The Womb of the Tathagata #4

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Opportunities for compassion - with friends and enemies; the story of the destitute son from the Lotus Sutra

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which we just recited was written by

i think he says something like ah we should be we have the opportunity to be compassionate towards fools did some my that member
if for for should appear this is an opportunity for compassion and then if the for started to become our sworn enemy this would be another
opportunity for compassion
and this is like their ob is as an avatar
of the buddha come to us and saying here's an opportunity for compassion in the form of a sworn enemy
i've sometimes we might think someone's an enemy and precheck with them they say no i'm not your enemy i'm your friend i were talking about this i'm somebody who actually says yeah i am your enemy that's right i am
while they're both calling for compassion both the sworn enemy and the person who tells us i'm your friend they're both climb for compassion are both giving us an opportunity to realize maturity and buddha's wisdom
when we have maturity and buddha's wisdom we will be able to respond and very wonderful ways to sworn enemies and sworn friends
will be able to respond in a way that appropriate to their awakening
we will become awake
when we respond when we see what they're giving us as an opportunity for compassion we will become buddha
and when we're buddha will be able to teach others to do the same we can start now
spreading this teaching
but will be more effective
in transmitting it
when we have maturity and buddha's wisdom which comes them in the maturity of it means that we almost never would be fooled by anything into thinking that this is not calling for compassion
or i'm thinking that i'm not calling for compassion right now i'm calling for compassion as so i must know if i am right do you see me calling for compassion
you don't
and when i tell you i am
you consider
yes please consider that i'm calling for compassion
of course
if i call for it and you give it to me i might be spoiled rotten
but coin for compassion could include that you tell me i'm a spoiled brat
that could come from compassionate you can say that to me
and i and i might be able to see
thank you so much for saying that i
i needed that

and the story i'm i told this morning someone said that they appreciated the talk but they didn't understand the story

it was a story about two people walking
along on a road
and a white rabbit ran across the road
and the white rabbit ran fast across the road and maybe the story when fast across the road to

there's more stories about these two people and most of them have the following form they're walking along together and they see something and one of them asked the other one what's that about
in this case that question was not given
but the uncle me said what it was about anyway so you're walking down the road a rabbit runs across what's that about
and he said it's about
well first of all his swift
that's where it's about
and then war what you mean by swift
and he didn't say swift from one side of the road to the other he said swift like
in prime minister
before you become prime minister you become
an advanced minister a high minister before that a medium minister and then before that a law minister and so on usually it's not go directly from one to the other
by this case it was like going from one side of the road to the other like going from being a peasant to a prime minister like that
but ah
don't shine said who
such a venerable old fellow still says
still talks like that or what about you

you can say after generations of being prime ministers
temporarily fallen into poverty
and then in poverty you could then quickly maybe are slowly return to prime ministership
but this is saying you're temporarily fallen
into poverty after generations of great wealth
you don't have to get rich again you're already in a prime minister family
it's not a matter of quickly or slowly you're already there
but because of your poverty it's hard for you to see your wealth

i'm saying that
and when you see when your temporary fallen into poverty
are your temporarily and one side of the road of the other
you might think you could rapidly get rich or gradually get rich
which both are true but what you might not understand is that you're already rich and you're so rich that
you can be poor and not lose your basic nobility
poverty can make it hard for us to see our nobility
but if we practice compassion towards our poverty we will see our nobility and our greatest nobility is on our nobility is not the slightest bit separate from poverty
so we need to be kind to our poverty in order to wake up to our nature
in our current nature is that way our
purely novel beings
who are associated with poverty
and all the forms of poverty that come to us
our skillful devices
trying to get us to learn how to be compassionate towards them
and some people are rich but they don't understand it their wealth is also calling for compassion
so even though they're rich they don't realize that if you the you took away all their wealth he wouldn't have in it it wouldn't change our basic situation

but most of us don't have that problem or maybe we do
young men we do maybe a lot of us feel like
if all if our wealth was taken away we might not be able to say thank you so very much i have no complaints whatsoever
maybe we would have trouble doing that if our wealth was taken away
and i'm not asking anybody to burn this place down but if it did
it might be hard for us to say oh
this is calling for compassion not calling for blame
the fire department comes out and tells us cut the grass around the house thank you amanda for cutting the grass to cut my grass today
you aren't hogging a job are you
everyone is well
the fire department wants us to cut the grass around the house amanda's doing that thank you amanda
so we're trying to take care of this place
we're trying to be compassionate to it and one of the ways we try to do that express that
our art is by cutting the grass around it
and so on
if there's a fire
certainly that fires calling for compassion
oh here's another story

this case sets it's the one where
if france
you know he was friends he was shoveling her
i do as a matter of fact this story i just told is basically referring to that story

so this the story is told you
is a story where
one of the monks dung sean is referring to this other story was jack is bringing out
so the summer it the summary of this other story is after generations of
great wealth and nobility temporarily fallen into poverty it's referring to a story in the lotus sutra where this young person usually said to be a boy wanders away from his home
and he becomes lost and can't find his way home
and the longer he wanders the more destitute he becomes
and in the beginning the story they don't tell us that his his family was very wealthy

thank you
many what he wanders and wanders to wanders for fifty years so by that time is
got quite a bit older so maybe he's fifty five or sixty
anyway he's lost a destitute his emaciated he's filthy
and then by and why is gone
when it was then and then the story goes back to his his parents who are constants who are looking for him all the time constantly thinking of him wondering where he is wanted him to come back
and they are and have become even more sort of like inconceivably wealthy

which is our basic situation we are inconceivably wealthy the whole universe is supporting us and we're and we're sharing our wealth with our universe that's our basic situation and the there they have realized it and they still want their
they want a boy to come back they went there girl to come back and receive this and
by chance after this long period time he wanders into the place where his parents live
and as he get close to their house which is a grand palace he sees it
and he he thinks oh
oh i'm not in a good neighborhood
like if you find yourself in brentwood or something like that
driving security people driving around
check and see if anybody unusual as on the streets anyway he felt like if those people see me i think if actually saw as parents in their attendance if they see me they they might apprehend me and force me into labor
our even i don't know what
and so he he he says i better get outta here
meantime his parents see him
and are overjoyed and they send their
servants their attendance down to
apprehend their son and bring 'em up to the palace he sees these a is coming all dressed very nicely and he thinks they're coming in to you know apprehend him and put him into this forced labor and he gets a so afraid he passes out
and then is
his parents say oh i get it
he can't believe that these people are coming to bring him home
so is it tells us attentively him alone
sprinkle them with
herg wouldn't call assaults ammonia
oerlikon smelling salts so give us smelling salts and sprinkle some water on him and tell him he's free to go and so they do or they do revive him and tell him and go and he's so happy he's so happy that he can go in your runs away
and if so something like i think it says the first time it says and he feels like a gotten something he never had before he was worried about being you know and big trouble and but nice his had a little bit of a release from this trouble
and he's very happy and then as finally gets his idea and i believe his father dresses up in rags
dirty rags and puts i think maybe dirt on his face and stuff and it goes down and finds a son
and says hey man i got a job for you
know i'll give you food and and housing if you do this job which is shoveling
elephant dung
and the sun is very happy doesn't recognize his father the sun's very happy to have this job and he accepts it and goes to work and does get food and clothes food and housing
and he does that for a long time
and then the father goes back to again and says something like you've been working here a long time in the sun goes moo and you doing a good job and son goes who
and i'd like you to be sort of in charge of this
excrement shoveling crew for the since okay and on you know and i'll give you a raise and so on to
and if you need anything just let me know
and he accepts that and he works at down is very happy and his confidence is building
he's he's coming from extreme poverty but he's he's getting some confidence that he
he could be skillful him and
and wealthy
temporarily fallen into poverty but he's he's actually originally and is very wealthy family
and he's kept getting confidence he can't quite believe it yet but it's getting more and more confidence finally after a long time further his father come down and invited to come up into the house where he was afraid to even be near before and learn about the business of the house
so this in this house we have you know stables to but we also have us the main house where you know we handle a lotta stuff of our business a lot of jewels a lot of negotiations with
the leaders of the country they all come here and i want you to learn from a business and the sun says he's got campus do it so he does that and he becomes even more competent
and then his father says you know you're like a son to me and he can hear that
and then finally it he invites or
these are leaders and of the country to come and witness that he's gonna he's not telling them this young man actually is my son
and always has been and now he can listen to that
but it wasn't like kit in know him he had to go through the process of training but really he was always his son
so it isn't really like a commoner becoming
a prime minister it's like a common are waking up
to their buddha nature
but sometimes we have to shovel a lot of stuff
and enjoy it
and be grateful that we at this job of shoveling stuff and be patient with it and tender with it and enthusiastic with it and com with it until we can realize oh
i had this nature this buddha nature which is temporarily fallen in poverty and
ultimate truth
and now we're hearing about this but by practicing
joyfully and more and more confidently dealing with this the excrement
with all the terrible things that appear in diluted consciousness by dealing with them with kindness in the form of generosity and being careful and patient and enthusiastic and com
we awaken to our original fundamental state
and then we can help others do the same
so that store at the long version of temporarily
originally are fundamentally in a noble
in the normal situation we are all of us is the context of the buddha the buddha we are or the buddha is born and grows up and is realized
where the woman but also another factor in this making the buddha is a buddha who is sending dharma to us while we're in this room of sentient beings
we're in this womb of buddha nature
but we're also getting teachings which help us be grateful for this opportunity
and part of the excrement is not been grateful
so for now grateful we practice compassion towards not been grateful
a more practice compassion toward not the ungrateful we discover
the the truth in
not been grateful
and also the truth can be grateful grateful also
that's true and
so that was a that ah but jack you've requested that was a short version of that too
but that is very much about that story we had this training program
and see if you can be grateful for this training program this training program is not reality is training program is
skill and means it's opportunities to express buddha way in response to this opportunity
so we can have developed more and more confidence and be more and more ready
to accept the overwhelming love
of this world
but not by pushing away
the images of
small scale love
or even
large scale cruelty
but to meet them
as oh hey here's a job or shoveling the excrement of cruelty is a job for you they want to shovel it yeah we'll pay you to deal with this
this excrement
excrement of human delusion will pay you to take care of this and you'll get more and more confident that you can take care of this cruelty
this terror
we'll train you to be good at dealing with it
and will know in walls of feed you
they can keep working

thank you for doing this work
thanks you

it's not really true i i'm like to say but i must say it anyway i've never been so insulted in my life
that's not true