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The work of buddhas — buddha activity — is realizing intimacy and liberation in conversation together with all beings. In this series of meetings we will contemplate what it is to fully engage with such an activity. Everyone is welcome to come, study, and realize this work together with all beings.

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the title of this class if you may have noticed is
actually spring
zen meditation series i think and then underneath it says buddha activity and
i looked at that and i said yeah right
zen meditation is buddha activity
it in in my heart
i use zen meditation for buddha activity i don't use it for like
i'm just part of the practice
so sometimes people things and meditation is concentration practice which it is only which it isn't
it's more than just concentration and it's more than just
a developing training and developing and
living a com ah undistracted
open awareness it it includes that but it's much more it
so i'm a i'm using the zen meditation to include that but who could all the virtues of the borders that's i call us and meditation

the zen family i call all the activities of buddha zen meditation
but it's kind of have found mid term
but there's some confusion about it because the words and is related to the word for meditation
and i started out with the join you are sitting i said something like we are sitting
and this sitting is supported
by all beings
and the sitting supports all beings
if we had been standing i could have said
we are standing and the standing
supports all beings and standing is supported by all beings this mutual support
he is buddha activity
in this mutual support
we have the same practice were all have the same practice of being supported and supporting

and this practice is also awakening it's it's the buddha activity it's the buddha practice it's the buddha enlightenment buddha's enlightenment is buddhists activity boot is activity is buddhist enlightenment but practice
as buddha's enlightenment
and the way we are
supported by everything and supporting everything is buddha activity
so i've said this i hear myself say it you hear me say it and maybe you understand what i say and maybe you trust what i say and i may be understand what i say in trust what i say
but what i say and what i hear

that's that's not the boot activity that's just something that i can say and something i can hear i can say
i can't say the way
all of you support me and the way i support all your i can i can say whatever i say it doesn't reach it
but i did say it and
there is the incense the challenge
to train in such a way to practice in such a way to wake up to this practice of buddha's
and so this isn't
series of meetings
consider how what is our responsibility if we wish to realize buddha activity

again when we were sitting we were our practice that there was going on here was realizing it
you're sitting was realizing your city
that part may be easy step right do you understand you're sitting with realize near sitting
but you're sitting wasn't what you wasn't something you did by yourself you're sitting
what supported by all beings and you're sitting supported all beings that sitting which you actually were therefore that was booed activity so when you sat here
and now you're sitting again the sitting is realizing good activity
but you may have some doubt about that so
that's what class for is to help you become a free of doubting that you are always in reality
always unavoidably involved in buddha activity

the sitting
yeah with setting we did kind of started at a certain point each person sat down a little bit different time
so each person was walking and standing and then they sat and you're sitting started and ended
you are sitting temporarily than you are standing that you were walking now you're sitting again these actions have beginnings and ends
but the way they are in the moment it's a way that has no beginning and no end
there's no beginning to the way you support all beings and the way they support you

just sit to me it's kind of just starting on simple simply would be just to say we have the opportunity to practice compassion with what
has a beginning
and has an end
we can see things that have beginnings and ends
we can't see something that has no beginning or end
that's not how our nervous system works
we can't see an activity that doesn't have a beginning or an end we see things that start and stop
and if we practice if we train and practice compassion with what begins and ends
we will awaken to what doesn't begin or end
like how somebody said came to talk me yesterday i think it was and she heard some me she heard me talking about practicing together
and she said at the temple over at gringo she said here i can see can you hear me okay linda here i can see that were practicing together but when i you know god over the hill
i don't see it

and in i i said something like well i graduate i'm at a time i think i'm glad you can see it and probably very nice to see it but what you see is not how are practicing together
what you see is your perception that were practicing together
and one of the problems
one of the challenges when you have a perception that were practicing together
which is sometimes have been very nice perception
it might be a really nice perception that were practicing together
if you think that that perception is the way we're practicing together then when you go over the hill you won't see it anymore
so then what's gonna happen well maybe you'll see it again but you might not might not be able to come up with a perception that you're practicing together with the people
who could for example who say you know i'm not practicing with you and i have no interest in practicing with you
whereas you at the zen center or the yoga room we don't talk like that do we usually unless somebody really is insulting and we say i don't want to practice with you
and then they say but i thought were
with our practicing together well in your an exception
when you see when you see how we're practicing together
which is not just something you can see with your eyes when you see it then you'll see it everywhere because it's everywhere because you can't get away from it
so we need we need this realization which means we need to practice and we're doing the practice and by doing the practice with what you can see and with what you can hear
you awaken to what you can see and hear which is always going on
to kind of summary of the series and several other series too

so here we are we can see each other and wake and practice compassion
we can experience ourself and we can practice compassion
and we can while we're seeing each other
and hearing each other and practicing compassion we can also have conversations
and why we're having conversations we can continue to see each other and hear each other
and we can learn how to
the present for the
buddha activity which is already here it's already here we already have it we can't get away from it so how can we be present for it
we can discuss that
we're and we're starting to right now

and yes
it's pretty late already
time flies
when you're camping a conversation
and the conversation also
this this conversation
that we've been having so far for quite a while
this conversation supports all beings and is supported by all beings
and then there's a thought which had just a rose which is
maybe i've said enough
so maybe i can be quiet for a while and see what happens

and here what happens

and eat what happens

oh a car just drove by
yes patrick
at all actually usa
i think i understood you say that yeah i'm having a discussion of feature couple of weeks ago after a and all the teacher essay well
right for risk of the bell said well certainly arrested at least
he pointed out of high says illegal illegal things you have a car so
gradations of your good thing for a safer high that somebody or some some hot route
so my question is are doing is and was in some cases evil day it as really racket
the start version had a horrible things i asia evil one well and on versions
our close
thank you patrick

now maybe i said
everything is motor activity

if i did i'd like to know apologize for that
and maybe i'll just say the opposite nothing is buddha activity
oh dear oh dear
if feel you feel better country
being cruel being cruel
and i'll say one more time being cruel is not buddha activity
buddha activity is
being kind
but being kind is not a thing
in what way is being kind not a think well
the way being kind supports all beatings and is supported by all beings that is the buddha activity of that being kind
so the nothing really is buddha activity but the way everything is good activity is the way all things supported and had supports all things
it's not the thing is not the thing that begins and ends like the kindness that starts and stops
he is an opportunity for buddha activity
the boot activities they're not in the thing but in the way the thing is actually relating to everything it's the conversation of the thing
so even so good the good which is the opposite of bad that good is not good activity
and the bag which is the opposite of good is not good activity you can say booed activities good but it's not the good that to opposite of anything it's the good that is the what is the good of reality
so to say there's no
there's no good or bad that statement is another opportunity to realize buddha activity with that statement and the way to realize buddha activity with that statement is to have a conversation with it

and that applies to all statements
the way to realize the buddha activities right there in the statement but it's not the thing it's the way the thing is it's the way the things working with everything and that way to think though that way liberates the thing liberates the evil from evil and law
emirates the good from good in the way my consciousness
actually is is that it's free
and the way it's free is that it doesn't make itself but it thinks it makes herself and it's sometimes believe that and feel stuck in itself and then feels afraid and feels you know
anon in other words bad things happen in that consciousness where there's a lack of presence and awakening to boot activity which is there but it's not to think so if i said everything is good activity now just balance that was
nothing is buddha activity in itself and buddha activity is the same
so what's required is for us to be
fully present with each thing
am i talking about why he
synchronicity is part of the delia synchronicity
and reciprocity
not running away is not running away as i'm not running away not running not escaping it not not escaping not trying to gain anything
goes with the synchronicity if you try to gain something you miss the reciprocity and synchronicity
because you wanted
you want another chronicity rather than a synchronicity
and we're aren't our nervous systems built in on another chronicity
always what's next what's next
but compassion doesn't try to suppress the other chronicity of our most of our nervous system
it doesn't try to suppress it i do a robot
i saw this yeah i'm just at the library and i saw one of these books i think with psychology today it says when he can to silence your inner critic
now usually when i usually when i see these
psychology books i think hey they're saying the same thing i am i don't need to give an attorney to teach anymore but that when i thought ooh
that's that's not what i recommend i don't recommend silence silencing inner critics because that kind of goes with sailing thing outer critics
and so in a way patrick in a way to critique on me or hit a hundred of i said what he said but in a way he called me into question thank you
because part of buddha activity is ethical training
part of being present for what for buddha activity is to train yourself ethically
to be very attentive and careful of everything you think
but being careful doesn't mean you're trying to control what you think
it means your
questioning what you think
questioning it questioning what you think helps you come into synchronicity with it
we will miss synchronicity because talking
in in think were initially yeah
book that's a good one the several words out there was unlimited words are looking for think chronicity knox's off the synchronicity distracts us from synchronicity
think is and one of the ways we can think is some other time or what's next what's next
it's not exactly inner critic it's anxiety
it's a linguistic term it's a linguistic expression of anxiety what's next
dash what should i do next
the and also when we say what should they do now we mean much what i do next now what should i do next this kind of thinking major challenges us to be present with that kind of thinking
because when you think that you actually are thinking it right now and if you can be present with the thoughts of thinking of some of their time you're you're not just your not tricked by it
so did be again and again not tricked by your mind allows you to be here
two again and again not be tricked by what starts and stops you can open to what doesn't start and stop
being open to what does start and stop opens us to what doesn't
but what starts and stops often so often tells us don't be here go someplace else
and then very convincing ways
the some i heard some talk out there had started

once again the part of
zen meditation is ethical training and part of ethical training is questioning and being questioned

i try to understand why
so say or say
what is
i heard somebody say i'm trying to understand what support means right
if you can train yourself to fully engage with i'm trying to understand what support means that statement if you can become fully present for that you will understand what it means
but if you get caught up and trying to figure out what it means with that statement seems to be trying to do you miss it
did you follow them
why would you say the same ah
but the mean it sounds like you're asking this is not rationally to me the rushing a sense she knew decision when we're sitting or whatever who gg to was quoted by all means we're in and supporting them
it's a great and i felt that there is supported in my car
it'll actually she actually for real promise that get sick but the other one doesn't make rational sense huh sounds like you're asking us to this kind of on fish that if we practice nemesis the way he said
she said
that were see have a while it is what are perceived as weapons and be it's not a person easily that's faith a you know how would i know it's like practice so what else what practice for fifteen years i'm not saying
human pay for you just mr want to waste of a different sort of western was zesty faith so do this do that something good happens you
okay so i just said something like that what i was talking about this this to way that years supported by everything he said didn't make rational sense to him
right and the other way maybe has a slight chance of making some rational sense but if it did make rational sense to you then you would like say okay it make rational sense cool
but it didn't
okay the to school with lush i didn't know
i didn't match your rest i did not try did not attempt but i didn't use the i did use the example of this person yesterday who came to me and to her it made intellectual sense that she was supported by everybody had green gulch
who says years
okay well and i wonder they say to her remember what i said to her
yeah well somethings you said that if you are littered is that when you will see
yep that's right but also i said the way you see it is not the way it is so she rationally saw how she was supported by everybody and how how she was practicing together and supporting the people there and how they were supporting her few rationally saw that
k and i said to her the that's nice to see but that's not the way you're supporting everybody
and so i didn't say it at the beginning but thanks to you i can now say it the way your supported by everybody is not rational it's not also it's not irrational
it's inconceivable
that's why you can't see it you can you can actually see irrational things to some extent like we have discovered irrational numbers even though you it's hard as he gives you can start kind of see him like kidding kind of the pie
so the the the way this the way we're actually living together in peace and harmony is not reached by intellect
and and sometimes people think
i see how everybody's helping me which is a lovely vision
but that's not how it they're actually sporting a or how they're supporting you in ways which you do not which you cannot with your limited consciousness you can never actually comprehend however
if you can take care of this realm the cat comprehended you will open to what does comprehend and understand you say yeah
she was going to well that's where
a lot of white states but sort of we with faith in you and other race your fingers raiders with their teachers saying no i'm just can't see the glimmer i don't really i don't want you to put faith i had of what you want a better
if you feel if you think if you if you are ready to bet on for example being present and being kind
get your and i'm just saying in addition to that there are at there's more
there's more in heaven and earth than is dreamt up by your philosophy horatio
if you practice if you but i'm saying to you if you practice in the ways you already feel confidence in if you bet on those those will show you that there's more than you can conceive of that's actually going on
you you will gradually realize that there can be an activity that that's beyond your conceptual rational ability and
and the virtues of that is that
it won't be just that sometimes you see how people are helping you and you're helping people you if you if you keep talking to me and conversing with be use actually come use under you'll have an insight and you'll see oh yeah it makes sense that if i had if i had a limit if i had irrational intellects
oh understanding of of what help look like then other ways that don't look like that i wouldn't be able to see it
so by this kind of conversation you can see the the drawbacks or of a conceptual understanding even though when it's understanding that it's helpful it's a very nice conceptual understanding
but what about when you don't see it i'm talking about away when you can see it all the time and and my appreciation of your questions give you a glimmer of what is like to see it all the time
by the way does a story about have some people who live in berkeley
there's a story about some people who live in berkeley and i married them many many years ago didn't know the story
so these people who i successfully married in other words they haven't got divorced yet
a long long time ago
they told me if you
quite a few years ago like after they'd been married for a while they told me this story about when they were going to get marion
and they told me this story becomes they said to me you don't know how you're helping people
how they told me i didn't know how i'm helping people now guess what when they told me that guess what
i knew that
i know i know i don't know how i help people do i have some idea home help people yeah do i believe that know i'm trained i trained myself enough so that i don't really believe when i think i see how i'm helping you
and also if you tell me how i'm not help you i don't believe that either
what but i listened to you and by listening to you this is the part that's hard to believe i open to hi am helping you which i do not know so then they told me the story
but before i tell you the story i want to tell you that they told me i didn't know how i'm helping people so then they told me a story of how they knew i was helping people
and the way they knew i was helping people i didn't know about that
but they didn't neither but they thought they did
so it's like we know how you're helping people but you don't know we're going to tell you so they told me and so here's the story
they are going to get married so they went to buy
rings right to have them and they went to a ring store a jeweler and they went to a store that had jewels in it
and they were talking to the jeweler and the jeweler was being unkind to them

and they didn't say to the jeweler you are being unkind to us
they didn't do that they just felt that they were treated unkindly and they just happened to notice that among the jewels there were also statues of buddha's
and they just happened to mention that about these buddhists to this person
they cannot think maybe they should
are you a buddhist
do you appreciate buddha activity
something like that they said he said he how
the and they said will where do you where do you do practice of some temple is a yap where green gulch
and you have a teacher is a yeah
rob anderson
and they said to him he's performing our wedding ceremony and he said all and he started feeding them really nice
the and game a really good deal so they told me that seats that's how you're helping people
they think they know
and as good enough for them but that doesn't make me think yeah i'm helping people and just like
it's like wow
what a world this is
you know
we are helping each other that's the part you want to believe that i'm just saying but what i am saying to you is
if you want to find that out then you have to do some stuff and i'll tell you what to do and then if you think what i tell you to do is not good let me know but what i'm going to tell you to do it just happens to be quite good but we're not just good ear while it will open your eyes to see something which is inconceivably wonderful and will apply
to all your situation's so don't just don't i'm just saying if you want to see that some day do these practices and they do not think this practice good let me know because i don't want you to do practices that aren't good now because these practices are good now but they open you too
something beyond you can see now that they're good like now now they'll help your friends get good deals and
which you can see but that's going to that can open you to the inconceivable on this boot activities uninterrupted
it's going on all the time is always available to you whereas jewelry stores are only open you not from you
all this other stuff is beginnings and ends which is fine they're they're all good opportunities but we're talking about something that can you can do here green gulch
oakland oakland
san jose you can do it you know
we're trying to we're looking for something that works everywhere
that doesn't doesn't go just some places
and have to practice which will help you be there for that it's already here but if we don't do these practices if we don't train
if we don't ask questions and converse we're going to miss it because we're not going to be fully present it it is fully present so we have to train ourselves to be fully present and part of it is to ask questions and express doubts and disagree and express your joy not is sometimes disagree and sometimes agree but get it out
there and don't hold onto your agreements or your disagreements can disagree get it out there so we can not get stuck in disagreement if you agree get out there so we don't get stuck in agreement i don't want you all to agree with me and then don't talk to me
i don't want you to disagree with me and not talk to me i'm fine with you disagree with me and agree with me that's fine but the conversation keeps us from getting stuck in it and you're not stuck in it than you can be present coming your present you're gonna wake up to this
haven't you to say this because in the heads and change but i i heard lately and my practice i actually in some way feel like i'm practicing with our games and have supported by them and their supporting me i don't understand it better
i'm feeling that and
well that's nice yeah and
and i'm not saying that that his knowledge of supporting a beings are being supported by i i feel like
that's a humbling pipe that that i i can understand yeah but you have this nice feeling right yeah no just like that woman she had that kind of that that nice feeling to at gringotts but not other places and you're feeling of even in berkeley right
yeah lots of places that's great is a nice feeling it and encouraging feeling know by the way would you like to
have realization of what's beyond that feeling yeah so this thing is not within reach them have feelings see you can have a feeling like like you got which is great but you can also had the feeling that this is not helpful to people are not supporting me that's also on
equal opportunity
cause this thing is not reached by your families but doesn't he should have feelings it just make your feelings are opportunities for the practice to realize what isn't reached by your feelings but not by getting ready your feelings or silencing your inner critic your inner critic is not good activity
but the way your inner critic is helping everything and everything's helping your inner critic be a critic that's buddha activity but that you can't see however
give your practice compassion towards the inner critic
you'll be there with the inner critic and you won't be some place else and that's where you'll discover where it will be revealed where the world will show you something you can't see

am i talking about prajna yeah
yeah i'm talking about pregnant
prajna his wisdom it's a sanskrit word for wisdoms on funded by wisdom
wisdom especially that with them which has gone beyond wisdom wisdom which is not stuck in wisdom
okay that is buddha activity

and that wisdom
operates with everything
it operates with every moment every place every beam

her son
suggested about her inside
did i say i'm gonna tell you from really do doesn't sound like me do i say that
have something that three regina
all you knew you can do being supported by all beings
you can do that in oakland
so you can do all being supported you are of course i made a mistake
you cannot do all being supporting you
and you cannot do supporting all beings but you you but all beings are supporting you and you are supporting hot beings
that's but you can't do the being supported and you can't do the supporting can do it you can only do things that begin and end
but everything that begins is supported by all things and supports all thing but that's not that's not done there's no way to construct
the whole universe supporting you
it is also no way to deconstruct it but you can you can do you can ignore it
you can distract yourself from it
you can distract yourself from it
anyway i'm sorry i said you can do it and open i should have said it can happen in open at in in i'll take down away to
it can't happen in oakland
it is an awkward
it's already in oakland and it can be realized in oakland and you can be there you can be there for the realization in over
and in fact yeah and so and so whenever year
in oakland or berkeley he had the opportunity to maintain the realization of the way he are supporting and being supported
but it's not something you do
like not running away is really doing anything
but it is not running away is giving up running away it's like giving away
but giving away things isn't really doing i think because in fact they are up there naturally given away you actually do give yourself away all day long thank you
when you asked when you pointed out that i told you gonna do something you gave yourself away
no pun intended
but even more so when you told me you got excited you gave herself away
but there was a gift not only need you reveal yourself but you read the read the revelation of your was a gift and you didn't do that we all supporting ginger
many we supported you to be the way you are
and we shall continue
yeah yeah yay
i'll be right with you katie
when he says something about the show compassion to the inner critic
well i was just thinking about that so i have the inner critic is critical mean also critical others who
things rise in my mind that i'm actually mean talked about other people from whom
how would i be compassionate to that craig
just didn't really know it
i had pretty good and i'm stroking
got some good
hello darling critic hello darling thinking bad thoughts about people i'm here for you i'm here for i me i am your dear friend i love you not like you i a move like that you're doing this if could you please stop as soon as possible but if i see what you please
stop and
so forget it forget if stop let's just forget that let's just say thank you linda for pointing out that that was not good to tell it to stop let's just let's just say i'm here here i'm here with you dear inner critic and i'm gonna be with you
as long as you call me to be with you which i don't see any end to
and that will free the inner critic without getting rid of her or him or it and not and even we we can also instead of getting to the critic we can get into the criticism we can be the french as a criticism to and not even talk about the critic at the moment but actually do the same way
the criticism or the we can do the same with the main thought because the thought of being too
and and then revelation start coming with the kindness to the trip to the mean thought revelations about the main thinker come and we start to see the relationship between mean thinker the one who thinks in the one who
and the thought that's thought we start to see that can we start to see
and more and then we start to see them the the function or being kind of the situation we started to see how it clarifies
i just have thought that as you were saying i think kind of the critically kind of critical sign there might be proliferation of beings
then i what you'd probably say jersey
he kind of time
unless they come in couples
then the kind is a couple
but they often do come on time and and your their one or the time so these are these are opportunities to realize booed activity
these visitors
the world reveals put activity choices or pops in my mind is
or something that kafka said translated into english i don't know what the german was but it's something like
you don't have to leave your house
you don't have to leave your desk
just wait
don't even wait
just listen don't even listen
just be still and silent
and the world will come before you will take off its mask and roll your feet and ecstasy
so this is how to be
practice being present in such a way that revelation can happen it's happening all the time but if we're not if we're leaving are moving away if we're not here
we miss it and it's hard to be here
it's hard to be here with what's going on with
inner critic outer critic
or maybe it's seen maybe sometimes just seems easy to be here but when it's easy to be here sometimes it's hard to not hold on to easy be easy to be here

let's go not it's easy to be here
let's just stay here okay
where it's easier com time practising being here so
i'm a success finally don't ask me to go someplace
or i'm a failure i'm happy to go


i want conversation
and yet i'm talking but and yeah no conversation requires that i talk
and i say
conversation works well in silence and stillness
so now we're going to have some silence for the next
moment of conversation

don't even wait

a similar
the house was a practice that lot
getting yeah

i don't know about the best way but when you say best way i welcome the statement best way
but i don't think that me welcoming you asking about the best way is the best way
however i do think it's an appropriate way
for me to welcome you ask from you asked for the best way
and i am ok with you're asking for the best way but i actually don't want to get it i don't i don't wanna i don't want to tell you the best way it's not like i know it on i'm not going to tell you
i don't know the best way
do i know an appropriate way i think i do
the appropriate way is for me too
welcome you asking that question you just asked about the best way
because that's the one you asked
so the appropriate way to practice is to practice with this which is you asking for the best
and me thinking which i told you i don't know the best
so you asked me
for the best i want to welcome your question and then also want to welcome the pardon me
in my consciousness
i should say where i am have i don't know what's best but i do know what's appropriate i mean i believe that the appropriate thing is for model that you ask for the best way and for me to welcome that
that's appropriate to revelation a boot activity
if you asked for the worst way
i don't know the worst way i don't honestly however not knowing the worst way and annoying the best way those are also something it's a proper from in a welcome my own thoughts to welcome what you say to me to welcome when i'm thinking in response
welcome in those things is appropriate it's kind of the beginning of being ready for revelation
and the conversation is required the conversation calls for
the conversation is calling for compassion
compassion is a conversation that calls for conversation
so you you compassionately asked me that question so i could listen to it
and you heard me calling for you and you said that to me
but i'm not saying that's the best way i'm just saying it's appropriate and it's also kind of like number one number one just happened to come first in this case
the has
either what between beings to sphinxes now there's no distinctions between beings there's only a distinction in beings
distinctions are beings
they haven't here's an here's a being called is a distinction got another distinction over here there's nothing in between them
can i explain more about easy yeah i definitely can
i i will you will you will make me a person who will say more partly by asking me and then you asked me and some other people might too but
there's no distinction between beings beings distinctions are beings
you are a distinction you are a being
and this distinction which you are
is pervaded by all things
so as a phenomenon you are are distinction you aren't you are distinct from bradley and ej an eric here a distinction from them you're not them
and the way you are distinction depends on
them for starters and it goes on indefinitely that's not a distinction that's an all pervading principle of causation
again you beat you are distinction every moment you're a distinction and there's no distinctions between you and the beings who support you and there's no distinction between you supporting them you're the only distinction
but if we're talking about one of them there a distinction all the distinctions support you this distinction and this distinction supports all the distinctions

and again i can say more about that but seems like there was enough for the time being for you
yeah you're good for now and but this isn't they ended the conversation new features like okay there's a rhythm to it
but it just it's an ongoing process it never ends this the boot activity doesn't end
and every moment every distinct moment is an opportunity to practice it can realize it
and there's no moments that art and opportunity
and that's one of our challenges as we sometimes simple this this moment not such a good one let's go onto the next room
never asked you say it
all the
yeah it's another way to say the same thing yeah
all beings are included in us that's the principle
all beings are included us in this way and no other way no other way and part of what we are sometimes as we think another way would be better
the whole universe has it you know given life to us and we this way that the universe has given life to was this way gives life to the whole universe and we think or could we negotiators
on you know because we have another another chance at this even though that we have this precious distinct unique universe in this form and this form
stationary pardon
when we're not separate however the universe made us into beings who have a conception of separateness
and who can believe it and put the whole universe supports us in believing were separate
as we say we come by it honestly
we didn't steal this concept
and we didn't steal this tendency to believe it it was given to us by the whole universe
but the process by route by which were given delusion is exactly buddha activity
which it for kind to our delusion we can open to
but it's hard to it's hard to be kind to some of our delusions we would like to move on to either a better delusion or perhaps to something that's not a delusion
that usually be like could i haven't not not not delusion and
or list of better one not such a stupid one
not not that distinction but another distinction
that's that's the way that's the whole universe supports us to be the unique resistant person
who cannot be the slightest bit different gives a whole universe is making us this way not another way we are an unmovable margaret that begins and ends
and the process that begins us and hens us doesn't begin and end
there's no end to hold whole universe makes us this way and we make the whole universe there's no end to that and now beginning to it but we have to do it
the very challenging art
a being present with a person who would like to be someplace out
and thinks there's a better place then
this place and better way to feel than this feeling
or thinks there's no better way to feel that this and i'm gonna hold onto this
which is not being present to try to hold on to the present
it's not been generous to try to hold on to what's happening and of course it's not generous to try to get rid of what's happening or to get something different but we feel like that that's the opportunity there's no way that get away from this great opportunity
but we can try and we can be kind to try and and eventually
not eventually moved by moment
we're on the path of becoming perfect and booed activity
tonight we have been
receiving and upholding buddha activity
thank you very much