The Womb of the Tathagata #5

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Meeting a teacher, asking about the teaching and listening to the teaching. Bodies and minds sitting silently and conversing.

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he then when he hadn't really thought that's part of the practice was to our conversations about the practice
with the song and the teachers
now now you know you've heard about that and
what is quite fantastic about pick of new dimension
practice be a conversation piece
and had the conversation pieces a practice

i mentioned to him that we have this expression
yeah the japanese expression
coming from
an ancestor named dogan which in japanese is sun sunshine multiple
sign means to visit core
practice or meet
and she is teach yourself or spark discussion as to go make to teach you
second part is mom paul which translates as
to ask about to to ask about
the truth
the buddha's
also more pokemon be understood as in addition to ask about the teaching to listen to teach teaching the word character move means to ask henderson
so part of the practice is to go make a teacher
and listen to the teaching and ask about to teach you
but also
to be listened it to
and to be asked
people may be quite familiar with listening to the teaching coming out of the teachers mouth
some that because me to take a listen to the teaching commander the teachers mouth but also a teacher might ask new questions
about the border done
let's fire the practice
ask and listen to the teaching
to be asked and listened to about the teacher

many times people have asked me do you need a teacher is in
and i usually say yes
are we need teachers to do this practice of him
listening to the teaching and asking about the teaching they listened to me the teacher will listen to us
and to ask us to talk to us but
are we understand the time

and the ancestor says that this this is part of the practice
so some people the other private practice is called wholeheartedly sitting
like really like being present with your body and mind for having a present body and mind is also
the practice practice has these two parts one is
a present with yourself your body and mind being present with us the other a conversation
between your body and mind and another body and mind or many sawdust of two parts
they really hit the mark
they really hit the spot
after the boy down the two together
so earlier this morning
you are practicing
being present at your seat
and the see where we sit her
i would say is the
the place of awakening
if you're sitting at the place of awakening being present
your body and find a big presence as your body mind
and now we're doing them
the listening and the asking
face to face part
so get some people a lot of people think that they can practice by themselves just sitting
and then they wake up hope
there's another aspect
it isn't just sitting it's also meeting somebody and listening to the teaching and asking about the teacher in false of that
this both
and these two are not actually suffrage
there one thing waking up to itself
so by practicing meeting with the teacher
and listening to the teacher
we come to understand that one work
wholeheartedly sitting
the point where wholeheartedly a presence body and mind
but that's a conversation
so now i'm having a conversation with you and you're having a conversation with me and in this conversation
i'm asserting that when you're sitting in silence and stillness but that's a conversation
i'm saying that to you
so that you could wake up when you're sitting
this will help you wake up to two you're sitting being a conversation
pretty soon i must stop talking and get a chance to sit again
he got this message to take to your ceiling
it's like a time bomb
below appeared
you're awakened mind to more and more full inflation
and there goes the other way
sitting is necessary
in our to wake up to
the truth that when you're having a conversation
actually that is sitting
the conversation is actually sitting still and silent
the senate can help you wake up and say you can realize that there was that they're sitting in the conversation and the conversation can help you wake up to that this a conversation in the city
whenever so some people think i've been practicing sitting for many years at my house it's been good
i was all by myself now i realize that
there's another part of the practice called a conversation with the teach her about the dharma this is great
then sometime later the person says realizes all those years i've practiced month by myself i wasn't practicing by myself
all those years i was sitting in my house with no one else around i was in conversation
with all beings while i was sitting

so these two sides work together
it's very nice we have these we we're we're an acting that here

now another part this i've talked to somebody answer by recently
different conversation different person
maybe even a different gender of person
i tried talking about this before but now my big good time to say it again because
it's kind of surprising when i when i i'm saying is that
just like sitting along you're actually a conversation and when you're in conversation you're actually sitting alone all one alone is all wandering
just like that
why dear colleague to someone when you're talking to someone you're also listening

i'm calling to you
and not only am i calling i'm also listening
not only am i calling the calling is listening
call he is listening
i'm calling and i'm listening
and you're listening
and your coleman
and some people might have trouble understanding how they're calling right now if they're not talking
for a few seconds i was quiet as you see that

that time the pause was laundered as you see that there was a part i wasn't talking to to see it did you observe my silence
did you listen to my silence did you hear my silence
did you hear that silence
you're listening to my silence
i'm listening to years
an army show made some sunk and i heard it
when maybe not so easy to understand is submitted michelle's so his coffee was a call
it may be hard for you to understand standard during my silence that you were listening to
hey i say you were listening to my silence

but it may be a surprise to hear that while i was silent i was calling to
and i'm proposing that i was when i'm silent with you i'm calling to you
and in my silence i'm listening to you
when i'm talking i'm calling to you and listening to you when i'm silent i've called here and listening to you
when you're silent listening to me you're calling to me when you speak to me you're calling to me and listening to yourself and me all the time it's kind of like there's an opportunity here to wake up to this
this is the reality
of the buddha mind

you been calling to me
i've been listening
and i responded to your call
my listening to your call
and i responded to a call by speaking

and so far except for michelle cloth you respond to my call
but not speak but even though you weren't speaking your silence was a call your silence is a call your silence is a call and i'm in a published keep saying that for a while
except i didn't
i changed to i'm a publicly saying that
i just about yes are you calling i am a she's holiday is a form of a hand gesture and then now calling it the funding the laugh
so you're kind for compassion i'm calling her compassion you have been online for compact your colleague for compassion
when i'm silent and calling for compassion
i i came here and this morning and i sat with you sat on the seat and i call for compassion and the compassion was here isn't that nice and guess who gave it to me
numerous the universe each one of you gave me compassion that i call for thank you very much now if i hadn't called for i would be living in a different world from the buddha's
but i don't live in a different world from the buddha's because you can't get out of the buddhist world
would a track you down wherever you are and slap you with
compassion you can't get away from buddhist compassion
is impossible
people and tried but nobody succeeded
and even though they try to do not succeed they said i succeeded i got away from buddhist compassion i was like living my life and nobody was compassionate to me eyesight you know nobody some people do that and that's the course big call

what many comment on mike mike my it is the here is an experienced with you're saying is true and your kind words
can be the next second for hunters not here i'm i'm literally sleep
i'm literally asleep yeah i mean their presence everything is you know exactly as you're saying and then there's i'm gone there there's you get distracted an estimate the yes in a
dreamland you go to dreamland yes dreamland dreamland he goes to dreamland and in dreamland it's like a paul we got other things for you to deal with other than that you don't need we don't need you to meditate on this teaching what we need you to do is blah blah
not even really coming back not even really aware of with dream was that kind of where it was now sometimes it's hard to remember dreams when you wake up wake up because
yeah that's part of the deal
that one way drift off into a dream of something other than the buddha's teaching at that very time in that dream we might think i'm not calling for buddha's teaching right now
i'm calling for something else
although gonna be that wouldn't wait and i am commander
husky with use go see if you can find a little black box
near those sailboats
despite sailboats in the ducks on room
oh those are going to marina would
it's a marine and yeah
a picnic
these samples floated the sky their part of a hobby on which
i recently fell apart when i opened the door giving
to the deck the wind blew them apart but we process of repairing immobile slip the
the sale was can be up in the sky again
and i was gonna say to you that we forgot to record this talk so it's probably going to be really good one
but now i see that there's a record your here if so improbable particular
a good ones don't get record
there's something
is there some other than the buddhist teaching there is nothing other than the buddha's teaching
the middle part of buddhist teachings to sake that's not good as teaching
our list yeah that's not the true dharma for example

don't have
if you've got the buddha dharma you have a teaching have refrained from all evil if you don't have that teaching is not to chicago but we do at that teaching so used to down

the cocaine evil is forgetting evil
depends on what you forgetting if you forget how stupid everybody is that manual
the interaction if you forget how worthless everybody is that's not evil
if you forget to distract yourself best known him
i couldn't describe myself i had a chance to enjoy myself i just kept paying attention i missed an opportunity to be distracted how's that friends
i think it's funny that he never get distracted from the rescue your life from the teacher
don't be okay with other people will take care of a job for you

yes would you tell me an elegant emily emily
teresa di
you're dead teacher is calling yes
then teacher called and you're dead teacher is listening
and you're calling to your dead teacher
and you're listening to your get teacher and i'm call into your teach you and your dead teachers listening to me
of course different
re had when your teacher was alive
it's different when everybody's listening to me and their unique way
at this moment
everybody's calling to me and their unique way of this mom
and i'm listening to everybody my listening to everybody
and everybody calling me
and me calling everybody
and everybody listening to me that is my wife
and when i died
when we when reduce his death thing it'll be the same
and this is the buddha mind which you can get away from
but you can be distracted and also you can even not have heard a lot
most people have not even heard the teaching
but everybody's calling everybody
people have heard the have hundred and teaching what to have heard is their good which says i'm calling some people and not others
what's your name a lady with the can read or share
yeah laura would you say hurt the hair is kind of rubbish
i just call it a learn and she answered me

but also larkhall to me that's why
call to her
anyway a lot of people have not heard his teaching
but they do have the thought i sometimes call some people
but i don't all the time called all the people
must have been not that you sometimes called some people right
most of you call somebody
and you know and you think that you do it right
nine safe avoid just that's right you do
and sometimes people listened to you when you called right most people think that i was sometimes listen to it when that's right new words that burn your gotta is just a it's that's totally true that's totally the case i wouldn't say that the i wouldn't even say that that's totally
true that's probably the way things are and things being what is the truth
and that's the buddha mind
which we can't get away from
which we have right now and we had the opportunity to take care
and we are taken care of it will all take care of it in a unique way from a unique
i'm awakening

at how many be heard of the word dojo raise your hand
so what is you mean
how track record straight or not training hall practice place
literally doorways miss the path or awakening
turkey's character door down used the way but also buddhism also means
and it also means in chinese to speak
joe joe joe joe joe is the place so it's a place of the way but if the place for awakening and in then each person seat so we had the zendo is building is a dodger right
this is a place of awakening but heat person seat
here's a dojo
and as a chinese translation
a sanskrit word com body mandola her body maanda
it's the boat is awakening and under like is like the circle of the seat for the awakening
each person wherever you are even if you're walking down the street you're walking every step
at the practice place
at the training hall
at the place of awakening
and everybody's calling you to take care of course please take care of your body mondo
please take care of the place where awakening is happening
and your unique place
please accept your responsibility to your points and your time
everybody's asking you to do that
you're asking everybody to help you everybody is helping you by asking you you're listening to everybody has to
and your training to open this
infinite requested you're making up the universe to do the same
and also to help you practice

i had a thought which is that
you're calling for me to be quiet
and then i
said banking
now i'm saying that
the call is it are calling
and you're calling out
then on always
i one
and i wonder did you say did you say beings are calling out
and they don't know what they weren't yes i think that's ways that do not always clear what what the request is yeah like somebody might say for example they might say
do not be compassionate to to me they may say that
they're calling for comparison and the way they express it is do not be compassionate to me
or it might say i hate your granddaddy
the that's the way they might cough for compassion is by saying i don't want it
yeah they don't know they want compassion yeah and then and like a golf and use example of my grandson he's having breakfast in l a and he's been witnessed by his grandfather
he has to on this but one of miss me and that one that's me was watching him eat breakfast
the showering him with adoration appreciation and devotion and you know
and he sprinkles his face up and says would you please stop staring at me
right now at that moment he's feeling hassled by my adoration and he is calling for compassion for me to lighten it up to give him a break from this been
it is golden beam of adoration give me a break granddaddy i'm uncomfortable with all this and he and he's many he doesn't know he's asking for me to give him a break so i do i look at the sealer
he asked for me to stop looking out him like that and i do he would but he didn't have a know i'm calling for that weird guy to stop given me whatever that is is giving me isn't too much permitting received that and eat breakfast
with practice you can learn you can actually eat breakfast and receiver
but most people flee if i was receiving all that love i wouldn't be able lift my spoon or my fork so give me a break i want to eat i don't want all that love i want
a new cheerios
so he calls for my eye gift of looking away from them and i do and then when and he gets it and she gets it he was he said he starts talking to me again and he allows me to not talking but he needs he needed a compassionate the former turning the intensity down
a little bit but he didn't know he's asking for compassion
are you seem like he was
and if somebody says i hate you doesn't sound like the sandwich please be compassionate to me but they are they want you to listen they want you to listen to them say i hate you they're saying that because they want you to hear i hate you and you can listen to it and then i feel like okay sorry i sent them to you but i'm still glad i
he listened to me so i can feel sorry i said it because feel full impact of talking that way to you doesn't really work if you're an inheritance but you know when i listened by think you heard it and i appreciate that
so yeah we're timed this is a process of waking up to buddha
with and buddhists are listening to everybody been called by everybody and their been called for compassion and wisdom
and they're giving him
and they're teaching other people that they're the same boat as are looking at us and saying you're just like me
you don't realize it yet
so we have this teaching which we say over another the buddha wakes up and says now i see that all living beings collie possess
buddha's wisdom
at times like a super
before would woke up footed in before buddha woke up good didn't know that everybody fully possessed would his wisdom good which them to see that everybody's possesses a and also to see but they have misconceptions and attachments and because of those they don't realize it as
and i used to have misconceptions and attachments and i didn't realize it now i realize it and salmon help them realize realize what what they've only got which is
the one god is that they're calling the everybody
the listening to a call by everybody and the sweeter that's buddhist wisdom that's when his wisdom and they mounted guided by because of attachments like to breakfast
i'm getting it on eating it we might see later on that fix give me a break from this automatic
and then again if you are given a break the new silky now
you can turn on again
so what i'm hearing is just shape and i
now you're just what is a ship you are and by the way he of the whole universe can not ship
i've been there and the whole universe is in the shape of not a new
so all of us
losers were wrong you how
and you're all of us as you not us that's your job and you earn a good job bundle
and you might be managed to get on different shapes on
oh yes
are you
as as
concern is story about the breakfast and could you please give me a break he didn't say give me a purchase yeah
the dataset we would you stop staring and happy to have been because it's a current mighty good a training mr know where the dial is why the stadium collins so happy for that beings don't know harass like the some way without
responding versus that much like in two men to men to how much is the right
that's the city
the sitting helps you realize the sitting is that you are the dive
the way you are right now is the dots fine tuning it you aren't know you are to danger and you are too near to you right now right that's what you are you are you are the to them to you are going to give you how you are how you are is that you'll be an to the way you are as are you
that's the dial so sitting is to is to sit this to let that dial be we let that thou be you know how to do this conversation
did you talk too much if i talked too much
it's because i'm not forty seven
when i'm probably sitting on top of the right now that's why they go together you gotta do the job of being you in order for you respond properly when i say what you please stop looking at me
if you're if you're doing your job you can do it i'm asking you to do
now if i'm not doing my job i didn't realize how our you've done your job to exactly what's appropriate time it costs so i'm responding with you
basically stop apparently has been eating i'll do that there was him being guided him that was the what he was that was perfect
yeah i think he was pretty good with that he can he said to said would you please stop staring at me then and then nice and i looked at the ceiling and he was there for that he saw that he was the boy resign you look at the ceiling and then he was ready for the next row
found in the interaction both of us i think did pretty well he's he's doing his job i'm going to my job and his job is to say this is too intense granddaddy can be a break i say okay he says that he says okay i'm up i'm up for another installment in this conversation
and then walker but we have to do job be rounded sonia
the dial is me be me
and maybe me
is that this dial is a conversation
but i have to planted be the dial i have to be at me in order to for a conversation that's why again we need we a conversation to realize you're sitting as a conversation
and we need silly to realize that the conversation when it's really working it's sitting everybody's him there
not just dialed in that everybody has the title everybody has a place is a body manoa everybody is a place of awakening so proud of our job is not accept responsibility for what's going on with your right now
and also you wake up quite a conversation
and when your conversation accept responsibility of the conversation until training at them
yes ah i'm the same conversation when you're sitting and your interaction is one person at a time i could see that i could see it's much easier to
but then i'm just thinking of your physician sitting there as there and then i see all everybody else everybody's in their own channel and then you sustaining the whole room as that ha
ah that's a line memes
yes if
it all if it looks impossible to me me just to that how could you do that it's a it just isn't it it appears impossible
i do it because everybody's helping me
i do not do it myself
everybody helps you to be the person who is this way i could not do it myself i do not make myself you may
and this yes i understand that but i'm saying is a
what is it that ah
allows us
i know the word is stillness that it just like a i feel like there's this stillness has to to
she'll be calm
who we are
he ordered to be able to ah sustain that in conversation with all the different channels each requires
tremendous amount of still is just almost
has got is this whole universe that's right when you to it is history
and that to to embody that the in the body of the human mind body that is to meet his luck
in can see it's just it's inconceivable
and is tremendous
those are words that are appropriate to him
so what you just said was true and then comment that it's impossible isn't a walk
it's not impossible
yes many artists on i asked why someone wants task you
somebody else somebody else's calling me in yes hill i was wondering if we say had when i owe my ask how
say that
because gives the same by all means
do you offer me a guy like the ground son your flesh and the air and plates when you say it all means you'll also me every thing every everything yes
and all these things that you mentioned are calling to me
and listening to me
and also come to you
then i'm just going to me they're gone you do
and you were called by them are called me that's how i exist
on the universe call it to the reverse meeting the universe giving rise to the universe where i am
i have heard responsibility in the surcharge which i'm training
which i'm training on by been devoted to the stitching
this teaching that i'm training at it and this teaching that
by training we can actually realize
what's already the case
and training seems to be required some the policy thing is a i made it we are made it to sort of ironic
beings who are the way they are and no other way and yet we have to practice it's a job to be ourselves even know we are we are it's also a responsibility to be our e r and b children when we were children we
we don't know how to accept and care for that responsibility somewhere in the process of growing up becoming more and more responsible
everything and why more responsible for everybody being responsible glass
so i am i'm devoted to teaching was get all of you are responsible to me and all of your are responsible to each other at the teaching and then how to accept the responsibility of teaching
and be responsible to you
the for helping you understand that and and being grateful to you to help me understand because i wouldn't be able to hear the teaching without me
and i do have you so i can hear the country
remember the teach this is a teacher to remember it says to me and saying to you
i guess the human mind because what i have to work at being how i am already
the way the way we are already are is that we have to work at being a mommy are because for howard burton
boot and so anyway it's effortless when you're hard working to get to hard to work hard
yes i i mean it's i have
the same time
the some habits and have a
play reality
that i really shouldn't have asked what
like you're saying that's not really who i am does this habit habitat
have a thing
have you noticed habits
with habits things appear in your mind when we should look familiar actually certain ways of behaving in a period of consciousness which looked familiar and kind of like
the not just familiar but life habitual you see things like that
and what are those things done
what is what is what did you hear those things are doing those happens when they doing
the hum
new the calling for compassion yeah the wrong
the time would be like to have a rotten attitude both
that's the pie
the waiter called night and fifty for way to call it might be have a right attitude that my physical
that's that's the way the call is being expressed to them time
and it is a cold call you
can be listened to with compassion
so all these habits are calling for compassion
am i talking about lena
all the habits are calling for compassion there's anything that's in your mind that's not a habit it's also common for compassion
like oh something just happened and i never saw anything like that before
hey this thing you know somebody for right i'm not a habit about this i'm a newcomer and i'm also a st telling you that all the things that she usually see are just like me they're also newcomers calling for compassion

now i'm calling you to say how you do
go to secondary
are you don't hurry of human
i feel better i feel better that being compassionate to the new have the said
my primary
that's actually better cheating and jeering the familiar and via any program
feel good about treating your habits with compassion
do credit because that had dispersed meets up with some of them
i have a great
at least civil liberty for them
how to cook usually first meet them them if somebody you usually made as a good i have been loaded onto sick of you
yes so
is it a waste of time than to analyze deluded behavior
oh well it might be a waste of time to analyze to lose weight age if you haven't already listened to it
if you haven't already observed diluted behavior with eyes of compassion that analysis is can can not work very well
just like you know if somebody was sick
and your and your he wanted to analyze what the problem was but you did want to bid where near them because it's so you're so disgusted with them because they killed us is so you know not something to like look at with compassion like you look at her and come with
then from turning away from it is trying to analyze it probably not going to work so well
you said well i'm turning with my eyes but my fear and field
well that's that's okay you can use your fingers to a collision with your fingers
and then you can analyze the situation see or canavan what can recall is this
would you please stop staring at me so my mind analyzes that and considers various possible responses and would come up with looking at the ceiling i also could have gone under the breakfast table lay the floor and rolled around out of other possible responses but i do sort of analyze what he saw
or otherwise i wouldn't have been able to hear the sentence so there was some analysis from grammatical analysis and all systems social analysis like would he be all right if i had to seen me actually need me to be staring at him i think it's okay i don't have to keep their
if he was tired of walking i must say i gotta keep staring at you otherwise you might have ball so stop down anyway so okay can i just get underneath you before in a facility so there isn't i was going on and analysis serves insight and wisdom
when as founded on compassion
great compact well as compassionate as you can be prior to wisdom
be that compassion become be totally as much as you can be compassionate and that will open the doors of your analysis they wise
there is a place for analysis
and for your information kind of i would i did have a really kind of
gorgeous in some sense i'm not quite elaborate but a structure presentation i was gonna bring up today
which i just type one here
it's kind of late though just tell you at it and maybe later i'll go into detail the structure presentation was to tell you about ten
for veils so i had lot for us today for you for teachings company obsessive for so i can pay by for veils of that true body of buddha
and then i was going to tell you about for practices to purify our life of those for bagels
there has been tell you about what use the for things you realize when you purify your life of this for bagels
can tell you about that but i didn't
fish besides his beard but i do
and they relate to were just talking about the first for a bit the for veils our number one
hostility or immunity
towards the great vehicle teacher
number two is
strongly at hear you
to the idea of an individual self existence
there was number two number three is a fear of the suffering of samsara
theory suffering of some time
a number four is
a lack of diligence and caring for the welfare of others
gay cause it avails than the
the practices which purify them are house type one many think of that was the practice that purifies one of the veils is the practice of great compassion
that cures the veil of
not been devoted and diligent in the care of the for the welfare of beans
and then for this belief itself they met the the medicine for that are the thing that purifies that of infamous individual self his analytic wisdom
and then the thing that and then the fear of of of the suffering of some time the thing that purifies that fear is the practice
and tranquility or meditate stabilization act that's how we can deal with the fears of some tar and because he tied into the ocean of all suffering makes
the thing that purifies is a mark hostility or enmity towards the teachings of the great vehicle is to be devoted to the teaching a great vehicle
so this morning i gave you a great vehicle teaching which is
that we are calling to all beaks
and we are listening to all beings and they're all calling to us and listening to us as a great vehicle via contagion
but that tp might be something that you feel some hostility towards because it may seem really strange
what lead towards
because it's so strange to think that
that donald trump is calling for compassion
and you're listening to him
the maybe something you feel from hostility towards and that you're calling to donald trump for capacity and he's listening to you that may be difficult for me to accept or teaching
and when eyes when when i
so that was like i can go into more detail on this later
in that presentation the way we don't see reality is because of these for bales his mission is these poor battles and come great compassion and emerald wisdom are part of what that disobey are run away and reveal the body of buddha
which is
and the real self the true purity and true self and true joy and true permanents
the border body good about and other words it is permanent it's always so it's it's well established and will never be otherwise but we're calling to return that's always a way it's gonna be you're never gonna stop call him to everybody and everybody's can never stop calling
do you and you're never gonna stop listening in on their behalf established media
that's the buddha body a frequent about it
now there's also a temporary going to body which is that you know sometimes we listened to people sometimes you don't pay
but that's temper
the fall is this universal thing going on
but it's veiled by for example hostilities to to amaze engaging
and and i just posted a little bit more is a the word host is a wonderful word it's one of these words which
changed from what and originally meant
this kind of its opposite
so the word host originally meant and me with the park and an invading army a host still have that meaning of being an army but the the original meaning of host is what is that way and the latin root is hosts we can
means an enemy
but the word host
which was really a foreigner or vader
where you could see i guest
turn into that which receives the border
that which received the visitor
that which receives
the invader
so hostility actually
has route with the word takes the rich goes to the original the the enemy
but that the enemy can turn into
the host for welcomes all beings
mostly the my on a works
and also the word hannity is another possible translation of it and when i saw that were to one of the transitions i brought a poem
which is in case ninety eight of the book of serenity one line in the poem is
marry me
the ultimate
a closeness seems almost like mdt
the ana is is is also be so close to us that it's almost like with a would you please stop staring at me
would you please stop staring at me my give me a break
and when you're far away from it like if your grand daddies in other cities it's fine is looking at no used in san francisco looking at l a no problem but it was right in your room ideas dining kitchen area
an adoring it's to to close their it's almost like he's attacking me
so the mahayana is it's so close to our heart that we have this teaching is so close to our hope we are that it's almost like a won't push it away it's too intense it's to tremendous
what's the mysterious tremendous means it makes the trimble
but he's trying to make a scramble into being water
the the dial a the front of him into being the place
have awakening
the needs to be compassion in order for the wisdom to function and the wisdom of function
devoted to the teaching that strange
the a host the strange teaching
but before you really a good host you may be somewhat hostile towards it and that's going
then be patient and compassionate with a difficult to search and all beings and then you can do an analysis

can i hear more about the an analytic wisdom
an extent i think you can i get will be able to hear more about it he didn't so i prayed in or take good care yourself so that you can for the rescue your life you can hear more about and lily question
yeah let's let's just keep studying what is this assertion
what is this firm belief an independent existence where is firm belief that you did not include donald trump
and he is not in your not included in here
listen let's analyze that is the teaching serves as
to look to see their to be compassionate to this to this self clinging
and and by being compassionate to we can analyze it
tend to any analysis turned into wisdom and we'll see there's no such thing
as an independently existing self

but interesting a share calling me with
constantly contemplating how
yes our yea
don't have not in the sixty five
down trump is listening to write this i bet this idea is not a war the right
i use my bosses and or
yeah very very very come to think that somebody is not listening to us now there is a lot going a particular like to try that i'm repeatedly are staring like more about escort her mind
packers fan
oh the first thing that comes to mind is
the lowest
the lotus sutra and then the side we can come to mind is an essay by dog and called face to face transmission
those come be mind they're both about made it they're both about conversation the lotus sutra says
only a good together with the buddha
fully realize the ultimate truth about things

only by that conversation
between an odor and a broader can we realize
a ultimate truth about things that's my main teachings of them loss
there's also a ago by golden called only a buddha together with a foreigner
what's the border
you're a buddha in a way
that you are the whole
coming together and meeting itself giving rise to you and that way they've got where you are in conversation for example with
denise the way she is that way
you by just using the the yours that way your order that you already that good away
an order to take care of it you need to have a conversation with somebody else was already in that boat away
what everybody's are not everybody's a candidate for such a conversation so lotus sutra chapter two and dog and road to festivals which are closely related to this point
but the way everything is is the buddha enough form and and and but that not enough that when the way everything is and as in that form has to have a conversation with something else
that's everything the way everything is in another form in our conversation is what we're trying to practice until the lotus sutra and was to fascicles by duncan
our start
this is the to greece have an avid gamers may have to ask said again due to buddhists have to know that there is did they have means
so like this
i mean the then it was young that they have to be actualized buddhas in the sense that the way that you're actually the way you actually are the way you actually are isn't actualized buddha practice that person need to know not what there's there's a ignorant or and a for all decided to has ninety nine
christmas always everything's this time i guess i still wear i that that person has to that person has to be dialed into that
otherwise the
at you or your dialed in your nonna when the dial when the dial dial the and it's not looking at the dial is just it's the die so
we are that way already
we are already that way and we are already a conversation with other beings who are that way and that's the way things really are but we don't realize it unless we join that
hello as you don't think i'm a buddha but you need to do you need to be joining the practice of the have accepted the teaching that everything's making you the way you are a buddha was gonna be you buddha would be just like you are except boot up knows how to be you completely and your training
at that before you're willing to be you you're in haven't arrived at you as a buddha buddha knows how to be used on
so you have to be completely you otherwise you won't realize the way you're supporting and supported by the whole universe when you accept that responsibility now you've accepted responsibility have been the type of boot a your and but that's not enough you know have to a conversation with somebody
else let go of me to teach you take a walk go and listen to the teacher and talked to the kitchen until the get your about who you are and see if the teachers ready to meet you
being a buddha enough for meaning the buddha in your form if you feel like i've accepted my responsibility to all beings and their responsibility to me
i think boat is here that's where buddhist living enough mutual responsibility mutual unlimited responsibility that's for buddha this but a buddha and and has have a conversation found a fully realized this truth or already this way with already hampered his wisdom but if you have any idea about it
any attachment to what we are are hurt or what buddhism is or isn't any attachment to buddhism or not buddhism then we don't realize that bertodano
and so we have conversations and we can help each other to notice if we have any attachment to my ourselves others buddha dharma not put it on
and we noticed some dimwit practice compassion in the form of i have a confession i'm attached to something and it's actually simple things and i'm sorry
i'm sorry
and now i want to try again to give up front of the whole will drop and pure clear which of course i already and but have to work
and maybe what really am that's what good his boot it is you because you are right now
and buddha would change your all where we just do you more fully to you
have you been able to do when you aspire to buddha we can eat you aspire to be complete yourself which means you aspire to be the whole universe and that form that you are
thank you universe from making this person thank you for this person for thing considering the possibility of exactly this gift
which would be your buddhahood
but again started to accept this gift
it's exactly you are gifted our universe accepting all that is accepting your boot on and then
have a conversation with other people who wanna do this which is
everybody wants to learn this
even though they haven't heard about again
and when they do they may have smashed tilted towards it
so then we have know how can we get people who are hostile to the speaking to be devoted to him
but we've all had we've all gone through that phase where we've been hostile to run and now we're kind of like getting ready to drop the hostility through devotion
it isn't like you push the hostility away
towards this thing you can be devoted to read along with next to the hostility i am hospital but somebody next to me is like totally devoted desk i heard about this set
zen teacher a western zen teacher who stay in japan i guess she was a pretty good student of them
an art was a german woman and she was in japan studying zen image and she really thought this following that they were doing in zen temples was really not her cup of tea
something that i was kind of stupid kind of not something she wanted to do something she had a lot of hostility towards or resistance
so there was somebody there who you could call her name with earn god's schlegel we can say what greenguard as resisting this zen practice of criminal does prostrations
when she was doing them for she was resisting and she noticed while she was doing them at resisting that there was somebody there who was like totally not resisting them and was like bowing to like what we say just borrowing to beat the band
really allowing while she was gonna go or who is this who's doing this bombing
this is theater whole new for seem to have some resistance to her use had a debating this creature
especially when the kitchen phone
desert had a good opportunity to realize i don't want do this but somebody else those and who is that who is that mass man
who is that whole universe as performing this bow a long time somebody who things like i don't want to do it
or i'll do it but i really don't want to
since our ironic situation
okay well this talk has not been very long
even so maybe we should stop because people might be hungry right
some people are hungry