Zen Meditation Is World Transformation

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Our practice includes everyone's else practice; other people's fulfillment is our fulfillment.

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one could say that as and meditation is
our world transformation
or is it is the is moral transformation i was gonna say world transforming but there would be like resent meditations
there's one thing and and world transforming is it is something it does
it's more like it is world transforming

if not just a bug the practitioner
during a practice and transforming herself by the practice although
it is that
the practitioners practice is the transformation of others
just like the buddha the buddhist practice is
the transformation of others
when beings are transformed
that boy
and that's hard to understand
and there's some teachings about how i can be so how how that so you know
but it's almost like as you know it's it's the other way around that
how that so
is the practice it's not exactly that we have this explanation
to explain but rather
on the explanation just saying the way things are and then the practices in accord with that
so i've said i've said before that
each of us includes all other beings so if my practice includes all other bags so my transformation includes all the bags and also i'm included in all other beings
so get my practice is included in your practice in your life
and that's hard to understand
and believe but the i'm
i'm putting out there for you to contemplate that
your life includes other lives and your life is included in their lives therefore your practice
the practice others

but again people are thick what i'm practicing here and it's going pretty well for me but what about the pit other banks all over the world
how does what i'm doing here
maybe i'm bill
relate to all all the other basic
in the world in the universe
they're the same thing

the border enjoys doing buddhist practice and but his practice is other people enjoying their practice but as practices other people enjoying practice
and but enjoys that
so self fulfillment
the buddha's
his other fulfillment
have sometimes people i have easy time understanding that light you you see someone who sell fulfilled and you know and you feel like
totally fulfilled by their fulfillment so lot of you know easy for parents or grandparents will they see the child fulfilled
then they they feel fulfilled and nobody's particular surprised by that
but it's it's like that when other people are fulfilled that's your fulfillment
and it is in a new hire fulfilled by that that's like real
most excellent fulfillment
but then people we don't even know we can even see them
it's harder for us to understand out
how works

so i'm i'm
grenada to for the meditation is year that of looking at practice has world transformation
i'm actually
other people
who are not being fulfilled
their lack of fulfillment is also other people's lack of fulfillment
so everybody is so if some was not fulfilled their everybody's included in are not fulfillment
and and there and they're not fulfillment
pervaiz everybody
even though buddha understand that the people who are not fulfilled or actually realising the buddha away together with the border but they don't realize it and they're not realizing it affects everybody
and buddha's realization that they are attaining the way with the border has facts everybody to

at least one minute
after guess they can say
he ended a woman early as because he was in pain
he couldn't take it anymore
he just gave up
he says the same

the experiences
you people are so something

but we had a good date anyway
even though
i'm a wimp

even though not a wimp
we are embracing our wimpiness
or maybe i'll just take my screws and go

he feels today
really is fulfilled
yes when i once abs because i'm interested in the world awarded speaking of people maybe have different realities and i think i'd rather cheese that language two different narratives
i decided check with you
different narratives find the incumbent narratives that we have different reality yeah and also you can say different worlds really different world does narratives are world since that kind of want to take the reality
and between out
the desert
now are other people have different worlds different stories and
a big part of this is attending the and respecting their difference
thank you
okay well
and then as it then

hey or intentionally a and to every day and place where the to marry our buddha as his way
the a exam are numberless ah a bio to save them
issues are inexhaustible
era refer to run down the time okay
an hour to enter them but either way is unsurpassable i go to become less

thank you ask her