Zen Meditation on Karma and Awakening - May 10th, 2022

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so in this assembly
can be understood as
in a an important part of practice
i'm not only because of repetition helps the
discussion of the dharma stake in to our body and thus be a become a foundation for our diamond study to arise spontaneously according to causes and conditions nor spontaneously again means
rising by causes and conditions not by something outside of causes and conditions
so the causes and conditions of repeating the teaching over and over gives rise to the teachings in the consciousness over and over
so again
great practice does not ignore
karmic consciousness
great practice
does pay close attention to karmic consciousness

grey practice
intimately related to deep faith in karmic cause and effect
and again comment cause and effect is the basis for our study of karma
which means study of our karma consciousness
and also study of the teachings about comic consciousness and the teachings about climate cause and effect
saw the the karma of our more of our consciousness is present
each moment because each moment of consciousness has a pattern
and that pattern is the intention of the moment
and that pattern
is the manifestation of all the causes and conditions supporting it

in karmic consciousness what we have are you could say fictions
the have come and consciousness is full of fictions
i propose that by studying these fictions we will discover the truth the am
yeah the truth of these fictions
understanding of fiction is buddha great understanding of fiction is buddha so unconsciousness consciousness there's all kinds of fictions going on
and the the the historical buddha
analyzed that field of consciousness
which is a field of fictions but he he analyzed it so that the fixes could be actually broken down into little fictions
and these little fictions he called or are the elements of the big fiction the overall fiction or the elements of karma
karma is affection
and that fiction has consequence

the elements which compose the karma all the different dharmas
the little d diamonds the elements that compose our intention in the moment
each one is a fiction and by studying those fictions the truth will be revealed discovered and realized
deep faith and cause and effect
supports a deep intimate study of all the fictions all the illusions that are going on in karmic consciousness

studying all this investigating
learning about it questioning it
questioning it and being questioned about it
so and also conversing about it so the all this were doing in this assembly
we're investigating consciousness were telling people about it were a examining at more or less intimately we are
conversing about it we are questioning it we are hot and we are being questioned
i'm when you report your karmic conscious to me i question your chromic consciousness
all the teachings which are being given to us about cosmic consciousness when they appearance on my consciousness they are fictions there are fictitious version of the dharma but these fictions are given to us as a means to this
garver the non fictitious
and we need to have shared agreement that we need to be share faith that studying these fictions
as fictions will we'll will realize the unsurpassed complete perfect dharma

i'm so here's a teaching about karmic project effect on okay
and this is being said and when it comes into your consciousness it will appear in a fictitious way however if you study the fictitious way that this teaching is appearing in your consciousness you will discover the true dharma or the true dharma will be revealed
so even though what your body and mind give rise to in response to teachings is a fictitious version of them great faith in cause and effect studies them
does not apprehend them as reality
but dutch apprehend them as what great practice studies
so the teaching is of every moment of consciousness has consequence
the consequence is not done isn't doesn't is not on
does not manifest as the consequence or by itself it manifests in concert with all other beings karma and also with the history of the world

as so up the way that comic cause and effect works is sometimes summarized as the whole works
which is my name
in the whole works means everything karma cause and effect is everything but also
it's the whole works but also it is everything working in the form of this cosmic consciousness
the entire universe works as each of our karma conscious uses
and each of our cosmic consciousness contributes to the whole world contributes to all other comic consciousness
and all other conscious common consciousness contribute to hours and also contribute to the consequence of hours
everything that this consciousness thinks contributes to the world
along with everybody else's contribution to the world
this is called with is called the whole works
this is everything and how everything is working through each thing and through each consciousness through each intention in each consciousness and through each element in the intention

so it's a fast recovery or in a shop against go in the treasury of true dharma eyes
it's called sankey or the whole works and in that a farcical
it says that life is like riding in a boat

you raise the sales and work and the and roll with oars
but the boat gives you arrive

and no one could ride without the boat
the boat makes you what you are and you make the boat a boat

we do our karma
but we couldn't do our karma without the support of the whole universe
and our karma makes the whole universe but it is

we are responsible for all of our
moment by moment consciousnesses
and we are also responsible for everybody else's
and everybody else is responsible for arc or my consciousness
not everyone can not every comic consciousness can see actually i'm very few karmic consciousness is can see
into our individual cosmic consciousness

what they ought to see into themselves
when we do our when we accept the responsibility for this comment consciousness and accept responsibility for the consequences of it
we are involved in the great practice

also we are involved in the great practice when we accept the responsibility for everybody else's comic consciences
but again we cannot see their kind of consciousness however we can study with them and converse with them
when you study your karmic consciousness deeply intimately and the truth of it is revealed
that revelation
that realization
as consequence for everybody else took us does your karma dies the realization does
in this way
we are doing the same practice
and the same realization
and the same dorm
as all beings
and again deep faith and cause and effect is to believe that it's not always to time to be studying
the faith and cause and effect
does not think it's a waste of time to study fiction
the fictions of karmic consciousness which we have plenty of
and i pray that we have plenty of study of these fictions in our mind
with confidence
that we are doing buddhist work
even before revelation has dawned
even before we understand the depth of the fictions

so you are here to help me remember that what's going on in this consciousness is a complex process of delusion
and that are that is possible to be aware of this process and you're helping me be aware of it and also maybe to remember it
don't remember attending to it remember being mindful of it and also remember of what it is that i mindful of which is not reality and reality is not the slightest bit different from it
the difference between delusion
and reality is a delusion
the non difference between delusion and reality is reality
but an order to discover this discriminating wisdom we have to study the field of discriminations
discriminations our delusions
which come to us spontaneously from our history and our body and mind they come up and dry my moment after moment
and cigarette he famously i'm making a famous famously said non-discrimination is not is not to have no discriminations
so for example comic consciousness is full of fictitious discriminations
like between between us between men and women between old and young between different races between different political parties between different countries all these discriminations are living and arising and ceasing and karmic consciousness they are delusions
non-discrimination wisdom does not mean that these discriminations aren't there
some against the girl she said non-discrimination doesn't mean no discriminations
in other words
i keep breaking up the quote in other words non-discrimination does not mean you don't have comic consciousness non-discrimination the function of wisdom as non discrimination
it doesn't mean we don't have discriminating comic consciousness non-discrimination means that we study everything
no matter what what's going on a comic consciousness non-discrimination studies it questions it investigates converse is about it
but many of us study some things but not others
that's more discrimination but studying and studying everything no matter what that's wisdom
and studying everything
wisdom sophia everything and studying everything is wisdom
investigating everything
not being hindered by discriminations for example many people have the discrimination that's better to study than this
but that discriminations i'm not trying to get rid of the discrimination of said study that don't don't follow it study it
okay so on
tonight i'm gonna start her stopped earlier so that we can question and be questioned about our study of comic consciousness and everybody can get it wants to can have a chance
to offer something
to all the comic consciousness is present
you can share your comment consciousness in many ways please do as you wish
with faith that this is great practice

sameer yes good morning rep and good morning the great affably
and now you hear me
the asked market
my questions about the store consciousness ah yes the eighth
if i remember
i'm not sure about that but if i remember last time you
talked about the seeds in the store consciousness and
i heard that you talked about the the positive i mean all kind of feet and then to
to water the the
the good seeds and to take care not to suppress the to take care of the
not positive or bad
fitz is that correct
and maybe i'm michel one way one way to take care of the seeds for unwholesome
the main way to take care of the seeds for the unwholesome is by planting wholesome seeds yeah and
yeah and and earns
i think i'm thinking of those are all some seeds and and wholesome foods i i create a kind of duality
and and am how to navigate it through oh this is positive this is negative and
i tried to avoid to have this picture of this is go than this is bad
as a so the thought the thought and just expressed yeah
came up in your comment consciousness yeah and it was a pattern and then you had the pattern of wanted to tell us that and you did
so we heard this and that pattern of the that there seems to be delusional or duality that thought i would say that thought is somebody to study
and i will say also that thought i don't think that thought is necessarily wholesome or unwholesome
the thought of this seems to be a duality
but still i would study that so there seems to be duality
that's a fiction that there's duality it's a fiction
not if i say there's not any duality that's another fiction so if i but anyway whatever words i say are to be studied
now if you take care of the the appearance or the thought that there seems to be a duality between good and evil yeah that's so there's good and evil but the thought that there's good and evil isn't really good or evil i would say
but taking care of that thought that there is duality
will reveal what non-duality is
once again in the thought there seems to be duology if your compassionate and study that thought of appear of the there appears to be duality
that thought is not true it's infection
but if you study it you will discover non-duality also if there's a wholesome state in your mind and you study it
deeply intimately studying a wholesome state
there will be revelation of the non-duality of wholesome and unwholesome
if just an unwholesome state of continents and in this study deeply and thoroughly
the non-duality between that unwholesome state and the wholesome day will be discovered

this type of study transport has consequence of transforming the storehouse consciousness to promote more study and less ah
you know
less believing in these fictions as real

oh thank you thank you read that tab three to know
had for me to have a yeah
thank you so much we so welcome
help me too
i'd like to go back to scott who had a question at the beginning and i couldn't hear him gov scott please
yeah sk gaming arab
i can hear you grapefruit and i am so
your questions here and
as we all as english
the excuse me is there a general question in the consciousness
but there is a minor question because of that i thought interesting survey was a racket wondering
we we human beings by our actions of the body speech and line create something that we call karma
and this karma then
i am a creates effects based upon the karma but what i'm
one or two things are one i wonder what is the agency of this transfer of
a vice patient mine karma generated karmic effects are generated but what is the agency of this of this movement of karma to affect to
i'm trying understand white what is really going on are in terms of the spiritual presence of this always sings must be empty of inherent existence and yet and yet we know that that karmic actions a karmic effects
i'm can appear to be present waiting to come to fruit crops for decades or a whole lifetime what and have wonder about
but an empty nest or gross income contribute en-gb or a rare issue but somehow been transferred for one thing to another and or a spiritual life at the seams and it i understand how i could possibly work
you're wondering how insight could work or how the whole process works if you have a whole process works of of going from ah the whole practice and body speech and mind to karma to effects
and and how and shows how what what what agency is there a transfer area our karmic perfect actions into karmic effects
my understanding is that a agency
is another word for karma agency is another word for action
so action has consequence but i don't understand i don't have a or an idea that between agency and consequence or between action and consequence there is another agency is just that action has conflict
the determination of the consequence however comes through the interaction of that action
and all other actions
and that action and the past actions of that action
the the history of that action all that works together
to did to give rise to the consequence
so you can pay the agency in buddhism is called the technical rising
right turn it's it's how this action
gives rise to the consequence to it does so because it has consequence but it doesn't it's not the only thing that has consequence all other actions which coexist with it also happens
oh yeah you and to into realized that know anything
the realization of this process comes through the for example studying what you just said
and me listening to you
i'm i'm just wondering whether if one has been
as an insight into the
emptiness have been hair existence of all those things were talking about
i'm they had no real existence of them
the the the capital printer repair other thing that over to apparently exist have a real existence
and i couldn't understand how that
or white insight into that itself wouldn't make karmic but the correct actions dissolve if one can save them that their dared exist
the realization of the emptiness of comic consciousness
comes through stir buddy
karma and kind of causation studying the causation you realize that the causation is empty of inherent existence but if it's empty of inherent existence it can't dissolve
it dissolve something that doesn't have inherent existence you can only resolve things that have an inherent existence but they can't be dissolved either so as not a matter of do it dissolve karma consciousness through inside the empty net of cosmic consciousness
insight into the emptiness of delusion does not dissolve the delusion
it is buddha
buddha is insight into the emptiness of delusion
the elimination of delusion
ray and the insight which is booting know is also peace and the unhindered ability to teach others how to have the same realization
but you're right all these all these fictions r m
all of the fictions in our consciousness are empty and all and away the teachings appearing in our consciousness doesn't have an independent existence
but just hearing that not going to be enough we also have to study all the things that we we've heard are empty we have to intimately study all these delusions which don't have a self
and by studying them respectfully and intimately and deeply grew realize their selflessness
and studying them intimately involved seeing how they influence
and hearing about how the influence and how they're influenced
and meditate bidding on even though i can't see how what i'm saying has consequence and how the consequence is involved with everybody else's responsibility
still i study either
because i believe that studying it is the great practice which will reveal the true nature of all these fictions which is that they're fiction said the they appear to be independently existing and not
by studying things that appeared to be having a self we discover that there is no self of them
okay yeah thank you very picky limits

hello rob hello i'm angela
hello great assembly
at first i would like to say thank you for this not deep faith and cause and effect that a cent or from you
can i i mentioned something about that yet
that red seal
ah says in chinese i mean it is it's a child it's a it's a of with for chinese characters in it
the actors can be translated into english as buddha dharma sangha jaw
the seal
the round one okay and the other one is the other red seal is sankey which is the way cause and effect works
so deep faith and cause and effect and zinke's how it works something a nursery school rhyme where you can cause and effect is zinc is how it works
thank you
and i felt a move to raise my hands am and have confess that i'm noticing and my conscious mind recently that i am
don't think that i'm i'm a good student so either that that a delusion appears in your consciousness
the fiction appears there yes and i have something that yes what would you believe that in some karmic consciousness a different delusion of which is i am a good student
in some consciousness is under a delusion i'm a good students are you have i'm not a good student
yes those are delusions right
those are delusions and cosmic consciousness which often appear particularly among students
and i think that because i'll be going along my day and i think oh it's spend some time before i've ben study that i've been watching my mind i just fell
and going along and not that emily
yes so when at that moment you are you have you been doing the practice
right at that moment you are looking and seeing oh i have this idea in my mind that i haven't been doing the practice therefore you are doing the practice when you notice that
okay it seems an infrequent
and then when i look at am i trying to get something that's another that's another thing to be kind to and realized that's another delusion in karma consciousness a much grander com give something or even i'm not
am i wonder if i'm trying to get something these are really got a wonderful delusions but i would say these delusions can be very fruitful
those are very good things to study
it's been awhile since i paid attention but now now i am paying attention great and i hope i pay attention more and i'm noticing way to have that thought i have that wish and i intend i really intend to pay attention more
and i noticed them and nuts and that's the practice
and that's another diversion and noticing that that the delusion is the practice
hmm it
it it is that simple
yeah the mind complicates likes to make it a complicated the simple and yet it's challenging to do it steadily that the
because with the many past moments in our history and other people's history
have not study so the the practice one is when is functionally it is the great practice but because to her haven't been enough of moments of practice there are moments where we forget
the study
oh and then we can say oh i forgot but now i remember another remember i can say i forgot and i'm sorry
did i forgot addressed it i did now that i see i forgot the practice is functioning and now that i sit another i feel sorry the practice is functioning and now that i say i'm sorry this is coming from the practice
and those
expressions which are coming through the practice
transform our body and mind to give rise to consciousnesses which more often notice what's going on and notice also some opinion that was there hasn't been much practice lately
which is higher to i you know when i hear when you just said that there is that voice that comes up as critical voice yeah and it is hard is another delusion
it's not really true
it's not deeply true that it's hard but it is true that it's the theresa
and we should respect the thought it's hard but not think that that's reality that's adult that's a fantasy in our consciousness so tired
you can also have the one it's easy
but a lot of sense students do have that fatima it's hard
now i stay one that thought that it's hard arises don't miss a beat and realize oh there's another thing to study this is another element of of consciousness it's hard the words in comic consciousness great practice studies the words it doesn't believe the words
it's studies them

thank you i just got this message that my internet connection is unstable i didn't get a message that my practice connection is unstable
angele after that but nobody else do now
you can't hear them
thank you

kill man

a wrap
i'm very grateful for this the sessions
they bring me quite stunning sights am
and what i like to share his said i
there's your sex color against pain coming up in me when i'm gonna be like oh studying all these fictions that appear then there's a painter coming up it seems like oh but
at the people seem to believe them
and it seems like up to or not disconnect from others display they leave all these fictions man
so please don't disconnect from the people who believe the fictions yeah
practice compassion with those who believe the victims ah reality
it's like is like with children you know
you you use you like intellect
they do various things but you still love them and care for them but you bet you're not fooled by what they said
but you do see that they're fooled and sometimes and you can see that the they're fold often leads them to pay
so you feel pain for them
like i had a nice beautiful niece and she thought she was ugly she had that thought in consciousness and she believed it
and i didn't argue with her i didn't say no no no you're beautiful
i just you know i accepted that she thought that
and and also that i have this idea that she believed it
and so on but it is painful that people believe these things and karmic consciousness as realities that is painful for them as an we feel pain maybe to our on empathy because we can imagine if we believe that
we words we will suffer too
but instead of
stopping there we practice compassion with those who believe their own comic consciousness
an reached and course for very happy when people don't believe in their comic consciousness
or even if they do believe it they study it because if we study it will become free of believing it
stop making it a different chemical just as or better karma consciousness they become free of believing in it
and then
we wake up and other people are included in the freedom that is realized through this insight it helps other people because
our karmic effects affect other people's chronic effects
our contribution to comic effect merges with an inter interpenetrates with the karmic effects for others
so although some people may be leaving in the fictions in their consciousness
we can help them become free or believing them
by doing our work on ours and also realizing that we have believed ours a lot too so we can understand why they believe there's because we've done that a million times and we're so happy that we heard teaching to study rather studied the region rather than believe delusion
and feel compassion for those who believe delusions
yeah make make and i get a confession when a he had talked i realized that i most of the time of i believe this fixed that
on that i will and i'm not helpful and and and being separated i've seen the fictional restrictions
yeah well i think it i think there is a fiction that if we believe the fictions are true
that one that got my separate us from people
for example if i'm not separate from you but if i believed to story that i am
that would be very sad
yeah that's what what i have also my mind quite quite a bit that that fiction so did you study that fiction or we study that fiction that we're not that were separate we will discover that it isn't fiction and will discover it's not true
and will discover the reality of what it means to not be separate
and that will help all beings who are not separate from
we realized non separation not will help all the beings we're were not separated from
however if we don't realize the truth of not separation if we don't realize it because we're not separate from him that will hurt them
so our lack of realization hurts everybody that were not separate from and are realization that were not separate helps him everybody we're not separate from so the thing is we gotta realize non separation and the way realize is by compassionately studying and conversing like we're doing right now about the a
appearance of separation

thank you
a quest is and is the true dharma and is true dharma fiction
well the the
the words in my mind the true dharma that's a that that fiction
that's not the true darn those are words
but by studying the words true dharma
the true dharma will be discovered
when the to down and have discovered is is not appearance in my is not in the appearances of my comic consciousness
and by studying and it has been thinking about it a cabinet come in your mind meditating on it or what is the true dharma and realized that it's inconceivable basically a defensive and issigonis
this phone is making
so studying it involves questioning what you're doing right now i think
studying at means question whatever going on examining it
contemplating it discussing it for example with me
question the me about i was working with it along me to question you all that
his part of it and i said last week so right now we're doing right we're doing it right now in this class were questioning our karmic consciousnesses that's all we can see that it's all we've got to work with were working with this work is the work which will reveal the true dharma so we're doing it now and i said last week so we start
by investigating cosmic consciousness
then we also do a practice called ah
letting go of kind of consciousness
so first of all we contemplate it we observe it and we learn about it then we do a practice of letting go of not observing not questioning just sit and let go of it let go of like god like of and we calm down
by just not pushing it away not pull on it on just let go of we have that practice to sitting in silence and stillness letting go of karmic consciousness and all of its delusions not pushing them away just let him go
then we come down then in com we go back and start the conversation again
of questioning
of investigating of observing comic consciousness
and and then the truth which is not separate from this but does not appear in this will be realized
and the one on what i realize is to really understand that fiction is a fiction
not to get rid of the fiction but to really understand to just have the late on it it's a fiction

so any idea is affection fiction any idea that i have even after even after i've contemplated it and sat with it and look at it again it's still a fiction because it's still an idea that i have young oliver kay
deep the great practice studies all the fixes and karma consciousness does not ignore them it compassionately intimately studies all fictions and and that's how it realizes the truth of the buddhist teaching the truth of cause and effect that's hard to realize
is dependent horizon

thank you york

oh rep
greetings great assembly know
i'd like to give carry on what you were talking to burn about ah last week you presented the ah for frames of mindfulness and how we might work with them that i was hoping that you would like maybe give us a little
a bit of more nuts and bolts of of the actual practice
irritation i was lucky because our right after our class i started a you know pure an session and arm and sigh i was able to experiment with it a little bit so i had something's come up that i want to ask your mouth
but why would also be nice if you could just like go through each of these for and relate ah how we're using them into study karmic consciousness because they are sort of the same but different they seem to and are we either lot like boxer he might be
sixty watch tv or that was my experience of it so anything that you could say concerning that would be very helpful
well in a say it's the first one is i think instance the easiest for people to see namely a body posture
what standing standing by
so by wondered when there's when there seems to be a standing body
im the meditator sees the standing body as the standing body
his mindful of the standing body as standing bot or the sitting body as sitting body
now with vr is there now looking in their consciousness and seeing a standing body and seeing and learning how to look at a standing body just like that
and that's paying attention the karma consciousness in a kind of simple warm up way
okay another way is to pay attention to the breath
you can also pay attention to other people's bodies and when you see somebody's body when i'm there appears to be aware that you know body i'm aware of i'm mindful of their body
in that body
the next one feelings feelings are kind of some of the easiest mental factors to be aware that are just they don't seem to be physical so the image of a body does is actually an idea where it's an image in the consciousness
just a great now i see an image of view on the screen that's not your actual body that an image of your body in my in this consciousness
and i can pay attention to it and i'm a mindful
and being mindful of this appearance of a body of your body
outside me my body
that's part of my bones but it also can be aware of my own these hands
but these i'm aware of the ten was as they are appearing in my consciousness
so i'm actually i am a where my consciousness actually but i it seems to be for mystical things so that easier for me to find next i would be where my feelings so i looked to see what kind of feelings either under then you can do to it's a feeling now
i don't i'm not feeling of negatives and i'm not really feeling negatives and say she
lauren i'm feeling kind of positives and i feel like kind of positive sensation not a really strong positive censorship but is positive
so these nine at the consciousness okay and this consciousness is
shall i continue yes so nine nine going on to look at the frame of consciousness i look at this consciousness
it doesn't seem to be particularly agitated or frightened
it doesn't seem to be there doesn't seem to be it doesn't seem to be have much anger in it at all
i don't see much greed
ah i actually feel a carnival a positive intention to be careful and clear with you and us in the assembly
some looking at this consciously seems like kind of wholesome consciousness in this particular case
now i can get into more detail yes go ahead yes okay the detail is the limit may i ask this question so it seems like what you just ran through where what they would call the five difficulties or something five hindrances of our much has moved my that's in the next one i see
okay during the fourth in the fourth foundation they have these five hindrances
maybe i shouldn't have brought him up but maybe you heard me bringing them up ahead of time
rather than that i looked in the consciousness maybe i got to detailed and i should have waited until i got into the fourth one where lists as five hindrances and actually so in the in the fourth category there's five hindrances are listed and actually right when i was looking at the third one i started to
i actually noticed that those five didn't seem to be there right
so i gotta come running i kind of skipped into the fourth one while i was describing the third one okay the fourth one is kind of check out or those hindrances there is their hatred is the greed is their confusion is their laziness is on
and then also if you look at the conversations i've had with people they brought up little details of words it brought up various ideas in there in what they brought up and has headed and how to deal with those so if you look at if you listen to all the examples of what people are brought up a lot of the people brought up words
and the words are in the fourth foundation
like people said i have this thought that i'm not a good sense student ah
that's a dharma so idea which is dealt with under the fourth foundation can how to deal with the media's the simple ideas and a complex ideas that come up that are mentioned in the previous three that's in the fourth one
but also if discouragement came up or encouragement or arm
what are pride
or for hour
or humility these if these dharmas came up with these fictions came up that would often be in the fourth category
so he a lot of these conversations people are bringing up l i actually the the fourth one
guy internet
okay but not so much talking about their awareness of their body but the good as an example of studying karma consciousness
he could say i'm nowhere that i'm sitting here they will be the first one
could say i'm aware of i'm sitting here and in my in my sitting there just sitting there would be the first one
so in actual practice of it there is some kind of transition from from one friend to another and then and then i think you said earlier in the program that the know i go back and regroup again and then i really look again at the it's different mental objects yeah
you're mixing that with different phases of meditation okay the first we observe we didn't we observe the teachings and we start to observe how to apply the teachings to observing the of consciousness was the first listened to the teachers we discussed the teachings and that we try
to apply them
we study the dharma before we enter into tranquility
okay then we stop observing and wish to were aware of of the consciousness or not really like studying it were not investigating where most like here is a consciousness here is a feeling you get an idea here's an image and here's my thinking this is what i think
in letting go of it letting go of letting god and we cause down and we pick up then will pick up the study again in a calm state i say
and that can be applied to all for the so we study the for than we'd practice tranquility and we study the for he frequently
okay that's fair to clear
thank you very much welcome

i'm sorry i can remember the name of the person who just spoke and he ended up with the word that is very clear
and then in my consciousness i always am interested in clarity and see things as they are
which is a challenge to me a because i haven't me and i have a mind and i have a programming in my mind that i see things through my own filter and i'm very clear on that that same things from my own filter is
not really seeing is not hearing
ah and i'm in some some ways i can see when angela says i'm not a good student
i can actually see what she's saying what i'd have this perception or this idea of myself that i am a good student and the only reason i say i am a good student because i'm really interested in in seeing in in realization in insight
i also
have this belief or this idea about myself
in this see like when i actually see
then i see than my mind stops because it was like i'm in the in i mean the scenes so the mind stops and the mind starts to become active again
after after it sees
and then i wonder and i'm questioning
that as long as there's this i or there's this activity in their brain
then i'm not hearing what we call the dorm
so my question is
like angeles that most of the time i'm not hearing the dharma because my mind is not quite

am i don't ah
and no question arises in my mind at this point about or see what i see other than it that's the way that's the way i'm seeing so i don't have any questions i thought i did but as i spoke it
yeah so i'm saying if you study what you just what you said you roy the dharma will be revealed
that i'm very clear because it has a me never fit and it's not fame in its unfailing yes that i'm very clear under and i i want to also thank you for reminding me all went over over because every time i'm studying is i'm listen
ning it's clear when i'm not listening and you remind me to stay conscious of that yeah
so i'm i'm really grateful for the fact that i couldn't go back and i can study

i request of the next person after justin would be ah
john she does he he was he was waiting your last week and didn't get a chance so creepy could he be after justin please justin
i wanted to
first say that i feel like i'm really deep be resonating with the ah
subject in the we're pretending at my really really appreciate the clarity of your teaching
and i i wanted to mention to thing than one and battery was really helpful for me i and i thought i might be brothers as well to it required to ago when john a brought up ah
identifying as the observer
and everything
he asked a question he responded ah and
and i don't remember what are your doc words were on i probably will not to about aloof and again at some point but it's been a focal point for my practice ever since
are observing the observer and not identifying with the observer ah but observing the observer come up with the thought and ah and i found that incredibly helpful and liberated and ah and i feel my practice
like when i have someone identified as the observer
or when i do i should say i feel it feel like such an energy drone
ha like a cat
may i say something we have so you said observing the observer is energy me
identify didn't have the observer and and of energy drain yeah so i would like to mention that the undeserving
is the act is an action by on me up and the observer
which is sometimes called the actor but the actor and the action the observer and the observing okay
not too different things
the observer is not something an addiction to observe
as i feel like it is to me i'll keep observing that and studying now please advocates please study the fiction yeah the observer is observing right or he grosses say study the fiction that the observe
so that the observers observing or sort the fiction that the observance the the observer
the observers the observing or the observers observing and observing the observer study those fictions those are fictions they're not to things observing an observer are the same thing
and we have this idea that their tooth of two things so that's a proof that a very fruitful fiction for you
this way and it and i think that the over getting over thought that i am the observer you know that i have anything but the to her but i'm not even hotter than the observer but that i am but not identify that i that i am i am the desert the observer a static way
yeah so the off the i is not the observer
but the ah i lives with the observer
the i is not the observing that the i lives with the observing and been a funeral that there's no deserving separate from them
right there send the same fit that the i the observing the observed
the observer they're all living together
the supplies investigate okay i well well the one other thing
oh i love it i'm pretty sure to because of the people are waiting
i've taught finally averse to the i be the description of things that the fiction and then thought about the fact that you know
just pick up the text another mean if not worthy of attention and respect commander fiction can be thought of something to disregard or something to not be or something to not be
fully respected but in the action of observing the protections whether or not they're fiction another worthy of complete respect and attention
yeah like a great novel yeah it's fiction yeah but it's it calling for really concentrated attention right now hot in really all fictions are they want our complete attention so that weekend real buys the dharma

hey john

thank you welcome good great assembly of this opportunity i i feel that i'm actually even answered my question is simply but i'll just give you background on last week you made a brief analogy in answering someone's question
when comparing the karmic and closure or container to a watershed and the for frame is being tributary streams coming in and that struck a chord with me because i've been studying the watershed i listen and what's unique about that watershed is that the main stream that flows through it that it
unites all the repeaters is actually a tidal estuary it doesn't slow it rises and falls on the thai foisted the greater ocean as he
and what happens since some my ancestors and others came here hundred and sixty years ago it's filling with silt all the time because of the farmers because of the farming here so it has to be dredged every three or four years when i heard you say that i love the analogy suddenly because i saw this dredging the study were do
doing is dredging the still water in a sense but then i got rather concerned with the analogy because i realized that's going on every three or four years here in actuality and i began to think well that's a lot of work i can see dredging at once in having this great insight
the continuing that's for franchisor officer pouring salt into my beautiful estuary ah and then tonight you in response to someone on
i think it was warren you said well we reached this point of tranquillity with the salt that's flowing then and then the compassion where we are with that affects the entire watershed infects the tributaries and then i wanna thank you that was that was great relief to
me because i just suddenly felt this burden of as we have here with our actual watershed dredging as every three or four years of a lot of energy to do that but entering the state of tranquility and then seeing that how i am with the karma around me it's arising with me that i'm part of and how i am
tranquil with that effects that watershed around me
so thank you
her grave

i had this thought that maybe you won't be me is part of me that as a wider ask question
feel a little muddled
bucktown my brand of delusion seems to be body delusions because i can't go towards mindfulness a body just easier still i have delusions like there's like of face coming out of like i have eyes in the back of my head or
my kind and an inverted in my breathing from my fee which are here these deep delusions of i'm different physical realities and
they're very compelling and i i i think i do get a lot of come on
i think i do get a lot out of them in terms of tranquility and maybe compassion but i feel like i'm unlike just a walking deluded blob
i wish him
so i i don't know what are your thoughts i mean of i just sucked into region land
i don't think you're i don't think your socked in to it but you might think you're sucked into it and if you study delusion land you will realize that you're completely free of it
what about getting rid of the delusion land
well what what feels reading as i feel like it's addressing body trauma you know when when my trauma releases i feel like a different person right and i would really encourage you to compassionately investigate the trauma body
and to do so in conversations with the greatest cent boy

yeah i'm caught delusion i think a lot yeah you have that idea yeah and that's a perfectly wonderful thing to study
i'm caught in delusion a lot this is a perfectly good thing to study and investigate and observe
and when the observer observation becomes deep and intimate
your the dharma well
manifest right in front of you without getting rid of anything
i feel like it does a little cause i do get a lot of piece from it so that feels like it's not a bad thing
but mainly

well i i'm sorry i didn't know again didn't even though i started started earlier i didn't get to all the people who raise your hands i'm so sorry i'm i see tree and tim and bhatia so i hope next time you could raise your hands and we
talk to your early story
may our intention will study karmic consciousness has deeply and intimately pervade every be