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the germans

hi i've been asked and it has been suggested that i thought
talk with you about how to work with
so my first my first thought is
that i would say that the way to work with coins is
the way
have working with
your life
or life
i we some i might say my life or your life and it isn't that i possessed my life are you possess your life
but there is to some extent your life from my life
in that
you have a version of your life
and that's kind of your life it's not the totality of your life but it's something here
you're aware of
your where your version of your life for uruguay know your version of life
i can be called your life
and so the way of working with your
version of life that we can talk about how that's the way to work with cons
so cons or zen stories are problems
of life
or their life problems
or at the same thing they are
themes for meditation
so if you
look at your life right now
as a theme for meditation
then you're then you're working on a colon
if we look at our life now has something other than something to meditate on
and then later maybe will meditate on our life
then we're not working on of then story we're not working on his and we're not working on a call on
we're waiting til later to work on a go on
like maybe when you read a story later about something happened in the past or the some assignment you've been given to meditate on
so it's a subtle switch you know
like you can be sitting
in your so-called home
and you could be thinking
that i'm
ah that you have a class tonight or tomorrow night
and you'd like to present some teachings tomorrow night
st you the story that your present you're thinking about some teaching jurgen to present
but you're not meditating
on what you're doing right the time
so then your thoughts about
you're teaching tomorrow night
your life of thinking about your teaching tomorrow night
it's not a meditation topic for you it's like some work you're doing
but it's not
call on work
when the mind switches who says or what i'm doing this this work i'm doing
for now or for later this is actually
the a topic from meditation now
then i and sort of instantly your enlightened
you actually doing as and work suddenly
you may never did the class may never happen
what it harvard does what it is who knows what it's gonna be but
the important thing is your free because you're doing your work
you're meditating on what you're doing at that time
and you have in the reason while one way the reason why you're meditating on what you're doing is cassia you have confidence that your job
that's always your job and you have no other job
other than
understand moment by moment that your life is is your meditation
the current assignment you have a problems you have that is ah that that is the only zen story that they're really can be
for you
and just a slight flicker and you're like gap
the a sort of like lost
you're not what you're doing is not as and story it's your story your story is not as and story
because you don't treat it like a zen story
huh but again when you treat what you're doing right now
and right now and right now when you treated as
as the practice of zen
then it is
when you treat it as what you should be meditating on
and then you do the meditation than it than your story whatever it is is a zen story
zen stories are about people who are meditating on what they're doing what they're doing is they're practice
they may think that there are buddhist or something but then they meditate that are think on the other on that kind of thinking
they don't like believe that there are buddhist or not believe there are buddhist they study that what their story as at the moment like i'm a buddhist or i'm not a buddhist
if you think you're not a buddhist and you read and you understand that that thought
is your meditation topic is which is what you have to meditate on not exactly what you should meditate on but all you have to meditate on
practicing enlightenment
how there's a story
as then story about
one way to tell the story is the bodhisattva manjushri
the prince of dharma
the bodhisattva a perfect wisdom was
gets a standing at a gate
another way to tell it is he was standing outside the gate
and the buddha maybe it was inside the gate
maybe the gate of a monastery
so you can say he was standing outside the gate or you can say he was standing at the gate
and the buddhist testament your street
good good good son
why don't you enter
through the gate
when i see i hear minder she sang
i don't see anything that is outside
how could i enter
i don't see any outside or inside how can i enter
how this is a story about a great bodhisattva in the buddha but
i i was thinking by doing it but i didn't
does so many people here i didn't want to create a hubbub
but i think the by standing at the door there
but not and then asking people
as they came to the door but
i thought to more about and i thought well maybe nobody will stop at the door
but if you come to adore
dude you realize that being at the door is is the topic of meditation at the time of being at the door
and if it's topic of meditation do you stop
and consider the problem of a door
where'd you say no
i gotta go into i gotta go inside their meditate
not going to stop here at the door and meditate the doorway cause traffic jam
but you know if there was only one student and i was her first
and apprehended the student was enlightened they might stop at the door
just come to the door and stop
and notice that there's no outside or inside
and then
realizing no some no separation between outside inside graciously enter the room
and sit down
without any sense
of meditation starting outside at the gate or inside
in the story seemed like manjushri stopped
to give the buddha a chance
to ask a question
how can you stopped why don't you enter
how could i enter
and also the reason i stopped is so you'd asked me that questions like a show you that i'm not fooled by inside outside
and then
and then the buddha and you know just feels very happy for this
for this a person who has a perfect body and a perfect mind
of freedom
so if you think there's an outside
you like to stop thinking there's an outside if you think there's an outside you can take out if there's an outside
but thinking that there's an outside
if you're working on a con that's a meditation topic it's not that you believe there's an outside you meditate on the thought that this i'm not i'm outside i'm outside is not reality
unless you meditate on it
if you assume that reality with a meditating on it it's a delusion
if you think it's that if you to see it as a thought
even at the and meditate on it it's not a delusion is just a meditation topic it's a problem
to see if you can remember that thinking that you're outside this room is your meditation at that time
and then you might you might be very happy and say i'd i'd like to meditate on being inside the room but by the way before i go in i actually can't find any outside
all i've got is the meditation called outside that doesn't really outside is just what i'm meditating on
and i'm inside and nine meditating on inside
so this inside outside in this insane knows i also applies to you and the buddha
are you and the tradition
like nancy was telling us
a few weeks ago that she was feeling like a visitor or something like that she was feeling party
she was feeling where she was outside
and she seemed like she meditated on that
and somehow how much like last
the outside
so again i may think i'm inside i may think i'm outside and you may be like that to the question is when you think the way you think do you think do you remember the touched your meditation topic
that your life is your meditation thing do you remember that if you remember it i wouldn't say you're inside even though you're totally in accordance with the buddha ancestors presents what they do
they they're the people who trained long enough so they can remember that their life is or meditation
the meditation is there life
but they don't really think or believe that they're inside the tradition that the that the a member of the in-group
they are the body of the tradition and the people who are the body of the tradition don't think
that their insiders
or outsiders they're free of that that's the tradition the tradition is a tradition of being free of inside and outside the tradition
what everybody thinks they're inside outside for him between
everybody thinks that now and then for all the time everybody's concerned about whether the in the in member of the in-group or not
that's fine
when you think that way
if you remember that that thought is your wonderful work it's your meditation now
then you relieved of such a of whatever thought it is that's than what your thought is like for example i'm an insider i'm an outsider than your thought is a call on
it's a reality which you're trying to meditate on to understand how it a reality
and if you don't meditate on it and just believe it then it's just a delusion
and you're not doing your job
and you're feeling stressed
because you're doing your non zen job
which means you postponing your zen job and that always feels a stressful
but again i proposed to you that when you do your junk xander job
you relieved of the future
he relieved at the future
and he remained in the past
and you're relieved of the present
cause you're working on
what you need to work on and that's what take care of the future
and that will help you see
you how in that space between you and the past
when the meeting between you and the past
that's where the future is cared for
and in the meeting between you and the future namely are thought to the future and then you're caring for that
he relieved with past
in this little story
everybody's in a family
and nobody's an insider
you're in the family
where there's no separation between being in the family and being outside the family
some manjushri is definitely buddha's child
and he's put his child because he's free of being inside buddha's family or outside boy's family is free of any separation between the two

so she is in the family
but she's not inside or outside the family
there really is no such thing that you can find
but when there appears to be such a thing
that's your life
and that your meditation topic at that time
and if you wish to get some other assignment that wishes your assignment
and when you accept that when you accept your assignment
you relieved of all the other assignments which weren't given to you anyway
that you are worrying about
and you can still think of those things
if you remember that their year
meditation topic now
yes us

can you hear her nancy

yeah same thing being relieved of inside outside you'll be relieved of the suffering of inside outside
yeah you could yeah you could think if the if you couldn't think inside outside that you couldn't be relieved of them
if you couldn't think of them you wouldn't be relieved him
hmm what
what you would be suffering them know he be know it to be doing it to tell me what you're doing
but being relieved that the suffering about
inside and outside
is the same have been relieved of inside outside
and be relieved of inside outside is a same as being relieved of the separation between them
and being relieved with separation of them does not he don't need to get rid of them


you're wondering about that
and i'm saying something something another old angle on that is you're telling me you're wondering but even if you weren't wondering you could still be saying
my job is to be meditating on my current conversation
hannah as mac and while i'm meditating on the current conversation i think part of my meditation is going to be wondering about it that's the type of meditation i'm going to be doing right now
but the confidence that the center of your life is right here now
and we're not exclude non central things
to be at the center
and now doesn't have to exclude past and future a matter of fact now have the past and has a future
and again if i'm thinking of the future like my class tomorrow night
and i'm doing my job while i'm thinking of the class tomorrow night and my job is not to think of the class tomorrow night is to meditate on me thinking about the class
i can stop thinking about the class tomorrow night and think about class last last week and my job is not to think about the past last week my job is to realize that me thinking about last week that's what i should be meditating on
because my thinking about last week is my life manifesting as such a thought and this is the koran
and the the family style the family tradition is this way practice and when you do this way of practice your real you relieved of you can think about the past and be relieved of
simultaneously and you can think of the future and be relieved of his simultaneously you can be thinking of the future and not be worrying about it anymore
why because you doing
you're doing you're making your life the practice should making the practice your life
see it

i am i'm i'm offering you a concept


say again

i'm not following you do you say call on on the level of mind is impossible


this is where basic when i have i thought that is more important than were fully right at the moment and i followed us off was a second stop there when you have a thought which is more importantly what you're doing right now
that's like you're you're what you're doing right now use your thought
what you think that that thought is more important than meditating on that thought yet
yeah sure
well sorry hi i thought huh well
your nine years kind of just you could say you're distracted into the thought or by the thought
you could say that you could say that this thing's been given to you which is which which is your job and you think that this thing has been given to you as telling you that you have some other job and what's been given to you and what's been given to you is saying that to you
so so the mine is playing a trick on you the mind is saying think of something other than taking care of me
that's that's the cost is a on i'm not fooled by you telling me that i should be thinking something other than meditating on you
and then and then thought the mind says good
very good
you you didn't get fooled by me here we go again next moment
so a decoy on isn't the cohen isn't the mind
but the mine being treated properly becomes the corn
but it's not exactly that the minds the koran is that you treating it
as your work makes it the con
but it's not really mind because ah
you know it's a it's a relationship

yes as to be lived experience but that doesn't exclude the mind

the mind is not high
many people are looking at the ceiling

that that the verbal expression the mind is not i
that is something to meditate on
that statement is the current call on for you to study
so i'm not gonna tell you right
and i'm not going to tell you wrong
i'm gonna say are you meditating on that as your current assignment
are you trying to get an answer
the does it to your assignment which appeared in the
no but i will know

what is what she said
it became so right now
anderson jeff
and i'm suggesting ah
that when you move from it being a possible meditation to use tag this is my meditation right now i am going to meditate on this i'm going to meditate on the mind cut wondering what the mind is i'm going to meditate on that just because that's what i'm up to right now

i'm not only is it possible but you just did it
you asked me if it's possible to say something and you said it so yes it is possible and you actually actualize that possibility just now as the first party or question
did you follow that
you know since you brought it up i'm talking about it you said is it possible to say and then you said said this thing and i would say yes it is possible to say what it is possible to say what you said
and now is it possible but you could also have her and asked may i say the following
and you'll actually have to say it before i give you permission
why can say why don't know if you can say the following but even but i guess i'll just say you have carte blanche you can say whatever you want even though i don't know what it's gonna be
now remember your question
when ask it
aside from the thing about possibilities

okay bypass gay
generally speaking
watch out for bypassing

especially bypassing the mind

right and that's one of the reasons why you might want to bypass it and go someplace where you know what's going on
the trees are not trying to bypass the mind
the trees i'm trying to bypass mind as far as i know but lot of humans are trying to bypass their own mind and also other people's mind if if they can figure out how to do that but bypassing your own mind is a cruiser a common characteristic common a common activity of humans i've noticed is trying to
bypass their mind

so are you proposing a state of a state of mind where there's not methodical thinking going on
and you're asking how about that
are you saying if my mind not being methodical
is that a is that my life
is that my life at that time you didn't really ask me that but you could ask me that when my mind is not being bent methodical but it's being a mind
and it's somewhat aware of itself but not to methodically aware of itself is is that my life at that time you might ask me and i would say
that i think is your life at that time
the story your story at that time is got a mind but not met not much method
a next question is this a suitable opportunity for meditation
the answer is
it is the suitable it is the one to work on it definitely in any other one will be anxiety generating even wonderful ones like tomorrow night i have to give a class and i wanted to be a good one so i'm in a study for it
but if i don't see that that thought
opportunity for meditation then my then that thought is not a call on for me
them it's thought i'm caught caught by whether it's methodical or not i'm missing the opportunity the central opportunity of an enlightened life
when you're thinking non methodically at that time
best your life
at that time that's your problem at that time that's your opportunity
to meditate and when you say okay this is an opportunity and i want to meditate on this current state then you're studying a call on tenure
a study in your life rather than having a life but not studying because you think is supposed to be doing something else other than study yourself
if your mind becomes methodical than that's the one you have to take care of
some people have that's kind of life the a methodical life
and that's the when they have to take care of the people don't
but the people who meditate on their non methodical mind
they get a chance to meditate
and they're non methodical mind becomes a colon
becomes the example of for opportunity the opportunity for realizing reality
so then if you pass them a methodical mind later they have a good chance for a better chance of treating that with the same kind of attention
and with that kind of attention they're not attached to having methodical mind you can say can i had a methodical you can we please give me the methodical mind back and they say find here and here i'm passing you another non methodical minus which please take care of this new
a fine
the out there will because anything you give them is it is equal opportunity for enlightenment
because they always meditate on what's been given to them not what they think they should be working on
what somebody thinks there should be working on they work on what they're being given
so i'm saying this state is okay in the states okay or the states not okay i'm saying all these states
if you're starting cause if you studying
then all these states are your job or your problem or your practice are your enlightenment like can't be the slightest bit anyplace and other than what you're doing now if not later tonight when you're going to give a talk about enlightenment
it's this thing right now
and we the train ourselves at that because we get to keep getting fold
by the mine which says later you gotta do blah blah or yet or before you did blah blah and doesn't seem to be saying to you would you please pay attention to what i just said to you and not get distracted by me
so in the story just she stops at the door to test the buddha
then the buddha test manjushri to keep testing each other to see both of them are like not getting distracted from where they are
when just she did not get distracted and the buddha did not get distracted and they had a nice conversation and now you and i are
here's a question for me that
yes stopped at the door but his intention was to test the
so where's the corner
are we are you're in your other example of taking a class with you into all night i heard can she realized that i wanted to be a good class
it seems like intentionality sort of practically wow
it's projected before
no intentionality is a test for yourself

yeah your intentions are testing you your intentions intentions that you have within your mind our testing you treat to see if you can remember when they arise that for not going anyplace and they're just asking you to take care of them right now
even though they're talking about a good class tomorrow
so they arise to see okay did did you fall for that one
so so the coin you start and then when you doing it when your mind when you're when you're being tested by yourself then you also can test the buddha's at the same time
with with your own testing
you know is the okay now i give the buddha's i share i share my test with the buddha's
because they wanted their watching to see i'm handling this do
they want me they want me not to be fooled by my mind
and i wasn't and i offer my non
my man foolishness which is really in some sense my seeing my foolishness which is that trickiness to see my foolishness as what i should be meditating on
however the com the lineage of the ancestors gone
you can look at it as the test dash opportunity in that context
and it's a it's looking they also have these other ways of looking inside outside test

so when you say that
if it's if you're working on a call on if you're working on collins when you say that you're primarily meditating on that rather than trying to get anything by that question
and so you can look to see what are you up to when you said that to me
yeah right
that's that's the way of call was turning back
to study it rather than leaning into it
to be upright with it
and then the next next thing and
all these different types of questions are coming up
right which is wonderful they're all different types of opportunities for not leaning into are leaning away from these questions which seem to have inclinations in them
like is their direct knowledge can i have on methodical mind
you know and so on
did you degenerate hundreds or the work of yeah then i'm calling on you know
when you say
what do you think i said
when you actually may don't forget to meditate on what you're saying

are you confused what him
why you're kind of same

sauce familiar
doesn't that mean

yeah you got that's the important by right there
that is it that you you can just give you
you can keep making more and more interesting questions and they get so interesting that you can think of this one we don't have to meditate on
this was really a good one
there's other ones okay i meditate on knows but this one with is logged in the will twist of you know you sounds like you said that but really what you mean there and that was interesting but now you do this forget about meditation on let's just get the answer to this get let's get things straightened out okay let's get these come let's get everything to be coherent and
you could not find to do that to try to get control of this dharma finally
got it
like an enrica said before you know she wanted to make
she wanted to be something like completely sure she got it i didn't i let that go
but now she's down for a she's trying to get it and since you said it i say yes what's important now is can you meditate on this rather than getting it worked out hockey playing with you and saying stuff like you can have an intention you can't
change things you can't change things you can't change things i can say that okay things are changing all compound things are changing but you can't change them because you know i'm i'm telling you you are part of the process so you can't it's not like you're outside unchanging you as gonna change
a just we can't do that
however you can't have intentions and when you've got intentions you have something to work with
you've got your story now if you work with the story one way then the story is a delusion
and stories are delusions
unless you're dealing with them has something to meditate on and meditating on does not mean you're trying to figure it out
trying to figure it out is another intention to meditate on
it can all the intentions are welcome they're all allowed into your life because they are your life so we're talking about how do you how do you make your life
practice in particular how do you make your life
wisdom wisdom practice well by always putting meditation meditating on your life primary and figuring it out or getting controlling crawling of it as just another thing to meditate on not secondary
don't don't make these things secondary or tertiary or primary
all as person
your story
make them all objects of meditation
and when you're not doing that didn't realize okay i'm not i'm taking a break from studying collins i'm taking a break from studying wisdom i'd rather like
do something useful rather than enter into reality

but doesn't mean yet to like squelch any of europe
any of your stories like try to i'm want to figure this out it's okay i want to it's it's okay to try to figure it out that's a perfectly good story to perfectly good
life the life of think i ought to be methodical or one of the methodical i've had enough methodical i want to be biological
all these are okay and
all the not okay all of these are welcome and then once you welcome 'em then meditate on him
what's their welcomed wisdom can
can arise with them
but when we're trying to fix them were at were nowhere we anxious
but we're distracted from the actual way of being with them that will
not wood which will make us at ease but also allow us to penetrate them completely and realize
but it doesn't mean you shouldn't ask me questions when you hear me sing different things on different occasions at swine
but when you ask me can you also stay on the ball
i'm watching yourself why you ask me and see what you're up to
and care for what you're up to rather than just like
it was to jump around yeah
or another way to put it is it is jumping around and so you assume he wants to
there seems to be some jumping yeah we got to jumping got all little jumping children
they're adorable
we love them


i'm the
well there can be intention where you can actually see clearly which way it's leaning
money where it can be lean with you can have intended that are leaning in opposite directions kind of equally
but all the different elements of the intention each one of them by themselves is leaning all the different phenomena that make up our intention each one as a little bit leaning little bit biased so all these different factors you know or
i have some agenda or some inclination or son predisposition
but the way they all were actually working together is unbiased and bounced and so we're trying and that's called practice practice is the way of being together with all the all the different inclinations and sometimes the inclinations line up sort looks like all they're all coordinated and they really are
heading in that direction like
and rake of story and tory story there was a strong thing i'm trying to get this thing straightened out here
and bureau was kind of like strongest assange what can i claim is okay if i don't try to figure things out
so the the figure routers and the non figure otters
you know they're going to different directions and then some other people don't know whether they want to do which there were that way you know
but all the different parts of it our little bit off
but there's a way of being with the situation that's balanced
and that's that called the practice and
so what i'm talking about tonight is
how to work with collins means how to work with your life as meditation practice
so i'm trying to take have you clarify your i a practice so you to make your i have practice clear such always hoped that we use can you can inspired too like consistently treating the situation as practice that you can always see what's the practice again or your best practice as the practice
this is what's going on the here's the practice now this is what's going on here is the practice now this is what's going on here is the practice so whatever you dial in whatever the mind is
you practice with it and then the mind isn't that the minds a cohen but because you're practicing with it it's a common
and then when the wind to practice is clear the mind or the i have
truth is clear
and those to turn on each other
those two eyes i have practiced in the eye of of of dharma die of truth that turn on each other
sharpen i'll truth by shopping i a practice

what makes it

not it it actually that's one of the that's one of the eyes of practice is to undressed is is the i that understands that you're talking about something that doesn't have duration
the i have practice is basically it's just studying the present story
and there is a serious story about continuing this practice that's the that can be another story which might be right there
but that just another thing right now to look up
it's not the practiced practiced is not to be distracted from treating this as a practice opportunity by concerned by your concern that you'd be able to continue
now there is an explanation which reminds me of just to tell you that if you can stand in parentheses the class i'm thinking of offering here in the summer is a class on how to connect practicing in the present with the sort of ongoing evolution of the path
so there is an issue of practicing in the present and that that's going to influence my ability to practice with the next present
it means that is unless what you're thinking about is is the topic of duration
you're not actually practicing with such with with a certain amount of time other than one moment
so now back to your question
what makes it practice
what makes it a meditation practice
is there any difference in meditation and senior thought as a thought
i mentioned here meant quite a few times the basic definition of the word meditation is a topic for contemplation
so for example you could have a topic called i thought as a thought that could be a that could be a text that you have i thought is the thought
or see a thought as a thought that could be your text and then you contemplate that thought
so the thought is actually a meditation which you contemplate but marriage and also means the act of contemplating the meditation
so you can have a teaching about the mind for example that's the meditation which you contemplate but when you contemplate you also that also called meditation when you contemplate a meditation
talking about here that meditation did you could define meditation as
you're contemplating of teaching what is the teaching teaching is what air however your life is manifesting that's your meditation that your text
and you're going to contemplate that teaching of what however your life manifesting now
is your meditation now and this is the time to do meditation
and the was manifesting could be the thought i have a class tomorrow night but that part is actually my caring for this thought now is is my practice and my concern about tomorrow night
if it takes me away from like happily taking care of the thought of tomorrow night then i'm distracted or not meditating i'm just thinking and i'm worried about the class
or or maybe happy about the class but somewhat unsettled
because i've been tricked by the mind
hot of meditating on it
yes yes i was just looking at the clock don't

it is perfectly it definitely is possible to be caught on a merry-go-round and what i'm saying to you as that
when you're caught in a merry-go-round that's your problem
that becomes the corner
we know now known the you could have that one but before you get to that when you've got the one i'm on a merry-go-round
and that's the call on
and i'm and i'm happy that i got a merry-go-round to meditate on now i can translate that merry-go-round means i'm trying to choose what to meditate on but actually that's not fooled by that because i'm not choosing what to meditate on
i'm meditating on what's happening so wasn't you say when you're choosing that said okay fine i'm joy i'm choosing it
i'm choosing not to ever get fooled by what's happening my life and to always be practicing trying to find a way that no matter what happens i'm not thrown off the path
and i say well okay i'm i'm with you on that now would you please come with me and get on america on with me and see if you if we can get a hold your hand and was the if we can meditate continued meditate on this merry-go-round because well i hope it's a merry-go-round rather than some other kind of go round
member the word samsara means going round
so can you keep meditating as you go around okay good now ready one to two you're going to be a woman who came ready
i knew this might happen okay here we go
i'd like to talk to you buy something about women have a good
a man may i talk about azuki something about women
you support me to bring up something about women
so may i bring up something about women an observation i have
i'm not going to if you leave i'm not going to bring it up so that i'm just tell you that i'm not gonna bring it up if you leave
you can leave but i'm not going to bring it up if you leave
there won't be that will be people will be upset if i talk about it after you leave you understand that
i mean the that they're gonna be upset if i don't talk about it so if you leave you're going to upset people so it's up to you if you stay i'm not going to talk about it unless you stay
not at all
i just wanted you know your consequences before you leave
yeah i am i'm telling you that i'm not going to bring this up if you leave
i don't i don't think it's okay with damages day
i would suggest you stay but you can leave you want to but i'm just tell you the consequences of you're leaving would be i won't bring it up
and and iv i won't bring it up because i'm not going to bring up something that you feel uncomfortable with not knowing what it is but it was somebody who is an observation i had about but women and i told my wife about it and i said
i said i wonder if i could bring this up in a group of women
this this observation i have and i said because i i find it almost anything i say about women seems to be difficult to bring up in situations
so so i actually i brought and i have some observation which i think is kind of interesting but i'm not going to bring it up until i feel support from well the first of all the women and then the men of it's okay to
but this is this is gonna get postponed
find it
you have the question is where when meditating through all this
that's the important thing yes

ah i guess i could say i have an experience i have a particular experience of women i could say that which i which i think it's really interesting
yeah i think it's kind of interesting myself and but i i wanted to kind of like see i want to to be ready for this guy like one two three ready for this cause you know it's it is something a body in experience i have a way
cmon which i think it's interesting which i kind of want to share with you because i think it's interesting but i also want i want you to be ready for it


yeah this is not that important i have lot of interesting things that i don't bring up
but this one i i i will just about you know to bring it up but i think the important thing is that if i don't bring it up that you meditate on me not bringing it up
and that
what can you get do to get ready
well the
the wonder the main ways you can get ready receive it is to is to be raised are we receiving what's happening now
that's that's the main way that i'm suggesting and to see receiving what's happening now as
making what's happening now call on practice
and that will that will help us care for
a happy future together
it was it's partly like watching your thinking
some this basically what i'm suggesting we have to meditate on
is our story starts i'm saying so when your story is something you meditate on than your story as it is a call on you
what am i
while watching his part of it but also kind of valuing it has an opportunity
valuing it like that he could have a story maybe the on maybe and unhappy story that can get a story yum
that was terrible what just happened there that can be your story
meditating means to you realize that way of thinking
is valuable for you know if i if i would take care of that way of thinking even though it's a fault line on something terrible if i take care of it in a certain way i can realize happiness in the middle of that story that's something terrible
but if i don't meditate on that story even if to change the story to this is good for don't meditate on it i'll be anxious

you find happiness because you feel like you're doing the appropriate thing
so if a terrible thing happens in other words if i think a terrible thing is happening i can simultaneously feel like i'm doing the good the appropriate thing with this terrible thing and i feel very good that right
yeah and not just taking care of it but taking care of it in in the correct way
a correct way right like compassionate way is is the correct way because compassionate way is the weather shows you the truth of what's happening
if you're kind to the story this is horrible
then you if you're clear about that that's what you want to do with the story this is horrible
or if you're kind of the story this is good and you're clear what's appropriate is to be kind to the story this is good this is bad this is terrible this is nothing
your your i a practice is clear when your i practices clear your i have dharmas clear when you die of dharmas clear your piece you're happy and also you feel joyful that you can teach others how to practice with their stories so they don't get fooled by their stories so it's a wonderful
happiness that comes when you practice with whatever the story is so that
if people are in a terrible situation you can help them
because you can show them how to practice with terrible situation
and also a people are happy but they don't practice with situations good like to have i'm healthy my family's healthy my friends are kind to me they have their story but the caught by it they don't study it so then they're afraid that the story will change and they're anxious and unhappy
even though the heavens nice story they're not practicing with it or not meditating on it they're not looking at it
and in wondering what's appropriate what's the appropriate what's the compassionate way to be with the story
and when we don't take care of our stories that way than our story then we forget their stories or collins so this is terrible it's not that i feel that that's not true i you say this is terrible
unquote that to come on that's a problem i'm trying to find this is my life here i'm trying to understand it
and that makes whatever the story is into a happy opportunity
thank you very much
yes the day we're changing is the last class was going to be the twenty first
but that's the night before
t anderson's getting married
and i thought hopefully this is the only time this is gonna happen
so i thought okay let's go all out and see if the yoga room class will free me to go to dinner with her the night before the wedding and so we postpone in the last class to the twenty eighth of april
thank you for clarifying that thanks for reminding me about that

he didn't go skiing
we didn't you came back became came back really no time
i didn't from last week