The Womb of the Tathagata #3: Our Buddha Nature Precepts

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Verifying the truth of the teachings through words and phrases

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ah picture that arises
and consciousness his heart disease process
there's a buddha mind
the source of which is these bodies out for precepts
and there's this body sought for mind and the source of the body sought for mind is the bodhisattva precepts
and then there's the
see a body surface
and the bodhisattva precepts is the sierra bodhisattvas
and as buddha mind
somehow has given rise to
the early teachings of the tradition
which were for people in the early times
who are usually addicted
to a belief and self
and this belief itself
they used
sort of to try to have to try to deal with all life's problems
and many of life's problems were associated with addictive use of the idea of us independent self of a person
and also they had an addiction to believing in an independent existence of elements that compose persons so buddha
one story is that buddha
offered the teaching up
not self
sometimes is a no self but not so great because it's not that there's no self but rather there's not that self
the the self you're addicted to there's no such thing
as that one
so he taught them not bad not that self
not so
and then after a while
some people who had gotten over their addiction to the belief an independent existence he then could teach them
about self and the self taught them was this
nature of all banks
and then and then there were these bodhisattva precepts
in the background of the teaching
of the buddha-nature and then after the teaching of the buddha nature
there was the teaching of the bodhisattva precepts again
and is my honor
grip shares were wonderful and
ah on a much bigger scale and just in terms of most of the early scriptures are my a few pages or maybe some more like fifty pages of something is my honest or drizzle
sometimes hundreds of thousands of pages
and they created a
what a call today
a magnificent realm
a magnificent realm which opened onto the inconceivable buddha mind
and this teaching
i was at risk
and sometimes people slipped succumbed to the risk of irrationalism so receiving this inconceivable
teaching which cannot be grasped by human consciousness some people slipped into a kind of here rationalism which was not correct understanding of this inconceivable teaching and another thing that this were at risk of and slipped into sometimes
was and know aneurysm in other words
being against normative teachings or thinking that the precepts were not relevant
what precepts whatever precepts they had received earlier from buddha
and maybe even later precepts
and so there arose at various places in the world of our people venerated and studied the my on a surgeries there arose some scholarly study some rational study of these my on and teachings
to protect beings from irrationalism and and you know me aneurysm

and then after we have the rational
intellectual scholarly
response to the irrationalism that some people slipped into and the anti no mechanism then again there is a return to the mahayana mind a buddha that is inconceivable
and then there is a return to the scholarly so the rational and non rational
i say need to be turning on each other or rational and not rational but not rational is not irrational
it's just the background of rational
so the alternation between
ah the mystical
and the rational i feel is a characteristic of the border way
the mysterious and the rational
the mysterious and the reasoning
so this this bodhisattva precepts of are transcending ah
early and later teaching their transcending good and evil but there
expressed in terms of rationally dealing with good and evil
but their source is transcendent of good and evil and to where the demonstrate transcendence of good and evil is to talk about good and evil
the bodhisattva precepts transcend existence and non-existence and by practicing the bodhisattva precepts we can demonstrate they transcendence of existence and non-existence by discussing existence or non acts
you can also discussed existence and non-existence if you have not transcended them and then that would be that would demonstrate that you haven't transcended them
if you haven't transcended duality and you discuss it
it will show that you haven't transcended it the discussion
but you can also verify it's possible for us to verify that we've transcended dualities by discussion dualities
and so although there may be mysticism or inconceivable dimensions of the buddhist teaching we need to prove it
as the buddha's teaching
by bringing it into discussion in language
by bringing it into conversation so i bring you this teaching that is that the source of buddhism the source of bodhisattvas are these
and that these precepts are in accord with the teaching that our original nature is pure and from this pure original nature companies precepts and we need to be able to discuss these precepts and realms that are not pure in order to demonstrate realization of
of the mind which is written my pure
this is the scientific incense the scientific aspect of the process
is that we don't just transcend
enter the logic
in conversation with all beings to demonstrate the validity of the logic
the word logic means word
right but it also means meaning
and the the word dialogic
means the flow of meaning or the flow of the words so by dialoguing about these teachings
by dialoguing and conversing with these words we can verify
that which is prior to meeting and prior to words
so this is again
was called exhortation an exhortation to study
our original nature
which is pure and to study the precepts which are for those who have such a nature and to dialogue about these precepts in duality to verify to prove transcendence of duality
and i it's possible that this dialogue is now has now started and will continue and you're invited to participate in it
all the while
all the while
listening to the cries of the world
being grounded and listening to the cries of the world while we have this conversation all the while observing all living beings with eyes of compassion
at our ongoing grounding practice
all the while observing dualistic
thinking to a holistic life which is suffering
me separate from you is suffering
eyes of compassion observe may separate from you you separate from him or her
sentient beings are into separation into duality into existence and non-existence into good and evil into birth and death therein to it
and we observed them with eyes of compassion so we're grounded in the mud of human of a of sentient life and now we have a teaching which says
six with among ourselves about our original nature but don't forget the superficial dualistic nature

well maybe we'll continue to have this
nice meetings that no abode and was to have worked period and everything
so you can you know be grounded in that will have lunchtime
but the teachings will be you know dealing with this awesome topic
what's the awesome topic these buddha nature precepts
which are said to be for all of us
and it will be to deal with the teaching that our original nature's pure
and other teachings which flow from that which suggest things like we're all gonna realize this
or all no matter what we're doing on the path of realizing this
together in conversation
with words with language which is
it's suffering and
we need to use suffering to free beings from suffering we need to use language to free beings from language
could you hear me okay
don't kind of for me
this is my first experience with


this is the way
since you're saying
also earlier

in our official
my hair is some sort of came to me that's what we do
we're doing
feeling i say
soft strips
chiefs in the teachings and i'm spoke about fabric
rain or not layers upon
i have four sons
thank you and that reminds me
that in the early
in earlier times and also up till now
the buddha way as sometimes been presented as a path a five part path
the first part is called the path of equipment

or in sanskrit is called a keeper hey
right hockey pada akhir kata kata kata how does a street has banished
but how do you say street
like occupy k in sanskrit right
and it's and in spanish as called
somebody marga
which means getting you're getting your equipment together
it's the path of getting your equipment together so we're kind of were getting the equipment together now
we're getting packed up and loaded up with the requisites can order to embark on the for next for paths the next path is a path of concerted effort in spanish pro yoga marga
it's a spanish
maybe that's sanskrit prior yoga margot
per hour yoga means yoga you know yoga and then pride yoga's like get into it yoga the path of concerted yogic effort by for story after we have to get packed up got to get our equipment and i'm i'm i'm working with you to develop the equipment to
go on this path of considered effort and then there's the path of seeing
where we will see
our original nature
and then the next path is the path of sometimes called cultivation or meditation where will integrate the vision of our original nature into our daily life
and then we'll be on the path beyond training a bodhisattva path after you trained it's gonna take awhile
it's going to take quite awhile to get the equipment together but today was today and last time where the equipping phase

know about our i

what's the and reia
ah with what's the i
i incorporated yeah that perfect recreational equipment incorporated
this is about incorporating this equipment into your body so that we can you know with putting aside our sutras we can like choosing
make the effort
of what of applying this this equipment to our moment by moment experience so
to let a good example of the this is a tanker painting of the path and equipment
so i know just i'm looking for some diamonds and kindness to have to or what's happening right now world
and town
especially we have these teachings are now going beyond existence or non-existence of and i'm trying to find my bearings in this time of climate change when a lot of species forms of life are threatened or disappearing
and a lot more are probably going to disappear soon
and there is a natural usually a cycle of time in which the extinction happens that is being accelerated
and so i find myself probably going to either extreme what are the extremes what are the extremes all of the extreme a feeling overwhelmed shut down angry helpless about the last life or the other extreme of going thinking wow
you know about life passes you know everything is born and dies one of species are going to die but that's the flow of like that feels a little funny and sodas
yeah so that's why we start
we didn't we continue to practice observing sentient beings as our basic practice
listen to these cries and listening his cries when has done wholeheartedly
i will protect us from writing off the cries or becoming depressed
note even if there is depression still we can observe that and not write that off or get depressed about that i'm depressed but i'm joyful because i observed my depression with eyes of compassion i'm like group you know i'm really depressed and i'm really joyful we can be really depress
est and really joyful
just like we can be with people who are really depressed and be really joyful not that they're depressed but that were with them and no matter how depressed to get we're going to hang in there with them we can have worse to ties time we can have courage
the courage to stay present with all the depression
it was when we can't stay with all the depression
we can learn to have the courage to be with
all these cries that you're telling us about and to beater joyfully
and not
yeah not
an ex extinguish ourselves
and not extinguish ourselves in two ways one is give up the other is right off
that's a basic practice
and in that basic practice have been grounded in crisis after crisis after crisis which is normal
that we have crisis after crisis than we also consider the possibility of getting some equipment
to deal with the crisis which we are not run it turning away from or wallowing in

and listened to the some of the cries are i'm not doing enough am i doing enough you're not doing enough does it no more other cries to listen to
some people are actually hearing the voice which is you're not doing enough the voice of their hangers you're not doing enough and what that voices referring to is or not they're not doing enough to
to frustrate people like you who are concerned about species extinction they're not doing enough to shut you up
some people say am i doing enough to shut burn up there wondering about that because they want you to shut up because you you're buckingham
you know they think you're a troublemaker they want you to shut up and there's such a troublemaker that they're getting depressed about you
so they're thinking i'm actually writing you off or either couldn't be depressed or writing you off so they also need to be compassionate towards you
cashier like greenie hundred different page from them
and you need to be compassionate with them so you to aren't on a different page from them
and these teachings are for them
and for you
because there for all of us
and all of us had the same nature and how can we use this nature this realization that and realization of nature will
what it will enable us
to realize
this nature and realizing this nature will save
all beings that's the proposal and
how about proving it
how are proving that this realization of our true nature is what saves beings living beings are numberless i about a save i'm not his i this i is my original i
and so i want to save me all the species and i want to save the people who are not interested in saving species does a species of not interested in that
i want to save them to that i is my original nature and your original nature i need to realize that are and then if i realize it then or i can say some is hard to say if i realize that then can i prove
can i prove that is realized by being able to have a dialogue with the people who are at different agendas that will be one of the main proofs
in the meantime doing the best you can dialogue
while we aspire to be able to do better at dialoguing with other people who disagree with us who are different sufferings than we do
so i'm proposing that but i'm also saying call me to account to prove it
and if i can't prove it call me to account again and again please do that
to support me to realize what will save all sentient beings and when you push me you will join that process
that's the piece of equipment for you to try out but like an yeah you get to try to stuff out and if you don't like he can return it
right it can return the equipment after you try it it doesn't work
help you try it out try to criminal and and maybe you're not using a right or maybe this is a broken one way in which here's the equipment
quitman number one listen to the cries of the world observe all living beings with eyes of compassion that's basic equipment and then we have other equipment
okay let's try it out and if you don't think you've got it that's part of learning how to use it and if you're convinced you don't want to try and return it and will give his mother criminal
so this is like get it we're getting we're getting equipped we're getting ready for a great adventure
great bodhisattva adventure
we're sitting on a climate volcano
yeah to climb the volcano and were sitting on a our climate volcano
right and we're going to climate volcano and the book and impeccable kenneth also energizing us the climate
so fortunately this teaching is energizing us
it's not because we have energy this teaching is giving us energy to study it
and the point of studying it is that it will lead to realization which will save all sentient beings
i can see him
to get he make people think like to think
well actually it is a good it could be a good way to start by you tell me i guess what
i've got this impulse to convince you to think are either in that far out can you believe it drives the random act cuckoo yeah and the britain might say you are really sick monster to think that you can can give me to think the way you do that only would be possible if you already thought the way i did
so that's such a person as i as you who wants to get certain people to think like you you this teaching is for you
and it will help you give that up and realize your nature and with the aid of your nature everybody will think the way you do in other words everybody will realize their nature
that it that is what we're going to realize
we're going to realize our nature together with everybody that our nature is that we've do it with everybody we don't just do it with some people
we include the people who they want to do it with some people
the yeah we can have a conversation about what constitutes proof and also the proof will be realized in conversation both
that's right that's right
maybe another time
maybe this is just a and equipping session when we have several equipping sessions that one of them may be focusing on having a conversation about what kind of conversation
his verification
milan is wonderful that you are may your good health continue
so that you can continue you're curious investigation of what kind of conversation constitutes verification
to actually be what is mysterious is that the war he mentions
that's that's you got it that's what it is you have no said you have no sense of it
yeah that's that you are you are no demonstrating
the mysterious
why do we use that word what pardon use that word
why it's why are you i don't know why used to i don't know why i used it but i did use it and it worked on you
the state you're demonstrating his is the purpose of that word
and you can like get bored with this and switch from that state to one where you don't know what's going on and you do have a sense of it
it's all unknown so why would we use all these voices
is to help you face the unknown
and once you face it is to help you tell people about why you can't tell him
i didn't i didn't say mysterious about it you just you just told me what mysterious was you just demonstrated you have no i you have no sense of it
so for example the some people is strange you know but they actually aspire to complete perfect enlightenment and they have no idea of it
the it's a total mystery to them and they go right ahead and aspire to it they wanna be a great bodhisattva they don't know what it is and they aspire to it
they aspire to something which is mysterious to them
i don't know about you but some people some people aspire to things that they do not know what it is
like they aspired to
the salvation of all sentient beings they aspire to it and that's the salvation of all sentient beings has a mysterious dimension
is what would that what would that be hits like inconceivable but we can also have a conversation about it
and use logos use words
in such a way that is a floor or leaning because again logos means meaning adwords use words in a meaning for or meaning ah encouraging way so you're talking to me and so far are getting no meaning
but we will you just hang in there
we aspire to be something always are necessarily not quite sure what we're aspiring in says that know
do you did did you say are we always doing that
yeah pretty much like as gert sometimes little girls aspire to be a mother then they read they don't have they don't understand what that is to have some idea we have some idea of what buddhists like
but really we don't really know so you do aspire to be on
a forest fire extinguisher we expire to be a doctor a psychiatrist a mother we kind of a wii and wii m and we know we're not there yet
but also when your lip when you're a mature you think i'm not i want to be i wanna be a mommy
and i'm not a mommy it but i do want to be one and the an amateur a person thinks they know what a mommy is but they don't
as as the girl grows up she realized she still wants to be a mommy
but she realized she doesn't really know it it is
and then which is actually his mommy she still wants to be a mommy and she knows even better that she doesn't know what it is but you still wants to be it and same with dad he's and bodhisattvas we do want to be something for various reasons various reasons contributors to our having aspirations
and we sometimes know we're not there yet
but we in a immature state we think we know where we're going in a mature state we realise whatever we're aspiring to we don't really know what it is and we go right ahead and aspired to it so it applies to everything we aspire to yes
in that way which this mature aspiration has more humility in it
but the humility doesn't undermine us in an energized as this
because we're opening to the mysterious of the process and all kinds of resources from the unknown and the other are coming to the south
which is
yeah it's like marvelous and actually kind of funny
early i sang all the while and all the while when you're doing this stuff all the while
you're listening to the cries of the world
and i that's echoing from a poem
which is
this leaky tumbledown grass hut
left opening for the moon
now i see it
all the while
it was reflected in the teardrops fallen on my sleeve
just keep listening and watching the teardrops and you will see the moon

thank you very much please forgive me for going over the usual time i hope to ride