Zen Meditation as Bodhisattva Vow

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During this course, we will study the bodhisattva vow, to see how the compassionate intentions of enlightening beings generate, work, and play with the mind of enlightenment to promote peace and harmony among all beings. We will explore ways to reinterpret and reinvigorate these timeless vows to meet the problems of our contemporary society in a beneficial way.

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quite a few
have the
members of this class are at green gulch sitting sashayed now
i think my eight
today's second day

so i'm talking to them about pretty much the same topic that we're talking about here

speaking about the practice of
call them
of sitting meditation
or what we call just sitting
and mentioning that the the
the content
in the context
just sitting
is the
realized universe
or you could say the real universe but not just the real universe but the realized universe or the universe realized
in in the
bodhisattva vow of tories angie he says when i a student of dharma look at the real form of the universe
hall is the never failing manifestation of the mysterious truth of the to togheter
when i look at the realized universe everything is
everything realizes the universe
or everything realizes the law of the universe
or the universal law everything realizes the universe
is realized
universally in everything
so when he
when he looks at something
he sees the universe realized in everything
so then i his you know where respectful of everything he meets
it's not just the real universe it's the realized universe it's that the universe is everywhere realized
the universe isn't just realized in some places it's realized everywhere in all beings
so this particulars person say when i look at that
form the real form of things i see the realize universe everywhere everything is
the buddhist truth everything is the universe realized
everything is the universe realized so that's the content of the sitting practice
of the buddha's
but they're they're looking at the realized universe
in whatever they're looking at and the context of their practice is the realized universe to
opening to the realized universe
a similar to contemplating it we have to open to it in order to contemplate it if we're close to it than it's hard to contemplate it
if we're close to every thing being the universe realized that it will be hard for us to see that everything is the universe realized
it makes it
but and then that relates to the vow to open to to live among our bags and to open to all beings because
all beings
then we win even if we even will want to night even if we want to open to the realized universe but don't want to open to beings that won't work
we have to open to all beings in order to open to how all beings are the universe realized
our the realized universe
and as you know it's hard to open to all beings because they suffer in all this
odds tremendous variety of ways some some being suffering beings we can okay all right i can open to that but then this one i yeah
so the just sitting
is that openness
if you're sitting and busy doing something
that make that makes it hard to open
to what's been given to you what's been given to you is all beings
and each one is presenting you with
the realized universe h one of them is realizing the universe so that's around you and also coming into you
all time
so the buddhist sees this
the buddha
can affirm that the world is the realized universe
and the universe is realized through every part of the world
and the universe
the whole world is pure and saved but beings are close to that so the buddha has to encourage beings to open
and we just sitting is our practice i'm opening
being yeah been willing to open
and if we can't open
to some suffering are some yeah or some thing as being the realized universe than we have the practice of confessing
that we can't open and by confessing that we can't open and repenting that we don't feel open to some kind of suffering or to something being the realized universe
and we that that process melts away the root of this resistance
including that the resistance and the feeling closed is itself also the universe realized when you close to something being the realized universe
for the universe realized that closes itself is another example of the universe realized as your resistance
closing is the realized universe opening as a realized universe but when we close
before we realized that that's the realize universe we feel cut off
we say this is not the realized universe

so anyway i how i was talking to people green gulch about they're sitting
all day long you know and they all day long and it's pretty clear that they the nobody's asking them to do anything but open up to all the suffering in the universe
and the course to have some personal difficulties that they also having trouble opening to just their own pain in the setting some of are having trouble opening to
but when we wish to and are willing to open to all suffering
nirvana is easy to attain
and easy to give up
it's a painful to give up to nirvana in case you haven't had a problem
but since you're already opened to all the sufferings including the suffering of giving up nirvana it's not so bad

just sitting is the realized
the real universe is realized
as just sitting
those who seek
ah the blissful states of experience including the bliss of nirvana those who seek it are what we call what we call those people that seek nirvana
seekers yeah
sentient beings become living beings living being safe bliss
even the highest bliss of nirvana be beings who seek nirvana are
call sentient beings
those who are open
and vastly responsible
to the suffering that comes from seeking nirvana
are they what
one of those people those your body surface the boat carpet are open to those who are seeking the bliss of nirvana
they're open to people who are seeking nirvana they're open to the suffering of those who seek nirvana some people who are not to not seeking via are just seeking some other kind of bliss and they're open to them to
and those who are open to those who are seeking do not seek your one of but they easily realize nirvana by being open to those who are seeking it and those who suck seek at some of those who seek it realize it but it's little harder for them the seeking gets in the way
but they still can realize nirvana even if the secret
but of course many other people seek it and don't realize it but those who are open to all the suffering including the open to those who are seeking and realizing are seeking and not realizing and kind of petulant about that
those are the boy sought doesn't for them realizing your vaughn is easy
those who are willing to give it up realize it more easily
and also give it up more easily
those who are seeking it it's harder for them to give it up
and then i i i raised last week that the the
the body sought this amount of hydra the great bodhisattva had these vows these parties had these ten vows which he taught in which he practiced
and these ten vows are
they occur in
they actually occur in in the city
these ten valves are very active zone
they're very active great the great activities but they occur to somebody who has just opened
and and still
and so i i brought up some of these vows i've i'm going to i brought em all up and i talked about are some of them
and i just briefly mentioned them again they are the vow or the wish to
pay homage to all buddhas
the vow to praise all buddhas the vow to make offerings
vast more or less boundless offerings to all do it is
the vow to confess what our own shortcomings the vow to praise the merits of others
the vow to
request the buddhist teach the vowed to request the buddhist to stay
when they seem to be on the verge of leaving
the vow to
all the practices that buddhist practice about imitate the book the buddha's lifestyle
the vowed to serve all beings
and the vowed to turn over the merit of all those vows to the welfare of all beings also the ten vows and i talked about the first couple i think the vowed to pay homage to all buddhas
and the vowed to praise all buddhas
such an i just wanted to say that
in the openness
and being open to all beings and being in sitting quietly being open to all beings
still this is tremendous activity while these vows going on these vows arise
in the context of the opening so the opening is still and quiet and extra and
i said i'm extremely
inconceivably boundless lee also active
sitting still and
and quiet and also wanting to be like all the buddhas that's and in a feeling that expression of i want to be like all the buddhas and the i really appreciate and sing the praises of all buddhas
i introduce that last week but before going further on these vows i wanted to stop and ask you how you feel about these these valves of this great pretty sad for
i'm finding some difficulty with this
talk about you
isn't a respect of dust
one way i can see it and makes some sense to me is to understand that the buddha's or represent the interconnections among all games
however if you're saying the giudice is each good a distinct personality that they can perceive and can think or urge that iconic
i don't understand the the teaching value of the the multitude of buddha's i just i don't know i'm just befuddled don't gonna get it out yet i
i appreciate your expression
do you feel appreciated
yeah but like to understand where the understanding is not fair
ah well that i think that and i appreciate appreciate the i appreciate you expressing that to before going to further do you feel thoroughly appreciated
thank you for listening to me
so in every in every dust particle in in every
dust particle
but also in every like thought that you have
there are innumerable buddhas
what does it mean what does that mean and also by the way not just innumerable buddha's but
all was buddha is surrounded by innumerable bodhisattvas who are studying with them
what does it mean
what does it mean
so i i
i am

i said that at the beginning of each one of his vows samanta patrick says
that this vow is to think
is to think that in every
particle in every experience there are innumerable buddhists to think that
and have you thought them
well does that mean there's an image they're does that mean there's a distinct human personality they're using there's a there's there's an intelligence i don't know how it on how to believe that there's no operational definition of that before this before you get into that did you think that did you think that
in each particle there are this many buddhas it sounds like before you thought that are you a bot to think that you started to say what does that mean
because it's kind of strange thing to think that in every particle there are not just one buddha but lots of buddha's and like the bodhisattva surrounding each of those buddhas
i can i can explain what that means
gang but then when i explain what it means you can also which is fine you can also say after i explained what it means you can say what is your explanation me you can say that to which is fine
and that's fine because to me it's fine because in every particle there are innumerable buddhists so i can appreciate you no matter what you do if i'm thinking this way
but ice i feel like you're trying to understand this strange way of thinking before you think this way
to me each particle of dust in itself is exalted it it doesn't need to contain buddhists our for me to appreciated that the city every every leaf and every speck of dust itself greatest is shining great luminance grazer why
are there a need for some other
overlay of something that has no operational definition like innumerable buddhists i i think i sort as risk strikes me as some of the doctrines of catholicism that don't seem to have any operational definition and i think your state of some reaction to that
because i don't i don't see it's like yeah you know how many angels can dance on the head of his second you use this week wait a second you just said that already in each particle you can already appreciate it i can appreciate the particle for itself yes yeah right so i see what they say to that did you hear what i said
how can you said how can we didn't hear me whine on wood
well i hadn't i was speaking yeah right
you are talking
so as hard for you to listen to me why you can however learn to listen while you're talking but that's something you need to learn
academic than you can be talking and i can be talking same time and you can hear me anyway i was appreciating what you're saying but then you kind of lost track of what you said you thought that's my hearing of you you said you could appreciate each to each particle in itself
so why do you have to then you went off why why this other stuff
if you can appreciate each particle than this other stuff you can appreciate to
those are more particles
because the thing is that we have our limits of you know we say i can appreciate particle but then if somebody tells me that there's buddha's inside these particles and appreciating then i go wait a minute
wait just a minute here this is like a bit much from this is like this is like whatever catholicism
or judaism

this is a way of thinking to open you
to open you
and you you seem to actually have some openness to the everything every particle of dust
his meals has some great merit you seen this be open to that
yes yeah can i say good and then ran if you said you're open to that than you weren't open to some other particle
namely the particle to think a certain way
this way of this way of thinking
you didn't want to do that
that's correct yeah which is fine but
you actually were instructed to think this way and you're saying i resist this way of thinking
which is fine
i brought this up because i i would think people would read it would resist thinking this way
it's magical thinking it's sort of like i can i get this magic part of what is magical thinking mean no magical thinking is somehow that there's just certain that the conceptual overlay of something that there's no demonstration and share i mean i can check it i can be under a microscope you can see the particle i can lose their spears i didn't i do
didn't understand quite magical thinking was a sounded like magical thinking was a kind of thinking
that you didn't want to do it said like each particle dusk cancer to be there are spirits said inhabitant that it's it's equivalent to that sort of thing which is so interesting idea but there's no empirical evidence for that
okay and i mean so this is the issue of the part of what i understand buddhism is is it you can use your own experience to verify the realities that that are present and i don't have an experienced of that
buddhism is more than that it's not just that i don't have an experience i don't know what the operational definition of multiple buddha says well what are these multiple buddhists i don't understand what that is well we could if you want to take a break from that and go back to pay homage to
one buddha
how about that
just pay homage to one buddha forget about that there's possibly more than one he going to do with paying homage to one but hi high going to practice that
what buddha do you have available to practice aren't paying homage to
you could pay homage to i heard stories of shocking uni buddha and i would like to pay homage to this to the stories i've heard a shocking money buddha
start with that
a lot of people do that they say you know as sensors is a homage
where can we say homage to the
numerous your mana kai of buddha's which includes shockey mooney
but you could you say amish shakyamuni buddha when we do our nation sam when people walk around the temple and say i managed to shakyamuni buddha i'll manage to shakyamuni buddha i wanna be like shotgun money buddha i wanna be like shocked money buddha
can do to that one k
which is fine
there's also possibility to think this new way a strange way to open up to
actually think this new way
if and i thought that if i brought up this new way of thinking that there would be resistance to thinking there's no way so you kindly have shown a certain kind of resistance to thinking this new way to actually think that in every experience
once there are innumerable borders to think that
and you have your reasons for not thinking that
so you have reasons for not thinking what this body sought for
is teaching you to think it's more that i want to know how to think that way
i only resisted because i don't understand why you do you said one way to think of it just just imagine that in every
experience there are innumerable borders in every experience
that in every person in every part of every person there are innumerable
that's similar to in air each and every person you meet is the universe realized as this person you are the universe realized as this person so if i am meditating on you and you and you being the universe realized as you
then you can keep being you and i keep meditating on the universe realized through you being you the i understand
and you can resist and resist but i stand a beam of this is the realized universe of this person having problems with samanta hydras instruction
part of exercising
the meditation on the realized universe and everything you meet well as you say each and every
is all never failing everything you know is a manifestation
in any event in any moment and in any place none can be other than the marvelous revelation of the glorious light of the buddha
get now
gay ready for that now is actually last known as exercise it can really one two three think this and go
you're not to like go some difficult neighborhood to do this just for we are just think this and you'll find a way i wait a minute
as good that's right i thought that would be hard and so sure enough through your one person who's showing us yes it seems strange to think that way
it is strange it is a way of thinking which you have not done before
we have
ways if we have been doing things which is
there's difficulties but it is easy to have to keep doing it even though those problems and continuing this is a new way of thinking
a simpler one
is like just hear the teaching that
all the buddhas all these buddhas are practicing together with every single being
as a simpler one
forget about all the buddhas being not all the buddhas it isn't all that not all the buddhas are in every particle there's innumerable buddhism every particle but not all the buddhas are in every particle but all the buddhas are practicing together with every living being that's the kind of things buddha's art if they practice together
with you
and and if you're practicing this these vows of someone to ponder the buddhas are practicing with you to but if you're not practicing these values of some onto powder the borders are practicing together with you to no matter what you're doing the borders are with you and the body start bears are open to you no matter what you're doing
this is a also
information which you can think about
which might help you open
to those who are open to you
in in that openness
you start to open to the realized universe because your
moment by moment opening to what's happening as the realized universe
and you can see from your own experience whether you liked the world which you enter in this way
for example would you like nirvana
whether you like fearlessness
would you like
pre shading no matter what a person's doing
you can tell you can tell that per
i have a hundred times
like something i can do
it should i didn't know how to cook and i didn't know how
believing i have now says
i take refuge in good and their interpretation i've heard is that i take refuge in who i really am
and what i take from what you said is that each thing each speck of dust is what it really is and so the buddha nature that respect of dust is what it really is and the universe is sort of a whole hologram so everything's contained within everything else and
with that approach i can have an appreciation of this that that's how i would interpret what you say okay i don't match title and i don't notice that there's a distance between then what you mean but that's how i understand it's it's not so much it as a distance but rather that as you exercise more
you you will be able to let go of your explanation huge picture now using
the that you will be able to open up
and not and not hold on to what you think you said did that you've got a i think you said hook dc
yeah i think he said he i think he's the one who said hook
okay so you gotta hook
and this is like you know that story of the when it caught me that story of the guy the little guy the little guy who had to hook me military
i think it's a it might be a hans christian andersen's took story it's a that little duck i think was a duck little duck got separated from his mom
you know the guy he's saying is walking around my mom you know and he walks by and he watched by this pond you know
and there's a bunch of dukson upon and they say hey mac money and he says what i can't swim
yes you can you a duck know i can't say oh well here's a hook so they've given us a lot skyhook
and any hooks the hook on the sky and it goes and starts swimming with them
so you gotta hook
that's fine
and then one day he's hanging out with the ducks and they'll jump in the water and he jumped in with them with but he forgets and hook he spent home they say where you hope he said wow
i'm just i'm just swimming we are to look i must be a duck
the user hook okay
it's fine
but also can i can i tell you that that hook and you don't need it
but you can keep it as long as you want but one of these days we're just going to jump in and you might forget it and then you'll find out you don't need it
anything that i believe and i want to run through the fact that it makes some sense to me because is ample evidence that that people can believe all kinds of things and the fact that they start believing it they're really into it this is a nature of colts so for me i want to make sure i'm not talking bumble and lot on but believing anything
you're the one who is a belief that what to believe thinking once you get into a certain way of thinking that become that way of thinking becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy from there's all different kinds of ways of thinking what you're saying now sounds like a belief you sound like you believe that yes i do you well
and as what you say apply to what you believe their yes okay you can make but there's evidence of that too i mean from from the branch davidians to everyone else yes but i'm sure into a site i know i know there's evidence for it i i know there's evidence for it but then that would apply to what you just said
name of that that a cult would form and your mind right now but what you believe
so don't want to become free of your beliefs
well i suppose so but what you just
actually just searchers this is a form of back as well you can say that about anything any story what what i just said is and but i don't believe what i just said
i'm just i'm just observing that you seem to be worried about beliefs and that you believe that there's dangers and beliefs worrying involved
okay you seem to be concerned about beliefs and that endangers around his beliefs that for a cult conform
which i agree i think it's important to choose one's beliefs rational
i think that's fine and you say you you can choose your beliefs rationally and and i'm here to say we have a practice called opening up
which involves just sitting it doesn't mean sitting holding onto beliefs that's not just sitting sitting just sitting the buddhas are not sitting there holding onto their beliefs they're not holding onto their beliefs are not holding onto their faith their faith is to open up and let go of their beliefs let go of their
faith and that their faith be demonstrated
i'm charlie charlie charlie and david
explore cakes
you can tell us that there are new road
i didn't tell you that there's a number i didn't tell you that though i did not tell you that you may suggest i didn't suggest that
i'm not suggesting it i'm telling you that the bodhisattva
is telling you to think that he's not saying that there are he sang
think that he's not saying there are he sang think that
i'm not telling you that there are
the boys thought sought smart small pod does not telling you that there are he sang think this he sang someplace seventies saying human beings are already thinking various things and what they think is their karma and their karma has caused obstructions now i'm teaching you a new way to think try this way of thinking
and this way of thinking is the way of thinking that i'd this i'd been thinking i've opened up to this new way of thinking is which is very strange way of thinking
gay but he's not saying that what you're thinking about he's now suddenly the way things are it just he's actually saying or he's actually saying is think that things are not the way that you thought they were that's what he's saying
he's not saying that things aren't the way you thought they work
ready to me
you know
you're you're telling us that somebody else is telling us to think that there are
yes okay if i think that yes that i would tell you there
now i know if you think that
you would become free of what you already think
and once you're free of what you already think you might be able to tell us some things and and do some things that you wouldn't a we weren't able to do before like for example
you would be able to care about everybody
and you'd be able to instruct everybody else how to be free of their thinking people are trapped in their thinking if you become free from you're thinking you
you will be able to open to all those who are not free of their thinking and help them
you telling us that there are
every desk for me back and

you tell you
us that somebody else is telling us that thing
make it simpler make it simpler time i'm telling you to think something you never thought before i'm telling you to case of it
i'm not telling you that that the that what i'm telling you to think is something addicts actually exists i'm i'm telling you to think of something you never thought of before
i thought i was a specific area yes because if i don't tell you a specific thing then you'll do some other specific thinking some giving i'm trying to be quite specific
so you're thinking can be quite specific
i could think of this thing
if you want to you know become a bodhisattva
and there's other ways other instruction but i'm i'm you bring in this in not an exercise i gave you a destruction if you wanna be a body surfer open up to all beings
and just open just to be opened our beings and also except that you're responsible for them all
do that and now i'm taking another step of now
let's let's let's see how open you really are to these beings let's see if you're open and you can think this way to
yeah what what's what's the difference between
me telling you to think that that was on you i'm tell you that that was on
what's the difference

i think in one case i'm telling you
i'm telling you to do something another case i'm stating i've stayed in the way things exist but if i if i attempt to communicate through for example the fact that the or not i'm not trying to communicate truth i'm not trying to communicate you i'm trying to help you realize the truth i'm not i can't give you the truth i am the truth
he juries the truth lorries the truth but it's not the commute truth isn't really communicated
truth eight were instructed in such a way that you'll see it for yourself
and the reason why people don't see it is because they're caught in habitual ways of thinking
so opening
to all beings yeah and opening to be responsible to all beings while your swire every moment is an instruction to open to the truth
because we kind of consents that we're close to beings we can kind of feel that
and we kind of tell the difference can be closed and being open we can feel that and we can tell whether we're we can tell how it's hard and we get encouragement because other people can understand is hard and as we opened a beings we start to also open to the truth and it for close to beings which we can sense we're close to the truth
so we're very being oriented and particularly to living beings and humans so if we open to them we also can open to the truth and we opened the truth we can realize the truth and we realize the truth
now or than we're cooking
just a second you take a break go to top right back to you david

i just don't want to share your experience because that
the practice has passed
sense of i mean
have a lot of dry so i thought about yeah
you realize it wasn't really about
does not helped a guy i think some interactions with people
i guess time and i responded to someone
that work
this man that i would be more respect for have we
and that structured how i respond to them
trying to be more generous respond to them so for me it wasn't so much as an hallucination or picture was more of a practice
you're suggesting was more of a way to kind of say through
this person i don't like the way they're treating me by
if they're made up of all these food as can make out would be respectful fan
return and it worked there tone changed to me a couple of times and that stuff great
and so that's how i used in this past week
i didn't have imagination
he did you do have imagination he just said you didn't need to said you didn't and i just disagreed with you did have imagination you have imagination all day long and you're using your imagination different way
we try to keep keep you imagined a different world and it was uplifting
hey you know what does he say you know if some people are really mean to me what is it you know what does he do he imagines things differently he met he emerges this person i'm i saying this person is not been mean i'm just saying
even if they are being mean they are the universe realized as them being mean
i humbly bow down to this
and this is a new way to be in this world and this way of being cuts through
all kinds of obstructions to peace and harmony
and it's partly a new way to use your imagination to set you to set not just you but to set all beings free of their imaginations so it's possible that you wouldn't become free of years but the person who's
relating to does become free and you might say watch not want it but it's really not just about you
it's but everybody becoming sometimes somebody else
unexpectedly wakes up from your practice before you do
you can have that way
i think i don't know if i told you the but you know it can happen that
a teacher has a really bad student but the bad student becomes a really good teacher because the next generations really a good teacher
can happen
that it gets transmitted like or i like can be like
i got polio
from my father who didn't have polio
probably because his brother had polio and redditors his brother had polio i got polio so he didn't get it
you know he carried it he carried the virus to me and didn't it didn't affect him but he can transmitted it so as all kinds of ways that your practice can help people
tatar you know
yes caitlin

yeah to for and i say bodhisattvas are but actually i've also said everybody is but bodhisattvas open to that they accept that and other people
other sentient bodhisattvas are sentient beings but there are type of sentient being that's open to their responsibility to others and for others
well there's two kinds of responsibility which eyes speaker one is that you contribute to everybody you contribute to me you support me you are responsible for my existence i wouldn't be here without you
so that way you're responsible for me
he responsible for your children are responsible for your friends too
but you're not the only one that's responsible for me jennifer and bernard are also responsible for me
and daniels really responsible for me
but you all responsible for me you all contribute to me i depend on all of you i wouldn't be here without that's one way you're responsible for me with you accept it or not you are
but also you're responsible to me in the sense that you never do not respond to me you always respond to me
you are also generous to me all of your generous to me all the time your generous to me here is your support me you give to me you're always generous to me k however you may not accept that bodhisattvas or the sentient beings like you who are generous who are response
suitable for and to everyone you're always responded but they opened to that
they opened to it they opened to it they open to it and by opening to it they realize it
and what they realize is nobody's imagination of it
but we have to use and imagine we have to use an imagination of it can become free of our other imaginations which our imaginations of well you know we have an imagination how we're not
responsible for one
that's not true either but it is real but we do believe that we're not responsible for one were caught by that imagination so we try and a new imagination to free us from the imagination that we're not responsible
and then we actually opened to
not just our imagination but the actuality
we have to kind of push on our imagination
in various ways to let it go
to let in the actuality so you start by imagining that you're responding to everyone imagine that you opened your
and and and imagine notice that you imagine you're not open to everyone so you can confess that you imagine you're not open to everyone actually you are open to everyone
but you imagine that you're not please be honest and confess you know i don't really feel open to this person i don't feel responsible for this person or to this person
but i'm saying and i am saying this is this is where i say how things are i say you are generous and you are responsible and you
yeah and you are open to everyone and again when you start practicing opening the beings you start to feel more vulnerable i say you are vulnerable to people
but if you don't practice opening you don't
realize that you're vulnerable and if you don't realize that you're vulnerable you're afraid all the time that you'll become vulnerable
so if you realize you're vulnerable and just basically accept that then you start to settle down and feel at peace
so we have to practice
opening to realize that we are we have to practice being responsible to and for to realize that we are responsible to and for we have to practice these things in order to realize these things
yes charlie
the show doesn't want to share i think you you can if you want to yeah go ahead so
if you tell me
but there are
does that i say okay thanks
except i didn't say that
if you tell me to take that
there isn't every desktop which is big et rare then i say okay
not know the different seems to be it
in first phase you're offering me wish i could turn around my mind freely choose to accept not and in the second case you're asking me to just just think so without taking it it and doing the normal
consideration of it that i would if you had just told me that day no no i'm happy for you to do the normal consideration to i'm just saying that when you do i'm telling you how to work with that too
see normally we don't like people to tell us everything we like people to tell on yes but this is a case where i should have told you that that the bodhisattva was asked by the hero of the sutra asked for some instruction normally we don't ask for instruction so but i thought in this class you
might be asking present instruction
but but i'm not i don't actually walk up to fuel the street and sadness
this is just because just because there's an implicit request for some instruction so i'm giving these foward instructions
in hopes that you will become great body surface so take to to receive that there has to be the asking for it there has to be this
there has been praises they actually that's that's not true either you do receive this but unless you practice receiving it you don't notice that you receive it you are open to these instructions your your gratefully receiving them but unless you practice being gratefully receiving them you don't realize that your great fully receiving says why

you've been thinking
everything that arises me
speck of dust
because that so
a care
with everything
okay that's that's an instruction to
everyone might be booted everything might be buddhists why should be i should take care of everything
and be open to it and beef perfect flexible yes that's another instruction
which has also been given quite a few times in the past and you've just sort of discovered it in your mind yes that's another interesting that's another way to think
which goes along
with this which is not and if you sat in meditation and thought that way that would be example of how your meditation was
i would like to see everything this way so that i will be able to take care of everything
rather than just try to take care of everything i'll take care of everything because of the way i think about everything
so you can also think i would like to be kind to everyone and appreciate everyone that's fine it perfectly many people do that in addition to that now we're saying
open to everybody
try to open everybody and by opening to everybody then you may be able to take care of everybody tried take care of some people's also good but the problem taken care of some people's than some people turn into somebody else so then after they turn from where you are taking care of into somebody else than you sometimes
lose track of taking care of them like i'll take care of you when you like your you know well behaved you and you turn into some other you know what will we didn't sign it to take care of this person so that's why
everybody buddha or open to everybody
it is possible to do that all the time everywhere which is what we're trying to do is is
extend this so it isn't just once in awhile under good circumstances
i know you didn't have the handers
yes you don't want to say anything at this time


i don't know not that magical i don't know a magical thinking is the same as magic
but anyway you thought it in certain way you like that way he's like the results
you like he works in a way you like

to me


jerry sure

of dharma

you are

yes i take
taking it is
this way

a very similar response
this response

good for all beings
president yet
those get it around
a process which i appreciate as being part of this
such a way as
was one of the way
that's kind of has kind of like what jury would say he said he to that's pretty good
it's all in all the different ways of coping with this stuff is welcome to all welcome
got ah does hi guys i keep mine is a hamas excision how does
one gets funding the other doesn't
no i'm united states want were united states won't fun hamas
and us what fund hamas
but you're funded
with force


jerry number two
i think that that my coffee
yes that i
the dust mine
said also the supplies to dust mites
which is what i actually am getting so if i pick up this whatever anything yes
and i allow myself to think
there are there this is food is surrounded by police office in doing that i give up
i give up any notions or other beliefs about that
you might and so how degree and open to whatever possibility is there or any
it starts me once i let go of the previous believed that i say well it's food as a bully south as in its insulin everything
it's like a key release
it's like a key
it's like a door to
understanding that everything is
the realized universe
first we meditate on
everything is the realized universe
we think about
right now is the realized universe
and eventually we understand what that means and what that means is not just that everything is a realized universe because that's again just talk
what the buddhists have understood
but destruction is way is to say everything is the buddha's teaching
and to think and about the and to meditate on and and
just check out by the way are you opened all sentient beings and all their suffering if not you're probably not open to that instruction either
so this being opened to this instruction is is this heartfelt as it would be like if you're open to all beings and being open to all beings his heartfelt of course and of course that would give you a feeling for the way you'd be
which will allow you to open to this truth which is actually more shocking than everybody suffering
and everybody's suffering as pretty big shock
we're trying to open to it open to hoping to everybody's suffering and take care of ourselves so we can open to everybody suffering
that the the actuality of of the truth is a bigger shock than everybody suffering
and when so opening everybody's suffering get us ready to open to the shock of the realized universe
once realizing that again that it makes it easier to go on and be opened everybody
there were even more open to everybody than we were wanting up to open into the truth truth is more shocking only those who really opened all beings can open to the truth that's why buddha
encourages people to open to all beings so that they'll realize the truth
but if you don't want opened our be used as other ways to pry it you open
just trying to pry as open
but not overlooked the way we are the work the way where quit the way we are
and then hoping
and be we spent an open also to our responsibility are responsiveness
and that same as opening to the truth
the truth will come to
it well as it okay he talks and much folks
you had you have their support so go ahead
why i think i i out ever using me was that i was trying to look at okay
the teaching that the you're suggesting i the is just no
you can be said the teaching i'm suggesting and in the suggesting i'm making is a teaching yes that's that
it it is like medicine yes it's networks intending that i i can choose to take him
and taking medicine requires faith
the red pill that will go yeah
i think jerry and i'm assuming your yeah but i can speak for myself were trying to find a detective path from what we are here to this answer to junior to this idea
and you weren't even presenting an idea your present you're suggesting that we think in a circular
and it's not a productive conclusion from our common experience in the world it said is it it's a separate hypothesis the years suggesting we adopted and try i try out him it's not it's not analytical from from where we come from and it sits look you're over there in this world of suffering
and if you're gonna try to try to be
in that world a different way
try this and i got there's no cat i could i could suggest to you
the to think analytically which i sometimes do
but i'm not necessarily analyzing or deducing you into why you should think analytically
but that could be an hour destruction which i sometimes give is to think analytically
and actually to think that in each dark mode there are innumerable buddha's is actually an instruction in thinking analytically
but sometimes i also can reason with you to get you to think the certain way
for no no no no not so much know
but i just kitchen noticed i'm really happy to be discussing these things with you
i i think that this way of understanding meditation
opening to all beings and staying for staying focused on everything as being the universe realized as that thing
and everything supporting the whole universe that way of seeing the world of experience a world of experience
experience experience and seeing it with this i'm really enjoying after you doing this practice myself i'm finding it
a wonderful way to seize and practice meditation so i hope you come to class next week cause i'm sorry to say it's the last one we're going to have for a while
in this room
go on endlessly
of your losses and industrial dust

and next week you can take this home