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We are all creating the space together for people to have profound experience in zazen. Kind and unkind thoughts are opportunities to express the Buddha mind. Compassion towards wholesome and unwholesome thoughts are dharma doors. Every situation gives us an opportunity for compassion, wisdom, and being ready to serve.

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someone in this group had a
excuse the expression for a powerful
experience sitting here today
and this person said to me thank you for providing this space for such profound sitting
and i said you also are providing this profound space so thank you all of you for making the space where people can have profound experience

sometimes you can see in in you can see here or you can hear from others that there is a some
kind thoughts arising
he would be wonderful to be kind to all those people it would be wonderful to help those people i'd love to help those people
to me that sounds like a kind thought

now there's also has the possibility of having thoughts like i don't want to help those people
i don't want to be kind to those people
such thoughts also can can appear
maybe you've seen them in in consciousness or hear about them from other people

speaking of the kind of
wholesome and kind thoughts they are wholesome kind thoughts
and they are opportunities to express
the buddha mind

however because they're such nice thoughts many people think what's that's good enough
it's good yeah
but they're not just good their opportunities to express the buddha mind
now unwholesome thoughts
there are wholesome
but they are also opportunities to express the buddha mind
in some ways it may be easy easier to see that a cruel thought
is not the buddha mind
cause it's not
but it's an opportunity to express the buddha mind

and with this particular thought that this particular moment of them are part of unkindness
that particular thought
when it expresses the buddha minds feel
the entire phenomenal world becomes a buddha mind sale

crow that aren't really what we call spirit of bots they're just you know mean selfish
yucky harmful bugs

but when somebody
expresses the border mind seal they become the buddha mine cil and when they're used to express the bottom line sale the entire world
it becomes a broom my feel
and of course people often miss the opportunity
for these unwholesome thoughts they missed the opportunity to use this opportunity to practice the border mind
it's called a missed opportunity

the wholesome was again people think well they're wholesome had that enough
but if you don't practice using them for the opportunity of expressing the border minds you're missing
turning the whole world into
the buddha mind plus you also become at risk of falling into and attaching to the wholesome mind
when you use the wholesome mind to express the border mind so you don't attach to it
when you use unwholesome minds to express the buddha's
you don't attach to it
when you don't attached on wholesome stuff
they don't do any harm
to wholesome stuff they turn him to boot him
so some people are really
wholesome creatures they just wholesome wholesome wholesome but they don't use their wholesomeness
to wake up all beings
but some people are not wholesome and they used their wholesome to wake up or beings
and they also wake up to it's not their unwholesome is just a phenomena
to wake up with it just a door
to the truth
just like wholesome things our doors to the truth
but they have to be treated properly in order to open
compassion towards unwholesome thoughts compassion towards wholesome thoughts dharma doors
everything is a dharma door but
if they're not treated with great love and compassion
we don't get it
or it's not gotten

and one can go into some detail about relatively unwholesome thoughts which aren't really mean like wanting people to get hurt but a lot of people say i am just thought that i'll never be able to express the buddha mind sale i won't be able to
or only in very special situations would i be able to or
i'm inferior how could i possibly and so on these thoughts occur quite frequently they're not really exactly mean
they're just more opportunities i cannot express the buddha my seal is a thought it's which i just spoke in english that
language that thought
is an opportunity for what it says cannot be done

nobody can express the buddha mind sale that's a really good opportunity for expressing the buddha mind sale i can do it but she can't it's another on return she can but i can't that's another option she is better than me she's less not as good as me these are examples of opportunities for
for expressing display
the buddha mind sale raising the banner buddha mind
i can practice buddha mind i can practice buddha mind you can practice
borderline you can practice border mind all thoughts
all thoughts all verbalization all postures


now it's a matter from now on of training training and then noticing cops
i got tricked by that one
oops i really thought that i couldn't practice at that moment but now
the memory of the thought that i couldn't practice is a great opportunity for practice
who is it done
is it if is an enemy girlfriend
two friends to friends
are they coming for the next or
i o two friends on my god
two friends this is called
getting upstaged
i don't mind
here comes on be here comes a be and and here comes our be and guess what and enlightenment
hi be an enlightenment
please please please bring body in bring bodhi bring body this is boating
body football high or we'd try not to scare you
you look a little worry
or you're given me you're looking at me that's good
welcome to know bowed
we support we have supported you
and we will continue on opposite of
some now body when he when he gets a little older
when she gets a little older she won't think
i wish i'd started practicing early
my mom took me to know about when i was three months old i can't complain
so fortunate to come to a one day sitting at three months

is there anything you want to tell us a be
i'm really grateful for yeah
she would happen
the position
since my
nice yeah
oh thank you very much for coming to visit body we're very happy to meet you finally yeah
thank you for bringing her
well this is just great
hey know she was pregnant
did you say you can see regular sewing
right idea
and that a favor
the bible
sign that she's a good

when we think of bodhi
that thought is a good opportunity to express body

jim asked me
it's the same as everything is a good opportunity for generosity ethics patients energy concentration and wisdom those things are body
and they all can be expressed with any phenomenon
and they all are expressed with any phenomena but without remembering that
we don't say it we don't realize it
when the buddha walk up the buddhist thought everybody all living beings which means every state
which meet every condition of life
fully possesses the buddha's wisdom and virtues in other words fully possessed buddha
because of attachments and misconceptions they don't get it
there's a buddha but then they start come up like you can't practice and we fall for it
so we don't realize
we need to train so that nothing falls us away from our
what the buddha caesar says
and the boy sees us you're just like me but i also understand you don't get it
and i'm teaching you how to realize that i'm just like you and your just like me i do realize that that you're just like me you don't realize you're just like me
and i'm just like you when you don't realize you're just like me
but i also realize that you are just like me and you don't
you cannot avoid it it's coming
ha ha
the dance goes on
says all right
no realization
now what can be met with recognition
he's not realization itself
so if you see any realization going by that's okay don't heal cause when you see a realization that vision you're having a realization is not realization that self
however the vision of realization is an opportunity to express realization
for example by thing that was a lovely vision of realization that just went by that wasn't realization
that were like i was so for not getting caught and also not been caught by not getting caught and so i can be totally caught being totally got opportunity being a little caught opportunity not been caught opportunity whatever all sentient beings
means whatever
anything in the universe is the opportunity

yeah it's just like
inconceivably unspeakably unstoppably unavoidably inconceivably unthinkable
and even this person is an opportunity yes
i was that yesterday yeah i wasn't
there is anything
has three bags i received a call that are needed to get him
and i could my bags and this empty box
eh no sooner had i done that i was on the power this woman like literally attacked me
why she came so close to my face instead move your bags while i was tackled him ah i set out on the phone i don't care with your bags and i grabbed my bags and she got really close to man i thought i was so angry i was so
sat with her
in my head i call her a few names to yeah okay we got to later i you know today i was regretting ah
my my reaction to her and i i felt like i get to give her compassion because obviously she was hurley
the finger at the question that i have is at those moments with somebody really pushes your but yeah
what do you use not to her to you know your habitual more you you just did reversing you you just did you did revert he said pushed buttons
yesterday and i'm just think you said when they push your buttons how can you not revert well that's like saying when you revert how can you not revert
when your when your buttons are pushed how can you not every button was pushed
you may hurt
the way you not revert when you do rivard is by being completely compassionate with revert
then you realize oh that's not revert
i've taught you do it
when the buttons are pushed
this is an opportunity to express the buddha mind sale bring on the compassion not and compassion doesn't get rid of the button being pushed it so loves this button pushing that it realizes no button pushing but not by getting rid of the
button pushing
and another button is how can i avoid getting my buttons pushed that's another button
i've been pushed when you say that but that's another opportunity
so there you are
in whole room whole foods nirvana
and this person's coming up to you close the buttons are getting pushed oh this looks like a job for the buddha mind sale
and then the whole phenomenal world becomes that put myself
but it's also possible to give somewhat distracted or you might have already been distracted before they came up so if you are distracted they'll just come play along with them but if you were if you weren't practicing
lettuce opportunity for boredom ceo carrots
opportunity opportunity opportunity than all sudden drop in the face then you might get distracted but
if you are if your hard if you're on the beam than you get distracted if you're off the beam then it is continue to be off to beam until the time comes for you realize oh yeah right
this this is my big opportunity i didn't think it would happen this way but this is now we have these stories of awakening or realize this but getting pushed is the greatest moment in the universe right now
when you go into reaction when you're going to reaction
totally into reaction you totally into reaction because you're totally compassionate to being totally and reaction and that's exactly where buddha is
what is not shrinking a little bit away from this reaction
but it is totally this reaction
so what happens when you feel guilty badly about a reaction that usually is another reaction which again you can be that's we confectionery repentance is to help you feel totally bad about what you did instead of when he caught look
warm bad
when you
totally feel bad about which did your free of it when you're lukewarm about it he is it is you know
just keep leaking leaking away like you're walking wounded
so it bring
all this compassion which is the same thing to say oh i went again this is a job for expressing the buddha mind seed
this is a job for superwoman
i've been waiting all day for to get challenged and here it is it's been thirty easy and but i was doing okay now comes a big one okay here's the big chest or i thank you will publicly thank you thank you thank you and may i kiss you right here in whole foods
we're so close why not

would it be sexual harassment it
if two ladies kissed in the produce department
all depends
but it's not it's not really sexual i just i want to kiss you have to spread my gratitude you tested me right to the limits of my buddhahood
yeah thank you so much
i wouldn't have been able to do it without you you know which is often with this say in and stories you know i wouldn't middle but thank you for pushing me to this point to not by finally stop resisting you
stop resisting that you're the best thing that i ever met
even though you were so closely maybe i was kind of missing the point here but then i woke up that you know
like this day when the moon is dry like a big pizza pie okay i get it i get it hey i understand finally
it is no way to get away from this pie thank you know i love you
man you would do that to what if you do what somebody did that well i'm i can't kiss people and
any time i am prohibited from kissing people
which i accept you know but i can say
i i can get down on my knees in whole foods that allowed and i can bow just as long as i about to close to people
that i'm allowed to do and they're allowed to pick me up and take me out and put me in to you know
whatever they do with people like that
and i'm an i'm allowed to keep saying thank you thank you thank you
but i can't kiss people in the produce
the world's not ready for that yet
maybe some day but not yet but i have a lot of other excuse me fix up my sleeve
has a large tricks in these moods
which are allowed and they're basically all just you know
great compassion
you have the same option

but it's hard when they come up here all western medicine taxi if someone suddenly you know comes up to you and says
yeah if someone suddenly what we just say that something that's repeated if someone suddenly what would you say
the answer will the books full of answers
but basically the answers are hey i'm here for you man are you ready for me
that's basically the answer i'm here to serve
so willing to serve you said one time there when people meet you in the first section of the time sink back into the particular
the now
not so much in mill valley but in certain parts of the country pupil if i go into the produce section people usually start backing away
what is this person doing here where did what is this
what is this some gallagher the sit well with science fiction thing what is this
but they're kind of used to me a whole foods and in in know valley they're gonna go oh yeah arab

it doesn't mean that know but it means here in the process of learning to practice even when you don't get it right
and also when you do get it right but getting it right isn't the point the point is when you get it right that's an opportunity to express put a mind it's not an opportunity it's like got you know put your right in a
empty box can take out of the stores not doesn't that's not what it's about it's like okay
it's now coming to the bewitching our thank you so much for providing another day for us all to sit together
may our good health continue so he can keep practicing together

i just had this funny thought of i feel sorry for you if if and when i'm not around anymore