
ah and as always interdependent

say it louder
the last days before he died
well one story is
he had gone had left his monastery which is north of kyoto on the your pet near the japan sea
and he had gone to kyoto to seek medical attention
and then he he wasn't feeling well enough after the medical attention to go back to ag so he was standing in kyoto and i was in a room
and so one story is that in the room there was a pillar and he wrote
on the pillar or on bought a scroll and hung it on the pillar going for refuge in buddha dharma song and he walked around the pillar
going for refuge in a couple treasure
another story is
that he walked that he wrote out a section from chapter nineteen i think of the lotus sutra or chapter twenty where it says
that wherever one recites or rights the lotus sutra
that is the place where buddhas are born
where buddha's realize awakening
where buddhas
teach the dharma and awakened beings and were buddha's enter party nirvana
so i just said but i just said just now the lotus sutra
and the largest he just says the fact that i said that means that right now buddhas are being born here
are leaving home
attaining the way teaching the dharma and so on
so he was saying that and i'm saying that and now year and a place where it's being said and so this is the plane now this the same place the dog was ah
that that is what dogan was doing is he was thinking
he when he named the room he was in
the lotus sutra hermitage
so that's what he was doing when he would die i guess he he we can still walk and chat
but he died fairly soon after he started this practice
what is practice of saying something which is saying that if you say this something this is where the buddhist are alive
like saying
if you say ultimate truth
can you think ultimate truth and you remember ultimate truth and you're open to ultimate truth this were buddhists are born
the ultimate truth is not separate from us right now
it's right here

i should i run by most but there's lots of the does lots of living beings who are deluded living beings are by definition deluded there's lots of them and not so many buddhas
so most living beings who have faith
our in the midst of delusion
most living banks think i'm here and there over there
and i have faith and sort of day but they over there who have faith and me over here who has faith were somewhat separate
i'm deluded but i have faith and what do i have faith in
i have faith in pain
diligent and learning to be kind to diluted beings myself included
i have faith in being devoted to the welfare of others
i have faith that that were open me more and more completely to my own delusion and to other people's suffering and make me more and more willing to live my life for the welfare of others and this will open me to ultimate truth and the opening to ultimate truth i have faith that this will make it really is
easy and joyful for me to give my life to others
and sometimes that faith is
confirmed sometimes we have a taste
i'm the ultimate truth sometimes we feel the non-duality of the way we really are in the way we are
and we at that time we feel great joy at the prospect of the next moment i've been devoted to all beings and so and then we still have faith even though we've realized our faith in our faith has been confirmed we still believe that it would be good to continue even though we don't know yet because we haven't got
darya the next moment
so in this moment i feel my faith has confirmed
and i and i i have faith that it would be good to continue this practice
and i'm in the next moment
and maybe i feel confirmed again and i also feel i would like to continue this practice and the next moment i'm not too much intercut into confirmation i'm just into faith i think oh yeah ultimate tooth
right now what is it what is the ultimate truth right now
what is the ultimate truth right now what is the wisdom which is filled with compassion right now
yes if a teaching as is not the slightest bit away from us
if not more over here than over there
it's right here right will we are the way we are is the present manifestation of it and now this is the present manifestation of it

forever warm and still to be enjoyed

asked her
he said
the it's unusual to think of that isn't it
wait we

yeah i guess i'm saying that the way things are the middle way includes
that for them to be there needs to be some mental imputation
so mind is his mind is essential part of these of any kind of existence of any of any of any thing being be any of anything being there must be mind that's what this this teaching is about
and this is not necessary this is not necessarily an ontological statement
as a matter of fact it's a statement about a way of being that's free of any ontological statements
it's a way of talking about the way of being that's intended to liberate beings from ontological entrapment
existence or nonexistence his suffering
leaning towards existence leaning towards any ontological
category is not the middle way so the way read things really are is that mine is involved
and the mind which realizes this
is the ultimate truth
the mind was realize the ultimate truth is the ultimate truth of the way things are and we also have conventional truth which realize the way things really aren't which thick which realizes them as existant the conventional truth conventional through is a delusion which thinks that things exist or don't
so you know about balwyn there's another one which doesn't think about them existing or nonexistent
which which is the way that they really are which is not existing or non-existent but the way they really are still depends on mine and mine which is not do with that is the wisdom which realizes the non-duality and which again when the mind is working through this wisdom channel
which includes questioning
the question how is this ultimate truth how is this ultimate truth how is this ultimate truth how is this liberating all banks and do i do i feel ready to be of service to this person in this person
because i've heard that i probably should be if i i would be if i was right if my mind was realizing ultimate truth so working with ultimate truth and serving all beings that is that is the ultimate truth that is the wisdom of the buddha's
looks like you understand really well congratulations

can you hear him up there
the case said again of a mob are conveyed to them when he said by
several the line
yeah all in conventional reality is also inseparable from mine
so that's also
the full realization here is is in a social context so the buddha buddha fully with the full read the buddha's can realize this but the full of full realization is when they really thrive lies it with some
body else because this realization is for the purpose of helping beings so the social context it's not as one buddha if you think there's one buddha you don't understand buddha either there's not just one buddha
there's many boaters and they meet in an their meeting
when the real boot as meet a real buddha because the real buddha is not alone
this is part of the full realization of buddha's wisdom
and the ultimate truth
could you hear that
okay well
so nothing's morning

when my palm
where'd you say oscar
he lacked for one more bomb

the yuneec breeze of reality
can you see it
creation is constantly working her loom and shuttle
incorporating the patterns of spring into the ancient brocade
the yuneec breeze of reality can you see it
while illusion is being concocted moment by moment
there's always a unique
brees of ultimate reality at the same time
can you see it
can you taste it
can you smell it
can you hear it
is your hearing it
is you're seeing it
is your smelling it
is your touching it
is your tasting it
we've always had it
please take care of it
catcher in the extend
the place where the picture
to save in the
exhausted all
the that man i die
summer i
the to answer them
as way less alone
the economy
now we can have a lunch break