The Womb of the Tathagata #1

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Origin of the tathagathagharba teachings; the Huayen school in China; three marks of existence and four inverted views; skillful means of milk medicine described in the Nirvana Sutra.

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did you say to nice
does your name


i'm getting ready to embark
on a voyage into
some new waters of the teaching of the great vehicle
some some
some waters that i haven't discussed with you before

these teachings are sometimes called in sanskrit the target out garba which could be translated into english as
the womb of the to togheter womb
of the buddha

these to target to garbutt teachings
arose in india
but him
as far as i know we're never particularly popular in india
but when these teachers got transmitted to china
they became very influential in chinese tradition
ah one of the grade schools of chinese buddhism
called i think it's called why yang song the hope that the hawaiian school which is then the hi yannis that
flower adornment school
in one of its this is this is his main text the flower adornment scripture
the avatar soccer sutra there was a school in china
which has this is their main text

and this this
can target the garber teaching was one of them man treasures
the to target a garbage teachings also had a big
i'm what's called ten thai buddhism and
chon or zen buddhism so
this to target a garment doctrine is a big part of the zen tradition in china japan
korea and everywhere then it goes
so quite a few years ago
i remember exactly when but let's just say about fifty years ago
i started studying the only indian treatise on this to target the garbo teaching
the only known commentary on this teaching in in sanskrit or in india i started studying it
it's called the rotten out godhra the bugger

which means commentary on the ah
the precious lineage of the buddha's
coach are also means like
gene a gene like a genetic gene it's like the precious gene
the the jewel gene
or can also mean the lineage the precious virus edwin in detroit the lineage the gene or even the family

this teaching is suggesting that all living beings fully possess
the wisdom and virtue years
of the borders
so in the off at times like a sutra there is a section
of the sutra about the manifestation of the buddha to chapter called the manifestation of the buddha and in that chapter it states that all living beings fully possessed the wisdom and virtues of the buddha's
however because of a of a false views
and clinging er attachment they do not realize
there's to wisdom and virtues of the buddha's which they fully possessed
that's the says in this cetera
another put it in the same chapter says it again
and then it says since they don't realize that i the border will teach them
so the buddha's teaching to help us realize what we already fully possess according to this teaching

so in that indian tax which i just mentioned a ratnam quarter of the bargain
it identifies this room of the to targeters
as the ah
as the
as reality
the way things really are is mixed with
the way they aren't
that the pure
realization of reality is mixed with the defilement of misconceptions and clinging
the womb
have the of the teaching of the of the wisdom of the teaching the womb
is a defiled the teaching lives in a defiled womb
the true body of the buddha
is not mixed with any pollution that's called the dharma body the dharma kaja it's seen in his to tradition this teaching as not mixed
however the not mixed
liz in the middle of the mixed

one view of that
of the tradition of the buddha's teaching is that the buddha taught
the all phenomena
our without self
are impermanent
our suffering
an impure
sometimes just the first three
without self impermanent in
and then sometimes a fourth is at it
this is a teaching the buddha gave
which you've probably heard about

so one memory i have is when i started to study this
precious lineage commentary
even in the introduction
the person who had translated from sanskrit
the english or maybe translate maybe he translated from sanskrit to chinese to english but anyway i read in english that this teaching
of how we fully possess the wisdom and virtue of the buddha but that those with that wisdom and virtue is in the midst of our attachments and misconceptions and delusions
that the way this text talks about it ah that's so
is really really
beautiful that this would be the case
and again the translator said but
the way is teaching is conveyed it almost looks like it's not buddhism

because it's saying basically that
all dharmas
aren't a sense the direct opposite of what the buddha taught
namely all dharmas are self
our eternal
our joy
and are purity
when i read that
i kind of
not instantly but i stopped study in this teaching
because i thought i don't know if i'm ready to study something that's the opposite of what the buddha taught
plus not only is the opposite of buddha taught
but it's supposed to be buddhism is the buddhism which is going against what makes buddhism buddhism
and now many years later i'm ready to study buddhism that looks like the opposite of what the buddha taught

so in that sense you know zen what zen
the zen school and china and the ten days go on china they were very influenced by something that was the opposite of what made buddhism buddhism

and one thing i'd i just get this off my chest
one of our ancestors
namesake and yoshi
he said when i first started practicing mountains where mountains and rivers where rivers

i think maybe after thirty years i realized mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers
and then after many more years i realized mountains are mountains and rivers rivers

and i made that i may have those years wrong maybe he said when i first started practicing mountains where mountains and rivers where rivers and then after i practice for a while i realized mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers
now i see after thirty years
mountains are mountains and rivers our rivers

i see that statement as in a way influenced by this to target the garber teaching

so one story of buddhism is that buddhism arose in a cultural
one a cultural context
where there was a religious teaching
which taught
phenomena ourself
our permanent
our joy and pure
that there was a religious tradition like that
another version of it is that it's time that the buddha lived there were people like that that people think
there's a self
there's permanence
there's joy and as purity
and the religion a religion that affirms that
could be quite
because it affirms the way people think
and they think
but they don't understand what they're thinking

they think there's a self but they don't understand what it means when they think there's a self what they think to self is is not what the self ears
i'm thinking that the self is something that it's not
and thinking that permanence is something that it's not and thinking that joy is something that it's not and thinking that purity is something it's not
the buddha comes forth
and speaks to the people
who misunderstand what the self is and the buddha teaches no self
the people who misunderstand what permanence is
he teaches impermanence and the people who misunderstand what joy is he teaches suffering
and the people misunderstand what purity is he teaches
and this you know that was buddhism at the beginning
and after a long time when this teaching of the buddha had somehow
somewhat successfully freed living beings from their misunderstandings
for example what self is

then he taught them
after he taught them that teaching and yourself then he taught him what self is and he taught them what permanence is and he taught them what joy is and he taught them what
pure purity is
so there is also a teaching of the
the for inverted views are upside down views
in early buddhism but also in the great vehicle we have the same teaching of the for inverted views in the heart surgery says
what is it without inverted views or without pervert reviews
right without it without perverted views there's no fear
right something like that
inverted yeah
literally it is inverted upside down and the for inverted views are
to view things as self permanent
pleasure full and pure was your inverted views

but really it's it is an inverted way of understanding h one of those things
it can also say that to see and no self self is an inverted view
to see in pain
is not in pain is it inverted veer and so on

these virtues and wisdoms however that we possess
or not
no self and pay and
impermanence and
this wisdom
this wisdom is true
it's true and because it's true
the buddha cause it is self

but before we're ready to receive the teaching
of how wisdom
is the self
we need to renounce are misconceptions
of what the south is

and then there's another important scripture
in this movement which is called the nirvana scripture
it's a big scripture
and in there is a statement which is translated as
all living beings
without exception
possess the buddha nature and the buddha nature is a parallel come concept teaching to the to target the garba the buddha nature again is how
the buddha
is mixed in with not buddhas
how non buddha's fully possess
the buddha
in that sounds good for that is buddha daughter the buddha element
in the sentient beings is parallel to the buddha to togheter element
in the womb of sentient beings

and i i might say now and and and again later that this affirmation of people of misunderstandings could be seen as a kind of opiate
so i think of karl marx saying religion is the opiate of the masses
it's a way of telling people
that the way they understand is correct
which is potentially quite soothing
at least temporarily
to pander to people's misconceptions
which are kite i would call it
naturally existing and human beings the natural from misunderstanding that human beings have to pander to them can be quite attractive and soothing like an opiate
so the buddha came along and noticed that people were being
fumed were being intoxicated by the religious traditions which are basically saying to them you think you've got itself that's true
and also the way you think you have yourself
the maybe they didn't go that far but the way you and think you have herself
you know we're back in you up on that and that's that's reality and this again was very strong in india at the time of the buddha and he
refuted it
the teaching actually again in a will be the same
as what he would later say
but the people misunderstood it
and in that misunderstanding there was a teaching which said your understanding is correct
so they they didn't realize they weren't being told we are all deluded
about our life
and then he freed people from these delusions
delusions about what they are about delusions about self
suffering i mean joy and
and an early buddhism that's that was it
but in this later movement
we're not coming back
to the mountains and rivers again but with a new understanding

cannot i think i can tell the story now
for the first time
and it's a story that is in the nirvana sutra

it's a story about a
a king
who had yeah
ah an official
a royal
and i just in brackets said disposition was actually a very deluded position close brackets
no matter what the illness that anybody had was this physician would prescribe milk
or as we say in minnesota milk
whatever the illness he would prescribe milk

and actually some people really appreciated this milk
but for some people it was an it was an opioid and it made them feel comfortable for a while but then later they had health problems because of museum is opioid
and then us
a wise
a wise physician happened to come to visit

the king and his court and he saw the other magician i mean the other physician
and he said to the other physician
i would like to assist you i would like to i would like you to let me study with you
be i would like you to be my mentor he could see the other physician was a quack
he could see other music physician did not understand the nature of illness and medicine
but rather than calling come in and tell the king and
indict the
deluded physician he asked to diluted physician to be his teacher and let him assist him and the diluted
court royal physician said okay if you want to assist me fine and if you do this for i think is at forty eight years and you do whatever i say after that i'll teach you
about my medicine and so they started that way
and the visiting physician and worked with the other physician and
but after a while he went to the king and he pointed out to the king that the royal mint the royal physician
did not understand the nature of illness and he he he explained to the king in such a way that the king could see that the other physician was really unskillful
unethical and all this other words we use for malpractice
the visiting physician oh help to can wake up to how harmful this other physician was
to the people of the country and he banished the royal physician

and i think he then asked the visiting physician to be the royal physician and
and the royal and and visiting physician says i will be i'm willing to be
of service to you in that way but i have one thing i ask of you
in the king said whatever you know i'll promote you to to any any position
brackets except being king cause brackets
i'll give you anything whatever you ask i'll give it to you if you will serve the country as the royal physician and
how people get the medicine they need to be healthy
and visiting physician says when i ask of you is that you band milk

and the king said okay and he sent out a proclamation that milk well bad melk for medicinal purposes people still drink milk
maybe i don't know if that's true even anyway he banned milk
definitely for medicinal purposes

and then one day
it happened that the king got sick
i guess a a fever
and the physician examined the king and the physician prescribed milk
and the king said
have you lost your mind do you have a fever
you told me to ban milk and now you're prescribing it for me
and the physician said yes i didn't i did ask you to it and i am prescribing it for you because for you
now the milk will cure your disease
and the king
took the medicine and became well again

and then i think the king as the physician will how can it be that
that this deluded unskillful
physician had discovered this medicine which is really good for my illness
and he said in the kink and the physician said it's like ah
it's like insects
a burrowing into would

sometimes the pattern of their burrow looks like a letter of the alphabet
the worm doesn't know that they've just made a letter of the alphabet
and people
who see the pattern of the letter in the would usually do not think that the worm
understands letters and language they think it's kind of random or accidental at the word that took that to worm crawled through the wood to make a shaped like a letter
but some people actually do in for when they look at that that the worm was literate
so by chance this
dishonest physician discovered milk
but he didn't understand what he discovered
and people attribute to him an intelligence which he didn't have and because he didn't have the intelligence he used the milk for everything which is not appropriate
therefore he was banished because he discovered this thing and didn't understand what he had discovered
to have to ban the milk
until somebody sees the situation clearly and understands when to prescribe the milk
so in the history of the world something like this has happened
that milk has been discovered but not understood
and it has been used on skillfully
to reaffirm rather than
liberate beings from their delusions
which are delusions about their life
delusions about their
real the way they really are they're self the web and so than the buddha says after some discussion and well what is this self whatever is real and true
immutable and permanent that's what i call self
that's the way everything is everything is real and true
but it's not the way we think the real and true is it's not what we think the self is
so we have to like say no self for hundreds and hundreds of years and then we can see sometimes the teaching of self is there perfect medicine so sometimes is to target a garba teaching which reverses
the buddha's teaching
is it is a buddhist teaching
to not think that the buddha's reversal of these view of these misunderstandings the buddha's reversal of these misunderstandings that's not really the true teaching it's a medicine
what it's like going on a wagon from your misunderstanding

so there is a true there's a teaching which the buddha gives which is part of the buddha's teaching is to refute misconceptions that's part of the buddha's teaching and that is and when the buddha first taught that the world had never seen this tedious refutation
of these misconceptions
but the reputation of the misconceptions is to realize what the misconceptions are interfering with
which is something incredibly beautiful and wonderful something really beautiful the for things could also be called self
permanence joy and beauty

i can we look at it i don't know what a human being a baby

ah a tesla
we might think oh it's beautiful
it it is beautiful but it's not the beautiful years you see the beautiful you see is a delusion about what beautiful is so that we ever teaching for you
all cars are not beautiful
all people are not beautiful
everything does not have self so on when you're completely
cured of that disease
by taking the proper medicine
which is part of the buddha's teaching than your right then at some time for some illnesses were going to bring in this this melk again this teaching of
now we're going to actually teach what the self is and what beauty is beyond our ideas of it any idea we have of self is not the self
the the real is not our idea of the real
and so we need to give up idea of the real
you need to give up our idea of the true of the self of the permanent and then when the time's right
the final medicine can be given about the way things actually are
so that's a beginning of this teaching
and you are the first people to hear it from me anyway

this teaching is offered to help us wake up
to how we fully possess right now the wisdom and virtues of all buddhas
why they the time is right
no well
i think because i finally saw that although it looks like it's not buddhism it is buddhism
so yeah so i heard the warning and that warning work kept me away for several decades
and i think that the story of the milk medicine in the nirvana sutra which i just recently read can i woke me up to its time
it's time to turn the wheel
the early teachings in this particular way
that's one story of a why feel ready now that i realize
that there is this milk but you need to know when to use it
and i think now maybe i can use it
it seems to me
three reincarnation

oh okay
you mean you mean impermanence goes against reincarnation

although buddhism doesn't usually teach reincarnation it's industrial uses the term rebirth
okay so anyway you see a distance between the teaching of impermanence and the teaching that there's rebirth
gay and
the teaching that the that beings are permanent also i think would be inconsistent with rebirth because if there were a permanent they couldn't be reborn
so so both so you say impermanence is conflicts her in concert dissonant with rebirth
but for me even more more inconsistent where very birth would be
a permanence because there would be no birth if there were permanence and they'll be no death of their of permanence so houses i see that it's even more inconsistent or dissonant
previous the aspect of
it was to be implicit reverse
skirts from about a notion of hers it skirts it
continuity i think would be might be tendered with permanence hurt yeah
reverse complain
but if you let the tinge of permanence into the continuity there's no continuity because there isn't there's not movement if you have permanent says no movement so if you bring permanence it if i see permanent come in to up into the issue of rebirth i think rebirth is impossible
by definition cause you can't have rebirth without
so yeah i think
i think that yeah that
that we're we're talking about is not so much and when doing a that's enough and i think
for me
permanence pretty much
that doesn't go with
rebirth and impermanence
i can also see your point that maybe that has a problem too
i think god next was charlie went back
to make your letter to be off
no mean i think that the the wise person knows that the that the worm drew the letter of the alphabet but the worm wasn't thinking i'm gonna make it an a
that the diluted person thinks that the worm actually is a smart worm this is like a super smart worm that nose for example the alphabet of devanagari or the alphabet of
cuneiform or english they don't they don't think i'm going to make an a now as far as we know
but people have made me think they do so the example is this this false a physician he he he offered this he discovered this this milk but he didn't understand what he discovered
he discovered a medicine that was would work for the king when the king gods a second but probably didn't work for almost anybody else has a medicine and made them sick and he didn't understand that because he made them he made this he made the shape he the he wormed his way into the situation and made the shape the shape of
rose but he didn't understand what he discovered and so he used it an appropriately
and namely for everybody
and that the the physician in the story didn't use melt for everybody he didn't use milk for anybody until this one particular illness came which just happened to be the king
but it could have been some other intelligent person who would notice that he was using the medicine that he banned
but now it's time you know he banned it because people don't know how to use it
so he abandoned and is waiting until it was the right time to use it and then when the right time came he used it and that he got accused of being crazy and then he explained
good medicine
but the he was comparing the false physician to the worm
that that i didn't i didn't understand and just like the worm doesn't know how to use them that the the
letters that he that he could
that she or he or she carved they don't not use them they don't know who what when where they applied where they don't apply so i guess what i'm currently
so am i come along he said worried that shape our as the here's a letter egg and then somebody else look smarter i come along and say no to that learning is just some worm squiggles and then somebody else might come on and gather all much indirectly until they have several letters and make a sentence and then once again it
a literary because it's functioning as that yeah that and we do that and that's what the physician did he used milk and other things other shapes he used them because you could see what people's illnesses were and he used all these things which he knew how to use them you know if you go out and if got the woods you see all the
things that nature has done all the different plants made
but you have to study in origin or how to use the plants and he did and he also studied people so he knew what illnesses they had and so he could make a language of medicine using natural materials in relationship to living beings he could do that but the king was saying well how come this
a physician came up with the milk and he said it is like a worm
hordes like you know or it's like a flower that bends over and makes the shape of a about character they don't know that there that they just made a dave inaugurate a character so he didn't think the positions trying to explain how the physician discovered something that can be used as men
listen but he didn't know how to use it
and some people do attribute ah
insane our intelligence to the worm the worms carving of it and some people might an attribute it wisdom to the physician who came up with a medicine but obviously did not have wisdom because he did not apply it
the buddha however the great teacher the great physician doesn't know when to use that thing and when not to
and now is the time to use it
so i say the nice and catherine and ice denise


nope yeah paradox an irony could be used
the help us understand the proper way to use language
do not get stuck in it
never be part of a skillful use of language is to know when paradox and irony where appropriate
because iron can't work without not ironing you have to say a non ironic statement in order to than turn it into irony
yes catherine
i'm hearing

i'm saying that for example self it can sometimes be used as medicine
the teaching herself and then the buddha says i do he says early on i proclaimed you know no self and i did that because of the
because people lived in a time when there was this non awakened tradition non awakened religions which taught people self without without them understanding what it was and so it caused illness because the self was given with
not know i could give it to it was given to everybody he was given to the whole
indian population but as not suitable for everybody because if you give it who's gonna check with them about how they house how they understand it
so if you give it to somebody who is ready to understand it this teaching is not for people who already have the idea of self in a in a deluded way
so the people who have a deluded understanding of self
within the right in association with that diluted understanding of self they also possess the wisdom of the buddha's but they have to have some teaching about to show them that that that this is a misunderstanding itself otherwise that misunderstanding itself hinders their realization of
actually there they're actual situation so the buddha did that he taught everybody about how all your ideas of self are like wrong
basic all of your so basically us a short summary of the buddhist teachings to us about our understanding itself summary of it is no self or not self you that's what you think self is that's not self
so people do naturally it's part of our natural conscious process that in consciousness there's a certain as appearance there's a sense of self i am here gay that's natural so for people like that who has who say i'm here but don't understand what that i is the buddha said
no i
no self universe down what that is
so i'm you know so to get things started i'm just gonna say not self they hit the boy didn't say that does not even the appearance of a self in consciousness he just said we don't understand it and to help us understand that he said not that not whatever you think it is it's not what you think it is
and if people would accept that which they did for a long time they became
somewhat more open and unhindered in their relationship with their given buddha's wisdom by letting go of their delusions about what their self is after that and the buddhist they well that that's good now i'm gonna tell you
about something i didn't tell you about bought before because you are you are so caught up in your delusions of self i didn't want to use the word anymore
and now it's time for milk now i'm gonna say okay
self but what do i mean myself
it's not your idea i mean something that's actually pure that's pure free of your ideas of what selfies and i
i've been talking to you about this for centuries and not your free of it you're not addicted to it anymore
so against self is endemic the consciousness and we are addicted to certain understandings of it so by gently massaging that addiction we can let go of it and now i have the self and we don't and we don't adhere to our addictions about what
it is and now we're ready to hear and know teaching which is
both that target garba teaching and also a teaching about what we mean by these four things
well what might be example when
operating someone
the most them so perkins
you're wondering when it would be appropriate
the on and end all the zen ancestors are wondering the same thing are watching
when when is a time to give the milk and one is it time to give salt and when is it time to give
other medicines so they're giving other medicines but they don't always give the the the teaching himself
because the person not ready there still may be addicted to believing what they think the self is so then the teacher's gonna give them
ban that understanding
until when they let go of it than they can give a teacher so again people who
you know and the beginning mountains or mountains and rivers rivers people on our stand mountains and mountains or rivers and rivers
so they teach
no mountains no rivers until they find this a whole
the mountains are not the mountains i thought there were the mountains i used to have are not there anymore
we're ready for the mountains again but with a correct understanding
and the teachers the teacher is is watching to see where the person's out in the process
if they're if they're out the no mountains no rivers stage
when i get ready to say okay one two three mountains and rivers again
there's a conversation going through the process all the way
so buddhism conversation with people who believe that their idea of self and permanence
is true
be like yo
your this
recommendation happiness
good for the offer
so you're going to be okay
oh i just don't quite understand what it was not this offer
i use it for like that isn't like that point you're offering person
no no i think you are you might offer them delusion because you did you're telling them that it you might offer them to melt because you say it's a panacea
or it might offered to him because you think it's gonna be an opiate and you know turn their pain off for a while so you might you might do that but if you are really a skillful doctor you might actually seem rather than give them a panacea you might give them a percent but appropriate medicine for just put their thing which isn't going to
pure other medicines or even cure year at other times a skillful doctor can give you just the right thing and it takes a lot more skilled in to give people panaceas
which people you know
i don't mind a panacea because it worked for me to come on and they say that works for me

yes where your name again
not know
after a while yeah myself
where i live
south africa
yeah it's kind of like that
yeah so the buddha's saying to you you're not your ego
you're not you're not the self you think you are
and as you accept that more and more and get more and more or ready to open to who you really are who you truly are which can be called herself
however we shouldn't tell that to people if they're not if they're holding onto what their idea of self is that if you tell him to the self they hold on all the tighter and feel all the more calm and good about it and and then they start getting addicted to it even more addicted to it
and more relaxed and complacent about it and more and then setting a more conditions for seared more and more serious illness
you know like psychosis

he is pilot you be ready for this teaching now you're thinking we are you
yeah because may be ready as as i would call caught has consequences for you
i'm ready to i like today i'm ready to deal with what happened today when i brought to so
it's like it's something new right and if this is just the beginning of it
and i'm not much longer i'm gonna keep doing this but
i think this is this is earned
this is a new wave of teaching this isn't caught this is no way of teaching
and i guess i feel like
in some way i thought some some new people were coming today and i was all concerned about him but actually realized it's new to the old people do so every it's kind of new to everybody so here it is and
again i feel like
this story about the mill
it i got a new encouragement for how the buddha what buddhism is usually thought of as buddhism is actually just part of buddhism
that's why some people look at early buddhism and then they hear about the mahayana and this their well that's not buddhism
and and some people here by as they will that that's that's really cool that then things cool they have nice gardens as duff
and their temples are really lovely
and and and they're pretty funny too but anyway i don't i don't think as buddhism
like for example the mountains and rivers of the immediate present are the manifestation of the path of the ancient buddha's so shocking when buddhas and say that
so but the same schools some of the from interns cause second at the mountains and rivers of the present are the manifestation of the buddha what's a geiger is that buddhism
is that way of talking about buddha buddhism well i know nice it does sound different
and the mountains and rivers of the immediate present our
gonna be not mountains and rivers pretty soon and then they're going to be mountains and rivers again and these mountains and rivers these mountains or likes striding striding along there are walking mountains is that buddhism well
you know
i think you're ready for it
yes it did
don't no and wondered
ten councils should
true so rather know about we say view abode
well again that would be the new wave
because you're not ready for the new view abode this they do view about your new view
yeah the new view that the new true view about it
opens from know about
so that's think there would be so first of all we have self
we have our house first of all we have beauty first of all we have permanent this house we're trying to hold us together right we're doing maintenance work gotta go through gutted in a redo the the roof you know gotta get a new hot water heater out here
they were trying to make it permanent
and joyful k now
we're going to do is not grenache and in any of that we're going to ban all that stuff from any kind of abiding in it
then we'll be ready for the true view
but if we abide in if we abide in know
take care of this place if we cling to it if we abide and this is this if we abide in the beauty of it and so on
then we're not ready for the true view but one where
free of that addiction and we're ready of the trueview witches
that we fully possessed the wisdom and virtues of all the buddhas but that's not something to abide and either so we would we know but that's what we had the beginning you know we're abiding and self permanence joy and purity beauty were already abiding in it
so the buddha's trying to help us not abide in it and when we are successfully
in recovery from that addiction than we can hear what originally a which would have just reinforced our addiction and haven't none
they will not fall back into addiction again
so round and round yes
try this out as a question when we give something that would be
leisure centre i get that right
we're one i've been was was it so i was thinking if someone came to you came to me with a story about being traumatized who if something yeah i had that moment i wouldn't try to talk him out of it and they say yes i'm saved on that case
ace happen you down the buddha would give the appropriate medicine to that disease but i wouldn't tell them it is no trauma really
yeah you feel ill mountains as what i'm wondering you know within the first when he goes up with a flourish
yeah emphysema might pay the appropriate medicine for that person
will be kind of momentarily
agree no substantiating know
yeah you might not be substantiated you might just give when you thought was the appropriate medicine and the person invite the person might be in the substantiating mode
he went wouldn't try to take that away
the new you would wish them to be like over but you wouldn't try to take it away
you would you would for god you would be trying to not substantiate your giving the medicine to them ah you would be you'd give them medicine hopefully without substantiating in the self of that action

and maybe you actually wouldn't be abiding in the south of that action so you actually might be might not be abiding in the self of the option of giving him the medicine you might not you might be not abiding in it and because you're not abiding in it you might realize that you're giving self
of getting a medicine
and you wouldn't be abiding in that either
however they wouldn't know that you're giving himself
they would they when they would be probably
thinking that what you gave them was their idea of the self of the medicine
that their idea of what you just did was what they think you're did

i think it sir
twelve thirty five
so that we can we call this session number one
of the new wave yes
it's clarifying the earth is correct the word division came up a couple of times if managed things right the the first version of mountains as mountains in my problem vision but then the second version of it is not the version is just a for understanding him in him in the the diversion after no mountains
it's not delusion is just a farmers it's a correct understanding of mountains and rivers that has revealed when you give up your idea of mountains and rivers which is like no mountains and rivers
and you didn't and you didn't trash the the delusions
if you let them be you lead to look delicious be delusions and then and then they're just and then there's no know there's no more of that but not because you didn't anything was it it is see on that's not really there it's and was just a delusion i had about who i am and who you are
but i'm over that now
so because i'm over it nice to meet you
mattresses ah transition
in his hospital

was ah
as around
so you can drink your milk new
it was it really
in the spirit
i think was think it was some kind of milk in a cuff or because now
is there is also discussion in the sutra
about you know various kinds of milk
cause it raised in certain way more healthy mouth and cause didn't know
actually kind of modern rendition of how to make good know in in industry

good finish this team

this tea is not good percentage