Aspiration, Vow and Giving Up the Impulse to Control - February 4th, 2023, Morning

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What is most important? Aspirations and vows.  Karmic habits distract us from what is most important, from hearing the true dharma. Fundamentally we are the intimacy of all things. Intimacy is not trying to get anything.  Wanting to be noticed.  Confessing, repenting and being compassionate when we notice our inattentiveness or try to get something. "One bright pearl", the whole universe in each moment. Karma has a momentum.  Feeling in charge or feeling not in charge is a karmic formation; how we respond to that it is karma. Karmic formations (e.g. thoughts) are opportunities for compassion. Surrender and great compassion. 

A Dharma talk for the sangha gathered at No Abode Hermitage



#suggested-title Aspirations, Vows and Karma

#suggested-title Aspirations, Vows and Trying to Get Something/Trying to Be in Control