When You Don’t Have Your Cake, You Can Eat It Too

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ah once again let me mention that the song
this precious mere aware and it starts out by saying
the teaching of such furnace
and then it says intimate communication or intimate communion and then it says
buddhism ancestors
in chinese that it has there is a
teaching of session is
intimate entrustment as an ancestors
and i mentioned before that each of those
each of those is the same as the other two
the teaching of such this is
an intimate communion
is brutus and ancestors
it's mine it's not like buddhism and ancestors
one thing and intimate communion is another
buddhism ancestors are intimate
and that intimate communication which is buddhist and ancestors is the teaching of such news
and then it says now you have it we have it now
the brutus are not holding back this intimate entrustment you haven't known
so protect and take care of it

later in the text it says it acts as a guide for beings
he doesn't actually say it
he says acts as a guide for beings
you can put its
how it acts as a got it acts as a guide for base but actually it doesn't have the character doesn't have the character for it it says acts as a guide for bags
and and also the transition says it's use removes all pain but it is added it really says
use using it are you using
the function of it removes all patterns
so it is this is brutus and ancestors buddhism ancestors acts as a guide for beings that's not surprising the intimate communion access a guide for beings
what is the use of the intimate communion removes all pain
with teaching of such this is is the teaching of the such this have our actual intimate relationship with all beings
it's the teaching him and that that's the way we really are if that we are
intimate beings we are intimate
communal on commuting beings
and that is our guide our guide is the intimate
is the intimacy

the function of this intimacy is to relieve suffering the function of buddha's is to relieve suffering buddhas are the function of relieving suffering

and as charlie says
if you don't have this you can eat it too
thank you said
if you don't have this teaching of session as you can eat it
if you don't have buddhism ancestors you can eat them and they can eat you if they don't have you and in fact we don't have them and they don't have you so we are eating each other
we're living on each other for symbiotic
was the song saying that
i don't know that's cool like why did i become a priest
it's inconceivable how this song came to say haven't actually had only been office says that that's just a translation
why did they translate that way i don't know but i should also mention that tomorrow is my forty first anniversary of becoming of the ceremony of leaving home and attaining liberation
i've been liberated for forty five years now

so you can celebrate that in any way you want to my

having each other or not have each other on away
we do
when you're working with
but that to zero
the way it is not no no it's not that they're buddhas
no their intimacy his buddhists the way that your that the intimacy with these all these beings you're talking about that intimacy is brutus
but i'm not i'm not a buddha but the the intimacy of all you with me
the intimate communion between me and new is brutus
and i'm not that but in truth in reality
of this communion i am buddhists
in truth
i am buddha but i'm also not buddha because i'm not
in a sense i'm not a communion but in a true ultimately the truth is i am a communion in that sense
i am the buddha

so how we approach any any relationship can bring the good man that's right
can we really are in every relationship
is the buddha are actual relationship is the buddha
our is us
really we are inconceivably working together
we can't see this
but we can see ceremony to celebrate it like creating the sun
and the function includes working with what we can conceive and what we can't see
so this is kind of has a two part of the text where it says
it says it is like it says it is like the six lines of the double of the illumination hexagram read it
this community this communion watch it buddha's right hit the teaching of sessions but the text doesn't say it it just says
what's understood through the whole text is we're talking about this
this precious mirror samadi and one meaning of samadhi is one translation of somebody's is awareness another translation of samadhi his concentration
just don't i mentioned the somebody said to me that she realized that the ultimate haircut his concentration
but i don't necessarily agree with that but i thought that's good
the ultimate haircut this haircut his haircut is concentration
very concentrated haircut
it doesn't say it's like it just says like and hundred if what understood is it what it what it is not you but in truth it is you that's what it is if it is the intimate interest
meant a buddhism ancestors and all of us that is like the double
that's like the illumination hexagram the six lines of the illumination hexagram
so here i wrote and i really happy with the trigram it came out very nicely
i wrote the i wrote a trigram and then i doubled the time trigram and made hexagram
these are symbols used in the look of change is right
the teaching of such as is like this hexagram
this hexagram has six lines that when hexagram means and it's a doubling of this trigram
he said
double the trigram so another translation is which i like better but somehow we got this one sorry is it's like the double
split hexagram this character here
the name is is and this distribution is called the lee trigram and then character lehman's some separation
it's a double separation hexagram

so the for some reason this this this poem the song is bringing up symbols from the aging as a way to convey to tell us about the working of this samadhi
but another meaning of samadhi is smarty means
one point illness of thought it means that the mind is one pointed
so in samadhi there's the realization that
subject and object or one point there's no duality between me and what i'm aware of or between you and what you're aware of and if you're aware of other beings are buddhists in samadhi there's no separation between you
and other beings that's what smarties like some samadhi there's no separation between you and what you're meditating on between you and such this is that what anyone means it's a kind of like an intimate communion yeah
and if this is an intimate is an intimate communion about intimate communion this particular samadi
this is a one point in mind about the non duality of living beings and buddha's it's a one pointed awareness of the non-duality have enlightenment and delusion
it's a it's a non it's non do all awareness
at the non-duality between bondage and freedom
between samsara and nirvana
that's that's what the type of awareness as yes it's a one pointed awareness about the one point in us about opposites
and i don't know if we'll ever get to this the part of the texts that talking about this try this hexagram
so i thought maybe i'd tell you about it now in case we never get there
i want to talk about this trial

this trigram is called a lead trigram i didn't actually it's name is lead try again but it's also called of caught fire
fire trigram
right associate it with fire
and it's made of three lines the top line is what's called a yawn line
the middle line
the broken line in the middle is a yin line and the bottom line is a young line miss it
oh okay with that
young young young
this is a this is a trigram that in some senses being used in this song has a symbol for our practice
at the center is the
the feminine
the receptive

non action
for example in the practice of sitting meditation
at the center of that is a is a receptive
non active
receiving and giving
and it's surrounded or ensconced in two male lines
active lines

so one way to see this is that when we sit
we do this thing which we can perceive
of crossing our legs and sitting upright and still we do that and we can see that
and feel that and conceive of that
and this practice which we can do
and which we can enact
something which is receptive and non-active
the teaching of such this
which you are at which you have received now
intimately an inconceivably
in practice is surrounded by
actions which you can perceive
so there's a ritual surround which we perform which surrounds this teaching which we do not
performed by ourselves or wish we perform together
with all beings and with all buddhas

so one way to
understand this is that we have received this intimate entrustment we are this intimate entrustment and we take care of it
by practicing
remembering it
with our mind which can remember things and forget things
but we remember it
and we use our body
to celebrate it
two ritually inactive
but it is not our ritual and an argument and yet it must be surrounded by original ritual enactment

and it's
getting time to
conclude our day for one more thing i feel i could say is that i've often used the expression
clean the temple
and said

the surrounding lines are like clean the temple
i build the temple and clean it and then sit
clean the temple and then
don't move

clean the temple is all the conceivable psychotherapy we need to do other conceivable psycho analysis we need to do to be able to sit still
an antique care of this thing with up without doing anything we'd take care of it not by leaning forward or backwards right or left
we take care of it by being able to have no resistance to where we are
and what we're thinking
and in the intimacy
we take care of
it's taken care of
so this this trigram
it's kind of a symbol for
set it up clean the temple and then
live there in the middle
seoul reuters and why the complete transformation star relation
range than that will take care of your house
and it's gonna take us quite a while to get there
and i'll take care of mine
so this trigram
put together with another one of these trigram make the hexagram and then there are certain ways you work with the hexagrams in the teach in an aging
so that you compile them up and make three are working
the full set of transformations makes five and then all those transformations described the process
by which this meditation practice
goes through the evolution from to the bodhisattva path to bhutto and
but how that works is his a
it can take off the while to get there and discuss it
it's time to go but i just want to say that the other day i was talking to a group of senior priest about this with hexagram and getting ready to study it with them and i said i feel like the catcher in the rye
so according to
holden caulfield
understanding of that term
if a body sees a body come in through the rye he didn't this or you understand the poem properly but what he the image that came to his mind when you thought of that poem runs of him being out in the rye grass with lots of children who are running around playing and at the edge of the rye field is a
cliff and he standing by the cliff
and protecting the children from falling over the cliff
and falling over the cliff means that they will lose their innocence
so as i approached the study i want to stand at the cliff
protect you protect your innocence in this study i don't want you to like fall over the cliff
into trying to figure it out this inconceivable thing
but i want you to play in this field
innocence because this materials very tempting for you to try to
but if you get it you won't be able to eat it so how can we play with this wonderful teaching
i'm not lose our innocence this is this is the
i'm standing at the edges a cliff here and i don't want you to jump over there
now we're all innocent now nobody
nobody has the five transformations right
so how can we study piling up and complete transformation of this meditation practice without losing our innocence in other words
without trying to get this teaching
as the teaching of such as is not something to get
it's something to like go off and then we can hate it
so thank you for being so innocent and reading all this
rain down upon you
thank you to grab you're welcome
may our intention equally extend to mua being and place where is the true
well as ray billings i guess
where to save them divisions are inexhaustible
what's your handbag
it's or less
if you're in town road as way is unsurpassed the borrower
want to become it

isn't this traveling pretty is

reign of the clock chalk the way they interacted with the slade isn't it
yeah worked out really well
so take care of that and okay
you to take care that term
in practice