The Womb of the Tathagata #1

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Case 67 of the Book of Serenity; there is not a single sentient being who does not fully possess the wisdom of the enlightened mind.

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in the book of serenity
k sixty seven
he's called the flower adornment scriptures wisdom
the case says that the flower adornment scripture says
i now see all sentient beings everywhere
fully possess the wisdom and virtue years of the enlightened ones but because of false conceptions and attachments they do not realize it

and then
in the commenter is says
that in the same scripture in the chapter on manifestation it says
oh children of buddha's
there is not a single sentient being who does not fully possess the wisdom of the enlightened months
the enlightened ones it is only because of false conceptions
error and attachments that they do not realize it

at the end of a movie
i heard this guy say
something like
we are born
and we may
forgive each other's folly
this is the law of nature


as i often say
zen folks get weary
zan folks to get weary wearing that same shabby rome
so when are we try a little tenderness
they may be waiting just anticipating things they may never possess
so while they're waiting try a little tenderness and forget of nurse

and the doors of wisdom of open and we will see what buddhists is
the all sentient beings fully possess
the wisdom and virtue of the enlightened ones

at the same time were born to error
and because of the error
we do not realize
mutually forgiving the error

if the law of nature is the dharma of nature
if the buddha nature
and again this forgiveness
opens the door to wisdom
listening to the cries of all
living beings
with their attachment and error
the attachment of air drop away

and the parana
the job
lineage is revealed

as a hard job
to forgive and be forgiven
to be tipped remote to remember to be tender
moment after moment
to remember to listen
and observe with compassion
moment after moment

it's a very big responsibility to be a human being

and this
is a job for us

one of the highly respected as that ancestors who compiled the book of serenity he put the he collected stories and he wrote poems about each story in chinese
so this is the poem he wrote
for this case

sky covers
read the earth bears
an earth dogs and as scary
but it's spelled the same right
bears and bear and spawn the same but i think it's this kind of bear
the sky covers earth bears
making a mass making a clump

pervading the universe without limits
breaking down sub atomic particles
with no inside
getting to the end of the mysterious subtlety
who distinguishes
turning towards and away
buddha's and ancestors
come to pay the debt for what they said
ask old
teacher wong of nudge one
each person just each one stock or vegetable

and i say
that's a big responsibility

thank you for another day

well we had a day together way
what to call another verse from the same was reading
he also underwear
the kept safe
i've been loving you too long not know
he retired and he want to be free
i love is growing stronger as you become a habit to me
what a loving you will tomorrow
i don't want to stop now
oh with you my life has been so wonderful i care of stop know
thank you

denise you want to recite a poem
do you want to

ib is going to recite a poem maybe
onto it in town offers she's gonna do it in camel first
martin ne vais looney

are you may avail me or even mean it for me i read our when aidan borrow money that carvel in better
so it means
you you are rain
you are the heat
your the tenderness in my heart and you are the pain when i stick my finger in the fire
i see now this is what we humans color

and as i
sherry with the yoga room group the other night
the pain of love is the greatest joy

there's other guys
the ancestor a saga says as the greatest joy

there's joy and love to
but it's the joy of the pain of love that he felt was
the grandest of all

i hope today was painful enough for you
any other offerings today yes
going to see
to see wire
could you here
denise pretty common currency

in going to water going to seed going to see if water can unplanned me
thank you

thank you thank you thank you