Wandering Away from Our Original Home in Search of Our Original Home

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as you may have heard
the practice of the buddha's
is dropping off body and mind
without discarding body and mind
and heard that

and last time we met here
i give a lot of talk which might be the first chapter of a book
i thought i'd give the second chapter are you ready
some of you weren't here last time so i give a brief
comment on the first chapter
the first chapter
was about
our original
true home and family

original true
home and family

this original home and family
is imperceptible

and i may have mentioned
that because human beings

have a need
to grasp things

we project our mind projects onto our original
home and family
a perception of it
or a perceptual version of it
and this perceptual version of it
covers it

magically obscures our original home

and because this
projection of our original home
was originally our original home
the realm of projection of perception is always yearning and longing for the original home

and because of this longing
we leave
our knowable perceptual home
in search of our original home

some people have
a perception
of their home
as being quite
they feel like their parents and other family members are kind to them

love them support them

and they often feel able to accept the love and support
an appreciated

however even under such blessed circumstances
or even under circumstances where we actually feel fortunate and blessed by our home
by our family
we still yearn for our original home which is right here right now

even though are perceptible home may be quite wholesome
we still yearn for are imperceptible ungraspable


i to make a long story short i'm not gonna tell a long story about what it's like when people feel like
when they perceived that their home is not blessed
that they're not fortunate that people their family doesn't love them that their families abusive and sick
that's another home that's some people have
and those people also yearned for their original home
their true home so no matter how use no matter how we see our home any home we can see is not our original whom are original home is invisible and inaudible an imperceptible and
the ungraspable and it is
it is an essential part of our life but it is also an essential part of our life that we naturally project upon this ungraspable world
a graspable version
babies need to grasp their mothers and their fathers they need to grasp the tip of their mother's breast or the tip of the bottle they need to clamp their mouth down and grip their little chubby hands on to flesh
if they don't do it they will not be able to grow up and become buddhas

but most babies can grasp
and they grasped the whole
and and they grasped the whole graspable world and at the same time they yearn for the original home and so at some point
and it is a big deal at what that point is but at some point living beings not just humans
particularly mammals
but also reptiles
and birds
they fly away the they wander off
they're perceptible home
in search of their imperceptible original which they must reconnect with and realize in order to become who they really are

so the second chapter of this book is about wandering off
from are perceptible home
in order to find
by rediscovering our original home
even though we don't have to go one millimeter away from where we are to discover it but we go more than a millimeter away and we try things
on our own we set up standards on our own

we experiment on our own
and an ordered to do this wandering we may have to reject
our perceptual parents are perceptual family our perceptual home

and we may have to reject the values
which are
home and family transmitted to us in order to go on this

and generally speaking the longer we go on this journey

the mark destitute an impoverished we become

the more we
our original home
by looking for new homes
the more we deny our original family by looking for new families
we've we don't really go away from our home but we feel the consequences
of denying the home where we already are by going someplace else

one time my father came to visit me
at green dragon temple over the hill from here
and he looked at my altar in my room and on my altar there were buddhas and there was a picture
of suzuki roshi and he my father said to me he is your real father isn't he

and that was painful for me to here and i think i said kind of know you are
but at the same time i would i mean is but you're my biological father
and now today i'd feel like the suzuki roshi was like halfway between
my biological father and my real father
my real father i cannot see

my real mother i cannot see
a sucre she stands in to help you make the transition
from my temporary father my dear sweet temporary father

to my invisible
a present father

and of course the same with mother
our biological mother is temporary
even though she's so beautiful
and so great
she's temporary
and actually we experiment with projecting on her that she's not temper her
but she's a temporary provisional mother who stands in for
our real mother
who's not temporary
always with us

our real mother
is the way
we are supported
by the entire universe
i real mother is the way we support the entire universe

our real mother
is a conversation
which we can't grasp
and again were built to be uncomfortable with what we're with all the time that we cannot grasp so again our body mind projects is projects
upon our real mother a graspable provisional mother and we do grab her and that's necessary
but then
over the years little by little we sense somewhat consciously somewhat unconsciously
that we have to go that the we have to go find something that we cannot find in our temporary mother
and we have to go away from our temporary mother
we think to find what's right here
and the longer we wander from our temporary mother in search of what's already here the more we deprive ourselves of what's already here
not deprive
drain ourselves
rob ourselves of what is already here

talk yeah so this is the phase of
yeah it's kind of the phase of

feeling the
the insufficiency
the the incompleteness
of our world
and sensing that there is a complete version of our life
and we long
to realize it but again we somehow we almost all of us need to leave
and find out that going off some place is not the solution to our

and then ah maybe this is the third to help to write or known but then at some point
we realize to some extent
that there's going off some place
to find what we're looking for which we and we don't know what it is
is not the way

we realize
that were yearning for something and an order to realize it we need to not run away anymore
we need to train ourselves to be here
to be
the person
who is yearning for something

beyond their hearing and seeing
beyond they're feeling and discrimination
we need training

and part of what might
lead to this realization
is to perceive
our people
of humans or animals or trees that show us
how we might be able to
think and speak and gesture
if we had new our real home
we see examples of people who have returned
are we see examples of people who have stop looking someplace else for their life
and am
been trained
being where they are
and realized the way they are and then demonstrated how you can live when she realized the way you already are always
and we see these examples and we say maybe that person is showing me what i've been looking for
and then we find out that that person offers at a training opportunity

to deal with our live in such a way as to discover what our life is

and also that this training opportunity is something that they did not set up on their own
they tried to set up on their own
what their training should be
what their path should be
they left their home where they were not setting up things on their own
they left their provisional home where they do not set things up in their own and they decided where they wanted to go
with or without consultation with their temporary family

but that path
shows itself to be if excuse the expression
the many many dead ends not just one dead end but lots of dead ends
in other words ends that are painful confusing disturbing and
not what we're looking for him
so we realized that not only do we need training but we need a training which we don't set up on our own because the people who showed us
how we can live when we realize our true home those people got trained but not in a training they set up they got trained in a training that somebody else set up
and the somebody else has set it up with somebody who got trained by somebody else is set it up and it's not exactly to that somebody else sets it up but that we set it up together with somebody
we set we enter a program of training where we together with other people set up the training
and in that training
we will realize our original home
and will realize that going away from our original that choose me that trying to get away from our original home
which is impossible in order to realize our original home
which is you know
what a god it's is i could say it's not really contra indicated it's more like paradoxical
and i say it's not contra indicated because it is necessary we need to go away from are provisional home
which in the attempt to go find something which has already here
we need to do it
and we need to see that going away from where we already really are in order to find out how we really are
is not going to do it however it is going to do it because we have to go away from the way we can the way we already are in order to realize how we already are
which entails going away from the way we aren't are the way we aren't in order to realize the way we are
we can't get away from the way we are
we cannot
but we already feel alienated from it so if you're like we have to go away from where we think we are and we do so it really is necessary that we go on this excuse the expression fool's journey we must have a
foolish phase of life in order to realize
what life is
and again as on this path of foolishness
we can start to wake up to how foolish it is and realize that it's getting to be time
to enter the process
the ongoing process may maybe at first we think to enter the process of stopping this foolishness
but as actually entering into the process of working with this foolishness

and working with his foolishness
without getting rid of the foolishness will realize
freedom from foolishness and also
our original home

so that's
that's kind of chapter two
and chapter two could include
hidden form of your conversation about what has just been said
i feel my foolish path is essential
i needed my father's pan so maybe not so foolish guys have something
he said he feels like he needs is foolish path so maybe not so foolish i think maybe an hour so foolish
is fine but essential i think it's more correct i think that's a decision now essential is essential to go on the foolish bath
but maybe not so foolish i think it's more foolishness
i think we need to be realize is completely thoroughly foolish
to go someplace to be where you are
it's not gonna work however it's essential that you try
and also
i think you said something about past
we said path
it was essential oh you said was yeah he said was still here but i would say it's still it's not was the foolish path does we does not end
part of the foolish path is to think that the foolish password end
the foolish past i would suggest a foolish bet does not end and it's essential
the illusion
that his parts dissipating in the foolish path along with the belief that these illusions are real which is the diluted part the foolish part of the foolish bath it's ongoing
it's an ongoing challenge
to the training
which realizes
freedom from foolish bath
and also realizes our true home which we really want to be realized

so there is foolish path and then there's not so foolish path and then there's not foolish bath there's all those things
and all these things are the same path
so the the path
oh buddha activity includes all the foolish paths
and all the what it called to
modifications of all the foolish bass
i propose foolishly
yes yes yes
i'm thinking of the wandering away
not so active deliver
river process i'm definitely have a solo
well you you're in one ear you're mixing two things one is
that what of what you're thinking
and then you slipped over into what is
you're thinking that this path of wandering away is not necessarily delivered
and you're also thinking that it's not
solo you're right it is not solo activity you're right
but some people do go on this path
not deliberately and also but believing his solo maybe you didn't however the way you didn't
is it was essential that the way you didn't do it solo you would actually think it's soul
i'm saying you right now you're making your face which shows you still think you can do something solo
at face shows you don't realize that you that you can't think i bought by yourself
this thing about i don't think it solo you think actually
that's a solo thought i'm saying that you
yeah right doing you're doing it again
you think you think you i'm saying the way you're acting right now i'm so i'm reading as your thought his solo in relationship to what i just said
question that you're questioning i question who fine but you could have questioned that without actually thinking that your thought which sounded different from mine i think maybe we should close the window before that scroll falls off the wall
is essential that you think it's so long
it is not the path you're on is not so long going off by yourself on a solo trip is not so that's that's correct however you must it is essential that you
go through a phase of thinking you're doing something by yourself
if you avoid that thing
here avoiding something
which you need to recognize his part of the path of realizing what you can't see or hear
so yeah it's true none none nothing on this path
nothing in this story
nothing in this book is solo
the fact that nothing is solo is our original home
but week who were not born most of us anyway
almost nobody is born understanding their original home because they have to they have to go through this phase of solo which is so low biting the tit
solo owning your mom
it isn't like the baby thinks oh we're hope were owning this model know
she's my mom it's my tit it's my mouth my mouth
we must go through them
and actually that is the beginning of denying
but even if you know so i would say you'd it's essential to go on the full journey of solo
and also that you don't necessarily consciously know you're going on this journey
you just think you want to go away from home vipkid or here and do something
so what are you have to say

i think that's not the holster know it's not
and even if it was the whole story it would just be a story so part a part of part of the story is a story and the whole story's a story and stories you can grasp
however they do not reach what they're covering
he agreed
yeah so there's no there's no whole story really can mean if you say it's a whole story than i say can i talk to you about that and we go on so there really isn't a whole story
so any story i tell you can say that is not the whole story and but when you say it huh
and vice versa
when to say that it's not the whole story is no bolster okay you could know
but doesn't to right i see you but your your fourth katie
and your fifth pam
i was speaking with of them this past week and she said that
was there any hope for her in practice because
her life was set up she couldn't imagine leaving her family
i'm wondering if she read chapter two would you think that your affirming her fear
i firmly her fear
her fear what a what
you sang
the original home is essential
the essential thing is to leave your real home
that's essential
some people can actually stay in their professional home
and simultaneously doing what's essential which is to deny their original home
because they're using basically she were using are provisional home
as you know as a way to get a of of something
incidentally using are provisional home for the sake of being able to get a hold of something just kind of covers up our original home which we
once we've successfully covered up our original home than we get to start and longing for it
so she's got a provisional home
it's essential that she used that
and naturally and essentially to hide her original home
so the possibility of practice for her will be to start training with what she's doing
to cover up her original home
so she's doing something like you and me she's doing something which is covering up the inconceivable love a buddha's enlightenment which is with her all day long
and she has the opportunity to practice with what she's doing to alienate herself from her home
and that is an essential part of the practice
first of all that she's she's got a provisional whom that she covers the route original home up with second ball she's yearning for the original home so she she's considering practice but the practices to deal with her provisional home
she already left another provisional home before and now made another one that shouldn't leave this one she needs to realize
how to train with this one
to realize the original one
it's essential
we do that it happens anymore it happens anyway nobody can avoid that and you know
i started teaching you're offering his study the traditional
study the provisional whom and then also watch how you don't just accept the provisional home
but you look for something else
i'm saying that what you're looking for in your provisional home is your original home
so you think you have to leave your you may or may not think you have to leave your provisional home in order to find your original home and if you do leave your provisional home in in search of your original home then things get usually get worse for you
because then you keep doing that over and over you keep living leaving your provisional situation to find your original situation and the more you leave your provisional situation to find your original situation the more alien energy become from your original
however when you start to notice that then you can practice compassion towards this foolishness which is essential
and by being full compassionate through training by training and compassion towards your foolishness with your provisional you don't have to get rid of your provisional home
and you drive to get rid of foolishness in relationship to it
or foolishness in relationship to the way you're using this all this stuff to get to your original home you just needed to be compassionate with it all and you realize you've all was actually been in this home and in this family
it's only twelve o'clock
there's no
there's no end to this process of to there's no end to this process of
being at home
there's no end of the process of foolishness
does no end of the process of trading with the foolishness and there's no end of the process of enlightenment this whole thing of being where we aren't being how we are
and obscuring it with our normal
processes feeling bereft and going and looking for what we really are and all the foolishness we do and the training we do with the foolishness and the enlightenment as to this original whom they're all together all the time
but but there too
as long as i keep looking for an original home
in my love
yes we're not not sub you are but that's cool that's foolish is foolish to look for it because it's invisible
is being created yeah whom why not not by you by your life
who my life looking yeah
for is down there somewhere other room here and that's foolish
so this easter

hmm i don't want to
it would fit not moving of this is not
no it's not foolish however it's inseparable from foolishness
the original home is not moving it's not going anyplace
and that original home is how
is how ah is his original home is the way at the whole universe gives rise to us who give rise to a need to grasp things and how are neat you know ah and how are need to grasp things gives rise to the
entire universe so because of our need to grasp our mother we make the whole universe grasp a
why she says the whole universe is made graspable by our need
to make the whole universe graspable of course is not but we make it that way and that it and then we know i that
you know but not only that but we we feel like even though we've got her mother's attention with got her mother's care even that still somehow
it's not enough so it cause we were looking for what we will abandoned in order to get a hold of my mother so as not enough so then we think oh i gotta go do something in addition to getting food and drink and warmth and love in addition to that i gotta do something more because this isn't what i'm this isn't every
thing i'm looking for
which is true a clear looking for where you you're looking for how everything you're doing was created by the whole universe and you're looking for how all our foolishness is creating the whole universe or looking for that because is is is is real we want to real
rather than look at our stupidity
because it's right there we think i'm going some place to be smarter or whatever

yeah so i would call on the right i'm just i'm suggesting we might use the word foolishness for greed and hatred
you are able or some other word for that minutes
oh yeah go ahead you let's hear another word for it
human activity
human being activity yeah i agree it's human being activity
and now now that you've said that
may i mentioned that human activity is sometimes very painful
you know causes lots of problems and fear and cruelty

cruelty to they react to that word to
yeah how about injustice
i just picked fruit pick partner isn't i think cruelty of foolishness came up it's that foolishness is often used to describe the journey of the hero
rather than rather than the path of cruelty or or injustice but he could also substitute injustice and cruelty in place of foolishness the path of cruelty the path of foolishness the path of injustice human being activity

it's been definitely
exactly exactly
right that's what i'm talking about trying that stuff in order to be where you are
yeah and so i'm talking about why did
well isn't a problem you just that the more you do it the more miserable you feel
and the more the more and more impoverished you become and the more desperate you become it's just not a problem right
yeah but you don't know how to pay attention because you haven't been trained
you don't he rather than pay attention
robin pay attention you've gone off and doing these things
rather than paying attention to i'm here and i'm yearning for something and what is that
rather than that which we are not almost no trip very little training to do you think you should go do something and and it can be fun and lots of fun or do god is colder it's called sex drugs and rock'n'roll lots of fun lots of things you can do rather than pay a ten
china where you are which you don't know how to do because you have to be trained to do that

yes even know what we're talking about training where a year mostly paying attention you need to be trained to mostly pay attention
the where you are
and if you feel an impulse to go do something fun in our to realize where you are you pay attention to that but you need training to pay attention
we try to train children you know we tried to trip train them when they're little but as they grow up then they want to go off and try stuff that's fun they definitely want to try stuff that's fun but really what i'm pardon miss that one way
well you always you say we don't want them to but sometimes people do want them not to go off and have fun because the fun they want to have you think is very dangerous like they want to drive a car really fast you don't want them to do that

you you you understand that the death rate in for automobile accidents is highest at sixteen so you wish that they wanted are driving until they're eighteen were dropped down to half
you don't want them to do was fun but it is really a lot of fun for sixteen year old to drive a car at one hundred and thirty miles an hour in san francisco is a lot of fun it's so fun you don't want him to do that you don't mind and having fun you just don't want to use a car to do it so i don't agree with that that we don't want them to have fun
we don't want them to harm people on themselves know
is essential that people go off on these trips which are
they're looking for something that they do not have to move to find what they need to do is pay attention to where they are to find it

yeah and yeah has a perfectly good definition foolishness is something that harms you
when and when you don't want to be harmed
now what if you do on harm yourself well i would say that that's foolish to
because there isn't you want to harm yourself is because you can't you can barely stand
not being yourself

we need to go on this this trip and on this task of running away from where we are in order to see that that doesn't work and also to see that we can't just stop that because it doesn't stop
we need to have training to deal with it
not to stop it not to stop foolishness not to stop cruelty not to stop injustice but to realize that these things come from
not realizing our original home
whole bunch of hands or up i see you
i'm saying that that this the the path of greed hate and delusion comes from not realizing onto your home
and i'm saying that if we don't realize our true home we who we feel a deep unconscious and or conscious or both and or
we feel a deep need to realize it and that gets translated into doing something called going looking for someplace else other than being aware of where we are
somebody okay with that one
because we don't realize
our original home
we feel a deep need to realize it
and then we start doing things
of going away from where we are as which is where we will realize it we go through that process is essential to find out that that doesn't work
but it doesn't mean that we stop that it means that we bring
awareness to the path of whatever you want to call it would bring awareness to the path of foolishness
we bring awareness to the path of cruelty of greed hate and delusion would bring awareness to it and we need training in order to do that and that training process follows from this process of basically trying to set up standards on our own
doing things that we think would be fun and helpful and maybe even give us what we're deeply want
i think the next person was pam
modern they're not a separate was just have consciousness
not quite the biological mother and the the biological mother is a perceptible version of the working of the whole universe the working at the whole universe supports the biological mother she's not she's inseparable
from the real mother from the original mother staying with the biological father he is inseparable from the real home a real family
but the biological and the the biological parents are a perceptible version of the way of our true family
which you know and we need that we cannot be without it and we do have it and
and if things go really well great like shakyamuni buddha had kind of like pretty nice parents and they
maybe they didn't abuse him then there's nothing about them abusing him and yeah and so because he had this nice perceptible family he could realize that something's missing in this perceptible family
and he went to look for it and he founded but he founded by being aware of his own suffering which kick which is due to not realizing his original home which he didn't realize in the palace after left the palace had took me a long time to realise it might actually he on's to realize it
and he this is the process where in where in the process of realizing our original whom original family this is the journey were on and we have perceptible parents and family and teachers to help us learn this
so i think
edward and jackie ever
where is like
in a train or
being foolish are being triumphalists that is worthwhile to
well again the equivalent trait we have the equivalent training whereas and i wonder yeah i wonder if there are here we can learn more the silverware his triumphant
software compose a spiritual
ah before we get into that distinction i would say that are perceptible parents and family and teachers they do teach us to some extent how to pay attention to our how our life
because they're going laughed the going off
to do fun things starts before you actually leave your you know the home of your biological parents it starts before that the human nervous system is geared to try to fight do things fun
but along with that there is also a deeper wish to realize our true home and so we get training a pot a deal with for example the impulses to do things fun
we get training to be a how how to be aware of that are we don't so some people actually do get some training which helps them when this when they start to realize that they want training and realizing their true home
because they see what they somehow getting glimmering of what's possible with that realization
and then they when they realize they need to continue the training which they've started but maybe in the tradition of realizing the true whom not just the tradition of for example getting through school or having good relationships with your family
so there is there his training there his training going on
it isn't this whole

but also
what you

i'm i didn't quite understand your question but if let me just tried to are you saying that it would be good to watch your karmic activity
yeah so
on it in the buddha has taught that we cannot actually see the causes and conditions that lead to our comic activity
we cannot that the causes and conditions leading to your karmic activity or for example the causes and conditions leading to my speaking with you now me speaking to you those causes and conditions are actually guess what those causes and conditions are
are imperceptible the causes and conditions which give rise to my current karmic activity which you can see right you can see my hands moving this is my karma cay this in my words this is my thinking which you can't say but it's here these karmic activities
the causes and conditions which makes this possible are imperceptible but they're also have a short name
the our karma they have a short name other than karma a third name is original home
the causes and conditions of my activity right now is my original home the causes and conditions of me speaking to you is how is how my speaking supports the whole universe and the whole universe supports my thing my speaking that's the causes and cundiff
evans their imperceptible their inconceivable however we lost after
and that's a buddha taught that
the actual causes and conditions
to non buddha for sentient beings is inconceivable
however the buddha recommended
observing paying attention to karmic activity
very important again so that's we need training and paying attention to karmic activity to speech to thought and to gestures mine and yours by paying attention to these karmic activities
and getting training from other people none it isn't just you do it on your own which is what sometimes people try it but as you may have noticed when people do it on their own they sometimes overlook a few things
but in training were saying what please please join my observation and my karmic activity please please support me in my study of my karmic activity please let me support you and your study of criminal activity and this way we
start to richly practice in a way to realize
our true home to realize the causes and conditions which are not something that a human being can recognize but we can realize it
with training
so there's a difference between watching what you can see
with compassion
and watching what you can see which is the causes and conditions however watching what you can see with training
you get this little present called complete perfect enlightenment will you realize causes and conditions of all the different karmic activities in the universe
in other words you realize your true home which has been here all along all the while while i'm doing this karma the whole universe is supporting me and doing this
the whole universe is supporting me and the changing and directions of my hands
and the changing directions of my hands as they move in parallel circles is not done by me
it's done by the whole universe and this turning my hands turns the dharma will have the whole universe and the diamond will have the whole universe turns my hands how that works
it's invisible but you can see it it's working you can see it and you can practice with it and train and your train your practice of it train your practice of watching your karma and watching other people's karma and the story is
everything that we do is an opportunity to train with and to realize the true home of that thing
everything has a true home each moment all over the universe
how's that jackie
wait a second well a new person here in a new person up in the sky yes


are you saying that are you poke are you proposing that leaving home is like comic activity
all always original
yes was his own condition
yeah it is
the original home is the way karmic activity really is
like see my hand is this comic activity
if it is than this comic activity is
supported by the whole universe and this karmic activity supports the whole universe the way this hand is supported by the whole universe and the way the whole universe supports his hand with all this cute little fingers the way that's happening is the original home
do which is not happening in an original home way
leaving home is also supported by the entire universe and supports the entire universe however it's also kind of delusion because you can't lead this home
but you can leave a perceptible home and you can do that as an attempt to get a better perceptual home which a lot of people do right get a better house but i'm saying that underneath you're going to get better and better houses
okay i'm saying
there's a deep yearning for a original home which had don't have to get a better house to live in it's already here and no matter how good your house gets she still yearning for that but as part of realizing it we have to do this thing called going away from home
which is again karma but the way you go away from home is supported by your original home the original home supports all your journeys
and his support your return
and before you go any place it also supports you not going anyplace
now your clear right
pam to what
what was your question again it was about
oh yeah thank you thank you
it's they form an emptiness yeah this is about form an emptiness
this is a new way to talk about four millimeters the reason why i'm talking about this way is is because the structure of the book is a story and the lotus sutra about a young man who leaves his home
what's the looking for he's looking for his home but he doesn't understand his home so he goes off and he goes off for a long time and he doesn't find his home because he's still looking for someplace other than where he is and it gets in to really tough straits and
and then it just happens to wander back to his original home
however he doesn't recognize it he can't believe it
so i have to go through training
and so i'm using that this whole thing to connect with that story in the lotus sutra which is a story about the buddha way it's a story about zen practice which includes going away from home you already got the home and then you go away and then you away you get big
tough times and then you wander back and you don't believe it like right now i'm telling you about your true home is really hard to believe this that everything every moment is supported the whole universal universal even if you hear it you don't understand it because you're still projecting foolishly an image on your real home
and that makes him uncomfortable
so you gotta have training and the first training and lotus historias shovel and shit so today
i have a notion two points one i think that there might be some
being said don't actually year for their true home use it and that be sitting this
i asked i'm wondering if it's connected to
nature wanting to realize it's very closely related to buddha-nature wanting to realize itself
story you were talking about that before it wandered away
did i say
i don't think i said buddha-nature today i think you brought it up i did and i say thank you for bringing it up this is also the story of buddha nature realized being realized the impulse to search q who visit the internet
he is the ingredient
tim journey
a buddha nature includes the entire universe so when you whenever you say is included
some people actually don't have that inspiration to year

i think that all sentient beings
have the inspiration
of their true home which is stimulating them to realize it and then but they don't necessarily know that they have this inspiration but this inspiration to realized buddha nature and to realize their true home drives them to try stuff which they do try and then they realize this
isn't getting it
and then there's a maybe i
maybe those people who the way they act makes me feel like maybe they could help me train in such a way that i could awaken to much to my i don't know what it is drawn so i think this the the inspiration is there for everybody and the a it as in the way
wish to realize who we really are is in everybody and i say what about
a rock can iraq
so there's a button does a rocket buddha nature that's one of the questions we ask
like some people
there like so clear
who and where they are yeah so being clear on who and what you are is one of the things people try in order to recover their true home
but it seems like kind of like foolish
to say i know who i am as a way to find out who you are which is beyond your knowing
it seemed like be more conducive to realization to say you know i'm not sure who i am i've been wondering lately what i am that sort of like is of what you sometimes come to after saying for a long time i know i know i know i know i know and you see where that leads
you if they will maybe i don't maybe at least maybe i don't know completely so i often used in the last few years i've been using the example of yeah so my grandson says what's your favorite animal and i said human he said it's not an animal
and then he asked me a couple of years later what's your favorite animal humans are not an animal but then a few years later
what's your favorite animal human oh
maybe so
so if if you fight reality which were doing its part of the process is to fight it to fight what the way the whole universe is making you and way you're making whole universe into the way you do this by yourself solo and the way she does that by herself solo that
we go on that trip and we realize the fruit with to some extent where realize a fruitless and how bad but i would say that actually we need to be trained in order to realize how totally
ah off it is but when you realize how totally off it is
it's done his job because when you realize how it totally off
that's all you need to realize so it doesn't really totally off it's just that you have to go completely off
and train at being completely off to realize you never did get off you all you never did stray away at all
mike i also use the story of proust reading a book called
remembrance of last time so the books about all the time he lost
but the hurt the hysterical conclusion of the book is that huge huge huge book of all all the time he lost his a masterpiece
all of our what blank blank blank
wasted time actually is exactly the same as not wasting time it's our great masterpiece
and so you know
write a book like that and you you will be buddha yes
the enchanting yeah is
what we're doing right now yeah
it's what we're doing right now
baby when a child first when a child he come
when child first
grasp the breast who who
then that's when it leaves its original started to leave of its original
it doesn't fit or no home no no no no no says his training
see the training no no no no no
he asked the question i say no no no no no ok
you see it he's trying to understand his original home he's always been trying to do that so now he says but he said and then i say no no no no no this is a training and then i say further you never leave your original home
no matter how much you grasp your mommy you never leave your original home and if your mom leaves the room you don't leave your version of whom even if your crawl after her and then if you'd try to crawl out of the house and go downtown
you don't leave your your home you bring it with you downtown
everything you do you never get away from your original who is just as maybe i use the word silly katie
it's kind of silly to go downtown to realize your original home which is already with you to drag the whole universe with you in order to realize downtown that whole universe was dragged with you is kind of silly but is it happens we do not leave our rich
no home
and we want to realize that because we realize that
it saves a whole world
this is where the world has saved from saved from one
for from ignorance of our version of home and all the things that follow from ignorance
we do not leave our original home we but we do cover it up and the way we covered up his original home
the way we covered up his origin home the cover up is not the original home is just an overlay however the original home sponsors us to to cover up the original and then we do not create the fact that once we covered up we feel bereft and we feel yeah
we feel like we lost our original whom said we don't count that we just feel like
i think maybe if i said i really know who i am maybe that wouldn't work so we try a bunch of stuff to deal with the
the longing
which we have which has been created by overlaying where we are which were never get away from here but we can overlay it and we overlaid then we can get ahold of where we are
but not really we just get a hold of the overlay
got that you cannot get ahold of where you are so you put an overlay on it then you can get a hold of the overlay but the way you are has not been craft it's ungraspable
and then you go oh i got i gotta i gotta graspable version of something which i think i really want
but that's not it
ah let's try again and again and again yeah right let's do it until we say would somebody plays watch me when i do this and give me some feedback and they say yeah you seem to be grasping at something and then help us be aware of this grasping
and the frustration and then
realizing me
balls of fire create balls of fire
but we need to be trained in order to deal with the great balls of fire
we need to be trained by not turning away or touching the overlay
and if we train at that turning are touching way from the overlay we also don't turn or touch turn away or touch that which cannot be turned away from we cannot turn away from our original home we cannot get away from it and we can't get ahold of it but our human tendency is to
turn away and touch is to go away and grasp and we're not going to get rid of that we're going to be kind to that and by being kind to that that drops away and then we're home wherewithal and we realized have all with all spent here and we always will be and then the next grasping gums and we train with that and
that drops away drops away but not dismissed or abandoned
so there's no end as a grasping and covering
and there's no end to the compassion to the grasping uncovering and there's no end to our home or beginning of our home
anybody who had a question who didn't get called them
going back to the game
serious said are
earthly or
he who are sort of sandy and before
our to leather other side that the mother was the principal were totally support nor father is to okay i thought maybe know
parents parents and whatever you want to do you can use parents uncles aunts brothers sisters house car money they can all be used as stand-ins for original home
and we we can't stand is we we are we we cannot grow up from birth out of our mother's body we cannot grow up without putting a stand in for our original
home that we can grasp with our hands and teeth
we we we need to do that so it's a phase we go through it everything we use is basically a stand in for that
particularly our parents
particularly our own little apartment or house or shed where we live the we use those things
but we can grasp them and then we
and then we realized something's missing
and then we started looking for it even when we get a hold of her mother something's something's been covered up something's been turned away from something's been ignored and that that is it the inspiration and pokes at us
which one sense makes us want to go some place homes but another sense eventually makes us want to get trained in how to be there with the situation
yes you mention the your oyster
there are many variations of the who wondered you see the notion of training shown gotham these different variations or whether there's something he says about trained you're talking about in terms of the german
well it's this morning talk has gotten to bit almost a little long and in your people look like you're going to faint so i will if you are going to be here this afternoon so i will bow bring up i hurt our hero's journey this afternoon during this second talk how
like that
so if anybody want to hear some examples of heroes journeys a foolish people and training
i'll give it to thank you
i'll even tell you one of the one of the titles is the myth of love and mind or more and psyche that's a myth about this about this foolishness
and the training to recover
so yeah