Since You Cannot Waste Time, Don’t

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the title for today's talk which i had in mind was don't waste time
and between the time i thought of that title and right now a number of things came up that i
kind of wanna talk to about
that's kind of in some sense disturbs the prestige structure of this talk don't waste time although it's you may be able to see that it's related
so starting earlier this morning over green gulch and continuing through this morning
welcome to leave your first time here guess is there anybody else here for it first time
there was somebody here earlier who who i guess weft she was sitting in that room
somebody said to me this morning the right she said you told me a while ago
i think she said he said
like you need to know what you really want
i reminds me of a sufi palm by rumi which starts out
the breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you
you have to say what you really want
have you done know that cause the breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you
don't go back to sleep
you have to say what you really want
don't go back to sleep
everybody is walking back and forth
at the threshold where the two worlds meet
the door is round and open
don't push swept back to sleep
could change it to
the breeze at dawn has sick to tell you don't waste time
so somebody say that i said that to her and she ah i said
you need to know what you really want i didn't sit after she knows and then i would say now you have to say it
anyway apparently she found out what she really wanted but then when she found out what she really wanted
she came to the realization
that she didn't know how
to realize what you really wanted
and then the next person came in said what she really wanted and what she really wanted was to practice the great bodhisattva precepts
she's image she said but i don't know how to practice them
so to both been in this morning other people kept coming here come in and tell me what to what they want to do and that they don't know how to do it
and in all cases hi i've been saying this is a normal human condition
what is it
we have aspirations
ah some people don't know what their aspirations are but we've got him and they are to be discovered and we need to discover them
but we are in their illness i would say
and before you find your aspiration things are going like if it's hard to orient it's hard to you know your ship doesn't have a keel
should in a flat-bottomed
so anyway
the normal human situation i propose is you will do have aspirations
children have aspirations
an adult and aspirations
children understand coffin
that what they aspire to they have not yet realized
the sample some children one
to be a mother
some children wanna be a father some children want to be a doctor something for children wanna be
a baseball player
and on many of the children understand they are not yet a mother and they are not yet a father they they've got they understand that that they're aspire into something that they have not become
but what the children don't usually realize and we let them not realize it is i don't know what they're talking about
the the hunch the circle is anything about being a mother because they're not a mother
but we don't stress that usually we just say oh you gonna be a mother
but an adult and mature person
for example might aspire to be a mother and my sort of we might say become a mother
and after they become a mother they made aspire to be a mother
or even a good mother but i'm sure person realizes they don't know what they're talking about
i mean not really i aspired to be a mother but actually i'm not sure what a mother is
this is a more adult life and this is an ironic life
and we i would say our our full lol by vitality is has an element of irony in it namely we aspire to be something we're devoted to be something
like a practitioner of kindness but we don't know what kindness is and we still aspire to it and we don't know what it is and it's a little bit stressed iron years old stressful but it's also
it's like the the tungsten filament in a lightbulb it's it's as energy
and have a life for you aspire to be for example if the many or aspire to the men and they think that's fine and appropriate but if you think you know what a man is your the juices and on very much if you turn the juice up you realize well i would i do aspire to be a
because i am but i don't know what man is
then your life becomes more alive more ironic and more challenging and more humorous

so some he will you do aspire to be body surface they really do and some realized but i don't know what that is
some people aspire to practice zazen but then they realized that i understand that nobody including me knows what's as any is really for sure
but that doesn't mean give up your vows it means
be encouraged by the irony that you're getting to be a big kid you're more mature now in your relationship your aspirations
and then again people when they start to face the sailor in an instant hard yeah
being fully alive is
can be really hard but if you really want to be fully alive you may be willing to learn how to deal with that so that's something which i wanted to mention to you and i also want to tell you that our last time we had a meeting here i think in the afternoon
i brought up that one of you ask me
a model our bodies lay teachers in his and tradition which can also be put as labeled he sought for teachers
so we have labeled he sat for teachers and we have priest bodhisattva teachers in this tradition okay
so this afternoon
from where can i want to talk about this other thing now the saturn and i'll talk about this
being a late bodhisattva teacher and being a priest bodhisattva teacher and how to work with that
now back to the topic of don't waste time
one of our
frequently recited poems in this and tradition ends with the lines don't waste time
and i guess most and students including me when when they read that over and over for years they thought oh yeah right wish you let's not waste time we should not waste time
and i i'm not disagreeing with that
but i like to look at download it today
like to look at
what that suggestion is
intending to do for us
most people do think
that is possible to waste time
nice i often mentioned are you know here we are we're we're living beings and were in the world or a world and we living beings have consciousness we
and where we human beings have consciousness and it looks like many non human beings that consciousness too
your bodies that the command somehow have cognitive processes and conscious unconscious cognitive processes and conscious cognitive processes not just humans
but we seem to have it and our unconscious cognitive process consciousness in consciousness that somebody's there
and there's the appearance of have some other
so we haven't
consciousness or comic consciousness of self consciousness which is kind of dualistic it has a self
and are not self
it looks like that looks like you're not me
that is of course
a total
mental construction it's not really true and also the way
consciousness works is it it created the illusion of self and separate other and then has a subliminal message written underneath the picture which says this is actually true
this isn't just in it a conscious construction so now the buddha's have come to right on top of this picture this is a conscious construction only
but that's a situation
consciousness and that seems to be dividing the world into self and others
gay and in this situation
there is an endeavor
so we got this self and there is an ongoing endeavor to
you know keep that self going or established itself
as a particular
thing in this world which it is
and the other is also particular things in the world
each of you i can in in my consciousness i see each of you as particular and unique
there's an effort to keep this thing being particular and unique is an endeavor ongoing endeavor
i'm not so much concerned with keeping you being a particular thing
he he seems to be going on are you keeping particular things but i'm more focused on this one and i think that focus makes you be particular to
as part of this story
and you i'm guessing you're doing the same thing this is part of the human condition
can there's irony in that too
we semi consciously are endeavoring to make a particular discrete determined being self
and also if you're mature you realize you don't know what the thing is that you're trying to make concrete
and particular
so the irony is right in there with this project this is the project have 'em
practicing a bodhisattva precepts this is the project of keeping herself than my practice them going
so this this self this unique self
possesses an unconditional property
it is unconditionally itself
such a looks
or anything else changing or in place no matter what happens it's the same thing it's it's it's itself no matter what
and we're trying to maintain this thing which is free of all the conditions it lives with and actually depends on
so that wouldn't make so if it depends on them then he wouldn't be unconditional and we're trying to make an unconditional which is stupid but
that's going on
self maintenance project
so here's now turning into the time business as long as we are engaged in this project to establish our unconditional being
we are
yeah we're involved in the question
what do i do next
in time
beings that are concerned with maintaining itself are concerned with what do i do next or also what do i do now
which is kind of like what do i do now next
or beans you're concerned as humans are
with establishing this unique
unconditional being
which can be itself no matter what
we get concerned with not wasting time so if someone tells tells us don't waste time we say or write don't waste time in the project of keeping yourself all
together and unconditioned
it seems to be read into this is a condition itself was the conditional
the condition of self condition so
when you look when you when you look closely you see a condition self yeah
conditioned conditional conditional and i'm proposing that
that that observation of seeing a conditioned self a conditional self that observation can occur in a place where somebody's trying to maintain or self unconditionally
but one can examine the the thing that is trying to be made unconditional
while the effort to make an unconditional going on you can examine it and see that actually it is not unconditional and that can make you wonder what should i do next see her so either way whether you're looking or not this question of don't waste time is up

so part of what i'm doing today is not i'm not saying don't forget that statement but and that teaching don't waste time i think trash it i'm saying or maybe a saying don't waste time means
be aware that you're concerned with not wasting time
that most of us are concerned with not wasting time as part of our sit of our human condition is to think is to not want to waste time
and to use time
in a way that will make us valuable
and powerful
i'm able to live not depending on anybody else now if you look you see you do penned but somebody else is not concerned with looking somebody else's concerned with being all powerful
and being able to be this one depending on no other that's such as i don't know what to say
maybe there's evil
and where that's going on in consciousness that's part of the human condition and for some humans is also the interest in studying the situation so
in some then lineages there's a strong encouragement to study this situation what situation where there is a being in the world who is involved and
having a separate unconditional self
there's a teaching less study that self the study or less study the project of making herself and if this if that project seemed successful like ah i've got an independent self let's study that
so that the teaching is less study that studying and learning about the self making project
is it can also be called studying the boot away
but there is it
hit but is it is challenging to keep studying the self simultaneously with somebody who is trying not to study it but to maintain it
some some effort to notice maintain it but make it into something to make it into one thing that doesn't depend on anything else
which is against buddhist doctrine but this in this tendency ah is well established
yeah no i think sucre she said what the prime the you got some problems or whatever you got some problems it would be good to be ready to have those problems forever
and again i noticed among living base human beings there's some tendency to want to have do not have the problems they have now forever
maybe a few more minutes or couple more days but not forever well i think it helpful to be ready to have this problem of this project of making yourself to be ready to have that problem
forever not to try to make it gone but to be ready that you may be trying to do that forever
but by accepting that this is what's going on even if it does go on forever we can there can also be something else it goes on forever which is the wisdom that understands that this is an illusion
and that we actually in don't waste time
so saying telling people not to waste time as because we're really don't
but when you get involved in certain projects you might think that in that is possible to waste time and then you and then you say well i shouldn't waste time because that will be undermining my project
so the self project leads to the wish to not waste time on the cell project the reality project
it's not worried about wasting time does not possible to waste it
so that's a start on my talk about not don't waste time yes eric
no no no no
the one who thinks of that the wasting time as possible
is the one who thinks that it might be able to make this all powerful person the people who don't are not concerned with making all powerful people they're not concerned about wasting time


he was trying to practice is favorite things
well as
yeah and he might not and he might have felt like when he was noting his wasting time that noting is wasting time was not a waste of time he might have thought that
he might have thought of daily review was a worthwhile use of time
he might have even thought that does review of wasting time might make him an all powerful being
most people would do that are at risk are involved in using this practice of of observe of observing their non virtue as a way to become
an unconditioned all powerful being
and if you would adopt benjamin franklin's practice and do that review at night you could look at yourself and see if you're trying to do that for that purpose or not
i'm right with you on quite soon anyway
but this is an instant example because
i would again
propose that
the practice of reviewing our shortcomings at night
or not we're hearing our shortcomings at night
the essential point is that if you are reviewing the shortcomings that you realize the pivotal city of reviewing your shortcomings
good reviewing your shortcomings in a sense it is very issue is a shortcoming because they're not really your shortcomings
but you don't have to do that you can just realize that
you that your idea of that you might be wasting that you wasted time during the day was based on the premise of you wasting time
and it's part of andrew and reviewing how i wasted time is part of my making myself into something i can never be
then i'm studying myself i look at about so i e up
the project of not wasting time
could be a project to learn you can't waste time
to notice that i think i can waste time to notice that and noticed that and noticed that can be part of the cultivation of realizing that the there is no time to be wasted i cannot waste time
i think i mentioned to you recently that
this guy who wrote this book in search of lost time mister proust
i think that that's a good translation of his french title in search of lost time but firms and purposes we could say his this book is in search of wasted time
and the last chapter the book is recovery or recapturing last time we can say
recovery from last from wasted time
in and he realizes at all the time he wasted
was not wasted
realizing that we have not wasted any time is well the end of suffering
and not even and in doing that you don't seem to have to stop thinking about not wasting time
he can continue and that in that also thinking about not wasting time thinking that you are not wasting time thinking that you don't waste time all those things could be seen as wasting time
or they could also be understood as they're not wasting time to all opportunities for realizing peace
john and then karen
we're talking about the last chapter proofs also phrase it is recovering lived moment recovering a lived mama him
in john's which you never which you never really lost
so guys we have brother
we're really plunge into you said john reality project can accurately say or in the reality project of john
there there is a the reality project and john yes yes
yeah ok okay positive johnson respect since it was nice i'm better
this is clear ah thank you earth this is assessed that no what i think his past i have to come up again and again or had society up getting there or at want something of don't want something there's a sense of repetition
events when i see that this keeps me going into the next month
nice break the resistance of time for this must be yes yeah and that's the sense of time and seeing that is is opened into the reality of the process of creating time by trying to make something independent
that's how time just created
time isn't just now it's now for me so then there's the next then there's more of me
becoming yeah
ram now

yeah well it is possible to do something impossible yes
but it is impossible to waste time and it is also impossible not to waste time
yeah well because less will keep talking so wasting time is impossible and not wasting time is impossible karen is impossible and john is impossible
a buddha is impossible but it's also possible to have an impossible thing like a buddha
there's no buddha
by herself you can't have a buddha by yourself you can't have a cairn by yourself but the karen that we're talking about is the karen by herself that is impossible and the wasting time that you were talking about
he's not is wasting time by yourself it's not wasting time along with wasted it's not it's not wasting time along with
it's not wasting time i went along with not wasting time is wasting time and you say as possible and i say it is possible but it's also impossible because as north there's no such thing as wasting time by itself of itself there's nothing like that and buddha isn't like that either but does not buddha by herself
and but but wasting time is not great wisdom right we all think that dewey
but we do think buddhists great wisdom don't wait
yeah what a great wisdom but his wisdom which understands that there's no buddha by itself
there is no buddha by herself and buddha is the cognition of that
but that cognition is not something by itself because when not it you know and she says because because the buddha's not by itself because it's your border without stupid ideas like buddhist by themselves or carried by themselves are wasting time by yourself

and you had a nice way of noticing if anything if anybody has been called stupid
i didn't even notice that i was calling from a simple but i appreciate your point it out so anyway
it is possible to waste time but it is also impossible to waste time
what you mean by wasting time is not eat for example when you say wasting time you don't mean a good use of time
that's not what you mean by that he made wasting time as it has this one thing called wasting time not a whole bunch of stuff that you mean that was nothing could be like that including good old buddha
but it's possible to have this buddha
which is not by himself a barrier is something that was charlie not who who's not there by himself but barry is not by himself and he's just like that and like nothing else yes
but not by himself therefore this charlie by himself is impossible but various seems like is by himself
at enterica they are
i have kind of
take on earth
wasting time
situation a on of cover is like every incidence of life prior to recover it led to a moment of awakening to go into recovery phrase and that it was but sometimes you're not there yet life
felt life wasted time wasted life wasted time wasted life yep had to with a paradigm shift to located that it was all necessary to will happen exactly for this way can lead to happen to stop doing what i was doing it i said he was
so process is very long novel
when he tells all the tepee tells us over and over again all the time he wasted and he needed all that stuff to make this novel which recovers from all all that waste but he wouldn't if you take away the first part of the novel is the last pointer that as you can recover from wasting time
the doesn't have much impact because we don't always talking about
and during the first part of the book the first maiden missouri the book not only does he think he's wasting time but his mother keeps reminding them is wasting time to either
thanks as always
yeah so there it is and he couldn't start writing his book in other words stop wasting time until his mother stop telling him vision of rewriting his book after his mother wasn't pointing out to him that he wasn't doing his work which would say him from his suffering
then he started to do the work which saved him from his suffering and he's and he suffered all the way to the end of his life
this guy had a hard time
and now you have a hard time but he wasted time while he was having a hard time running away from is hard time which is understandable to have such a hard time everybody would like to like waste time and not be there he wasted he was not there and then he wrote and wrote and wrote and told us how
he wasn't there and then he was there
i'm beginning to end
and he tells us about i wasn't there then i wasn't there then i wasn't designed like benjamin franklin i wasn't there then i wasn't but now he realizes it's not just to for that is to change the time i wasted into not wasting time
but we
yeah yeah actually he's he's a few minutes yeah exactly and we're all a few minutes from death right now
but we can recover our entire life and make it that the reality of the with we this life is not about wasting time so that don't waste time as like given that people think that they can waste time will tell him not to and then when they start looking at how not to they realize that their cat
the priests was telling himself his mother was telling you don't waste time you're an artist do your heart
and then and then turns out the irony is that the ark was to talk about how we didn't do his art all the things he did not weren't his art he his art was to tell us a bottom in this amazing and when some are willing to follow his description of all the time he wasted and all
the stupid nasty things he did and all the stupid nasty things that other people who are wasting their time did and he saved all them to he made you know what is it misuse or loose is
he he he redeem to
she can't


can you say do you say isn't it that we don't know in an entirety
yeah yeah noise barrier that's thank you
yeah he said instead i don't know entirely i don't know for sure when a body soft phase i have some ideas about it but i'm not sure

yes and i'm saying that that way of being which is demonstrated in the western tradition the buddha did not i have not yet been able to find that how shocking when you go to talk about irony this is like a
bring in western culture together with buddhist aspirations but socrates did socrates did say i aspire to these things and then he would look at them and find out
that he wasn't sure about what he was doing he was sure that he wanted to practice friendship but then he looked of friendship and the more he looked at it the less sure he was of it but he wasn't sure to be get completely sure to begin either that's why he was investigating it
so i appreciate your point it's not that we don't know at all it's that we don't know for sure and the nature of the human being is they want to know for sure
that's part of our self making project is to know for sure i want to be a bodhisattva i want to be a good father
but not just generally i want to be as a particular exact unique good father and i don't know what that is
completely entirely
and that's ironic that we would be is that we would allow that uncertainty and we'd still aspire to something that we don't completely know what we're aspiring to it's like children again aspire to something but they're not yet open to that they don't completely know what they're talking about
as they become more mature they say actually i'm not sure what a good mother is
no it it doesn't buy actually some people than on do kind of give up their aspiration when they hit the irony because it's so dynamic and intense sometimes they say maybe this is too much for me
before they found the irony of the situation again they they were kind of halfheartedly doing it it wasn't so intense and they were fine but when they when they grew to open to the fullness of the situation namely the uncertainty sometimes they say or i'm gonna give this one up and go to another one or i think i can be sure
which is a kind of regression to more childish attitude towards aspiration but the great beings that we as we aspire to be great beings who can tolerate this irony and actually thrive on it
so we can the i bringing the irony and because people are bringing this to me right but also because i think that this makes the aspiration come to for life
so we can continue to aspire like i can continue to help people not knowing who they are
i want to help them but i don't know that isn't that kind of that's kind of ironic but i understand that that's normal it's not the something wrong with me or there's nothing wrong with you that i don't know what you are i can be devoted to beings without knowing what they are
but that's a more mature endeavor
i okay it's i'm okay to go and policing people as blood sugar gonna drop and you're going to get crabby
so we go on what you want to go on a little longer you want to have some lunch
the okay so i see
are these two guys have not yet the hand she raised also hubby hubby kenny's these three
oh i think there's there's another kind of irony there too
which which struck me last week as i was yearning for something and i was trying to forget what yearning is
it's kind of like an aspiration
but the irony of that struck me in that case was that
when you're busy yearning for something you're missing the gifts that are coming right now right
and so i'm yearning for a gift and while i'm yearning for the gift
this kind of surprising happens is that the gift comes in aren't even notice it
it's kind of ironic
and it goes with i'm yearning for gift but i'm not sure what it is and this this things coming i know something's coming but i think maybe it's not to get but i'm not sure but i'm gonna keep you know yeah that's even other gifts come i mean even other gift why other gifts common you think they're not that gift
but you're not sure
so how can we yearn and be present because we do yearn
why i think we can hear and be present how
i present
are you yearning for to get something from that how
no has talking your seo you do
we need to see what i would do
no no no yearning yet
what will come back to you haven't gotten or
hi u president with this ha ha here we are integrate a stolen or how i or not we have some ideas is kind of like this is kind of like this but not not for sure maybe you can be different but it's i might be
just like this or approximately
the present the gift of presence
think i wasted time here
for me it means ever regret the about like a choice i made before yeah
ah but you know i make choices that are optimal
for the way i feel at the moment my mental state yeah and so on so even if they given the chance to go back in time for this moment of choice
when the levels of they will make the same choice again
doesn't matter how many times you've made me burn sage mode yet so i cannot grow
i need to take up for me it doesn't make sense of humor
yeah that ties in with benjamin franklin reviewing his day
revealing is non virtue and an examining it and realizing that although he regrets his non virtue consumption and regret is impossible but we have to face the regret to find out that there cannot be regress without enough not regret
we have to face this paragraph once
there is like long waste of time
i think we have to regret wasting time to realize not wasting time
after we have to see the wasting time and we have to regret it in order to realize that we don't waste that we've been told not to waste time so we want to realize not wasting time but the path to realize you're not wasting time is by
facing the appearance of wasting time
the issue of wasting time and the regret about it that is a good practice but it's not just to do that so that you always time is to do it
do realize
that you don't waste time
not wasting time is reality not killing is reality
we study the precept of not killing to realize the truth which is not killing
not wasting time is reality therefore were told not to waste it
but we have to face that we are wish that we think we are wasting time and how we feel about that in order to realize the truth which is not no time wasted
even though i understand it now a little later
yes yes yeah and you should be prepared for this to go on forever
yeah yeah it's
i know
but i'm but i am prepared for to go on forever so i'm not like saying oh i i'd always done with this noise and i thought it might come again and here it is welcome so we can be compassionate to this thing arising again
i beat question did you just promise me and eternal life
i just didn't

get either in anything if you have if is wasting out first a boy did you say that if you've recovered wasting time he recovered from wasting time by their car on consequences of recovery
you you you either were karma consciousness there were a karmic consequences of the activity of wasting time there were
and then question is when you have a realization are you free to the consequences
you are free to the consequences but that doesn't stop the consequences
there's still consequences but you're free of them before the realization that consequences and you're not free of them
in reality you are free of them realization is to realize we are free of karmic consequences but the buddhists i think suggesting you're not going to become free are the consequences of karnak conscience of common action you're not going to become free unless you recognize
that there are consequences by deeply recognizing that there are consequences you become free of the consequences
and there still are consequences and yeah and you know which also teach there are consequences and buddha's teaching from freedom
and the freedom is
to study the process of karma and karmic consequences so we had very same as and story which you can study for the next period of time is called by johns wild fox
it's a story about this head monk whose name is also by john who was asked by a student does the highly cultivated person fall into comic effect or not and he said not
and then he and because he said not than he fell into karmic consequences he then he then it was he does fall the six such as fall or not fall he said not for than we said not fault than he was in full
so what what do you do with the situation fall not fall you don't obscure you study it so you study
i'm wasting time wasting time wasting time
and that's how you realize freed him from wasting time but it's not freedom wasting time is not that you don't fall into wasting time whether to do for and are wasting time it said wasting time isn't never by itself
and not wasting time is never by itself
you realize that and then we don't change not wasting time into wasting time we just realized that not wasted time when is completely itself
is not not wasting time that's the realization and that realization realizes not wasting time
and if would help people it could realize wasting time that would help them
so sometimes people come great bodhisattva come to visit me and they do a little demonstration of wasting time for me to see
and then i can i can see that they're not abiding and this list shows they're putting on
i i you guys look really interested
yes listening to the brief okay yes
the idea of wasting time or having wasted time this kind of like as if we were really in control of of those things that happened you know what i mean so it it it could lead you to think that somebody tell you in doorways time because you can be in control of time
are all the circumstances yeah right it's like that is like a setup it's a setup it's a set up don't waste time as a setup for the joke that you cannot control
they say okay don't waste time and now you think you can usually okay go ahead
and looking past and having regrets is to say don't waste time it's like to help people realize that there's no way that they can control this wasting are not wasting but so we since we tell susan voisin answer to say don't waste time for us to realize that to try not to his would be
kind of like wasting time you'd be another way you'd be wasting time by continually to play along with a thing that you're all powerful you're a very valuable powerful person who can like turn off wasting time turn on wasting time so there's a waste time and you fall into that yeah
they don't really mean that but they they're just trying to see if you'll fall for that set up and then they can tell you the punchline
which you're almost got yes
i myself
sometimes during that
great guy say something guys have something that's why i said the beginning when one went into i myself we get concerned with wasting time that that's a human condition so here we have a human giving us a report now

rose bowl
it's own practice
you can think that way
it's not true but you can think that way

exactly as practices to watch the show
and then and then

is always burns
you said assuaging so that it doesn't come back yeah
if he if he if you're looking for that kind of assuaging
that's impossible
if you really assuage it it can come back
as a head
how was the biggest waging their come on back anytime you want to come back you've got assuage your welcome to come back and will swear you again
we are like on the assuaging of regret practice here but you can't persuade you regret without some regret and we got some
and one of the main regrets his i regret i ever started practicing san
that was such a waste of time to go to a place where they tell you not to waste time and then they tell you that you can't it's really dislike what always the time thanks for coming to waste your time you want to waste some time
semantically me this this is samantha she is so hot in the city centre says
great is the matter of birth death awake away
that's an abbreviation we can do the abbreviation grade ways each one don't waste this life and to me this one needs ending because i don't like this monster
it says great as the matter of birth and death time passes swiftly opportunity is lost you don't you don't like that would i don't like that because it will leave it there for you to not like
we can give you an edited version to carry around it
it's about time you need to define it because it's clock
real time which very few of us experience
i consider clock artificial time i had the
i didn't know is that so i would rather think in terms of don't waste this life which is
is more of that's that's fine to not waste his life that's fine too
no but that that's perfectly good version of a don't waste don't waste his life
i say it yeah
that's that's another example of some the teaching could be don't wait don't waste his life yeah and then
do you think i only then do they do you think we're just going to do you think you can waste his life i don't know how came out well then we'll just since you don't think so it would be no problem telling you to not do that
you know you have to tell me okay oh but i didn't know it's now but through this practice i learned so if you know why did you tell you not that oh because when i make my coffee and need a little chance
that was road now i need for the water don't waste his life as a t and yeah he'll say center
i don't know maybe it's not sinking and these
he'll in terms of wasting time as just something on vacations which is and some people might say that in patients was wasting your life exactly yeah again in atlanta was like to feel that way i was impatient that was kind of a waste of my life
people don't need me to be impatient and i was said i kind of weight yeah so i still need to practice look at this thing called wasting yeah and i are wasting the opportunity or wasting my but
but but but but what what yeah but what you said at first i
why did i take i take responsibility i was the first one
ty was the first one to say but
you know he knows a lot of songs too
wanted salt to see what you owe a chance yeah and i was at anyone i saw something and say oh casino while the one you've got is really good here's another one
i'm ready i'm ready here's a chat camille
are you awake yes all day long don't get distracted i won't
i like that i do to have some version yeah why made one just for you
usually that song doesn't have camille at the beginning but i think your case it would be good or we could do we could change a little bit but i talk to off line
offline we're going to get off
may i share a scam too early