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there's a a monastic girl textbook you might say i believe was published in eleven or three and china
and is called up
china on jing wei
r china on ching way and it
it has a section on
ha none
venerating the trip of treasure

and as a question do you venerate the
three treasures
a buddha dharma and sangha
the great ancestor dogan says
that this statement clearly indicates that
reverend veneration
of the the buddha the dharma and sangha
the buddha the
the law of the universe and the community is the essence of correct transmission a boot ancestors

so the ancient teach your dog and says
the question do you venerate the three treasures are not clearly indicates
clearly shows that veneration and reverence for buddha dharma and sangha is the essence of correct transmission of the buddha ancestors
as i mentioned here before are one of the people who comes here to know about who lives a green gulch he went a gringo
she said to send somebody asked him what his practice was and he said something like worshipping deities
that person said you're in the wrong school
as a delicious tea and as water please

and when you told me that i said i don't agree
so here we have a dogan and i would agree with dog in them worship veneration reverence
for the trip a treasure the trip a treasure in is is is a deity or as a trip a triple daddy
it's a divine
treasure trove
the buddha the dharma and sangha and revering and worshipping it is the essence of transmission of the buddha ancestors
ah i didn't hear that at zen center or before i can designs and i didn't hear about that
does that kind of talk and didn't attract me to zen center

but now i i can i think that maybe the people who did attract me design center
although they didn't tell me that they were venerating

although they didn't tell me there are venerating
the trip a treasure maybe they were
some it may be the case that people who transmit the
as who correctly transmit
the way of the buddha ancestors
these are people who
venerate the pupil treasure
two people who venerate
buddha who venerate the teacher who venerate the community correct
who worship who worship the community

so has quite a bit right there isn't it
such statement
and then
ah the ancestor dog and also says
without going for refuge in the triple treasure
it is impossible to venerate
the triple treasure

another translation
which uses a word that has some kind of western connotations but
another way to say it is unless you convert to the trip of treasure
you have no reverence
unless you revere them
you have no conversion
when something sad i want to convert to the trip a treasure okay fine
but the proposals being made for you to consider
that revering buddha's revering the teaching of the buddha's repairing the community of practitioners
that that's the essence of the correct transmission
of the buddha away
and that this rep without
and also
that we got going for refuge there's no reference no reverence and without no reverence there's no going for refuge
but again she could you can use that word least prepare statically
without conversion to the triple treasure there's no reverence this is a kind of
real strong way of putting it but anyway that's the ways but he said impossible without going for refuge in the triple treasure there's it's impossible to the revered
say saying without going for refuge in the triple treasure it's impossible to revere therefore it's impossible to participate in essence of the transmission

a refuge on
or usually a refuge or a means to don't go back
to return some place and also to rely on that place or to return to something i rely on that's something
another translation would be to return and plunge into
and rely on
so that kind of goes with convert kind of convert you take your body and mind and you convert them
the into the or treasure you return your body and mind
to the redemption center
my mother used to collector coupons on the back of raleigh cigarettes
how'd she do not collect a huge stacks of coupons from having smoke huge stacks of cigarettes and then she'd take this big wad of
coupons and go to the redemption center
and you know good stuff
give redemption
so that's when i started practising

but also convert you convert yourself
into the triple treasure
part of me anyway might think get here i am and i'm just going like
convert myself to the three treasures and then there's no more me than just the three treasures
here i was a guy walking on the earth and then
i got converted into the three treasures and and that was alaska was seen of me
he was around for while but then there was after that that was just three treasures never who didn't see him anymore
hire the three treasures were still taking care of those so no way i guess we're taking care of him because he converted his self
himself into the three treasures he returned and plunged into the three treasures and that was the end of that
they continued to be this veneration of the three treasures
so going for refuge
there's raptors without going to read without going for refuge without converting yourself to the triplet treasury or not revering them
so again you might want to say okay i revere the buddha's i i i i venerate the buddha's i honor the boot i worship to buddha's but still i still something elected mayor i'm holding back a little bit i haven't actually thrown myself completely into the buddha
with no called out
with nothing left over
well the kind of veneration that we're talking about as you venerate something so much that you just
you become in
the use walking around three treasures nothing in addition to that
and three treasures by the way include the law the universe so you're nothing in addition to the law of the universe

matter of fact
new york you have always been the law the universe but if we hold back
in our veneration for the law or the truth of the universe if we hold back it's almost like well there's that there's the law of the universe and me
but by venerating the log universe there's just a law of the universe
as me
but i'm not in addition to the law of universe of course
and that way of being with the dharma
the buddha dharma that way of being with it is reverence his veneration is worshipping
and this is kind of an all or nothing presentation and saying but if you're not completely converted to an to hear your veneration but you're you're holding back
it's not real veneration because your or i shouldn't say because you are but because there seems to be some fact of plunging into
the triple treasure
some lack of complete conversion of the person into the triple treasure

can you know again this is again he's putting it very strongly and but can say well what if i worship a little
then wouldn't i be going for refuge a little or what if i went for refuge but i didn't revere the buddha's when that still counting little bit well
maybe but it doesn't kind of funny that you would take refuge in something without revering a dozen
in the history and historical records of the buddha
people would ask to go for refuge in the buddha after they were just you know
i was going to say dumbstruck but they can still talk sometimes and they would they would be so deeply moved and so deeply touched by the buddhist kindness and wisdom that they would just really want to plunge into the buddha
they would want to join the buddha's community
and that's what they say i want to go for refuge in you and your teaching community there was the ancient indian response to this buddha
when because because they revered and as because they they they venerated is wonderful teacher and the wonderful teaching
and the wonderful community if there was a community
the first people there was no community so that they didn't really a community so they always saw as the buddha and dharma and they wanted to go for refuge in a buddha and the dharma and there was a community
the other people came so there was a triple treasure and they wanted to enter it because they loved it so much
so deeply and so they loved deeply and they wanted to enter deeply and that was going for refuge
returning and relying on this trip a treasure
and again the person might feel some resistance are some hold out and is regard
but then he goes on to soldered addressed any personal
when it caught any personal resistance
and then he says the merit of going for refuge
in the trip up treasure invariably appears in spiritual communion between this person says the trainee and buddha

so they the actual function of this
this veneration of this refuge refugee the of this going for refuge the actual merit of it the full function of it
occurs in what is to say here as spiritual communion
between the person
and the buddha's

those who experience this communion invariably take refuge whether they find themselves existing as a celestial or human or hell dweller a hungry ghosts or animal
so if you act like if you want to go for refuge the actual function of there's realized in communion with buddha and if you commune with buddha you actually go for refuge
you don't need you don't have to even think i want to go for refuge
when you're in communion with buddha in fact the wreckage function occurs
which might leave someone to say i want to go for refuge after their party going for refuge they might say are now i want to go for refuge
at to finish that i'm sitting here listening
teach him
that i can't help feeling so much screen
if your grief
like flashes threw me out of this moment
i offered
and i was hurting after my sophomore
take exit this
having had so many moments
reverend xd was in the moment
you feel grief that in the past sometimes you didn't give yourself completely
to the act of revering the buddha's
holding back a little bit

i recently ah we were reading
a my on a scripture
ah called sunday near much on a trick where towards the end of the six picture who's asking about how
the the buddha can appear in some form in the in the world
so the people can look at the border and listened to the buddha
and revered the buddha
and the answer was that the
the buddha appears in in some forms of the people can look at some form of the buddha
and here and revere some from the buddha the buddha that appearance occurs by virtue of the buddha's blessing by the buddha wish in a wanting to bless beings that wanting to bless beings is one of the factors which makes the buddha appear in a form so that people can re
revere a buddha and the other thing that makes it happen is
reverence on the buddha
does two things it isn't just the buddha's or it is part him maybe the fun pack or
how you say it is i'll says later it isn't just at the buddhas are working
bless all beings
and bless all beings by taking a form so the beans can see them and venerate them because if if bees can see the buddhas and then venerate them and listened to them
the providing that food and a sense for this response is the blessing
so but first the buddha's send this scent are willing to bless but that isn't enough beings have to orient towards them in order for them to manifest in a way that beings and can practice with them
and practice with them as
going for refuge in them
the lotus sutra says now what is the main one is the one great condition for the appearance of buddhism the world and the answer the one great condition can condition causing condition is the desire the wish
to open beings that buddha's wisdom
the desire to demonstrate buddha's wisdom to bags the desire to
awakened beings to buddha's wisdom and the desire to help beings enter into buddha's wisdom that desire that's the buddhist blessing
that's the one great cause condition but here we sing yeah that's the one gray color condition you gotta have this blessing in order for the bullet to appear
but one more things required
beings have to like a focus on that
then it actually did one the first grade cause a condition that the buddha's wish his primary and our response a secondary but without our secondary spots they won't manifest
the crossing of those to manifest the boot in the world and then we can practice veneration
then we can practice
throwing ourselves into the buddha dharma and sangha
and then also we have this case in the book of serenity kids fifty two
where to monks are talking
a one says

the to body of buddha is vast like space
but it can respond
two living beings
like the moon in the water
like the moon reflected in water what is the principle of this response and transformation
or this this vast spacious body can ah
to be transformed in response to beings what is the principle of this transformation and the second monk says it's like the a donkey looking in the well
and the first month says you got any present and the second months says awarded by you he says it's like the well looking at the donkey
the donkey looking into well you could say well that's like people looking at looking for focusing on buddha
the well looking at the donkeys like the buddha
the benefit our base is both directions

so we don't do this refuge taking by ourself we do with the buddhists
and with the dharma with the sanga
and also the wish of the buddha's although it's considered to be the one great cause a condition it wouldn't be there if there weren't sentient beings because it's a desire to open sentient beings to the buddha's wisdom
so it's there's one gets to be called the one gray color condition but really he after both together so
i thought i'd mention that this morning

what is put it
well it is
has three bodies one body is like it's vast like space
it doesn't come it's something that doesn't come and go
doesn't arise or cease
it is a vast emptiness
and it's essences compassion
but also buddha is
something that can appear in response to buildings in ways that they can orient tours and venerate
and if they can venerate
the ways that buddha's appear
if they can go for refuge in the way booed as appear and they can go for refuge and venerate the teachings of the buddha's
and they can pennies of the buddha taken venerate and worship all that then not going for refuge
understanding also that they're that they're doing this
together with the buddha's that way of being with this buddha it is formed buddha opens up to the realization of the buddha that's the whole universe
in it's ungraspable
the whole universe
the compassion of the whole universe

he said

that's not compassion

it's the law of creation
yeah i ended up in the first kitchen book a serenity it's actually literally says
it says the unique breeze of reality
can you see it
and cleary's translation is
creation continuously works her loom in shuttle
creation continuously works her lumen shuttle incorporating the patterns of spring into the ancient brocade
but literally says the mother principle
continuously works her lumen shuttle
incorporating the patterns of springs into the ancient brocade
so that's the product as that's the process of creation
here it is and as a unique breeze of reality blowing through it
neymar this whole process of creation
were you care for animals but also were you hate animals and they pay you the whole universe of love and hate
k there's a unique breed of reality running through it and the unique bully breeds of reality
that all these things are ungraspable
that you can't get one particle separate from another
and also
at the essence of this reale of this quality one grasp ability is compassion
so compassion is not just my feeling of caring for someone all of that can be compassion to
it's the reality
of how how this whole creation process works
the man three bodies while there's three bodies of bonus and there's three kinds of barbuda
and i didn't the three bodies the three kinds of buddha
one is unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment
that's called a single body put a jewel next one is the manifestation of buddha as you know like up like a great teacher who live someplace and teaches people and sits on lotuses and stuff and give dharma teachings and like
guy you know maybe if it's if isn't a human world somebody that's born of a human woman and grow and and nurses on a human woman and goes to preschool and then you know learns how to shoot a bow and arrow on rye horses and then leaves home and goes to practice and a monastery or in the mountains and then understand
the truth and comes in teachers and then dies
that's kind of a manifestation that's a second kind of bordeaux
that's the kind of people can kind of like look at and go great and wonderful can i take refuge in you
and there's a third time which is called the maintained or maintaining buddha and that's actually when we are transformed
in practice that's a buddha to but that sucks that that's not an easy for people to see
you can see someone and when you see someone evolving towards enlightenment the way they've been transformed his is a third virtue or the third quality of their merit and buddha us being transformed in edified is
it's a kind of and treasure
the actual function it has on beings
i'm transforming them
so there's the enlightenment and and then there's a manifestation of it as something that people can relate to and then there's a transformation that comes through relating to this form until we're finally transform so much that we realize the dharmic higher than the the we realized that complete perfect enlightenment
and then we enter into that we dive into that completely nothing left over and then rejoined the process which can manifest as
human buddha's for humans and
rat buddha's for rats and tree buddha's for trees but treat mood is can also work for humans
and rat buddha's can work for humans to sometimes casually erat comes up to somebody and sorry
sometimes people realized that the buddha has manifested as a rat for them
but buddhists can also manifest as you know grass down trees
whatever the stories a definite so those are the three kinds of bullet treasure
which were talking about the and night kind of correspond to three bodies a buddha but the order is different
so the complete perfect enlightenment is like the dharma kaja
the transformation meant that
the manifested quality of buddha's like the transformation body of buddha and the transformation of beings
the edification of beings is like the bus body of buddha
the happiness of
have seeing how to
enlightenment manifest as something you can relate to and then relating to it and realizing the transformation that comes from relating to this thing which is a manifestation of another aspect of itself
to relate to the manifest form as a realization of them
unmanifest form and in that process of attention and practice with that be transformed and that's actually a body of the buddha that's a kind of buddha
the manifesting like new monica the transfer from the transformation of us in practice is a some bolkiah the bliss body
and we are transformed
as we originally we might be oriented towards the manifestation like the buddha or the buddha's disciple some great teacher we venerate some great teacher at the buddha where reverend to that we listen to the dharma with practice the teaching religion in the download practice the teachers were great of the tissue will love the teachers will
the teacher when we do that and we start to change and as when we change and we change and finally realized all this forum actually as a manifestation of a transformation of
something it doesn't come and go that doesn't manifest and then that isn't manifested but that can manifest so so we can relate to it because we can't relate to the unmanifest form
originally as we venerate the manifestation we start to be able to see the unmanifest it
we start to see the dharma body and everything
not just the our body in the form of a nice teacher or good teachings we see the down nobody in bad teachings
perversion to taking refuge in buddha the transformation before it was true veneration
he says right you're talking now about bettering the manifested as a way toward transformation it sounds like
yeah right who for toy you see something that something like somebody tummies that you think a great
and then if you really venerate that person you actually are have not you fallen into taking refuge or if you venerate them enough to say i would like to take refuge like in some of this suitors people see the bullet and here the teaching and they got
i want to be a disciple of you i want to go for refuge in you but they actually already have taken refuge in their complete appreciation and you know listen to the boot and realizing the dharma they already have taken refuge they can to a ceremony afterwards
so did i
yeah why i heard you said he was joking and said that there was not true veneration till there was the conversion rate so
starting with
generation in sort of a karmic grasp what taking refuge yes seems limited seems like the veneration is still limited com
before the conversion
yeah it might take a little while you might you might show spark of veneration
but in some sense door the same before the veneration is complete
until your converted to until you've actually like thrown yourself into what your venerating your veneration isn't complete
and similarly if you throw yourself completely into this whatever this is that's really what we mean by veneration
so that the test of with it's it's almost like an absolute absolute in the sense absolute means complete
perfect means complete so
it's almost like an absolute veneration an absolute refuge that it's obvious like almost like all or nothing was he sang
but of course it can be a little veneration
where you know you feel like a still some holding back like five hundred put a little
but maybe if you if maybe if you look for a care for that little veneration you if you'd find actually was told veneration it just said it was followed by another moment or i didn't venerate
but the implication anyway as towards total veneration total refuge and also realize that that that thing happens not by yourself it isn't that the boot is sitting over there and your venerating and going for refuge all by yourself
the actual the actual way that it becomes total is because buddha his blessing you and you're looking at the buddha the buddha supporting you to be wholehearted the buddha supporting you to be complete in this generation
they're they're manifesting in such a way as to promote your total veneration are your complete conversion
he had this problem

may all buddhas be compassionate to us a free us from karmic effects yeah
may all buddhas be compassionate to us in three as can karmic effects by giving us something to you know relate to and isn't a target of just come in and free us from karmic effects they free us from karmic effects by manifesting in a way that we can venerate if we
venerate buddhas and which we can't do without them offering themselves to be venerated so we venerate buddhist together with buddhas and practicing with buddhism that venerating way we are freed from chronic effects that's how we become free of comic effects
sounds like christianity you know
but you know if it does than that maybe because christianity has certain universal aspects
in a in that universal aspect
if he would completely love something
that has offered itself to you for you to completely love so you can become free of karmic effects there will be the same principle
that we have in the buddha dharma so christianity saying that would say yeah humans seem to have have to go through that mechanism have like
toward something that offers itself to say okay you can be total with me
but you have to be total with me in order to in order to be converted to me in order to be converted to one who is wanting to give their life for people to be venerated to become free of karmic effects
round and round
let's see i saw as a maria's hand anybody else and tara tech cara maria
and linda yes maria maria tara england yes


can you speak up said so we're meeting with with the buddha's you're saying what

now you can go on got the bucco

yeah well there

that's one model but there's another model which also is taught by this this person named hey dogan and in that model lay people can receive the okay so too
okay so he do know that
i do my dog is pretty clear lay people can receive the okay so the rocks is okay so is just small but lay people can read receive a large for in our full size rome to
so and
yeah and there are people as and center who do wear those robes
but we're still we haven't converted to all the way people wearing the full robe
but if you do want to wear the full size robe
incident and not be and be a lay person
you know it can be arranged and it and it's candidates in accord with with the
with the tradition is not a new thing but most people as as entered or not mostly laypeople who do not make the full size roll but it but we can start doing that but i think you know it would be a big institutional adjustment and one of the and one of the ways that the institution has felt good about it is for v
three senior lay person to wear the robe
so just take care your health and so you soon you'll be a very senior person and then you and then people will say well we haven't changed and cinerea to accommodate her but since she's been praxis along fine she can wear the big robe you know because it's not against tradition is just it's just
zen center style right now but we could have you know into my t you'd have all lay people make the full role but then some way people would say that's of too big for me i don't want to so that robe can you imagine such a thing
yeah well i can
some way people say i can't say that i can smart blah blah you know
i'm actually i don't hear from them
when you maybe so but i haven't heard any preceding the robes too much work for me
but you know we we we could say goodbye to any night we can say well you can make the smaller or larger which everyone someone else might what
that's what you say somebody italian the zeigler i'm just really sad because they want to so forever
in some way people do when they finish their are they so i wish i could show several more right now there's all kinds of different people but i'm just saying that
it would be a big thing presented her to switch can have some people have had two different styles or hat to make everybody make a big robe which actually i would be very happy to do that
kino raise the bar for lay people to so the room mac that we could make lay people so twenty five panel robe you set of five and you know
that would be quite a change its and center and the priests could wear it you know something required new sewing but this will be a big change
i just want to say that i have no problem with lay person wearing it it just said lock and no problems with our major institutional would be major institutional changes and it's similar to i have no problem moving mountains and stuff right that's i love to do it k
if we don't get it changed soon in you keep practicing i'm sure people you find about you're having a full-size okay so when you're ninety five
no problem you he will be highly venerated practitioner by that time
and you still might want that vocation
no problem but no problem now either except institution a socially



has to earth
current earn what
well i yeah but preceptor to earn your case to i mean everybody has to earn it by you have to sell it for you earn it
yeah layla precept have to do it internet to do two jobs are practice parents lay people don't have to do to cause cause our practice periods in order to receive the rock sioux
so we give your access to people who have done notice our practice birds
which is fine is lovely but the priests have to do to our practice beers before they can be considered as a candidate to be a priest and before that they have to do prior experience city centre so on to do temps that she's and someone that be around five years all that's part of what
he wrote to do the requirements or higher are going to work more elaborate
and nine lot of lay people who have who have received the rocks who and received the precepts they want to make that additional effort
and the priests way as one way to do it but there's other ways for a lay person to make additional effort without becoming a priest like practice a long time that would earn it if you practice a long time you would earn that would be equivalent to not equivalent to but come comparable to what some people do it i want to become pretty
practitioners and you're looking for some way to make more effort
and so they see this prison and you and this oh good i can make more effort there and then they do and they become priests
but some other people who are practicing for a long time like you they say well i want to make more effort but i don't want to be a priest why you don't have to be
so just keep practicing and if you want to do that particular thing that's fine
but you know would have to work it out
k or

excuse me but i think what i sent as you is you said earned but maybe what you man was some feeling that we're not deserve even but just that the priests are better than the lay people i feel that that's in the background what you're saying
yeah and i think that's that's not a healthy situation in miami we don't think there's some people are better than other people
so that's that's going on is insane that's that's something we have to bring know and need some additional assistance you need to work on that too
not fall into the idea that this practitioners better than that practitioner that this layman's better than this slave woman that this priest is better than this lay person that lay persons better than his priest people we think that way but we have to be careful not to fall into that
and if there's anything that seems to be contributing to that i think be nice to pointed out
and so i think you're pointing this out that this may be contributing to it is so let's look at it
thank you
tara yes
yes and
charlotte to me to it this idea
even the idea like killed
yes right
this idea i keep brought up the christian aspect it almost feels like this idea when we melt away their transgressions
it sounds almost
like was
something a little bit
about that also the idea of renouncing
i live in the world
well i'm going by worldly first fall what you mean by worldly affairs maybe it's easier to address worldly affairs means means
worldly affairs means something you do half heartedly
that's it worldly affairs meet
the okay
so if you go shopping half is a worldly affair
k if you sit in meditation in as in
hall with his other zen practitioners and you sit there and you're doing that halfheartedly that the world the affair
then i think of like fundamentalism and i think like wow those terrorists they really going for it brought down the world trade center yeah so i decided to they were renouncing worldly affairs i guess i'm not seen a total of distinction yeah well they are truly book
yeah so i i guess i don't i wasn't there with them i i wasn't examining their wholeheartedness i don't know if they were whole hearted somebody else maybe thinks they are i don't know if they're i don't think it can be hearted
and be sectarian
why don't they can be wholehearted and be a buddhist and feel separate from non buddhists
so a buddhist to feel set from non buddhists i would say is involved in worldly affairs
and a muslim was separate from jews i would say is involved in world affairs
so when we when we hear the true dharma
when we hear the truth we will renounce
half hearted this will renounce kelly separate from people who are different from us
i should say renounced the feeling of being different but renounced believing that were really separate from people
that's a worldly affair
so it's possible to go shopping
add a really nice store and find him
ah groceries wholeheartedly
with understand you're doing it together with hall beings with the support of all buddhas venerating all buddhas and and you're not caught it all by any separation from beings and everybody can come by use it can we have your vegetables and you can say yes or no
my have that you might say that yes or no
don't be like of starting right
tara give me your vegetables yet and you say yes or no
you know that goes in the sandbox
but even that example you can be doing it you could be renouncing worldly for isn't doing it fully but i guess on some level and maybe it's because i'm saying if you recognize your connection tommy
exactly when you unwind not recognize but when you realize your connection with all beings that's the same as hearing that your dharma then you renounce worldly affairs
then you go into the marketplace to bestow bliss upon bags that's what you go for it's not a world if affair even though you're in the marketplace with all the other people some of whom are caught by worldly affairs some of who art
but the thing is we've gotta hear the truth before that were a little bit on shaky ground in terms of
being able to renounce world affairs when we be trying you know but it's hard work and trying to give up my belief that were separate but i'm at the work at it when it right here the true dharma it's much easier to let go of that
so anyway your question is
about as well as well received by me i pushes your question and next part about the about the confession repentance
it's quite disturbing and to some people because they thought that they were going to hear a similar thing it is insane and at the here in a catholic church but it doesn't similar to what some priests would say you're right the principal here is that by confessing your worldly affairs by confessing that you're doing things
things with a sense of separation from other beings if you confess that and you feel kind of bad about it actually like i confess i actually putting myself ahead of that person and i don't feel good about it that's confession repentance and then to do that with the buddha's
to do it with those who have gotten over that
it doesn't melted away
it does make us whole hearted and then we hear the truth we move towards it and we start to hear that true darn this is a principle that applies to beings all over the universe's and some of them are catholic
but when they packed it that way those catholics get over being catholic separate from jews some catholics are great beings are bodhisattvas
and some buddhists are also but the buddhist or and body surface i'm not caught by the distinction the world distinction between buddhists and buddhists
but he sought for love non buddhists body sought as loves sunnis and shias and jews and catholics an atheist and rats
they love all beings
they do that's the proposal of course it has totally amazing though to attain such a state but that's what this is about is becoming such a be
by venerating those who have attained it
and feeling what that's like and feeling that wholeheartedness dark to start to come upon us our body and mind and feel like this is right for me it makes sense and work on that until you realize it
you're welcome thank you for question we we appreciate your daring to ask a question even though you have been around as long as some of these people
you may continue to do so
but then nice that she has the question was an excellent
the other ones were to by the way
we had many excellent questions this morning
elena had her christian on linda
linda you haven't had your question to you can hear you go
can you come up to the standards of the pre on previous generation
the one
it's not the one who manifests it's the manifest of the what is the manifestation of the one okay yeah
in your mana kai and yeah

yeah it's like that yeah you to you want you say to you want you know you read a story or something and you want to see more of what you are hereby and before you heard the story you didn't know what you were searching
for and you hear the stories that or yeah that's what i've been looking for
so how what you've been looking for which was all around you manifest as his character and story and then you say what'd be nice to meet some person who's like that's an easy a person's like that and then you find out the person's not like that but then you remember wide i just using this person to get in touch with what
i really want to get in touch with so it doesn't matter that they're not the way
i wanted them to be
sometimes he did as i guess it a tibetan saying you should study you she you should study with a teacher who's two or three valleys away
so you don't you know you don't get to see how imperfect your teacher is
seeking is going and see your teacher and like venerate the teacher as a manifestation of the
of the pure body of buddha and like really just like totally
totally venerate but didn't go away because if you'd see the way they do certain things you wouldn't be able to venerating martin would not be good for you not to be available to venerate
the veneration is the way you're going to see the truth
we don't see the truth by and not venerating things
but not appreciating that isn't the recommended course think less of everyone and you'll see this ultimate truth
gregory bateson until a story about interviewing a japanese family and particularly a japanese girl and she was
i'm not a topic came up you know that a very important for her and her family to venerate to respect her father
and somehow i don't know maybe gregory said well what if your father's like our room cruel drunk it does you know then why would your venerated me so it's not that he deserves it it's just that we need to do it is for us the generations
the buddha doesn't need your veneration
the buddha needs you to venerate
because wouldn't need you to be happy and heard happy have to venerate buddha the buddha as need your veneration the book doesn't need your gifts
but wouldn't need you to have gif
to give the buddha doesn't need your practice but the buddha need you to practice because it will need you to be happy at the border needs
so even somebody who's
who doesn't ensure recreation who are not doing doesn't need your generation but who doesn't need your help
if you can venerate them here are the lucky ones because again it's venerating buddha dharma sangha
and the the dharma applies to everyone everyone is as is in accord with the dharmas so venerating the dharma of every person
this person may be in a very unskillful right now
but the dharma is right there and and saying okay this person's unskillful this person being mean to me this person's being mean to somebody else yes right i agree
i agree says the bodhisattva i agree this person's being cruel but that dharmas coming through right now anyway
it comes from cruel people and kind people everything is a diamond door
so you need to respect everything
every person has a dog as part of veneration of buddha
and dharma and sangha
a dharma is not there's not it's it's it's free of dust
it's free of being separate from anything
so we do need to venerate according to this bodhidharma sanga in our to plunge into buddha dharma sangha and fortunately or unfortunately we're doing it together with the buddha's
they're beaming at us to support us to plunge into this wonderful
truth and compassion
and celebration totally
anybody else wish to offer anything before our lunchtime

it's not the police body of boy and transforms it it's know
the transformation body
is the transformation of the body of truth
and the bliss body is comes this cordless by the basalt called reward body the bliss body is is is the transformation of the practitioner
it's the edification of cash transfer of the practitioner if you start venerating everything
if you start venerating everybody is a bodhisattva more receptor called
the english translation has never disparaging there was a bodhisattva name go around and he said everybody i don't despair you i don't despair as you i don't despair your and people if you don't disparage me what he talk my
the punch for talking when he talked about not disparaging the they thought he was a left-handed comment look at an insult backhanded i don't know what it was anyway he got he got beat up for going around telling people i don't despair you you will become bored i know
so this is a boys up with were venerated everybody and god you know beat up for it not always but
so if you venerate the transformation and you venerate the dharma to venerate the triple treasure the reward for that is the police body
and a bliss body would be that you start to realize you've been treating everybody with respect and veneration
but then you start to see it oh my god they're inseparable from the dharma body
and they're inseparable from transformations of the donald body
and then uncaged and this is this is the great happiness which i'd then i joined with all the other beings for practicing and change and being ratified
doesn't that the edification of as to boost for ratification of the practitioner who's faithful to the teaching
to venerate the buddhists
and realised somebody you can see some you can't and also the dharmas everywhere
and also we don't know who the bodhisattvas are
so just in case treat everybody as though they might be a bodhisattva that's that simple
what conclusion he has pointed out in centers
that only buddha's can see who the body sought present a rumor
so there might be one or more bodhisattvas in this room right now and the buddhist could tell us but we don't have to have a good and the room to tell us which one of us as the bodhisattvas
so just in case treat everybody as a clips hip this might be the one
yeah boy such as might look like this that's what i heard from my on sutras
can i borrow front of a room of hope where everybody might be a bodhisattva please excuse me for leading his bow
may our intention equally to remember
the blaze who is too
the does way the
numberless ah to save them delusions are inexhaustible
the to end them die maggie is boundless ah to end to them
as way is unsurpassable ah
evolve to become