Zen Meditation Is World Transformation

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Talking about recent surgery; Buddha's 'a good place for a sanctuary'; the Buddha's work is face-to-face meeting; conversations within a family; opening the door to our original face.

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this is not very important but still probably just for your information
on three day and around three o'clock i had a surgical procedure where a skillful physician cut open my thigh
and took these out
they were inside my thigh
for fifteen years
i'm recently
these these crews have been you know causing more pain and mourn been so
finally we decided to take him out and say are they are
and my legs getting used to
their consequences of the surgery and also this these things not being in inside their wiggling around so i'm going through a physical adjustment
and i'm full of gratitude
someone asked me last night when i was gonna be doing today
and i said i'm sitting at not bored i'm gonna go to
they were they thought it was really ridiculous
how is gonna come over here
and do this this thing today here
but i said i'll be really careful dory
don't take care of the body
thank you for coming

and so since our last one day sitting
we had a new year's greeting and
i think that the new year's greeting i brought up something which i was intending to emphasize
ah this year
especially at the beginning
which is a a story
ah one of our zen classics
call the book of serenity is the fourth story in the book of serenity
and the name of the story is the world honored one points to the earth
wrote that out here
world hundred one points to the earth and i wrote crowded around the side too
we're honored one points to the earth roll-on or one points to the earth twenty points
i intend to keep working on this calligraphy and was really beautiful i'll give you a copy

so the name of the story is the world on and one points to the earth and the story goes like this
as are i'm not sort of catching you up because i i've been in an intensive meditation prior to the surgery i had an intensive meditation experience with
people that going out for three weeks
and one of the main focuses of that meditation retreat was this this story
so i'm trying to catch you up with the the teaching train that's been going on the last three weeks because i'm sort of under strain and
on the train okay
so the beginning the engine of the train in a way is a story
one day the world honored one
walking along
on the face of the earth probably in india
with a group his group
and the world i went and pointed to the ground
this character here
means point and also finger
the world honor one pointed to the earth
and said this is a good spot to build a sanctuary
the leader of the gods and goddesses took a blade of grass and stuck it in the earth and said
the sanctuary is built
so that the engine of the train is
this is a good place to build a sanctuary

every phenomenal moment every moment of phenomenal experience is a good place to build a sanctuary

and one definition of a sanctuary is a a place of refuge or safety

many people now are i think
synthetic to the project
a building a sanctuary
moment by moment in this world
so as a basic program
again this place here is a sanctuary
but also each moment in this place is a good time and a good place and wherever we are the buddha is say whatever is happening is a good place
to build a sanctuary to build a place of refuge

the earth this place on earth is a good place
so i tried to keep that in mind
every moment
i'm very happy
to try to keep it in mine and i'm very happy when i remember and remember and remember i'm very happy to do that
a sanctuary or a refuge
a refugee means a place to return to for what well
for me i guess what i'm emphasizing now is a place a refuge for
face to face
have to choose
face to face transmission of peace face to face transmission of justice
ha sanctuary a refuge for doing the buddha's work
the buddha's work his face to face meeting
and transmitting the truth the dharma together that's what i'm sort of
remembering as buddha's work which i want to remember and
give my face to i wanna give my face
to this transmission face to face of the buddha's life
i also want to welcome
the face
of the other
cause this transmission is going in both direct and in both directions were doing it together we're doing the transmission together face-to-face that's the kind of transmission it is i believe
as an i did a piece of calligraphy
here vibrant if you want it you can have a copy
ah in japanese is pronounced you
and the first character the top character means face
men and the next character needs to give for stopped
or interest
set means give the face
here's give your face
but also it's to give your face to another face so it's also to receive that other face
and this giving and receiving is the diamond transmission of the buddha's
which we which we could practice
if we remember that this is a good place to practice it
and maybe if you say you're going to know about is somebody such as ridiculous you might
forget to build a sanctuary in the middle of that accusation

but you might not you might say oh i'm being accused of being a fool or this is a good time to build a sanctuary
so this is a one way to talk about the work of buddha's his face to face transmission

and over on the side here is my name
which means what can be translated as the whole works
the whole works actually his face to face transmission

that's what i am
i'm face to face transmission but also the whole works means the whole universe
and the whole university his face to face transmission of reality
and also the whole works means that the whole works it's not an unemployed whole
it's a whole that works and the way it works his face to face

another way to say this is
a face to face conversation
that we can build with this this and this all was this right here right now is a good place
and a good time
to have a face-to-face conversation with another
a genuine
fully responsible conversation
that is what is work
and this of this conversation this meeting or bringing your face to meet another face
it has the potential that you bring
all yourself
to meet all of the other than two holes meet
and in this meeting
the the life of buddha is there
and in the halls on this meeting
face to face
you have to give your face gotta have a face and you do and you gotta give it
and the other the same
and in the wholeness of this meeting of two holes
if if if it's an ethical meeting if it's an ethical relationship of meeting
this the the i
the self conscious
the the self centered consciousness
he's put in question
and as put in question not the self consciousness is not put in question by itself although that's okay
the real put your question comes from the other
so part of the fullness of the meeting is at the other puts this self in question

the buddha's work as face to face meeting
with and other
the bullet and in an asshole and is full authentic meeting
i am put in question
what i think can what i believe he's put in question by the other and as i said earlier it's okay if i questioned myself to do
but not enough you named the other the question like what are you doing tomorrow going to know about are you crazy
maybe so

ha in the intensive that google
during the two dharma talks
there were on there was a question and answer but kan on sundays there was a question and answer after the dharma talk
so it seemed really appropriate for this kind of practice of face to face meeting and for
and for me to be put into question and syndrome important too
start a conversation now
average one of just mentioned that somebody sent me
a letter recently
about a conversation
there was going on
and her family
and it was a conversation between her and her son
and then also between her son
and her son's father
and the conversation was about the boy
being very enthusiastic about entering and musical training academy
he really wanted to join this academy
and his mother suggested that he and his mother felt very supportive unhappy that he that he was so enthusiastic about this wholesome enterprise
so they had a face to face conversation about it
and she suggested to him that he talked to his father bought it too
and he did
and then when we talking to his father his father reminded him that he had entered into another training program around basketball
and that town and that the father and son but in particular the father really enjoyed doing this basketball thing with his boy
and am
so there was some difficulty about stopping basketball because commitments had been made and also the father would miss out
when mr basketball thing if the boy stopped a basket i wasn't feasible to do the basketball and music program so seem like it after
give up the basketball to do the music or give up the music to continue the basketball
and the father was struggling with this and the sun was struggling with this and the mother was struggling watching them struggle
in this conversation
and now as i'm feeling that the father wanted to let the sun do something he really want to do but also the father
was feeling some sorrow about not being able to do the basketball thing with his boy
and the boy knew that and kind of was thinking about giving up the music to do continue the basketball was his father
does he know how mr father enjoyed that and so they talked this over both
knowing that the other love them and the other hand some desires which conflicted with theirs and they they continued the conversation
and the basketball program actually as a conversation to and also the music programs a conversation so those are conversations also but to me that the touching thing is not some module which
which way it goes basketball or music
touching thing is the conversation
and the conversation is going on right now
and this is up
this is what i would like to encourage this conversation
sometimes and students think about zen practice or something that can undergo and i sit in meditation they they're doing it by themselves
i'm not argue with that i'm just saying
zan practices is a conversation
the bulawayo ways
a genuine
wholly responsible conversation

and then i can also say if mac

i can also say that
zen practice is reality
represent practices zen practice is reality
and why can also say reality actually is a conversation
network that's what's really going on in this universe is a conversation

so then is a conversation
the reality of the universe is a conversation and it's a whole hearted conversation

signed by you
to devote your life to reality
to devote your life to a whole hearted face to face meeting
right here at this spot more by burma

today i had several meetings with here before the
before i came here to talk to you
back in that room
i met
one two three four five

but a people
and guess what happened
we met face to face we had a conversation we practice that
we practice then together this morning face to face conversations we enacted the reality of the universe together
now the people who were not in that room having the conversation there
when another room
maybe you maybe you were there with those people in another room
having a conversation
but maybe you didn't notice that you're having a conversation
i maybe the people back in that room didn't notice they're having a conversation
but they were
i assert that they everybody in that room was having conversations and maybe not too many people arguing but some people might have forgotten
right in the middle of the conversation it's possible to forget you're having a conversation
it's amazing we can do that
i'm not having a conversation i'm just telling you what's going on here
work i'm having a conversation but you're not
people often ask me when i say want to talk about up a whole hearted fully responsible meeting with another they say what if the other person doesn't want to
what they're not interested in talking to you what if they think you're not a when he caught a worthy interlocutor

in our interlocutor means
he not intervenes between you know lucky to me speakers inter speaker it's the person you're talking to
and you never
this conversation never starts or stops
it's reality
one of the other person doesn't want it well i would say that that's the that's the person you're talking to somebody who doesn't want to and actually they're they're fully don't want to
the people in his room are also having a conversation but you weren't talking probably to anybody you are talking your head maybe
another layer of this which i didn't mention he said
in this place now at this time now i want to build a sanctuary with you
face to face
in silence
and stillness i want this conversation to be in silence
the sanctuary don't really talk in a way it's the silent place the sanctuary doesn't move it's the universe
making a place for the conversation so also good to remember if you can remember if you want to build a sanctuary moment by moment for this world
if you want to
then i would say he would be nice if you will remember that
if you want to i pray you remember you want to
then i also think of be good to remember stillness cause stillness is the place to build the sanctuary
and silence and then give your face
to the world
so you can be met
the world meet you at your face give it and you do give it so get with the program
of your face and reality
so i this discretion which are meeting each other
aren't a big
so i have a post operative face to face meeting
with the surgeon are going to have a conversation
and i'm gonna ask him some questions about these schools
how are they how how did they how are they in my down in the sky
how are they operating what were they doing what was the purpose and
now there's are gone have everything gonna be okay
and i'm gonna say to him
thank you very much you did a great job you've got the whole screw out
he told me beforehand worst case scenario is just cut the tips of the screw the parts that scraping the interior of the thigh
best the best to get the whole thing out
but you have to have just the right if excuse the expression hardware
to get them out and sometimes the screws script to sit in on get embedded in the situation so he got these screws out fully he got the right hardware he had to do some research he had to go check you know the wreck that surgical records in houston texas to find out what
the surgeon there are kind of screws he had what kind of wrenches he had say had the right equipment and he told me before i got the right hardware
and i'm wanna thank him for doing a really good job we're going to have a nice conversation not nice we're going to have a whole hearted conversation which might be nice
i'm gonna thank him

and i'm gonna thank you
and i'm gonna buy you
the practice whole hearted conversation we can means i'm an invite you to practice
but buddha away which means i'm an invite by to practice practices and
when i'm gonna try to get myself to meet your face to face

can anyone tell me

would you please say yes
yes thank you
the on anybody wants to say at this time
are you pointing to the earth
so a question occurs to me for for me to think about to that wet know what his face
what is this the universe is aces
sentence with them yeah
so where it in a site that assertive infinite question where ways my
i agree with you
she laughed and then she got real serious illness listen would happen would have written here what kind of like the pannier math
is it funny or not well

it might be funny and that's funny
anyway you said infinite and it is infinite this is about infinity this is a by using a finite thing
to meet some finite things
the realized an infinite thing
so there's in a way there's two kinds of faces there his face after you are born
and then there's the famous zen face before not not just before you were born but before your parents were born heard about that one it's the original face
our practice is to realize your original face which is hall was here
which isn't you know invisible
from the face a whole face is invisible the the the human face is visible
the human face is visible say and i'd give the visible human face to visible human faces i i i do
and i want it
and it's funny
sometimes and that's funny

the be ended in i said invisible
the the indivisible faces invisible
so they are so
our practices to realize our original face are invisible face and i just would say for i'm here talking that the conversation between visible faces
opens the door to the original face
what the original invisible face
the buddhist face which is
when i face really is
and been our face really is
is is completely other from our face at the original for us but we can't skip over our
limited face
and somebody after the last i think it was after the new york city somebody said to me as as leaving no abode
the teaching was too hard
an an a
and i and i didn't really want to stay much longer it's i left
the person said dismiss as i was walking out in know about this said teaching me too hard but then later i said what you mean to hurry she said
well home
i assume know when you say you know face to face meeting you mean like not really wholeheartedly meet the person and in these times i sometimes feel overwhelmed and just want to hide
it's sometimes hard to do a basic work of meeting another human face
people are having a lot of trouble with certain faces these days
they're like you know
they're having trouble with certain faces
him to like wholeheartedly with full responsibility meeting certain faces and so if i say to so teaching about meeting or fully and been fully responsible if somebody says is too hard is overwhelming i just want to hide
so i i honor that statement because
it does sometimes seem hard to meet another human face
but it is is this is an unavoidable opportunity you can't avoid it and also if if you want or competition
what if you want to accomplish the buddha away from you gotta meet human faces if you want to meet the invisible face of reality
you have to use your language and talk to other human faces it's such a great opportunity and it's so sometimes difficult
so if you think it's difficult to can feel is difficult
i know
got a lot of company that feel is difficult
but still
what gotta do it if we wanted to room
have this
transmission of the dharma
what you think we do we just rather not do the work
the gory work
okay yes
we know when you're exhausted
like for example recovering from surgery yeah and you aspire to
rise to the occasion and bring your yourself to city
how did you
have you find the energy

i endeavor
to get my face
foi to the exhaustion
and and then
the other comes to meet me
but if i if i you know
don't accept this exhaustive trace the face of if i don't accept the face of the exhausted one
i don't give my face my exhaustive face to the meeting
the wonder working
here's can like distance i printed at a distance i don't allow myself because i don't want myself to be this exhausted one so then i don't allow myself to have the meeting
so i told some many you in this story which maybe you heard six times
you don't know yet whether you did not run
because there's so many stories which if if you might have heard right so don't know which one it is yet so this is a story about me taking a walk with a very nice man in the hills of gringos to the history
ah you remember it
but you remember it right
at least one matches that description
you say what you until the rest of it
i restart remember around you were going for a walk with a nice percy having conversation hu and can you hear in for why he was i was taking your walk with a person and having a conversation and for a while enjoying the conversation and feeling yeah that's you wander it yeah
now check you going with yourself
can you hear him can hear him
are you you tell me i'll say it how much all amplify it so yes
and and
after a while after a while
it seems like the conversation had run its course and they seem like the conversation had run its course it was complete he was complete has seen my that to to you to me the correct that the conversation was still going but the conversation continued
mostly him talking
this nice guy
and so venue
he told us that you said
thanks a lot i'm gonna go now yeah that's the end yeah but you missed middle middle
the middle was prompted by the word exhaustion
that's what i'm reminded me of this story because this is a story of were in a exhausted means like to come to the an dread exhale the conversation had exhaled
i was exhausted
and so you say what do you do and you know or you're having a meeting in you're exhausted
and he kept talking
and i was
and i was a and i didn't want to like be rude and say you know
get me outta here but i i was like being suffocated
and and more i felt suffocated the less energy i had to like say can i go let me outta here
but i didn't want to talk like that because he's a nice guy i do want to hurt his feelings and but the more i've i felt like i want to get away and unless my energy was the more he tried to put me up with talking faster and giving me less chance to get a word in edgewise
and i was you know my i was getting more and more exhausted
and feeling more and more uncomfortable and not wanting to be rude or on unappreciative of this nice person who is strangling me
but but as i more and more felt the exhaustion like like i can the verge of death practically in the middle of this conversation like life and death
had we not
a voice game
to remember what the voice said
yeah the voice said i love you ready
i think it was my father's voice maybe
at the fullness of accepting the exhaustion
and suffocation of the conversation like this is like major major problem here i've got this voice of compassion came and energized me and i said thanks for the conversation and walked away and was rude
it was just like see later
so that's
when you know when you can't meet the person when you don't have the energy
in the pit of exhaustion if you accept it
this inconceivable
power of the other comes to you but if i'm not willing the the power of other means not just one person but
totally beyond what i can imagine
and delivering just what we need it comes but it won't come if i want and not willing to be exactly myself
which is like exhausted like trapped in a conversation you know who knows how long
which had an idea and before i started i wasn't like okay we're going to have a conversation now and it's going to lead to and really unworkable situation you know it's gonna be terrible you ready for it yes now he was like very nice and and some our into this pit
but i accepted it and salvation came in that
but it's hard to accept exhaustion
to the fullness of to be fully responsible and fully responsible doesn't mean i blame him
even i can see he was responding me to me anna
he was contributing to the situation but it wasn't his fault he wasn't to be blamed we were doing this together and we ended it together but we couldn't end it together until i was going to be the suffocated completely and when i was
this wonderful voice came i love your rabbit and time it's the moment and then every moment dislike like that there's a time to ended
but we don't see it
unless were fully there
and it's hard to be fully here
often always actually it was even if it's pleasant it's hard to be
that's not overdoing it or under doing it
do you feel were caught them
doesn't that there's there's going to take a few more talks for you be dakota
who was retort
there was a rhetorical question and it was funny that i didn't understand english

yes i wondered if you have plans for your screws as some point when you
remind people to make the part of a wind chime
yeah it's possible
there is it there's you know there is a buddhist tradition of having relics of sages
so usually the first cremate the person than you find the relics
if you cremate me you would have found these six and people are whoa he's really a very safe look into this huge relics

yes and yes
yeah go back to the face
question wait a minute get back here where i'm not done yet
only basis
the relationship to power
yeah that's that's part of again part of an ethical relationship with the other is to work with questions around power
that would be part of part of ethics with the question how the powers working
and realize free him from power of freedom with bar
but everybody's got power
but most people are caught an egocentric ways of working with it
i paul egos and power
but we have we need we need to have are egocentric power questioned in order for to find an ethical way to use our power and we can we don't figure out by we don't solve systole figure out how to use
my consciousness is in our fleet figure out how to use my power ethically i can try making people who say to build and people can tell me than gimme a hit you should use your egocentric power ethically okay thank you might have to figure out by myself know i mean some people think i should
this a they assigned me to to use whatever power i have equal egocentric power cell power i have to use it ethically but i would say well don't abandon me stay with me and helped me find out
i appreciate the assignment but it's not for me to carry out by myself that would just be simply purely egocentric way to deal with power
put my put the way i'm working with it into question please
did i address which wrong
good i
you tried to catch her

the universal t

you have to see
if to see
okay so i hear you say it to see and i have something to say one here it seems fine but ah
but an order for the seat not to get stuck in the seeing you have to user have to use your language you have to talk
seems not seeing as to dominant
six now we're not eliminating saying
we need to bring a conversation together with the scene
so we so the language cuts through the vision
so find a c but with in a conversation
i'll be right back yes

agree on the same reality that the same the same facts underlying the situation
what has happened and i find that so so
i feel like i stop talking in that situation because they don't know it to say
we seem so far apart if we can't
if we can't say what we know this this happened
and it seems to silent
this up not being able to talk is a good place to build a sanctuary
that set up sounds like a hard to even remember to build a sanctuary in not being able to talk not being able to talk is kind of related to being suffocated
her exhausted so that's another good explain place to build a sanctuary and here i am in this family situation and i feel like i can't talk it's for our or cannot racing there's something as opposed to remember here what is it or yeah i'm in the family situation where i'm be blocked my i can't speak
but i can remember to build a sanctuary here once you remember the that's what you're up to then the next phase will
wow can i need this not okay now sanctuary this is a place to meet what meet not being able to talk
and then i began if i'm meeting that than you may find some words will come there are words there but they may not arrive until you
set up situation for them to arrive it's not like desperately looking for somebody to say that's not really what you're looking for those words
i'm not read the words than on a conversation they're more like rebellion against your assignment to build a sanctuary and to start the conversation
can start with silence and stillness in the sanctuary and then
the words will prompt and they want and they'll come
from the other
but that's hard
but not impossible
and it's not like you're just like collapsing under the not being able to talk here like a busy sanctuary builder and much as busy or heroic somebody who can remember her job to build a refuge for the practice and now remember watch the practically item meeting
the it's meeting these people who are making poor conditions for me not being able to talk
but although i can't talk i can meet this situation
and then suddenly those words and that they they may come out of me or they may be in me but they come from the other
turn my head or come out of my mouth biden
i didn't go get them
hey i see leo was somebody before neil
leo and are you making gestures over there leo
make a sanctuary
what have you fail
that's a good place to go the sanctuary
which is similar to make a sanctuary in the sanctuary collapses
so not being able to isn't
on the surface of the earth there's lots of spots called failure
and the buddha points to each failure the boot it doesn't say that's not a failure the buddha says this failure is a place to build the sanctuary
and success
people don't say i don't even need a sanctuary for success i'm just gonna enjoy it no no i mean i okay go ahead enjoy it but the buddha's it isn't saying enjoy this enjoy success and or even enjoy while the kind of thing enjoy failure in the sense of when there's failure
this is a place to go to sanctuary this fingers pointing to every situation
and if it's called failure you build it there but even though you build a sanctuary and failure it's it's it's just for the moment
and it's gonna it's impermanent
and and you're building a sanctuary
which is a place to remember that sanctuaries are impermanent the place to practice is impermanent this this temple is impermanent know now we have water damage over here
you know and the second floor
the bill has been wounded by the rain by the beautiful lovely sweet rain as wounding our building is destroying our temple that a temple we have we have a destructible temple and word didn't never gonna go try to relate to the wound right
but remember the building never going to stop being and permanent
but we're gonna build sanctuary all over this place in my body you know the leg is broken and they put this medal in the now they can take my loud and are who knows what's next
i don't know it's next to you
but i hear the buddha's teaching that whatever comes next will be a good place to build a sanctuary
and something's again as fuck hard to remember it
why right okay
yes okay

to me it is to change take sanctuary in
does present moment and this stillness that is always there and i'm happy create that is already there are taking sanctuary when taken correctly the up in had an from that as openness yeah
the fear
get it good just as taking forever to the building is help with phil tufnell to me the is not i could have to create something extra it's it's just
touching was already available
the buddhist smiled
i smiled i forgot to mention the boy smiled
yes and yes
i sometimes feel like a building sanctuaries is like really like breathing yeah it is like breathing don't i don't think the surface of the sanctuary is to build it to get anything
you don't get anything from you're reading you just read of building building sanctuary is to while depends some people might want to build a sanctuary to give something and then we ask why i wonder if when you want to get something from it maybe the getting is what makes you feel
you failed or you said yeah it seems to be the case for a lot of people have and then and then put them kind of realize the i built a sanctuary to get things and then things went that way and now i see that's maybe not the way i want to go i want to change the purpose of my sanctuaries in the future i want to
well sanctuaries to practice not trying to get anything but to give things
best kind of by and i'd tried to build sanctuaries before this other way and i see that it did not work and i also heard from the buddha that it doesn't work to build sanctuaries to get stuff
but that's our national animal inclination is to be acquisitive
and again being inquisitive is a good place to build a sanctuary to to give up being inquisitive

her animals are generally acquisitive where we're biologically we're acquisitive were trying to get energy were trying to take trying to take get all the time return you know we're deluded and desirous turn to get something in a sir
so what engine when we notice that we're trying to be there way that's a good place to build a sanctuary to for example letting go of that natural biological tendency by practicing compassion with it and having conversations about it
do thing to say to me yes what is it are you trying to get something out of this
in are you trying to get something out of this conversation
wouldn't if we feel bill sanctuaries on something that let's say i failed and then i want to build sanctuaries on what i fail than that building is also not that sanctuary is not also you're either it's each other
as a result of wait a second i missed what made it not pure i'm ready i didn't see what made it not pure
because i'm doing it from a reason prior to that it doesn't come out that
that wouldn't be good that wouldn't be that would be as that would be defiled sanctuary yeah so so you can boast sanctuaries to defilement that would if you want to so if bill sanctuaries undefined me not hard defilement
every place all defilements are play our yeah so all the families are good places to build sanctuaries and some people would like to build sanctuaries to make more defilement
that i can see that is if you buy but i'm not talking about that type i'm talking about on the defilement is all defilement are good places to build sanctuaries to reality
but i bet a reality is people are allowed to perpetuate defilement that's fine where were totally supportive of that
if anybody wants to do that and some people some people do they say well yeah yeah i heard that i gotta do the defilement of a bit longer before i'm ready to try the other one point
okay last pure if you're aware of the and you're doing in a defiantly
then that's a way since getting is moving the right direction is not quite period because you still think you know what you're doing
about receiving sanctuaries hurt
i am not even i don't know like
a whole saintly receiving be the recipient
it just came to my mind and yeah at the risk is well whatever i'm crazy that i think i see i see this little angela little angela and her new name for you and right there an ice there she is and we have convert
station when i said she's that the window sill oh he said come on come on yeah that's mature ah lin's mature all these on a little angela tells the big angela can be sure the big angela jones aluminum and the lily losing this debate over
hey and then and then
the either i guess it would be
i'm a lot of ego and the he goes there once and then i wanted a big one yeah and i watched my cell
and painful try and get away try and get away
from the face to the us are trying to get away his guess what
trying to get away his his ah
good ways to build thing too young
mm next based on your voice bits
daily action and now that that's a good place to yeah and so maybe that when i heard that voice there's no place to go
no here you are a to know you no place to go isn't a good place to buy a sanctuary it's not a truth it's a can place to build a sanctuary wow well ultimate team we can confirm to make you could run by really wherever you are racer
and and so this line of reasoning is a good place to build a sanctions about this
but that's a good place to attention
the to i think for my mind i'd say i to use i were this as a residency this is a plant you really see sanctuary that is here in the you know that you don't we are not realize the here it's it's give and receive
yeah but i guess what it's it's kind of starts with giving
start with giving
and then there's your shaving to again that giving and receiving the face
sanctuary building and then receive sanctuary building
and every place is a good place to give and receive
every every phenomenon is a good place
okay i see where ten o'clock or other it is this as twelve thirty some hobbies is or anything else before we have lunch
lunch is a good place to build a sanction indifference

hi i'm paying homage
to the moment
venture an equally extend to the