Xiang Yan hears the sound of stones striking bamboo 

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her continuing me commitment to study and practice
the great vehicle
hi i'm i bring up again and again this
this ancient texts which is translated on the cover here as summary of the great vehicle
why just die while the sumerian gay vehicle a summary of it would be
a deep understanding
our ultimate truth
ha this text has a few the summary of this text may be also i was called
the understanding how
blind own life for the understanding of conscious construction only
i can be a summary of of this text that could also be a summary of the great vehicle on the bodhisattva
had a summary
an essential message about
about the mind
about mind and that is that mind
is something that's
have any inherent existence
which imagines
that those things that have inherent existence
so there's the teaching of ultimate truth the teaching of the lack of inherent existence there's the teaching that all phenomena black
independent existence
hall phenomena are empty of independent existence
this summary of the mahayana is saying
that there is a mind there is a mind which is empty of inherent existence and in imagines
the inherent existence
so it's not just the teaching of emptiness
but the teaching that there is an empty mind that imagines that things aren't empty

there's a mind which think so something construct something
which is itself and imagines is something other than itself

this texas saying that if we can understand
how it is that the mind is just
knowing itself
that it doesn't really know anything other than itself but it constructs that there is something other than itself and that the things other than itself actually exist on their own and the mind itself exists on its own mind constructs like that if we can understand this
we can become free of the mind
for another way to put it is we can become free of the standpoint of the mind the standpoint of mind is
that there's something
that has self that there's something that has an essence as the mind standpoint the mine does that
and living beings to live
in such minds
in this text in the second chapter there's a verse
which says something like when practitioners of meditation
also called yurgens when your hands and your guineas
it's duality
and it's multiplicity
they reach an understanding of conscious construction only
and thereby become free from the standpoint of mind
when meditators understand
unity when they understand that
what we're looking at
he's ourself
that the universe we're looking at
converges on ourself and ourself is the universe for looking at we understand that that a unity and nothing but a mental construction
the universe were aware of is nothing but conscious construction it's nothing but our cognition when we understand that and also understand that it has a duality in
that this soon that is unity has a duality and also understand that this unity has multiplicity when we understand all that
we enter into this teaching of mind only
and we become free of mind

as i was
as i was contemplating his verse
oof and other teachings in this text about mind only
in i remembered the story
about a person
who had this a famous experience
of hearing the sound of pebbles
our stones striking bamboo

there's a story about it
a chinese mark
who heard
the sound of pebbles striking bamboo and he understood
this teaching of contests construction only and he became free
at the problem of consciousness
i say that because i was reading a commentary some time ago and i forgot who said it but the comment was
he was a very good monk
but he had this problem and his problem was consciousness
consciousness is a problem because consciousness naturally
presenting a false new
and he had that problem
he studied up
he lived a at a time when our
ah a number of amazingly good teachers
and i think the first teacher heat
in the zen tradition he went to was named by john
when he went to by john he had already studied a great deal
i don't know exactly what he studied but he was known to be very well studied perhaps he had already studied many of the great vehicle teachings i'm not sure
still he went to study with a teacher named bhaijaan but by john died not too long after they met
so he continued his studies was one by johns mean students made successors
the equation

now some people tell the story that question was able to see that the see monk and his name was
ah sheung young
sheng yen which means fragrant cliff
the cliff of fragrance
this is teach teacher question was able to recognize this fragrant cliff
and is great potential
so one day
he said a question said to cheyenne
i don't really want to hear about
ah all your extensive studies of the scriptures
you don't need to tell me about all that you've learned parentheses but i know you study a lot
i would like me to tell me
an essential were heard a pivotal word about yourself
before you were born before you entered your mother's womb
before you knew about east or west

chong in ah
hi am i don't know what he said but i did hear that question
the response
and i think he tried over and over to express a word a word
about his self before he entered his mother's womb
why should i couldn't
i agree with him about it
and then finding there was it came to a climax or he said
please tell me what it is
and wish i wouldn't tell him what it is
this fit
that he wanted the taliban is something
that's out there separate from the mind constructing it and he wants to teach you to tell him what it is he thinks that this self
that was there before his mother is one of these kits
but if you point at the it
even if you're right
you turn away from conscious construction only
so the teacher wouldn't do it
in accordance with that teachers are
a great grandfather
it's a self we have a questions father down the father is a kiss on the alcazar dime of father is my so much as dumb father is nine us
is down the father is
wayne on the sixth ancestor
and as i mentioned a green gosh was week or so ago
when i knew i met the sixteen says during the sixth sense to said what is it what is it that does comes
and nine you i said
to safe
it's this misses the point
question his ancestors were not usually say visit they won't point at it
and distract people from looking at the fact that our mind is built on this and here
for i know it for myself is hit or myself isn't it he wouldn't go along with that so
flashed cuisine and for some reason rather he went to visit
another one of the six ancestors
disciples who was still alive
nani wasn't like he went to visit the to of one of the six ancestors great disciples one of the six and sisters to cyprus besides nine your way another one of the disciples was the national teacher john
nanyang john
he went to his the national teachers' gray site then he hung out
in the gravesite of the national teacher for some time just taken care of
the grave site
getting food sitting on the ground clean area around the national teachers' memorial site
at ah are we have a memorial site for the founder of tatar suzuki roshi
and as also
a stupor there for category roshi
and we take care of that place
self imagine somebody coming to tassajara and just going up missing out of there at the gravesite taking care of it or not you a bill through a tough of allow that but anyway that's where he gave somehow and it worked out for him to do that and in the process of taking care of the area he was sweeping the ground
round the ashes site
around memorial and he swept or
his record broom through some pebbles off the yard into the bamboo grove at the edge and when the pebble hit
the bamboo when that sound happened
he realized
conscious construction only
and became free of his problem
of consciousness
and then he followed
that practice by offering his students similar opportunities to realize this basic summary of the great vehicle

i'll tell you some of the ways he taught later
so in the third chapter of this summary my honor this embracing of the great vehicle
ah the question is asked what state is endure it entered in understanding conscious construction only what's it like
harry how his entry into conscious construction only my normally and what is it like

and he answered in the third chapters like the verse and second chapter one enters into unity
in duality
pertaining to image
an vision or image and inside and into multiplicity
so the insight or they understanding
then what you're looking at is conscious construction only
you realize that there's the unity of that
hand you also realize that the insight on the understanding
seem to be one component an image of what is understood seems to be another component and you also understand that there's multiplicity in this unity
so this is what it's like this is the status entered
as a three dimensions
so these three points constitute the entrance

it also ask
before describing what it's like to enter into this realization it asks harm
who enters
into this realization
an answer of who is bodhisattvas who have permeated the continuities and their consciousness with much learning of the great vehicle
we have already rendered service to all the innumerable buddha's who appear in the world who have already entered the true state of definitive commitment or single faith and who through well mature meditation and increase
a good routes and thus fully accumulated the stores of wisdom and
no it looks like showing in was one of those people
he added he had assembled note the merit and berkey stars
my last of study and myself
devotion to the innumerable buddhist so he was ready for this
and he ah practice meditation
so one my wonder though
what about me
should i should i wait for a long time before it can try this meditation because
maybe there's no point since i haven't done much learning of the great vehicle

part of learning much as a great vehicle is to hear about learning much of the great vehicle
so i don't know how much study of the great vehicle we have done

but we need to do quite a bit
and we need to continue doing it
why we're sweeping around the memorial to the ancestors
this text
is a memorial to the ancestors
then i'll see the ashes in this text
but this isn't a memorial to the great bodhisattva a sanga
and i'm ah
cleaning around this memorial all the time
not all the time just a lot
i sometimes take study breaks and stay other memorial sites because it's quite a few ancestors in the memorial sight of all the ancestors and all the buddhas
cleaning while taking care of the memorials to the ancestors
one is studying
the great vehicle and developing the causes and conditions for understanding the unity of this world
i understanding that the self
has multiplicity
america has total multiplicity in other words the self is comprehensive and the self converges on to
you could say you are you could say me
it converges it's a comprehensive news that converges and the place of converges he is the mind which imagines that it's not convergent
and what's it what it's not convergent with has independent existence of itself
this is a part of the pebbles and weeds that are growing around the ancestors
transmission to us
new wide range shampoo tonight and tomorrow your hair will be sunshine bright white rain rain rain

how this product is not
any longer readily available
at your local
supermarket or in the
houdini section of the drugstore
but it's a central function is still here
and the shampoo which washes away
what is a way what distractions from the teaching
where we're taking care of the teaching perhaps all the time
why commonly meditating on the ancestors teaching
of the great vehicle which is understanding
the mind
and the mind has duality
and the mine has a unity
and the unity
is the ultimate character
the mine imagines that this duality
and teaching about that
is a off officer responsibility to care for
caring for the duality of of mind
is part of realizing the unity
taking care of the appearance of things exist separate on their own
his part of the
care of the ancestors memorial site
anna says the place from practice is the memorial site of the ancestors
in the story of cheyenne there's quite a bit of destruction about
what a hard time he had
ah cleaning
caring for tidying up of duality and multiplicity of his mind
from this duality and multiplicity he kept trying to offer his teacher expressions of his self before
before there's any duality before he knew about duality is teacher saying
give me a word
before there was duality
and while he was working with duality and multiplicity he kept offering ah
things to his teacher for they were not accepted
when he heard the sound
of the camel striking bamboo that sound and they heard was a word
at the word because that's what our mine does too sounds of stores hitting bamboo
and he understood that that sound was a word
an understanding that the sounds of word is understand that the sound is a conscious construction
and the bamboo is was a word and he understood that that word to
those words were the words his teacher was waiting for
cheyenne didn't say

but that was a word
that his teacher was waiting for

he reminds me
i just recently talking to ten helping him find his place there
and i i felt that i was
i was uttering the words of an ancestor when i said that he find your place such a place
he was looking for his place by didn't know until i told him that that yeah that was his place
now you know right this is your place
and back in the sixties there was a
a book called the the yaki way of knowledge
written by egg
person that the seven a book written by carlos castaneda
and in the book carlos castaneda wrote the thirty meters
mexican not mexican bodyweight central american company will lived in mexico hierarchy for to give them mexican this guy named don juan
and don't want told him my night k c c later tonight i want you to find your place
so he he walked around in the dark around on one tell us all night
looking for his place and
but it couldn't find it
he's walking around the ancestors memorial site looking for his place but he couldn't find it the next morning he met don't want again done wants to do you
find your place and he said i couldn't find it down was said where did you go to sleep he said over there next to that rock said that your place
but he worked hard all night to find his place
so the one who finds her place is the one who works really hard all night
and then when she's done working and collapses the place she collapses
is the place she realizes
free him from mind
when freedom from mine is the place where the whole universe converges on you at your place
get to work at it for a while most people and maybe you've done enough maybe today you'll find your place
i don't know but if not
pretty clear what we need to do is keep studying keep studying is not great vehicle teachings which are telling us to find our place where we are realizing that the place where we are seems like it's here and there the place we are seems to be like were here and there's a they're over there
there's a there's an a key and i yeah seems that way but that's the way it seems and we have to clean up that mess of here and they're not disparage not put it down realize that that's part of realizing
that a key an ar are the same thing
they just it's just a conscious construction that there's
and over there that something's out there separate from us that's a conscious construction him when we have to be kind to the duality and the multiplicity
and we have to study the teachings were to tell us all about this
we have to study the teachings of the ancestors who who studied the teaching of the ancestors and studying the teachings of the ancestors is called
serving many buddhas
and studying and practicing compassion and commonly accepting the appearance of duality is part of what it means to enter the realm where would become free of the mind

so i've
i understand some of your muga had to leave some really sorry that the water the story of showing on this afternoon
but i think that's number much to give you that story right now
but shine on anyway did offer his own to his teacher says show me your self before your mother was born and
shani answered
somebody's up in a tree

some people embellish the story and say that the tree is
in our three on on the side of a cliff
the teacher's name is fragrant clear fright so fragrant cliff put the tree on the edge of the cliff and this is the streets are using our thousand feet tall
the cliffs can be so as a tree on the edge on on the side of this cliff
a fragmentary
sean young
and there's a person up in that tree
that persons holding onto a branch of the tree with her teeth
and she feet
cannot reach a lower branch and our hands can't hold the branch it is hanging by her teeth
i'm not possible to get any assistance
with her
primate appendages
someone down below who needs help
what's the meaning
of the ancestor coming from the west

if he answers
she loses her life
if she doesn't
she's not
caring for this person's request
what should he do
when you like that when you're like that what what do you do what should you do or what do you do when you're like that so
this was this was shown coin
that his teacher put him in
now he has his students the same situation when when your land and when you're just like that
okay you wanna get yourself into a situation like that
you carry really answer the question and can't really respond
how much you're in a situation right
if they wouldn't that wouldn't be appropriate for use like not neither and say what you do if you are there has not really are talking about but who wants to go there but this is what a she graciously invited junction shu shown yan to go to to that place
the place before you before you were born before you entered your mother's womb that place is the same place where you're not hope you're not holding onto anything
except by your teeth and you need to open your mouth to talk
so that's the story for this afternoon and he might consider while you're having lunch and playing with babies
babies are coming
did you may be around
so we have carl's coming big carl and we have some tiny robin and neurons baby are coming supposedly so i'm having lunch and playing with babies and cleaning around the ancestors
memorial you might consider if you really want to be around the ancestors memorial because cleaning around the ancestors memorial is right in the neighborhood of
this place this amazing place
for you're holding earn and yet
you have to let go but if you let go what will happen to you that place
when you supposed to come up with something about where you are
and yet it's difficult to be right where you are
the gets the question and
in this afternoon i'll give you the answer for maybe you'll get me the answer
there's anything you want to bring up about this teaching
yes he said on the hard times freedom from mind
freedom in mind
freedom from different from freedom in
i will be freedom from and it would be freedom from in
but freedom from in doesn't mean you eliminate in front eliminate you don't eliminate mind to be free from it and you'd want to be eliminate in mind or out of mind he also free of our mind the free of out of your mind
in and out east and west does her
your freedom you feel that stuff
when you realize the nature mind you will be free of thin and out of mind
your hair will be sunshine bright

any other wise cracks yes
well there some
there is i consciousness care consciousness know consciousness mind consciousness consciousness touch consciousness in all those have multiplicity so it's to it it's a unity but it has
it has its comprehensive it includes all variety of phenomena

is it another way to say nothing is separate
when you could say i already know another way is a one other way to say that separation is just a
a conscious construction
that separation is a conscious construction
but that doesn't mean that when you realize that there's no variety that the multiplicity the universe is still
totally part of the mind is to said is not not the mind
yes sharia is experience of the government in november yeah
have you had an experience i know
guess it adds
first step to
see that
the i'm really and with have a lot about this
center but i don't hear about
what is beyond i think how is it how is it really and i want a city tonight wednesday right now
it's not really am about it it just says it the that there is a reality that's beyond mind and other transcends mind there is a life that is free of mind
there is freedom from me
from characters construction conscious construction
you know understanding that is where it had but get itself is half a traffic
it's the is it's the understanding that is it is the price of freedom
from that enclosure
but we don't talk about what's outside the enclosure because was soon as you start talking about your back in the enclosure again
you can talk about it but that you should understand you're just talking about it from within the enclosure
but there there is a realisation
which is not just functioning inside of the enclosure and that realization is called a buddha's the awakened ones
but the awakened one's heart you know not in scream in an enclosed inside of awakened was
they're not enclosed inside of the duality of of the weekend ones in the nano awakened ones
but the awakened ones who are not who are free of mind communicate to those who live within mind who are caught my mind they send them messages like these teachings
our messages which are conveyed from freedom from mind into mind
to help those
in mind can become free of mind

to use words to become free of words and then was free of words to use words again to free others from words
do use mind to understand teachings about mind to apply study of mine to free and line and then once free of mine sent teachings to minds
which think that there is mind and objects are self another
and but the realm of the realm this realm of reality which is free of mine is not inside or outside line because those are just more mental constructions
it's so free of mind it can add it can be totally intimate with mind
and it can liberate mind
but when it
when it
it involved in the process of liberating mine it uses the stuff of mine to liberate mine which is which is basically words and concepts


a facts

yeah like i sit here like i read who who who used to realize this is knows who have i think or what is it dumb
who enters the
the nature of things all the body who have permeated their continuity is with of their consciousness with much learning the permeated their consciousness with much learning they permeate their unconscious which supports their contests so in our conscious life we study
thirty and as we study that changes are unconscious simultaneous with a study than the transformed consciousness unconscious supports the arising a more conscious which kind of wants to do more study which transforms the unconscious the of the storehouse consciousness
sister husbands gets transformed and transformed the transformed in the process of supporting transformed it active consciousness is which can hear teachings and study them with can hear instructions about how to work with the teaching and practice them which transforms a support for the conscience of this process goes on
and when when the storehouse consciousness of when our own kind of completely transformed
that's when we realize the sir
conscious construction only
it's duality as multiplicity that means we can apply this teaching to everything that happens
we can notice realize the unity but realize it together with duality and multiplicity this leads to the complete transformation
and this is than the realization of the truvada buddha
which has been educating us all along and now the education process has come to fruit
it starts his work on educating all those who are still in process of learning
their sites or position that five
i sense that maybe the definitions and the wars and hopefully he for the description can totally be what is on his weibo
so the hung describable and indescribable can come from the same place

the described molly indescribable our unity
and and they also are duality

but the duality is not true
was it love well ah it would be good if you could learn to see it
it is right thing is demonstrated it
i'm afraid i'll take away i was
the throughout the theater
reform is they already do meet you're already to go your taken away already has been good
are you attended the book i see
yeah right
hello he was performed as the instrument of consciousness and see this is the finding
empty this is the form of consciousness form as said again
where for was the instrument of consciousness and is the it
happiness is the instrument consciousness forms
that's that's how i negotiate his to
so is it isn't a contract for gerson yes
the as from driving here i like first question actually i was remembering
bringing a com in the episode lifted move
the are resolutely
in cliff notes
thank goodness there's a college cause there's a college or book series called cliff notes
for they summarize various for some literature but clearly it isn't it is blue cliff notes or bull cliff record
so they are affected by phone calls or something yeah one hundred coins in a race with and else i got to one that's really struck me
somebody chances and and us in there was a difference of as engaging in least monastery purses and other ones
the response was
over here down the middle of the day
say again
police monastery we live in the middle of the day
in the middle of the night
so here you today actually like the top of that cost us like reflecting a phone
the construction of mine and with enough upgrade himself
the maybe the willingness of
the procession themselves to be let go
and i would like to ask you for some comments about the theme in the light of for february described to them
today so lovely

blue cliff comments
he's not

great extend the
when reputation
the you can kneel a good idea
the with
to pay them the original
the than them
hey sam dallas
the way serve as the bottle
the a comment

how you