Zen Meditation on Karma and Awakening - April 26th, 2022

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so we
as you remember perhaps
there's been a lot of encouragement to study
each moment
as much as possible each moment of karmic consciousness

there's spent a lot of encouragement to look inward
at the karmic mind the mind where there is
a sense of self some sense of self
some appearance of self
and all kinds of feelings and images and ideas and emotions and intent and over all
the overall pattern of each moment is was called the intention of that moment or the volition
and that both that is the definition of the karma of the moment

and studying this karma
in in the present attending to are paying attention to it compassionately
wondering about it
opening to it
attending to it and remembering it all that
that work is the basis for wisdom

i say this basis because this kind of study
it was not done together with a calm mind
it's not yet wisdom
however this kind of study which is being encouraged now is the support and basis for wisdom because this is the type of attention which when conjoined with a tranquil state of body and mind
his wisdom
so i haven't said just before but now i say it again that on the study sets the stage for insight work
and insight work means looking at the same material but in a state of tranquility so we also need to be doing
some quiet
silent and
i'm moving

and that type of meditation where we give up
we let go
i've actually the karma that's going on in the moment
we let go of the carmen is going down in a moment we will go of the pattern of thinking and that comes to fruit as tranquility
so we can actually studied the karma consciousness in great detail and come to see it
and then do the same thing once we have calmed down and relaxed in body and mind and then we can see more deeply into the same
material of study
so i put this out the beginning and also i discussed is quite a bit in a third turning of the wheel
because the somme dear and on china sutra which that book comments on teaches first of all to study the the dharma in this case study the dharma the teaching about the dharma
the dharmic event of karma
to study those things then
to enter into tranquility then give up tranquillity where we just let the karmic consciousness go and then study the karmic consciousness in tranquillity
that's where the insight is born
so you may have more questions about this later i want to put that out
at the beginning

also i said this before wanna say again that
ah in this great
classical work
on rb dharma which means higher dharma
added on a kosher which means treasury of higher dharma
there's a chapter called the world and it talks about the worlds of living beings that basically six worlds of living beings and also talks about the world the incentive world
so the first world called excused sanskrit
sat for loca it's the realm of living beings
and the other world is called the pajama lorca which i enjoy it sounds like pajama walker
anyway it's also if that's the receptacle world
the container world
for example it's the world we share
which is the world of
color sounds smells tastes touches
like for example now we're sharing this screen is screen
is part of the container were over each of us and all of us
each of us have a room to that also is the container world the walls the colors the textures the smells the sounds as the container world
that's what that chapter three of the abrahamic cautious about and then at the at the beginning of the next chapter the starts with a question where from where does this world arise and the answer is that this world arises from the key
karma of living beings
so the world living beings world of each of us
that's a living being arises from my karma hand your karma and the karma of all living beings from beginning this time
karma of all of us gives rise to each of us and all of us
to each of each of bus living beings and all of us living beings
get arise from the karma of living beings

also the physical world arises from the karma of living beings
the land the mountains the rivers the water the temperature of the planet
the colors the sounds smells to teach the tangibles they arise from the karma of all of us
our karma moment by moment but every moment of karma
leads to consequences
and the consequences of an individual's karma
is interwoven with the karma of other individuals camera
so the way the word the way i am made and the way that you are made is an inconceivably complex
confluence of streams of causation interwoven and mutually affecting each other
call of us are responsible for everybody else and ourselves
all of us have contributed to the birth of every living be
human and non-human
all of us through our karma have contributed to that
none of us like i have not made all of you for by myself but i have contributed my karma the karma of this consciousness has from the time it arose that and contributing to all of you even to those of you had not yet been born
this karmic consciousness has contributed to your what your life and it continues to and your life and particularly the karma of your life has contributed to my sentient existence and also we have all contributed
to the physical world in which we live in which pushchair

so i am responsible for everybody
and everything
but not all by myself i'm responsible together with all living beings for all living beings and the entire earth
and more than the earth the entire universe
and the entire universe and all the beings are responsible for me
and nobody's got it order god a monopoly on the responsibility
and nobody is in control of the creation of the world
so also in the abbiamo kosher it says on

when it says by by whom or what are the varieties of world of sentient beings and the variety of the receptacle world of incentive universe created
okay did you get that question
by whom and by what are the varieties of world of living beings and the variety of the nonce incentive container will created and the first response to that is not by god
so on buddhism we don't say that god creates through the world in buddhism we create the world all of us we create the world
there's gotten the end there could be god's true and big they also made it can take and contribute but not one god created the world innumerable incalculable numbers of living beings from incalculable time
create the world's of living beings
so we're all responsible and nobody's in control
we are constantly moment by moment contributing to reach others life and to the world we live in
and world we live in is and all beings we live with are contributing to our life
so we are making contributions we are responsible and the point of this assembly is that if we study the place where we make our contribution which is our karmic consciousness if we study it and pract
deus with it
then our contribution in an official
every moment we can make a beneficial contribution to all beings and the entire world
and every moment some people are not paying attention are not studying their consciousness
are not practicing with it
and therefore their contribution is harmful
to say the least
it's either neutral or harmful it's not been an official if they're not studying every moment we don't study it's either neutral is not making a positive contribution or it's making a negative contribution so it is is
if we wish to benefit if we wish to make a beneficial contribution to all beings in this world of suffering if we wish make a beneficial contribution to a world where people are being terrorized and traumatized and murdered
if we wish to make a positive contribution to the world
we need to study this karmic consciousness we need to attend to it we need to be it's friend it's constant companion
well it if not constant anyway it's companion and eventually it's constant companion every moment we are good friends with this consciousness
the world is positively transformed a physical world in the living world is positively transform every moment of loving kindness and compassion and study of consciousness transforms the were positively this is what i thought
and how that works is again by all but each of us making a contribution with others so how my contribution is influenced by your contribution my contribution is modified by your contribution and all of our contributions
i modified by many many me other beings some of whom are not doing what is necessary in order to make the best possible contribution or even not even the best but a good contribution
this is the teaching from the hobby dharma from the early bird ist tradition in india are be done with caution
and then later there comes the is called these great vehicle teachings these vague great vehicle or scriptures and one as like to bring up his
the flower adornment scripture the great huge magnificent flower adornment scripture
and in that scripture there is a chapter called the formation of worlds
now in orbit around a kosher they talk about the formation of the worlds of sentient beings that and those worlds of sentient beings are created by sentient beings but in the search
a it says also that the work that there are worlds created by sentient beings but it also talks about worlds that are created by
sentient beings that are body surface
and buddhists they also with their practice or creating worlds but those worlds are not the world's we can see those are spiritual realms that they're creating
and though spiritual roms
also affect our world so we we are not only experience in the results of all sentient beings but we're also spit experience in the results of buddhas and bodhisattvas practice
so the buddhas and bodhisattvas practice is bringing the dharma into our comic consciousness
the buddhas and bodhisattvas world's surround are sentient world our physical world and they sent dharma light into our common consciousness and the diamond light says
please a on justice
if you wish to bed be benefited or benefit please study this consciousness

now i said last week that i was gonna bring up a a sutra which is called him in poly saudi baton of sutra and sought him is mindfulness and but katana means either on
a translator to answer
foundations but also could translate as frame
four frames from mindfulness
so for me these four frames are for friends for studying
karmic consciousness
and at the beginning of this scripture
ah the buddhists says to the monks
this is the direct path
monks this is the direct path
and in some translations is says monks this is the only path

monks this is a direct path for the purification of beings
sentient beings
for the surmounting of sorrow and lamentation for the disappearance of pain and grief for the attainment of the true way for the realization of nirvana
namely the four foundations of mindfulness
ah so this does this text does not mention that these for foundations of mindfulness are the direct path to buddhahood
in the early teachings that that the teaching seem to be mostly for personal liberation from suffering and personal attainment of nirvana and freedom
which the buddha was happy to do
and people heard the teaching and studied karmic consciousness and then became free of suffering and they realized nirvana
later buddha's disciples
discovered another way of doing this study which is not just to personally attain freedom from suffering and nirvana but to attain buddhahood so that we can help others
be free and attain buddhahood so it's a little bit different but still the these frames are very good so again and what are the frames the first frame is
contemplating body
as the body

contemplating body as a body contemplating that's the first him second frame contemplating his feelings as feelings
third frame contemplate consciousness as kind justice and fourth frame contemplate the objects to the dharmas the objects of consciousness as the objects in consciousness as the objects in consciousness
so the third one again as contemplate consciousness as consciousness and and each of these frames to do it
giving up
our greed and hatred
in that study
so i would suggest to you in context of our study
that contemplating the body
as body
is contemplating the body that's appearing in karmic consciousness
as the body that's appearing in karmic consciousness
like i can see these hands
contemplating these hands as these hands i'm contemplating these hands and these hands are appearing
there are some other hands that are not appearing in karmic consciousness but i can't contemplate them in common consciousness because they're not appearing there
and the sounds and smells and tastes and touches are also the body

the eyes the ears the knows the tongue
the skin or the body
and they images of them and a sentence of them appears in comic consciousness so part of learning how to
study cosmic consciousness is to study the body as the body the scope to study the seeing as the see him to study the hearing as the hearing to study the smelling as the smelling to study the tasting as the taste
did i get em for five them
the seeing the hearing the smelling the touch touching and the tasting is studying cosmic consciousness
as the body
it would also says that the monk when walk when when walking
when walking
a monk is aware i think he says
i am walking
when walking the monk understands i am walking when standing the monk understands i am standing when setting the monk understands i am sitting
and i would i would suggest considering a modification of the buddha's teaching
which is
when there's standing there is awareness
there is standing
when they're sitting there is awareness there is sitting
or when standing there is awareness
this is standing for there is standing when sitting there is awareness there is sitting when walking there is awareness
there is water
when reclining there is awareness there is for reclining so in the search of the buddha says
when we are standing we are where i am standing but in this case i would suggest to you that the buddha is speaking in colloquial terms for people who are not brew necessarily well educated
so we can do either one were standing we can say i am standing but we can also do when more standing
there is standing there is sitting there is sitting there is sitting clearly aware there is ceiling clearly aware there is sitting mindful aren't hardened there is sitting hardened remember
remembering their is sitting when staring remember there is walking when walking
this is in substance the easiest way to start contemplating karmic consciousness
next more subtle is
contemplating feelings as feelings so in this case for feelings are positive negative an indeterminate or neutral feelings
so when there is
negative feeling there is awareness
there is negative feeler there is mindfulness or as negative feeling
there is ardent attention to the negative feeling
can you see that this is a looking at kind of consciousness because every comic consciousness has feeling in her
next contemplating consciousness as consciousness
and of course
when there's consciousness which is always
there is awareness this is consciousness
this is consciousness this is consciousness this is consciousness ardent mine for steady clear this is mine from this is consciousness and also backing up a little bit
with the feeling
this when there's a feeling this is feeling but also when there's negative feeling this is a negative feeling this is a painful feeling when it's a positive feeling this is a positive feeling when it's a neutral feeling this is a neutral feeling

for example right now i would say i'm having a positive feeling there's a positive feeling there is awareness of a positive feeling
but it is negative feeling the practice can go on with the frame of
contemplating negative feeling as negative feeling this sets the stage for wisdom and then consciousness also
there is consciousness and consciousness is unclear
there is caught when the consciousness is unclear there is my promise of unclear consciousness as unclear consciousness
when the consciousness is clear there is mindfulness of your consciousness as claire consciousness
when the consciousness is agitated there's contemplation of the agitated consciousness when it's com contemplation of the com
so again whether positive negative neutral
whether walking sitting standing or reclining whether agitated or com with her clear are unclear the mindfulness practice can be there for whatever the consciousness ears
and they're males and then removed to the fourth foundation fourth
frame which is looking at the mental factors in the consciousness in more detail
so in common kind of business there is always feeling
but there's also many other mental events for example there's a sense of self
for example there is a feeling of a
there can be a feeling of appreciation there can be a feeling of up
lack of appreciation there can be a feeling i feel like they're going to be a perception of a person
and not appreciating that that perception that can be anger at what at oneself or one's actions or at other people's self or actions
there can be confusion there can be delusions for example i told you about the delusions that the self in consciousness is doing the activities of consciousness that's a net to another as an example of an object of consciousness or are
object of consciousness in consciousness
so all those various elements that are inorganic consciousness than can be looked at individually now we can't look at an individually or in each moment because for example if there's awareness of
have a negative feeling at that moment of that moment of awareness of the feeling the negative feeling being the negative feeling that's a thing as being mindful of at that moment
but at the same time as that feeling there could be anger but at this at the moment that we're letting the field in the feeling they're just feeling we're not aware of the anger even those present but in a later moment we can be aware of them anger and in anger be aware of in the anger just the anger
and and confusion we can there can be awareness of confusion but when we're aware of confusion at that moment we're not aware of feelings or am
from for delusions or anger
so ah yeah so this is the foundation of mindfulness in the details of the comic consciousness and in that
picture there we get a better sense of the what called the intention or we can see more of the elements we can see more of the with the karma is when we're looking at a feeling
as a feeling it's hard to see the overall pattern of the consciousness
when we're looking at a posture
as a posture it's harder to see the pattern of the consciousness
when we're looking at consciousness as consciousness and we see that it's unclear well then the karma is unclear but in we see is clear we still don't see the direction necessarily we just see that it's clear but we look at the elements in the comic consciousness the fourth found
daisy then we can see the shape and the karma quality and the end the moral quality of the consciousness

so that's what the surgery is encouraging
and yeah so i've
i think that so
enough and i think you have lots of questions perhaps on how to do this for foundations of mindfulness you probably have also questions about the formation of the world and so on
but again ah and also in addition to the formation of the world's i suggested that the way the world's formed is by the incredibly complex interweaving of all of our karmic streams
contributing to and then can trip contributed to and being contributed to
k i'm ready for any thing you want to offer
i mean i think i'm ready i have that thought in my county still i'm ready let's observe a for you
okay i see some yellow hands
i was asked on mute myself so can you hear me yes now john peter peter yes peter peter i'm not there yes peter okay anyway that's wonderful will be here i'm very grateful to be in this virtual space with you and the great assembly you see
some great gratitude and in the comic consciousness yes yes this is her gratitude can appear in hammock consciousness yeah no i wanna do i ask about your use the word intention and the other malady so if the beginning of the i think of a three of our previous
a sessions are you when we unheard are silent time you you asked us to observe the intentionality in in consciousness and even think i'm pretty sure one point he said something about what is the motivation or maybe i imagine a i thought you didn't night and i did
okay good and so that's a big part of how i think of intentionality his motivation and saw this the i was doing that today even though you hadn't brought it up and i was seen my motivation to to come to to have my consciousness calmed down and be
become clearer and less full of whatever was going on inside of it and then later today when you were talking about intentionality you spoke of intention as the whole karmic consciousness that all of it together is the intention of that more minutes is not so much the whole of it
the whole of the cosmic consciousness is the whole comic consciousness but the intention is the pattern of the karma consciousness
so different every moment it has a whole carmen consciousness
and every moment has a shape that the karmic consciousness is the shape of the moment
so some karma consciousnesses for example have an intention to calm down
others have an intention to get more excited
so the shape of those two different consciousness is is different there in both cases the whole of the karmic consciousness is there but in one case the shape is sort of a simplified in your case
it's a shape is towards calming down the other case to shape is towards getting more excited so it's the kind of in the motivation is the motivation the intention the shape i often your sometimes used the expression the watershed the way water would run
been through that consciousness
that's the karma
that's the activity of the consciousness
i'm wondering then about the relationship between my my intention or this intention of coming down or whatever and the is that what's relation to produce green that and then the intention or the pattern of the entire karmic consciousness of which i i
i don't know that i'm directly or in touch with with the collective intentionality i only i'm aware of my own sort of what would how do i get that relationship or i don't are you talking about other people's comic consciousness of the yeah kind of of an inclusive
not like any individuals but the inclusive being a hook it is not called karmic consciousness i see so each living being has a karmic consciousness k and each living beings karmic consciousness is influenced by all other karmic consciousness and said
at a senior and
each individual karma consciousness influences other comic consciousnesses the way the way that that all works is not a karmic contact consciences
the wake of the karmic process works is the pendant corn rising
the shape of my consciousness is a dependent horizon
but might the shape of my consciousness cannot express or typify the incompetent the inconceivable process of dependent arising by which this consciousness arose and by which this consciousness contributes to the arising of all other consciousnesses
but the way the whole process works is called the pinnacle arising
and the buddha discovered this this total way that all the comic consciousness is work together and give rise to each other and influence each other and are influenced by each other that totaled relationship among all comic consciousness is not come at consciousness yeah
it is the dharma
which the buddha discovered and when you see that dharma you see buddha buddha is the discovery of that dharma
and buddha is not a karmic consciousness boot is the relationship between all karmic consciousness it's how they are mutually creating each other and created by each other
and that's not a karmic consciousness but it embraces and understands each karmic consciousness and the relationship among all come to consciousnesses and also it understands how the world arises from the relationship among all these karmic consciousnesses and how these comic
consciousness is arise from relationship with the world
and you know that clarification and so for now i'm really concerned about ukraine
the world had it really it it really impacting me and influencing me and making me who i am that i'm so concerned about the misery and horror of that part of the world it's really impacting me it's making me who i am also i have contributed to it
together with all of you
okay yes and senior real question

i read hello
i'm very happy to report that i'm confused and i'm aware that i'm confused and last week it is true
a great state confucius and then this rough with your infusions a great state i'm saying stop being it
it's a great state okay okay i somehow thought last week you said it's a good sign bigoted when you sign it's a good sign that you notice that you're confused get of the art is ah yes the a good sign that you're confused okay mm and it's not a bad sign that you're confused is
just is just your opportunity yeah that laptop with you're aware of it that's the buddha away
so a to two pieces that are buying for a tap confusion for me right now
when when you talk about it when you say karma is action i think you said that it it i just don't know it's in know what that means it's a synonym
but then you said today which we've contributed to all living beings by our karma by are actually
if i let you like how of a hat what actions of i had that have contributed to all beings throughout time on all universe i don't know i don't know me well like have you can you remember some at some actions in your consciousness during your lifetime
you can you like when you think of going to the toilet that's that thought is an action yeah
when you think of any launched that thought is an action but how does that affect the rest of the world
how does it
ah well i would say
it's inconceivable how you thinking of having breakfast influences me right the teaching is your com the way you think if you think of benefiting me that changes my life
if you think of harming that changes my life but if i don't think about you at all
that changes my life to well if you don't think about me and or you think something else and you don't think of me you think of your uncle frank it are you think of a tree when you think of a tree that influences the whole world
can i say how sure you say how and for example you just thought you had this thought can i say how
and then based on that thought you said can i see how
and sang that changed my life
but it doesn't change the trees life
yeah wow how often they say how then again you can see how but i started with something that maybe you could see a little bit
it's pretty clear that when you asked me a question my life changes can use either yeah yeah right some things you can see right you see how i'm changed by the questions you give me yeah and then when i answer your changed yes busy that you so you're having trouble seeing how our
that affects the tree yeah
hey but let's say we to us we could we can make it easier with said i could tell you that i think trees are beautiful and wonderful and you might say i agree with you and i can say to you let's plant trees
because we're appreciate trees and our conversation based on our king and our karma or com r r com common lead to us having a conversation where we encourage each other care for trees
and the memory gotten plant some trees like i plant trees
the trees around this house have offspring and when their offspring get a certain size i plant them and then when they get larger i plant them in the ground so electors ten maple trees over and know about now that i planted and i planted them because of my karma
and the trees
do they know that i planted them i don't know if they know like a thanks rep for planting as i don't know if they know about but you know that i did and that changes your life that i planted the trees that i'd take care of tree influences your life and everybody else's life now there's some things which may be you
can't see
there's some effects of what you do that you can't see
but yet there's still in effect of you what you did you still have influence with even though you'd like i often tell that story you know it's a long story but he said story about this friend of mine who said you don't know how much you help people members history
make the he told me a story that i did not know about about how i help them
but still even though he told me about that story about that i didn't know about how i helped them he thinks that he knows how i helped them but he doesn't know either so you help me
you help me but maybe sometimes you don't i'm sorry to say is possible
when you do something
if you are not kind to somebody
it very well might hurt me
what i might see it
but even if i don't see it it's still might affect me i mean and nuts your might it's still will affect me so anyway this text the abdomen is for people who do not yet see the pinnacle horizon
saw the buddhist the buddha's thing okay let me tell you i discovered it
and everybody's influencing everybody and it's inconceivable and if you study the your consciousness which is conceivable you does you can see conceptions are in your consciousness if you study this rome your wisdom will grow and when wisdom grow of you will see
see how everything is influencing everything and that's why since we're implementing everything we probably would like our influence to be good
because if it's not it's gonna come back to us and is gonna hurt the things we most care about like the trees
if i'm not kind of into you it's gonna hurt the trees if i am kind to you it's going to help the trees
you know and you can make a conceivable version of that isn't i'm so kind to you you just want to go out and hug all the trees in a really beneficial way and water them and protect because you feel so full of gratitude for how a human created you
so how humans treat each other if humans benefit each other if you must benefit each other i say they then we'll be more likely to benefit trees if they don't benefit others
a people are mean to other people than the people who are being a abused might kick it out on the trees like some people their parents or mean to them and in the goal kick trees
or somebody might even cut a tree down because they can't fight back against her father but they can hurt the tree
but people who are treated kindly
again and again they stay started transmit the kindness so the kindness comes to me and then bounces off me to you and bounces from you to the trees and the trees back to me and then me back to the trees it resonates
between you and me and rosie and john and laurie and barbara and barbara joan and jeff and homer and back from them to me and from them over to the trees and the tree back to them that's the that's
the realm of the pinnacle arising which the buddha discovered and was very happy about because seeing that realm you become a buddha
that's very helpful i appreciate that and i know we've probably said it a million times your ceremony and more satiating in this moment picked by never said it like this thank you now okay a redwood you just clarify again the difference between karma and karmic consciousness karmic consciousness is where karma is a lot is living
so each comic consciousness last for a moment and in each moment it has a pattern and that pattern is it's the action
so it's an act it's an action it's a it's an activity to think i'm gonna have breakfast and then to and then from that activity of thinking you have a breakfast you might have breakfast but even if you don't have breakfast you still have fought
and the thought is a mental action and that's the basic kind of karma and as the source of physical postures and vocalizations so those three kinds of karma
create all living beings
and create the physical world
and even or the karma are three kinds of karma consciousness are three aspects of karma consciousness there are three each so like i'm having a karmic consciousness now and the these physical movements are incarnate consciousness and and are supported by comic consciousness their incarnate
created by cosmic consciousness and at the basis of them as the how the intentions that make these these actions to the three kinds of karma which you could say or three times three kinds of karma consciousness yes
three kinds of karma being body speech mine and then three more qualities to karmic consciousness wholesome on wholesome and in your minute so three three kinds and three qualities
thank you so much you so welcomed

i've been wondering about
what's the relationship between
consciousness karmic consciousness and awareness
i use carmen consciousness
that's what that's what i use the word consciousness okay the karma conscience there's other types of awareness for example there's unconscious awareness
which is this is the source or their support for karma consciousness so so if you turned off our unconscious process we wouldn't have a common of consciousness we began
but you can turn off cosmic consciousness and still have the unconscious awareness
like people quit can people can sleep walk because they're they're unconscious process is you know taking in the room and how to walk and all that but their consciousness can be turned off
when but the and so but our consciousness our karma consciousness arises from our unconscious awareness
and there's another kind of where most basically we just go wisdom it's an awareness
it's an awareness of for example great buddhist wisdom is an awareness of the pentagon arising
it's not a consciousness in the sense of karma consciousness but lot of people call it a consciousness but i don't call buddha's wisdom consciousness consciousness does not reach buddha's wisdom but his wisdom is an awareness
okay also cosmic consciousness doesn't reach the unconscious process the unconscious process is way too vast and complex for com and consciousness to access it
and sometimes when we when the karmic consciousness gets a glimpse of the unconsciously passes out
when it sees too much of it
it is torn overload and i think to myself that autism isn't is for isn't a case where people's karmic consciousness is too porous in relationship to the unconscious they get flooded with the incredible complexity of the unconscious awareness and the cat
cope with it all
and some people also if you have to little
access to the or our input from the unconscious if you have two little input from the unconscious awareness you also will pass out or in are not be conscious so too little you were unconscious and too much we go unconscious
sapa when i have heard people talk about like the big consciousness and a small consciousness
am i
i think refer to like the small consciousness being karma consciousness who sold and the big consciousness being maybe they mean wish to wisdom maybe they maybe that what they mean
okay thank you them

your muted i guess you do you hear me now yeah
i guess i started my listening tonight with the intention of i'm going to listen to rap
that was my intention
and as i listened
and i'm just reporting what i heard yes so that intention was also an action
that intention was an action however i still ok here's where i define action versus men tall decision
i think what i was doing that was more men told decision it was an i would not call it an action the man told this yes so
to clarify the terminal are you calling the mental decision and intention
the reason why is that the i said intention was the action but a mental decision might not be an intention
intention still goes
a little bit deeper than mental decision yeah yeah so i would say it was more of a man told decision it was not intention it was a mental decision and the reason i said it was a mantle decision is because
at least i hear from outside i still call it outside i'd hear outside read telling graph speaking about who are the intention what is the intention so that the wards are still for me it's coming from outside
i'd in
and then i take that words outside in and then when i as i was listening says that over here is my mentor intention and my men with my mental intention all i heard more words
more words more definition more confusion
more wards more definition war confusion and then i'm questioning as i hear it i'm questioning or these more words war definition small confusion guess one to the actual sense of be
be which is this state of i am that you you said you modified with awareness that you're being aware so
as long as
one is not
fully i call it fully because there is a fullness fully connected to your sense of being
the awards were going to say it's gonna be all mental
and that's why i see a lot of mental discretions versus being discussions live in discussions
so when you were actually leave living when i'm actually living in the state of living i could totally see how everything is connected to everything i mean it's so obvious it's just that's the way it is but when i
i go into studying i call it study not going in them but mentally then i started the okay core rise the in co-creation water it while it is so i'm trying to get it from outside to make it my own
own and as long as there's this division from getting it from outside and make it good my own there's this friction and there's this separation and is the mantle
hearing and that's my word is hearing he hearing the teaching is totally totally different
dan are talking about the teacher
or mentally engaging with the teacher
and i'm not sure if our mental engagement will actually allow us to penetrate
in the teachings and that's my question i'm wondering i'm not sure i am really not sure if our mental engagement will have was will get us to the core
is oliver so we keep we keep talking about and never realize so it stays unrealized but the lot of talks about
i questions

so i i heard you say some things up
it sounded like you were telling me about karma consciousness
i like to

truly i like to see what's beyond karmic countries
right i heard you say that well as new when you said that i thought i heard cosmic consciousness talking to me
when i heard was i would like to see beyond that
that's the kind of thing that and karmic consciousness
i think that's the kind of thing that is in conscious that in consciousness that his consciousness not climb i don't then i don't understand what i'm just they were the way i understand kermit consciousness
is you seem to have a karmic consciousness and what i'm hearing words from you and they sound like they're coming from comic consciousness they sound like my words which are coming from of consciousness

yes the i can see that i can see a
how words
you can
okay here's here's my question how can awards
not take the form of anything
how can ward not have a form
i don't know i never saw such a word that didn't have a form all the words i see have forms
every we talk of her to form effortless for the yeah yeah
those are words
anyway i or do i heard a good helper an end i'm just saying to you that everything you said you just showed me karmic consciousness and what i'm saying is
i hope you appreciate everything you said because everything you said was karma consciousness her father was an i just i'm not sure you were like really happy to give me this report that you gave me but you just gave me a really good report on karmic consciousness and
that kind of thing is what the buddhist studies and the buddha is has realized
what we really are but the buddha realizes what vr by studying what we what we really aren't we aren't really common and consciousness but that's all we've got to study
and i feel like you're a little bit don't want to study all you have to study you want to study something else which you don't have to study but this is this thing you told me about that's what we have to step that's all we've got to study and buddha want you to study it
yes i do i do see that and i do want to give my full commitment to the full study of it see that's that's that's that's what makes the difference when i walk i hope you i hope you do yeah lor commend me to the full study of all study of it is that's what the heart is
not not the tops of yes then we wait a second you said not the mental anywhere yes did the full study isn't not anything
yeah most that he isn't excluding the mental
excluding the mental isn't the heart the heart's not excluding the mental the heart doesn't exclude anything the mental exclude the mental
a mental excludes the mantle not the heart
the hard embraces the mint and you want you say you want a whole heartedly study that is the heart yes yes but the heart embraces the horde embraces the mantle saw the mental kill
milt in the hearts you could say out that's fun yes the other ways data
explore you can embrace the mental note
for the melting yes are you gonna merge the mental only for the melting not not for not for compassion only from the melting
that's not that's a partial embrace it
do you have enough hard and embrace i was there with a half hearted feel everything and
will be starting
i need to do with it

i read
jeff so my question is probably slightly simpler i don't know
so i think i heard you say a couple of times that
that all of our consciousness or com or consciousnesses are constantly have created and are constantly creating a physical world
and i'm
and that you also said for an incalculable time passed
i guess i'm having trouble with that i can see how ah in every moment from now on or every moment perhaps when humans first arose are sentient beings were but it may may be first arose that might be the get there were influencing the way the
world is and every gift given moment because i'm a cop all the karma consciousnesses are influencing an interaction of them are are creating the world as it is any given moment now we're in the future but ah the universe fish
sibel universe existed before there were sentient beings
i think that's truly was the and was axis and actually has an origin at a point in time whenever the big bang was so i'm trying to reconcile that with what you said which it seems inconsistent with that and can you help you that
i'm but i share your difficulty and i would i would say that on
it's really hard to understand how there can be sentient beings
before there was a big bang
but when you have a big bang then i think maybe i can see a central bank
some point after the big yes well but
how do we know there's a big bang
well through study of the universe and guess it's true humans apply their consciousness to today
so you say we can all be misled there was no big bang at all that's all it was created by our i'm not saying that there's no world unless there's no stars i'm not saying that there's no ukraine i'm saying that
this this this type of consciousness
creates contributes to the process
and there's no process separate from this process
there's no like physical process that doesn't include mind as i'm section
i just know there's no mind aside from big bang and there's no big bang a separate from mind as i'm saying but it's hard to imagine what kind of a being what kind of a consciousness there could be before there's a big before during and right after a big man
but i'm just saying this teaching is about a mind which is the stain as reality of the universe
so it's like it's not like those reality and a mind
or electives reality anna physical universe there's a reality of a physical universe and it is not it it's a mind
i hear what you're saying that i used some more thought and not sure that i'm quite there yet but were they have i'm having trouble with this to okay i never trouble worker working with an inconceivable mind this is an inconceivable dharma
about an inconceivable mind
an inconceivable mine has sent us a message in the messages there's no universe aside from mind
and there's no mind site is no mind floating free of the reality of the universe they call arise universe core rises know now a lot of you'll say why i can see how minds core rock core roast with universe
like the universe gave rise to the planet earth and then there was life and then there was but i have trouble seeing how the universe call rises with the mind so this is the teaching which is very difficult for us to understand how we call rise with the whole universe rather than before
and or after
and the in our consciousness is just like that our consciousness thinks that some part of it's our consciousness arise before other parts of
but actually all the parts of the consciousness couple arise and by studying that consciousness we will discover that everything in the consciousness cool rises before that we have delusions that may be i'm there before the consciousness or the consciousness is there before me we have delusions like that
but if we study it we realized that nothing in the consciousness arises before the consciousness and no consciousness arises before the things they core rods and the carmack horizons and the world car arises and unique arise you do not
he even knows maybe by a biologically somebody might say i'm older than you
yeah i i think i get all the what you just sarah i still think there's a leap to made to the fact that the physical world that we think least physical world and that the universe arose before there was any santoor
things in it and so it seems like you it's almost like we're being asked to accept that what you just said that the mind polarizes with the physical universe on fatal want you to accept it i want to i want you to hear that this is a teaching which many people have contemplated
our into teaching from you know the ancient contemplative they have contemplated this and it seems to have been very beneficial to them and i think it it's part of the it's part of the encouragement to be very careful of everything we do because everything we do effects
so much
and if you start drawing limits on what about you know the range of our responsibility in the effects then i think it cuts back on how careful we're going to be
and how kind we're gonna be to all beings
i i see that point and i won't take more of your time is there a lot of their hands but thank you didn't take any of it but oh thank you
take up the did that the assembly's time
we didn't take any we gave it to you

between rep good evening eric
and i am also plagued by questions around the subject you say plague yes oh reservoir you're not blessed by questions and well it seems like a troublesome well
nest era
i'm really glad that you brought up lot of these teachings in conversation i like how year assembling the questions and i think wrestling with some of the early teachings in the light of modern science is helpful and
and yeah they're just as they say they're difficult to cut to comprehend and to realize
a hack comic consciousness is difficult to comprehend yeah and sometimes i feel like i wanna just kind of discard hearts of the tradition because it doesn't necessarily yeah there's a lot of karmic consciousnesses which have in in them i wish to discard some stuff that's
yeah the teaching that's being offered is
it's really good to be mindful that there's an impulse to discard difficult stuff that income of consciousness i'm a is often has agendas to discard trouble
which is file war and how would you say with a countervailing force of wanting to evolve the story with with which we communicate dharma to than a new understandings their eyes and bidding that also occurs and comment ca
justness that were you just said
so that's a and and you reported that because it's it's in your karmic consciousness
right so there's that so you told you reported some impulses to discard during the karma consciousness and some in some wish to a bot to evolve and co-evolved with the teaching to make it more and more beneficial as also encountered consciousness and if any and the t
aging is not than the second parts good in the first part's not or the second first part good and second partner the teaching is what's good as to study what you just reported
that's what makes that's what brings benefit
and as some questions about the epidemic cushion
you are saying that in the formation of the world
you focused on the the intentions the karma which traits the world and was their space and therefore in dynamics for the forces of physics and how does physics and biology interact with that in a causal way
the the incentive also influenced the for example that
in in asia they ah
they really appreciate trees like we do here and sometimes they have trees which are inside the monastery
and sometimes the trees are near the bells
until the bells a ring the bells or intention things so human beings ring the bells the essential things and the sound of the bell goes out and it it changes the tree
dear santa the soundwaves changed the shape of the tree also the song was gone into the meditation hall in change the shape of the consciousnesses of the monks okay
so then when the when the sentient being rings the bell the big bell it changes the monks in the hall and it changes the trees outside
saw them the sentient thing interacts with the insurgent and then the essential gives off something which affects the incense it and dissensions then the incentive
reflects back to the sentient
so that the tree in the courtyard which has been absorbing the sound of the bell it resonates back to the monks in the hall and the monks in the hall also resonate back to the tree so the monks to the bell to the tree to the tree to the monks to the monks to the trees and amongst to the monks
so the sentient insurgent are in an intimate
dependent core rising certainly
the karma is sentient being in sentient beings don't have of consciousness
but they are in the process of creating the world together with the cosmic consciousness is just that the emphasis here is that karmic consciousness is that aren't study are not gonna hire gonna be a big problem comic consciousness said study then they ring bells which
transform trees which transformed people with transform mountains so the incense and earnest intimate dance with the sentient but the call here is to an area that's not been cared for enough
what's that area karmic consciousness if we take better care of kind of consciousness will take better care of bells and trees if we take care of better better of bells and trees the trees will take better care of us
but they need us they want us to take care of our comic consciousness because if we don't we won't be nice to them and that's not good but if we do take care of our consciousness
check them will you know and then they'll protect us
so they're teaching the dharma to but they don't have common consciousness so they're not being
what he called lazy bones and not studying their of consciousness
the boot is not telling them to study their comic con as they don't have come and consciousness
people who have karmic consciousness the buddhist and please studying it it's very beneficial to study it and it will help the sentient beings and the incentive beings and then the incentive based will help us
the more healthy we are the more healthy the trees the more healthy trees the more healthy we are
more healthy we are the more we can hear the teaching of the trees
and the more of the trees can help us because we are kind of the trees
and we're kind of the trees we receive them are teaching it's a residents back and forth it's just this classes focusing on karma
the trees don't read do karma but they do resonate dharma
dharma balance is off them back to us and boxes off them to each other but they don't have karma where the karma guys we got this car my we have to take care of
and is hard
and sometimes our karma is really lovely like let's call evolve in a higher weight as nice as sometimes you want to get rid of trouble well that's a dozen was so good but anyway the point is study all your karmic consequences
please for the welfare of trees and mountains
and the ukraine

okay well i'm sorry but to whom i
i really pressure question don't try to stop earlier next time saw that more people can he get on the question reagan
and those of you have questions please write them down and and will try to call on a john and bhatia and and and whoever else didn't get question try to call in your early thank you very much may our intention is would stand where
needed and place where the true in general or with while being was an answer once we've our to save the afflictions are an exhaust those we vow to cut through dharma gates are boundless
we vowed to end to them but away is unsurpassable we vow to become it
thank you everybody thank you