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i'm not sure what led to the possibility of
relating of a birth story
a birth story of the buddha
many way i i was about to bring it up last week but there wasn't time so i just gave a brief
if the brief picture of the story and then there was some responses to the story
so i
i wondered if you for
if this is if the story is something that question
look at this time or not
veneer responses
one person is nodding her head means you think look at the story
you are for last week to reach you
are there any
objections to looking at the story a hearing about it

so there are these stories which are called a tikka ah which means birth story
and the stories about the historical buddha as past lives
and someone mentioned to me that
some scholars think that these stories were made up by the
by the my honor practitioners the packages is a great vehicle of a bodhisattva
but they weren't really circulating at the time of the historical buddha and historical buddha didn't really say these stories about himself
these stories appear in nepali literature
which is the literature of the army
supposedly the early teachings of the historical buddha
but i could imagine that the scars would suggest that once these stories were made up they were so good that they are older tradition didn't want to be without them even though they might not have been authentic didn't want the my on people that have the story and then then not have it
but anyway these are stories about the bodhisattva
but he sought originally meant
the buddha in past lives evolving towards the buddhahood
ten them at after the historical buddha passed into perfect nirvana
the this new movement adopted that word for the practitioners of the great vehicle
for beings who are not just going to attain
an awakening which will personally liberate them
from delusion and suffering but
a pack of actually become buddha
actually realizing buddha
and of course that doesn't need to be understood as a person or by herself realizing buddha
in this world what buddha really his
and the spooky stories or are about individual bees
heading towards is this buddhahood and this story was about
i am
a person who wish to be practice asceticism and went into the forest
to do so and
what's very happily practicing in the forest
and his practice was is a central practice was the practice of
the practice of
being patient particularly with with his his own experience because they want a lot of people out in the forest with him he might have had he might have had to practice patients with insects and other animals and plants but
maybe he was working on his own suffering in his own

he was working inwardly
on himself
so that his heater ah discomforts and his inner confusions and delusions and unwholesome states would be cared for
in such a way that they wouldn't actually are enslaved him and
cause harm to himself and others
now there was a king
who have on a hot spring day
one or two i'll go into the forest where it was cooler and were there was some beautiful waters
where one could refresh oneself so he went with his harem
and probably also
some guards
some military escort and he went into the forest and they had a lovely day afternoon or day frolicking in the forest
and refreshing themselves and the king
the power for king i also drank some intoxicating
having his fill of such pleasure he decided to take a nap and when he took a nap his a harem saying that he digne his he didn't need their services in their attention locked him resting probably with a guard and went off in other areas
of the forest and came upon this yogi
and when they saw him they were pleased to see his serene
and they politely approached him and asked him about his practice or i guess say i think they actually asked if they could approach him and he said okay and then came close and asked him about
his practice and he said my practice is patience
and they asked him to get him sought give them some teachings about the practice and he did and they were pleased
and then the
the king
i woke up from his nap and noticed that his harem was gone and went looking for them
he thought
he wasn't pleased that they were gone i will think and then as he approached he saw them listening to the teachings of this yogi and he kind of felt that they were more interested in him then the king and he was a job
this end
and became very angry
he was still drunk
he was too intoxicated and he was angry and
sorry he grabbed a sword
from his own body or from his attendance and when stumbling had the yogi to punish him for what he perceived as are usurping the attention of his harem
his a the senior members of the heron and queens i saw him coming and were distressed to see his his rage and went to him and kindly talk to him to
tell him that due to the this this man did not attract them he did not distract them he was just quietly sitting in the he did nothing and they they actually approached him and because they thought he wasn't necessary for them to stay with the king and
basically the king kong on little bit but ah
not completely
and he got this idea oh this she always does yoga is not a real yogi not a real aesthetic
he's a fake
in the buddhist tradition
there's two kinds of aesthetics two kinds of yogis that are criticized as not being authentic the
and one type is a yogi who is able to attain concentration and the power that comes from concentrating white energy
various when you're concentrated you can hit baseballs better and play ping pong better and also fly and things like that
so there was an indian culture at that time and before there was a sense that a great concentrated beings had great powers
so fat in the buddhist tradition is not mean deny that but we questioned the use of that power for any unwholesome a personal gain
and the other kindness of that would be one kind of for cod but king didn't suspect him of being that kind of
false yoga he thought he was the other kind of false yogi which is a yogi who doesn't practice yoga
a person who has a practice which they espouse to and get support for
but they don't really practice it
so he assumed that this is yogi was not really
that what he appeared to be and wanted to test him so he asked him after he calmed down a lot that but he still wanted to kind of
refute him or
you know
disgrace him
so at that time his harem seen that he was still nie in a bad mood went away very unhappily because they thought he might hurt this this this peaceful person
so then he calls him he says false authentic false cod what is your practice in the oh you said
patience is my practice
and so then the kings and or your patient are you well
and then he cut
he cut his hands off for his arms off
and then he said the
not what is your practice
what is the teacher your practice and the you said patients your majesty is my practice
but your your majesty doesn't seem to understand
the cutting off my hands will not touch my patients practice
when i reach it
and so then the king cut off his legs
and asked them now what is your practice false aesthetic and he says my practices still patience but you don't you don't seem to know where it lives
and then the king cut his ears and his nose off and again said what is your practice
an aesthetic said
is my practice
but the king doesn't know where it lives you can say a word as at lilies and deep in my heart
and then came texas keeps his heart and knocked him over
in storms off
and then one of the king's attendance a general comes over to the yogi who is an and tries to give him some medical attention but says to him now it's okay to get angry if you lose your patience
but don't use your power to destroy the nation
so that part of the story shows it people that the theme
general thought to show he had great power and did not want to go you to use the power
do take revenge on the king and his army
and he only said i'm i'm not angry and i won't take revenge
i wish the king peace and happiness
i have no ill will towards the game

that end i guess the buddha says and that yogi
is making on my ancestor that that yogis is is or isn't that life led to this life
and then
that's the story i don't know
what led me to bring it up but
that doesn't brief version of story and as i said you can find it if you write in
the dividing or county hard
in india
it's a long story is in it's so long as it makes me feel like you i a surprise me and the buddha would go into such detail about this
first you know that you're busy gala buildings to do the same time long elaborate stories but that's the story
and one person is not here to nice
sent me a message saying are you saying that it's not okay
are you saying that it's not okay to this allow abuse
as a lot of negative not okay to disallow abuse and i said that
it's fine to disallow abuse
it can be a can be quite helpful to disallow abuse or you can disallow a lot of things that can be it can be quite helpful like i used example are disallowed the x ray technicians from moving my leg because i thought it would be too much for me
if they had moved at anyway i don't know if i would have lost my patience
as it was they didn't and i didn't lose my patience even though i was uncomfortable
but if they had moved it i i don't know if i would have lost my patience i might have just screamed in pain and not got angry at them because yeah that's what i would like to do
so part of the story is but the king was trying to control things in the world but can't control himself or rather i should say trying to control things in the world and cat encounter or manage his own inner turmoil and confusion
and ill will and fear and possessiveness
doesn't even had the idea to look there to see what's going on he's he's a puppet of his of his emotions
the track and trying to control the external world and the the yogi his primarily trying to cultivate and care for
and develop compassion in relationship to his own in her life
and from that compassion
he can relate to the external world in a way that would help the external world but he wasn't trying to control the external world
and the buddha's life they start a buddha generally speaking i think i feel i see the i see the buddha demonstrating that he was benefiting the world but not trying to control it
and i don't remember him saying i cannot control the world but i feel like you almost said that i'm not able to control the world i have great powers but i'm not able to control the world but i am able to benefit the world
i am able to be kind to the world inwardly and outwardly and i can be kind to the world outwardly because unkind to the world inwardly
if we are kind to i felt inwardly that will interfere with us being kind to arm ourselves awkwardly and ourselves outwardly my older self
it's all beings
you're out herself is all beings
is that your story

or is that a story that you wish to live because even if you live that story it's not necessarily yours right so i wouldn't i don't want to say that's my story because he didn't really mind
it's a story which i would like to share with innumerable the researchers but i hear from the body as the that's their story
the people moving towards buddhahood their story is that they're out hodor their holder self is all beings repeat herself is there in a sense organs and
their emotions their thoughts their feelings
but been my thoughts in my feelings and my emotions are your how does our part of your outer self
in that story is not something that hot his mind that i own
when the story i aspire to
i aspire to learn how to respond compassionately
my interstate
for the sake of responding compassionately to my outer state

so without being possessive and what do you aspire to and in relationship to spend and what questions you have about such a story or set for such a path

you aspire to have an appropriate response to what's happening yeah
for whatever you'd like to have a proper response to whatever comes

right it if we close off what might be an appropriate response that will
hinder realizing an appropriate response
the through proper response could have been please your majesty do not i i see you're raising your sword not please do not cut me because
i'm you know that's too much for me i cannot allow you to do that
and the king myself pardon
yeah please don't do that because i won't be good for you
that you can change the story for like can make a new one where the yogi says please your majesty do not harm me because that will not be good for you
and then the king says thank you see later or the king says how do you know was good for me and cut anywhere tell in doctor versions and see what when last for two thousand years
probably both word
you can say one more thing yes


in contemplating the story i
i've been asking myself
what is the balance between taking care of the external world like
for example
cleaning the house
saving money or taking care of a car
you know how much of that can i do
without getting distracted from
my inner awareness

and which is really most important to me
down to clean house
hard to be working on myself
now even if i say to working on myself studying myself is really what's important still i do clean house
and when i do that do i forsake my self study at that time
don't have to
but there's there's a possibility that i would get distracted from myself study
by vacuuming
the pilot could make some noise a vacuum is hard to is hard to even hear myself think when and vacuuming and impossible but
it's noisy
and if i knew that actually vacuuming wouldn't be so loud that i wouldn't be able to remember my vows would i give up vacuuming because it's too advanced for me
and then try to quietly as somebody else to do like me
with more enhanced
what do i do when i'm not back to me
well i can aware myself like here's a here's something i wanted to tell you about
i bought this new car it's a wholly car a it's a yogi car
he could really good gas mileage
and then
people say you like your new car so why don't exactly like it i'd but i do kind of like the holy you know i like i like is shrinking carbon footprint i like this really good mileage
i like it i felt good about it i feel like i'm doing the right thing but now i learn another thing about this
and that is i learned that i'm slowing down to
i'm not just in a car that gets good mileage i'm driving slower then i did another cars were not so aware that driving with the south speed and decreases mileage
so vitamin many slow and i'm driving kind of as slow as i can without harming the people behind me
so i probably won't be getting any tickets for quite a long time because i'm drivers did they give you a ticket for driving too slowly they do haslam
below forty on the freeway
and they give you a ticket for driving to joy
sixty workers

get six or more
how do you see how many there are
anyway i am
i notice i slowed down i'm really driving much slower
and then i notice
actor i notice and i feel to a different driving slower i mean different
it's really one more aware myself i miss lauren and makes me it makes me more kind of interested to study myself i'm going slower
i'm more interested yeah more interested
i'm not so much trying to get somewhere anymore
i leave earlier or not a fanatic answer how long it takes because the longer it takes the better mileage
so so you know i'm not saying i never noticed mice my inner stay when i'm driving before i did but i notice it more now because i slowed down and i noticed when that i'm more aware and myself driving
then i'm driving slower
but i could get distracted by could even try to reassure myself by
you know turning on the radio
but again
what am i turn or eighty for is it part of
practicing patients to turn the radio on is it part of study myself to turn the radio on for am i trying to go someplace else than pages here with me the way i am
i'm the first person and maybe the only person in the neighborhood was looking to see that
if somebody is a car with me they may ask me are you studying yourself
if one of view in the car party asking me that right
did i answer your question
you have any further questions about that
how about you
what are you studying
did you ask me what i was studying with jasmine

oh yeah and that cap that's what i'm studying and driving slower i can i can drive and study
the i would tend to get more distracted as a dry faster but not just drive faster but dry faster to go faster they dry faster step on on the accelerator to get there faster step in the cell accelerator to go faster rotten stuck on the accelerator to grow the
appropriate speed
not trying to get anything but just be he caught in the zone so to speak
and the vacuum machine if i would i need is a vacuum machine that gives a better mileage if i if i'm meditating
but i don't have a vacuum cleaner like that i have a car that gets better mileage if i drive more slowly which me and which means i have a car with gets better mileage if i'm
hmm of course you can drive more slowly but not study yourself but it has had that effect that i'm studying myself more
driving this car
then i have driving other cars
i borrowed one of green gulch his cars a while ago because
i told you about the a car that kind of blew up so during that time i gave my holy car to my spouse
so didn't i didn't have a car sidebar google just car and think i'll catch this old clunker
i just recently been fix it didn't it didn't start very well
it's an old subaru station wagon and i got it and i thought this letter corvette
compared to my holy car you know and again
it's harder to meditate in that conquer is it's like a sports car compared my car plus there's no indication and driving at tulum with element pepe or way no indication that affects the mileage
it's kind of more fun to go a little faster and to like zip up the hill rather than
crawling up the hill
i'm somebody behind me and then i give up crawling and go to speed that they would like or pullover i'm also pulling over more than i used to
so again backing
makes it harder for me to study myself actually
it's kind like i'm trying to clean her
i also do with a broom the broom is easier to go back to meditate yeah however the broom does not work very well and carpet
get to see more yeah right
watch i like vacuuming i just have time to meditate and your practice is more advanced i think for for me anyway and then is also as hard a vacuum and a symmetrical way from below
it's it's difficult practice quite advanced for some of us

yeah the contract monkey part of it

i'll check that out

you're relating to what



didn't see
what wasn't so much that your story prohibited you but the way you responded to your story
into into interview yeah yeah the way you responded he inhibits your ability to understand

come on

and then


that ah

i can see more


i was struck by one things you said when you said i was very lucky and no one was around
that also remind me of the story because he was very lucky the yogi was very lucky because he spent a lot of time when nobody was around
so he can build it he was he was having his stories they're out in the woods right but he can nobody was around so he can work on his stories rather than after you know talk and get distracted from his work
so it was very lucky that he could have nobody around a lot
so we need some time when nobody's around
so that we can check ourselves out
when we can check these stories out
not just the stories but also the story of our response to the story to see how was that how do i feel about that why am i upset about that afterwards and so on resident have somebody around right afterwards and then we don't have a chance to look aside from the trouble we get into we we
need some time to look at our stories site
i hope
that if you've been given this opportunity to have some time when nobody's around
or even if someone's around where they're letting you look at yourself that they're being quiet that they're giving you some solitude
iraq rocha said that
i think he said you know maybe he said something like this but forget about real just say a spiritual marriage is a marriage where
the partners are protecting each other's solitude that you let the other person required but at the same in just friendship a spiritual friendship is when will you let your partner you let your friend
be as though there weren't anybody around so that they can work on themselves so they can study themselves
so when we're together
yeah let's try to help the other person and maybe asked them to help us to
you to tell me a story
would you tell loud could soon as you can hear

learn the class and a car
filling it an expressway and your the car and time
by and we're going learn and
we're trying to get over that way
the next night over the weekend because there's a car in canada and are going slow
we gave you know even brightest person there really was who is
go around and it's you
the i'm sorry
the he never did you never got home
he couldn't go the usual way
is could cassie
he did pass me the you did not are you do the you did pass me
he was safest as if it was dangerous that was the gba version

the computer as a local library
you did well with the computer to use the computer at the local library where this is a very is of the series of computers use the last computer and england were sticks so there was so it was smith's least here i came here
to the left some of the city's the right of this is i say hello to the person on the roof because i knew that it was the me how to get in and out to be aware of me and he just looked at
leaders and low rises
smile and i vaguely remember was before that this person this man didn't respond when i said love you seem angry so then i sat down in i'm
and most over to choose our rulers nvidia backed up a little screw myself off and other son uses loud yell
yeah i turn around to my lap and he said you finished my elbow and between the two cheers and was really a limited thing and i said i'm so sorry
then he looked at me said of did he do that her
mean i since have even asked the question like have would you do something like that service in the guy off a new to the library
he talked to her in that you're after a while i gotta talk to the because i was worried that is to say something if places will be quite like it happens and she certainly very upset
he was taking down and notes and i said well you know he's very angry that the woman next to me a life that the same thing and i told her exactly what i got happened and i said you need to the
zoom somebody because he used to get something others and she's a don't worry he's not going to see you use to the library amazing
of either she well
he's quoted kaiser nicely see the doctor
items as was looking i can i do anything to help you before he went to the library you just ignore it was very very angry it was very unpleasant that's really really unpleasant but then you know i was thinking
who was your son will go on my heart because with a cell phone and said allowing him he just didn't respond his face was like a stone sculpture you're done here digital divide
push the cheer that to suddenly have municipally didn't say in my miracle pinch the states elbow between cheers and cause of pain it is very low
he could have to drunk drunkard king
the drop in what g

but i got referred to as couldn't let it go with is a four cylinder a firstly because i i did touches out if it over

i was reading the fish were in new york times last week elizabeth taylor and his it's a story that joan rivers is medium told that she could make a jersey elizabeth harris dispenses she got older and put away for her most famous joke was it was good sailor
had more chances than the chinese phone book
and then she heard a story that elizabeth taylor heard that joke she said that doesn't push me for him
and of i heard that same reason
oh and also filmmakers when she heard that response elizabeth care of you per article for life
oh so i just one question because of me and estuaries in a word
and it does remind me of ashes prices capacity
crochet and
we don't see on my pregnancy you slowly
faith in the situation
just trista sutter my faith in that story then he said another way to save viciousness case of are you live
i do by power though is easily another synonymous with patients in this context food complex
what i guess he his face his patients patient is what he trust
he lives he lives in the heart
a believing that that's or
that's the way he wants to live
is to respond patiently to whatever happens he believes him that for the uk the
ignorance in the
illusion a three occasions this situation
patients with others illusion or hatred of slandered for viewing
yes patients with that yeah definitely for our patients and patients with your thought that he's deluded like his kings is intoxicated
a powerful to loot in
that's what i think about the king and if and i feel uncomfortable when i think are stupid i might feel uncomfortable
that about somebody
i might think or they're not worthy of my friendship or they're not worthy blah blah blah but again to keep for another thing that and week i said was that she didn't take it personally so as i mentioned in the diamond sutra when the story quoted the buddhist
says the reason why i didn't lose my patience with this king
is that i didn't feel like i didn't take it personally i didn't feel like he was separate from me and his stupidity and his fear and his intoxication and is possessiveness and has been threatened by my powers and is possessiveness of his harem i didn't think how disgusting
i saw the king was me
like i know how you feel
so diamond sector saying the buddha was saying i know how you feel man
you think i took you took your harem away from you and i you feel
but you know that this story didn't emphasize that he can see this person was himself
but still he was patient with there's the dependency the patience is key to realizing this person who's doing this thing which you think it's not so good or the thing you think is stupid or degrading
he can still think that that the person harming themselves
but many don't think that somebody other than you are harming themselves and the patients will help you not just do not get angry at the person and wish them well but something even more completely enlightened of realizing that this is your self your meeting
and this is a difficult situation and meet yourself and help yourself
but that's the sort of the ultimate point and the son of patience is to realize that the thing we're being patient with his ourself
all the time
but yeah that are paying inner pain or inner confusion and other people's pain and confusion that's that's who we are for nothing in addition to any of that
but if you don't practice patience is really hard to realize it
if we can't like be there in an interface between two things that are really completing each other but it's really difficult at that point sometimes
somebody's driving too fast somebody's trying to slow somebody's you know that's a hard place to be
it's a hard place to be patient but if we can be patient we can realize that who were talking to herself that who were actually talking to us that whose accusing us a who's abusing us is ourself and doesn't mean that we don't come back with some a
corporate response to this thing with both parties may call abuse
he might attack that the response would be the response of a person who is realizing that they're talking to themselves
but we gotta be gotta be able to be here to to have that realization if we can't the for over a it's theoretical and we're off to the side doesn't count they actually come and take your seat and then do it
as many patients
the tyler
someone else does
it's not like
as as
news is more
war acetate
she is
get off the hook for photograph
historically falling and the source or are all of us are
browse officer
he were here
and so
so because for messages
it was the
cause like be
say oh discrimination or uses place he understood well was
oh you can't like grasp
the danger is situation causes too few days
enquire how to get the latest
a sure sign
gracious as well as situation is that
so like
for my or when i see is a market
it was
say what is that

he hated

looking at that night
the islands
the patient

his patients really
that is
when you talk about moving

he's always
filter or something that me i like
can i see something this removal guys he's a leader moment can you hear her
we just speak up a little bit i can hear you but i just wanted people you're talking to my direction could you speak up a little bit
okay i did you ever could do a to me a question right sort of yeah before answer your question do you mean to call on you before i respond to that
first the first practice is welcoming the first practice his
enough say thank you to it
the next practice is to be careful of it
the next practice his patience
you can walk on the thing but not be totally there with it
you can let it in the door you know heartedly let it in but not feel now that i'm at a t and i'm responsible like really be here with it
the patience is like either with it after you and allowed it your first response was not to push it away
okay so now you now you can practice patience
you can push it away against you can have a hard time practicing patience because you're not in the neighborhood of the thing to be to be the impatient is i can be a leader and not to think of the future
and and so the previous two practices our generosity and ethics be very careful of what it is if you're posting patient with him really are outwardly
what you're going to practice patient and has nothing to do with waiting because you actually doing the thing that should that you've been waiting a whole life to do so to speak and tell you practice patients are waiting to do and now you can do it now you can be there with this moment protecting you got the better than the door first
and so you don't have a problem being gracious it's difficult but you you understand it and i want to give it a problem of being careful is difficult but you understand it
so the patient isn't then waiting patients is looking now
that's really sit there with it must be still
and that sets up
our energy to to vent practicing concentration
what's your another hand over the neighborhood yes
fortunately that's our project
is it is okay



and here and hearing about patients

hearing face

yeah racism was president time with the buddha it's still present and buddhist spent her life
her responding appropriately to racism that's what was got that will the buddha's contribution to this world is to show again and again
i'm an appropriate response to racism to violence to
other kinds of prejudice in indian society
he couldn't stop it but he said he he showed a way to respond to it
and we
we have a potential here of eventually drawing everybody into this appropriate response
then maybe they won't be any racism then when everybody is practicing but until then all this stuff is challenging us to come up with the proper response
challenging us
to see how can rush limbaugh be me

how can russian in bobby me
how could i say
i know how you feel
the guys in pain you know he takes many overdoses on painkillers right
and then when you take him any painkillers you know you don't care what you say because you know you're so high in your painkillers so you just all this unconscious stuff comes out because you saw you a free of pain water i can say whatever i want

can you speak up please
can you hear that louder please
she's been thinking a lot about the word impeccable city


it was

yeah impeccable you know have the root of
penn foot
are stepping impeccable me is my tripping
so in order to be impeccable we have to look inward least a little trip up on ourselves
and it's hard to look inwardly and see all this
confusion and but be with it so we don't trip on it
so these people who are impeccable are people who
you know about their own confusion snappy you will have no confusion it's they've learned to be aware of it so they don't keep shipping on it
and then it's inspire you to learn to be impeccable by doing the same practice

is impeccably like what
the number pi or

i don't know but i would like to try even if i'll ever get there
may our in equally extend to every the place where
the way the things
yes i to say