Zazen Is World Transformation

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Koans, using consciousness to go beyond consciousness; the path which can be spoken is not the true path.

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you move that way and interest you
thank you
hi i wanted to say something that we're going
tomorrow on another occasion but we have these many ten stories and some of them are called pawns
and sometimes they have like a book in books can we say lots of coins in the book these public cases
fat public
and so on another aspect of this would be that
he had the story that she can look at
and on
that i'm
that the story actually is
an idea
this some awesome
and by reading the story he this idea come didn't hear him into your consciousness
and on this
this story has the potential within your limited consciousness
two on
you know
the capacity of the consciousness
so but the conscience has let something in that has the is set up to have something inside the consciousness that the conscience cannot contain
and then the consciousness can develop this
this relationship
with something inside of itself that's greater than itself
and the the transition from the story when it first comes in which
you may think is interesting or meaningless or
difficult to understand the transition from this thing in europe and your as you in your mind and what it can become
how can become like
a greater than the capacity of what holds it
that is facilitated by a conversation with another
the conversation is some kind of like you know opposition are some real it count
they met by something that really meet you and in that conversation the story becomes on
something wish it could never have let into consciousness in the first place for part of consciousness he said we bring in the rest of the world and a kind of diminished or reduced form because consciousness cat flap on undiminished things inside
so if it it actually lets a diminished version of itself saw something very big touches the consciousness
and the conscious and from kind of unjust reduced version of this thing which the consciousness can deal with
like our digestive system in the blood does know hamburgers moving through the blood
stream right but you can eat a hamburger and on hamburger can be chewed up and broken down and converted into stuff that can go in the bloodstream
and now in the world that way after we went for breakdown the world into this
ideas these thoughts and consciousness but some of them are set up once they get inside too
open up to show that they're actually infinite
and but in such a way that doesn't make you go unconscious
it doesn't like it doesn't like
i sighed that may be used the were overwhelmed it doesn't like overwhelm the consciousness and make your fate
come out through the conversation you can tolerate the vastness of what's in your mind
and you can do that with anything but in order i should say you can do that can happen with anything but an order for this things that came in and reduce form to be on reduced
and to start to include all that it is
when we come to that by conversation so traditional way these stories are discussed in conversation
and the same with our for example are sitting practice
so i had this this body and in our mind we have up
a reverse of reduced version of our body in our minds like
we have very some pictures of what our body is
which you know isn't really fair to our body but
but we have these pictures and we deal with these pictures and so so when we make a picture where a picture of ourselves sitting up in meditation
and that's based on our body which is sitting up in meditation but it's sitting up irritation and a way that can't get into consciousness that is too big swimming this little kind of stick figure of ourselves with arms and legs and stuff body doesn't really have arms and legs like that
or the arms and legs are like
infinite really but we can't imagine that so we make this imaginary version of her body sitting upright meditating
and then by conversation we can like start to realize the actual body that sitting
when she has turns out to be the same body has the person sitting and everybody else's body be open to that and and then learn from that
so i just wanted to introduce that and maybe bring it up again and again in the future
i also wanted to
ask you hit it was suggested that we entered a at five
so does your my that
so at work today we're gonna and five as experiment i'd be interested to see if you like ending at five or if you wanna go back to ending at five thirty

what i hear you and so it's up to you there is up to me
or is it up to me hidden under it's up to you there it's up to me
thick anywhere i ask for your feedback and you gave it thank you i honor let us know who are there you go
i honor what you wish you
i vowed to honor what you wish than if you wish now
no no wishes at this time
that's a standing offer
you can make a wish
i honor your wish from crushed before our well being being the way out for people going back to green gulch for dinner
and after the roads are repaired let me let me know
who particularly an evaluation of afterwards
okay thank you
thank you thank you for the for the feedback

i know that sometimes there's not enough time of day to see all the people that you may like to see for docusign so if there were more time
that would make it easier
thank time and everything back
thank you for another day
i was
uplifted by your support so i was able to stay with you all day
man is reaching for hours her bell striker yes
when i was in docusign today with read
i thought arose towards the end our meeting and it was you should kiss this great teachers feet
and you this country that he represents and this example and he represented
and he looked at me he said not in here i think something like this not in here that could you do it
out out in the other roller and i said yes to that
and so i would like to do that
could you
i i have my feeling i don't know what will happen but my feeling is one kiss can you bring your feet together
yes the
i'm waiting to hear your with
i am
what's up so she she disclosed that there's no private kissing here
only public kashmir i thought that the liability
then i thought i was the welfare
had to like the increased dinner and the series
like that
can be kissed
it is a and young priestly wanting a that series that was talking about and
oh i thought i'd called the young pope young have any he raised his foot
oh really
kiffin wow
hi there any cardinals here are your cardinal
i don't know i think i am edited
well tom
i'm deeply touched that you want to spend your time doing that kind of thing
and on
i think i'd like to bring it to have been a to the abbot of zen center
let's see what they think of this idea
and i'll let you know what they say
who knows what they might say you can he can imagine
is a pain kiss kiss kiss
he'll actually actually the kiss kiss is actually a painting painting on the case
it's already happened

yes miss anderson

it's a chinese character
and in in chinese is pronounced doll
japanese dog and it means a path for the path
in confucianism and but and hours and it's the dow as an dao de jing
so it means a path for the way but are also in buddhism means of enlightenment
and it also means
to speak
and right a chinese
some has to speak the way and enlightenment
yeah yes in january you handed out
she that you did to calligraphy on and the first caricature his face to face who who and what was the second
the first character watching face to face for fresh character was face okay maybe not meaning to just in his face of the next character is to give
so it's it's actually literally vs face giving but we and then we usually translate that as face to face
which is shorthand for face to face transmission
face giving your face
in the process of
you know fully responsible meeting
when the japanese were pronouncing as menu
the is due to this move is giving up their face
to their students and students give their face to the teacher
that's that's the weird
that's the way the dharma is living is giving our face to each other
and you gotta have a face to give a face so you can your job is to have a face
been a fully have your face which is a big job
the lot hands raising up sawdust sauce the name to the people would have their hundred karen
houma jackie anybody else
the karen home jackie
the character was
he who he said
the ultimate to speak to speak
the i pad the path the way and enlightenment so to speak

once again
does it intuitively with the other three
isn't that wonderful
and also at the beginning have you heard of the dao de jing
one of the main structures of taoism
attributed to the the ancient says sage louder so it starts out something like this
the way
how'd you say it i'll say the way more i just say in thai chinese the dow which can be dowd is not the true doll
so uses the that character three times see so one way this and translated as the way that can be spoken is not the true way
but you can also say the way which is the way as not the true way
he got to say enlightenment which is spoken is not true enlightenment
and speaking which is speaking of not true speaking
here you know that you can potentially play with it all is done which usually wouldn't say the speaking which is the dow is not the true speaking because i think transaction the speaking which is the dow is the true
still speaking
when are speaking his enlightenment that's true speaking
so it's it's play even though they translated into english as usually the path which which has spoken is not the true path really the chinese have all three and each each place
the speaking that the enlightenment and the path which can be spoken enlightenment and a path is not the truth spoken and widen my bath
so it's a one when the wonderful things by chinese has these characters have all these meanings when translating english he started sometimes have to choose between one of them so that's why they have sometimes put notes this character also means of these other things but we can't translate it that way
and also mentioned at that lecture that this term which were quite familiar with called dojo
they have seen judo dojo karate dojos ikea kiddo dodgers
kendo dodgers
that dojo means place for the dow so can be place but also place for enlightenment so as it's the place the practices particular form like judo or karate but it's also in buddhism referring to the place where you
you're sitting all day on which is where you're practicing enlightenment


from me to come back later

you're welcome
say the christians talk about
talk about science
often times
i don't know a guy
is it
sometimes reveals itself

and also in in in i think in christianity also the and also maybe in hinduism there's a discussion of meeting god face to face
so there's that there's a similar language in in buddhism
an intuition and christianity i don't know about judaism to have meeting god face to face you may know
i think i thou a similar we're committed a story of abraham than later
we got wrestling with god
and then mohammed meet god face to face hundred not so it said
some anyway
there's this thing among among the humans that has possible for a little person to meet something really really beyond measure
and that we don't have to get rid of a blow your brains out to add the meeting can leave our mind that way and be open to this
relationship and
han learn about
whenever this
reality is meet reality face to face a reality in which is
really beneficial to meet
and learned from
and we we can do it from right with the way we are we don't have to be somebody different we just have to be more fully who we are the are are and that's pretty hard but not impossible
if you want to
and you've got reality working for you already because you already are who you are and part of who you are somebody who has some ambivalence about it
why it's so hard now yeah
it's so scary movie
do you want it they want to meet
this they want to make reality face to face
and n including a reality is not the reality that you think it is you wanna meet the reality that beyond and other than any reality you can think of
so i don't think by that they might sound not so sure
think about it
really wanna meet reality
real reality to


once again thank you so much for
your great kindness to day
and i hope we can meet again and again
help i don't get to healed for you
may ten
a race day
a place where to
as a a
as you say of them
the us to go
at them
advocates are less
hello to mention enemy
why is unsurpassable
however to the comments
the whole switches on the side