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Listening to each others' stories; Scheherazade and the Thousand and One Nights;

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it's all got this is number of
were there are other extra copies of this becker
no extra copies
we don't have enough
oh okay
so it says
i think bud

the business but arbiter
the avatar
to have ties are like
masks and away
the dog turns like a moscow
this thing that's coming to you something it's a formative and see you know
have something that's invisible
ah let's see where end of the day

and is there anything you'd like to discuss at the end of the day

yes i just
doing is
i was able to
see this one
the universe


i forgot where we weren't
you're having a conversation with about not wasting time
over here sitting under this
don't waste time
others to
how does that were the wake up and they don't waste time
with now

you're going me a temptation there
ha ha ha
so we don't have much time left
so each moment is a precious opportunity to not waste that moment his mama the opportunity
to be thoroughly present
so let's
not waste the chance of being present with this moment
and this mama
i don't know how many more chances there's gonna be
an appreciating each moment
each experience
the universe meeting itself giving rise to itself

he said good stories whole families together yeah and also when you think already known as story
well ah one of the main elements that comes to my mind is it has a punchline
and it's funny
i think yeah funny stories about our family i think already hard
they really help our family stay together
so we have these stories of you know people in our family
that they were going through something and it was not funny it was really serious and then
do with we saw how funny it was
and then we tell that story about our family and ard families difficulties and then somebody in the family who woke up to how funny it was
and maybe then when we run into other difficulties that do not seem funny
maybe because we know that our family is kind of like a really funny family
any minute we may get the joke of this current very serious situation like mommy has cancer is not funny
but when mary was being really neurotic last week we saw how funny that was
so we tell stories to encourage us we tell stories which encourages
the seat of this story which is not yet a very good story is it may be any minute be one saga i can tell the story a lot and tassajara because it's about tulsa her my grandson
came to visit me there when he was like maybe more than ten years ago
and it was like the it's going to be the longest time he had ever been away from his mother like four days
and we're close enough so he dared to leave his mom and be with me for four days after two days he said
when i want my mum
i want my mom mom mom one my mom my my mom my mom one them on one on one am a woman

like that
faster than that though i'm not put up with that little mop the her mouth
and his grandfather being somewhat trained listen to him
didn't tell him to shut up and towns not a problem just said okay you can go home early couldn't go home go back now
then he stopped
i just listened to him as part of the story
and the next day when you're getting ready to leave said member yesterday when i was saying what my mom what my mama mama mama mama i said from who and one nursery
i didn't tell him to shut up i didn't thomas miss silly he just did that with somebody listening to him so he could listen to and then the next day can see how how funny he he as we have stories i've done in our family
we do
find the stories that are funny that's a big part of it
every story really is
i set up for a joke
and when they're about the family and that holds the family together or about the sound of that holds a song of together
so that's one way to talk about another story is about in like this
this guy
a he's a he is a source of stories about the family of man but also the family of african americans he's a story about
yeah he he that he's a source of stories that home african american family together

so i think we vernon
join was just starting to work with them i think they just started working together and there was as yeah this young african american who was accused by this woman of raping him
and a so then and he and he was gonna be
executed i think is that possible
heat noise gonna be executed for this i think
he's gonna be executed for a penis woman who said he raped her

anyway i think the i'm not really i won't tell the story
he tells a story this way
a woman was raped

sorry i made him mixes to out some new short story and just tell you that this guy was gonna be executed in twenty four hours from the time the donald and burn and found out about it and so they went to try to save his life to get a stay of execution
and another trial
and so they went like to the circuit court judge they went to the attorney general they went to something else and also went to on
and the the parole board to try to get a stay of execution
they talked to the guy and they could see their confidence and lewis's a a miscarriage of justice was about to happen
they failed
they did not succeed and he was executed
and later this woman went around to various african american churches and begged the people and most churches for forgiveness for her saying that he read it as he didn't

and then after all that after they went to all these places in all got turned down
vernon jordan said to mr holloway told her well i think i can have the rest of the day off
and he and he had this new suit on which he had just gotten after graduation cough the law school and he's walking home in the heat and he wet his pants a business suit
but his teacher just kept going
for the rest of his life he didn't let these kinds of things
stop him through his work
just kept going that's our best hit his stories are stories which hold that family together everybody who hears as story says i wanna be in this guy's family
even though we'd have trouble with each other we got stories and we're going to stay together even though we really have a lot of problems with each other we got some bad people in our family and i don't wanna be with these people but the story is kicked me in this community
so inspiring stories in the face that have not yet become funny in the face of difficulty haven't yet got the joke
but there are some jokes in the stories about
mr holwell one of the main jokes says
mr holwell doesn't like that
if you know if you if you watched the career mr whole hollowell and you any hear the expression mr holwell doesn't like that you realize as kind of funny is that means mr i was gonna go and start working on something
the hundred that's expression means who is here he comes you know it is not going to freak out he's just gonna go step by careful step and he's going to show that way and it's really kind of funny that you know
we need these kinds of stories to stay together with people who do not want to be at the table with us who wanna play with their toys and stuff
and if you don't wanna play with toys they're gonna they're gonna run away from the family
but before you go i have story to tell just a second
that's that's a story of share outright
in my story catherine one thousand and one nights so share a slave woman
and then
after i think after having sex with the sultan he says you know i am after i have sex with beautiful ladies i tell them
and i'm sorry i was here comes
just one of em
and she says well before you kill me i have a very interesting story to tell you
and so she tells me spirit and i think she doesn't tell him the punchline since that i'll tell you tomorrow
and then chef is right and then tomorrow in the next day she tells him a punchline he likes the punchline
and then she is as okay thanks now i'm gonna kill you since i got my story
and so they stay together because she's got good stories as lady so he she breaks through this sick pattern he has
with her stories

is there actually a thousand and one

story that's over here for back to hear your stories
workers were killed
somebody pretty graph will be posted
i've always admired winter equality
homeless person
a bar has a person's well for a dedicated to the songs enjoy
and he i
further couple weeks ago
he was looking for hours as to
the only thing to come up with course
to cause him to be away from paul career
he came back and ask the other day and said well
have you start cafe resort to start therapy and she said i hope you make a whole lot of money on of side
could you get to hear that
so did his his friend ah just lost his job and he got a new offer
but then offer required he got he'd be away from his family free a year
and she said to him i hoped that the job pays a lot is you can really need a lot of money to pay for the divorce
the story it's not the end and
what we already got the punchline
and now we're going to get another one maybe
so phil and i reposted of was working and yesterday sell your home to sacramento
the text messages warning
his wife started while exploring august
the first thing that mine out the message the spoils
no five dollar wasted time
yeah and maybe one his wife said that he didn't waste time ma'am he listened to her because when your wife's talking to you it's a waste of time not to listen
so maybe he maybe he listened to earth so he could tell you that story
he heard her and he didn't just dismiss it he knew he thought this is a good story it was because she hung up on right after
go to hell so he taught so he shared that story enough that stories me share with us and this holds the family together
and i went for a yummy and analysts when i was abbot of sense i went to a young and atlas
to tell him but the problems i was having with the people at zen center
can i couldn't talk at the people zen center my problems i had presenter if they would tell you pretend to each other and then we'd have it would be not too good i taught him about every pot mean everybody was to me and he and he was always like you know i couldn't believe how supportive he was like hosted my side
he said to me
when people heard when people are on their deathbed they almost never wish they weren't more
spend less time with her family

you can waste time overworking
a waste of time it's a wasted opportunity to not listen to somebody was talking to you
it's a wasted opportunity
so don't waste the opportunity of every face you meet
every you meet is calling for your eyes of compassion to observe them don't miss that
everybody engine me as calling to for compassion don't miss that wake up say the great opportunity having moments there don't miss it


my mouth was dry in my heart
find center city
we love to
you're thinking about

her situation
yeah and each one is a great opportunity
to be there for the great meeting
why was i was
i saw to pull off the road

great person
he never got to do something because
stop now
no pulling over
might have meant that he realized that he endangered your life and is an aviation stop and say if you're okay
and reconsider how he drives maybe that's what it meant i don't know
i was

well and i found that you were there for those thoughts
that you listened to those thoughts whatever they were
of starts do are calling for us to listen
yes press
the story

is a vacation to see
as she came to and were like
please stop such
on a year old worse and then she was happening pan
i'm an education and that was thursday
the an error
so yeah

yes the supper on your story i wanted to tell story that i was actually driving down to earth a stroke so it's a two lane road and amazon one lane and america neither observing somebody came along very friendly ever stop by that i was up
there is a crosswalk so the lights flashing and then somebody who is trying to cross the road and he was actually across the crimean andrus halfway through the other way project pedestrian a car it was that industrial so than a car came along ingredient was hitting a person to the an answer
he slammed on her break since she started yelling at a pedestrian to had jumped out away or rather than that it was very very close everybody was so you know
develop into that everybody in the situation the problem is that the woman for me the problem is that the woman starts yelling destiny she had clearly you know what kinds of signs to star but she claims that person who is lacking so was the punchline to that story
i don't see it here there is
that there was a time right there
i had to say i don't see it seek laugh
i i don't see that that's funny you laugh
he didn't think funny valid either
while the story and story while you complete i insist right
you had to tell me the story and i said i don't see it than than it was funny
he was funny because he had to tell the sometimes you have to work at the set up a little longer
which we don't want to do and if you don't work the set up far enough you don't get the punch line and the same with each one of us if you don't work years your the seller for view all the way you're not gonna understand that you are a punchline
so i had to point out to the women to feel lights flashing and
she was like horizon
besides the i don't see and laughing leo
the situation was that it
five story to i'm looking for a lot of effort into the leader
yeah doesn't have a few he must house
they have a sewage august
yeah our house so all she rejoices on a station is from council places in hearing what turned out i was coming home was a crowd people around this conversation turned out that woman have got very angry about something
this was spouse and she ran right into
cause an uprising
right way she wasn't her
that it was really quite an event that happens
anyone next day
hey i was taking her lying here a lot gas station andrews a gentleman there was with making repairs
i'd argue about extent of damage would have you
i'm starting to walk away than i thought the others less to be learned here
he don't take carrier ship
you can create a lot of worship

also if you do take our you sure you're going to create a lot more shy
i'd love to infested by
i was thinking about her size
yeah you not you not getting it was the setup
just had to laughter or anything
i haven't yet the punchline business she sheila egypt did you see your laugh i did that
or maybe i misunderstand i'm sorry when i hear
the punchline was what i said happy
just now is not a punchline
i i just said the punchline to i said and was a punchline
there was a punchline for the set up on you not getting it it's a song is not getting it i'd say i would i said with a punchline did you get that darwin
everybody lol medical guy
what is that new you saw when they're due to see did you see which i saw that
you're laughing
laughing you not see what the punch line is here
for you don't have it you don't have to see what the punch line is when you when you know when you're laughing there was one
there was one and you missed it
there was another one did you see that will join a
her head



so getting the punchline doesn't mean you
overlook a setup of nina
but everything
here is a setup
and everything can pivot
everything's an opportunity to listen and observe and wake up and be awake to that
is recommended the awake to the possibility
including the setup of you don't believe
that everything's a opportunity that's another big set up at a you know to a really big joke which is you don't thanks certain things are opportunities for becoming free that's a super big job
which i'm not gonna say too many more times
just to get you to role and the aisles
as when he gets him and coming face to face and name is a face veil
someone who is not considered of you for example a quantity and facing the universe protective scared hill is baton got lucky guys are kind of angry he ought say late one of those as young came into contact with poignant yeah why would she down here because if she was nice he says any hundred
at off
she's she's talking about some
fierce aggressive energy and maybe improved personified aggressive energy she's wearing what would guanyin do if she met such an energy and she and she said the person may cut her head off if she was nice if she was nice
and they might cut her head office she wasn't nice
skillfully and see what would what would be the perfect
who's like the perfect compassionate
i don't know about perfect but those figures are usually standing in front have gone in
the in the monastery as you approach guan yew new meet these fierce figures first
they're part of the setup for quanyan
that's what they therefore is for you to like go and then gone years like hello
there are there her servants their their masks on her face
so first you look at them and if you really like meet them suddenly you see their face drop away in islam totally sweet and profound compassion is right behind at fierceness so they're they're her set up guys
they're setting up for the joke
you know oh my god i thought they were fears but actually they're used on the tarzan a lucky despre and tougher are somebody several he talked about including your enemies or what about bodhi dharma he doesn't look like avalokiteshvara to there's bodhi dharma and over there is a at touch bar
and this is not as fierce as looking up ha
bodhidharma they said that guy doesn't look like off lucky test for he supposed to be and and he's one of the avatars above lucky test for
he's one of the masks of apology touch bar
our our founder in china doesn't look like it looks like kind of grumpy
a grumpy old man
hi guys yeah
when you actually get it is very funny that you don't understand that everybody's your friend it's when in here when you see all these people aren't your friend they set you up for the getting the punchline oh my god all these enemies or my friend

well i don't want i'm right
i hope you find out i
it there was a punchline yeah i'm sure i well as a punchline for this set up that we just went through
it's the bot release from being trapped in this world of
overly simplified stories like monsters good guys
why i are
somebody told me about watching the old version of blade runner with grandson and the ground senses
you know i couldn't tell who the good guys and the bad guys were
his can like are fuzzy
why in on that's already funny but when you can tell with a good guys are in the bad guys are that's something to wake up from and realize a home when a cool i am can to see how silly i was yesterday i thought this was a terrible situation and i want my my
mommy out you know

they're pivoting all time
and we we have the opportunity to be present with him
and if we can be
we can go on with the work have taken care of things
so i again as usual thank you for the meeting thank you for coming thank you for taking care of this
this practice is community
may or temperature
he was a sanctuary a place where is the true marriage
the buddha is away me
numberless ah to save them delusions are inexhaustible i love sharing their dharma gates are boundless ah
try to answer them buddha as way and is unsurpassable ah to become