Zen Meditation on Karma and Awakening - April 12th, 2022

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on place
again earlier i invited us all to
oh it i invited us into the contemplation of consciousness and to
wonder what is the motivation in this consciousness
and on
so i'm asking about that
and that's apropos of this particular course of study because
the overall
ah characterization of the overall pattern or shape
a mom of consciousness is the definition
on the action
the karma of that moment
or at this moment
welcome susan

and each every moment of consciousness
has a shape
sometimes the is shape appears to be wholesome
or is also sometimes that the shape appears to be unwholesome or is unwholesome know when i say appears
there may be some uncertainty about whether the the pattern of consciousness in a given moment is wholesome in other words is it it is it beneficial wholesome means beneficial means
supporting or
being a condition for
wholesome states of proud of mind
and might be a consciousness can also be indeterminate
otherwise there's a pattern
but does not clear direction to it
so we have these three types of karmic category or you can also say moral category
and states of consciousness can be wholesome and still have defilement in them
and of course states of consciousness can be unwholesome can have defilements our delusions in them
i have never been able to imagine a state of consciousness where the karmic quality is unwholesome
and there's no defilements

but most if not almost all wholesome states of karma
had the firemen
but they're still beneficial they can still be beneficial
so i i suggest during the quiet time that you that we look look look look look contemplate the shape of the mind
and then i'm so for example one state of mind who could be that there's actually this thought
a thought which sometimes called the thought of enlightenment
in sanskrit is called bodhicitta
and it's a thought it's actually a pattern in consciousness where there is a sincere wish
to realize
unsurpassed awakening to realize buddhahood for the welfare of all beings
there can be that that thought
and wishing the thought which is a wish to attain the most beneficial state of being in order to most beneficially protect and care for and ultimately awaken living beings
to protect them and free them from suffering and awaken them
that's a that's that can be a thought in our consciousness
and that thought is called bodhicitta now the word body chip to also as used to refer to the mind
of understood past awakening so it used both in the sort of ultimate sense of the mind of a buddha
and has used in the relative sense of the mind of people like us who could have that was that that aspiration arising in our mind
no related aspirations related patterns of consciousness could be
wishing to protect and liberate all beings
which also is a a wonderful
but that wish could be there without the accompanying wish to be up to be realize buddhahood in order to facilitate
the welfare of our big so again we could have a consciousness and some people do a day i've i've met people who they do have in their consciousness there is a a recent or wish to be most beneficial to the most people and that's the wonderful pattern of consciousness
that's a wonderful moment of karma
but they do not have this
other aspect of it which is to wish to be a buddha that they just can't allow themselves to have that wish it just seemed too much
but they do feel like okay i'm i am wishing for the welfare of all beings i could do that and i can do that very sincerely but i can't quite say and i wished to realize buddhahood an order to facilitate them in order to realize that
so some of the bodhisattva vows could be in her mind but we have four valves which we chant at the end of these sessions the fourth one is to become the buddha away
to become buddha the first one is to save all bags so you could have the first three but not the fourth as possible
in some people may have they wish for all beings to be
saved they wish for all affliction to be cut through
dharma doors
you don't have the fourth third bodhisattva vow and they an ace and they might wish to be buddha
but jump as we look at these for vows
we will realize that really ah
they go together but the last one really involves the first three and the first one to save all beings does require buddhahood
anyway these are possible states of mind which we might be blessed with and we might be able to ascertain for the moment that there is such a magnificent aspiration in consciousness
and of course all kinds of other aspirations could be discovered
that aren't like that which is sad
now ah if by chance we have this
this cosmic consciousness which has this magnificent thought of enlightenment living in it then i would suggest that it follows that we would study that mind and take care of that mind
in other words take care of consciousness where that mine lives
and even though that minds they're they're still can be ah delusions arising with it so doesn't mean that this aspirations there and there's no delusions
that aspiration can live in a deluded ordinary diluted carmack consciousness
i'll say that and i i'll say it again this magnificent this wonderful thought of enlightenment can live in a diluted state of consciousness
and i would say in most cases in the early million years of its arising it really is a ride as the in a diluted state of consciousness
but if it keeps being there moment after moment
it will finally become
the actual ultimate buddha mind
but it won't become
it won't realize the ultimate body chitter the ultimate body mind if we don't take care of our ordinary karmic consciousness so if we wish if we have such an aspiration and we wish to take care of it and help it become completely mature
then it seems necessary that we study where it lives and it lives in the ordinary swamp of karma consciousness
it lives in the midst of affliction
and by cut compassionately observing karmic consciousness
this body shutdown will be protected and it will grow and grow and become more and more full mature
and vast
and finally it will become buddhahood

why as i said before i'll say again every every living being has karmic consciousness
in other words every living being has and more a motivational pattern of their mind
but not all living beings are studying that motivational powder
what part of my aspiration to live for the welfare of others is i aspire to encourage beings to study their consciousness
and this and more by moment be aware that there is a consciousness and it has a pattern and what is the pattern

so once again if we do not
practice is this bodhicitta
by caring for it remembering it and looking at it and it it's not they're remembering and looking at what is for what is there
even if it is disappeared if we practice
studying our karma consciousness we will again
libellous with the arising of this wonderful bodhicitta
did have one more time
even if the couch does does not have this magnificent unsurpassable aspiration
if we contemplate compassionately what is there
we will receive again
the arising of this bodhicitta and one way to explain this is when we study our comic consciousness we are doing buddhist practice
and when we do buddhist practice we are in an intimate relationship with buddha and in that relationship the the thought of enlightenment will rise does arise
and again after it arises if we do not continue to study the mind to attend to it compassionately
and observe it compassionately
we can get distracted from the body checked we can ah
yeah it can it can be hindered
oh and at the meeting on saturday
one of our members samir told us that on
long time ago
he heard about this teaching of sitting
without trying to get anything
sitting without earn a gaining idea and that really appealed to him and i think probably is still does
the idea of wholeheartedly sitting or wholeheartedly walking or wholeheartedly listening or wholeheartedly looking
to duke's what we're doing wholeheartedly
without trying to get anything
this is
the practice of bodhicitta such approach such a way of practicing protects the body checked if there's body chapter
and we wholeheartedly practice body checked it without trying to gain anything that is the practice
and as i said on saturday
even though we are deeply
attracted to living our life wholeheartedly without trying to get anything out of it still because of our karmic consciousness we are at risk of slipping back into trying to get something out of life
if we're not observing our karmic consciousness it may actually be trying to get something
even though we're trying we're we're devoted to a practice of living for the welfare of all beings without trying to get anything we're devoted to it but part of us is sneaking around the edge
try to get something maybe
not for sure but probably
it's quite common
so in order to protect his wonderful practice of being whole hearted without trying to get anything we need to also be vigilant to the sneaky karmic patterns coming back in to try to get something and been like for example to be the best person in your neighborhood and pract
dressing without trying to get anything
that could happen
however if you're studying
and une and you see that your do you're doing the practice which will protect your buddha mind from being destroyed you know hurt by that gaining idea

ah so i wanted to tell you a couple stories now
the great ancestor a hey dogan
ah when he was about yeah when he was above forty eight
ah he left his mountain monastery which is in in a west central
arlene national much west but central japan on the side on the west side of japan by the japan sea that's where ag
was he left there and he went to the other side of the main island
to the headquarters of the military government
a city called kamakura that's where the shogun was was a living at that time
i'm not sure what dog and hadn't his mind ah to go on this trip maybe he wanted to help the she help this the shogun
learn the boot away and hoping that that would benefit many people
if the shogun became a good student ah
studying karmic consciousness
so anyway he was there for about six months and
i've heard that he was kind of disappointed
with the the way the people in the capital received his teaching
and he went back to ag
and when he got back he he was very happy to be back with the people who were trying to practice
compassionately studying karmic consciousness with no gaining idea
and so he said in a formal talk when he got shortly after he got back to ag he said
he said

he said dumb i just expound the dharma to guide people
those who practice wholesome karma rise up
those who practice unwholesome karma
fall down
you practice cause and harvests the effect is just like picking up jade and throwing out
the rabble
thus i try to clarify
identify with and practice this dharma
of karmic cause and effect
so this is towards the end of his life he's coming back from the capital
he's written many
brilliant philosophical treatises and he's coming back in the last part of his life to the basic teacher
of the practice of the dharma of karmic cause and effect
not to compared but now some other people who are towards the end of their life are doing that too
there's they are trying to clarify speak and identify with the practice ah
contemplating karmic cause and effect contemplating karma and contemplating it's cause and effect
and then he said do you all understand
so do you all understand

well if you don't worry just gonna keep studying okay
and then he says after a pause he said please bear with me
one can say that tonight please bear with me
my tongue speaks of cause and effect
without trying to gain anything
my tongue speaks of cause and effect without trying to get anything
that's the way it was
about seven hundred and seven hundred and seventy years ago in japan and that's the way it is now
and he says plowing the way how much is mistaken
today take pity on me for being a water buffalo

so dog and is
he's holding up faith in studying karmic cause and effect
and on
around this timers like he wrote of another fascicle towards the end of his life called deep faith in cause and effect
an earlier in his life
he rode a faster got called in japanese dice you go which means great practice
and in that
to essay called great practice he brings up a story
a famous a very famous zen story
about great practice
and also in the essay
ah which is called deep faith and cause and effect he also brings up the story of the zen story about
great practice
i'm not going to tell the whole story and is gonna tell
the core and the core of the story is that there was a zen master zen teacher called bhaijaan by john weihai
and he gave
he gave talks to his assembly probably give talks on a variety of things and one of the things he gave talks about was
studying karmic cause and effect
and in the story
it says that in the back of the room when he gave his talks there was an old man
not one they're not one of the resident monks an old man who came and sat in the back of the hall and listened to the teaching
i'm quite a few times and one day after all the other monks left your man came up the by and said i'm not actually a human being
i'm a fox spirit
i used to live on this same mountain where where we are now and in ancient times i was the head monk of the monster
on this mountain
and a monk asked me
does a person
of great practice
does a dice yugioh person
fall into karmic cause and effect
or not

and i said
and as a result of saying that
i have been reborn as a fox spirit five hundred times

so in this in this setting he looked like a human but actually he looked he had a spirit of a fox and fox of refer sometimes to a living being who does not believe that karma has consequence

anyway he said when asked does a person of great practice fall into karma cause and effect or not he said not
and then he asked the that the great teacher by john
would you please give me a turning word in this case would you turn the words of my history of my story of my karma

and by john said okay has me the question that the monk asked you
so the fox spirit says to him
does a person of great
practice fall into karmic cause cause and effect or not
and by zhang said
does not ignore it
or it can be read as a a bird does not ignore it or can be read as an adjective
is not ignorant of a person of karmic are person of great practice is not ignorant
a cause and effect or does not ignore it
in other words a person of great practice observes it tries to remember it
realize as a deep faith in it but not just a deep faith and cause and effect but a deep faith in studying it and being aware of it so in order to protect
the mind of buddha

the mind of buddha is both the wish
to protect and liberate all beings
and wish to attain buddhahood in order to do that it is also the realization of it's the wish and the realization
and an order for there to be realization there has to be observing the karmic consciousness which can do rail us distract us
from this work because karmic consciousness is disorienting is confused and confusing
and when he after five hundred lifetimes as a fox went by john turned it to does not ignore it
that was what it became it became not ignoring it became the great practice
after last week's
meeting someone taught graciously told me
i can over if she said on
that the class was confusing
or or if she said i was confused i don't remember which
so in this clash you could say the classes confusing
or you could say i'm confused are you could just say confusion
confusion confusion confusion confusion in other words confusion and other words confusion in other words karmic consciousness com and consciousness i found the class to be karmic consciousness in other words i found the class
can be confusing
if you're in this class and there's something and you notice some confusion
you're doing the work
if buddha was in a mind
a karmic consciousness where there is confusion buddha would be aware of the confusion boot am i not say i'm confused
but it just might say confusion
in part of the confusion is is it just confusion or is it isn't my confusion is it confusion
and am i the one who's confused or as are just i'm there in the realm of confusion
i actually proposed to last time and i do it again tonight that in karma consciousness there is an eye there's an eye there and editors confusion the i is living with the confusion but it's not the i this confused and it's not the confusion that i they lived together car
my consciousness he got an eye he got me he got herself a got confusion and part of confusion is what's the relationship between confusion
and the self
and one and one of her murrelet in one of the relationship between confusion itself is called self confusion
and when there's a self their self confusion so if in this class
there's an there's an awareness of some confusion i would say the rate the the practice is alive if anybody in here is aware of any confusion the practice of studying permit consciousness is a lie and in that lively study of karmic consciousness
nurse we become more and more ready for awakening
and how wakening to what in awakening to the buddhist central teaching of dependent horizon because karmic consciousness is dependently core rising confusion is dependently car rising but if we don't study the confusion
we're not there
to observe and and discover is dependent arising
and one more thing before i turn it over to the conversation
is the teaching again by dorgan wonderful teaching
great realization
great realization
is buddhists
now some people translator yes those who are greatly
awakened or how those who have great realization in
confusion those who have great realization in delusion are buddhists that's an okay it's true but it's a little dualistic
i prefer great realization of confusion great realization of delusion is buddhists
so we've got the delusion we've got the confusion right does anybody not have any of that
we've got the turbulence of karmic consciousness right
now there's an opportunity for a great realization of it by studying it however is not like studying
complete perfect enlightenment is studying delusion which is not that easy or fun
it couldn't be fun actually can you could say hey i'm deluded i am confused and i know it so i'm doing great
and that's confused do anyway
these topics which i have raised
about the great practice
of not ignoring cause and effect and deep faith and cause and effect
and realization of the delusions of karmic consciousness these themes may come up again and again
as long as we have sentient beings who have come and consciousness i hoped that these themes will come up again and again and help beings guide beings to realize the dharma
of cause and effect which is the dharma
doug's the great assembly wish to have some confusing conversations now
do you wanna share any confusion with us

hum hai that can be here that we would ever ready from my area of confusion and i like to focus on his
earlier tonight you said something i don't remember what you're talking about but you says something that you know that be sad and then i'm thinking well are we assuming sad is bad
do we it isn't that being attached to an outcome that we not be said and so really i would i boil down my question is will it ideally i'd like the her more on the relationship between am
gaining mind an intention so they seem to argue with me those two content in my mind
well i'm
the incarnate consciousness there could be the intention to gain something
i cannot be said yeah like cannot be said yeah
and that would be me know i'm not to say a questionable agenda
that that agenda will undermine and hinder
the pure practice of wholeheartedly living without trying to gain something
so this is like to practice zen or to practice sitting or to practice study with
the intention or the wish to practice zen or buddha way to practice it free of any attempt to gain anything that's the pure practice
and there could be a coexisting intention to actually get something out of that pure practice which of course will defile that pure practice
but if we notice that intention
and she use expression expiate it or another was confessed and repented if we do that in the presence of the buddha's that process of confessing the gaining idea will melt away the root of trying to get something out of practice
sorry way that only one intention am
worth having
which is to not have gaining mind and and to practice
the vous without trying to get anything all other intentions are defiled is that right
well on
you can have the intention to on
have breakfast
wholeheartedly without trying to get anything from having breakfast so than that it's that wish or that intentioned our breakfast would be undefiled
but but the key thing is
that you wanna live without trying to get something and that wish didn't come from yourself it came from buddha
and it came from booted because you said you wanted to become buddha so bulldozer or you do well here's a practice for you then to want to be buddha and live your life without trying to get anything in and in order to realize buddha to help people and not see that as a gaining process see it as a liberal
rating from trying to gain something process

thank you you're welcome
oh yellow hands

sarah iran and sarah
so i was noticing
actually since the topic first came up about
non gaining ideas
ah there may be something in me about being the age that i am or having been raised as a christian for the first part of my life but i noticed that
i find m people the most trustworthy who admit what it is that they want again
so that then we can proceed with the service they're giving or whatever i feel uncomfortable with
a presentation of something being done for non gaining i think if not for non gaming
it's being done to to benefit beings
that's the reason to do it in some cases the bodhisattva all their actions they wished their actions can be a benefit they just don't see it as a just aspire to not make that into another gaining idea
that is not what eating idea known and that's hard for people to understand how could you help people without thinking attic it's a game well that's that's what i that's what's hard for karmic consciousness to understand
so bodyshop as want the best for everybody without thinking of that as gifts getting something out of it and you said you trust people who confessed that they are turned again something
you he said the ice i think that because i didn't have one user yeah yes and so the body sought when she noticed as she's trying to get something out of being a bodhisattva she confesses it and that doesn't make her more trustworthy by confessing
we're trying to get something out of being a bodhisattva or even trying to get something out of being a buddha
by confessing it that melts away the time to try to get something out of becoming buddha
but buddha has told us
like in the dinosaur to the buddhist set to shoot sonority when i became a buddha did i get anything and somebody says no lard you didn't get anything that's why it is unsurpassed and completely enlightenment and is it was there anything by which i attained buddhahood know there wasn't so buddha has
realize there's nothing to gain and on the path to realizing that we notice quite a few
almost innumerable examples of we're trying to gain some so then we now have the instruction when we notice we're trying to gain something show it to sarah norris and she'll trust you
and you say thanks for showing that to me i really trust you because it's normal to try to gain something and people over ten like they're not maybe they're hiding something
so if i notice i'm trying again something right and i confess it
and sam i'm sorry
but enlightening people becoming a boat is not a game
that's the teaching of the buddha when i become buddha i don't gain anything i don't get anything
you don't get anything when you become yourself
an order to become yourself you have to get past innumerable examples is trying to get something out of being yourself as long as i'm trying to get something out of being myself i'm not yet myself
it probably feels pretty good to be yourself
it might but ah the buddhists says not necessarily
at the missile so wished you prefer to feel good or be or to be buddha
a lot of people say well actually i know i guess i would brother feel good if i get you know i guess urged in your happen or i just i'm thinking about striving for route you and that what i find really interesting right now is
if i set up any virtue
i'm more interested in all the ways i don't mean that virtue
more than although as i do right now it feels more fruitful somehow to see the ways in which all the intricate where he which
ah not lying not killing or whatever it might be
are hard to attain and i'm an i'm slippery so i think other people might be to yeah seeing how they're hard to attain comes with the territory of studying your karmic justice
so yeah sounds like you're studying sounds like you're doing the study
of your kind of consciousness and noticing how hard it is to practise certain precepts


i do go through a lot of confusion sometimes or as i listen
and that's because our
not maybe i think in my mind my relationship with buddha
maybe different than my relationship with a karmic consciousness
so therefore when you even use buddha would say this buddha would say that my mind a mad immediately kindnesses okay now we are creating this idea of buddha and we are speaking our own ideas through buddha
a and that makes me even more confused that i have enough ikea thread in my mind i met buddha alone with no ideas but now i'm bringing buddha in and using buddha as an idea and that's very confusing to me now
i'm glad you can see that
study that confusion
the path to
benefiting or bags
so here my question arose as you spoken i spoke then what what rose in my mind is ah
is it this gaining mind that even brings buddha and tries to get something under the name of buddha and speaks through buddha isn't that the gaining mind maybe such sounds reasonable
or you can say confused mine a confused mind thinks a deluded mind thanks to some to get in life
so you can call gaining mind deluded mind confuse my is okay so is the confuse diluted mine yeah yeah yeah that that i can see that than that confused my brings more names in to and and yeah yeah i can see that yes thank you you're welcome thank you

hello great assembly
fine instance
i am curious if pudong mine benefits from psychotherapy
i don't know bruno my knees any benefit
gouda mind is is not benefited it's benefiting
ah and an understanding in in drying i'm in
hmm oh
in gaining i'll know what the word is an
finding awareness
is psychotherapy just a tool
a buddha mind goes to psychotherapy the benefit psychotherapy ah so we got psychotherapy k buddha mind goes there and benefits for therapy
i it makes the therapy work most fully and most beneficial
he and the
the distinction is
the motivation right
well not necessarily the
the the people in that if there's two people the people in the psycho therapeutic relationship they could both have the body sought for var
they could have the same motivation as the buddha
but they might still be kind of confused and try to and try to get something like the therapists might want to get to be if might wanna be a famous therapist want to make my want to make a lot of money from this patient or you know i am a patient might wanna you get something from the relationship
but they both might actually want em attain buddhahood and have benefit the whole world you might they might have their their motivation but they may be held various to filed motivations also that's why the the psychotherapy might help them to notice the defilements surrounding
they're wonderful kind of buddha motivation the buddha comes in there and helps them find a way to work on this these issues without trying to get anything from so the buddha when whenever the psychotherapy buddhist they're trying to help the people in psychotherapy
really make it don't take a therapy enlightening and sometimes if both people and psychotherapy could have the bodhisattva vow sometimes they neither one of them have it but still buddha would be there to teach them how to do psychotherapy in such a way that they're free of trying to get something out
of life
i think that at one one time
you you had distinct distinguished
no knowledge or them the exploration
via psychotherapy in comparison with
the the buddha buddha mind exploration
and what you're saying or what i understand is
intention to benefit
all all beings
without an agenda
there could be in the intention to benefit all beings
and an altitude that it that that intention could be there without an agenda but they're also could be the intention to benefit all beings without an agenda and that could be up that can be in psychotherapy however
is dirt it would there still might be some somewhat some wished to give something
so yeah so the the buddha is trying to help people in psychotherapy wake up to what they're actually doing
not not to get them to stop doing psychotherapy but to wake up to that relationship they have
that relationship the relationship isn't trying to get anything
two people they both might be trying to gain something but actually the relationship has no foothold to try to gain anything from its relationships can gain anything but cosmic consciousness is can think about gaining something so buddha comes there to teach the people in the relationship that does nothing to gain
and even if they have a really the same aspiration as the buddha they still might be trying to gain something
good is trying to help realize great aspiration you both have great aspiration that's really wonderful and would be nice if you could like how their aspiration and put it to work without trying to get anything out of it
this is his own
self awareness gaining something no it's not but people think it is people think oh i yesterday i wasn't self aware and today i'm were so i gain self-awareness that's a diluted thought can you say more about that
i can but i think it's enough
with a gear and it's une you can listen to it again over and over

your muted
barry i would like to share some confusion am
thank you
you sit on a document after that are gay and out
i for you a document after the last class which i found really interesting and and i would hoped maybe even touch on at and i and i hope was not have it's wrapped having a relevant to this discussion and and if talked about it was a conversation between the boot on the
paypal and talked about how
if a mistake to have the attitude that everything that happens to me as karma and it had be examples of am
know it's a i think everything it said everything that happens every experience you have his duty or past actions okay some an amateur beauty at that as as a synonymous with the saying everything that happened to me is due to my past karmas and that is that yesterday okay
is no i don't agree with the right so he he from my understanding of it he says is that you can be in a sec or there can be you can experience positive or negative effects to whether on or you can experience fall you could am
experience positive and negative as through injury that aren't karma and it didn't say they weren't karma okay has he just said you can see that
you can see that you can see that i'm not out on her family talking the doctor can see something's off with your flynn and that's why you have this condition they can see that okay
but but he didn't say that does not come he just said that doesn't seem to be a pastor action
but it can pass action karma synonymous
no the past action is past karma but present com has not passed karma
so anyway i think i think i'm probably made a mistake of passing that off too early
sutra probably should be disgusted when we get into the cause and effect part of the karma yoga
oh be with my confusion and told them and i would bring it up when we talk about cause and effect
but he didn't say that the phlegm is not karma he just said that if that the doctor can see with when the flames imbalance you have certain diseases you can see that
but you can't see how that is karma
how that can assist to come you can see them and if you say you can you're going too far you can see that yet
but still there's more details in there
because cause and effect does not mean this cause causes the effect this cause with with certain conditions causes that effect this cause with other conditions doesn't cause and effect as park will get into
okay this karma has consequence the buddha said
but he didn't say this karma has that consequence
because this karma with these connections has this consequence and the same karma with other conditions as a different consequence okay the title can be married condition exactly okay our karma has we could not possibly know
yeah water now so i get into that like i'll give you more suit later
thank you thank you i'm glad you're so happy

gayatri i learned i learned what your name mint really young did you learn about the mantra the not exactly it's a mantra that the some right yeah yeah to your aunt gave you
that name she told me
i think she was involved in some way to get barrier she and my grandfather so so gayatri yeah ah means is a mantra for the sun
yeah it's a yeah the deity like he added having literally what it means is our she who protects those who sing offer
wonderful but it's also it's also the name of the month year
the i am really happy to be here again and to see you and to be in this assembly so thank you to look man
silk i had a confused question as well
so when you were speaking you mentioned ah
in this karmic consciousness there's the self and then there's all these other things like you know maybe a partner and idea that you have or
you know certain conditions of the body and the confusion and all of that together is one particular ah i guess you would say like a configuration of cosmic consciousness right if you could say that it's a it's a configuration of karmic consciousness and the configuration is
is the karma is that okay so that whole thing the shelters itself isn't the karma the feeling isn't the karma the delusions aren't the karma the confusion is into come on but the whole pattern yeah the whole shebang
of the pub the moment that's the karma and karma conscious always as carnal
and it always has a self it always says herself yeah so so got nothing you can read certain say i get that much but the confusion is as follows what i was wondering is isn't the self really it's like a
this is that is it not
that it's not a separate thing but rather something that is defined by everything else in that confidence row that's right that's what it is is not a separate thing down a separate what it is is defined by everything in the caught everything else in the consciousness and also much more
more much more but certain we can see we can actually do you can be can actually be observed how the seldom mine is modified by what is consciously present with it but it also depends on unconscious processes and the body and everybody else in the universe
but he didn't like no the file and everything else right like everybody else is fleming bile a yes all that makes herself but you can't see that but you can see how the self changes according to what is present in consciousness with it
right how can the in that
another at that silica that's a glimpse of have a much bigger causal process
so and that is are observed through this process of investigating karmic consciousness redneck what with what we're doing here jackal but but in that situation then so and maybe i'm jumping the gun so we like about the the cause and effect piece of it if
there is some effect of a particular set of causes that that happens whatever effect is happening it's happening to a different self than the one that caused it because that self for couldn't move case when we like when used when you play the piano ah
when you when the finger touches the key
that karmic act effect if that sort of the main actor the moment that in the simultaneous never be a nervous system right
the nervous system changes at that moment and your nervous system is part of what gives rise to your consciousness
so when we do things in the present car are present karma changes our body and unconscious processes simultaneously and then that consequence gives rise to another consciousness in which there'll will be another self
and probably with the idea with that other self that it's the same one as the past one even though it's not ah this self is not the one that used to be here but this but with this self might come the idea that this self is the same one that we used to have that this rap is the same random used to have
but it's not this is not the same rebel were used to have we've never had this read before but the but in this consciousness there might be the idea that this is the same one
or not and that's a dilute and that adorned it's not the same massacre but if but it's a common delusion that i'm the same self that i was yesterday not to mentioned before that and other people also think i'm the same one and therefore you know they don't like me because i used to be a jerk
i'm not that jerk any more on a new jerk we don't even know but this new was even worse no one
there's no
can he
thank you know lot of people are noticing that about me
every me as a worst me

okay athena and tyler
hello rob lowe
my as we you he did tell
what course it wasn't you
that person or thing uses a similar gesture that near you just you
i was i was wondering as as we're talking about karma consciousness i was wondering if i'm an enlightened consciousness is also a karmic consciousness or of it somehow free of karma
well it's free of it and the way it's free of it is that it's it
so like he said does the person does the great practice person
did they not fall into climate cause and effect and the and the monk said that it doesn't fall into comic con and that's wrong answer because it not falling into it sounds like it's not involved but the light and consciousness is right in the middle of karmic consciousness but instead of falling into it or not falling into it
it's free the freedom
which is not come at consciousness is the awareness of cosmic consciousness as for what it is a delusion so they the freedom is the same as understanding the deluded consciousness but it's not another diluted consciousness
it's like when you get a joke that's not another at the moment you'll get a job that's not a karma it's a moment of insight
you get off it's a joke
and it in it is like it gives it illuminates the darkness of the consciousness which thought you know that this was a serious problem here
so yeah the the wisdom
the buddha that understands karma consciousness is not karma consciousness however it's not the least bit separate because it's right there understanding and you know paying attention to her and being kind to it
but that kindness and that attention and that insight is not it is not a karmic pattern it's an illumination
of comic pattern
it's like
and your rotten

ah arab hey steven so
ah enjoyment and use
enjoyment enjoyment and use so i met i missed the second bar enjoyment and something use you us he us let the enjoyment and use her or so the getting something is is use and the not get the nod giddings the nah
i gained something as enjoyment
and just a very abstract terms so that saw the i made in christianity you have the
i guess you have the bank with the heavenly banquet
and that's enjoyment and that's the that's the great assembly i'm aware of itself as a great assembly
so everybody is at the great assembly
is enjoying each other not and not use any each other
and so they're numb ah
so that so so that would be zaza and because the getting begin and in zazen i have fun
i experienced this this feeling of intimacy and it's it's enjoyable usually and but sometimes ah
it i experienced this feeling of intimacy and i feel like i'm connected to
yeah a destructive behavior and i don't enjoy that in it you know subjective emotional sense but it's a kind of
animists see and i don't think i'm using
the the been involved in the destructive behavior
i mean abstracts so people don't think i'm weird and crazy
the risk that somebody i'm not embarrassed but i'm for i'm just been discreet okay
well intimacy with destructive behavior is not destructive
intimacy with destructive behavior is the path to protect beings
in part of knowledge in in my case part of intimacy with destructive behavior is for me to notice some destructive behavior or potentially destructive behavior in my consciousness noticing that and being caught
kind to it
leads to intimacy with it and protects beings from harm
and if i'd not intimate with destructive behaviors than beings are not protected from harm
in that instance
and because in fact even them out the been involved in the most destructive behavior is in fact however much here she thinks he's alone is in fact not alone but three in not your connection with boot on a date people who think they're alone are
it are in
would you call immediate danger of destructive behavior
but again if we can be intimate with this idea that we're alone then we and other things will be protected from the harmful potential of that delusion that were alone
so buddha wants to teach us how to be intimate with thoughts like i'm alone so that that thought doesn't hurt anybody
and at that thus not cared for it could hurt people could hurt me and you
thank you steven

hell am i have i think a beginner's question but why is the reason you don't want to get something out of something is it because it separates us from others wanting to not get something in
is basically the same thing as trying to get something
it's the same thing
so i don't i'm not trying not to get something
but if i am trying to get something i hope i notice it i hope you help me notice it
so i wish to give up trying to get something
but i'm also not telling myself not to be that way not to be somebody was trying to get something
i'm trying to get something i rather than
tell that person not to be that way i want to be intimate with that person
but gaining that gaining idea rub
the red was trying to gain something i'm not trying to get rid of him
i wanna be intimate with him other people may want to get rid of him he's a cohesive dangerous character if he's caught by trying to gain something
but i want to not try to get rid of him but be intimate with them so that he won't hurt anyway so he is gaining idea what hurt people

you're welcome

good evening ran good evening
at the very beginning of this time are close to the beginning you were speaking about the wish to protect beings and bodhicitta
and ah
when i would i feel like i'm noticing and my own mind is when the wisp protect comes pretty easily but there's something it's an innocent and neighborhood and seemed the right neighborhood but there's something about it that's quite different from the wish to help all beings realized freedom
and and i'm a and it also the wish to protect create some time some some trouble and i don't mean good trouble in the jumbo a sense of the trouble it sometimes creates trouble so i'm wondering
protect more into alignment or more into harmony with the wish to help beans realized freedom

so a buddhist have the wish to protect beings
and buddhists have the wish to the beatings and buddhists have the wish that people will be bushes they had those wishes
and you have some of those wishes to
right on
yeah so buddha you and go to have the same wishes but buddha is actually those things you're wishing for
so buddha wishes to protect beings buddha is the protection of bags
as a boot is
but it is the enlightenment beings
but it is buddha and buddha wishes those things would be realized just like you
if there's the slightest bit difference between
then beings aren't harmed and protecting if there's a site of wish between wishing to protect beings and the protection of beings than we have a sentient being
with a slight difference between wishing to protect beings and protecting bags and case to the same thing
so and also in buddhist case since buddha is the protection of beings buddha is is the enlightenment of banks
but buddha has the wish to it just as good as there's no discrepancy between the wish in the realization
and for us stronger they didn't mean asleep is diffrent political
so there's a way to be with beings that is protection of beings and we want that
right yeah that we were having trouble seeing that that's actually the way we are now let's get together
wish you and louisiana we see a difference when we see a discrepancy then we can confess it oh i see a discrepancy i i admit it
and also then around the discrepancy gaining idea can come up
no leg
i wanna get wanna get the protection of big for covering all right that's that's that's a little defilement around this wonderful wish
what what i'm seeing as you as you speak what i'm seeing in my mind is when i think about protecting beings i think i should do something and want to think about free beings i kind go that's so big there's nothing to do and so i don't like you know i don't engage in the same way and yeah so maybe your
maybe you're more prone to gaining idea for protection than for elaboration yeah that seems our lives up some other people have the other problem
where do we do with it
oh yeah what he do what you do when you notice that you're trying to gain the protection of bees what do you do
right now i'm confessing it you confess it and then maybe a notice your kind of embarrassed about it
oh yeah so that's that's what you do with it you confess it and be embarrassed in front of the bridges are in this case it can the buddhism the whole emigrate assembly
and maybe it'll happen again someday
human kind of like an idiot thank you
ice it sir
it's the bewitching our ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for beef or bewitching me
may our intention equally extend to every being and place with the true merit of buddha's way beings are numberless we vow to
to save them and protect them
afflictions are inexhaustible we vowed to cut through dharma gates are boundless we vowed to enter them buddha away is unsurpassable we've how to become it
thanks again
trails to you until we meet again when idea
it was to elevate