Yoga Room Class - August 3rd, 2021

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as i thought about
meeting with you tonight
and talking about suffering
i felt joy
and i also thought what a strange person
that you look that you joyful way
consider the opportunity of talking to people about suffering
but am i do
to i'm at least i joyfully consider talking to you about it cause you seem to be somewhat receptive to me discussing so suffering with you
and there's so much suffering a weary so much suffering
now we have this
resurgence of a deadly disease
and all the confusion and pain around that so much suffering
but we also have some tea juice to meet that suffering and engage with that suffering
and last time i think we got to discussing the verse number forty one
which is basically saying now
even in servir suffering
for bodhisattvas there is
an unsung unsurpassable
joy and happiness
even in the midst of suffering there is an unequal joy for bodhisattvas who lived there
and so i ah i wanted to again imagine with you
imagine a context for body sought for practice
for buddha practice
which i've mentioned before which is that buddha is
and with them body firs
live and practice at the center of all suffering beings
now would also say and i have said it again before all of us
are living at the center of all suffering bags

this first is saying that
even at at the center of all suffering even at the center of
it's severe suffering and agony and misery bodhisattvas have a great joy
and their joy
is the joy of this suffering
which they experience in the middle of all other kinds of suffering which they're open to
and the suffering the special suffering they experience at the center
is a suffering born of compassion
so one way to image this is everybody's living in the at the center of all suffering beings
everybody's lift living in the center of severe suffering and also not so severe suffering everybody's living at the center of all kinds of suffering
everybody sharing all kinds of suffering
and the bodhisattvas have a special kind of suffer in the middle of all the other kinds of suffering they have a special suffering it's a suffering that's born of compassion
and that suffering
is an unequalled unsurpassable joy
it's not their personal suffering
it's a suffering that comes because they care for other suffering bags that's kind of
again car forty one and i'd like not to
leap to caraga
forty seven
so forty one and forty seven or kind of a set and there's lots of interesting ah vs between them but these two are very similar in my view so forty seven is
is about the fact that suffering born of compassion surpasses all mundane happiness
so one translation the verses that suffering surpasses all happiness

what could be more marvelous than this
that that's suffering
surpasses all happiness
and that's suffering is a happiness which surpasses our happiness
what could be more marvelous than this
it is that suffering born of compassion surpasses all mundane happiness even those who have accomplished their own aims are deprived of that suffering
which becomes joy
and the other translation is
merciful suffering surpasses every mundane happiness
and is missed even by those who have accomplished their own aim what could be more supreme lee wondrous still those who have accomplished their own aims or
those who have accomplished their own a jazzy both translations say that but these referred to the the saints
and the what it called the solitary buddha's who have accomplished their aim their aim is to attain nirvana
they've accomplished this nirvana
in which there is great peace and joy
and freedom that's what they've got with their aim was and they've accomplished it but they're deprived of this suffering
these great saints who have accomplished the goal of personal nirvana of course there compassionate beatings
but they don't have this kind of suffering and so they don't have this kind of joy
according to this
verse there is nothing or wondrous than this that body sought for suffering born of compassion becomes happiness and surpasses all mundane happiness
even the saints who have accomplished their own aims lack that happiness
not to mention others
so those are them does to character is quite similar and in between there's interesting things based want to start by setting the stage
yeah it's kind of setting the stage to stage is set okay here we are we're sitting in the middle of all suffering and in the middle of suffering we have another suffering a special suffering in the middle of all the other suffering which is born of compassion it's not the suffering that born
of delusion and selfishness and yeah
inappropriate activity it's not that suffering it's a suffering born of compassion and that suffering is available to the body surface at the center of all suffering

so yeah so on i think that the stage is set and i think i'm i think i'd like to open up a little bit and talk about these what it feels like to be in the middle of these two verses and what it feels like to contemplate a
suffering that's born because you love and cherish and care for and wanna protect all living beings
it's a suffering that rises because of that and that is a great joy

so as a amina a welcome your feedback now unethical like to stop and look at some of the vs in between these two verses but for now a cupboard any responses to these two amazing marvelous and wondrous
oh vs

we've been called on or just speaking for a year and europe sonia
i'm what has occurred to me in the past couple three weeks when you speak about this joy and suffering i i am tethering that to the body sought the vow and that's that's the joy that actually we have
i'm gonna say something to do
and and that's where the joy is is not
not joy at seeing other people's suffering but having a job so to say are having way to engage so i wonder what you think of that the astronaut or understanding well that's there is the joy of the bodhisattva vow in the midst of all suffering but this car
cause a little more amazing because it doesn't just see joy of having knocked is not just a joy a practicing compassion in the midst of all suffering it's also just talking about like suffering as the joy
cause there can be there can be compassion in response to suffering beings that's not pain
and that can be a joy also say that again there can be suffering then when i paid to be compassion and there can be a vow to benefit beings evolved to benefit beings
the vowed to benefit and liberate suffering beings that vow could be joyful
but the vow it it were not region on speak of the vow as suffering
it's a happy thing to had the bodhisattva vow
i don't hear as time that are suffering the joy of being with others that are suffering but maybe i missed something to again i didn't think of it is our my suffering but the joy of being with others so i might have missed something not there's the there is a joy of being with others
who are suffering okay there is that there's also a suffering
that comes from loving and killing compassion for means so run it just
you're whisked suffering beings and you feel joy to be with them in practice compassion and practice loving kindness it's a joy is a special thing and saying there is a suffering
which comes from practicing compassion and that is a joy is it like an empathy it's like an empathy
but sometimes you you could have empathy but not have compassion
like you could understand how some that see why you're suffering but not really feel compassion for the prince so
it's nice actually to have empathy with compassion and to have compassion with embassy but you can have you can also have compassion for someone but not understand their suffering
so you could really care about them and they say you do not and you could tell them how you how you understand them and they say you do not understand me
they don't think you have empathy
you don't get it and but you care that you don't get it and you care for them and you might even i mean it's possible that some of us would give our life for some person but not understand what their problem is
does that clear that permit one that's great thank you i got it thank you
thank you for the from bringing that out

i read and kill lo leslie guess and
i'm i'm i'm somewhat new to to all of this so i may be asking a question that gets us often enough i was raised catholic and this idea of the martyr and suffering
i think i'm confusing that
that that kind of what i understand is suffering for others because you're not suffering for others but
that suffering is
what with others
it's a little different suffering for others
and i'll stop martyrdom often as a sort pewter with die right
in the catholic church you don't get to be a martyr and lived through it to you
well i guess some people to sit on a pole for twenty years right but do we get to be martyrs i may not be states but are the not all saints and martyrs right right
like safe doug st thomas aquinas wasn't a martyr
ah st augustine was not a martyr but he was a saint
and the and he didn't die and he in some some smx were also saints who didn't die but i think martyrs dive i'm not expert read
and they die not so much out of you know the died for the church easily
the die for the church
and so on ah
i'm not saying we don't have as somewhere in buddhism but
it's not so much dying for buddhism or the buddhist church this is about
because you love someone
and passionately with no attachment
you feel a pain from
from that that love not not so much even from their pain but for a mere love and that pay in his warthog that pain is a joy and also have maybe the martyrs had joy to so i think one that one of the tests of a martyr maybe do they seem to be like really joyful as their burning
so know if the joyful no burning up is slightly similar to this but this is not joyful and burning up this is joyful when the flames a pain come because you love not the flames because somebody's earning you
this is a flame that comes from love
not the flame that come from being whipped or boiled it's a flame that comes from love
and the end yeah it is not totally unrelated in the inspector of human experienced but i think it's a little different and i don't know if christianity has this this suffering which comes from love which is a supreme joy i don't know if other know if it's if it's and kris jenner
pretty but it's and it's not in all of buddhism there's some buddhist saints who do not have this kind of suffering
they have chin they have attained freedom from suffering and they don't have the suffering that comes from carry for people who do care for they do care for people but this target saying they don't have that pain
that comes from love
i understand how i think you know
anything else done on this amazing and this amazing teaching of cargo forty one and forty seven
heres something years so mrs pam
it makes the high if i it makes sense to me like i can sort of see and have a feeling that you could i love someone or you know all beings are so completely and thoroughly and and see their suffering in the context of
of every thing and understand it and that there would be this and this this great love and n n m and joy in that suffering in the love in that in the desire to free that person
i don't know if that's what you're talking about not but that that makes sense to me room okay that i had so the thing that i'm puzzled by is that the the are hot to have reached nirvana their enlightened right
they would have a thorough understanding of emptiness right
well on there is some mum
i'm not sure if they if they really understand emptiness if they did
ah they might not hang out in nirvana okay cause that's what i was wondering because i was thinking if you thoroughly understood emptiness that the compassion were naturally arise from that and the joy and the desire to save all beings but i guess then you're no longer and are height your voice offer
or something well this is not to judge no longer in our heart is just that you also a bodhisattva for because buddha was a bodhisattva and at and then finally he was in our hot but he was a body sought for before he was are not
so on could be a bodhisattva then and our heart and then wouldn't and then you wouldn't hang out
so the our hearts might not understand emptiness because if they dead then they probably would have the compassion that came from seeing all the the causes and conditions and the emptiness of the suffering and
well i think that they do understand the causes and conditions and so their free yeah but they somehow they do their love is not such that they feel that they feel pain when they're free
and the body sought for does not go eat enough one of the car is that we skipped the bodhisattva does not rest in nirvana because that might interfere with them feeling the pain of the people they love
those who rest to nirvana are deprived of this pain yeah that's interesting that you can be a that you could be an you know that you could be enlightened and in and yet there's something else that we're talking about that
buddhahood yeah and look in your hearts are enlightened and the buddha and they have the day and the buddha had this same enlightenment as they did but the buddha has and a the other enlightenment to and sort of body cyclist so there's different kinds of enlightenment and the buddhist shares the enlightenment
the our hearts in the project of borders but they don't share this pain
so because they don't share this pain
they don't share this happiness we have they have another happiness which is really great
and they're now motivated to help everybody what they're motivated to help the they're motivated to help everybody but they haven't necessarily gone into the pain that bodhisattvas go in to in order to help everybody this is saying the the dave accomplished their
mean that they're they're free and they cared about people before they accomplished their means and after they accomplished their me they still care about everybody they just lack this pain
do you think is the body shot is are careful not to hang out in nirvana too long because then they'll miss out on the pain and they will not be able to they even even if our hot wanted to help beings here she wouldn't be as able to help them if they didn't have this kind of come
so this is the kind of this is great compassion and this is the compassion which liberates beings
which the bodhisattvas in the buddhism
you think that the pain is part of what
is a motivating factor the so that it's not a motive in fact it may be a motivating factor to help other it was not really this is not really a motivating factor okay is it makes it needs creatures are motivated but it it helps them in their motivation their motivation is
to help beings the pain helps them so they're have no fear of pain
because for them being in this pain where it come from level to orange roy yeah but the pip the our hearts in the project buddha's the solitary booties are deprived of this so they cannot go into hell
as wholeheartedly as the bodhisattva skin so they might not be as effective they're not as effective they don't have great compassion but they do have compassion they're not kelly not a crazy liberated gangs who are liberated don't care about people that's insanity
that's that's like a sociopath they're not like that i know they're liberated there at peace they care about all living beings and they're devoted to all living beings but they do not have this pain
thank you
you're welcome thank you
i right next
okay hello hello
ah hi how are you who i haven't seen you in salon i'm i'm i'm suffering yes and i'm new i'm enjoying it
the word mercy yeah
you can relate to that word you can have mercy
well and good and also i can be it yes and so can you
well this is my my question because
the oldest
christian prayer
and is related to mercy
and it is
to have mercy on us by the hume the human cry for the mercy
and so when when i have read about am a christian mystics
they do suffer
and there's the suffering
come commands them were motivates them to serve to help alleviate the suffering and
that's i guess i don't think about the word joy that more like recharged by that service by that offering okay and
then be the example because recently my friend's mom passed away from covered and is he is catholic and she asked for us to do a rosary for her mom and i was i studied a lot about the rosary to prepare because i am not catholic
but i understood them the heart of the mother of christ that the suffering to be able to watch the death of her son and i understood my as i know my friend's mother or when i was a t
teenager was extremely kind to me
so i thought while her mother really am the image of the virgin
see not only had the virgin of guadalupe in her home but it was
she emanated that compassion for as teenagers or whoever came to the house to feed to listen to them but it this this was more like empathy and compassion but the mercy is to to me as like a higher
level where so the hierarchy between the compassion and empathy to the mercy is i cannot imagine myself as i can imagine myself working toward a compassion not only to understand and have compassion but just to have compassion
the mercy is a higher level than ah
yes so that's why i don't
i understand that we we we wouldn't only
intention aspiration to just enlighten because you have to you have to coexist in the suffering you have to be of service and could you be all the way to the service that it could bring you a joy
yeah that's a such superhuman
so i i just them the mercy to me it just takes it to the next level or level
that is ah
make the arising we spoke about arising the last week that is something that is always there and then we realize it's there in it it
uplifts stuff that support says it gives us mercy but if if not human to human it's
the unsurpassable it's buddha it's christ it's
yeah the virgin made something so amazing amazing grace

yeah that's why i had to
free inquiry

am i
i was talking with a friend of mine this morning and i ah
about sir
bring both and have a similar suffering and were we seem to be addressing in in in these two ways on at thing is that we're both huddling our kitchens and eyes she is very much wants to get hurt
the over with and be done with it
give her suffering and hi i'm trying to yeah yeah
heard hurt or her if she wants to get hurt the the whole thing the remodel is is a kind of suffering that she wants to be a are a complete she wants to give it the full attention and and and habit over with and not she doesn't seem to have compassion for the thing she's were wanting to bear it and get through it but
i'm but i i almost i i'll be a little bit sad when my remodels that i'm really enjoying this the the the challenges and the suffering of remodelling my kitchen as so much on and i and it's it's it's
pain that vector fields where it feels completely alive and totally present and exactly where i want to be ah so that that parallel i was i was feel going that as you're talking about this i mean we're we're we're not really
it's a different scale of and compassion for all beings but add as you know i whatever beings we have in front of us come to the account is that a waves as as zetta good parallel yeah
a to feel pain because you love one person
that that pain did you feel because you have compassion for one person that pain is this joy the we're talking about here
and it could be the pain of remodeling
it could be the pain of weird sick dog or you're sick mother sick father
not is not therapy it's either pay you feel because you care about your father your dog when you care about the remodel you have compassion for the remodel
and you feel pain about that you can do you have compassion for it and there's a join in that
and now you're anticipate how you you're you're not completely done with three mile yeah right
but you're anticipating that you'll be sorry what you'll be sad when it's over right
and up in in the pain in mind that pain in my left knee which many of you know about it has subsided most most of the time is quiet
and i'm kind of a kind of
sad for them
for the suffering i had with it because i cared for it i've i've lost that that particular nice opportunity
to feel the pain of it
out of compassion i don't i don't miss the pain of it just a pain of it i've missed the pain that comes because i'm being compassionate to it i miss the pain that comes because i'm i'm love my knee and care for my name that pain
is the joy and yeah and that pain liberates me and everybody from suffering

thank you thank you
thank you for the example of remodeling
remodelling remodeling his ascension
as you may know charlie many many many couples break up during remodels
i don't want tot alla number
the world jog walker john yeah so i i scraped to see you i missed a couple of glasses because i've been busy
let's go the way i can i mentioned something john note is a great assembly i forgot to mention this some people have missed classes and they sent a message to me that they're gonna miss and i appreciate that so i would appreciate if you can have missed class and you just send a message to gay and she'll forward to me
i've done it i've heard this before and i fail to learn his lesson
i could fatty and on the topic of to kitchen remodels many years ago durgin we avoided conflict because my wife to send a picture and whenever i would ask her question what she wanted she would disable look at the picture
ah i don't really have like a questionable i'm struck by the past the use of the work tenderness and tender love and and it may just be filling in for great compassion or a nod and they meet
signal something else but it's a lovely word and ah
for me it's about in something that i can get an avalon but it certainly suggests it
so i wonder if you have any comments on them
i'm not quite clear a blog i would just say that in the different translations generally speaking mercy tenderness and compassion are used synonymously
and love i think love is disgusted car forty three
love in that case i think is like loving kindness
and ah
and that loved and not being distinguished from a great compassion in that case but generally a this great compassion
is this compassion which
is filled with joy because of the pain
the empathy the actual actually accurate empathy
and an experience of pain because of tenderness of mercy and of compassion
and i think on my tenderness kind of evokes hello bob vulnerability and also connection and and you know even say like the doctor might squeeze something serious and tender yeah yeah so ah
agnes empathy and vulnerability are very close
well thank you very much welcome

okay now i'd like to a gale yes we're
i guess i have a question about and you know budding bodhisattvas who who feel inspired by this idea that you know
that we we live at the center of all suffering beings and that we can invite the pain and and experience it joyfully am
because when you talk about it i i feel the aspiration and and then i kind of go to recent experience with my daughter were on i was suffering deeply
i have to admit sometimes i was suffering deeply because i wasn't getting what i wanted but sometimes i was suffering deeply out of a clear desire for her happiness and compassion for her and i am i think i i often thought this sub
offering and rather than will be fought tried to fight it away and i'm just thinking about what what
fashion clearly includes am well everything but i'm everything
what am i trying to get it that
ah the wisdom to see that one oneself is being liberated as well as others but also to be compassionate to one's own suffering on can you say a little more about that well as you said earlier great compassion
includes everything so it includes compassion towards your own experience your inner experience and it includes all beings as we said earlier it has the quality of being equal and constant it it applies to all beings it even applies
the to beings who are happy
because even happy beings are suffering
they may not steer
but the bodhisattva understands that they are
and feel compassion for her happy beings for cruel beings for kind beings for sad beings so it's easy it's universal or an equal
and applies to oneself and it is actually liberating
yeah it's it seems i i don't know if i'm going in the wrong direction but i keep getting the idea that it it protects everything and everyone this can help protect yes it protects
and and by protecting it teaches other beings powder protect themselves and how to protect others for example it it is patience
patients protects beings from pain he doesn't push it away but it protects them generosity doesn't push pain away it work comes up but also welcoming pain protects us from it if we can really well committed doesn't hurt us be a fight it
it doesn't hurt us are fighting hurts us
the pain doesn't hurt us our impatience hurts us
the pain doesn't hurt us or not been careful hurts us great comparison is generous and careful and patient and on the horizon as you may have noticed on the horizon is a big section and starting in karaka for the age i think about
ah the generosity of compassion and the compassion and generosity so this next section is i'm i'm hoping the next wave rig is dark this amazing stitching about the intimacy of generosity
and compassion
of compassion teaching generosity and generosity teaching compassion
but also gotten passion teaches patients and patients teaches compassion
teaches patience by teaching patients to suffering beings
we protect or the the the teaching protects that we don't protect him the teaching of patients protects them were maybe playing the role of a teacher but it's taxes are teaching and the practice that saves them and protect them
it does not push the pain away
cause that's the wonderful thing about forty one and forty seven it's not about pushing pain away it's about
rip realizing that this pain it is the greatest happiness so we don't want to push away the greatest happiness a bid on are attached to it either
and chickens very helpful you're welcome

what did warn her did you have a question worn

ran again
can you turn your sound up a little bit
i have my sound up pretty high
mine is as high as it will go because it is why now
good it's good
it says there's a note on my thing exists this host has spotlighted your video for everyone would you like to on why i'm a mirrored it so i just i you're fine the puck everything's fine now view i can hear you okay man i can't smell you
my my cat kept my question is not really it's kind of an observation from the teaching that i am and i want to make sure i'm on the right track but
are you found this teaching with suffering and joy ah to be a relief in a way because
a release or relief
we're both what a more gave out
i for example i have a friend a friend of fifty years and this has always been depressed and as the years have gone on ah
i want to be around her not fearing march because i can't help her i i felt like i just
i get so frustrated i i didn't and i felt suck my suffering had not been able to help her and i also felt her suffering and am i'm realizing that it's okay to have that suffering and maybe it's just a cave for her to be how she is and
that with that if i can accept that than i can accept the jury in it
that i'd still be there for her
is that
but i understand that still being the racket in her being or for being there with her with her for her
and not trying to get her to be different from who she is yes
and it and you might feel some pain
and that feels like a relief to me now
and i'm happy
is it that i have a feeling of happiness about that
thank you

justin direct i justin
tender yet i'm stock and computers when we talk about concepts like ah
buddha heard in our arts noun
ah that's okay thank you for your apology am i am curious about the concepts and down and i i don't know if spending too much time trying to contemplate differences which i think i have ah
very little understanding of is conducive to my development of the compassion
that we're talking about because i i think i'm trying to to yeah i understand and maybe maybe when you know orders that maybe take a break
because maybe the discussions get it in to or intellectual mean
and also but anyway that i didn't want no i'm not trying to of i don't want to avoid what it says in the text too much but there it says that those who accomplish their means so it does bring it up but i don't want as i think if we we can we maybe we already spent too much time on it but
i don't know i don't need to spend more time on it and sounds like you don't either right now
can ask them that said can i ask a question and r n a specific question of our hardship and put a whole lot but but but before you ask what i'm going to ask you do think it's going to be held far as are going to confuse just ditch keep you more i think him i think i might be helpful why would why would it be helpful

i guess i'm a or maybe maybe not i mean i i to start to wonder other are there too i mean his or his or one ultimate and what did him and his role on
and their stand as are novices sure but as the is the realization are adding this is this was being asked her a leader by power but marry someone question but man or gas yeah there is one an investment and is the are hot as the light minute of an his is farrier to that ultimate life
oh no it's the same it's the same and and your enlightenment is the same as the ultimate enlightenment to but you're not an r hot are you
i i i don't me i could answer that question i don't think so i don't pay if someone i've learned about our hearts so far i want to be but he saw that so i guess not
the i end up in algeria chances are you're not in our heart and also you're probably not in a project a buddha
and you might be a body start but but even if you aren't any of those things the ultimate enlightenment is the same as yours
the ultimate lightman is the same and lot i've met as yours and my taste and johns and gales and sarah's and ran rattigan's and read it's the same as the ultimate one
it's the same as our parts
but the our hearts is not the same as yours
and yours is not the same as a project buddha but the ultimate enlightenment is to same as yours and it's the same as all the beings who had different enlightenment from yours
that's the ultimate enlightenment
it includes the our hearts it includes the justin's the mightiest the john's the steroids it includes everybody and it's the same enlightenment as everybody is the same practices everybody that's the ultimate enlightenment of the buddha
it's not superior to anything is the same as all beings it is all beings the way they're actually the same
and and then some ah other and movements do not partake of this type of compassion
but we everybody in this assembly has the opportunity to open to this kind of compassion
which is great compassion

which is great compassion towards all other levels of come of an alignment

i wanted say to i don't take it away
you know how particularly interesting categories and categorizing shoot at various levels of enlightened i just i guess i want to know but that i'm on the right path that's why thing that's a question i'll see myself i'm on i'm on the right path and i and i don't mean with zen in general it's i'd def android app but as is my is my intention and the right place
you know so you're telling us that you wanna know you wanna know that you're on the right path
that person who wants to be sure that he's on the right path is somebody who we all want to practice compassion towards
compassion is not about
helping you be sure you're on the right path
that's not what can patients about
compassion is for you the way you are wishing that you were somebody else
somebody who was sure he was on the right path

that person who wishes to know for sure that he's on the right path is the person we practice compassion towards and with
that's what his teachings about it's not about
trying to get you to get out of the suffering that you're in
which is the suffering of wanting to be sure that you're on the right path that your particular form of suffering which you're showing us it's not about getting rid of that
and substituting wanting to be sure with bang sure
does yonge dinner
it's not that i've visited it's not about
getting you to be sure that you're on the right path it's about practicing with the person who wants to be sure
and sometimes i get to the i i i drop into a place where i feel like oh and i feel and i and i do understand and i feel peaceful and ask myself what are we why we did all this talking about what is always talking about it's it's it's very straightforward it feels like sometimes get that person who say might have given all the talking at it
another person that we have a that were good practice compassion with the one reason why we do not talking
and in this class sometimes people say why we doing all this talking and that person who's talking like that
we pregnant i'm not trying to
the he credit my pickle on router i've caught them i really enjoyed it since i really enjoyed his costs them were i'm not talking about the class itself i'm talking like more and by cousin but overall sense you know it it's the person who is enjoying the classes that person have you seen him around
yeah that person is the person who has cali for compassion and that person is a person were listening to and welcoming and practicing compassion towards the one who's enjoying the classes
and this class is about being compassionate to this this person who's enjoying the classes
would you like to join that compassion
no you're welcome to do so
with you iraq
okay so we have a little bit of time left and i know what i'm not discouraging you about it just discussing this issue of these further of carpet forty one in forty
seven but if there's anything in character forty two forty three forty four forty five or forty six that you'd like to bring up
please do so i'm here to we're here to talk to you about those intermediate the a five vs
all of which are very interesting but i i feel like i didn't want to go through them one by one but if you if you look at them and you have some question you'd like to bring up for discussion
we are welcome to do so
and if you want to keep talking to talk more about this amazing
i am
happiness of suffering that's barn of compassion i'm i'm you can do that more to if you want
of course

gayatri al-ahram good evening good evening good everyone
is my comment and question is related to forty one and forty seven eight and it's not the ones in between it's fun at the okay so i'm so i had a recent experience of other behind you owe
he is he's my best buddy he hangs out with me all day long when i'm sitting here
but damn
yes there was this recent an experience of at more sort of directed internally towards myself that may be what we're talking about here so this past weekend my son i we went to drop my son after college he is doing a summer
some summer classes at down uc santa barbara so we drove to santa barbara and and this is his first time going to campus even though he's a sophomore because of the pandemic he had never been on campus and so i had these waves of grief just in tears coming up in a random times and i would
think of some thought would enter my mind and you know my throat to choke up and my tears would comment so it started a couple of days before we laughed and then on the drive there and then you know when we were unpacking and so this whole time and and i think there was a part of me throughout that time which didn't allow
that feeling to come out fully because i was concerned about how my daughter would feel and how my son would feel and i didn't in i didn't allow myself to really feel it but there was a point at which i allowed myself fully to feel the entire range of experience in the body in my mind
and in that i was able to touch into that that joy in that suffering because i because i because i think i connected with my love for my son
grief and sadness and the suffering of that but i was come i was a compassionate with the grief which allowed me to touch the love
for my son and in that there was the the joy
so i think it's the same principle but applied to others i i would think that is that is allright tribe is that amount the italy
basically your you you're would of course toward you're entering and possess yes okay you're entering other another way to tell the stories
the grieving for who
ah which comes because you love you
will protect you is protecting you is trying to protect you
hmm from what from some attachment to him
so part of your love it is attached to him and then this other compassion this mlb but because
part of you is attached to him but also because you love him
you feel pain
oh and that pain can come in the form of grief and the pain that comes in a form of grief because you love him is a joy
that pain
that joy protect you and libera page you from your attachment to this wonderful person got it
the middle of this very thing
yeah and i think and i think that love years now and i think it's the recognition of that same love that feeling of that when it becomes universe so i mean where it's not just unique to my son on my child my but just a just allow
have like wind and then that becomes sort of like the great compassion because than there is not as surfer a singular a tangent universe so again earlier carcass said that discomfort to great compassion is constant and equal foods when when you
when you feel this when you feel grief in relationship to everybody wrong but still the working of this example is great compassion working on this particular example it's still great compassion working in this case is just that
this is compassion would be grieving for all the students are going to hell yes kevin
i love my new life and grab it just gives me so much joy to listen to your laugh because the perfect perfect in fact it's just very it's i love to hear your life altering a really funny
ah we africa is really funny
thank you know

good evening good evening
so i've been thinking that the both the that sorrow and the joy that we're talking about and part they're related to as as we work on this they start to that the prison of living in a separate self starts to break down and that
is both painful and joyful
and there's there's you know that illusion that there's a self and there's an other as as they start to soften
it seems to me that there's terror and there's also incredible joy related to those car arca forty six
is about is about the terror
and and about the prison for borders if i see your car for forty six brings up the terrorists involved in this process
and and for me that seems to have to do with you know that i'm a deeply see the world as in terms of self and other and when that comes into question
it is both joyful and frightening
or or he maybe maybe even before his joyful it's frightening yeah yeah him
but it also says that if you keep working on it you get off you beat have become comfortable with the terror
but as we be as we begin to feel the pain of others and a in you know that i think that we start to that helps us to see that we're not really a separate is with think we are helping us feel the pain of others helps us
but this is not talking about feeling the pain of others his psychotic this is talking about you feeling pain because you love others it's a different variety
so you can feel the pain of others you can empathize with the pain of others that's all part of the game
this is a special thing is not about feeling their pain it's you feeling pain because you love them one and what am i guess what i'm trying to say his name of living other don't have that pain with most others do not have that pain
but there's really no other and so i can't be feeling any pain other than my own you know it's
there there is if not it's not that there's no other
except in the sense it there's no self are other than that year but still you do have certain pains that i don't have rate
and vice versa and vice versa
and each of us could feel pain because we love each other
and the pain you feel because you love me is not the pain that i feel because i love you
however feeling that pain because as you love someone liberates both of us from believing that self and other which are different are separate
i guess i'm thinking of the pain and and the joy as kind of a symptom of that processor
the the you could say a symptom accept except that
if more like a is not it
the this suffering is not so much like a simply miss more like a medicine
but you can all say medicine is part of the process but this medicine this this is not a symptom this or you can say this is a symptom of enlightenment
this is not a symptom of illness and yes symptom of health
it's healthy to feel pain when you love others loving others is helpful and if you love him in a way that you feel pain that's healthy it's a healthy pain is such a healthy pain it's an unsurpassable joy
thank you that's what i'm trying to say it very much in iraq
so we inadvertently touched upon kayak forty six
which is the non-existence of suffering whatever suffering cut in the non-existence of suffering whatever suffering that comes to a bodhisattva is do of compassion terrifies them at first but when they deeply penetrate is
causes than it's a delight

this am hall compassion forest
hopper on it just feels to me like
a wide window because i think for as a woman i have to say that buddhism feel sometimes like it doesn't include the kind of bonding net like a mother and child feel even though it says even as a mother protects with their life for child or only chai
child there's just a lot of attachment and so for me this is the first opportunity that it feels like oh
there's a bridge between attachment and non attachment that's not as severing but it's a an invitation to love pain it just feels a different whole town
a possibility know that this practice is a bridge from from one to the other yeah it's so beautiful thank you know
i am
when i was a kid i watched a tv show called i think it was called life is worth living
i i it was i'm a tv show ah and it was the person who the person who is sort of the figure of the tv show was his name was bishop fulton j sheen did any of your watch that
anyway he he ha
his model was
i come to the through the mother

any other things you like to bring up them
hello well hello ah yes sir
these are often on during the week you can see him lana
poorly late at night interesting fellow
but that was my question my question is am
about this sir
the sameness of self and others equality at and on as it relates to to the compassion to great compassion
one i'm trying to find that
you're trying to find it i'm trying to ah see it said in relationship with another person presence or down my road here a man slice of flag upside down
and here's some signs in his yard that say things that are you know not very kind and so forth and so when i go by this man i ah
you know i i have this on a bad feeling i have a bad feeling you came
yeah i it is pain it is thing but then a couple days ago i saw him he was out tending his garden which is neat it like a ten like you know everything is perfect at his house and
i i had this i wanted so i wanted to stop you know and skit out of my truck and go there and say you know of our share that with you i mean i love doing what you're doing here you do it so well
i didn't because of the hospitals in i don't know i guess terrified to do something like that i don't really know the guy other than just the me know that type thing
but you know there's a lot of that year round me on this road and sometimes it frightens me and sometimes i engage with people a friend and friendly way but the equality meme isn't an interest trying to find something like gardening or keeping this well this is a beginning is
it of a finding a sameness and then build on that said the idea finding a same practice that's an attempt to find the same practice and the same enlightenment
ah so in a way you bought share that same practice and sam enlightenment there are at least same
appreciation and effort to have a beautiful yard
and that that share sharing that kind of mundane thing and in interacting with him around that and respecting him around that could lead you to be patient with him around that so
you can use that appreciation of him and respect for his work as a basis for a relationship and then you could you could add it to gradually add in patients with his signs
and generosity towards his signs and practicing compassion this way
has the potential
of realizing that you actually have the same practice and same enlightenment as him and all beings
but you can use this challenging relationship you have i kind of envy or where do you live
upstate new york yeah i kind of envy you that you have a neighbor like it i don't have any neighbors like that know i'll bet you don't i wish i wish i did have a neighbor that i could go up to and appreciate a neighbor who i have problems with why feel pain with but who with whom i could find
some area to meet and practice together and realize
the we have the same practice in the same enlightenment even though i don't have signs like that in my lawn
and a gringo to put up some signs are no earlier than
the last year gringos put up signs last year
and people drove by and tore the signs down
i'm sorry i didn't have a chance to talk to those people see because it's hard to find a place of record a place of meeting place where you could talk to him in the meeting place and then expand into how can you towards the sign down
but you have it you have a great opening here that you actually appreciate something about him
cursed not i would really encourage you to stop your her truck and and grist and walk up to him as sacred i talk to you and
if he says yes
so i just want say i really appreciate the where you take care your yard and m
and that's enough and then you could come in the next time you could say you has your yard
you know and and gradually you can start to open up to these other aspects of him and practice compassion with these other aspects of him which currently may be or to advanced or to to walk far to reach and omelette saying i could practice with those either but if you haven't as great opportunity of thing
hey you hear hear i can respect him
here i can appreciate him here i can welcome him and select take this place and then gradually expanded
thank you so much that been for the welcome and please give me a report if you do it
i will oh one more thing i wouldn't get into the problem areas right away
just start with the appreciation and the any respect to step number one i appreciate you that you didn't maybe take another step in it's a joy for me to see your work and i i managed to joy for you to i guess it just joy for you to and he might say it is
you're right
and from there you may someday be able to say could could you could i have your signs please
let's rock
not all investors lucky as you weren't have such great opportunities
but we're how happy you do
nancy i'm pretty lucky too i have a lot of great opportunities to i'm really i i live around a lot of people who are who suffer greatly are like people who have had depression their whole entire life and i
really was struck by forty six myself because when they tell me about their depression or their suffering like a one woman she had a direct replacement and they gave her some kind of medication and all she did was cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and and she would tell me about it
and i couldn't relate to it you know as like i've never had such deep suffering in my life in and i i don't know if i would use the word that i was terrified but am
i just jam didn't know how to respond to her you know i i tried to be with her tried to that essence i've never had experiences like that
i feel so i know i've had suffering in my life but i never locked on my mother lived to be ninety nine you know i didn't lose a parent when i was six of something or i didn't have a parent who was violent your
and so when people share their stories am i am starting to be able to listen i i do have to say that
at first i couldn't spot could hardly stand at bet i've been around it now for about six years so
am i am were able to i wouldn't say that it causes delight extreme to of mine but i'm
but i feel like i could really relate to the number forty six bed
something that i can learn something there yeah
and you
you didn't quite resonate with the word terror but it sounds like you are sort of at a loss of how to be helpful the how to respond and for some people that's kind of terrifying but that they don't know how to help yeah some people are terrified
yeah so but but still what it says here basically is by basically penetrated deeply penetrating or deeply experiencing this is this is this terror or this feeling of helplessness in relationship
this process will become a too late
it will become delightful to struggle with this sense of terror or helplessness or not awkwardness or not knowing hundred help a person that can be very very painful but working with it
he one realizes oh my god this is the best job
it's really hard but it's the best
oh anyway i once again thank you so much great assembly
may our intention equally extend to every being and place with the true merit of buddha's way
beings are numberless i vow to liberate them afflictions are inexhaustible i vow to cut through
diamond gates are boundless i vowed to enter them boot away is unsurpassable
i've had to become it we've our to become it thank you so much good night i wrapped into the night wrap thank you