The World-Honored One Ascends the Seat

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during this day i started to bring up
a teaching witches and said to be the kind of they
yeah the core teaching of the of our family in china starting
i'm particularly starting around the time
of the person who is considered the sort of our family founder in china
his name is don sean longer
but you can see
his teaching in his teachers teaching and teacher is
go here again and then you can see it but also in his
his teachers teachers teacher
who is hum
sure town her toll road
the harmony of difference in unity so we can see the beginnings of this this teaching of the interviews in of
in in in that text
in the text of the harmony of difference in unity it's particularly spoken of in terms of darkness and light
so in that text says
right and dark there as lightness
and right in quite mysterious dark or darkness
darkness and light or like forward and backward step and walking
also in that text says the spiritual source shines
in the darkness
and the branching streams flow in the light
so there's a kind of counterintuitive way of talking about darkness and light
that the the darkness refers to as a principal
the ultimate
and the light refers to like discriminating consciousness
around that time in the history of our family there's introduction of this this teaching by these images
a darkness and light how they interpenetrate each other
and how because they entered penetrate each other
darkness isn't really darkness and light isn't really light
and the principal or isn't really principal and the phenomenon or related phenomena
compromised by what does not
so sure tone and comes you are shown but the i on didn't leave us
any particular famous text and then there's year yen and union had this
what's it called is colder precious mirror samadhi and he gave the precious mirror samadi to dung schon
and can shower rod
these for important point about his interpenetration he also spoke of it in terms of a bright
so if you really upright

does not particularity
have to sort of like lean one way or another to be something particular
so phenomena are kind of leaning into some form their kind of biased
like you're a biased form of the universe you're biased form of the universe i'm a biased on the universe sort of inclined in this way here are the universe inclined this way
but they're also an upright quality what you're not you're not inclined any particular way you're equally everything rather than kind of like a little bit more this way then otherwise
so danke schon taught that
and he wrote a song about this jo mere samadi

the joe mercer monte was transmitted to him by his teacher
who taught him just this is it or just this is
and then
when he saw it when he saw a reflection of himself in a river
he understood his teachers teaching
justice to said and he and he said
to seek for it outside
you turn away from it
it's always with me
i am not it but it is me
so that they must end the nap
poem which he expressed when he understood just as a said he incorporated a poem into his song of the precious mirror because when he looked in the water he saw himself but the reflection of yourself as not year is not what you are
and yet that for jr is that you're not what you are
and then
he has transmitted this we are what we are and we're also otherwise
and this is can core teaching
which has been expressed in all these different metaphors darkness and light sameness and difference upright and inclined

proper and and that added
infinite and finite

so i don't know how it's gonna go back
many years ago i
walk through the book of serenity with a group of people for about ten years
and now i look back at the book of serenity and i see it as teaching this
this interface interplay

the first case of the book is read it is
a kind of quoted at this morning when you're sitting
part of it
the first part which i didn't quote is one it's upon a time the world honored one ascended the seat

and it doesn't say but his he ascended to sit and sat on it

then manjushri
struck the gavel and said clearly observe
a teaching
i'm the king of teaching
no clearly observe the teaching of the king of teaching
the teaching of the king of teaching is thus

the world on one sep
in stillness and silence
this is the upright

this is the principal

but this principle this also has bias
and and then the bodhisattva manjushri
hits the mallet and says clearly observe
there's the activity
there's the speech
it's actually just one way to say it
it's kind of biased
clearly observed is it's kind of biased
the dharma the gang of dharma it's kind of biased
he credited a lot of other things but he said that
that's the particular phenomenon of his speech for us
which is telling us about something that is not biased
just sitting silent and still
and then
the person who collected these stories
after each story he writes a poem to comment
a poetic comment on world under one's sitting still and silent
showing us the ultimate their complete but the ultimate complete we can't get ahold of some i'm magician
confines it into speech
and then we can hear hear it
in this limited way
but it was there before
lunges years back
it was there before monday's spoke
but nobody can get a hold of it
limited it he limited
so the the poem is the unique breeze of reality
can you see it
and thinking one translation his creation but literally the chinese characters are mother principle
mother principal like kind of like mother dearest
prince mother principal a mother principle
constantly works her loom and shuttle
and the loomis can be viewed as a vertical frame
an upright frame
and the shuttle of horizontal back and forth
so she works her losing her uprightness and her
biased miss
she works the principal and the phenomena and by working with two together she incorporates the patterns of spring into the ancient brocade

and then the last line is but nothing can be done about manjushri is leaking

so the buddha just sits there can you see
the can you see the working of the loom and the shuttle and go to sing the buddha sitting in silence it's right there but it's hard to see
but reality is always working not just as not just principle it's not just the way things ultimately our it's the way things ultimately are interacting with the way they temporarily are it's the way they always are
with the way this are sometimes those two are working together to make patterns new patterns of spring which are incorporated into the ancient brocade of the universe
but still much as we have to say something
and i the poet have to write this poem
to tell you

was it
right now
the parties
was like
you mean
he he did he got down from his seat after manjushri made the announcement yes
so that's right so he got up in the seat and sat manager she made the announcement and then it got down
and then i think it's case eight
in the book of serenity is quite similar
the present the then ancestor
now another then another one or and are people in our family the one i said didn't write much ja schon
he he was a teacher of a monastery but he didn't give any talks for a long time so the director of the monastery went home and said you haven't given to talk for a long time so would you please give a talk to the monks
and so he went in the
talk hall
and he ascended the seat
and then astrology sat down he got off the seat and went back to his room
and the doctor went to the ruins and wall
he said you give a talk and you came why didn't you give a talk and he said
teachers of the scriptures teach the scriptures teachers have commentaries teach commentaries
would you please give me a break

when just kind of like he actually said
before we just let this old monterey bay
and so i kind of feel like saying
they're they're telling you which the sutures or about they're telling you it's the commenter is about
can i just said can i just get up in a scene and said and get down to go back to my room

but then they told the story about that
so hidden to tell us
i got up in this age and i sat there and i got down but he didn't get up and save get down and other people told us that's what he did
and how he defended himself when he was criticized by the director

a magician here
well he he did something on
god he defiled he defiled the teacher
he said there it is
he said he said he said look at he said look at to a look at it so it failed it
i don't know
it seems to me
yeah and maybe that thought that you just had his another defilement which might be helpful
but is it a fireman so
one and majeure issue that's from a long time ago
and one time
a monk came to visit the sixth ancestor of zen
and that much name was
what was his name is painless non-eu a why on
so why on came to see the sixth ancestor and the six and has just said to him what is it that thus cons
so what is it thus comes it's like a question about something coming but it's also the buddhist called dot com
that's one of the epithet for buddha is thus comes
so what is buddha so you know you just came what has just come but also what is buddha or the print the case i just told you about the bullet came and sat down
and then mangia said that's it
look at
in this case when the six to sense what is it that thus comes in other words who are you or what is buddha same question who are you
what is it that just came here
who are you but also who is buddha what is buddha
and why wrong said to say is this
the point at it
the files it

in a way i guess that could say just for as a parting shot
each of us is a defiled version of the universe
each of us is the universe kind of twisted into a little package
which has no
you know and nothing reaches what we are
we're beyond anybody's story about us because we're actually the whole universe and nobody can ever tell our story but we're also the universe put into a little package so you can see us but we're kind of a defilement of of everything
we're kind of like a biased version of everything
as matt i must have weighed upon his we want to tell us stories cause say again double-layered the no one tell their stories him
i can't actually file
the so makes me think of this
yeah sometimes people say that manjushri is judas in this is his his a buddhist judas in this story
he points he points at the border and tells us not a noise that boot everybody knew as buddha said the teachings right there
did you by any chance miss it
not now you don't miss it i just show you
oh thanks
while from
but then what happened to jesus as a result of that
was it helpful
what happened to jesus after he was pointed out was that helpful what what
know what happened to jesus jesus jesus jesus got pointed out
jesus got pointed out so what happened to jesus was killed
what i'm going where was he really killed i've got
i thought that's debatable
and was the border really killed the permit not
so anyway
yeah choir wrong will not say what who he is or what buddha is he says to say it's this
the files it
misses the point
to say clearly observe the dharma of the king of dharma
the dharma the king of dharma is thus
that mrs that misses the point he missed the point
he's know and is it helpful that he missed the point
current think maybe it is is it helpful
when charlie brown puts the ball football out there and he runs at it and mrs it is that helpful
some people think it's helpful and people think well of it's helpful but it's funny
now not too many people when judas pointed out jesus thought it was funny
but when he pointed an amount he missed him
and when much jeffrey pointed out the dharma he missed it
but almost nobody laughs at that loan
there's some there's some talk about
knew it was doing
wonder about luxury as well and then it was expedient means a lot of sectors expedient every home
yeah so that's another one
the real and the expedient so the real
is the loom and the expedient is the shuttle and we use the expedient together with the loon
but some people said forget the experience was just have the loom
but the problem with that is nobody says anything

well i caught we did it
we did it again
we did a day at know about we sat in the rain
and let it
and and let it we let it fall
right you let it fall didn't you thank you

i didn't intend to bring up this case but it can't program
god brought up in the morning
and it gets brought up in the afternoon now
the world honor to on is here
sitting and sitting with us

but i'm not gonna tell you connecting about him
what i heard
i'm not going to tell you anything about her
i'm not gonna tell you anything about them

i just did
i can avoid it i can't get away from the expedient cause you know when i'll tell you i'm not going to tell you anything
i just failed
nothing can be done about this

ninety nine more cases are that one game from

another thing which some have you heard me mention you that
there was it
there actually is a a revival of this tv show is called the naked city and now it's on netflix
it's a shit a show called the naked city it's about new york city
and it's a naked city
there's no stories actually in new york

but the beginning says there are eight million stories in the naked sitting
and then they tell you one of them
actually none of the stories of new york reach new york new york as naked
of all the stories you tell about it
so we tell stories but they don't reach what we're telling stories about
and what and what know store is reached
stories which don't reach it
the stories
come from what the stories don't reach s
sorry about it reminds me of another netflix show i'm sure
how is the queen or the screen know she's she's taking lessons from on
remember in college says there's two types of people of rockers to dignify this the efficient which do you think you are right and she's in started she says the big fire and that's the episode where she's remembering that but that's yeah
so which has reversed televised broadcast of my life inside the
the story of lifestyle