Zen Meditation on Karma and Awakening - April 5th, 2022

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when i looked at day list of the participants in this of same way as i was reading
ah a number of times
the word wow came up in me

so wow
so we're we're offering the opportunity here for zen meditation on karma
and on karmic causation
militating our karma
the causation of karma and
what karma causes

the core of
the awakening
ah this person we call buddha shakyamuni in india the core of the awakening
dependent core rising
the way cause and effect works

the way everything that exists
it exists dependently
it comes to be through a process which put a cold dependent horizon
protect your son would potter
so everything
comes to be by dependent quarter rising
and everything is a dependent arising
and karma also is a dependent arising
it comes to be through
incredibly complex more or less inconceivable causation and it then in turn is part of the japan and core rising of other things
of other states are being added is even
part of the causation of the what we call the physical world which in buddhism is
the visible world
the tangible world
the audible world
the smell will smell of all world tasteful world
all the physical
experiences we have
either is todd
of karma

in the
great rb dharma treatise called the ibm kosher
a chapter three is called the world and therein they described all the different kind of
experiential states that living beings can be in
and i've put that part of that's called the
what does that count as called the
saatva world the world of being of living beings so it describes all the different kinds of living beings
and then it describes the what's called the container world so we are all of us living beings share a container world
which is which your world of sights and sounds and smells we changed she was share a world of electromagnetic radiation and gravitation and gases and liquids and mechanical waves and and so on and tanjung
the things we share that world and then the next chapter after the which were described the wall the different worlds
beginning of the chapter says and where did his world's come from and the answer is come from karma
karma creates of worlds
at there are and it doesn't just say karma instead says the karma of all living beings
from beginning less time
will be altogether
from beginning this time have been creating worlds through karma
and my being
in which karma is appearing and disappearing my being is also created by all of you
and each of you is created by all of us and not just all humans all other animals and plants from begin english time this is part of the story of the pinnacle rising
karma is right at the center of the process

last year two thousand and twenty one
ah we started out with a series of teachings on the lotus sutra
and then after that mostly in the yoga room series and also at the know both series and also in the talks that were given by me
at you at the zen center they were on compassion from last year mostly focusing on great compassion on board is compassion on body sought for compassion
and at the beginning of this year in the january intensive
ah i presented teachings which have to do with wisdom
teaches which had to do with wisdom and teachings which are offered to be contemplated
in order to realize wisdom

and so now that katie's are or be offered here are teachings on
cause and effect of karma
karmic causation
what it what it is and how it works
and how to be free of it
but i want it
encourage us to remember that in this study of these teachings and in put in apply these teachings to our experience
to continue to practice compassion
compassion will help us study our experience and will help us listen to the teachings and help us apply them in the most effective way
bring forth any questions you have a bog practicing compassion as in the study karma

also in the january intensive item reduced a traditional presentation of types of wisdom one presentation of wisdom is that has three types
first type of wisdom comes
but also could be through seeing
smelling tasting or touch
something other than ourself
so it comes to listening to teachings that are given to us
the teachings on
on karma have been given to us
so the first kind of wisdom is wisdom that can arise as we listened to these teachings

the next type of wisdom is wisdom that comes through contemplating
the teachings or you could say investigating them or questioning them or i ah conversing about them
at another kind of wisdom
ah in a sense of deeper kind it follows from the first kind
the first kind of my fellow come back to that and the third kind of wisdom is wisdom which are also contemplates
but it it it basically just is being the present and silent and still
with the wizard with the previous two were muslims
so as we hear teachings about karma a wisdom can come to us
then we can converse about these teachings and new wisdom can arise in relation to these teachings and then with these two kinds of wisdom we can just be quiet and still and another wisdom will come

the first type of wisdom
takes the teaching literally
the second type of wisdom takes the teaching non literally
the third type of teaching takes
the first of third type of wisdom takes the teaching literally and non literally because it contemplates both types of wisdom

so first of all like to talk about what is karma
according to the border and as many of you may know
the buddha when the border was born in in this war in in india india already had the word karma in the culture
it was a word that was used in a variety of ways at the time buddha was born
when as router grew up and left home and studied suffering
the dependent arising of suffering
eventually the buddha woke up
two one
of how suffering depending of the core arises and how karma is integral to the dependent cauterizing of suffer and how understanding the dependent car rising of suffering and the trees are dependent on core rising up karma the border real
realized the depend and rising of freedom and peace
the food the buddha discovered
the dependent arising of karma
what the buddha discovered had not been seen before as far as we know
in this world
the word karma was present but the board is understanding of it through dependent horizon was not yet known
and the buddha did not received the teaching of the pinnacle arising
the border did not hear it
the buddha discovered it
we aren't a somewhat different situation
the discoverer after discovering
the pentagon arising
told us about it
gave us theories about what karma is and how it works
the buddha was able to discover it without a theory so sometimes they say buddha has no theories
but buddha gives us theories
so that we can discover what buddha discovered but we cannot discover
the reality of karma
beyond appearances
without theories without teachings of what com is
i was yes i'm i'm saying that there are some things right in front of us that we had the right in front of us but we can't stay them unless somebody gives us a fury
a teacher
and i just care a long time ago i heard the example of when numb
when the spanish ships came to the coast
of what is now called mexico
i believe they came to an area that was an around veracruz
the indigenous peoples could not see the ships
the ships were right in front of them but they couldn't see them
they had no teaching they had no theory by which they could see a ship on the horizon
even though the ship was right there
and then another recent example i heard is that when darwin was doing his fieldwork
he was in a valley
and the valley was a glacial valleys in a valley that has been cut out by glaciers and he could not see that the valley was shaped by glaciers
then later
during his lifetime another scientists came up with the fury of glaciation
a theory about how glaciers carved out the land and when they do they they carve it in a particular way the land will look different than the land does from tectonic movement and volcanoes
and one scoop ah darwin and other people learned about the theory of glaciation they could see that this valley that he was in during his research was a perfect example of a glacier created valley but he couldn't see it without that
that theory
we can see something have more karma without the theory of com but with the theory of karma we can see more than we've been able to see before
that's my proposal to you
so the next thing i wished to bring up his
and this may take more than one session
but it's the basic definition of karma so the the word karma means

karma means action and its definition
or motivation
or volition
or thinking
that's what does the definition of com it's a type of action which is
you members of the assembly may be able to actually look
rather be aware
what is going on in consciousness and be able to see like i asked your moment ago
what motivation
was there a supported you to attend this this meeting
i propose to you that in the consciousness where you find yourself and the world in that consciousness there is a motivation every moment there's a motivation
every moment there's an intention of volition is are synonyms
and the sanskrit word for the buddha used for the intention of our our consciousness moment by moment the sanskrit word his katana
c e
t a n a
i'm so gay did you get a ah i document
do you send it to people yet

ah it said after the first meeting
i thank you so the eagles game will send you all a document which goes over these basic definitions
but tonight i'm telling you
i'm suggesting that you consider the meditation
to try this theory out
can you find in your mind
each moment or some moment
can you see what the motivation what the intention of the moment is

there was a motivation in in the consciousness where i where i appear
where where the where the i that appears is me
in that consciousness there is a pattern
there is a direction there is an overall shape
each moment and before this
meeting and during this meeting there is an intention in this consciousness to offer teachings about karma to offer teachings about how to study it
this motivation also is includes a wish
receiving these teachings and studying these teachings and using them to look at your own conscious experience will lead to freedom from suffering
for you and for all beings
another teaching which is not exactly it's not isn't so much but karma per se it's a teaching a general teaching of the pinnacle rising is
the because of the pinnacle arising because all beings come together to create me
then because all beings come together with the support of all living beings i am included in all living bags
this is a corollary if not a rephrasing a buddhist name
teaching and main awakening of the pinnacle rising
the way you work
on studying your own consciousness and discovering your own karma in your own consciousness
is exactly the way other people
would study their consciousness in the way you do that and become free through this process
is the way other people are becoming free through this process so the study of my karma in my consciousness is not just from my own personal freedom everybody's included in it
and everybody needs me to do this work so that taken to the work and i need everybody to do the work so i can do the work

so looking in consciousness i told you i found a motivation and that motivation that i found that is the karma of my mind that i found
and i'm finding it again and again not i'm finding the karma of my contributions
i i i also
in in my inner consciousness is not the is not exactly
de motivation but it's a wish
it's a wish
don't is a wish
that i can see
when between on in the consciousness
and in such a way as to become free from the delusions that exist in the overall motivation
so in a in a ordinary consciousness
wherein karma limbs an ordinary consciousness are sometimes called karmic consciousness
what most people are aware of as consciousness is also called karmic consciousness because that's where the karma lives and that's the origin of the other types of karma
so the big easy karma his motivation intention volition
and then that kind of mental karma is the basis for verbal karma
i'm speaking and my speaking comes from the same motivation of wishing to offer these teachings and wishing to offer them in a way this beneficial
and also
mike i'm making hand gestures and i'm sitting here in front of you and offer you my face and all my facial gestures these are asked so karmic acts and they are based on the mode of same motivation
but i have in my mind
and in this mind which i caught which is content conventionally called mine in this mind in this consciousness there is a sense of self and there is a sense of other and there is a sense of feelings
and there's a sense of colors and sounds and smells all these things are are peering a world is appearing in this carmack consciousness
and there is a motivation and an intention in its consciousness in regard to the world and right now i look what is the motivation motivation is that studying this consciousness will benefit all beings in all worlds
the studying this consciousness benefit this consciousness
and by benefiting this consciousness all beings are included in that
also in this consciousness there is various delusions for example
there is the delusion that the self in the consciousness i
the things that are in the consciousness
the things that are appearing in
for example if i feel comfortable
there's a delusion that that comfort belongs to me
or if i'm uncomfortable
there's delusion that's my discomfort and that discomfort belongs to me
there's also the illusion
that the awareness itself that the awareness of what's going on is actually
being viewed
from this health but it's not that's another delusion
so the cells there and there's this idea in the ideas not the self
and the idea is not the consciousness but as an idea in consciousness with self
and this idea is that the view of is going on the view which can observe which is observing what's going on in the consciousness the view which can observe motivation that that view is the south's view
but it's not to sell share its self there with the view of the karma
but there's a delusion there too
and there can be awareness of the delusion that the self is looking at what's going on like i'm watching my motivation rather than i'm here and there is an awareness of motivation
an avid that's true i think there's there's an awareness of motivation i'm here and there's a delusion that i'm in the one who is aware of the motivation
so he got sense of self the appearance of motivation the the karma and then we have a delusion and the delusion is part of the motivation
because the motivation includes everything that's going on
and in this particular motivation is this motivation and his consciousness is wishing to be free from believing in these delusions
there's a wish and again that i can say i wish but i'd like to say that in this consciousness where i am i'm here with the awareness that there's a wish to be free of believing the delusions are in this consciousness
like i did the i did it i did it ah rather than i'm here and everything together made it up

there is a wish that studying these delusions and becoming aware that that's what they are and becoming free of them would happen would be so would be realized
another version of another had another delusion that in the inner consciousness is a the delusion that the self is operating the activity of consciousness
so the delusion is my pain my pleasure my anger my confusion my dog my tall my body there's darwin then there's it's this is my view of what's going on and then there's and i'm operating
the activities of consciousness i'm in charge of the car
at a delusion and all these delusions if we believe them
are afflicted become afflictions
if we don't believe them they become opportunities to enter into freedom with our ordinary consciousness without getting rid of anything
so this again ah is a study and there's a wish and actually there also is a kind of like go
theory that this kind of study
of consciousness
is liberating that this kind of studying of consciousness is a wholesome the study of consciousness the study of motivation is part of the motivation
so some people have everybody has motivation but not everybody every everybody's consciousness has motivation but not everybody's consciousness has study of the motivation going on
so in this consciousness there is motivation and there is a wish that to be study of the motivation and there is a theory in this consciousness that such such study is beneficial
and actually liberating

oh well it sounds
what's been going for it for an hours i think maybe i should stop
and have question answer for wow
and you will receive a handout summarizing some of the things i just brought up

i see three yellow hands

for yellow hands
are you there are gay
i'll see you
i'm here i spotlighted justin okay justin
param i
have two questions and one is to ask the read explain all of bit more perhaps on how i
other concepts of coded
could it dependent arising karma really i get a little
get all the last round and i
put editor rising and and it's kind of its overlapped it's it's just
it's used in the discussion for comedy
well i'm
oh one one phone
presentation of the pinnacle arising in relationship to consciousness is that consciousness arises awareness arises but it arises with
if you know when it looks when the consciousness where there's a self and when which we call cosmic consciousness the current consciousness arises and as it arises
it in the present it has various aspects so it isn't awareness but it also has feelings mental felix it has a perceptions it has conceptions it has various emotions
and it also has forms appearing in it
so that's an example of how there cannot be consciousness without these other mental mental functions and there cannot be those mental functions like there can't be feelings without consciousness because feelings i'm floating in midair they live in consciousness and perceptions are not floating in midair they live in ca
consciousness and
emotions are living in consciousness and delusions about misconceptions about the self are in consciousness so all these things exist on independence on the others
in addition to that the arising of a particular it's all that's going on and none of none other things in the present consciousness could exist without the other things so that's how they're that they're all dependent on each other
and the arising of that consciousness and all the things in it
that is supported by the body
and by the effects of past com
and the past karma of self and all beings
so are present consciousness we don't make our consciousness right now i'm not making this consciousness
but i live i'm living in it
and i'm living in up together with a lot of other things so i'm dependent on what coexists with me and this consciousness has arisen from my body and my oncologist but my body and my unconscious
are due to the karma of other beings so it's a vast in a connected the pinnacle arising of this consciousness and then in this consciousness everything is in it is dependent on other things enough
and what i hoped to go over this again and again throughout the series
this is not just about karma it's about discovering how karma
karmic cause and effect work
and how they don't work that we have people have various misconceptions
did i give you a start yeah i mean so dependent polarizing itself is not
armando but it's the basically karma operates
the pinnacle ryan
yeah typical ryzen is not karma but karma is a dependent arising
a karma exists or the way things look the particular way things for the iraqis would be currently up
karma has an influence on gog karma contributes to the process of the pinnacle arising but karma is also ada pimlico arising
but karma isn't all that contributes to the process of pinnacle rising
but it's part of it
it is a dependent horizon and once once something's have risen it then is a condition for other dependent or isaacs which depend on it so it arises independence on things other than itself and now that it's an arisen depending on things other than that
itself it's a condition for other things your eyes
so karma arises from karma's other than itself this particular karma have now is arising due to come as other than this one and also other than my past karmas
much more than that is contributing to the formation of this consciousness
and now this consciousness is a condition for future consciousness
this consciousness is a condition for your future consciousnesses
my a specific question
i'm actually since the time sure how to crush you go on thank you

hello hello
i have about a million questions on this traffic but i'm i'm i'm to start with this one am i think he said something like warm the delusions that happens and consciousness is that there's a south and there's karma and we think that the south own
the karma
okay so from that standpoint what does it mean when in the original here yeah you don't necessarily have to think it but there is this idea yeah and there can be a belief in it
well there could be the idea without believing but we tend to believe it well i wanted to ask you in the in general profession we say i allow my ancient was the karma so then what does allow me to me it kind of means i own it or
we're on has two meanings right for one meaning of own as i minute the other is i possess it
so a wow
yeah wow
or confess
rather than i own it
and and also i can own
i can own that i think i own was going on in my mind at okay in other words i can allow that i believe correctly get my feelings
so often mentioned we often think that's my feelings but when we don't think that we belong to our feelings
but it actually if if if i owned the feeling feeling on me but we don't think get the feeling on me oh we don't think a feeling ones us but if there's any ownership it's mutual because we depend on each other the self wouldn't be where it is if it didn't have this feeling in this perception so that the delusion is the cellphone
stop at the stuff doesn't know in the self
so it doesn't make sense so that's why the for the first way doesn't make sense either it doesn't make the self doesn't own anything in the consciousness it coexists with everything
and also nothing else in the consciousness always anything in cash like it's like my feelings don't own my emotions my perceptions dawn on myself and my perception donald my feelings we coexist were in the same kind of like intimate family we run rise together and we dip
and on each other and in this family there's his delusions which which is that some of the things in the family on other things in the family
we can also be when the feeling you're so intense we can feel like the feeling just own darcy just took us away your right it can be like that and that in then he thought that she if if we're going to have if we're going to have that i own the feeling which are also had the feeling ones does
i am i often use that example i told my granddaughter a few several years ago i just haven't mentioned to her i don't know how it came up that i was her father's why was her mother's father
do you like it and she said no you're not she's my mother isn't that your daughter she's my mother as period that's it
she has no other identity besides being my mud
and she's you know shit with the help of her mother she got over that delusion but it's in there are no so when we say i have found my karma
that's a way of saying i acknowledge it i yeah i acknowledge it and asked so we can you can also advise delusions the delusions aren't really karma
karma's the overall picture
up the which includes various delusions
you can make sure we can weaken her we can ah ha ha i love our karma we can also say hi a vow that i i thought i was in controller was my on my consciousness and i believed it
thank you and i it's good a you have a million questions so we have to have a million classes yeah

have you been run it even in bread
can you talk a little bit about the idea of agency or free well
am i when i listened to this i think about you know i have this delusion that there is zile me that staring consciousness directing things or am
that i also have this idea that it's me that's society face are making decisions for determining my intention who harmed but if the way i am is the result of the way everything else says
is there any agency or free well and there or can you talk a little bit about that well the karma is the agency of the moment
that is the agency but but in that in in this picture of the agency which is what's going on and in our consciousness that is action that's that's the definition of action and that's the basis for a physical postures and what vocalizations
ah yeah and the and the consciousness which leads to the
localizations and the postures that consciousness is not in control of how those go but it's the basis mom them
so like in this consciousness now there is the idea of during a demonstration of raising my hand
so now i'm i'm canada raise my hand
but i did not my dad like that past consciousness is not control the raising of this hand
but in that past consciousness there was agency could you repeat that me said they passed country you so i guess i told you in this consciousness i have just as an of the fodder rows of do a little experiment now i have the thought of it to raise my hand
and and then the next consciousness my hand didn't raise his another one i didn't raise so now maybe this one it will rise and i didn't but in this wanna do
however the past consciousness didn't make this happen but it was the it was a condition for this to happen
and this is related this this action is karma is related to that past one and also i didn't actually check to see if i think if i thought that would be beneficial to use doing this example
i could have done that too but looking back on maybe it was beneficial let's just check the think it was helpful rent
i think so now but i'm not sure what i'm yeah the not said or another delusion that you know if that i had yeah right i'm not sure either but there there is the wish in this consciousness of to give examples that would be beneficial
and that wish offer doesn't mean that it will be beneficial is just there is a wish there would be beneficial and that's the orientation of the consciousness so that's the karma of the consciousness it's oriented in a in the direction of benefit but that doesn't mean
and it is beneficial
but there is a teaching that when the karma is beneficial than the karma is wholesome
but we don't know
if it's wholesome until we see the results in the results are not in yet
they keep coming in the results
so we keep orienting perhaps because we've heard that wholesome actions bring benefit we keep trying to find wholesome patterns of consciousness and the wholesome patterns of consciousness or the agency of are being at the time
an unwholesome ah patterns of consciousness or the agency of our being
an additional agency is not found

but this this is the agency that makes the according to the buddha this is the agency that that contributes so importantly to our life
and to the world
this agency contributes to the making of my life and your life but this agency is not the only thing that's contributing to this life
past agencies that for where i was present also i contributed to this wife and your life your agency is contributing to this life
my agencies contributing to your life
if it wasn't why would we would not much point in having conversations but our conversations you are coming from our agency both first of all in our consciousness and then vocalized these conversations they have agency they have effects
we have effects on each other in this way
and we have the opportunity to look in our consciousness and checked frequently is there a wish that this agency beneficial

this is an ongoing thing that we can do to keep checking
i apologize ah i didn't i think this decisions that post and of and a paid fifteen right right
no eight forty five yea hopefully i can a five year thought good sarah
thank you brett


you might be muted sarah how about now mma it now that better
have says better the but you're on noon
nigeria a
when you asked us to consider what our motivation was
i'm i realize how confused i feel
about that question often
and ah i was thinking about an experience i had when i was on the am i was working on the navajo reservation as a nurse and it was my first day there and i drove over to this grocery store and i saw a man
man lying on the ground and i couldn't tell if he was breathing or not
so i thought well
i'm here to be of benefit i'm here as a trained medical person i should respond to this and i went in and i wanted to i went into the store and i asked them to call an ambulance and
when i came out of the store there was an ambulance and two big guys were trying to pick this guy up
and he was sort of staggering he was high on the whole bunch of stuff
and he ended up falling and tripping and then landing in barbed wire her
later on i was thinking about this than i thought you know it actually would have been better if i just left him alone
and made me there were some arrogance in my you know there was some hubris there
as the new person out here you know thinking i was doing good wishing to do good but the result was actually created more harm for him that if i just left left him alone
so i i sometimes i feel that way that that there's a
but ended up kind of attractive ah motivation but there are also some darker selfish motivations in a lot of
yeah although that's part of what i'm saying here is that if when you foster home and saw him on the ground you checked your motivation
can you maybe you'd find in your motivation i'm a caregiver i'm a professional caregiver and i wish to be of benefit
but that's different from just going right to work without checking on yourself if if i if i look into my mind and see or i think i wanna be happy
i'm already kind of checking myself so they then i'm i'm more like dentist may be more likely though say i want to be held a tamale was ruling class but what would be held
would it be helpful for me to call everyone is on large gas
and if are rich flavorful
wasn't them again nobody is not needed somebody's is not muted very rich flavor whoever the be soaking up their dinner your soul
back to this incident if you check on yourself
you might you might
you might discover something which would help you
your help you not be caught by the pattern
by noticing your modern evasion
would help not necessarily taking your motivation at face value
like i wanna i wanna give teachers are beneficial but maybe they're not
i want to help this man by call nine one one but maybe not
you still might have called nine one one but you already would have been in self questioning self examination
because we we again ah
naturally were arrogant in the sense that we think the self owns what's going on in the consciousness that's natural arrogance
i shouldn't say we think that but there is his idea that the self which lives in a big family owns the rest of the family
we we we do have that natural pride and arrogance that's called self arrogance and it comes with the sense of self that the self thinks it owns what's going on is in control of what's going on if you're if we're aware of that then were more careful in what you know ah on how we express our into
engine to benefit
and looking to see my motivation but having trouble finding it gets really good to know that i'm not clear about it that's still good work to look and say i'm not sure what my motivation here is
well it seems like there's layers and mr if there of w layers there's layers and there's will go to called concentric circles too
there's layers and then there's all these other things which are which are in concert to create and to discover this this the layers and the concentric circles around our consciousness is works his awakening
wakening isn't just seem isn't just my a present understanding of my motivation it's by studying my present motivation and again and again i start to see how it relates to everything else that's already there
how it's related to everything office but i can't see it so i study this and try to see the layers and the concentric circles through this teaching
the wake up to the reality of karma
like i should move on now thank you sir

hello web hello june
when you talk about wish an intention
i get confused when the middle of me just clarify that okay okay i could have a wish
your benefit you
but i could have other things going on in my mind that lead me not to
so that the the intention is the overall picture
is what it's it's the or or no possibility is i could have a wish to benefit you and i could also have a wish for people to think i'm more intelligent than you are
and that wouldn't be a hard job but you can do that need i wish to help june and i hope everybody notices how helpful i am
yep as a little true wishes in the same consciousness and the first and neither one of those wishes maybe our our the overall pattern
the overall pattern would maybe be in this case kind of em
ah not exactly are kind of averaging between the two in the could be other wishes
so if i wished to benefit you but also i wish people to notice or is benefiting you that would be a different situation and i just wish to benefit you and that the overall situation would be
not so good as just wishing to benefit you
the overall i would call her overall situation the motivation and there's various wishes internal to the motivation
okay learned another example would be i'd like to help you but this rooms to warm and i want to get outta here
for somebody else i want to help this person is drowning but i'm afraid of what happened to me if i go in the water
so then the sunday the combination may be as i don't go in the water even though i wish to help them i didn't and i feel terrible that was really bad that i didn't but i didn't want to do just that i'm more wanted not to endanger myself
in some and somebody else might we could say wishing to benefit that person and wishing to benefit myself
might might work out to be a beneficial situation so yeah that's when we need to learn how to look and see how these different elements that are in our consciousness are working together
this is the study this is a study of karma
in then from that it would i'm understanding is cut is the intention ah to study all all that including the various wishes yeah and everybody has intention but not
study their intentions yes yes yes go by being in a in a buddhist environment hearing the buddha's teaching the buddhist saying hey intentions is very poor important is so important please study it because if you don't study it is some things are not gonna go well and if you do
you study it this will lead to awakening so then we now have a consciousness which has heard those teachings and now that wish to study the intention is is also an intention is not an intention it's a wish in our intention so we have an intention in i wish to stay
today the intention
and that's i would say that looking to be more like a wholesome state of karma
it looks the state of mind that has the wished to study itself is basically
you know the buddha's a buddhist mind
buddha mine was to disturbed be the kind consciousness
that that's very helpful now how does expectation you know like we're not to have were to have no expectations
but what if i have an expectation of ah
the the benefits my pension benefits me and others where you can avail you could have so you can have the wish yes have the wish that it would be an official but expecting that are withered you get
the benefit
is are antithetical to benefit
okay yet so ah recently i i brought the example of would telling the story of in in the buddha's past he served many buddhas but he a party in he served them very wholeheartedly but he had expectation of game
and because of that
think didn't go so well and it get it over and over and over and over
so we can just as serve beings with no expectation of gain not even a again of them being benefiting
is a more enlightened way to serve however if we notice the end and the buddhist case the boot and noticed and may all these examples over and over the boot and noticed i was doing as good thing but i was expecting game i was doing this good thing but i was expecting game he saw that over and over
so we had a benefit people and we expect the gain of the benefit
we can notice that that's antithetical to benefit
and even though we notice that we still may try to benefit a try to benefit with expecting never gonna get something from trying to benefit so yes we should been we should benefit all beings we should benefit buddhist we should be servants to all beings yes but not trying to get anything
however even the buddha did that over and over and over so we're probably going to do it over and over but the buddha noticed it and noticed and noticed it and if we keep noticing it and a it allowing at a vowing it will melt away the root of doing good to get something it will just too good
but when they even the buddha had do this so many times
but would notice for i've tried to get something well trying to get set
thank you hear him

the true that we can understand karma and the work like how it works but we cannot understand the individual outcomes of events because we're in it and it's too complicated so i feel like i spent a lot of time saying oh
all this happened to me because i'm i did x and that baby delusion is a bad way that way of understanding may not ever be the wait on you may never that that wave of understanding may never reach the way things actually work
but the buddha says that the buddha did awakened to how things actually work but the with the path to understanding how they actually work is by studying the way we think they're working
karma is the way we think things are working or the way we want them to work that for karma is that's not the way they work but by studying the way we think they work or the way we want them to work or where the way we think we want them to work or whether we intend them to work to studying that we see
art as as we said are we start to see the layers and the concentric circles and we we we start to open to that
and when you see all the concentric circles you don't anyone think you did anything by yourself
is you open to and awakened to how the whole universe is working to create each thing
that's the pinnacle rising and we awaken to that the pinnacle arising by studying karma among other things but karma's you skip over karma were not a get very far in understanding the pinnacle rising
in emerged and clinical rising we do understand how things right ah they come to be
but that way that they come to be if none of our conceptual ideas of the way to be
but we should study our conceptual ideas that will lead us to awakening to how they come to be beyond our conceptions
and that's it

lrm hello tyler and athena
hum i had to questions and they're interrelated and i i think the first seeds into the second i remember you saying in a previous talk
conch conjure that the the stealth arose from sensory input interacting with consciousness i'm wondering if that was a okay consciousness arises from sensory data interacting with sense organs
okay so when when our body which are sense body is interacting with sense data when they actually interacting consciousness or arises that that interaction is of mind
and that that in that consciousness when that mind has a self in it
it dale scott than the the karma in it
so there's sense their sense to consciousnesses
and maybe some of the sense consciousnesses are so immediate that they don't yet have a soften and we don't know if we are are conscious self doesn't know about those immediate sense data's where there's not a self
we know the cent we know the consciousnesses weather's that arise from the sense data interacting with the sense body
that consciousness then becomes a condition for the arising of our common consciousness
consciousness which arises from actual body interacting with actual physical data
that consciousness is is the antecedent condition for the arising of karmic consciousness
an iconic consciousness
as a self and so the surface is is
somehow interrelated or dependent upon that carla being present in the karmic consciousness
yes right but it's not the self is dependent on the conway everything else going on there it's independent but it doesn't arise it into to the things that coexists with
but it it does arise in the sense that the way it is is influenced by them but it also arises from past karmic consciousnesses and it also arises from the sense data and the body interacting all that contributes to the rising that kind of consciousness were in there's a self
and i'm curious about the the benefit of the stealth studying
our motivations if if the self isn't it in control of anything than self don't don't don't don't have the self do it okay so this has been destroyed
long is happening at the level of consciousness that's not the self deciding to do it
yeah because some you know some people some people have a have a consciousness and in that consciousness they have a self and they were like that self to decide to study buddhism
there's not strictly and they think is a self spot
the cell has more than just kind of an observer to everything without muslims observer it is more like up it's more like a family member
in an inner space where there's an awareness of what's going on with the family but it's not during awareness of what's going on with the from that's consciousness it's one of the family members and consciousness is aware all
there's a self here while so conscious of her oh there's an idea that the self one some of the stuff year or there's an idea that the self makes decisions there are decisions but the self doesn't make him the self coexist with decisions
save yourself decisions they coexist and yet the delusion self makes decisions that's a delusion
and there there can be observation of this along with the teaching that that's a delusion and there can be an awakening to oh yeah that's the sultan do it the whole situation made the decision to the surface kind of a phenomenon but not necessarily
doing anything or owning anything assist
it's been doing it is not doing anything by itself right however it indicative doing some things in the sense that it affects everything else is present but also everything else is present effects it so a self in a depressed mind is it has gets inch no good
tim gets affected by the depression but also the depression gets affected by the self and the self and a happy mind disaffected by the happiness but also the happiness gets affected by the self so the self and the happiness or depression they're interrelated they affect each other but the saw has doing the depression and the depression
isn't doing the self but they do coexist and and so unhappy situation
but the self isn't deciding to be depressed
and this self doesn't decided to be happy although people were like did i keep people there can be anger in the consciousness of the self isn't decided to be happy
so is there a function to the self or is it just happens to be there
there's a big function to the zip off now it i think the self ah it has a function of ah facilitating biological reproduction

the self how does herself do that
isn't that self doesn't do it right having a self having a self makes it more likely to be able to reproduce
it it's like a big powerful tool
that helps you that other people if anybody in the neighborhood doesn't have herself you can use your sense of self to learn italy
it's a delusion but a lot of the delusions are mind i have survival value and however have evolutionary advantage over not having these delusions so we we have evolved to have delusions because
they make us reproduce and and survive
but it's great on your bible mechanism of sorts ban is
having having a sense of self provides motivation then for the consciousness in the philip the now does it hasn't provided
it's in the same piece in the place where there is
the motivation could be survival reproduction but also the motivation could be to become free of suffering you know we we are most of us have half have had maybe something to do with the impulse to to reproduce and survive now we're adding to the list to be
come free of suffering into free others from suffering
those are not in everybody's conscious mind we're trying to get him in there
the other the others are floating around in our body influencing the major of our conscious minds but itself isn't making this a self is doing the stuff the self is a is a servant of survival and reproduction
it's a servant and a tool it's an instrument
and the delusion resounded surrounded our instruments their instruments of this other agenda and they caused a lot trouble now we're trying to and
ameliorate the disease that surrounds herself and which leads to all kinds of cruelty
and you know
the it would you see in the world
okay thank you welcome rosie

hello hello

your muted
your muted okay no no you can hear me
ah that is it back in the conversation somewhere
i raise my hand over the word welsh as someone else yard and ah now i have to
i am allowing that this all the energy that has stirred up up
this conversation
amongst us know just the feeling of being present
oh is so strong that i can barely remember what my question was
i i have something to do with wish and intention and on
i you probably have answer for a novel
when it feels to me like wish his own like they're a little bit different
even in this mama oh

i recognize oh
i recognize intention lights out or fill up for intention as it's it's as it's a very strong on warming
very conscious
i say something please sometimes the intention is not clear and is not strong ah
so yeah three kinds of karma
wholesome or unwholesome and neutral a lot of our karmic consciousnesses are neutral those our consciousness where the intention is not clear not clearly wholesome or unwholesome oh it's more unconscious know you you can be like you can be aware it guess you could notice that you have various wishes in
your mind and then they're not lined up
and so the overall pattern of the overall pattern the intent the overall intention is not clear
and it might be because there's conflicting it wishes are conflicting emotions
so if the intention isn't is not always clear it's not strong always it's the it's over all is the it's the overall pattern it's the general shape of the consciousness and sometimes the general shape is clearly going in this direction
one and sometimes the general shape is going another direction but i would use wish you know as as not such a general term
i would say that the intention can include contradictory wishes the karma the moment can include a number of contradictory and from visions and each wish is not in self self contradictory like the example i used i could be trying to help you and at the same time wishing
to help you and wishing that people would think i'm really a good teacher
those be two different wishes which kind of like
in our then the more that more like my overall picture i want to help you and i want to get i wanna get appreciated that's moreover all there are two different wishes the some of them is and not not manual but his kindness so clear of that's a good state of consciousness
and we could have some more wishes in there too which to make it maybe even more murky so some states have some intentions are quite murky and they're they're composed of many wishes
some other some other states the wholesome states they're very wholesome and then they don't have very many wishes to have one of her simple like for example i want to benefit somebody that's it
somebody that's it it's very clear
there can be multiple
wishes making the overall intention in it's called either indeterminate or am neutral
and we can day we can discover those three if you look in her mind
and sometimes there's not even just sometimes there's not even on conflicting wishes sometimes they're not even a wish like sometimes you just look at a blue sky there may be no wish
you know you just look into the blue sky your now twenty to help people you not wanting to hurt people you're not wanting to be famous is just blue sky and that's kind of like not clearly wholesome neuronal
it's not a bad state but it's not clearly a good state it's not necessarily beneficial
so there can be sort of indeterminate karmic situations overall patterns when does not almost any wishes and then it can be indeterminate once when there's lots of riches and usually the wholesome ones in the and wholesome ones the risk is are more either simplified or lined up like
all positive or negative for one positive in one negative
we can go will we'll go into this more later okay
thank you thank you everybody
i hope that to
i wish i would wish i wish i wish
that this is a beneficial event and now i must say it again may are which equally penetrate every being in place with a true merit or buddha's way we wish
but all the that know
beings are numberless we wish to save them
afflictions are inexhaustible we wish to cut through them dharma gates are boundless we wish to enter them
what away as unsurpassable we wish to become it
thank you very much
as well