Zen Meditation on Karma and Awakening - May 24th, 2022

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thank you
this great assembly has
ben devoted
and diligent
and studying
our or common consciousness
looking into our consciousness and seeing
what kind of activity is occurring there

and we have also than ah receiving an in this in this consciousness teachings about karma
teachings about the activity of bar
deluded karmic consciousness
and also teachings about ah cause and effect
and am
so the basic premise is that
it's very unfortunate and leads to great unhappiness
if sentient beings do not take good care
and play give close and kind attention to their comic consciousness
unattended comic consciousness generally becomes unwholesome and harmful
but by closely attending with compassion and with the aid of the teachings to this comic consciousness we can discover the dharma and become free of karmic consciousness without getting rid of it

i've heard some teachers say stop
the constant thinking that's going on and karmic consciousness

ann and i'm giving them the benefit of the doubt i think what they mean is
stop being in a tentative to the thinking that's going on in karma consciousness because i've been proposed thing to you that every moment of and consciousness has a pattern and that pattern is
so i'm not saying stop the pattern of your consciousness i'm saying let's look at at our consciousness must look and studied pattern study the thing
by studying the thinking
studying the thinking with compassion and diligence patience generosity enthusiasm cheerfulness
finally with wisdom
we realize buddha's way
we study the delusion of comic consciousness
we stopped at a the confusion of karmic consciousness and an understanding
the confusion of gonna consciousness
buddha is realized but it is the deep understanding of the alerted come my consciousness
so i mean i gave you his son piece of calligraphy
and the four characters for vertical characters are deep faith in cause and effect
and on the side here is it says zang wiki which is my name
but it occurred to me that kind of but by coincidence my name
describes the way
karmic cause and effect works

how does come back cause and effect work
it works by in a way i called the whole works
karma cause and effect
embraces everything and
it is everything embracing each thing
common cause and effect is each thing embracing all things and all things embracing each thing our karmic consciousness supports and includes all other beings and all other karma consciousnesses
all the com consciousness include and support our comic consciousness
this way of mutual assistance and support
between this karmic consciousness and all and oak all mines and all things and this cosmic consciousness is called the whole works
that's pug the common cause and effect works
and that can be a reason why it's so important for us to be on the job
ah attending to this workshop
of kind of consciousness because
taking good care of it realizes buddha and everybody's included in that
so the study is not just to free this comic consciousness is to free this karmic consciousness which includes all current consciousnesses
and this comic consciousness which is included in all comic consciousnesses so this is this is a story of a bodhisattva studying her own camera consciousness to liberate all beings including herself
and i previously i told you that there's a fascicle
an essay written by the great ancestor dogan called zinc
the whole works
source of translated as total dynamic
exertion it's also translated as concerted effort with concerted activity concerted in this sense of the more moon when we make a concerted effort we often like really gather ourselves and wholeheartedly do it but in another meaning of considered activity is ah
his activity in concert
it's activity and cancer with all beings
so dog and wrote an essay about this concerted activity of all beings with all beings with all beings
remember me bringing it up before
hey so uh tonight i'd like to bring up again when i brought up before which is a part of that essay
and then let and the the theme that i'm bringing up is the theme witches
is is just like
riding in a boat
life is just like riding in a boat
stop there for from moment i'll be or i will be rhapsodizing on this theme first of all life is like riding in a boat
life is not the boat
life is not a boat
life is riley is like riding in a boat
and in the boat when right riding in the boat
the sales are raised the whores or road the rudder is worked in the boat
and although this effort is made in the boat
the boat gives us a ride and without the boat we cannot ride no one can ride
us in the row in the boat
our karma in karma consciousness makes the boat what the boat is
and this riding in the boat
creates a world
this riding in the boat is the sky
in the water and the shore
and the sky and the water and the boat and the boat and boat riding in a boat is a world
all this becomes the world of riding in a boat

in this way
we make life and life makes us
so again
a changed life i should say to change the boat to com of consciousness
life is like riding and karmic consciousness
again life is not the boat
and also life is not karmic consciousness life is riding in the conduct consciousness
life is being active in the comic competitions and just like riding in a boat
we cannot ride in crime of consciousness without karmic consciousness
we make karmic consciousness but it is and it makes us for we are

and the whole world
our karmic consciousness in activity the boat is limited the karma consciousness is limited but the karmic consciousness is also
the whole sky the ocean and the shore

and another fatsicles dogan says fish swim in the water
birds die in the sky
and no matter how far the fish swim they don't run out of water
and no matter how far the birds fly they don't run out of sky
to i would say we swim
in karma consciousness well we ride we ride carmen consciousness and no matter how far we ride we don't run out of karmic consciousness

but by observing are riding and current my conscience
just like it's a fish would observe swimming in the water by observing it we realize that are riding and conrad consciousness is the whole sky and the whole ocean of all beings and all things
also dog and says if the fish
leave the water it will die at once if the bird leaves the sky it will die at once so now tonight i say if really a cosmic consciousness
we die at once
it's not about leaving karma consciousness it's about swimming in it and studying our strokes
becoming really good swimmers
learning how our body interacts with the waters of consciousness
this study will lead us to understand
the confusion that were swimming
the confusion that were riding

i i feel i feel complete in that damn rhapsody on the theme of riding in a boat
yeah so am i am open to discussing
come consciousness an
discussing karma cause and effect and anything else
in the sky or the water or on the shore that you want to bring up

i love
yeah i'm on mutant right can you hear me
when you read can you hear me you can
i have lots of questions but i'm i'm gonna start with one about the boat am
works for me for a while and i i'm with you when i i get it and then suddenly i short circuit and i'm
i was thinking that you know we need to study and a we need words and we need teachers to meet us but eventually
it seems like we have to let go of the words and l
experience it and am right now that's feeling like a confusing meat but i was just wondering if you could comment on
how one how one let's go of the words

i think the way of letting go of the words
is by
with them

like for example
if i became intimate with the word gale
i would like all the word game not i would let go but in intimacy with the word gale
gail gail would not be attached to any more
or that's what the word gail and also the face of gail intimacy with the face of gale
there were there will be no clinging to gale
so you're abusing words to ask about
how to let go of words
and then in words
i'm responding to say
become intimate with these words and what you're interested in will be realized
it's seems like one of those
ironies or contradictions that we experience so often
or or it's or you could say it's also a setup
for a punchline
and when the punchline comes you laugh at what you think the words was were before
like to set up in one one set it up his were trapped in the realm of words to setup
and it's a way of working with that setup so we become free of the setup an end and we realize that the setup are being trapped in to are attached to words it's a setup in a joke
it's a joy if the syrup is not get the setup is given before you realize that the setup is funny
okay and the punchline help should be intimate with the setup
ain't no the python hits the line
of the words
think i'll get it i i was thinking they are you a writer i am a poet yes
i think with berlin curls waves talking about writing poetry and concentrating on the words and if it wasn't him somebody else but in concentrating on the words
the poet sort of like breaks through the page
falls through the falls through the page in the word into the light
or the light breaks through the word in the concentrated attention to the word
it's beautiful thank you he worked i see their a lot of hands but i would like to ask one of the question if i could you you in the first class you've said that you wanted to receive a questions on compare
ocean while we studied corporate consciousness and on
i've been thinking about that and
wondering if if it's if if i was wondering why you wanted that and are wondering if it's because
compassion is so essential to the ability to stay with the study of karmic consciousness cousin there are so many challenging things and karmic consciousness but i noticed just now when you were talking that you listed the six para muitos when you were talking about what we employ to
study karma consciousness does compassion the have a particularly important place in that those six our training methods and compassion ah
particularly the first five they are breaking compassion into five parts
enter interpenetrating parts
and neither is my said it was because we're coming into this study this spring after year studying compassion
so i wanted to bring those who have been studying compassion i wanted to encourage them to bring what they learned about compassion into this study
so when you study karmic consciousness when when when the patterns of your own mind appear can you be generous towards them can you be gracious with them
can you say thank you to them
even if there
twisted and pin and painful
can you be careful with them can you be gentle with them and tender with them and conscientious with them
as the second part major can you be patient with
how difficult what's going on
in particular in your case how difficult the words that are and comic consciousness are to deal with can be patient with the difficulty
with the hardship of words and the insult of words
and then can you be diligent about the all this study
indulges ms can you refresh your energy and your with the remembering how important it is to study this is mind
and then practice concentration so you study the current the mind in a state of tranquility
so you can see the way things the way the cosmic consciousness looks in tranquility is different than the way it looks when we're not in a state of tranquil body and mind so those for all compassion practices in some detail in there are also ways to become intimate with
the words in our comic consciousness
and the feelings and ideas and perceptions and everything in kind of consciousness is calling for the same
you know it could say sixth pronged compassion
thank you thank you

a great assembly
can you hear me
ah was lost in last class you may sing our practice is more in ah horror then hot
my her what was i heard you correctly i may have said that but i didn't mean
ugh but i met was on
i there's a lot of emphasis in japanese zen
on on the hora the area below the navel
you know when we put our meditation mujer in that place
so there's there is kind of emphasis in japanese them on that area the body
and in chinese them maybe not as much emphasis and maybe him and my my theory about whether might not be so much emphasis in chinese then is because in taoism that area is also kind of especially emphasized
in meditation
so there is some tennessee and the zen scored in china and japan to bring that kind of darwish emphasis into the meditation but in this class i'm saying that actually
we have other centres of intelligence in the body for example in the heart area there is great intelligence there's there's a mine in the heart area there's a mind in the abdominal area there's a mind in the head so when we
do it when we have karmic consciousness it transforms
our the part of our body which is in the head it transforms the part of our body is around the heart it transforms the bot part of the bought which is around the abject abdomen it transforms when week when we and karma consciousness when we think about our posture and art when we say
about sitting up straight and when we do sit up straight that karma sitting up straight influences the intelligence of our spine
so it has an effect
the the karmic consciousness affects the unconscious cognitive process and the unconscious cognitive process is in this part of the body in in hard part of their body in the spine in the abdomen is also in the elbow
there's a lot of intelligence in the elbow
one time i several years ago i got a system my elbow
and i went to the emergency room and they lasted and all this stuff came about
and there was this whole there
and it did not heal
and it didn't not get infected
and went on for a long time and didn't heal the the in the mind in my elbow knew that it wasn't time to close up the wound in a kept the intelligence here i wasn't thinking keep the woman to open up in the head the part of my mind sort of appear was think
king come my karmic consciousness which which to also as a related up to hear this part was thinking why doesn't that park close up that wound and that part was didn't talk back but it was obviously say it's not time
and if i put a over it did not like that he wanted to be open to the error and it went on for a long time and then it can then it it was done in a closed up
and in a denims scab is disclosed up and i thought i just got i was so
my karmic consciousness was so impressed by this part of my body which is also greatly smart that it knows better than than my camera consciousness knows about when to close that wound so our bark arm are anke are in body mind is all
over a body it's in all parts of our body and there's some spaces or particular really important around the head around the heart around the throat
for speaking
it's a lot of intelligence here around the speaking area in the hands in the abdomen this tremendous intelligence in the hands and feet so i'm saying now although exam
in japanese and particularly there's a lot of emphasis in the great intelligence that is located at the center of gravity of our body the horror
but i'm not saying let's also honor the intelligence in the heart
the wrong the throat in in this part of this part of my body in the hands in defeat
you know when we when we do walking meditation one of these structures for walking meditation is
breathe while you're walking and breathe from the bottom of your feet
use the intelligence of your feet to breathe down into your feet why you during walking meditation so now i'm stay let's use our cosmic consciousness to honor
the whole body because it affects the whole body and in that way by honoring the whole body with our karma consciousness we invite the whole body to help us to teach us to guideposts which of course it's happy to do but are also wants us
to honor it
that's so i did say there was an emphasis but to do a good i don't think that emphasis in which is cool excludes the other parts i don't think that the body he for meditation
i think it just an emphasis that you find in japanese zen
but i think japanese zen
should not get stuck in that emphasis and doesn't need you

any comments

good morning good night good afternoon to everyone
so what happens
at the moment of death in this car me consciousness
can from my plate here and now prepare
this death process but well comments and be enough
conscious aware to meet this process and to
ah yeah leave leave this body resists intelligence in the body
you know
in a smooth and
gentle way
even though and death will come suddenly
even even if concern yes yeah
so i've iced a bright would i am
what i'm betting on what i'm committed to is to use my conscious effort
a for example to set up right to use my spine in a way that's a wake
and respectful
of the spine so the spine can do his job
as best possible by being upright of course it can do it lying down but again to give a lot of respect to the spine to give a lotta respect to everything in my a cosmic consciousness
including the idea of the spine and like comic consciousness transformed my body
so my body while more and more be able to welcome and be open to what's going on
moment by moment
and then if death comes
the body and mind will be ready to meet it and be wizard just as it has been with death
if the mind can be with the whole works of the of life it can be with the whole works of death death is also the whole works
my life includes your life
your life includes my life
the more i meditate on that the more my body and mind get used to that
in that way we realize that our life is is total dynamic working
and then we will realize that death is the same
the whole
sky in the whole ocean and the whole earth come together to give us life
and we'll also give the whole earth life and this and whole earth will give us death and we will our death will give the whole earth death
i'm thinking about this body becoming older being sick and
i felt very cough
i felt okay with that i accepted that a last weekend i spend the whole weekend with
a group of tibetan with the llama and the subject was on death and we did the lot of firms meditation and visualization and in some particular
this realization
i really really came in contact with the fear
and i never met it before because i felt ok
i reflected a lot about about death as you know because of the gospel i have but this meditation i did with the monks
the whole
unexplored world inside familiar with guy and off
deep fear
to live this life nothing party you could have personal but the life in general
the forest the
the beauty of justice moment and i really felt so deeply me
oh what terrible thing to
to live this beautiful worth even if it's very difficult ugly many times
so now i'm
i'm trying to explore the spot in this mind in this bar in there
thank you to give me the possibility to share this and you to the greater assembly and i really appreciate the dogs and those interactions thank you so much everyone thank you

hello great assembly
and you have said so much so much in his class i'm thank you so much
i am observing this karmic consciousness ah
when on
lately i've noticed when i'm listening to the radio or you come across an article in the newspaper about on all of the terrible things that are happening now the war on the the club
any change and on am so these are people that are experts are allowed these people are experts on giving us this
reports these reports and in these things are terrible things and they are happening but army am
ah let's see how to as fetus on
this com consciousness sees it as is a sort of fixating it as this is bad and it shouldn't be and ensued then i get upset and i'm so
me being upset if by if i understood what you have been talking about
this in this class made but it just a few minutes ago that
if i'm
what happens how i need my car mechanic consciousness them it's i mean the the news of the situation the world my comic consciousness meets that and in it's making a picture of it now that is a fiction a lot of that is a fiction and but
insulin if if i'm getting upset about that
this is spreading out
across everywhere as you're saying because my practice is my practice anyone at that point or kind of disagree with you
well before before you get upset when you just hear about something when when you hear about it
like you hear or something good about something wonderful you hear something horrible when your mind is working with that your comic consciousness whatever's going on there affects the whole world
and if you hear something good
gotta fix a whole world if you hear something terrible if you get upset that the whole world
and that's that's always going on the character know if you practice with the bad news
or if you practice with getting upset about the bad news practicing with being upset with the bad news
thanks the whole world
but even before and practicing with just hearing the bad news before you get upset or hearing bad news and not being upset practicing with that also affects the whole world and in both cases in a good way because in both cases practice for free
you from
a cosmic consciousness which is not upset
and i'll also for you from account my consciousness that is upset
group and everybody will be included in not freedom
what about when you suspected this is sufficient anyway
if all everything i'm kind of consciousness it's fiction
even when we hit the bullish but my reaction is not fiction in your reactions not affect your reaction is not an affection but the way your reaction appears in and consciousness is a fictional version of your reaction
the way you reacting as is much too vast and complex to be a appearing kind of consciousness
like like if i salivate i can notice and kind of consciousness that i'm salivating but what goes into salivation is much more complex than anything i can see and kind of consciousness
so everything and karmic consciousness is a fictional version of whatever it's about so i have a fictional version of you and mark of consciousness
i studying the fictional version of you
by being curious about the fictional or version of you that's appearing in my consciousness
i won't understand you through studying the fiction of you you're not a fiction but the way you appear in my karmic consciousness is a fictional rendition of you a fictional rendering of you a painting of you a construction of that's what
i'm seeing
what i am
insane for wonderful is if i could become intimate with the fiction of you i would become free of the fiction of you and actually be able to meet you
who is beyond any little fictionalized version of you
and all all a while everything and karma consciousness is having consequences
whether we study or not what's going on there has consequences but if we study if we practice is the consequences become more and more beneficial
but no matter whether we study or not come the of consciousness has
as effects
let's say for example i mean hearing this hearing this dangerous news you know these discuss topics at least this topics views about what's happening in the world and what's gonna happen to us
that doesn't really help
does the
the news doesn't help the news is is just something to it the news isn't really the hell the news is an opportunity to help
good do we get help by seeing but by watching your my reaction but you want to little on also by being curious about the news so i hear bad news being curious about it is beneficial
here good news really cute doctors picures about bad news the curious about everything and then it appears that curiosity at study that question that kindness and carefulness with whatever is appearing that brings benefit listening to these
the terrible stories
listening to him and observing them with compassion brings blessed
but the bad stories aren't helpful there things to listen to
there are opportunities to do something helpful cause listening
so there are opportunities to just see the need for kindness to see the need for your passion is an opportunity to stay the need yeah right
like somebody said help in that that help help you realize for somebody wants help so it helps you have the venue in and so then you try to help them which is good because that's what is ask me more so the call is in a sense
helping you help it
it's giving you some clue to what you should be cut for practicing compassion with so nice and it's helpful
wouldn't you say though that virtue virtuous action and virtuous damn activity has
more power or more still late or more reality because it's really isn't it really have a reflection of what's really reality and not
the cruel t and that vile lance
you said it the beginning wouldn't wouldn't you say he said the attack and i actually wouldn't say that because i don't know i don't know if virtues more powerful than non virtue
but non virtue you just seem quite powerful
oh well then laundered a virtue is virtue of is what i'm doing making my i try to make my contribution virtuous because other people are making not virtuous contributions or i have made in non virtuous convert contributions in the past and now i'm try
and to do the virtuous ones but
i think maybe the non virtuous also should be respected as powerful
and but i'm not saying i know which is more powerful i'm just saying i'm trying to to make the virtuous contributions and i think i have made non virtuous once before all my age trusted karma i think i made non virtuous contributions and now i want to
for now on try more and more consistently to make virtuous once even if virtues weaker than non verge of i still want to make this week i sometimes feel really week making my little virtuous contribution in the face of huge non versa is things going on i submit my near tiny
thing you know i got these these bombers coming in and way i'll please be kind
sometimes i feel like our virtual just a tiny little thing and as a huge force of evil is surrounding us i don't care if it's huge
i don't care if it's a little i still wonder if my little contributions and if i can make a big contribution fine but sometimes i feel like my contributions are really tiny
but i don't want to make tiny ones tiny ones are better than zero once
and i want you if we all get our tiny ones together that would really be good that's what i think but i don't know how that's gonna meet up with the huge forces of the you know the not the not verge of divorce as i don't know and know of the buddha did not stop non virtue in the world since buddha old
lived has been lots of non virgin he didn't eliminate
but he made good little contributions small by moment
so please join me making little virtuous contributions

he didn't rub ingredients curtis a snuggly pierre
oh first i really wanna thank you so much further a care and generosity with which you've showered us and taking this time with us over these the weeks and all olives ah i know it's beneficial to me and then that makes me hopeful that it's beneficial to others through me yeah
and some of this faith in the the truth cause and effect i think is
very active and meeting of part thanks to her the way you been teaching us so i wanted to thank you for that
then know
so the thing that i've been thinking about orphans since the early weeks i have we're talking about the intentionality that appears as a part of commenters consciousness or that i think what what's even the com karma constant of tectonic as as has an intention hours and and
that our own little intentionality is interact with that's a site her own little consciousness for the a greater karma catch the synopsis was something that struck near only on when you are speaking about your intentions and you even mentioned i'm not one hundred percent sure that this wasn't etta
know about talk that he was signed the subject of intentionally so i think it might have been in this class i'll bet you mentioned how many of your senior students have the intention to lessen suffering and the your intention is not like that your intention is to free to liberate people with
suffering within suffering or with suffered that's that really stuck with me and i've been thinking about the and a lot in between and ah it's meaningful i see the distinction and also it makes me wonder why to hear a little bit more about it and also wonder i even though there
the distinction is is it deserves some kind inverse proportion or to the extent that you're looking to minimize or lessons suffering deserve to distract the track from a wanting deliberate and for this a warning of liberate in any way
moving away from that desire to lessen suffering so far i'd really love to hear you say that just a little bit more about that distinction the relation between them and and what seems to be well
i don't see more virtuous but more beneficial
how to be most beneficial
peter to be beginning you said you seem you thank me for i think generosity and care yes and i do i want to take this opportunity to on say the same thing
to the great assembly i wanna say thank you to all of you for your generosity and care during these sessions thank you so much
i hope you all feel
my gratitude to you for your care
and generosity in your presence in these in these meetings
and again back not a peters particular question
ah i'm not of course i'm of course i sometimes might do something to reduce someone suffer
but if i do do something to reduce someone suffering
i wanna do it in such a way not the not just to reduce it but to help them be with their suffering so they can be free of it
so some suffering really cannot be reduced cannot be reduced
but even though it can't be reduced
it can be engaged with more intimately
and if it if the sovereign you can be engaged him more intimately even if it's not reduced their is liberation from that suffering as it is
if someone can reduce somebody suffering i'm fine with that
but i don't want to distract
from being intimate with the free by trying to reduce it
and i think some people do get distracted from being intimate with the suffering when they try to reduce it and therefore if they tried it
if they lose intimacy if i should say if they lose the practice of intimacy with the suffering for the sake of reduction
they miss what i think's more important
because some sufferings we're not going to reduce we're not going to reduce certain sufferings but we can be intimate with them
and and also sometimes people again i'll say again my concern is that in the process of trying to reduce suffering will lose track of intimacy with it so as some like some very sincere healthcare workers in their effort
to reduce people suffering or even stop someone from dying
somebody's got the youth they do they do things to people who are in danger of dying which
are not helping become intimate with the situation
and so the situation just get traumatized
and because all they care about is like getting rid of the illness and making the person live longer rather than helping the person be intimate with their situation
but is also possible to reduce suffering and also use the reduction process as an opportunity of becoming intimate with it
but so i feel like a lot of people are into reducing suffering i'm just saying i'm trying to make a case not against in becoming reducing it a case for becoming intimate with it a case for being close to it
it can fix it
primarily be close to it and respectful of it and gentle with and careful with it and patient was it and generous with it and for the sake of being free
that makes more sense to your notes it's very clear very helpful thank you know want them

hello rap
and the greatest family hello good to see you good morning good morning as the evening how the how are the birds this morning i'm
i have two windows closed out or up to a bit more silent unknown but there there i'm sure
yeah thank you very much for the teachings to end all those and lessons during the last week's
i'm it's really nourishing and ungrateful for it and especially for the conversation and so also thank you to the great assembling it very supporting and for me not in the sands off getting a lot of answers but to me it's always have fulda gap closer to
two questions and there are so many questions arising during a conversation so
thank you
am today i really like the word rhapsody you are using for and how you described things and and i had a feeling of it was last time when a new team was asking about of western minds you did asked to rhapsodizing and thing is keeping
in different aspects of her one thing even if they seem an and they are contradictions always help to give
ha a clear view of things that are difficult to understand so i'm not only in the sands of giving different aspects but also in giving a feeling for how they are linked together so in a way i sometimes feel when we are all rhapsody
using about things it's like
im dependent core rising on this language level that this is way helpful though i have one problem with a pair of words you are using and quite often i also during this teaching it's dharma and truth
you are using those two next to each other and truth is a very and huge powerful word and sometimes it's difficult to understand it it's always difficult to understand and i want to ask if she could help with this pair of words or will
but truth means and what it means in relation to to the dharma
this word dharma is originally a sanskrit word right
sanskrit and pali it's dharma dharma in sanskrit dharma and a there are i think nine meetings to the word dharma
but the two main with the two main of may three main meeting meanings which i'll bring up tonight
for the dharma one word for dharma means teaching
but a particularly are teaching not much teaching of and and it can be used for teaching piano or teaching english
it can also in that sense or else can be method drama can be method so it can be a teaching but it we say buddha dharma we mean a teaching about the ultimate the truth
it's not piano dharma or cooking dharma or english dharma it's a dharma about the truth so it's it's both can mean a teaching about the truth and the truth itself
so the dharma can meet again the truth
or truth and can also mean are teaching about the truth but another meaning of dharma is
is a phenomenal event a phenomenal thing like a color is the dharma pain is a pleasure is it fear is a dharma confusion is a burma
generosity from got to get them
ah belief is a dumb disbelieve a a doubt is a dime
all these things are dharmas an end in chinese when they translated the word and it's fans great i don't know i don't think sanskrit has capital capital ways to capitalized dharma
i don't know if it has like lowercase and uppercase dharma but english does
and it's image chinese they used the same chinese character to translate the element dharma as they do the truth them so in that way the chinese translation of dharma is like the sanskrit they used the same word for two different things one is a phenomenal event
and the other is the truth and in particular the truth about for now i'm an old bits
so we can say that the truth the dharma has truth teaches us about the of about the truth of events so the big d dharma teaches us about little de dharmas in such a way that we understand the little tease
the truth shows us the truth of pain the truth of happiness the truth of life the truth of death the truth of fear the truth of suffer it takes it it's a teaching or that the teaches us or it's the truth of the thing that liberates
and as nice it in the sanskrit and chinese is the aim were so as not dualistic in the sense of capital capital de capital t and lower case phenomenal
yeah language is a curious helpful thing
so basically by studying the dharma is of kind of consciousness i this which are fictions are older versions the dharmas are illusions their phantoms their fictions by studying them we discover the dharma is the truth dharma
we don't take the dimed the true don is not separate from the loop from the phenomenal appearances
of our common mind

thank you
thank you

have a wrap
lot to learn and east the ship
yeah yeah so ever
well what makes verify my understanding about jam intentions
so i heard please do
that's what i heard you say that the
karma can be said is also be over all intention
you can say overall intention but also tension it intention is the overall
the situation in consciousness yes okay yeah yeah yeah that's just the overall yeah careful there can be there can be there could be an impulse in the consciousness but there can be a bunch of other impulses
saudi so the overall picture of the consciousness is the intention of the characteristics
yeah so the summertime yeah and then for fulfil that that was from really little bit overwhelming somehow
to watch that
worked to become aware of the overall pattern because you're asked like what is you know what your encourage you to watch your overall pattern and that was
feeling kind kind of difficult to work
he's kind of difficult yeah so for example in consciousness we have that many thoughts
and like you can have a some to thought like it's tuesday and well i guess where you are to wednesday he had thought like that in consciousness but that's not karma that's one element in my carnal continence or were in this were in this assembly together we are many
but the surround of that thought is different for each one of us
and i could have a thought like i want to help people that can talk be my mind but the thought i want to help people is not necessarily the current the overall pattern of my mind
so some people could have the thought i want to help people in their mind but they could also have the thought i want to help people but in general but not this particular person in front of me so the thought i wanna help people in general
in one person's consciousness is the the them they they want to help people in general but not the people that are with them right now and another person has a thought i wanted people help people in general and i want to help the people right in front of me right now so the same thought in two different situation
owens has quite a different karma in the first example it is this is thought of doing something virtuous for all beings
has conflicting agendas so the overall pattern is not necessarily in alignment with this virtuous intention in somebody i saw the intentions of consciousness is not so virtuous because that virtuous thought doesn't have a supportive context
so the overall pattern is not clearly in the direction of i want to act virtuously and another person the same thought has a different surround so then that karma has a clear intention which has lined up with that virtue
and sometimes hard to see whether our good intentions have support in the consciousness
yeah i think you thank you very much so sir because i
that's what i think that's where well but when i was i going with my thinking to talk for get it to procure and more manageable i guess for appear particularly to see whether what's going on and it is sort of helpful or not a helpful how i was thinking is way
when it is the and i think this reading the some denier more can also try your comments on it gave me some thoughts about it was like whenever there's more air is imputation of process of essence is going on on on on what is going on that you believe that nurses self in it
the desert not so helpful
the kind of general a container for for it and let's get to the bit
that's the bit that's the definition of of suffering of affliction yeah when we adhere to our in protect our invitation by the situation
yeah but that but that situation where we're holding on to our invitations
that's an opportunity for compassion
look at our home karmic consciousness and for example we have a thought this would be good and then we notice that we're attributing in a substance to that thought and holding onto it we can notice for this is stressful
okay now i noticed that now i can be kind to them in being kind of that will eventually lead to not holding onto his imputations
would you say that in general
well i'm looking out for the difference between or am holding on to something for an hour in office to substandard issues
or is it not so much there that that is sort of goods orientation to have when studying my carpet consciousness oh and in particular that orientation is the wisdom type of orientation in the consciousness
so you have some so first of all we have some clinging to an idea and we and we have some sense of the stress and clinging to the idea so we also practice pink mind to the that
and by being kind to that impatient with the stress of holding on now we can like say look and see who lives seen yeah i really am holding on there and of don't seem to be causing stress high yeah
and then maybe if i asked more questions about this and look more deeply maybe i would be able to see the pet sowie the holding on this invitation as really what things are
so that is part of the wisdom process in studying karmic consciousness
to be aware of the clinging and to be kind to it and then investigate the cleaning
investigating if if the cosmic consciousness is stuck
or is it turning in pivoting with the whole sky and in the whole world
is it a pivoting
if the stock kind of this darkness and investigate the stock us
thank you very much for the conversation and you're a rock and thank you

rob low grade assembly
last week are within the exchange between you and guy actually she was asking or at least on the way i interpret what she was asking
was how we as are in all beings arrive at conventions within karmic chestnuts say like things like foxes are mountains or
the deepest ocean or protons there's some conventions and there's some fictional part
so i'm just curious about the conventional to part and how we arrive at the those thomas like i can accept while the fiction that i make up and other people make up but there's some certain part
that we seem to do agree and i'm like what at fox's are like
does that make sense
yeah i
i think will we
ah languages is a key factor here
life can be ah
the conventions are often connected to words which are sometimes called conventional designations my make designations on things that are conventional so a child may view makes a designation about a thing and calls it a day
dawn and then people say no no no snow dog to fox
and the child learns that the convention the conventional designation for that thing is fox not dog
but then some other person might say nor it is a dog and so there's quite a bit of going back and forth with that and before the before in an ancient past people didn't say fox they said something else for whatever those animals are
and that whatever word it was whatever designation was it evolved so that now in this kissed this historical epic we have the word fox but the word fox wasn't fair for a long time ago they had some of the word and maybe they had trouble funk come into it have go
a language can vent convention together and agree on what to call them with i think it's an ongoing negotiation in karma consciousness with input from other karmic consciousnesses to make up conventions by how he designated things
so it's it so you're saying it's an ongoing negotiated
that codependent are rising thing that's happening all the time all over the place right so for example now we're in a process of negotiating with jet with them gender pronouns
there are some shift from he and cheek
today and from his and hers to theirs
there's decent don't she is going on in the designation so we might stop using php or in some situations
maybe not when the person says that they would like to be addressed as he or she may still use it there but we're adopting me and another convention of whom were speaking in general for some unknown person about for example the behavior of a bodhisattva with might not say he
we might say day
for them
or she
but if it's a body sought for whose told us they'd like to be referred to her she we might say she would like to have lunch this bodhisattva would like to have lunch and she'd like to sit there because she told us that and that's a convention to about who you who who do you say they and who'd you say she
if all convention is all and this is of these are fictions
the are fictions he she they them
and but that doesn't mean we should an honor them we should be great novelists you know we should be great literary hardest and we we should learn how to be intimate with these words and by being intimate with these fictional desert conventional designations we discover
the truth of them
and in discovering the truth in these fictions that is buddha that's buddha
and also interest covering the truth of these conventional designations were liberated from holding to them as being what it know the a substantial things were treatment cling to
i have an example of a early on he talked about people not seeing things unless they have a concept for what they are are and i'm a biologist and a study algae and they're really small
and bosch what find a new one that nobody's ever seen before and then all the sudden people see it everywhere and so you ever heard what happened i these are for yeah
right right
and when my daughter was was a was learning language when she was learning
a word which she didn't even know before suddenly she saw that word everywhere yeah so she was learning like chinese from her mother and the chinese word for airplane is fay g which means flying machine
so you know two weeks before she hadn't her she didn't know the word and she didn't know what as she hadn't heard it nah she's heard it and also knows what refers to and now that she knows what's referred to as she sees it everywhere
and one time or in her room and she was looking up in the sky and she said fe g and i looked in the sky like all i could see was a big blue sky and i said where
and she said fe g and i looked and there was this microscopic airplane know like sixty thousand feet up and she saw that airplane
and what you're learning dog you know everywhere we go there was jobs everywhere in every how she's hot dog in every car she saw dosh that's this is this is what is like to learn conventional designations and before that she wasn't troubled by that stuff
an actress she learns the word then try to get her off that word
good luck
kill like gear
so it sat it's eight forty four does anyone have a something brief they'd like to say

well then i just wanna say again and so grateful to how
kind and generous and caring you all have been to each other
to are subject to the buddhism bodies such as they appreciate your great kindness and generosity and care and i pray that we continue
to be kind and generous and respectful
and courageous and working towards being intimate with all beings and things so that the boot away will be realized
thank you so much
monday our intention equally extend to every being and plays with the true marriage buddha's way beings are numberless without to save them afflictions are inexhaustible
we vowed to liberate them dharma gates are boundless we vow to realize them away is unsurpassable riva to become that
thank you thank you am only thank you so much ram read
there i learned thank you is a rare i can