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Buddha's 'a good place for a sanctuary'; karma is a place to build a sanctuary; extending out practice outside the zendo; expressing from a place before you were born;

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we often say
we vow from this life on throughout countless lives to hear the true dharma

i cautiously say that ah this
dharma that wave are to hear
is inaudible

this dharma which we out to see is invisible
like light light is invisible
we only see it reflected

i didn't think go in olden times that i add a wish to ah
to realize something that was invisible

now i'm thinking that maybe i do want to realize something that i have a desire for something that's invisible which i might call the dharma
i see that part place

the story which i told earlier ah
about the world hundred one walking along with a group
and pointing to the earth
and sang this is a good spot

that part of the story
could be interpreted as
there were a lot of one is saying that the earth is the place
there is a good place to build sanctuaries this spot is a good spot
and the earth is each one of us
and every thought and feeling in our mind
every sentient bag
is the earth and every sentient big is a good place to build a sanctuary
every and also every sentient being again is the earth is is is the ground
that we build home
it's good to build sanctuaries on the ground
and the ground one one
where to understand ground is ground is our karma
it's our time is a good place
to build a sign shorter
time is where we have our problems
come is the ground of are suffering too
the ground of are suffering
he's a good place to build a sanctuary in the middle of are suffering

the first part of that is like
the practice virtue to practice generosity with our com
be careful with it because you just with it
be patient with it
be diligent with it
be calm with it
and then we can have our wisdom
with our karma
then the next part of the story is the leader of the gods takes a blade of grass
as fix it in the earth
and says the sanctuary is built

so i start out by to
interpreting this
as again
this leader of the gods is in the middle of all the gods but also is in the group the buddhist group
so in the midst of this great assembly one of the leaders takes a blade of grass and puts it in the ground and in this way builds sanctuary put a blade of grass for example
in arkham
and the part that so and this comes from my thing being grounded to be able to like take that grass and put it an earth and proclaim the building of the sanctuary

i didn't know exactly where and
i wouldn't set a beginning on the mind of the great sage of india
i think it embraces this whole story
and also the
intimate and mysterious
of this mind also it i don't see it in necessarily one part but particularly the mystery of it in the intimacy of it i feel is in the building of the sanctuary
the buddha point to where to build where to build this is a good spot to build it
so at but as instruction and there's an intimate transmission there but in a way it's not some serious if the buddhist sang this is a good place we can hear that we can think okay
but to build a sanctuary but high hardness wouldn't cease most mysterious well how is plucked planting a blade of grass
a sanctuary a place of refuge and safety for beings

how is it that my
hand gestures that when my fingers come together
you know
my thumb touches a finger and piece of grasses and between how is it that that karma bills a sanctuary
for you
how is it in my action
which in my i want my action to be building a sanctuary here in my com
how is it at my practice
i'm working with these fingers
makes a sanctuary for you
how is my practice your
transformation and enlightenment
i in a way it's a question stands but the now i shift a little bit over to where they were injured talks and said and sang my hand gestures
our the building of the sanctuary i still wonder how but i'm not proclaiming that my practice
is building a sanctuary for me and you my practice
which i can see and hear my com which i can see in here
the way i'm working with that to build a sanctuary
is the same as building the sanctuary
even though i can't really see a sanctuary in a blade of grass is invisible
after the hard part to understand
that's mysterious track aspect of the transmission
so sometimes transmission seems to
seems to seems to be visible and audible
buddha please
karma but talk com
you point you talk
i use these words
the building of the sanctuary i used his words to perform the buddha mind
as andrew would say these words
build the set with these words the sanctuary is built
and many than students when there
for example sitting
their karma
they're they're sitting they do not think that where they're sitting
and their action of physical posture they do not think that they are building a sanctuary
by that sitting
they might think on this is good for me to be sitting
and maybe if i sit here i will be paranoid
some day beneficial
or i will be benefited
but they also often ask when there's error in relationship to sydney say how is are sitting here helping all the people who are not sitting
and and particularly when things get very stressful and frightening
they feel like they should just to have to do something
other than what they're doing
tell people
there are doing thanks but they don't see what they're doing as the transformation of the lines of suffering people of others
so i guess i'm joining those who assert
buy your own karma by your own practice
all beings are transformed

so this is what i wish to work on this year
building sanctuaries moment by moment building places
moment by moment placed by place
recognizing that this is difficult to believe in difficult to understand

someone said to me in the kitchen yesterday for the day before yesterday
add green dragon temple
that he heard
that a novelist said that the job of up
literary artist maybe
was to harmonize
or unify
virtue and mystery
and then the person said and maybe the job of as an artist is the same to harmonize or unify virtue and mystery
many then students i think do believe and they seem to have it they seem to think they understand
that is good to practice virtue
one way to practice virtue is to sit upright and be mindful of your life
and be careful of your life
and be conscientious with your actions and be patient and so on these are virtuous when they say patience is the greatest virtue
generosity is the greatest virtue ethical discipline is the greatest virtue
heroic effort it
he's the greatest of all these are great virtues and many then students say yeah
practices virtues but even though they are happy to practices virtues they still sometimes are asked or asked themselves what does this have to do with all the suffering people in the world who are not practicing virtue
i have never heard of it or i've heard of it but they're too stressed to think about practicing how how does that work
and i think again many people so if you take does the buddha practice virtue many people from more yeah
but still on many people think while the buddhist practicing virtue which is great
the buddha has is great practice
and then there's other people who are
who are needed to be transformed
but again part of what i want to go over with you
again and again is that the buddhist practice is the transformation of beings that's what the buddhist practice is and this transformation of beings that's the buddhist practice
the buddhist practice and virtue is
deliberation and edification of others
that's what the buddhist inwardly working on
in our meditation
for in its meditation
beings transformed transformed that is the inner meditation and buddha

and this is hard to understand and hard to believe
within the buddha within the buddha mind or the guided and the guide
within the mind of living beings there is the guide and the guided

mind of the guide
there is the work of
mysterious transformation mysterious communication
in the mind of the guided is the same

and our karma is the placed to build
a sanctuary
for contemplating this intimate communication and transmitting
transmitting it by contemplating it
and contemplating it by transmitting it
contemplating the transformation of others as our inner meditation
contemplating are in a meditation as transforming others

there is the a verbal expression
which i now give you which is there are so many things to talk about

and each one of these things
is a good place to build a sanctuary

this may be seen as an advertisement but
please excuse me
to mention that i i'm offering her class in berkeley and the title is zen meditation
transforming the world
i think i heard zika as you say
something about
something like
we want to extend our the zazen practice
outside the zendo
that's one way i think i heard him speak
what it's you know
extend our doesn't practice into daily life
i didn't hear him say he might have said it
the purposes to extend our and into the transformation of the world
which is the transformation of our daily life
to use our karma as the place
of transformation
and to use our karma has the performance of the transformation and not just a transformation our karma not just changing the way i talk but using the way i talk
to trip as the transformation of others

almost like there's no other transformation of others no other transformation of others than the way i talk
usually think well that's me talking and then there's others are transformed

like my talking with by itself is it other than you being transformed by my talk
some sort of goiter doesn't that the usual way
i'm i'm talking and then you are transformed rather than my talking is your transformation and your transformation is my talking
the way you're changing right now is what i'm doing
that's hard to understand isn't it

this the largest to talk that way to

i told the story are several times
one time kind of girl she was giving a talk the san francisco zen center and he often when he talked he seemed
to be having a hard time talking
his verbal karma seem to be difficult for him

he would sometimes hit himself in the forehead while i was talking because he was trying to say something but wasn't it wasn't quite what he meant they whacked himself in the forehead
occasion he would laugh
syndication he didn't have to hard time
didn't hit himself while i was talking way gotta get he struggled to speak english he could hear quite well because he had two boys who were like virtually native speakers of english because they grew up in america so would hear that he would hear them talking all the time and he would
he can he can understand quite well the complex high speed utterances of his boys but when he spoke the teaching he he sometimes had a hard time articulating some of it
complex teachings he was wanting to share
anyway one time he was struggling away giving a talk and i was listening i could hear it and am
as usual fairly interesting to me i wasn't bored
and while he was talking i started to hear something else the same time but it was inaudible

and i kind of wondered what what is this the other thing i'm hearing while he is talking
and then i could hear something in my own mind which was a hypothesis about what i was hearing i thought maybe when i'm hearing is the dharma
there's one of the first times i've
well i think i heard inaudible things before but one of the first times i really like so what when one one of the first time during a dharma talk when i heard this other
this inaudible
and part of the reason i thought of dharma was because i felt somehow transformed by it
i felt like i was being transformed
not by his words but by something else
and then i was simultaneously i wasn't giving a talk so i wasn't i wasn't talking right
but i was doing another kind of karma called thinking so right while i was
during the karma of listening and doing the karma of thinking
right in the middle of the karma i was being transformed and i was thinking about the transformation and
and if if i look around my life
i can probably find
an ever increasing number of examples of where i think i'm looking at something where i see something visible and i'm saying something invisible at the same time

for example i'm seeing your faces and i'm saying something that is entirely different from your face at the same time but it really it's really different from ordinary visible things i'm saying something which is really otherwise
wise and saying something
and i'm saying

and now another karma has arisen and again
i accept responsibility for this karma and the camera that arose was a pot
in thought was that's probably enough talk for you
the thought that arose i'm telling you about so it was a there was a a mental action and then i turned it in or denna got turned into a a physical action of speech
an ice a guy mentioned to you that i accept responsibility for this thought but
i don't think i did the thought i wasn't sitting kenaf think that you've talked enough
that thought arose and i accept responsibility for it but i really don't feel like i made that thought arise

so as not not and now a question arose which again i accept responsibility for this question but i don't think i made it come up but it did come up and it in my mind and not going to tell you what the question is the question is who meant that bot come up
who made this question come up who's responsible for the questions that are rising in my mind and then i'm speaking out loud who's responsible that's the question you can answer
i already answered inside but i tell you yet
well she's no be saying yes very adequacy i am okay
yeah i agree you are
i wanna say who is not responsible it's not who quits why i think who is responsible
and if you mean at the other way if you say who is not i would say this is a this again this is harder stand and it's
it's a scary but i would say no one is not responsible
no one is no is not responsible for the thoughts in my mind who is responsible
who is responsible and who
for all my thoughts and who is also an acronym
for were alarmed one
that's one of the fortunate things worse that who is an acronym for our founder
the world on and one accept responsibility for all my thoughts
for all my speech karma for all my physical gesture
a on was transmitting that that
wholehearted responsibility from my actions to me so that i will learn to accept responsibility for my actions but also for everybody else's like the world honored one does
most people have some difficulty accepting responsibility for their own
especially accepting
the full responsibility for their own actions
and most even more people have a hard time accepting responsibility for everybody else's
so again i nodded control my thoughts i think things like that's enough
i have a question i think things like that i'm not in control of my thoughts but i wish i i believe i am responsible and i wish to be more
and more
mindful of being responsible for all my actions and also for all of yours i wish to be more mindful of that and i wish to do that as the transformation of every of all of you
my work on my responsibility for your action is the transformation of you
and if you would become more
you're accepting responsibility for your actions and other people's that would be my meditation
that is my meditation
that's the meditation
and if you are that way
that's what my meditation to his i mean you are that way
my meditation is the way you are
and that's our dumpster

so again it in the full responsibility the full responsibility is not me being fully responsibility fully responsible it's may be fully responsible with you

it's the way we're both boy responsible
and you i mean all of you
the way we're in our full responsibility that's the plan that is the planting of the grass that is the building of the sanctuary

this is already the the case but we have to perform it
and performing means we have to use our performance facilities for you know for that purpose
we have to use this place as the place and this these actions as the actions
to perform for responsibility which also includes getting feedback from others through their karma about our
how we're doing it because it's possible to take too much responsibility like
i'm responsible but you're not
and of course is possible to take too little you're responsible but i'm not or you know you're mostly responsible
it's not really in like
eighty twenty or fifty fifty it's like
it's it's focus more full than than a kind of measurement
and that is buddhist meditation that's a buddha is that's how boot is is that full responsibility and that's where all the
expressions of dharma come up and that full responsibility
that's where we actually
meet the dharma
yes yes


fully be the karma
and meditate on how fully being the karma
is the transformation of other beings

there is no

i would just right there the karma doesn't really exist in a in a way i agree camera doesn't really exist we use what doesn't really exist to realize what really is
so you know it doesn't it doesn't really exist for example that i think this or i think that this is just right this isn't my karma this is just like the place i'm standing that i can see
so yeah my comment doesn't really exist but i use what doesn't really exist to realize not when really exist but to realize was real
and that's again difficult how can using what doesn't really exist
the the way
i'm realizing reality which liberates all banks that's really hard to understand
but we do have plenty of stuff that doesn't really exist that we got plenty of oliver karma everything that appears is are all good opportunities and to use them and again but to use him not just like i'm using them but to use him
in a face to face relationship
to use this skillfully
the virtuously together in a relationship with somebody who is fully responsible
which is everybody
the way they really are
and where they really are is watching us struggle to find our full responsibility and seeing that we are
even while we're struggling to find our full responsibility we are actually the same as the fully responsible ones the buddha's

does your
no no yeah well the way you really are you're not and also you are you are the way you really are but the way to realize the way you really are used the way you really aren't
the way to realize how you really are which is how you really are is used the way you really aren't
the way you really aren't as you're really aren't just here
yeah in and like this but you use the way you appear to be and you use the karma you seem to be doing you use that and also you'd use it in a relationship with others in full responsibility the
that's how you realize the way you really are yes
very preoccupied
kind of like kind of gear or she kind of give a talk in english
he just when you said i thought about where she also he was trying to give a talk in english and like trying to speak to his foreign language and started by really difficult topics he was really occupied with his task of giving a talk and you are kind of like that with your task
yeah throughout the day thread several hours yeah
something was nudging you that's right
he thought it was your account but actually it was buddha
way so i can't i call yeah i call they picked up to cell phone and i called and i i always call his office
but but i called his cell phone can kind of woman answered
and i was shocked because i was not expecting a woman answering the phone and i i apologized for calling cause then i realized that called his cell phone
i said i'm sorry i i wanted to talk to tom and she said
he passed away while
and ever since i was taken back because number one i got the snow
ah about this question that i had for him and number two i called none his office number of a cellphone in sir when you said who's responsible for the question arising in my mind and there is a part of me that well do the departed ones
could the thought in your mind to the who
they do they do
a suzuki roshi putting the thoughts of his accuracy in my mind is he responsible for putting the thought of him in me
and i came to america and then there he was he responsible for the fact that i had i have ideas of him
who is personally i use partial he's partially responsible and he went to san francisco and then you know he walked around a meditation hall so i can see his feet and then i left an additional only bound to me is he responsible for me
have any idea of or there is a japanese priest is he responsible
who is he well
but he was alive at the how am i know i know i know
am i responsible for their i had that thought that i'm leading up to something
am i responsible yeah i am are you
yeah you are
you are what i'm leading up to is that he's so-called dead now right we we say something sucre she has passed away is he like hey no not responsible anymore
i mean i partially responsible for know he went from partially to to fully
is fully or partially for yeah i could be could be partially can be fully partially can you be responsible have to dead a lot of people right now are really concerned for their postmortem responsibilities
it's a very common thing for people in your fifties sixties seventies and eighties they're concerned about their post mortem responsibilities that concerned about their children and grandchildren it's not like well after i'm dead i won't be responsible for some people think that actually hold the responsible i'm outta here some people feel that
smart mobility be hot beyond the funeral ceremonies it
the funeral ceremonies are not about like okay responsibility has ended
so yeah suzuki roshi is still nudging some of us
your accountant is still nudging you your phone is a jackie take care of your business affairs
you know let's be clear be diligent care less be diligent must be careful less be conscientious in your work let's make your work virtuous your compensate
yes be are beyond death there is responsibility
and before birth there is responsibility
so we asked people and then what will your face before you were born
it's it's irrelevant is somehow the ancestors thought that was a relevant question to go check out who you were before your barn and what was your what your responsibility to who you were before you're born
and how is it that who you were before you're born will be the place where you'll find for responsibility
so many ancestors in their early part of their practice they were they had a very limp that they had a limited sense of responsibility
the answer the teacher will you please stop talking to me from here and talk to me from before you're born would you please
and there's a bomb gonna do that was that's more talk from here
but they could have said
okay right now i am talking to you from before i was born i'm using this talk
has the opportunity but it took awhile for them to get there because they had this habit of
being willing to use this karma
which doesn't really exist
as the performance of what does of what's real
which is like
this is the dharma
it's real
but we need to use for isn't real
to to reveal that
and we've got plenty of what isn't real
like our ideas if each other
but the other images we just you know carefully respect me say well that's not real now we say but use that
open that up
with virtue because that's how are going to perform the real and that's hard to understand
practicing virtue with the unreal is not so difficult to understand although it's pretty difficult and even when you understand it it's hard to remember
our love is here to stay not for a day but ever yes
it's very clear
a boy
surely now that's very clear but what you're talking about is not from the dear expression is not from before where you're born your expression is from after you're born
who me too
that i don't know maybe that was from after your born i'm not sure
but i my cases that your talk about before you're born is coming from after you're a born
i want to hear by the way you get to simon now to congratulations please say something from before you were born
yeah it is true that i told that story i mean i wasn't sure if i mean that
i made it up in your head
and you made me up in your head telling you
yeah yeah yeah yeah hi i thought i said these feet can take me then at the first thing i saw of him was his feet and he is here and do i think he's responsible for his feet
i do
i thought he is responsible for those feet and i thought it was
think you know
if for filming has responsible a very nicely they were like clean and toenails were
you know i don't know how i got to be even like us statues anyway i thought these feet can teach me then and then i thought maybe later i'll see the face and i think the face can and actually i didn't see the face you know like half an hour later face to face i saw it and and after i saw it i thought
i think i think this person wouldn't be a good teacher
and i would i understood as much about his faces i understood about his feet
usually we don't look at feet and say how mysterious
i didn't think that when i first saw the fee i do think how mysterious they can teach me then
but not today i think how mysterious that i would think such a thought that feet could teach me is in
when we meet the humanities and anteaters face and we think how mysterious that's quite common right mysterious and teachers face
send students face but mysterious feet wait a minute
zen teachers face can teach sand right

isn't it your space can make more difficult to learn that right oh yeah then students face can make it more difficult
right now
i went to spaces all smile weren't they
why aren't they are concentrated stream stairs but the feet yeah there is that story being told
scott struggled greatly
can i learned the door from someone is not interest
like a yup well can you learn from them
ah you can learn it you'd definitely you can learn it and with them i don't know if jacket exactly from them because even if you met someone who who did you say wasn't interested
yeah if you meet some people who are really interested you don't exactly learn the dharma from them
let you learn the dharma with them
and yes you can learn you can you can learn the dharma with anybody even people who say i'm not interested you can learn the dharma with such people
and those people
i'm suggesting are actually practice in the dharma
in the way of not being interested in the dharma
i swear they are practicing they will be buddha
they will stay will eventually realize this intimate communication
and then you can also learn the diamond with people who are really interested in it and a lot of people are trying to learn the dharma
with or from people who are really interested in like they go places like here where there's some people who are really interested in the dharma to learn about the dharma so it's fine but if we if we could have another center in know valley
you know which is set up as this is a place for people who are not interested in dharma to come and learn it
or this is a place that a lot of people aren't interested in it and those who are in can go meet those people so if we could have another place for that purpose
and we could call it in don't know what
he caught abode
but that's after the boot and points
a blade of grass it's like your paper
mp prove that you will constantly aware yes
the it seems like such as direct story saying
walking the
in a bed until
the moment of pointing
we don't have some
a way to relate to that whatever then that and it
pick loves it has to be
the gods
but that's our ceo together but every time anyone said
with a blade of grass between their phones and stream was saying that it's the same he just said his first of all like pointing to the ground that he said wherever you are whatever you're doing yes that's pointing to the ground now
use where you ever you are as the building of the sanctuary
and it was has to be something beyond words
no no it has to be words oh
what you have to save yeah
they'd have to use words or use hand gestures to build it to build the
the sanctuary
to the real or for the real the it the refuge of the real is built by using the unreal
or you know but not just any old unreal
and unreal that's be offered as a way to realize the real
it's not like we don't use like cruelty the buddha did not teach real issues and cruelty here to realize to build a sanctuary someone's rule yeah
let's flesh is flesh uses words like here's to here we're going to use this may ready this is a good place to build a sanctuary that's something that doesn't exist when to use that now okay now we're going to use my fingers
de plantas grass i'm not going to try to do some sanctuary building and some people think going what about what have i did they did they ask permission from that blade of grass before putting in the ground some some people are really upset about that part anyway
here we're using something has been set up provisionally as an opportunity to to
show the real and any situation can be done for that purpose
that's it that's it that's also something that teaching right there is a provisional teaching and now we're going to do this other provisional teaching and then this story is a provisional teaching
i'm and we're going to use it and but all the other stories we could use for the same the story saying you can use all the other stories in a similar way
we're looking around to see if anybody else want an answer question and you didn't find anybody see you through jan
yes i
i often think
i whenever i think i know it isn't always changes
so it seems like the ground is always changing
yeah ground is
is unstable
so am decline of this way
i'm from connecticut
stop a minute you
is it process can
yeah it's if it would be something where would we would repeat with the next karma and the next car and the next carm
just like i'm talking over and over and over again basically saying the same thing
which is the sanctuary is built

help me
it's about ten microns yes
we use at night or know because he used that term lot
the fear of falling and who
it's okay because
rounds you find no i never could yeah let's talking about such and the
airplane ticket and
there is something like that the bad news is going of
i had with no parachute at the good news if there's no regrets
the ground pills countless

sure what to do with that will that is on record that those words
our ground
and taken build a sanctuary and those words
does unreal of wars which don't really exist you can those are good places to build sanctuaries
and then by building sanctuaries in words that don't really exist we realize
ah the truth of boundlessness
the reality which is groundless
thank you
yes we have to fight
i feel ethically moved
to perform absent
to do things for the world yes
he feel moved ethically you say but also you feel he said as moon but also you can moved to ethics
for the world
by being with others as summarizes it's a function of his endless yes yes the bad things to each other yes we're supporting each other in in
that is a condition for us to continue to resist yes so in that sense when activities of people or circumstances actually put that in peril
i moved to to act
and i'm moving to act is when that happens right here
in this grounded in this realm these rooms
answer there is a kind of and of beeping that the ground listeners and the groundedness so that get this both here and exists here and in
so as much as i appreciate the story about the airplane there is a ground and i will get there will be i here and the original has known the first story we told today is saying that the ground is the place to build a sanctuary
you don't build a sanctuary and groundless
godlessness doesn't you can build a sanctuary and ground business
we build sanctuary to roundness and on the ground
who need a sanctuary few
if you as an application grounds of
you do because other people need it but then even if you don't need it the people who don't need it
k their meditation is transformation of the people who do need it
like some people think the buddha's like they got this nice situation where they're nice situation is at other people are are liberated from from their fear of boundlessness that's the board met as buddhist realization of drama business so the buddha says let's build sanctuaries
but why the buddha says that the buddha realizes that the words are being said there's no basis for these words to be apprehended
the border uses words which cannot be apprehended
as the way to realize that they can't be apprehended
and then one of the students understands and demonstrates the understanding by building a sanctuary
which gives opportunities for other kinds of
ground to build other sanctuaries like when she built a sanctuary then you have
the problems i've taken care of the sanctuary which are more grounds for building more sanctuary years
well you can also say more trouble
thing actually but it cannot point to the ground unless he had been working with
that's right
he's because the again
if a if if there was no group that will be no buddha and if there was nobody there will be no group but there was a buddha which is nothing but the group and the group then through the buddha points to the ground and then again
in the group there's a response to the buddhist pointing which is is planting and then there's a response to the planting which is a smile
so the this this mysterious transformation was going on before and to every moment of the story and beyond and wherein the beyond part
we're we're in a carrying on the mysterious transformation of that story
and checking out that we have some sometimes some confusion about however doing is transforming other bags
how the chance for azure transformation by the beings is what we're doing
there's sometimes feel like they're two different things
like began people just think well there's buddha in a nurse and then that's the buddha we've got to understanding and then there's the other beings who are to be transformed
but there's no buddha it does not that beings transformed when the things aren't they transformed there's no buddha
does not only know buddha without living beings but there's no border without a living beings being transformed
if the buddha was with the living beings and they weren't being transformed you just have living beings there would be no buddha but because you have bought a western through widths living beings living beings are being transformed
which is what the buddha is
and invoice as will know i have to like would be good to village build some sanctuaries yes

the the the cruelty is a sentient being
and the buddha's the buddha's
provisional activity
and also the buddha's real activity is the transformation of their cruelty
which is a living being that the truth is a living being
hatred is a living being
and there's no buddhist aside from that living being which is hatred
and as and none of us are here aside from that living being that hatred for the same
with where the same in where the same as his other living beings because we include them
we include these other living beings and they include us

and that's are groundless

who's pardon were responsible
i'm responsible for all cruel to us and everybody else's to
and again that's difficult to understand but again fully doesn't mean
ah that i'm the only one who is the fullness is he is the appropriate to new relational responsibility i can respond to all cruelty and i do our ru cruelty is a response to me
the bombing that occurred in turkey today
i don't know how it is
i don't know how it all works i don't
i believe it and i wish to on understand it
i aspire to understand it by believing it
when i turned myself to the police
i haven't thought of that
but somebody else my turn man
that's that might happen
and and somebody might bomb me
if i if i
express myself
it might happen and i would i as i'm being bombed i i aspire to and accept responsibility
foi which means with others not not being caught
paragon about it not being possessive of it
being responsive to it
that's that's my know what i aspire to that and in that way in that meeting the dharma or be will be alive
that's an i want
but i i know i know it's very difficult to understand and believe

i see ah

on that's not really a scale that's mike open to there is there is measure was immeasurable is that's like what you said is like recognizing the immeasurable side of our karma
and then there's also a measurable kind neither was i just measured what i did as impatient
i just i just had is impatient thought in my mind
it's like a measure that one so there's measurable which i can
measurably and
i can measurably acknowledge and then is immeasurable and as i as i confess immeasurably i sometimes think of measurable ones and an immeasurable ones i can work with them and measurable way i can say them and i can say them in a relationship with somebody who feel
those responsible responsibility for me
so it's recommended that you once you see
that in both immeasurable and measurable confession that you'd do that in a relationship with somebody who fails in relationship to you already who's already looking at you struggling to understand this bodhisattva path
and also they're seeing you struggle
and they also see you as themselves
do not wish you would stop being the way you are any different than yours wishing that they would stop being what they are because they are you
and that and and you are struggling with your karma measurable and immeasurable
so when in early is as and center we did not practice you know
a confession and repentance
but people did informally and should say people did specifically measurably sometimes go to the teacher and say i did such as such
and teacher sometimes did ask people about certain specific karma's
but we didn't as a group to confession repentance for quite a few years and i think i don't know suzuki roshi brought it up and you know and then the next day nobody was in the zendo i don't know what if he did
it would be really interesting to ask him
did you bring this up earlier and decided maybe what we were ready for it
and he might he might have said he i did bring it up and i felt like people just couldn't they got all this because of their
western religious background a the they were
ah to reactive to do the practice so i didn't mention it but then to toys the last short period of his life he started to bring up again but very little
and then has also mentioned people a few years after the cigarette she died kind of here where she said to me i'm becoming more and more impressed of how important confession and repentance is to duggan's angie
even he in the later part of his life had not really understood that confession and repentance was a big issue for dogan
if you look in dog is massive writings you don't find out much discussion of confession repentance that's part of the reason
i have a chat this
that in this wow he's very keen on confession and repentance
and the and this is this is not specific wrote this is the immeasurable
was this final part of a larger is right
one place it it's found it in is in a text called the sound of the streams and the color of the mountains
the sound of the valley streams and the color of the mountains there's a farcical by that name and in the later part of that festival this you can find most of these parts come not altogether in one piece but kind of broken up
and then it was i think excerpted and put together into one piece i called the the arousing on the vow of the high priest of haiti and another is another name of it it's in egypt in the regular subtle shoe
ah liturgy book
like this but i don't know if you wrote it especially just like this someplace other than in that text there may be so that dogan is excerpted but i'm not there
and then the other than the other vile tories and as far as also
you know
doesn't say confession repentance but assertive does he says you know he speaks of his evil carmen
he doesn't so much strongly emphasize the power
of the practice of confession and repentance in relationship to those who totally ah support us to do that practice and who feel share the responsibility with us
but it is not say that your responsibility separate from me

so it's so much fun to tell children in a you did it
when they have some great accomplishment
they seem to love for us to tell us tell them when they when they do some great feat you did it and so we say that
and if i say to my granddaughter we did it she said no i did it is too late
for me too
but i still can say it and she and she can say no i did it and then after i passed away
she said he i used to say we did it was it was he talking about when always talking about mommy what was going to any talking about we and we did it and she said i don't know
he's a strained granddaddy

the drugs

join us
beautiful and it can be completely maybe you know there never said
well yeah those things are
ah there are things that don't exist
but we can use them we can use them
and we and really they're they're all we have

and and they are sufficient
are what we have and they are sufficient we we can use them
and i think i don't know
he did sometimes say you know
there are some things that we have that are kind of special
some really really great provisional teachings that we have but he can of like something you know more ordinary things
like rocks like like to use rocks
to build sanctuaries resident
very complex
vermont an intellectual expressions
but you know kind of secretly he was in it he did study those things i and when i studied them he encouraged me
but i think he's trying to emphasize
he really did like to use rocks and he also trying to emphasize that he wasn't just so lofty teachings which are also don't exist that we should use to realize what israel
so as the buddha said some really amazing things which are all like don't exist really
the help people realize what's real
but also the buddha to buddha said some losses lofty things for the same purpose and but to insecure she also says i'm not very lofty things
for the purpose of realizing
the real
like move that rock
and move that rock back
but the broom with the head up
the head with them
the straw up rather than
that practices in jeopardy
so i go around him
take the brooms and put him back up with practice for and various locations

yeah thank you so much eileen

and thank in the parking attendants
thank you i know that can be a difficult job
it's not so difficult
and thank your lainnya for taking care of so many things here too
and thank you all of you for taking care of this
in theory rebuild it again and again cause it's unstable
not worthy of confidence
but it is worthy a practicing virtue with it and using it
as a place to transform all beings
so should your settings up and sit for a little bit to sit remove it
after we can
the soon turn
may our intention equally extend to every being and plays where the true marriage
buddha as way the number less
hi to say them delusions are inexhaustible hi to him then die a spy on us
how to enter them
as way is unsurpassable ah to be comment