Yoga Room Class - November 30th, 2021

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okay well this is the last class in this series

so one thing gave her being our host for the serious thank you so much day
the thank all of you for
your devotion to this series of meetings your devotion to the teaching and to the great community
and to awakening

i encouraged us in earlier by sang may our body
settle into the body
may we be still and silent
and now i add may we observe all sentient beings
with eyes of compassion

may we observe
other beings and may we observe all of our suffering with eyes of compassion
maybe listen to the cries of the world with ears of compassion
and in
during this series
we then unfolding another layer
based on settling into our own body and mind and observing
ah living beings

add in the
the gesture of
i'll set with suffer
observing it and experimenting with it
questioning it
exploring it
and doing this questioning to this doing this experimenting in the context of compassion
doing this
in the context of being gentle
and respectful and careful and patient
in our study
in are experimenting
i have your am
container of
cough cough drops throat drops
and i brought it to remind me of an example
someone said to me as i walked into this room karen's where are you going with my cough drops
i'm using them to remind me of an example
the example as
an example of an experiment that i've been thinking of conducting

do you want to hear about the experiment
so about a week ago i am
i noticed that a concert in the kitchen in his house was
you could say covered with small ants
and the bread box was opened and the breadbox was covered with small ants
also on the counter was fruit by tom
the students didn't seem to be crawling all over the fruit is mostly on the surface and in the breadbox
so i am
i took the fruit off the counter and i took the bread box and put it outside and i took everything in the breadbox
ah i shook off the ants and took everything in the breadbox out of the bread box and put the bread box outside and i put the thing other things and that's like the bread and on i put it in your refrigerator
but the counter and the breadbox was still full of aunts and also the counter was covered with ads and they were swarming
and one of the things in a breadbox was this and this bought this container of cartridge is is closed it hasn't been opened
hasn't been opened but they are all over it and maybe they can smell it through the packaging i don't know
anyway after quite a few days
the the ants finally gave up on whatever they were interested in on that counter and i put the bread box back and then i put the fruit back and i know
so i was observing the ants
i hope i was i pray that i was driving with compassion

i was not trying to kill the ants
but i was trying to our to try to remove whatever there were crawling all over
so then i decided not decided then i thought of an experiment
which was i click this
package of cough drops back into the breadbox
and after a little while there were lots of aunts again
so i removed this and put it back in the refrigerator and took them bread box out side again
and ah no solicit example of me observing sentient beings
hopefully with highs of compassion i couldn't hear them
then i did some experiment and then and then when things calmed down i didn't experiment of putting the cough drops back to see if the as would come
and i'm thinking with the permission of the other people in the house i'm thinking them during the experiment again are putting these back into the bread box and see if the ants com
as soon example of kind of questioning the ads you know are you interested in this package of cough drops
i'm exploring the ants by see what they do if i put it back
studying them by observing them compassionately and and then doing experiments with them which do not hurt them what i don't think it hurts maybe they're getting nervous but by the is coming and going but
i don't think is bothering them i think it's actually a tractor and quite interested i think they're kind of hundred they think these cough drops or really interesting and they're be happy to come and look for them when they smell them
so this is an example of me
doing experiments with the sentient beings who i e i i want them to be free of suffering but the same time i want to learn about them
and see what they do and cinder
maybe i call for the theory these ants like these cough drops in i remember how many more times or tested
but this is an example of
have lucky test far we know observed all sentient beings eyes of compassion but we don't usually mention and of like touch bar
ask questions of the sentient beings
does experiments with a sentient beings is curious about the central digs his curiosity part of
in some cases i think sentient beings do want us to be curious about them
i think they do want us to ask them questions i think it encourages and when we ask questions and then again to ask the questions as an experiment not asking questions
to get something or to control sentient beings
to explore to learn
about and become more intimate with the suffering of the world
not to press it
although by the web in nam
these are is caught these these also called cough suppressants so i'm not into that and i'm not into aunt suppression or and nomination
but i am interested i really i am into observing hands
and experimenting with them to get to know them to be intimate with them because i think the intimacy with the ads
the intimacy i think protects the ads and liberates the ants and the same with my own suffering and the same with all of you i'm not trying to control you
i'm not trying to eliminate you
i'm not under control your pain or eliminate your pain
i'm trying to protect you in the midst of your pan by being in by being intimate with your pain an intimate with my pay
and again this practice of intimacy with pain and discomfort and suffering
is conducted in my body be being settled into my body
and your body being settled into your body
if your body's settled and mine isn't you can teach me
by showing me your settled body
you can transmit your subtle body to me so that i was a subtle body can observe with you
there's a bodhisattva vow which just came up tonight which which is the vow to be still and silent with this body and mind
for this body and mind to settle
onto itself
and in that quiet and stillness to observe all sentient beings and transmit the stillness the silence and transmit this compassionate observation and also to do experiments for the sake of intimacy
an intimacy is the protection of beings

i propose to you

ah so ah story i told a story last night last weekend but the weekend before ah about this this thing here which i sometimes carry
a one time to a woman said to me what is that the top on for
and i'm
i hadn't heard this called a baton before
i've heard it called a stick
hold a party favor
i've heard it called a co two japanese word
i've heard it called a cheat teaching staff but i thought the time was a nice word because it's
a baton used to conduct an orchestra or conduct
ah a marching band
like the majorette carries a baton right
are the or that the parade it there's a major edison is the female and is and a major is the like the mail any way they carry battalions and to conduct the the parade marching
but also baton or something you pass so i
i hope i been he added
partly i've been conducting these sessions but also i'm tryna i want to transmit the conducting of these sessions to you
i want to transmit to you
being still and silent in body and mind and observing sentient beings and
experimenting with them
to discover intimacy which will accomplish the protection and liberation of us all

i saw there i will go offer another talk this year on zoom
ah saturday the eleventh if you want to come for i guess the final the final zoom talk of the year for know about you're welcome to attend
and so again thank you very much an i open now to hear your experiments
ah again i i trust you to
the present and settled in your body and mind and hopefully or from your body from your subtle body and mind you can offer some questions you can explore
the teaching with this assembly
you can express your interest in something if you wish

hi well
high-grade assembly
i'm i've had a series of very frustrating things with internet
i thought you gotta say insects know inset was no
this is a little less animator animates a cookbook maybe ah but technology and so you know i found myself today calling ah
the ontario government and candidates although i punctured honestly i thought you're going to say i found myself calling all the lucky touch for i said of it i think i should have to that i should have thought of
okay but you didn't call you forgot to do that and called ontario instead how the ontario government and hoping to get some help and and add the women wasn't being very helpful i think she was more frustrated probably with her job and i was with with the technology
but it occurred to me afterwards like and i begged her to stay on the phone with me like well i tried you know to go step by step and she was that it is i can't do that and if you just stop talking to me and just look at the screen
ah you know you did if you will find you would find what i'm telling you the homeless cricket and and i'm not finding it anyway
but when i realized after with you our i stuck with it for a little while and finally i just gave up and as a thank you very much not i'll try another time but i was thinking about what you had said about that the conscious mind feeding the unconscious and how do
damaging my attitude like was even am i just think that that level of frustration that i feel when i can't you know accomplish something and i collect her i don't mind working hard at anything but if if i suddenly come up against a stumbling block i find that very frustrating when i realized that that's
not help like a violet if i could be compassionate to my frustration i suppose that's what i think you might recommend
hey here
maybe i wouldn't be quite so like tied up and not about about it and that that the navigate and i i feel just like for the sake of our collective unconscious i should do that because it's not good and thank you know it's okay for i mean it's one thing if i want to do that to myself that i don't like the idea of
feeding that back into them into the unconscious
so now you've said this and i was listening to you
so now
we can do an experiment with you and what you said
a part of the experiment is for me to say
that frustration when you feel frustrating
like for example you want the computer to work
don't you wish for to work and it's not working see that wishes frustrated
so the experiment with the giant which i would suggest in which we can kind of still do is to be kind to the frustration
the frustration itself is not clearly an action
it's more like a and rising between certain events in certain wishes in conflict
that right there is no necessarily an action but more like a part of a powder
the question is sent when that pattern of frustration rises
people often try to avoid it
control it get angry at it blame somebody for it which is part like kind like anger those are those are ways of relating to it which then start to make the
did they then we'll have an unfortunate probably have an unfortunate
effect on our unconscious and our body
but i'm not suggesting you do that experiment the now but rather the experiment of being compassionate to the frustration
if before you call ontario if possible
his son
the be ontario call and i hit the
once that english barons
yeah so
that would the i'm doing an experiment with you by saying that you by suggesting to
settle your body if you're uncomfortable frustrated body on yours on your uncomfortable frustrated body and feel that body and be still with it and then be compassionate to the frustration by letting it be and the at that point you can also do an exp
paramount with the with that
with that frustration you could call ontario as an experiment
see now what would happen if i called ontario
not again it would be in it would be an experiment not trying to get rid of the frustration if you try to get rid of the frustration that's not kind
so if if we're in a place now where you're being this person
a isn't ear you're settled into being this person
and your come and this person is feeling frustrated but hasn't yet gotten angry
this feeling frustrated now we practice kindness to her we listened to her
we we understand how she's uncomfortable with his frustration frustration is usually uncomfortable
we respect the frustration
were tender with the frustration
we're patient with the frustration
all this is before we'd do anything with computers or make any telephone calls
we haven't done d the the computer problem hasn't been addressed but you're practicing the body sought for way
and you can see if if
as an experiment what happens if you deal with the frustration that way and then you can do a further and then you can also might be curious i wonder what would happen if i'm if i called some tech person for text support could i do that without trying to gain without trying to be cruel you know or unkind to the for
not calling them to get rid of it but it is a little bit like may be taken care of a child who's sick
and you'd you'd you accept your chi your been kind to the child your experiment and but been kind of the child and see how that helps you see how that doesn't help your patient with the pain of the child your pain with a pair of the child and then you call the doctor
but when you call the doctor if it's an experiment you're you're you're trying to you're trying to learn about the situation you're not trying to get rid of child's illness
you're being compassionate the child's illness and then you're gonna do experiments
and when and they were doing the experiments see if the experiments can be done if the telephone calls can be done in the same way
that you took care of the frustration in the first place
with care and generosity and yeah so sometimes does not sometimes you might not be able to think of an experiment to do with the frustration but even if you can't think of an experiment to do with it like call for tech support
you can take care of the frustration
right then
and you can end you can try various ways of being kind to it
but again abs you as you get more of your more kind with it you're more settled with it
and you more at peace with it but you still might be interested to learn about it
and get more and given get further go further into the depth of your relationship with the frustration
which is a and the source of that is my wish we wish being in conflict with
with my actions are some or your your wishes you contact it could be it could be in come in conflict are frustrated by your action or somebody else's action
give you get like this if i would imagine that you might have been frustrated
when this wooden women wouldn't talk to you that might have been frustrating
and again first i would try first to deal with my discomfort of being frustrated that this person will talk to me
and then i would be in a better position to be
compassion to this person who won't lock to me but first the pain and frustration that she won't talk to me and then
be compassionate to her and net and do experiments with her
i use that sometimes i used to say that you know i don't think i would commit suicide if i got some terrible disease
i'm more the kind of person who met commit suicide if tech support won't listen to me
some little things you know that i don't think you know i don't need these problems the things exists the things that really get to me sometimes rather than when terrible things which i know i know i should be patient with but do our to be patient with tech support person who won't let me talk no i don't have to do that well as i do
disagree with in that's a mistake
this person is there to help you and they're not you don't see that are helping you so that's frustrating

and and i guess if you if you were near practiced with this idea with with this
being kind to yourself and things like that it it can happen relatively quickly liked for me to to do all that thinking seems like it would take or that that consideration seems like it would take a long time it might i think that
have you practiced more you get faster just like when you're learning a language
you know like when you're learning a language when it first try to learn walcott are not on
no the japanese for
for our understanding
after i do it over and over again i can do a cut in the cut dakota
and seemed like grid-tied she they start really slowly during those more emotions you know to get them right after you got after after you're making the right moves you can speed them up faster and faster so the i think when you're learning this skill at the it takes time
in this particular case ah you could have done all this kite you could have done a lot of work before he made the telephone call could have done a lot of good work before the telephone call however that might have postponed the telephone call for help by half an hour or more
but then when you make but you but even though you didn't get the technical problem worked out you did you you you didn't you did well with your life and you transform your body and my body in the process you helped other beings by taking care of yourself even though the technical problem
was not solved and you have not yet met this wonderful person in ontario
but you're ready to meet her
and i like the lightness that experiment the idea of experimenting sort of suggests a lightness of of reproach but to me anywhere that yeah if you watch hi i can't speak for all scientists but if you watch them work
they're they're usually quite kind of light and careful in the way they work
i can say what about her new record am
where do they call them
whatever people call that
that a blacksmith's blacksmith
ah are not exist they're not necessarily doing
experiments but i think some blacksmiths like or alexander calder you know him
at these kind of a blacksmith right
he works with meddling pounds medal he makes you beautiful sculptures but i think when he works with the metal i think he's very careful and gentle and respectful of the metal
so he's work so
he's kind of a scientist of metal in that case the artist and scientist come close together he does these experiments with metal
in other things too so
and when he does that he transforms the world he transforms the medal a transforms us

thank you

i read thank you very much for your teaching you're welcome
thank you for coming
i think a couple of weeks ago you talked about three different my three different consciousness karmic consciousness and i think the other the other ones are
it may be subconscious or unconscious and the other one is wisdom consciousness and of except i didn't call them all consciousness i call on beat three minds they might
so i use consciousness for carmen consciousness where we are square we were we speak english or chinese and where we see other people separate from us and where we make plans and stuff
and where and where i am
that's karma consciousness well that's not the way it is an unconscious smiled and that's not the way it is in the wisdom mind
i wonder if you can speak more about the wisdom might i i feel like i didn't hear enough or didn't hear a lot about it so much as the other two while the wisdom mind is a vm
mind which is aware
of the truth of the karmic mind
so the wisdom mine is the awareness that in the karmic mind there's lots of suffering
and it also sees that much of what's going on there is deceptive an illusory and misrepresenting reality
whereas in the in the karmic mine we we tend to believe these illusions as real
but the wisdom mind can see all this consciousness believes in these things thinks that these illusions are real
the winter months can see he understands that their their delusions there there are they're ignoring the truth and also the wisdom mind can see this ignorance of the truth of phenomena is believing in the deceptive appearances of phenomena it sees that
this is suffering
also the wisdom mind understands the relationship between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind
so it's it sees its it it understands the relationship between the conscious mind and unconscious it also is understanding of the relationship the among conscious minds example there's a conscious mind where
there seems to be you
but in your country in the conscious mind whether seems to be you choose me there's a conscious mind where there seems to be high and i and the i is charging
there's another conscious mind where there's an eye and the i as reb
but in charging in the in the conscious mind where the i is called shy young you don't you don't call rib i
you call rub him or rep and it doesn't seem like he's done it doesn't feel like i'm the i'm the me and your consciousness right
and similar it doesn't seem like year than me and mine
wisdom understands that so these words that are coming to you are coming from wisdom wisdom is is sending this message to all of us wisdom has taught this wisdom has seen that that in each consciousness there's an eye and in each consciousness the i is
is seen as the self that in their consciousness and everything else in there is not the self and so on so on wisdom sees that and then wisdom have now sent that these teachings to us so in wisdoms also sing
the mind can be turned around to look at itself and discover these teachings
a to teaching from wisdom
now caught a conventional i could say you can turn your mind around but instead of saying that that the word the languages the mind can be turned around and it can look and see that there's a me and i and a self in the consciousness and then it can it
can tell you what you're gonna find their and then the my and and in the mind can look and the mind can discover
that what is being taught will actually be found and also if you can find if the if it's not found than questions can be asked and then conversation can help you find the things that are supposed to be there for example there should be suffering if their delusion and there is but
maybe not be able to find the suffering right away
but by conversing the all there it is and now i see the suffering is coming but from the delusion well and if i didn't enter from me believing this delusion
so the wisdom mine is is is conducting the study of the carmen consciousness
and it gives comment and it gives comrade consciousness teachings
which karmic consciousness can study
and karmic consciousness can talk to other comic consciousnesses are also doing the study and we can share these tedious wisdom teachings
which were doing right now
and all this study this study of the mind with the applying the teachings to the conscious mind transforms the unconscious to make the conscious mind more
more skilled and more used to doing the study all the time or should sit during the study more and more
and isn't right to say that all all you just said the conscious mind and the the activities of the conscious mind the unconscious mind and the wisdom wide all those activities they are not
limited in this day
they are there are not limited and the the western mind it is the relationship among all the conscious minds and among all the bodies
it's that relationship and it understand that relationship and the wisdom might also understands our unconscious processes overlap and do not
and and the western mine also understands that there's really no separation between all the conscious minds but the conscious minds think that they're separate from other conscious bodies and minds
but they're not and also our life is not confined to this confining mind so the the karmic mine is enclosed and limited but that isn't the limit or life is just limited of that deluded mind
we have to study that deluded mind in order to be realize that our life is not limited by it
and wisdom teachings
tell it show us how to study and what the study
and can i ask one last question who ah
what would you say is the relationship between great compassion and the western mind

great compassion is compassion which is united with the wisdom mind
when we first are practicing compassion we we we don't have wisdom so we practice compassion
towards the way things appear and and we think that the way they appear is the way they are so we practice compassion towards sentient beings just as they appear we practice compassion towards them as merely the way we see them
that's the first way we practice compassion
great compassion is not separate from their compassion because great compassion understands that compassion
also then the next kind of compassion where we start to bring dharma teachings to our compassion great compassion is with that too
when that when that second type of compassion comes to fruit we have wisdom about the suffering and then we have great compassion so on great compassion the wisdom is united with the compassion in the beginning compassion
the wisdom is not mature and we have a of limited understanding of the suffering and the beings who are suffering
i think this gesture he did was very helpful for wheelchairs
thank you very much you're very welcome

hi to everyone to arab i'm i've run into a bit of a snag then i'd like to talk to you about ah i notice things gonna make sense when i hear you at least in the moment they do it's a oh yeah and then so after mount madonna retreat i was
was experimenting with some money the things we talked about their in specifically
thinking about the conversation we had about preferences and how much trouble you'd get into with preferences or how their that cause suffering so i've been
thinking about that poking around that and
i was very
i have i have a friend there a vibrant wonderful friend who a year and a half ago got struck with an chronic fatigue and he's been lying flat on his back pretty much any able to move for a year and a half and though his mm
when he has energy he likes it when i write to him or talk to him and and i was kind of excited about their treat and i wanted to know spruce up his life a little bit and share some of the incisor things we talked about and then i realized i felt him barest or
an appropriate kind of to to bring up the topic of
ah leaving the idea of not having preferences when i started to think about bodies in terms of bodies
and then i thought was reverently saying
that we it doesn't make sense to have a preference said i don't have chronic fatigue or that he would have a preference not to habit that's where my understanding at his run out of gas and am i would like to be reminded about what what is the teaching about preferences with regard to
having cancer having it and yeah i think you'd probably get my question reminds me of something of hurts and was said by an ancient zen teacher which was i'm so tired i don't even have any preferences
if you're really exhausted you don't even have the energy to have a preference
by the way
but i'm not saying you shouldn't have preferences
i'm just saying that grasping them
makes life really difficult
so this comes from the statement the great way is not difficult except for except for
picking and choosing
but that doesn't mean that you would then choose not to be picking and choosing
our that you would that you would have the preference for not having preferences some people
have the preference to not have preferences
and they do things to themselves so they won't have preferences
like what what what would you do to committing suicide
that will end that the prison from the suffering of preferences
so one of the so human beings have three kinds of the say of outflows one his desire for sex one is the desire for certain states i'm certain states of being and the others desire for annihilation
do not have any preferences is kind of like annihilation
so it's not so much that you don't have preferences it just that you don't go you don't attach to them
you just you know you watch him in your practice kindness to them they're like a disease
wanting to have a healthy body is like a disease
it's like a disease in the sense that if you grasp it he gets you get sick
are you know or i could take the or maybe maybe be easier for you to say preferences are like traps
their traps and if you if you fall into them you're in big trouble
but to have a preference in not fall into it

like a buddha might have prefer to have lunch at twelve o'clock
maybe they do
but you know if lunch is not served at all
the buddha is not going to be upset about that because he didn't they didn't attached to the preference of having lunch at twelve o'clock
so as not that you don't have preferences he's just don't get involved in however if you do get involved him that's not the end of the world you just making life much more difficult for yourself as all doesn't mean you can't practice at all he just says the way is not difficult except for picking and choosing
picking and choosing makes the practice of helping all beings much more difficult
for example if you wanted to help your friend who as
chronic fatigue
and you are attached to the preference that he doesn't have it then you're not good for him
it's back then if he doesn't want you around
you're just more trouble for him you tire him out what little energy has it gets sucked up into you wishing he was some other way when he wanted somebody to be there and help him be who here who years
with whatever amount of energy we have so compared to some people i have chronic fatigue me some people just have so much more energy than me if i compare myself to them i feel like i'm practically dead
but i i kind of accept how the a jam compared to those people even though they make me feel really small really weak ah you know pretty much almost half alive because they're so
ah with energy
but if i can accept my relatively small energy that will help me accept their big energy
on the other hand if i can accept my small energy i'm already in trouble and it'll be really hard for me except there's so i hate myself and hate them if i attached to having a lot more energy
but that doesn't mean i go and tell people who have not much energy oh you know the date they shouldn't want to have more energy
if they want more energy than my job is to not prefer that they weren't that way even though i can see they're just hurting themselves so i see people who want to have more energy want to have more vitality etc etc i see people like that
i heard this act which is i think it's called the bay club have you heard of it
it's a club in san francisco i think they have some other little locations and he i heard of advertisement for and basically the whole advertisement was more more more more more and more swimming pools more way to wait equipment more saunas more lovely towels more misuses
more happiness more and more and more
and people sooner and people join that club and pay extra money because it's more more more
buddhism is not about more more more it's about
yes yes yes to what's going on really
and making peace with it including that you're surrounded by people who are into more more more and they're just knocking themselves out with more more more does i remind you of the human situation
the zapper bind you of our planetary ecological crisis more more more more energy more energy more energy more energy
this is our this is this is the crisis of the of our planet is people want more
they prefer more
and so my job is to be compassionate to the people who are hurting themselves and others by wanting more energy
for themselves and for their loved ones and maybe less energy for people they don't like
but i i'd tell but i don't go up to people who want more energy and tell them a point out to them that what they're doing is hurting everybody
i i try to work with them the way they are and not be caught them my preference if i had it that they would give up this destructive
activity of getting more
i try to teach them compassion which will help them
deal with their destructive habit patterns

but what's helpful to me in this comfort in this interaction
is i've been worried about josh and how he's doing and how he's holding it all and out of our conversation i realized it is what you said at the beginning when we're when we're sitting to nine about
looking over at calming myself being centered and myself settling in myself that that's
yeah i thought i was yeah that's how that that's the work for me to do and then then i bring that self to him and whatever he's got going on i can do it will bring itself to him and then you listen to him and you observe him and maybe a do some experiments with him
but first of all your settled then you can help him
it also last time
the time before well previously i don't know which time i mean i've certainly heard but maybe not everyone has
oh and bet i would you say and then today i got a text from him saying he mentioned that reb is doing online classes or things online maybe you could good i participate some time in a zoom and this is after knowing him for many many years to stay
today he because of what i've said about what i'm learning are getting and struggling with so item i thought that was very sweet and you may see him one day and he may see me he may thank you

hello june
well hello ram
ah ah thank you and
i would like you to our talk some about faith and trust
ah it came out of a mean
yeah it came out of a kind of experiment i had in a dental appointment
and the dental appointment was with the relatively new dentist that i happened to know
in various ways and up
in she's good so i was there to get a deep one of those deep cleanings and
you know she said he ever had one before i said a long time ago and so she uses nitrous oxide because it you know
laughing gas because it makes it easier for the dentist and on the technician and the patient
well it's choice and i have some apprehension like oh my god would i get another stroke in the brain or wet and so i consulted with my position and know that's perfectly okay
low you praying in any way so then know
i'd say okay
and in the process of that i was caught between you know the with the nitric oxide in ear nose and all you have to breathe the in and then they do all kinds of things in your mouth and the are they get started well i
was freezing in the nightdress and i i still had fear but i had to breathe in deeply so i did that with in struggling in my mind and then i had fear about or what are they doing in the earth's really
some i can't see and i can't and by fits time a little out of it and it's all very kind of humors
i observed on that the the two things are kind of save me or allowed me to do it with relative ease i guess on
one ah a focusing on the breathing i thought well thank god i've practice that for a long time so
that was primary and also are going over ah all the reasons i should trust the technician it technique the dentist in all these trust factors and i somewhere in there i thought
and oh by the way when it was finished she said i said how much did you have to use your she said actually you used very little compared to most people live a good about that but i realize you in my thinking
the word faith
did not arise efforts i thought what i i try so i i looked up trust and faith and one has trust is like ah you have evidence and face or you don't you just it's emotional kind of thing
then i realized i i really don't know much about face
and i thought well i'm i'll ask you out what would you say about face
and trust while trust i feel like we've been talking about you know you do experiments with things and
he gain trust but i i don't know much about faith

i i have faith
in experimenting

my faith is

when i do the experimenting
that is the expression on my faith
also when i do the experimenting at that moment i trust the experiment
could you say that again
would you when i when i do the experiment i trust experimenting ride trust the experiment also i have faith when i do the x the experiment i have faith in experimenting
so for me
they're both ah
am i use them i use them interchangeably
oh and i kind of when you were talking i think i think it was good for me to remember that everything i do is kind of like
everything i do is kind of like an experiment
rather than everything i do is gonna be this way or that way
i may think that but i don't think i don't really typically don't want to go i am
i have faith and trust in experiment and i don't have faith and trust in my thoughts that i'm gonna do it this is gonna be the way i do it
okay i'd get them i don't have faith that when i put her a glass of water on the table the table is going to hold the glass of water up
i don't want to have that kind of faith
i don't want to have the faith that if i go to the dentist my t ford right
no i don't want to not for me that i don't i don't have faith in that kind of attitude i have faith in
and so i go to the dentist as an experiment yeah
experienced an experiment and taking care of my teeth
i do not know what will happen
my faith is not
that i believe such as such will help
my faith is i'm a i'm a i'm in a guy ah i'm gonna go to the dentist and i'm an ex i'm a new the experiment of going to the dentist including that i may never get to the dentist
we're going to the dentist and never getting there is part of the experiment of going to the dentist but when i go to dentist i don't have the faith that i'm a i'm going to arrive at the dentist's office and when i get there they're gonna do a really good job and i'm going to be happy ever after i don't think that i don't believe in that i do
trust that around with feta but i do have faith in basically everything i do as an experiment or everything i do as a bet
that this is a good thing to do
i bet it's good to brush my teeth and when i placed my bet is when i brush my teeth
so i'd bet on going to the dentist i experiment and going the dentist that's my face why do i also have faith and going to the dentist as one of my experiments
i do not have so much faith in the experiment of not going to the dentist and not brushing my teeth i don't i don't do that experiment but if i wanted to do that experiment you know
what's that would be any helped anybody for me not to go to the dentist to do the experiment to see if that if that would lead to mean having bad teeth i'm happy to do that experiment oh when economic is to be actually me to do that people seemed it seems to have people appreciate it i go to the dentist and brush my teeth
especially the dental hygiene as appreciates now
you know the boy he could carry stuff you made my day thank you for brush on your knees that's an expect because out of the experiments
so that's my perspective on faith faith is what i bet on what the experiments i do in life for example i experiment by going and sitting i experiment by study i experiment by offering this assembly
it's an experiment for me so i trust this experiment
i don't i don't trust that it's gonna do this or that i just trust doing it
and the trust came out of doing it
and seeing the result doing it again and seeing result
and also understanding that i don't see all the results i i experiment without to without teaching
in other words i could be wrong about her results and since i'm experimenting i am open to being refuted
it's experimenting
part of their is nice just i trust experimenting it's i feel i also trust me open minded
i don't trust controlling the world
the don't trust no i don't have faith in her
but the rich people are the people who say here i can i can control the world for you yeah yeah oh yeah i hear gears on here and
i am
thank you gotta go

i i
ah this is a clarification of tracy's question
the where and of my own understanding the way i understand no preferences is very simple just not to prefer
something to be different from the way it is from the way it is in that moment yeah no that doesn't imply it doesn't mean that i might not that i wouldn't do things to help my friend who's sick get better that doesn't mean that at all that doesn't mean that it
so and at everyone yeah that you might go visit your friend and help your friend be better by helped me your friend be more accepting of himself yeah that could happen if you've learned that
so just like you were saying about experiment your now the experiment
sort of mode of thinking or you let your using that word as an experiment you're using that word a lot and at
so every moment or every step when you decide to brush your teeth or whatever you know
at that moment you're not saying i want my i don't i prefer my teeth should not be the way they are your just brushing your teeth
yeah hope that others i know i trust that yeah so there's no conflict as all i'm trying to say ram with tracy i'm trying to say this and myself there's no conflict between trying to make your self a more healthy or or or at least doing things that would be conducive to health or
conducive to awakening are conducive to good teeth there is no conflict between know preferences and that right no conflict thank you very much he worked

hello hello
something that came up in my in my mind when you are attacking the june was on this phrase not not knowing as near as
and just as kind of
an orientation toward the world lives not going in like thinking that you know what's gonna happen and or as is that a little better what what what's going on there
a scheme and waterway around is if i'm really intimate with somebody
like myself are you
i don't i don't know who you are
i have to be separate from you to know who you are
you have to yeah
i have to say your this know but that's not intimate but i would but i do have the fun of your this but it's is not intimate when i really get close to someone i really don't know
if they're mere or find them or whatever
like rooker said i don't know if i'm
a falcon
a storm or a great song
that's that's was like when your intimate
you said something earlier about intimacy is the protection of beings
and i don't know that i heard you say that before and i i wondered if you could elaborate a little bit on how
yeah i kind of i've heard you talk about that i'm intimacy as his liberation but
like and i don't know if i understand that but that yeah
and bad production protection seemed
different and i just wondered if you could elaborate a little bit on what what that's about
maybe protection in a way protection might seem like it's
maybe it's first and then there's liberation but anyway if if i'm suffering
and i'm intimate with my suffering
i'm i'm protected i'm not hurt by my suffering
but if i'm not intimate with my suffering is something that the more unintended i am the more my suffering hurts me but it's not the suffering he has me it's my life if my lack of intimacy with it the farther away it is the more it hurts me
the separation
yeah as the separation gets bigger i'm what i'm i'm more harmed
and and but still you know even though we brush our teeth restored get old and eventually
our body falls park
and it's it's often kind of uncomfortable when it falls apart
and but we can do but intimacy protects us from from our body falling apart doesn't stop it from falling apart
and in again i can i can brush my teeth with intimacy and then i protected from suffering while i'm brushing my teeth
but again if i'm brushing my teeth and i'm not intimate with brushing my teeth i am suffering
cause probably when i'm not intimately brushing my teeth i'm trying to get better teeth thing or you know whatever
intimacy doesn't get rid of the human can that doesn't the condition of being a living being which is impermanence
intimate with impermanence were protected
written a middle of impermanence which is an ongoing situation
which some people say it really gets heavy duty when you're old village you know some some little people have heavy duty impermanence to
and so we want to protect them
by being intimate with them and teaching them how to be intimate with their impermanence so if we didn't we didn't need to be intimate with our own first and then we can teach them how to be intimate with theirs
and i also seeing a curiosity and they're like as a big part of that young if i wanna be intimate with some with my suffering and there's no curiosity that lack of curiosity may be missing
her listener using a wonderful tool doesn't mean we always had to be used curiosity but sometimes curiosity is just the thing we need to understand intimacy more deeply
like i think you think something but then i'm kinda curious to see if if you do like i think you think this but let me just check with you by the way
because maybe you don't even though i know you do
i'm gonna check and sometimes you say why you're asking me of course you know i do just just curious
and then you say i actually i don't thank you for analysis don't fit
thank you
you're welcome

i'm personally i feel very threatened by experi experiment experience are experimenting and i know like just for example i have a deep passion to go hiking in
and soft surfaces in woods but i always am confronted with fear of being alone in the woods and it just brings up a lot of worry and a lot of times i feel limited in what i can really safely do in my own mind i don't feel safe a lot
in a lot of ways and in theater there's lots of exploration but it's really really really safe it's like
very safe so i don't know i feel sad for myself actually when you talk like this i feel like you have a lot of skill with experimenting and i have a lot of ah i guess a virgin or like threat about it
i think that he you just mentioned that are certain situations where you feel safe and i was a those are the situations where you are more likely to be settled your body on your body and settled your mind and your mind that's when you
feel more safe
and when you feeling more settled of your body and mind on itself then you feel more able to do experiments
correct so as some areas you haven't yet found a way to settle yourself in those arenas so you might
try to find some way to gradually approach those arenas
step by step so first up is can i take one step and settle
no we're just don't move them stay where you are until you settle
did you sort of to do too good to do monster fruitful experimenting will come when you're settled so when you're settled then you can observe
it's hard to even observe if you're not settled
okay now you're settled
now you can observe
yeah okay now settling observed now experiment
but some realms if you go into them your your your first challenges hey i can't settle here okay either back up and go someplace where you can settle and come back later
but i will say as my you know as as part of your training train from finding situations where you can
have your body and mind settle onto your body mind and then extend from there into other areas where your body can settle unto itself
so when you're settled you can then you can observe clearly and then you can experiment and then you can consider some other situation
but i don't see much good and going some place and doing anything much if you skipped over your basic work of settling in some situations are just too difficult to settle but going into cold water
some people can go into cold water and settle
other people but what if the water's at temperature they cannot settle in their temperature so if they will try i try it were a little bit warmer than settle into that know i swim in cold water and i did it by going from cold to call to call her to colder but i didn't jump
from you know i didn't jump from water
sit seventy five into forty three
i went from seventy five to seventy two sixty five to sixty to fifty five to fifty to fifty five to forty five so finally i can go into water that was forty three if you just jumped suddenly into really cold water
yeah you know you if your vegas nerve can shut off your heart
shouldn't do that you should gradually expand your ability to relax in more and more challenging situations but expand from being settled don't jump ahead of you're settling practice so if you've got theater and sandoz and you can
settle in them good
that's good and then and then so on eventually we want to ext extend our range
so that we can observe in more and more variety of circumstances because there's more and more variety of sentient beings
we want to be able to be intimate with all of them but in order to be intimate
we have to be settled in ourself and then we have to observe what's going on and then we can start experimenting and learning more
so please accept what you can resettle in and work at that and then keep making that your your baseline is what you can settle in
and don't try to practice in situations where you can't settle just keep settling and you're settling practice will grow and some day a buddha says you will be able to settle any place
or at least i'll have some stillness and silence was the same thing
many give you water

good evening good evening
oh i've been wanting to ask this all night but it sort of started with the question about frustration
and the basic question is is sometimes something happens that appears to my mind to be frustrating or catastrophic and it takes a little while for the mind to get some perspective and recover from that but in the meantime there's a whole cascade of physical things
that that comes out of the mind you know basically saying to the body this as a good faster faith and it takes much longer if my experience at least for me for that body responds to settle and you were just talking about settling the body and i wondered if
he had anything to say about you know that it's because i don't find the mental aspects result much more quickly and sometimes i feel like the physical access aspects are almost like an intoxication
you know the body is just really out of whack and it takes on a long time i did start by saying the body yeah first settle the body onto the body first as we do right we sit the body down and we said we with sell
oil into the body on the question and the lay in the knees on the round and it's fine you know we settle into the body first by doing that kind of practice than when
escapes or whatever you have a chance to settle with that body so first of all settled with the body now here comes a big wave of the here comes a big challenging physical situation so i want to settle with that first with the by

i guess i guess my yeah my experiences that mentally i can get more easily to play it safe
perspective this isn't this isn't that something is something to be grateful for yeah but but the bodies to get over your body
well i'm trying to get back to it you know once that you can get back to is fine but it's better to start with it now each moment start with your body each moment start with your body he got every moment you've got one each moment start with it you're always here with his body so so
start with that start with that start with that start with that stuck with it
don't skip over that and go to for example something you can deal with easily mental things don't skip over the bud
it is available every moment he added with a train ourselves to be there with the body in each moment there's certain situations with the body whereas not so difficult like for example if you're swimming and really cold water you have no trouble being with your body
or if your title of walking if you're on the rope you're you're with your body and again that's why it's nice to sit upright because he sorted have to be with your body to actually sit upright
you can be with your body lying down in bed but anyway that's good to in bed let's be with our body in bed sitting in chair walk and all whatever postures are trying to be a the let the body be settled into the body and
learn to never skip over that make that the foundation for the mind and the mind
don't try that hopefully i'll remember it the next time some apparent up by pray for it i pray
the more you remember it moment by moment in
non catastrophic moments the more likely you'll be able to remembered and catastrophe so i'm yeah i'm part of what i'm trusting is that training my body
to be in my body now promotes me being able to trade to be with my body in my body if i lose my mind
even if i can't remember my body remembers to be in my body like that example i gave of that hundred and five year old lady playing the piano she doesn't know she she probably doesn't know what a piano is anymore
or who she is but her body because she settled her body so many times
for most of us to be thrown into the middle of playing the piano concerto wouldn't be like overwhelmingly cuttack catastrophe but by training she could she could be there in the intensity of that of that piano playing
so that's why we have to train our visit we had to physically train ourselves
okay thank you for out know now now now now now will would you know
mayor intention equally extend to every being and place with the true mera good away beings are numberless we vowed to save them
afflictions are inexhaustible we vow to cut through dharma gates are boundless we've our to enter them buddha away is unsurpassable we bow to become it
thank you everybody for a wonderful series of meetings
when he ran ran maria iraqi ribs
can i brag everybody
a drought in the may not be to area morning it again ne we meet at
video games and a really good night everyone at night i'm not fit in with no thank you thank you thank you